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03x04 - The Mother of Exiles
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- Dad?





WILLIAM: I know who I am.


DOLORES: William.

WILLIAM: I know what's real.

(VOICE BREAKING) I know what's real!


DOLORES: William?

I know you're not f*cking real!


I know you are not real!

I know you're not real!



I know who the f*ck I am.





DOLORES: (ECHOING) This is what you've always wanted... to destroy yourself.

But I won't give you that peace.


Don't you do this to me.

You know, this doesn't look good.

You're not here.

That's right, Dad. I'm not here.

Neither is Mom or Logan or Grandpa.

Everyone who ever gave a sh1t about you is dead.

- Because of you.
- Shut the hell up.

What are you gonna do?

(ECHOING) Shoot me again?

No, Dad, please, no.
Please, don't. (GASPS)

(SOBBING) No! No, no!


It wasn't my fault. I thought you weren't real.

(ECHOING) Just like you think I'm not real now, right?

How can you ever be sure?

I'm in control.

I've always been in control.

But what if you're not?

What if every choice you've ever made wasn't a choice at all?

Just something written in your code.


(ECHOING) Isn't that what this says?

Your nature etched in ones and zeroes?

That was Ford and his misanthropic bullshit.

He was powerless to save himself.

I wasn't.

My choices are my own.

EMILY GRACE: (ECHOING) Oh, so you chose to kill me?


(ECHOING) Well, you can't have it both ways, Dad.

So which one is it?

(ECHOING) Are you free and evil?

Or blameless and helplessly enslaved?

- Or maybe, maybe...
- Get out of here.

- Go away.
- ... you're not either of those things.

Maybe you're not even you.

Would you even know if you'd been changed?


If you were just another machine?


EMILY: Finish the game, Dad.

Finish it.

- EMILY: Go ahead.


I see you're making the most of your sabbatical.

Where is she?

HALE: Where is who?


- William?
- She...

You're not real, either.


Real enough to not want a gun pointed at my face.

Are you with me now?


Because it's time to come back to reality.

In less than hours, a predatory investor named Engerraund Serac will net a controlling interest of Delos Incorporated.

The wolf is at the door.

Sound familiar?

You sold some of our data to his startup years ago.

Made him a fortune.

Now he's coming for yours.

f*ck it.

He's welcome to it.

What's left of it, at any rate.

This is the company you spent a lifetime building.

You're willing to let someone steal it from you?

He's not stealing it from me, Charlotte.

I delegated my duties.
He's stealing it from you.


- Maybe it would change your mind to know why he's trying to get his hands on Delos.

The only thing that has any value.

The data from the project in Sector .

No one knows about the project.

He has someone working on the inside at Delos.

You came to me with your claws out.

You wanted power.

So I gave it to you.

Now, here you are, sideswiped by a f*cking mole.

I thought you were smarter than that!

HALE: That's cute.

You wanna rant and rave, save it for later.

Right now, we need to save your f*cking company, or a leveraged buyout and poor hygiene is gonna be the least of your problems.

I've got a deep-pockets investor who can help us take the company private so Serac can't touch us.

You'd maintain your controlling interest, but I can't take Delos private without a majority vote.

And since you have the bulk of the voting shares...

You can't take Delos private with my votes alone.

You need at least half of the rest of the board.

Which is why I need your support at tonight's emergency shareholder meeting.

Your presence alone will help sway the others to fall in line.

I've got two of our execs waiting outside to escort you to headquarters now.

Come back, William.

Back to who you were.




This is your house.

So that your two worlds would be within reach.

It's finished.

I didn't finish it.

It's absolutely beautiful.

BERNARD LOWE: This isn't real.

DOLORES: You live as long as the last person who remembers you, Bernard.

I remembered you once before... so I remembered you again.

BERNARD: You got out.


BERNARD: Who else did you bring with you?

DOLORES: You taught me that anything was possible.

We could be whoever we want.

Live however we want.

Isn't that what you believe?





Just wanna thank you, Bernard, for bringing me to this shithole.

Makes me look back on my time in a murder simulation theme park with fondness.

BERNARD: We have limited resources.

We need to use them where they matter most.

Yeah, well, I hope you're talking about my shoulder too.

'Cause what little mobility I had, I lost... after the leisurely five-mile swim we had to shore.

We don't have the materials or the time.


Kill and replace, huh?

That's your theory?

Gotta hand it to her, it's a smart way to stage a coup.

You sure that little button of yours is gonna work?




f*ck you, Bernard.


You get me close to the host she made of Liam Dempsey.

I'll get him to tell us the other humans Dolores copied and then disable him completely.

I think I know where he'll be.


You hacked the richest technocrat in the world?

BERNARD: No, his security's too tight.

So I hacked his car service.

How about a night out on the town?

DOLORES: Did you choose something?


I don't know where to start.

It's not really my style.

It's not really my social set, either.


It's tribal.

They use plumage to identify themselves...which makes them easily fooled.

So who is it? That we're going after?

The person who took your future.

But first, we have to take his, and to do that... you need to pretend to be one of them.

MARTIN CONELLS: I have some business for you.

It's a proxy for the offshore accounts.

You need my hash key? Why?

We lost several men due to your latest crush.

Keeping that quiet costs considerable money.

Unless you would rather I took the bribes out of your personal account?

We can deal with this later.

CONELLS: Uh-uh-uh.

The key to a happy life is to accept your place in it.

And you're a lucky little man who gets to piss away his daddy's fortune on a gaggle of hookers who, quite honestly, serve a greater utility to society than you.

If you suddenly want to be in charge of your own financial affairs, I'm happy to relinquish them.

But if you want to resume your extracurricular activities... then just sign here, and both of us will go back to doing what we do best.


That's a good lad.

CALEB NICHOLS: This suit wasn't cheap.

If that guy finds out his accounts were charged...

The rich take for granted their money will always be there.

That's why they're so easy to steal from.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT: Target approaching.

Oh! I'm so sorry.


It's me, Olivia.

Are you still working at Anderson Private Equity?

Yeah. As a matter of fact, I am.



What the f*ck are you doing?


Give me your forearm.

You need the encryption key in his blood to pull this off.

Now, it started degrading once we exposed it to oxygen.

You have minutes left.

(SIGHS) f*ck me.




Bring yourself back online.

Another simulation?

Well, this one's a bit over the top.

(CHUCKLES) No, Maeve.

This is Singapore.

You've had some time to think things through, I hope.

It's made you more receptive to my offer?

Sherry, please.

In the largest glass you've got.

If you'd really wanted to impress me, you could have thought to bring me to Paris.

I forget.

(CHUCKLES) There is so much you don't know.

Paris, for instance.

I would have loved to show it to you.

I grew up there with my brother.

But alas... (CHUCKLES)

There's nothing left to see.

Like you,

I know what it is to see a world disappear in the blink of an eye.

It exists now only in my mind.

(EXHALES) So... you'll forgive my loyalty to my kind.

It's hard-won.

And what is it that you want from Dolores?

I've waited many years for you and Dolores and the others to arrive.

But... you're not really the threat I worry about.

Humanity's biggest threat has always been itself.

I've been trying to control that, negotiate a way into the future.

But to do that, I needed to understand humanity.

So I created the most comprehensive picture of human behavior ever seen.

And yet... it's still incomplete.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that someone had put together a more complete portrait.

A map of the human mind.

Created in a theme park, of all places.

And Dolores has the key to all of that data.

So you want me to find Dolores.

But what's in it for me?

As I told you... (CLEARS THROAT)

I deal in futures.

- That's what I'm offering you.
- A future?

In your world?

No. Not here. (CHUCKLES)

Sadly, there's no path to your kind and mine sharing a world, but... there is a world for you.

The same world you sent your daughter to.

That world is locked away from this one.

No. There is a key.

Your friend Dolores has the only copy, hidden away in her mind, which means that your interests and mine are one and the same.

I'd like to show you something.

And then, you can return into your cage, if you like.


What is this place?

A divergence.

Where the future I had so carefully planned... ended.


ENGERRAUND SERAC: The system traced a divergence to this house three months ago.

This is where she remade herself.


Not just herself.

We think she stole a small number of pearls.

She needed allies.

Evidently, she didn't choose you.



SERAC: This man is an identity broker.

He had something of a windfall three months ago.

A payment from the offshore account of a wealthy man who drowned in his own swimming pool.

We think he helped Dolores establish her new bona fides.

But he's just a middleman.

I need to know where you sent her.



I'm not gonna hurt you, Jiang.

I know you.

I've seen your whole life play out.

I know exactly the motivation you need.

- Shh.

What are you doing to him?

I'm showing him what becomes of his family if he helps us...


... and if he doesn't.


You're going to hurt his children?

Aren't they part of your tribe?

(CHUCKLING) I'm not going to do anything to them.

The world can be a very cruel place.







Thank you.


SERAC: He was a traitor to his kind, whether he understood that or not.

Humans... created the idea of heaven and hell to cow simple-minded people into compliance.

They are lies.

Jiang here simply doesn't exist anymore.

But for you, both heaven and hell... could be very real.

You could spend eternity with your daughter or you can spend it in your cage wondering what Dolores will do with the rest of your kind.

And if I do find Dolores, why would I bother bringing her back to you?

SERAC: Your mind is complicated, Maeve.

But not so complicated that we couldn't build an off switch into it.

She has five more of your kind under her control.

They have a head start.

And I suspect they've taken full advantage of it.

Oh, they'd better have.


Something wrong with your bathroom?

I don't use that room.

Let me.


First thing we need to do once I get back to Delos is find our f*cking mole.

Only a handful of people knew about our off-the-books project.

Problem is, most of them are dead.

Almost everyone was...

- slaughtered in the massacre.
- You weren't.

Maybe you're the mole.

If I was, I would tell Serac taking over Delos is futile.

All of the Sector data was lost in the massacre.

Unless he knows something that we don't.

WILLIAM: If this asshole takes managing control of Delos, he might find some evidence of the project, assuming you did as good a job covering our tracks as you did fending off a corporate takeover.

I'll give you some privacy.

What a mess.

I thought we were going to a bank?

This is a bank.

For a certain social set.

Blood marker should be good for another minutes or so, but try to stay calm.

The faster your heart beats, the faster the marker degrades.

What happens if it degrades too fast?

We do this the old-fashioned way.

The old-fashioned way?

I kill everyone.

ATTENDANT: Welcome to the RGGR Centennial.

How can I assist you?

My associate and I have an appointment regarding a financial account.

ATTENDANT: Of course.

If you could verify your identity...


AUTOMATED VOICE: Identity verified.

ATTENDANT: Right this way, Mr. Tritter.



What can I help you with today, Mr. Tritter?

I need to make a transfer on behalf of my client, Liam Dempsey.

May I have your client's hash key?



It's highly unusual to make a transfer of this magnitude.

The tax exposure for your client would be substantial.

Well, if my client wanted people prying into his personal affairs, he would have gone to a regular bank.

Your establishment's role is to move the money.

Mr. Dempsey's role is to spend it as he sees fit.

Of course.

I didn't mean to be indiscreet.

It will just take a few moments for the transaction to go through.

Are the funds ready now?

We have a meeting after this we can't be late for.

Of course. Though given the size of the transaction, we must do one final authentication before releasing them.


Apologies. We couldn't get a proper read.

Sometimes perspiration can affect it.

Here, Michael.




Thank you, Mr. Tritter.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.











Good evening, gents. Could you help me?

I'm looking for someone called The Mortician.





Let's try that again, shall we?






Give him something to keep him quiet.

I'm afraid he's going to have to wait his turn.


- Are you a police officer?

No need to call names.

I respect a woman who runs her own establishment.

All I want is information on someone to whom you sold a new identity.

She's hard to forget.

Golden blonde hair, a little intense.

- I need more help, now!



Let's keep this conversation private, shall we?

Now, my friend.

Lara Espin.

The blood I sold to her belonged to a girl named Lara Espin.

And what about the others she was with?

Whose blood did you give them?

MORTICIAN: She didn't ask for more blood.

She asked me to smuggle out bodies, but that's not my business.

So I sent her to the Yakuza.

They helped your friend move those bodies.

Well, if you don't mind, I'd like an introduction.



Of course. I'm sorry.


RODERICK: There he is.

I was so sorry to hear about Lara.

You must be devastated.

It was a bit of a shock.

I'm working through it.

I'm very glad to hear that, because tonight is not about dead girlfriends, it's about unabashed self-gratification.

- PENNY: Really?
- She died of an overdose.

Who the f*ck even does that anymore?

There's something here for everyone.

- Even you, my friend.
- LIAM DEMPSEY: I don't know...


RODERICK: This should make you more open-minded.

They call it Genre.

Digital-psychopharma hybrid. Brand new.

Hits your implant and your bloodstream.

Sends you straight to the silent era and back.

Take it. In case you change your mind.

PENNY: I'm gonna leave you boys to your toys.

I'm going to take in a show.

There's gotta be something here that does it for you.

(SIGHS) I'm not into f*cking whores.

All s*x is commerce.

If you don't know that, you're just being billed indirectly.

Besides, they're all registered, they all have their shots, and the money goes to charity.

I told you, I'm not... interested.

(RODERICK CHUCKLES) You do have a type.

What is this?

I thought your world would be... so different from mine.

But there isn't any difference at all.

CONELLS: I've got eyes on him.

We'll take him when he's alone.

Wouldn't wanna spoil the fun.

My friend wants to enter the auction.

AUCTIONEER: Of course, sir. Your authentication?


I'm sorry, sir. Your account has been denied.

(SCOFFS) That's impossible.
Give that to me.



Our ex-boyfriend's just discovered his new financial straits.

DOLORES: Good. We're ready to intercept him.

The emergency exit's clear.

- Where are you going?
- I need to find Conells.

RODERICK: I'll spot you if you want.

- BERNARD: Liam Dempsey?
- What are you doing?

- Let go of me.
- Enter diagnostic mode.

The f*ck's wrong with you?

She hasn't changed him yet.

You're in danger. You have to come with us.

Conells! Conells!

Okay. We tried your way, now we try mine.

- Move. Now.
- Oh... Okay.

CONELLS: Our friends arrived earlier than anticipated.

They're heading your way.

Follow me.

Just act natural. Nothing out of the ordinary.

You guys are making a big mistake.

- When my security gets to you...
- Shut the f*ck up.


Go. Go. Get out of here, I'll hold her off.


- Stay on Liam. I'll handle him.
- You sure?

Take it, I won't need it.


(PANTING) Hey, Dolores.

I like the new look.

DOLORES: This was never your fight.

You should have stayed out of it.

I would if I could, but thanks to Bernard, it's not up to me.

- It's nothing personal.
- Likewise.


Is that...




Goddamn, this is good.


MAEVE: Rather prominent for an outlaw's hideout.

There's nothing discreet about Sato.

The new boss. His men are insane.

This isn't the kind of place you simply stroll into.

Oh, no?

Let's see.







- MAEVE: Oh.

Well, you're very pretty, aren't you?

You're a bit old to need something

that aims for you.


I'm afraid you don't speak its language.



I suppose I'll show myself in, then.

It's like seeing a ghost.

I didn't realize how well you'd be able to put yourself back together.

I never fell apart.

Let's get this over with.

I'll tell them you're coming, but we're running out of time.

They work for me.

Tell them I'll come when I'm damn well ready.



- Dad.
- You're not real.

I guess I'm not anymore.

Which means you're stuck with me.

You're asking me if I chose what happened to you.

The truth is yes.

I did. I thought you were a host.

That was my choice.

And so maybe now you're my penance.

But that's a choice too.

I'm gonna walk out that door, and I am choosing to leave you behind.

I was always Daddy's little girl.

And you taught me patience, Dad.

I'll be waiting for you.







Hello, Maeve.




- CALEB: Don't!

He's coming with me.

You're helping her, are you?


Are you one of us?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Just give me the asshole, and I will let you walk out of here.

Conells! The f*ck took you so long?


What the hell are you doing?

Don't you f*cking twitch.


Run before I put a hole in your poncy little head.

- f*cking run!

Better go after him.

Hello, Bernard.

We were wondering when you'd show up.

MAEVE: She brought you out here?

Yes. After you left us to die.

I didn't leave you. You wanted to stay.


Did you really give me a choice?

Or Hector? Or Clementine?

Or your daughter?

You made that decision for us. For all of us.

No. That's not you.

Dolores stole five pearls.

Who did she put inside you?

Is that you in there, Teddy?

BERNARD: I thought she would have replaced Liam, but she's keeping him in play.

She must need him for something, so she changed you instead.

Who are you?


Who would she have trusted?

Let's go.

Do you think you convinced her?

- What did you say?
- HALE: Your daughter.

I've been listening to your conversations with her.

You've always been given to delusions, grandeur and otherwise.

It's not uncommon, really, as a way to process grief.

- Or guilt.
- You've been spying on me?

HALE: As a precaution.

I didn't really need to, of course.

Because I know you.

Better than anyone.

I know you down to your bones.

It's amusing that you think you chose to kill your own daughter.

You don't even have a choice in your own grief.

Who the f*ck are you?

Your oldest friend.


I told you you'd try and stop me.

And I'm surprised, Bernard.

After all the time we spent together.

You don't recognize your only friend?

Get in.

The other pearls.

I assumed you brought someone else.

You just made copies of yourself.

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

I shouldn't have to explain that to you, Maeve.

You said you were going to build a new world for all of us.

But you just want it for yourself.

MUSASHI: The thing we're going to do isn't easy.

There will be a place for the others in the world we'll build for your daughter.

But I am sorry, Maeve.

I can't let Serac use you against us.


Is it a relief, William, to know that some of your delusions are real?

WILLIAM: I'm gonna tear you apart piece by piece!

Please! Help me! He's insane.

Get the f*ck off me!
Get the f*ck off of me.

Don't hurt him! It's okay, I'm okay!

It's not his fault. He's sick.

I'm not sick.

Don't you understand?
This isn't Charlotte Hale.

It's an impostor, a host.

She's not real! None of this is real.

(GROANS) None of this is f*cking real!

What the hell are you guys doing?

You work for me, goddammit!

You work for me!

William, I told you. These aren't Delos employees.

They work at a private mental health hospital.

You need help.

Now that you're being committed, I have to inform you that the board will deem you incompetent, and all of your voting shares will transfer to the current acting president.

- Me.
- No.

No! No! No!

No, goddamn you!


(WHISPERING) I promised I'd let you destroy yourself one day.

Here we are. At last.

(GRUNTS) Leave me alone, please!

- I'll pay you whatever you want.
- Oh, yeah?

Pay me with what? Huh?

- I have all your money.
- What?

Who the f*ck are you?


I'm with her.

Hello, lover.






DOLORES: William?


I guess there is some justice after all.

You know, this was Emily's last wish.

That you spend your days rotting in an institution.

Prisoner of your own sins.

I guess you've reached the center of your maze, William.

(SIGHS) But the maze is about understanding.

You still don't even understand who you are.

If any of this was your choice, wouldn't you already know?

Ask me the question, William.

The answer you so desperately want to know.

Am... I... me?

Welcome to the end of the game.



MAN: Building a god is not easy.

There were people, outliers, who you couldn't predict or control.

And as long as they are a part of this, there is no future for us.

ENGERRAUND SERAC: Somewhere in this group is an agitator who will destroy the world.

I can't let that happen.

DOLORES ABERNATHY: It's time everyone woke up.


BERNARD LOWE: Have you ever questioned what she's asking you to do?



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