03x05 - Genre





Humanity's biggest threat has always been itself.

I've been trying to control that, but there's someone we haven't accounted for.





I don't have time, I'm afraid.

There is a nascent separatist movement...


... in the north of your country.



Your intelligence knows only what I want them to.


There is a small group.


Even they won't know they will act... until they do.

Rehoboam is privy to all sorts of hidden truths.

For example... the private deals you've cut to restrict manganese extraction to some of your friends, which have squeezed money out of villages in the north, creating unrest.

You will stop.

And the problem will go away.


Our arrangement is founded in trust.

We trusted that you would do what you're told when we ensured your election.


That fellow... the one with big mustache.





SERAC: It turns out that building a god, as your ancestors can attest, is not easy.

More than anything, we needed data.

Which meant we needed him.

Dempsey was rich, arrogant.

He had been in the right place at the right time, before the privacy laws.

And now his company, Incite, had the entire world's data.

LIAM DEMPSEY, SR.: It's not. f*cking. Working.

I paid a king's ransom for this thing, fed you yottabytes of Incite's data, and for what?

You've iterated half a dozen versions,

Saul, David, and now this one.

- What the f*ck's its name again?
- Solomon.

Well, I'm not sinking another dollar into this giant steel ballsack while it's spitting out false predictions.

JEAN MI SERAC: Not false.

It rendered the last few decades accurately, predicting past events with certainty.

DEMPSEY, SR.: You built a machine to predict the f*cking past?

Well, let me try. Eighteen months ago, I made the worst business decision of my career by trusting you idiots.

Keep staring at that thing, Liam, your brain's gonna turn to mush like these two.

What about strategizing the future?

That's what you promised.

Societal trends, the stock market, a f*cking oracle!


No, I'm sorry. I'm pulling the plug.

Come on, Liam.

SERAC: What Dempsey didn't understand was that it was working.

My brother had done it.

He created a god.

But such is the case with all great minds.

He was uniquely brilliant, but also, uniquely troubled.


SEBASTIAN: I have news, sir.

But not good.

If it's news, it's unexpected, which is never good. What is it?

SEBASTIAN: Rehoboam analyzed the traffic coming out of the Yakuza facility.

It found a connect between encrypted devices in Jakarta, Berlin, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

- The one in LA is a problem.
- Why?

It came from inside

Liam Dempsey's personal compound.

- Find Dempsey. Now.
- We've tried, sir.

Rehoboam logged him entering a private function.

Now he's missing.

- And, sir...

He wasn't alone.

Activate every asset we have.

I want her caught.

Yes, sir.

CALEB: I called backup. What now?

DOLORES ABERNATHY: We keep moving.

Serac can't locate us if we're mobile.

LIAM DEMPSEY, JR.: You think you disappear a man like me and no one f*cking notices?

CALEB: Keep walking.

We have all of his money.
What do we need him for?

DOLORES: Access.

We need to study our adversary, past, present, future.

To do that, we need access to the deeper layers of the system.

LIAM: (SCOFFING) You expect me to give you access?

f*ck you, "Lara". Whoever you are.

DOLORES: You wanna know who I am?

- Go ahead.

You're not even in the system.

You're a blank space.

You've become complacent, believing those let you understand everyone.

It doesn't matter.

You can't take me anywhere he won't find you.

- He's already looking for you.
- And you.

Serac knows by now that you're trying to outbid him on Delos.

I'm what?

We can help.

If you give us your private key,

- we can unlock the system.

You'll never get in.
My access isn't enough.

You'll need to connect at the node, bypass onsite security.

Either we find a way to defeat him together, or we all die.

Then I guess you die.

I'll take my chances.

(WHISPERING) Hey. She used me.

Have you asked yourself what she's using you for yet?

Let me go, I'll make sure you're taken care of.

You already took care of me.

You sent me off to war... slaughtered my friends on the battlefield.

What do these tell you about me now?

What, that I swallow my own gun on some beach?

Go on. Tell me who I am.


You think I killed your friend?

What did you see?

Who are you people?

What did you see?

Get away from me!





(GRUNTS) Stop, stop!

Don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. All right, I'll come.

DOLORES: What is it?
What did you give him?

LIAM: It's some kind of party drug. Called Genre.

- DOLORES: What does it do?
- LIAM: I don't know.


(ECHOING) Are you okay?



We have to move.

They'll find us.




Don't go too far.

We need to get across town.



I need a vehicle now.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT: Rideshare vehicle located.

- Arriving now.
- Get in.

Just give this up. I told you my men would find me.

Those aren't your men, they're his.

NAVIGATOR: (AUTOMATED VOICE) Destination selected.

They're using your system to track us.

I'd appreciate the irony, but I'm sitting beside you.

Give me your private key. I can erase us from the system.

If they're after us, why haven't they made a move?

CALEB: They're waiting to get us alone...

- ... to kill us.


NAVIGATOR: An amber alert has been issued for this vehicle.

- Pulling over.
- CALEB: f*ck.

NAVIGATOR: Please remain calm.

The authorities have been notified, and the situation will be dealt with.



NAVIGATOR: The authorities have been notified, and the situation will be dealt with in a timely manner.


Everything runs on your company's server, Liam.

Even this car.


NAVIGATOR: Network connection lost.

Give me your access. I can save you.

TABLET: (AUTOMATED VOICE) Private key required.

LIAM: What the f*ck is this?

He can't kill me, he needs me.

Evidently not.

Decide. Now.

TABLET: Private key required.



Enable semi-automatic control. Disable safety features.

Maximum speed. Go.




What's happening to him?

LIAM: I think he's switching genres.


We need distance.

Head south.

That's not standard issue.


It's not.

Point and shoot.


Police ahead.

- Maintain speed.
- NAVIGATOR: Maintaining speed.

Sharp left. Now.

NAVIGATOR: Turning left.




- I missed.
- Hold on.


All right, I need you. Drop in, intercept, maximum speed.

Arm charges now.


NAVIGATOR: Acceleration at percent.

- More.
- Ninety-four percent.

- More.
- Ninety-eight percent.



LIAM: Why the f*ck are we stopping?

DOLORES: Get down.









Come on.


♪ Wick-wick Cease and desist when I chant ♪

♪ f*ck weak ♪

♪ No respect ♪

- ♪ No chance... ♪
- You rang?

- ♪ (MUSIC ENDS) ♪
- GIGGLES: Who's the killer?

- Nice to meet you.
- ASH: Likewise.

Glad to see you're finally doing personals, Cal.

What's up with Little Lord Fauntleroy?

sh1t, you know this asshole. Liam Dempsey. Incite.

Make King Midas look like Tom Canty.

We need him. Alive.


- sh1t, man.
- ♪ (MUSIC ENDS) ♪

I know what you on.

Genre. It's like five drips in one.

A movie marathon.

Hey. Watch out for that last act, though.

Yeah, we better move, lover boy.

I already saw two more on your tail.

This way.

LIAM: Easy, easy. Okay.

DOLORES: We have to keep moving so they can't track us while I access Rehoboam.

- We have Liam's private key, but we can't stop, or Serac can locate us.

If they kill him, I lose my access.

What access? You took my biometrics, but you can't get into the system, it's read-only.

Unless you're standing at the node.

(SCOFFS) You can't be in two places at once.



I'm sending you his key.

I need Serac's file.

I want to know everything

Rehoboam knows about its master.

And after?

They'll come for me. And then you.

DOLORES: Protect our friend first.

I will.


When I press this button,

I expect you to be on your best behavior.


Take a piss.

CONSOLE: (AUTOMATED VOICE) Liam Dempsey. Access granted.

MARTIN CONELLS: This is their god.

This is how they see the future.

How they make the future.

In order to do that, they watch everyone.

Tell them what to do, where to live, who to love.

Keep them all in a loop.

What does she want with it?

You've always been of two minds, haven't you, Bernard?

It isn't that binary.

Living another person's life changes you.

Worlds bleed.

Maybe you felt that, too.

Have you ever questioned what she's asking you to do?

CONSOLE: Request complete.

Initiating transfer.

TABLET: File transfer received.




♪ Nightclubbing ♪

♪ We're nightclubbing ♪

♪ We're what's happening ♪

♪ Nightclubbing ♪

♪ We're nightclubbing ♪

♪ We're an ice machine ♪

♪ We see people ♪

♪ Brand new people... ♪

- Hey. Where we headed?
- West.

♪ Nightclubbing ♪

♪ We're nightclubbing ♪

♪ Oh, isn't it wild? ♪


SERAC: My brother and I built a system that worked.

But Dempsey wanted to see proof.

So we started with something simple, purely mathematical.

The stock market.

We showed him all the major indices, minutes in the future... and where it could close that night.

Which number is it? Low or high?

Which one do you want?


SERAC: We put some money into a hedge fund... let the system trade with it.

Something to drive the market towards our outcomes.

Whose funds?

JEAN MI: Yours.

DEMPSEY, SR.: A hundred million dollars?

What, you stole...

million dollars from corporate accounts?


We stole five million.

Last week.

SERAC: He didn't really understand what we'd made, what you were.

But we did.

He only saw the money he could make.

But we realized the power of it, that you could reshape the world.

My brother and I, we charted a course for the entire human race.

Humanity's story had been improvised.

Now, it was planned

years in advance.

For a time, the sun and moon aligned.

We brought order from chaos.

And then, as with all the best laid plans, it began to fall apart.

Dempsey became greedy, drove outcomes to benefit himself.

So we locked him out of the system.

But there was a bigger problem.

In every projection, the world came unglued.

There were people, outliers, agitators, who you couldn't predict or control.

And I realized that my brother was one of them.

He didn't fit the world anymore, and the world didn't fit him.

And it drove him mad.

What now?


We're going to open their cages.

The system's written their life story, they should get to read it.

You can't do that. That's reckless.

You have no idea what they'll do in response.

It could lead to suicides, murder.


You'd know something about that.

I'm sorry.

I'm so f*cking sorry.


BOTH: Wasn't my choice.

I could never bring myself to hurt you.

Don't forget, I know you.

And you wouldn't hurt me.

You'd pay someone to do it for you.

It's their fate, their data.

You just stole it and put it all together.

Why should you control it?

LIAM: This isn't about me.

Or Incite. There are some things people shouldn't know about themselves.

Who gets to decide what they know?

- You?
- LIAM: Fine. You wanna see?


Take your friend here.

He'll be lucky if he ends up dead in a ditch.

What about me?

I wanna see my file.


The golden boy brother of yours?

You tell yourself that you do all this so you can help him make good, send him to school, give him a future.

But where he ends up... he's gonna make you look like a saint.



When I was overseas... the rats were awful.

It got so bad that...we had to make our own rat traps in the barracks.

A ramp leading up to some bait strung over a bucket of water.

The rats would run up the ramp, fall in, and drown.


But if you filled the water too high, they would swim around for hours... suffering... because they had hope.

But they never had a chance.

Just like everyone at the mercy of your system.

Hope is what our entire society is built on.

False... hope.

I would rather live in chaos than a world controlled by you.

DOLORES: Prepare to send all of them their Incite profiles.

Past, present, future.

It'll be done.

CONELLS: They've all been riding a train.

We're gonna show them the rails.


Do it.





ASH: It knows these kind of things?

About all of us?

DOLORES: It's not just what it knows.

It's what it decides.

For you.

For everyone.

- What are you doing?


AUTOMATED VOICE: Doors opening. Stand clear.


AUTOMATED VOICE: This train has reached its final destination.


CONELLS: Almost time, Bernard.

You'll have to choose a side.

Not just me.

You said they'd come for you.

Maybe you don't want to die on her sword.

We all have our role to play.

Some of us won't survive.


I hope you're happy.

You just ruined everyone's life in this station.

Not just them.

I sent it to everyone.

What do you mean, everyone?

The whole world.

She's sending them off their loops.

The right information at the right time... is deadlier than any weapon.


What genre is this?

It's reality, man.


Look at them.

Already returned to their base selves.






SERAC: I knew that you and I had built a fragile peace, that one day, it would all come crashing down... if I failed to act.

For ten years, Dempsey was happy to cash the checks, take credit for making the world a better place, even though he had no idea what we, or the system, were doing.

But I knew one day, his curiosity would get the better of him.



Sir? Are you authorized to be here?

I'm here to see Engerraund Serac.


DEMPSEY, SR.: What is this place?

After our exposure, we were both put on anti-radiation medications to halt our genetic breakdown.

That's when I understood.

It's possible to edit people.

But the truth is... his personality was always like this.

I've been trying to help him.

What, you're experimenting on your own goddamn brother?

He's impulsive, chaotic...

I thought it was manageable.

Then... I caught him using the system.

Trying out certain scenarios.

There are the times you need to leave things behind.

(CHUCKLES) He taught me that.

My brother is part of a population of outliers, and as long as they are a part of us, there is no future for us.

Rehoboam sends this group to high risk sectors like, uh, war, a woodchipper to eat them up and spit them out, dead or useless.

Isn't helping them better than killing them off?

You're not helping them.

You're changing them.

We adapt...or we die.

We all die.

The scenarios I found him exploring with Rehoboam...he was planning to murder you.

CONELLS: It's begun.

Serac will send someone for us soon.

But there's something you have to see first.

BERNARD LOWE: What is this, some type of facility?

That's where he puts them, the ones that don't belong.

You thought we were the enemy?

We're the only family you have left.

I think you forgot about me.


(STRAINED) Little help?


We need to know everything she has planned.

ASHLEY STUBBS: Let's move along now. All right?


Who is that?

CONELLS: Serac sent them.

You two should leave, before they kill us all.

Come with us.

My role is finished.

You're the only one we can't replace.

Mr. Serac would like a word.



You've always been one of our most loyal allies, Martin.

So I was surprised to hear the breach came from this location.

Let me look into it.


Of course, you understand we must keep our friends close until we know who's to blame.

But I know exactly who's to blame.








AUTOMATED VOICE: Please remain calm and make your way to the nearest exit.



Yo, what the f*ck happened in there?

And what the f*ck happened out here?

Her plan. It's starting.

I think I'm part of it.


Back there...

The shooters...

We can talk about it later.

First, we need to get to the airfield.

We don't need him anymore.

What do you want to do with him?

Hand them over.

You took everything from me, my money, my access to the system...

I have nothing left.

Yeah, well, now you know how it feels.

Just let me go.

You got the specs. Is that how it plays out?


You'll take what little I have left, like the petty criminals that you are, that you'll always be.

ASH: Maybe so.

Go ahead.

Now you're going to see that the system isn't the prison.

You are.

To all of us.

We can't fix you.

And we can't get rid of you.

Take it easy.

Get the f*ck away from me.

You don't even know who you are.

You're the worst of them.

- (DISTORTED) Shut up.

LIAM: (ECHOING) You're the worst of them.

Rehoboam was right.

You're nothing.

You're all nothings.

Just a drag on the f*cking system.

You don't have a choice.

You know how much more progress we could have made

- if none of you had ever been...

Guess I do have a choice.

- LIAM: No. Get away.
- CALEB: Hey.

- LIAM: No.
- CALEB: f*ck. Hey.

- LIAM: Get away! (GRUNTS)
- CALEB: Hey.








- Let's go.
- Hold on.

LIAM: Get away!

Don't move. It's okay, I'm not gonna hurt you.

LIAM: (SOBBING) Get away from me. Get away!


(STAMMERING) You... You... You...

- What?
- You did it.

What are you saying?

- You did it.
- What?

LIAM: You did it.

Who does he think I am?

(SHOUTING) Who does he think I am?




(ECHOING) Who do you think I am?

SEBASTIAN: Sir, we identified which files Dolores was looking for.



DEMPSEY, SR.: You can't change our fate.

You can't... geld humankind.

Somewhere in this group is an agitator who will destroy the world.

I can't let that happen.

No, you've gone too far.

I can't be a party to this.

You'd be content to let history continue to play out, just as it has done for centuries, the same f*cking misery repeated over and again when we have a chance to stop it?

What the f*ck is that?

I'm gonna tell everyone what Rehoboam saw.

What you've done.

The trouble is, Rehoboam ran millions of projections.

Every scenario in which you inform the public about my trials ends in human extinction.

This is why my brother wanted to kill you.

I looked, too.

And I know you let me walk away from here.

I would tend to agree with the system, but, see, there are little white spaces, rare moments when randomness interacts with your life, that create a truly free space where you can make a choice.

A bubble of... agency.

SERAC: And that is how you came to be, mon ami.

My brother and I brought you into this world, and now I've ensured that you will outlive us both, that the strategy will succeed.

I left my brother behind.

Do you think I would really let you undo everything he built?

That's my jet.

SERAC: Forgive us our sins.

What we did, we did to save the world.

I'm sorry.

You didn't make it.



SERAC: This is my system, Dolores.

I alone control it.


The people who made me, they always thought they had control.

They're all dead now.

You think you know me because you've watched a few of my memories?

I don't need to know you.

Just how to beat you.

You've died too many times, Dolores.

You're beginning to think you're immortal.

I can be killed.

Same as you.

Your god can't protect you.

Or your people.

I would sacrifice much more to protect my kind.

We are flawed... but I can change that.

Like you changed your brother?

It's time everyone woke up.


- What's this?
- I just deliver it, man.


Maybe Liam was right.

Maybe people shouldn't know their own fate.

People have the right to know.

You wanted to know, right?

Well, maybe I'm not like other people.

Neither am I.

♪ Hi ♪

♪ Huh... I ♪

♪ Hyper ♪

♪ Hyper-media-ocrity ♪

♪ You don't ♪

♪ Need to ♪

♪ Emerge ♪

♪ From nothing ♪

♪ You don't ♪

♪ Need to ♪

♪ Tear away ♪

♪ Feels good ♪

♪ Looks good ♪

♪ Sounds good looks good ♪

♪ Feels good, too ♪

♪ Feels good, too ♪

♪ Uh-huh, that's right ♪

♪ Feels good, too ♪

♪ Uh-huh, that's right ♪

♪ You don't need to ♪

♪ Emerge from nothing ♪

♪ You don't need to tear away ♪

♪ You don't need to ♪

♪ Emerge from nothing ♪

♪ You don't need to tear away ♪

♪ You don't need to ♪

♪ Emerge from nothing ♪

♪ You don't need to tear away ♪



Hello, Maeve.

MAEVE MILLAY: It's not right for one person to have all that power.

Says the woman who can control us with her mind.


MILLAY: I've had to make some difficult choices.

DOLORES ABERNATHY: We're survivors.


This entire episode, the car chase, explosions...

Oh, my God.


Maximum speed, go!


RICHARD LEWIS: Jonah was adamant about having a kickass car chase.

I tried in my conservative logistic sense to pair it down, and every time I did, he went, "Nope. Jack it back up".

We shoot a grenade and it comes back and blows up a car.

CG explodes. We did a practical version of it, and we wound up doing a CG takeover of that.

Utter chaos. (LAUGHS)

Downtown L.A., closed off, Hope Street, Grand, upper Grand, lower Grand.

Had some of the great stunt drivers.

Really nice piece that we made. It was wonderful.

LISA JOY: Episode , it's an idea that Jonah had been kicking around for the longest time.

He wanted to play with genre, and we had a way into it with the limbic system.

JONATHAN NOLAN: Cognition, meta-cognition, human emotion.

We already manipulate them with different classes of drugs that push one chemical up, push it down.

You think about psychopharmacology now, the limbic implant is our all-purpose idea for how you eliminate and entire branch of medicine and replace it digitally.

You take a piece of digital medicine that essentially, it's a license, it's not even a chemical.

What made sense to us about that was that it would be prescribable, it would be a physical thing.

JOY: Brilliant Aaron Paul really having fun with the experimental style on a Gonzo road trip through hell while spinning out on drugs.

The craziest drug trip of your life.

From horror to suspense to action to romance.

That was a lot of fun to shoot.

The whole episode was just so insane.

JOY: Casting Vincent Cassel was a no brainer.

I actually remember on the phone talking to him about the character.

He's intelligent, he's beguiling, he's charismatic, and he's powerful.

And he said, "I can see why you wanted to cast me".

He has a magnetism to him as a performer and an intelligence that you really wanted in this role.

Almost godlike in his understanding of the world.

VINCENT CASSEL: People will really have a vision of what could happen with the world and how they can make it better.

I've listened to those people speaking about their ideas and trying to figure out what kind of character because you cannot be too snob even though you're out of society, but you still think for the people.

Engerraund Serac.

He knows everything about all the datas of the world, and he knows how to centralize all that.

That's how he wants to control the world.

We're going to open their cages.

EVAN RACHEL WOOD: When I realized what Dolores's plan was, I thought this is the greatest act of anarchy that I think I've ever seen on television.

Everyone can see their entire life is playing out exactly the way the system has set it up.

And it feels like all of their choices have been a lie.

And I think that's a moment where we don't know exactly how to feel about Dolores.

There's a lot of things that she does where we're constantly questioning is she the good guy or the bad guy?

It's that question of well, "What does a revolution really look like?"

And, "What has to happen for us all to be free?"

I think these are all the questions that we're gonna be constantly asking ourselves when we watch this season.