05x05 - A Tangled Web

Hey, you sell vape juice?

Oh, yeah, lots!

Menthol, cotton candy, blueberry blast...

Oh, ahh...

Is something wrong?


Everything fine.

I'll have the blueberry blast.

- Blueberry blast?

- Yes.

With nicotine?

That's the one.


Let me see...


My mistake.

All sold out.

I'll just take the cotton candy, then.

Also sold out.

All vape juice, all sold out.

I find that hard to believe.

Yeah, lots of thing hard to believe.

Like bubble tea has no bubbles?

Can you believe?


This is ridiculous.

Just this, then.

Oh, this is for you?

Yes, of course they're for me.

Did you think I was pregnant?


Other funny thing about bubble tea is...

♪ Appa, it might be a good idea to order noodles from a company that knows how to spell noodles.

Noodle tastes the same as a "nodle," but a nodle is cheaper.



Oh, my god!

What are you doing here?


Oh, nayoung ah.

Nayoung is going back to Korea.

Umma not tell you?

Actually, I just come from Anne of green gable and chateau frontenac.

Then, going to rocky mountain then back to Korea!

Just me and my friend.

Road trip!


That sounds amazing.

I was in Tanzania...

What friend?

Your boyfriend?


Not boyfriend.


Not girlfriend!

My pet.

He is a spider and his name is spider.

Isn't he so cute?

I love him so much.


You want to pet him?

I'm good.



Too scared to talk, appa?

I'm not scared!

Just, uh...


Spider look scared.

Okay, I take your luggage upstair.

You keep talking with Janet and spider down here.

Gamsa habnidang!

So good to have you home!

It's good to be home.

You know, the food in I.A.

Is good and all, but this is way better.

You still have a job at car rental?

Mm-hmm, yeah.

Trying to apply some of what I learned at biz school.

Kimchee must be so happy to have roommate back.

Actually, him and Gwen are pretty cozy there right now.

Then, where you staying?

Maybe you move back home!

Nice try.

How are things with you, though?

Any relapses, or...

I'm fine, I'm fine.

Don't change subject.

What subject?

You're living with Ms. Shannon.


I didn't know we were talking about that.

You gonna marry her?

I mean, who knows.

I like her a lot, and I think you'd like her too if you got to know her.

I think if you just gave her a chance, I don't know, drop by for lunch or...

- Okay.

- Okay, what?

I come for lunch tomorrow.

I didn't mean right away...

You know nayoung has a pet?

Oh, nayoung's here?

Yeah, downstair.

Oh, I'll go say hi.

She has a pet spider.

You know, I think I'm gonna finish my lunch first.

You okay with a spider?

Yeah, I'm okay.

You don't look okay.

I'm okay.

Just have to take luggage upstair and get room ready.

Might be gone long time.

I think he is scared of spider.

♪ I'm sorry, I thought I said good news first?

Uh, that was the good news.

Corporate rentals.

But those numbers are 4% lower than last quarter.

Hey, it's kimchee here!


Sorry, kimchee, but I can't picture you and it's kinda throwing me off.

What kimchee was about to say is that our customer satisfaction numbers are really great, and we have super-high loyalty retention.

And those numbers are...?

Give us a second.

Can you go find...

On it!


There you are!

Oh, get back here.

And no more biting!

What you doing?

Spider keeps escaping.

But, oh, I got him...

You wanna say hi?

No, put him back.

Oh, no!

It's just a scrunchie, appa!

You should have seen your face.

Admit it, you're scared of spider.

I'm not scared!

Just surprised.

Then, go and pet him.

That's invasion of nayoung privacy.


You whatever!


I not say "ahhh!" I say "ah-ha!" Because I know it's trick!

So good, in the fourth took over the game...

Thank you.

Everything okay, Melissa?

It's not Melissa.

And nice of you to ask.


Here's a question.

If someone's obviously in pain, do you help?

Like a human being?

Or just hope they didn't see you and sneak away?

Okay, I want to know why you leaned on "human being"?

Are there aliens in this scenario?

What happened?

He saw her crying in the garage and totally ignored her.

I did run in for, like, a few seconds to grab a file.

Were you there, too?

Yes, and you saw me!



Okay, it was just really urgent.

And your body language was pretty closed off.

It's fine, I get it.

Even she says it's fine!




How was your day?

Well, it is about to get a lot better.

Hey, guys.

Hey, kwami.

Don't stop on my account.

Just grabbin' my gym stuff.

Yeah, I already worked out today, so...

I wasn't thinking we were going together.

No, me neither.

Just sayin'.

You don't have to be jelly.

Are you kidding?

I love the kwams.

Please don't call me the kwams!

So, how was your mom?

Oh, good, good.

Hangin' tough.

You know her.

Actually, speaking of how much you know her, uh, she was thinking of maybe coming over for lunch tomorrow?

She wants to come here for lunch?


You know what, I can see that you're uncomfortable.

I'll tell her we're busy.

No, no, no!

No, it just threw me off guard.

I thought she didn't like me, but she wants to get to know me better.

Have lunch, this is huge!

It is?

Are you kidding?

Of course I am!

This is the hugest, and I'm so happy it's happening as long as you're 100% cool with it, and no one's pressuring you!

I think it'll be great.



Does your mom have any food allergies?

No, but you know, just to protect...

I mean, prepare you...

us, for this amazing thing, there's just some rules that you should probably know about.


Well, not really rules, but guidelines, like Korean things that my mom, being Korean, might expect or be really used to, you know?

I don't know how to speak Korean.

Oh, no, that's totally fine, it's fine...

Although knowing a phrase or two would definitely help.

I'm kidding...

kind of.

So, "annyeonghaseyo" is hello, and "gamsahabnida"...

You know what, let's write some of this down, shall we?

Nayoung ah?


Hello, spider.

I not scared.

I not scared...

I not scared...

I not scared...

I not scared.

Okay, I a little scared.

Just a little scared.


No problem.



I mean, uh, how you sleep?

Oh, okay.

Oh, my god!

Oh, my god!

I think I put on, but then it come off!

Now, he's out!

Uh, this could be about a lot of things.

Spider is missing!


His lid was off, now I can't find him!

It's okay, nayoung, we'll find him.

Appa, you okay?

Yeah, just have to go to wholesale.

I don't think they're open yet.

Only one way to find out.

Hey, Terence, you got a second?

Wizard of oz theme party?

No, but I might need a little help with some role-playing.

As the tin man?


Forget the tin man.

But all I see is the tin man.

You're into acting, right?

No, where did you hear that?

Oh, I guess I heard wrong.

That was acting, my friend, and yes, I am into it.

What do you have for me?

Ah, come in.

Everything normal!

This area is perfectly safe.

And probably back corner, too.

Yeah, I give to you free drink if you go check back corner for anything...


Not that thirsty.

Oh, my god, oh, my god!

What's happened?

You see spider?

I was getting out of bed...


And I didn't look where I was stepping...


And I accidentally stepped on...



Show to me!

I would, but it all happened so fast.

It was so gross.

I-I panicked and flushed him down the toilet.


Well, very sad day but life go on.

Not for spider, but...

Don't worry, Janet, spider was very scared and you do mercy killing.

Also, how many times you flush?

Maybe I go check.

Make sure you flush spider all the way down!


Flush spider?

No, no, no!

No, no, I didn't.

Spider isn't dead.

I just made that up so appa would calm down and relax.

Spider still alive?


He's still here somewhere.

We just have to keep the search, you know, on the down-low, okay?


Not, literally, but whatever.

And if my mom says no to anything, she's just being polite, so offer it again.

And if she says no a third time, then just back off immediately.

Good, and don't take anything first.


Offer it to your mom, then you.

Always use two hands, and then I get the leftovers.

You got this!

And don't laugh too loud, or too long or too wide.

Maybe just cover your mouth when you laugh.

I have a wide laugh?

Try not to snort.

Okay, I'm not sure if this...

Oh, show time!


My ballet flats?

Yeah, she'll be expecting indoor slippers.

Hey, umma!

Come in.

You know Shannon?

Hi, Mrs.


Ahn young ha sae yo.

Oh, hello.

This is for you.

Oh, thank you!

And these are for you, indoor slippers.

Oh, they're very big.

They fit you?

Wow, you have such big feet.

Thank you.

Shannon's just trying to be nice.

Why you saying like that?

She is nice.

There's no need for sarcasm, umma.

Oh, I think she's being sincere.

I think we all got off on the wrong foot here.

Wrong big foot.

Oh, uh, sorry.

I hope that wasn't too wide.

Big foot, mouth, and heart.

It's a good thing.


Let's do this!

Where are you?

Uh, in my office.

It's Ruth from corporate, I'm looking for Shannon.

Oh, sorry.

It's her day off.

This is kimchee, acting manager.

Shannon was going to email us the leasing numbers.

I've got Tim from fleet management on the line.

Hey, kimchee!



Oh, no.

Oh, my god, no.

What a tragedy!

Any chance we could call you guys back on Monday?

It's not the best time.

Tell me about it.

I'm supposed to be on a boat right now.

Where's kimchee?

I need kimchee!

Can you give me a couple seconds?

I really gotta deal with something right here.

Okay, we just need numbers on fleet depreciation and non-vehicle amort.

Would you like some more pasta salad?

Oh, no, thank you.

Would you like some more pasta salad?

I said no.

Would you like some more pasta salad?

I'm full, but thanks for asking.

You have such good view from up here.

Oh, thank you.

I mean it's not south-facing or anything, but...

Your condo is very nice and cozy.

Obviously, it could be bigger, and at a better location with more amenities.


It's what she was implying.

I wasn't implying anything.



And, while we're at it, how are we living together with another roommate?

What roommate?


This is why she didn't want you to come.

You didn't want me to come?


I mean, yes!

I mean, I did, but then, jung told me about all these rules I had to follow or else you'd be mad.

Why you make me sound like a monster?

I don't think this is exactly my fault.

You want me to come to get to know her better.

Wait, you told me that lunch was your mom's idea?

Okay, yes, I did encourage her, but it was her idea!

Now, she think I'm a monster who don't deserve more pasta salad!

- I offered it three times!

- No, only two times!

You don't even like pasta salad!

Then, why'd you let me make it?

I don't...

Who want dessert?


Thank goodness, kimchee!

It's my sister!

Just give me a sec to wrap up a call, then I'm here for you, buddy.

Like I am for all my staff!

His sister's been in an accident!


I thought she lost her job and was suffering from insomnia.

And then, just now she was in a terrible train accident!

She hit a cow at a level crossing.

I don't know if she's going to make it.

My sister, not the cow.

Obviously helping you is my number-one priority, but I just need to finish my number-two priority, so I can give my number-one priority top priority.


Hold that thought.

"Hold that thought"?


Hey, guys.

What's going on?

Apologies, just emailing you the spreadsheets now.

Gonna put you on hold for a quick sec.

Hey, Ruth, Tim!

I'm afraid something more important came up.

My staff need me right now.

Oh, yeah?

Well, I hope there are consequences!

'Cause y'all a bunch of wieners!

Now, that's balls.

Did you just call us wieners?

Sorry, I can explain.

We don't care.

Just wanted the email, thanks.

Okay, buddy.

Tell me all about it.

What's wrong?

You obviously care way more about Terence than the rest of us!



Let her go.

Talk about dramatic.

Like, rein it in.


Two-for-one special, just for you.

Don't tell.

Thanks, Mr.


You're welcome.

You go.

I hold off!

A tarantula!

That's right, Jasper.

I don't think it sees us.

Oh, it see everything!


See you!


I not scared.

Janet lie to me about killing you, huh?

Or maybe you climb out of toilet.

Either way, we both know it come down to this.



Kim sang il, spider hunter!

Oh, it's fine, you can just leave that.

Oh, it's okay.

I can help.

Mrs. Kim, I know I'm not your ideal match.

Too late, I already married!

I mean, for jung.

I'm not Korean.

I laugh loudly, and widely and probably other ways too.

But I like jung a lot, and he loves you very much.

You are not problem.

Jung is...

Making problem.

Thank you, please go on.

Some old girlfriend of jung, oh, so dumb!

I hate dumb, stupid girl.

You, you are smart.

So nice to hear you say that.

But you know, relationship is not easy.

Who knows what can happen.

Why I should care about you if maybe you two break up?

I think I understand.

It's not personal.

So, I've had some time to think and you two are obviously my favourite women and I put way too much pressure on this, so, I'm sorry things didn't work out.

My bad.

I wouldn't say things didn't work out.



But who exactly is your most favourite woman?

While you're thinking about answer, Ms.

Shannon, can you give me tour of apartment?


Jung, you can finish.


So, this is your room?


Where is jung's room?

Oh, hello, Janet.

Everything okay?

Hope you not feel too sad about killing spider.

No, not too sad.


But look what I find, not in toilet.

Okay, I was trying to help you.

You were so scared of him you could barely sleep.

If I so scared, how I trap him all by myself?



Spider, want to say hi to Janet?

Appa, don't move.

Don't make any sudden...


Which toilet?

Thank you, samchon, for everything.

I'm so sorry you is scared of spider.

Nayoung, have to stop saying that, otherwise people think you have lying problem.

Bye, Janet.

Bye, nayoung.

And don't forget, I want postcards from every city.


And if you ever leave Toronto, send postcard too.


Oh, nayoung, you should stay longer.

Thank you for everything, and for finding spider.

Oh, no problem.



Ahn young hee gae sae yo.

Good thing you find spider when you do, yobo.

Yeah, I know.

Where did you find spider again?

Same place I find your missing hamster, petsmart.



Appa, did you know?


Another spider.


You knew about ketchup?