05x12 - Hugs & Prayers



When did you start selling flowers?

They're lovely.



Kim just bring in today.


Perhaps giving you a hint?

- No.

- I would second that.

We're not asking.

I love getting flowers, but my love language is touch.

Love language?

That's how you show you care about someone.

Acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, gifts.

Thank you for your act of service.

I just doing my job.

I know that's what you tell yourself, but I see right through you!

Do you know what Mrs.

Kim's love language is?

Me and Mrs.

Kim together long time.

We don't have to know, because we know.

Well, you'd be surprised.


Kim might be a person who really appreciates gifts.


Yobo, this is for you.

Oh, no, no.

It's for customer.

You look beautiful today, Mrs. Kim.

Oh, thank you very much, Pastor Nina.

So nice to hear.


Words of affirmation.

You look so beautiful today, Yobo.


Pastor Nina already say.


Physical touch.

Yobo, salanghae.


You know what?

You guys are good.

♪ APPA: All right, all right.

Watch door.

What happened?

My army training save his life.

Also, you moved the ladder on me and I fell.

I give to you fair warning.

- You said, "I got you." - Yeah.

This is terrible.

I know.

He fall long way down.

I meant the bandaging.

I find next to dumpster.

- There's mud on it.

- I hope it's mud.

APPA: Okay.

You such a expert, you fix.

There's probably something online.

It's not that bad.

We should probably get back to the eavestrough.

Not now, Gerald.

We try to help you not die.

I'm fine.

Or in shock.

"Visible deformity might be a sign of a broken bone." Is not deformity.

Is just Gerald.


- GERALD: Hey.

Watch it!




Some people say I could be doctor.

JANET: Pretty sure it wasn't Gerald.


Someone's full of himself.

I'm just trying to take a photo of a mole to make sure it doesn't get bigger.

That's a zit.

Man, my arm acne is blowing up.

Big news.

Y'all better sit down for this.

We just heard from The Astounding Trek, and our audition made the shortlist!

We could be on the show.


You two?

Hey, that's amazing!

I mean, yeah.

We were originally supposed to do it, but I'm so happy for you guys.

Then why does your voice sound like that?

'Cause I'm so happy.

SHANNON: We kept auditioning, and now that we're a real couple I think the producers liked that.


They were super stoked.

I wouldn't say they were super stoked, but they were definitely intrigued.

That's exactly what I just said.

No, it isn't.

Oh, you're the drama couple.

These shows always have certain types.

Frisky seniors, brainy nerds.


Super fit couple.

That's us.

I could totally get Shannon on my level.

- Excuse me?

- Drama couple.


Okay, we don't have to be any kind of couple.

- Being ourselves is enough.

- Is it?

Anyway, I'm so happy for you guys.

That's amazing...

for you... two.

"If every one of them were written down, "I suppose even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written."

Unless they were all online.


Okay, well, that is it for The Gospel According to John.

Mrs. Kim, can you close us up with a prayer?



Oh, We should also send out a prayer for Mrs. Pyo.

Sadly, her gout has developed into kidney stones.

But I pray for her.

MRS. AQUINO: And Mr. Pyo's business went under.

- What?


- Just last week.


Uh, let's pray.

On second thought, maybe everybody can do silent prayer by themselves this time?

All right.

But let's cap it at three minutes.

It gets awkward, and it's not a competition.


Plastic dummy, not even real.

One time in Korean army, I see my friend get shot in leg.

Because you dropped your gun.

Still, had to fix.

And Gerald elbow, %.

This isn't just about Gerald.

Umma is not, you know...

She could fall, hurt herself, and we have to be ready.

Yeah, yeah.


Good morning, class.

I am Enrique Moratonas, a registered nurse, and your instructor for what I hope will be a life-changing first-aid course.

Didn't want to ruin the surprise.

Oh, my gee.

Someone call , because my heart is about to explode.

It's okay.

Just teach first-aid class like normal person.


Classic, Mr. Kim.

These fine people are like my family.

And he's like a weird uncle that try to kiss everyone at a Christmas party.




Let's get going.

As I was saying...


Weird uncle going to make a speech and start to cry.


Well, let's begin with what first aid is.


So now, you're the class clown?

Quiet, Janet.

I try to listen to weird uncle!


PRODUCER: I got to tell you, we loved your persistence.

Most people stop applying after three rejections.

Not us.

Oh, we never know when to quit.

Do you mind if I take off my jacket?


Go ahead.


I told you not to bring it.

Please don't start.

I said that we were going to be in a room, and rooms are hot.

Why are you always undermining me?

Uh, do you guys need a minute?


It's fine.

It's fine.

We're just always getting into these little hilarious spats.

So annoying, yet also incredibly entertaining.

Don't worry.

It'll be better on the show.

What will?

We know you want a drama couple.

Look no further.


Okay, yeah.

It's true.

We do have certain tropes on the show, but we didn't see you as the drama couple.

If anything, you're more our dream couple.



You're exclusive.

You work together and live together.

Still know how to have fun, and other than whatever that just was right now, um, seem to really support each other.

Well, that's very kind of you.

In fact, our big question was, do you see yourselves taking your relationship to the next level anytime soon.

Oh, yeah.

We're, like, four times a week.



I meant more like an engagement.



Yeah, definitely.

We can do that.


It gets us on the show.

PRODUCER: Now, it won't guarantee you a spot, but an on-air engagement, that would definitely bolster your story.


We'll do it.

Uh, okay.

I think we need some time to talk this through.

I understand, but your competition might not need as much time to think about it.

- Let me know.

- You bet.

And it's more like four and a half.

Mrs. Kim?


You can take the rest of brownie.

I don't mind.

No, not that.

But I will.

Thank you.

I just wanted to remind you that as prayer leader for the group, you actually have to lead the prayers.


I don't want to over-pray.

You know, clog up line.


Is everything okay?

Everything I pray for seem to backfire.

Mrs. Pyo is more sick.

Mr. Pyo close business.

Mrs. Aquino still have whooshing-whooshing sound inside her ear.

Maybe I am, uh, the Jesus jinx.

I've never heard of that, but I'm sure you're not.

Tell you what.

Why don't you pray for me tonight?

I have a lot on my plate, and I would sleep a lot better knowing that you did.

Yeah, okay.

I pray for you.

For God to give me the strength to stop at just one brownie.

Or two.

Actually, don't mention the brownies.

ENRIQUE: Now, position your thumbs directly onto the "stermum." I'm sorry.


If my ster-mum is here, where's the ster-dad?


- Ignore him.


Look like someone have a ster-mummy issue.

Anyways, with arms straight, begin compressions.

I guess a ster-mummy issue is normal for weird uncle.

Think everyone's had enough.

Hashtag baddadjokes.


Don't worry, Mr. Kim.

We'll soon get to serious burns.

Like that one.


Maybe we the dummy for listening to weird uncle.


You actually wrote that down?


I don't get what the big deal is.

We were faking being the drama couple.

How is this any different?

So, when someone says "action," you're just going to get down

- and propose like you mean it?

- Pretty much, yeah.

- Ugh!

- What's the problem?

Did you really want to get engaged?

What kind of a question is that?

I don't know.

I just know this feels wrong.

My parents, my grandparents, my friends, they all watch the show.

And if they see an engagement, they're going to think it's real and want to celebrate.

Nothing on TV is real.

Everybody knows that.

- Do they?

- All I know is that I really want to be on The Astounding Trek with you.

A lot can change in four months.

I mean, who knows?

Maybe it will be real.

What if I don't want it to be real?

Then it'll be fake!


I just don't think that we should get engaged because a producer suggests it.


It's too bad they're not looking for a drama couple.


Thank you.

Hey, Mrs.


- Appa.

- Janet.

Look what I got.

Your medical degree!


No, actually.

It's a first-aid certificate.

Well, Band-Aids can be tricky, too, huh?

- Okay.

See you.

- Bye.

Sorry I'm late, but I had to take the bus 'cause the guy I went with took off in a huff.

I leave early because I know everything.

So boring.

Then maybe you had time to think about how rude you were being.

You the one who disrespect me in front of whole class.

You were bullying Enrique.


Just joking.

It's not a joke.

At Desmond Centre, we see bullying all the time.


They is joking, too.

And we have a constructive process to change that kind of behaviour.

Okay, Dr.


And how you do that?

Well, first, I'd ask how you're feeling.

I feel good.

And how did you feel in class today?

No problem.

Did it feel a little weird being the oldest student in the class?


What you talking?

Well, if you were, you might say something like, "I was feeling self-conscious, "so I may have lashed out and made fun of someone to feel superior." Yeah.

You lash out and make fun of me to feel superior.

- No.

I was being you.

- No.

You is you and I am me.

I accept you apology for disrespect me.

- Very mature.

- No.

You is.

Here at Handy Car Rental, we see a lot of people embarking on...



- Hey.

You know there are no hard feelings, right?

What are you talking about?

I mean, I kind of went through this whole thing.

I was, like, "Ohh!" and "Mmm." But anyway, you guys now have my blessing to trek astoundingly.

- Yeah.

I'm not sure we will.

- Dude, don't tease me.

It's putting a lot of pressure on the relationship.

Well, that's perfect.

You're the drama couple.

Actually, they saw us as the dream couple and want us to get engaged on the show.


That's crazy.

Not that getting engaged would be crazy.

Just on TV.

Though if you and Shannon aren't doing it anymore, Jungchee is on standby.

I still have the T-shirts.

Hey, Shannon.

I didn't mean to interrupt.

You weren't.


You remember this?


I do.

I thought of it.


Maybe we forget about being the drama couple or the dream couple and we just be ourselves and let the universe decide.

And if they choose us, great.

We'll do it.

If not, no biggie.

What if it's too late?

Would these guys give up?

SHANNON: Now, it's our turn to embark on one of our own. APPA: That's the problem nowaday, huh?

Can't say anything without everyone saying you is political incorrect.

It's the snowplow generation.


Kids today are too sensitive.

You call somebody by the wrong pronoun, you're in the doghouse.


Other day, I make a little joke about someone and Janet call me bully.

You want to say something?

I'm good.

Though, uh, it looked like Frank was going to say something.




I mean, well, okay.

There is the fact you have a somewhat intense demeanour, combined with your powerful gravitas.

You have three seconds to finish.

You're a bully.

No question.




Go ahead.


I agree with Frank.

So, you think I'm a bully?

Well, on second thought...


You see?

You're being one just there.

Then why you laughing?

Probably to hide the hurt and the pain.


Where is Pastor Nina?

Not sure.

Eddie Chan let me in.


Maybe I start on this pile.

Sounds good to me.

Though everything sounds good since the whooshing in my ear stopped.

- You feeling better?

- Yeah.

Must be the medicine.

Or maybe somebody pray for you.

NINA: Good morning.

Sorry I'm late.

What happened?

Oh, nothing.

It's just a little stumble.

Completely my fault.

Or maybe somebody pray for you.


And I'm glad you did.

Really, everything's fine.

I'm just a klutz.

- Your hand.

- Oh, yes.


Also my fault.

You burn it?

The food or my hand?

Actually, both.

But really, really, it's all good.

Carry on.

Let me help you.

Oh, my...


Please, Mrs. Kim.

Stop trying to help.

Oh, no.

There it goes again.

The whooshing sound.

So, that's our position, and if you want us, we're here.

But we can't promise a proposal.

Couldn't we have just covered this on a phone call?

We wanted to tell you in person.

To show you that with what we've gone through in the last hours, we can get through anything.

And we don't know what the future holds, but we know that we'll face it together.


That's actually very sweet.

But we're going with another couple.

- What?

- Yeah.

But thank you so much for coming down.

And then next time, you can just call.

- Really?

- Yeah.

It's much quicker.


I mean, the...


We'll do it.

Do what?

We'll get engaged.

Uh, you say that now...

- Marry me.

- What?

Marry me.

JUNG: You don't have to...

Jung, just marry me and we can figure it out later.

The water might be cold, but let's just put our feet in there.

- Okay!

- Okay?


I think we're engaged.

Oh, my God!

We're engaged.

We're getting married!


That was incredible!

So, we're on the show?


We're still going with the other couple.

But if you want to do that again, I can totally get this on the website.


Just scooch a bit that way.


It's okay.

I forgive you.


Think we already covered this.

Hello, Janet.


I don't want to interrupt anything, but you forgot your complimentary first-aid kit.

Thank you.

That's very considerate.

Okay, okay.

Did you hear something?




I don't know what that means.

Bye, Janet.



The other day, I was feeling funny.

And when I feel funny, I sometime make too many joke.

And what made you say those jokes?


What about Enrique?

He's too emotional.


JANET: And that made you feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed and vulnerable?


Stop putting word into my mouth, Janet.

You're going a bit overboard.

I'm trying to help you.

I have a better idea!

It's called the chest compression of love.

The hug.

Okay, but I not hug you back.

I'll take it.


That's, uh, long enough.

It's harassment now.

- That was amazing.

- I know.

And they almost fell for it.

I'll admit, I had no idea what you were doing at first.

I didn't, either.

But then, FunJungShannonigans kicked in and I was, like, "Yeah, okay.

Go with it." What made you change your mind?

Something in the moment, I guess.

- Unless...

- What?


Are you crazy?

That was fun, though, right?

We were so close.

I know.

We were.


I guess it wasn't meant to be.

I guess not.

Now, Enrique want me to come back to class.

Probably to help teach, but I don't know.

Store come first, aid come second.


- Yobo...

- Mm?

...can you pray tonight?



I mean out loud.

Before we sleep.

Yobo, the Jesus know what we thinking.

He's like a X-Man.

He need to hear from one of us...

out loud.


Then you do.

What's wrong?

When I first get MS, I was so mad at the Jesus.

I blame him.

And now, every time I pray, it just backfires, like he's pushing me away.

Yobo, you know the Jesus better than I know the Jesus.

But I know that the Jesus never push away.

Only pull close.

Maybe you need to talk to him.


It only going to make things worse.

Ah, we talking now.

Pretending I am the Jesus.

You can't be the Jesus.

You're in underwear.


This is holy underwear.


Dear Jesus.

Hello, Young-mi.

Good to hear from you.

I try to be strong, but you feel so far away from me.


Please answer my prayer.

I'm sorry I blame you.


you feel we is apart, but I'm right here.

I don't hold grudge.

I love you.

I know.

Also your husband is very amazing.

He is.

Now, go to sleep.

Let there be no light.


You pull plug?

That's between me and the Jesus.


- Hmm.

Oh, Pastor Nina. Mrs. Kim.

I feel terrible.

I mean, not physically, though the foot does still throb.

- Oh, it's okay.

- No.

I abandoned you in your time of need.

I have a very good talk with man upstairs.

Mr. Kim, or...


And I feel better now.


Well, I wanted to let you know the reason for all my bad luck was right under my nose.

Or above, to be precise.

I finally got my eyes checked.

That's why I kept dropping things and tripping.


And did you choose that one?

These were just on sale, and I thought they were kind of fun.


But, uh, please, keep praying, and never let doubt or short-sightedness get the better of you.

Thank you, Pastor Nina.

Maybe I can just wear them around the house.

Maybe only inside the house.