03x13 - Two Moons Rising: The Battle for Bremin

Jesse: Welcome to Bremin High, Luke.

Jesse: It's like everyone's just... Disappeared.

I saw someone!


Hi, guys.

We got shifted out of our reality into an alternate reality.

Come on, hurry up.

Heath: What is that?!


Please don't make me go back.

There's only room for one Ben in every universe, and this one is mine.

Empty World, Good Ben. Our world, Bad Ben.

Ben: The Atridax appeared in this world after we came back from the Empty World, which is when you had those marks on your backs, right?

Ellen: Little is known for certain of the ancient Atridax, often referred to as the Four Pillars of evil.


Did we do that?

Tell me what's going on here?

You wouldn't understand.

Nicco: Kayla!

What is that?


She's gonna give the egg to the other me.

Nicco: She's back!

Ben, don't!

I'm guessing that is not a good sign.


We can stop this, right?

I couldn't last time.

Jesse: In the Empty World, you were on your own.

You're not in this one.

For now.

Hey, you've got us.


Heath: Uh-oh. Mama Bear, 10 o'clock.


Oh! Luke!

I've been looking everywhere for you. Get in the car.


Not up for a discussion.

I don't want to. I need to stay with my friends.

Get... in... now.

And as for the rest of you, I don't know what you're doing, running around here, but I expect to see you early tomorrow morning for your yard duty.

And if I find out anything else, I'm all eyes.

Heath: She's scary!

Lucky I'm wearing two pairs of underwear.

I don't feel so good.

We're nearly home.

(SIGHS) Take a seat.

I have to find a book for tomorrow's English class.

Can't I just walk home?

Your dad's already on his way and you know what?

While you wait, I think it's time we talk.

Now, sit.

We let you go out yesterday, but there was nothing in our agreement that meant you could sneak out before dawn.

I promised Sergeant Roberts. What were you thinking?


Now is the time to think about what kind of person you want to be.

And I don't think you want to be someone who hurts other people.

We used to be able to talk.

There's no point. You wouldn't understand.

Try me.







Nicco: How do you feel?


(DEMONICALLY) ... starving.

That's normal.

Heath: ... ish.

Nicco: I'll go get you something.

Whispering Voice: Kayla.

What's wrong?

Kayla?! What's happening to her?


Kayla: (DISTORTED) Give me...


... earth!

OK, maybe not so normal.


G'day, mate. You ready?

Luke: Dad!

I'm here. I'm down the corridor.

Dad, it's... it's Mum. She's...

What's happened?

She's gone!

Did you have a fight?

It's our fault! We brought it here.

Whoa, whoa, hey, hey, slow down. Slow down.

Take a deep breath... and tell me, what's going on?

This... You would never understand. You wouldn't believe me, OK?

I'll listen.

Look, Dad...



You took them! You did this!


You took them!


Whispering Voice: Kayla, come!

Kayla? Are you OK?

I think she's the definition of not OK.

Not helping.

Kayla: Ah!

(NORMAL VOICE) What's happening?

You said you wanted earth.

What did you mean?

I don't remember.


Eat something.

You'll feel better.



OK, when this is over, we need to have a chat about table manners.

Heath: And that creepy voice.

Bad Ben was speaking strangely too.

Jesse: Was he eating like that too?

Should I try?

It's worth a shot.

Kayla: Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.


What did you see?

It's in the forest.

Though it doesn't look fully formed yet.

It's like a three-quarter demon, but it wants Kayla.

Whispering Voice: Kayla!

She's still a part of it somehow.

Whispering Voice: Kayla!

Heath: Oh, there she goes again.

Kayla, what are you doing?!

What are you doing?

Jesse: Hey, Kayla!

Whispering Voice: Come to me.

Stop her.

We have to get her back inside. It's not safe.

Nicco: Not too tight. Don't hurt her.

That's a hitch knot.

She's not going anywhere.

Whispering Voice: We needed to be together.

(DEMONICALLY) Give... me... earth.

Isn't there some magic thing we can do?

No, we need Luke.


Heath: Whoa!

Nicco: Kayla?


This is a new development. How is she doing that?

Ben: I have no idea.

(NORMAL VOICE) What's happening to me?

You'll be OK.

Jesse: It's just dirt.

What if Kayla doesn't want to destroy the earth?

What if she IS earth?

Earth, like me?

Is she an elemental?

Or maybe something else happened.

When she was in the egg, she combined with the earth Atridax?

You mean a part of it is still in her?

Maybe the earth part. That's why it's incomplete.

Anna: Hey, Nicco, have you seen the sky?

It's on the news. There's two moons.

Some weird atmospheric phenomenon.

Yeah, I saw it!

We can't stay here. We need to find a way to get this thing out of her.

Oh! What are you doing?

We're just practising a magic trick.

For a talent show.

You know, like Houdini.

Kayla volunteered.




Just promise me there's no rabbits this time.

We should probably go.

And, girls, remember, dinner's at six, OK?


Oh! What's this for?

Nothing. Everything.

See ya.


We have to get that thing out of her.

Well, should we go to the hide-out?

We're not taking her back there.

Why there?

Well, that's where everything else happened. The weird altar, the egg.

I don't see a better idea.

I guess.



Tell me that's not Bates again.

Get in if you want to live.

I've always wanted to say that!

Nicco: Hi, Luke.

Heath: Dude, things have been crazy.

Jesse: Hi, Luke. Your mum let you out?

Are you OK?

Nicco: What's wrong?

It's started disappearing people.

Your mum and dad?


Tried to fight it but I had nothing.

I'm gonna destroy it.



I can't breathe.

Luke! Luke...

There's no air!


It's stuck!

Luke! Try... and control it!



What did you do?!

I don't know.

I was angry and...

You haven't lost your power. You just can't control it.

Ellen: Let's get outta here.

So, we do the reversal spell and that'll get this thing out of Kayla?

Ellen: Hopefully, this symbol should help focus the reversal spell.

Jesse: What are we going to sacrifice?


It's not as bad as it sounds.

How about these bracelets?

I made them with Kayla when we came back.

They should work.

Kayla: Is this going to hurt?

No. You'll be OK. I'll be right here.

You're the brave one. Not me!

Let me tell you a secret.

Being brave is just pretending that you're not scared.

It's all you have to do, OK?


OK, Nicco, start the spell. The rest of you join in.

Elements that speak...



If part of the mega-demon thing is still inside of Kayla and it's incomplete...

Then doesn't that mean it's...


Weak may be understating it.

It's still disappearing people.

What happens if Kayla's earth part combines with the rest?

When the elements are together, they're stronger, just like you.

Great. A full-strength demon.

I'm starting to miss the Atridax.

We should just fight it now, while it's still not formally formed.

Fight it? With what?

Our original plan send it back to the Empty World.

How? Express Post?

We... we open a portal.

Luke: It can't go through as one.

It needs to be split up, like the Atridax.

What if it does go through fully formed, when it's not in four parts?

Yes, that's what I want to know.

Regardless, people, you'll need to work together to pull this off.

Luke, we need to get your head in the game.


Nicco: We can't have you wandering off again.

This is just to keep you safe.


I am so sorry that I have to do this.

I know. It's OK.

Watch her. OK?


We won't be long. I'm just outside.




Do you want a drink or something?

I can't really hold one right now.

Yes, of course. Yes.

Ellen: Push all thought and emotion from your mind.

Focus only on the feather and blow.

Moving a feather? That's how we beat this mega-demon?

Can't we do a cool powers combo heat plus wind equals fire-nado?

You won't be able to do anything if Luke can't get his power under control.

Ignore them, Luke.


Heath: Oh, way to go, Luke.

I can't... I can't do it.

Ellen: Not with that attitude.

And you are not helping.


Ellen: Try again.



OK, maybe somewhere in between next time, in case you blow us to smithereens.

Whispering Voice: Ben...

Whispering Voice: Ben...

Do you hear that?

I don't hear anything.

Whispering Voice: Ben...

Wait here.

Like I'm going anywhere.

Bring Kayla to me.


You're not my grandpa. He died.

I helped you.

I was your only friend when you were alone.

You attacked me.

And my friends!


You have friends now, do you?

And how long do you think that's going to last?

You, shut up! I'll call out!

I can give you back your world, and everyone who disappeared.

If you're so powerful, why don't you get Kayla yourself?

Afraid of my friends or, what... can't you do it?

Well, she's just in there.

I warn you, don't make this mistake.

(DEMONICALLY) Bring... her... to me!


Ellen: Alright, Luke. It's OK.

It's coming!


Run now!

Ellen: Quick! Get inside!

Come on, Ben!

Heath: Get in, get in, quick!

In, in, in!

(DEMONICALLY) Give me earth!

Oh, no, not now.

Divinity of the elements, I summon thee.

All: Air, fire, water and earth.

In my quest I call you forth!


It's not working!

Luke, concentrate.

All: Divinity of the elements, I summon thee.

Air, fire, water, earth. In my quest, I call you forth.

It's gone.

Ellen: For now.

But the protection spell won't hold it off for long.

In my vision, it was at an altar in the forest.

Of course! It's the most powerful place in Bremin.

The ley lines intersect there, magnifying magic power.

Hang on. I don't think the demon is able to get Kayla itself.

It said I had to bring her to it.

Well, we're not doing that.

Well, we can't leave her alone.

And we definitely can't take her with us.

There is one other option.

Ellen: It's a weird thing we're putting her through...


Girl: Hey.

What's this babysitting emergency?

Claude babysat 6-year-old twins on a sugar high. She can handle anything.

Handle what, exactly?

Actually, it's best I don't know.

Ellen: When you get to the forest, you won't have much time.

So, you need to open the portal.

OK, one question.

How are we going to make the mega-demon go in the portal?

Call it like a puppy?

"Here, Demon, Demon, Demon."

That'll work.

I got it.

We trap it.

OK. Again with the how?

Well, we know the demon is missing earth.

OK, so we use earth against it.

But we need enchanted earth.

I know what might work.


No! Stop!

I'm not impressed, Niccolina.

I mean, you can't expect me to clean up after you and your friends like this.

Sorry. I'll take over.

(SIGHS) I mean, honestly, you should know better than this.




People, are we ready?

We'll get your mum back.

I didn't even check on Yia Yia.

If she realises Mum is gone...

Everyone will be gone soon.

Not at all helpful, Ben.

Map and spell.

What if everything we do isn't enough?


No more complaining!

You need to get it together.

You've got one chance at this.

It'll work, but only if you are all together...

No, no!


What the...?!

She's gone!

What are we going to do?

What was she going to say?

It doesn't matter. Let's go.

Claude: This is the weirdest but easiest babysitting gig ever.

Whispering Voice: Kayla...

(DEMONICALLY) Give... me... earth.

Are you OK? You sound like you have a fur ball.

Whispering Voice: Come now...

Oh, is it too tight?

Whispering Voice: Fight it.

Whispering Voice: Break free.

Look, I... I know I said I wouldn't ask any questions but I gotta...

Hey! What are you doing?

Kayla, get back here!

Oh, that hurt.

That's my bike. Kayla, get back here!

Luke: Hurry. The map says this way.

Jesse: What do you mean, she ran off?

OK. Yep, no, we'll definitely get your bike back. Talk soon.

My bad. Claude messed up.

Kayla's taken off.


She'll be heading for the altar.

We have to get there before she does.

There's a lot more hiking involved in magic than I thought there'd be.

Everyone knows the plan? We all know what we need to do?

Hey, you're going to be OK with all this?

Yeah, there's plenty of other things I'd rather been doing, but...

This is it.

When we smash this demon, it might fix your world as well.

(SIGHS) My world's collapsing in on itself.

I doubt if it even exists anymore.

Good luck, Ben.

Oh, I'm gonna need it.

Luke: Keep him busy!

We've got your back.

You all remember Ellen's spell?

Hey. You going to be able to hold it together?

No more human vacuum.


Ben: Hello?

I've changed my mind.

I will bring you Kayla.

I want to get my world back.

Come out.




Maybe you can pretend to be my grandpa again.

Jesse: I can't believe all this came out of Kayla.

Ben: Before I get Kayla, you need to prove my world is OK.


All: Earth, dirt, sand, protect us with your power.

All: Ground, soil, land, keep in that which would devour.

All: Elements we call together, a binding thread which lasts forever.

Luke: Force-field.

That's cool!


The portal.

All: Divinity of the elements, I summon thee.

All: Return us all to where we want to be.

All: Take this earth, fire, water, air...

All: universe, reclaim and repair!

Jesse: It's working!

It's being pulled in!

Kayla: (DEMONICALLY) I'm here.


Oh, no! No, no, no, no.

Kayla! Stop!

Jesse: Nicco! Stop her.

Luke: Ooh, what is that?

Ben: It's drawing it out of her.

Get out of there!

Uh... uh...

Luke: Oh, no!

It's gonna combine.

All: Ahhhh!

OK. What now?

I think it's free to do whatever it wants.


We have to get out of here.

No, no, no, no. I've got this.

I'm not afraid of you.

Luke, no!

What are you doing?!


Dude, don't!



That can't be good.

What have you done?

I feel OK.

Heath: What's that?

Nicco: What's going on?

Jesse: What's happening?

Luke: OK, maybe...

(DEMONICALLY) ... maybe not so OK.

He's turning into it.

Ben: Luke, focus. You can fight it.

Ben: Concentrate, Luke.


Ben: You can beat this. Luke, just hold on.


Jesse: Hold on.

And don't let it take over you!

(DEMONICALLY) I can't. I think it's winning. I can't hold it.

Ben: Concentrate.

Jesse: Just think happy thoughts.

And not demon thoughts.


It sounded right.

Luke: Together...

Oh, no, thanks.

Together! Us together.

Wait a sec...

Wait, Ben, what are you doing?

It's what Ellen said... we are stronger together.


Jesse: Be careful.

Heath: Ben?


Heath: what are you doing?


Luke: I need you guys. It has to be together.

We have to anchor him. Come on!


Come on!

Hold him.


Keep going!




Ben: Question answered.

That's what happens when it goes through the portal...


Nicco: Look! One moon.

Oh, we did it.

Heath: That was savage.

You OK?


Kayla: I feel weird.

I think I threw up dirt.

You're back! You're OK.

I knew you could be brave.



Other Ben: Don't let it hurt me.

It wasn't my fault!

Come back! It's OK.

Jesse: Ellen!

Hi, gang!

Whatever you did, it worked.

You're back!



Ben: People are coming back.

Weird to see your world with people in it.

You saved my world.

I'm going to miss you all.

We'll miss you too.

Everyone probably still thinks you're a super-nerd, though.

Super-nerds are super-cool.


Just never say that out loud again.


Girl: Bunch of freaks.

Anyways, so what are you...?

Uh, yard duty means picking up the rubbish.

Yes, Miss Jarra.

Heath: I can't believe we still have to do this.

I feel like people should know we saved the world.

It doesn't work that way, Jesse.


So, we just go back to class like nothing ever happened?


But I am thinking about getting a costume.

Heath: You wear tights, you're on your own.

Hey, no, there's nothing wrong with tights.

Yeah, Batman wears tights.

Yeah, you're not Batman.

I'm better than Batman.

I don't even need the gadgets.

If you wear tights, I will set fire to them.