02x01 - And the Drowned Book

Return to us, oh, ancient world of wonders.


[Loud crackle]


The Sword's rejoined the Stone.

Magic's coming back.

The ley lines have reopened.

[Horns honk]


[Thunder crashes]

[Rain falling]

[Whooshing, rumbling]

[Thunder crashing]

I have need of your genius, sir.



No. No, no, this can't be right.


Really? Another one?

[Object scraping]


The Temple of Agamanzo should be just through the village.

Village? You didn't mention any village.

I know. That's because the Temple's the best bit.

Death traps, possibly even mummies.

You know how I love mummies.

Almost too much.

You can't love mummies too much.

Okay, but we need recon.

Do these villagers know about the temple?

Do they worship it? How do they feel about strangers mucking around with their mummies?

Eve, trust me. They'll never know we were here.

[Crowd shouting indistinctly]

They know we're here!

They probably noticed when you made the volcano erupt!

It was a very small volcano.

[Indistinct shouting continues]


[Laughs] Welcome back.

Was the expedition successful?


Absolutely not!

Yes, 'cause we got the Idol of Agamanzo.

No, we were not supposed to just open up secret passages, setting off alarms leading to, you know, volcano.

Secret passages that led to Idol of Agamanzo, Eve, and it was fun.

It's always fun, but is it right?

The Library made more Librarians than ever, and we haven't seen them since they left.


Maybe we should check on them.

Don't worry. They're out there that way, doing what Librarians do, getting the artifacts and being...

It's not just that.

We have been running since the day the Serpent Brotherhood invaded the Library until the moment you brought it back from the void.

Maybe we're in emergency mode, just reacting instead of acting.

[Singsongy] You're avoiding.

I'm reading.

Shipwreck exhibit at the Museum of History in New York.

Big party for the unveiling. I did my graduate work there.

Actually, funny story... first mission as a Librarian, I end up in that very same...

Coincidence or sinister alignment?

Let's find out.

Put on your best party jumpsuit. We're going on a date.

[Sighs heavily]

No, they're Librarians. They're fine.


[Chiming sound]



All I'm saying is this sort of energy signature's radically non-standard.

We've moved well past antimatter and into some sort of superstring resonance signature.


If you contain the fusion reaction using your superconducting magnetic coils, you'll create a dimensional inversion that will alter the local laws of physics in unexpected and randomized ways.

[Goat bleats]

Look, Miss Cillian, I've read your figures, and they seem to add up, but, uh, I'm afraid I cannot support your conclusions.

The effects you describe, I mean to say they sound more like, uh...

[Chuckles] Magic?


[Chiming sound]

[Objects clatter]

[Whoosh, whimsical horn honks]




[Continues bleating]

I swear, I heard something.

Come on, patrols on every floor, infrared on the elevator, motion sensors in this corridor, 128-bit encryption on the main door.

Nobody's getting in.

How 'bout out? Can I go out?

[Handcuffs clink]

[Chiming sound]

Oh, uh, grab that, would you?

[Chiming sound]

"Clipping Book."

Yeah, something a mate of mine invented, but I took it digital.

Thanks, fellas.

[Both grunt]

[Radio beeps] Security breach.

Woman over radio: Security breach in sector 5.

Report back to me.


Forget to bring something to New York?

How'd you know I was going to New York?

Oh, Mr. Stone, I wasn't aware. Welcome back.

Thank you. Evil doll. Well, gotta get cleaned up.

Going to a museum.

A museum? Well, that's a co...


Mr. Jenkins!

Miss Cillian, a pleasure. Oh, you should know...

Oh, can we talk after I get back?

It's a short notice mission, and I need to check my phone and check some reference materials.

Of course.


Jenkins, great to see you, too, mate.

Love what you've done with the place.

Uh-huh, I assume we're dialing up New York.

Nice guess, but I've got this.

I brought you into the 21st century.

Female automated voice: Destination set. New York.

You're welcome.

[Whoosh, door closes]

Mwah. Probably should've done that when I came in. Sorry.

So good to see you. Understandable.

Oh, you already dialed up New York for me.

You're the best.

[Door whooshes]

Jenkins, can you dial me up?

New York, sir? Already done.

Well, thank you.

Listen, when I get back, we'll grab a beer, huh?

Or me... or what... okay.

[Door whooshes]

[Indistinct conversations]

Isola Perduta, lost off the coast of Italy in the 1600s.

Found with a surprising amount of cargo still intact.

You know, just once it would be nice to come to a major city when we're not trying to defeat existential magic evil.

The tourist stuff, go to a show, see the Statue of Liberty.

You know, we used to throw these kind of parties all the time.

New exhibit brings in the fundraisers.

Gives the bigwigs a chance to rub elbows with the rock star archivists and librarians.

Every girl's dream. Your wallet.


Ezekiel Jones! Still pushing your luck.

Colonel! Still a terrifyingly powerful grip.

What scheme are you up to here?

Librarian business. Clipping Book sent me.


Me, too!

Hi, Red.


Look at you. Thought you were together.

Yeah, we were, but we, uh, kind of split up after Peru. Flynn.



So museum, huh? I mean, what's going down big enough where they need every Librarian in the world?

[Thunder crashing]

Whoo! You just missed the weather.

Boy, I was about to lock up. You folks all right?

Yeah, thank you, Terry. Lock up?

Well, yeah, the reports are coming in.

Winds 50 miles an hour.

It's enough to rip the doors right off the hinges.

Let's find out what this shipwreck has to do with this storm.

Shipwreck? I'm not...

My Clippings Book is about a chess set that was donated to the museum, a set from Milan.

Yeah, and mine is about the new high-frequency weather sonar equipment in the museum's National Weather Service Station on the roof.

There's a bunch of Italian diplomats here, including the family who owned the old wreck's shipping company back in the day.

Daughter's wearing some earrings, pearl, family heirlooms.

Huh. Well, let's pool our resources and...

Or we could just each do our own job.

O... okay, what is this?

Oh, I mean, no offense, but I've been doing the Librarian thing solo for a while now.

[Under breath] Kind of got my own style.

I'm sorry. Come again?

[Normal voice] I kinda got my own style.


Yeah, and I'm just very focused on...

They're Librarians. This is what they do.

Off, the lot of you. Divide and conquer.

Okay. This worries me.

This way you and I...

Uh... [Clears throat]

[Microphone thuds]

[Amplified voice] Uh, ladies and gentlemen, I've been asked to forward that due to some rather rapid and extreme flooding, the streets are being kept clear in order to evacuate the lower lying areas of Manhattan.

No vehicle will be allowed on the streets.

So unfortunately, we will not be allowing anyone to leave.

Now I'm sure this is temporary, and there's no cause for alarm, as the museum is all perfectly safe.

[Thunder crashes]

[Crowd gasps]

Uh, if not a bit dramatic.


Thank you.

Thank you so much.

[Indistinct conversations]

Excuse me. Can you tell me where the Japanese art...

Yes, you just go out that door, make a left...

Shall we?


Okay, where's...

[Thunder rumbles]


I'm a Librarian. I'm here to get weather patter...

[Blows raspberry] Hi, I'm a Librarian.

I'm here to get data on weather patterns over metropolitan areas.

[Indistinct conversations]

Hi there. Italian delegation, right?

Actual royalty. That's unreal.

You have 30 seconds to be interesting.

I like your earrings. Are they, uh, antiques?

You opened with a question.

Rare enough among men to pique my curiosity.

Yes, thank you.

They've been in my family for centuries.

Ezekiel: [Thinking] Blah, blah, blah, earrings.

They have a name... gli occhi scintillanti.

Ah, and, uh, do you have a name?

You're growing less interesting.


Hi, I'm a Librarian. I'm here to get...

[Breathing heavily]

Hi, I'm a Librarian. I'm here to gather data on weather patterns in metropolitan areas.

Hi, I'm a Libr...

Hi, okay. Hi, I'm a Librarian.

Get out while you can!

Isn't it kinda weird to leave a weather station when there's a really cool storm happening?

By "cool storm," you mean freak nightmare cyclone that's gonna rip this little half-shell right off the roof of this building then, no.

Not weird at all.

Okay, I... I...

Save yourself!


I don't suppose anyone wants to tell me where the new sonar is.

[Thunder crashes, electricity powers down]

And... perfect.

Checking these artifacts may take a while.

Maybe we should ask for some help.

I don't need any help.

Background information, research, planning, useful trinkets of...

Excuse me. Do you know who put this display together?

No need. It's this gentleman here.

Mr. James Worth, visiting Professor of antiquities from Oxford University.

Well done. Marvelous trick. Tell me, how did you do it?

Well, elementary, actually.

I noticed your London accent when you made the announcement about the weather, and I couldn't help but to notice that you have a little baby powder on your hands and on your sleeve.

Baby powder on the hands, making it easier to remove the tight latex gloves often worn by artifact restorers.

Now you might be part of the research team, but you're circulating among the guests, which implies that you're in a position of authority.

When I glanced at the placard, which lists everyone who worked on the project, only one scientist graduated from a British university...

Oxford, in fact Mr. James Worth.

Amazing. Amazing.


Flynn Carsen, Librarian.

I'm sorry, what with the who now?

As you entered, you glanced past the rather gaudy Alexandrine vase to admire the more subtle, yet much rarer, Mesopotamian broach, revealing you are a man of deep education.

A mere scholar? No.

Your kerchief is out of a style handmade in Tripoli.

You have the distinctive sun damage of a man who spent time in the Himalayas, and yet, I do believe that is a bit of Australian red dirt on your shoes.

Sun damage? I moisturize.

So... a traveler.

But you have multiple small burns on your left hand, the type I generally see on scientists from grabbing a test tube prematurely off burners.

Ha! I've seen you do that!

And your pin is the symbol for calculus integration, chosen for your fondness, I deduce, in physics and mathematics.

[Mouths words]

A man with such a wide range of specialities, traveling the world, could be anyone.

I lip-read that woman.

[Mouths words]

Yes, I can.

That woman asked you where the Japanese art room was.

You directed her to the East Wing.

But it was moved to the West Wing shortly after the pyramid display was completed 10 years ago, implying, of course, that you knew the museum when you worked on that display, but never returned after it was complete.

Infamously, there was one brilliant polymath who worked on that display who disappeared shortly after.

One Flynn Carsen.

[Laughs] The Librarian part?

Ah, beeswax used in the restoration of rare books.

Left lapel. He rubs his fingers these absently while working.


Elementary, my dear Carsen.

[Exhales deeply]

And you, I deduce... are a Duchess.


Or the assembled royalty.

And yet, you outshine them all.

You call that a deduction? [Laughs]

She's not a Duchess. She's an ordinary person.

Her accent should've given it away like that.

Well, my mistake then. You have outdone me, sir.

You were inquiring about the background of some of the artifacts.

Yes, please. Thank you.

[Whispering] Lipreading's not that hard.

I can do it.

Those two women over there... "Where are the snuffy pom poms?"

"I've never circled square Idaho in the blueberry cupcake."

Nothing to it. [Snaps fingers]

[Switch clicks, electricity whirs]


Oh, megastorm, not kidding.


[Sonar beeping]

There is the new sonar.


[Loud whooshing]

[Screeching whoosh]


[Loud whooshing continues]

It's... in the storm.

[Roaring sound]

Mr. Jenkins, are you getting this?


Yes, indeed. Very odd.

[Sighs] There's no mathematical constant that I can derive from the waveform that would give us a clue to what's causing it.

Miss Cillian, do me a favor.

Just put aside your logic and your mathematics for a moment.

What? No. [Chuckles]

I like my math and logic. They help me sleep at night.

They're like a teddy bear. [Chuckles]

I mean, like a teddy bear made of isosceles triangles and electrons.

Yes, yes, yes, I know. But just listen.

What does that sound like to you?

It sounds... [Wind howling loudly] sad.


Oh, good. Hey, did you find what you were looking for?

Uh, maybe. I don't know.

Listen, do me a favor, would you?

Can you write down the, uh, relative densities of ivory, onyx, gypsum, any... any... any stone you might think somebody'd make a chess piece out of.

You could look this up on your own.

Yeah, but you're faster than the internet.

You know that.

[Thunder rumbles]

Oh, hey, uh, could you write down some Italian cultural... stuff?

You know, paintings, poems by those poncy lads you like.

I'm trying to make some headway with the Italian bird, get a shot at her earrings, but I'm getting nowhere.

Why did we stop doing this? Huh? Working together?

Because you kept ordering me around.

I wasn't... I'm not... I wasn't ordering you around.

I was trying to get you to stick to the plan, Jones!

Yeah, by ordering me around.

And then Cassandra kept taking your side...

What? No. No, I just tried to get you two to stop arguing.

Blame it on her again? Man, that's the whole thing.

No, I'm not blaming her. I'm blaming both of you...

You never take responsibility for your own...

Guys, guys, guys. We're doing it again.

We worked so well together at the Library.

Why couldn't we do it when we were on our own?

Like something was missing.


The Isola Perduta, it went down after visiting five ports in the Mediterranean.

So its cargo is a wondrous mix of European products from the 1600s.

Which seems a little odd given the fact of a ship of this tonnage would just be tooling around the Mediterranean.

Excuse me. I have not seen anything out of the ordinary or anything that could be causing this storm.

[Lowered voice] You might wanna ask James.

He seems very informed.

Professor Worth, that is a bottle of rum.

So it is.

English rum.

The Isola Perduta didn't just sail the Mediterranean, it went to England as I suspected.

It had English cargo.

That would explain why we've had difficulty identifying some of the artifacts.

Oh, you've had difficulty identifying some of the artifacts.

[Slaps hand] Well, don't take it so hard.

I would be happy to assist. Where is the ship's manifest?

In the archive room, along with the rest of the artifacts.

I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to distract him.

Oh, he's kind of permanently distracted.

Anyway, do you know anything about this famous chess set from Milan?

A bit. How about I educate you over some drinks?

Oh, thanks, man.

Thank you, Terry.

So you're doing work during a party?

You're one dedicated fella.

Ah, dropped your book.

Oh, no, it's not mine. I... I found it upstairs outside.

Just leave it for lost and found.

[Thunder rumbling]


[Laughs] Absolutely my favorite art style.

I'm cuckoo for rococo.

You have proven far more amusing than I thought possible.

Well, take a stroll then?

And you're predictable again.

Just for once, I want a man to genuinely surprise me.

My mates and I are actually about to rob the museum.

Would you like to, uh, see some American crime?

[Chuckles] So, Duchess...


You work with Dr. Carsen?

I do now. I was with a team before.

Why are you no longer with them?

I'm not sure they need me anymore.

Eve, you can't let others define you.

You know who you are. You know what you can do.

Do it and damn the consequences.

Great advice, James.


[Glasses clink]

Mmm, speaking of, I think I should go and see if your Dr. Carsen needs any help.


I shall return.

[Phone beeps, keys clack]

[Indistinct conversations]

[Woman speaking Italian]

[Speaks Italian]

Me escuse. Vorrei farle alcune domande.


[Clack, thunder rumbles]

Well, I found the thing that doesn't belong... this chest.

It was picked up in London in 1611 and then shipped to a monastery in Rome.

Yeah. That thing, yes, deuced challenge.

No x-rays seem to penetrate it.

Can't seem to open the damn thing.

Yes, that's because it has a sigil.

On the lock, a magical symbol.

Certainly you don't believe in magic.

[Chuckles] Well...

Where did you get that book?

Uh, the janitor found this.

Well, it... it's mine. Give it to me.

Well, it's just a copy of "Sherlock... Holmes."

Where's all the ink?

Book, please. Sir, the book... the book.

I know what you are.

I know the spell that summoned you.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You're fictional.

No, no, more than that, you're a Fictional.

You're a fictional character brought to life from this world, your world, into this world.

Dr. Carsen, that's ludicrous. I... I...

You're Sherlock Holmes!

You have me, sir. Well played.


Sherlock Holmes. I love you! [Laughs]

I mean... I love your adventures. I... I love Eve Baird.

[Clears throat] I think I love Eve Baird.

We're... we're going through some stuff.

She's a very complicated woman.

Well, she did say you were very easily distracted.

A team-up with Sherlock Holmes!

[Exhales] Why are you here?

To solve the mystery of this magical box, of course.

Well, let's crack it! [Laughs]

I mean, any many who can solve the Mystery of the Five Orange Pips, am I wrong? [Laughs]

Sherlock Holmes.

I'm surprised that you didn't recognize that this was a sigil.




Good guy.

The owner of the chess set Stone's looking for?

Right before he died under mysterious circumstances, Professor Worth convinced him to leave his collection to the museum.


The Italian delegation, Ezekiel's target, was invited here by Professor Worth.

[Grunts] I talked to the other researchers.

They wanted to show the British artifacts, but were talked out of it by Professor Worth.

All the separate clues the Librarians are looking for, he put into place. He is the mastermind.


[Exhales deeply]

Professor James Moriarty... [Thunderclap] at your service.

You're the genius, but she's the detective who unraveled the plot.

Well done, Duchess.

Don't "Duchess" me, pal.

Professor Moriarty he's fictional!

Fictional character come to life.

Very magical beings. He came from this book.

If he's the threat, why did the Clipping Book send the Librarians on four different missions?

What is he up to?

I don't know.

I've read a lot about Fictionals, but I've never actually met one.

I don't suppose you care to enlighten us.

Monologue my scheme like some penny dreadful villain?

Give me some credit.

I've got to get this book to Jenkins.

I'll round up the others.

They should be done with their scavenger hunt by now.

Can we leave him?

[Chains rattle]

Wouldn't go anywhere without your leave, Duchess.

International crime, car chases, sometimes we even jump out of airplanes.

Yeah, it's a very "Thomas Crown Affair" here.

So exciting.

Does, um, one of you dance through the lasers now?

[Chuckles] One second.

What are you doing?

This chess set's from Milan.

It's made out of ivory and pearl blend.

I can't tell the finishes from, like, five other varieties so...

Bingo. I checked all the density comparison.

All right, that explains it.

Explains what?

That's way out of your league, bro.

Mate, you don't even know my league.

That's major league, son. That's the bigs.

Okay, that's where the grown men play. You're down here.

Little league, T-ball.

Man, you can't even find a chess set.

I got mine. Where are your pearl earrings?

[Pieces clatter]

Do not.

I'm just, you know what? I'm not... I'm not even gonna...

I'm gonna let it breathe.

Fictionals. They stay to themselves.

Pulled from books into a world they do not understand.

They tend not to adjust well.

Well, Moriarty's doing just fine.

He got himself a fake identity, set himself up to collect all the pieces.

Pieces to what? I don't know.

Well, I would posit, sir, that Moriarty had help.

There are two types of Fictionals.

Someone summoned him from this book.

They called him into this world.

And the other kind?

Much older. Much more powerful.

Iconic characters whose stories are so well told, so famous, so well-written that they emerge into this reality under their own power. They walk among us.

Mostly hidden. Not very many of those.

So there was another Fictional at the party.

I just have to figure out who.

Sir, beware, Fictionals are bound, but also empowered by their stories.

You could trap them within the rules of their own tales.

But they can be extremely powerful if their narrative matches the real world.

Your mystery villain may be trying to gather parts of his story to gain strength.

To what end?

That would depend on what character you're dealing with.

Cassandra, I lost the Itali...


You're right. That is incredible.

I always wanted to study science.

You shouldn't let anyone stop you.

You know, you gotta follow your dreams.

You really think so?

Yeah. I mean, if you believe it, you can do anything.

Thank you so much.

Here's my number.

And if you're ever in Milan, just call me, okay?


[Pen clatters]

[Paper tears]

Thank you.


Ciao, bella.


She seemed nice.

[Device chimes]

[Whispers] Wow.

Flynn and Baird have gotta hear this.

[Phone beeps, keys clack]

[Thunder rumbles]

Did you find them?

There they are.

It's a voice in the storm. I thought it was just a sound, but I refined it down. It's a voice.

Woman: Master, I have done thy bidding.

Master, I have brought the storm.

All will be consumed.

So the storm is being controlled by some sort of wind spirit?

Italian nobles stranded by a storm, a storm summoned by a spirit.

The Isola Perduta, the "lost island."

What were the earrings made out of?

Pearl. They even had a name, uh, occhi scin...

Eyes. "These pearls that were your father's eyes."

And you got Moriarty to get all the elements together to make him even stronger.

Did you get the chess set from Milan?

I got it.

[Pieces clatter]

Yeah, it's all here... but the White King.

The King from Milan, the shipwreck, the earrings, the storm summoned by a spirit.


Prospero, Shakespeare's magician from "The Tempest."

[Electricity powers down]

[Rain falling, thunderclap]



[Latches click]

[Rumbling sound]


[Guests gasp and murmur]

Shakespeare's fictional wizard.

Long story. No time to talk. Let's get going.

Get back to the annex. Tell Jenkins.

The Library wasn't tell us to collect these things.

The Library was telling us to keep them away from Prospero!

And we failed. He's controlling the storm, and he's getting stronger by the second.

I'll shake down Moriarty. You?

The roof. He'll head to the roof.

[Thunder crashing]

[Whoosh, explosion]

Prospero, you don't have to do this.

You renounced your magic. Y... you drowned your book.

You broke your staff.

I did those deeds because my author wrote it thus.

He gave me life, and then he stripped me of my power to end his foul tale.

Shakespeare broke my staff. He drowned my book.

He left me cursed to wander through the centuries alone and weak.

You still have to play by the rules of your story.

A story writ when magic was dying, almost gone.

But when magic came back...

Magic returned into the ley lines that surrounded the world.

I had wandered for centuries as a mere human.

But that night, my power came back.

[Thunder crashing]

A little power, but just enough to call a mastermind to aid my schemes.

I have need of your genius, sir.

He set the pieces in motion to help me find my book and break its seals.


Enough power to find and bind this sprite, my servant Ariel, so that I could make this storm which sets the stage of my rebirth.

You still have to play by the rules of your story, and your story does not end like this.

My author's dead, and magic's back.

Know this... [Voice doubles] I write my own ending!


[Electricity crackles]



[Thunder rumbling]



Hell of a woman.

[Both grunting]


Oh, damn. Why'd you make me do that?


[Groans] One thing, remember...

[Groans, panting]

[Squishing sound] Uhh!


That's not how my story ends.

[Sword clatters]

[Lock turns]


[Breathing heavily]


My book restored, I wield enormous power.

And when I find my staff, this world is mine.


O my sprite!

Descend and serve again thy master bound till I release thee.

Come hither, Ariel!

My word is bond, fair island fey.

Obey and take us far away.


With me, villain!



I always preferred antagonist.


[Yells] What are you doing?

I gotta get after them before it closes!

You are not following them alone.

Well, then, jump with me!

Oh. Oh, great. Now they can be anywhere in the world.

We have a bigger problem.

What could be a bigger problem than...

[Thunder crashing]


Good, you made it out of the city.

Well, we can go through the door, but that leaves 7 million people stuck in Hurricane Ariel.

Why hasn't that storm stopped now that its fairy engine is gone?

Because a storm of that magnitude is self-sustaining.

Ariel brought it to New York, controlled it, but it's actually far more dangerous with him gone.

Him gone? Her gone?

Ariel's been presented both male and female. I...

Focusing, focusing.

It takes in hot air and distributes cold air, like it's breathing.

And it will dissipate, but when it does, it's gonna spin off tornados just to get rid of the kinetic energy.

So whatever's not flooded gets shredded. Aces!


He got away. It's nobody's fault.

It's Eve's fault, but let's move on.

The important thing now is to figure out how to stop this storm. How do we do it?

People don't have great track records at stopping hurricanes.

Well, they haven't had the resources of the Library. [Snaps fingers]

Zeus's lightning bolt.

Destructive, but not nearly large scale enough.

Could we blow it away, like off the island?

Thor's hammer, in theory. No, that would...

That would wipe half of New York into the sea.

Wait, if it breathes, can we kill it?

The hot and cold are balanced, but if we dump enough heat into the storm, it'll break apart.

That would take an enormous amount of hot air.

I wouldn't even know how to superheat something like that.

It would take a second sun.


I totally forgot we have one of those.

You remember we have one of those.

We have a sun?

Yes, in the Sun Room.

What else would one store in a Sun Room?

Uh, magazines, cozy chairs, mimosas?

We need to figure out how to focus it.

Cassandra, can you calculate what the thermal energy would be? Jenkins, come with me.

Jones, start reprogramming the back door. Stone, come on!

I've got a cunning plan.

[Wind howling]

Frozen Land of Giants! [Spits]

[Birds cawing]

Lost Jungle Kingdom.

[Bees buzzing]

Hive of Giant Bees!

Why do we even have that door?

[Skin sizzles]

Aah! Sun Room!

Found it. Okay, trapped Nemesis star by Einstein and Feynman in 1952 before it destroyed the Earth using technology from the Roswell project.

I thought Roswell was aliens.

It's never aliens. Give me your phone.

Mr. Jenkins, would you please program your back door technology controls... [Keys clacking] to that door right there?

Ah, the focus. You do have a flair, sir.

Mr. Jones, can you patch in Cassandra and Baird's conversations to the overall intercom system?



Take a knee.

I need you to get Judson's Mirror.

Bring it back here with the Glass of Narcissus.

They have to be lined up perfectly if we're gonna try and direct the energy from that room, bounce it all the way down the hallway into that room there. Got it?


So, that's the plan.

We take the thermal burst from a direct sunblast, bounce it off a couple mirrors into a door, focusing it up through the storm, where it should burn off the cold air and break the cycle.

Hopefully, if everything goes as planned, storm falls apart.

And if it all goes wrong?

You and I get incinerated and New York drowns.

Sucky pep talk.

[Muffled voice] Where you going?

I need to monitor the changes on-site to get the most reliable data.

What's with the getup?

It's all we got.

Jenkins and I gotta open the door and, uh, let in the sunbeam, so... it's gonna get a little hot.

Hey, we were all right.

We were fine through the three months we were on our own, huh?

I mean, this... this is not gonna kill me.

No, but we weren't fine. We weren't okay. I...

I don't even know why we went our separate ways.

It just happens to people.

No, it doesn't. Not to us.

It's not happening.

I'll see you on the other side, Cassie.

You better.



All right.

Let's go save the day.


We need power. Go!

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

[Exhales deeply]

Let me know when you've got it.


Got it.


Okay, it's a Category 5, and it's not slowing down.

We've got about 5 minutes before it's too big for our numbers to work.

Copy that. We're on our way.

You should arrive directly at the focus. Good luck.


Tesla Hoop.

It'll downstep the energy, keep us from melting.

Where are we? Well, we needed something metal to conduct the energy, and it needed to be pointed up.

[Wind howling]

[Thunder crashing]

Aw, you remembered!

You did say you wanted to visit!


And... go!

[Whooshing and ringing]

[Rapid beeping]

It's done.

Shut it down.


[Seabird calling]

[Laughs] Huh?


Look at this.

Huh? Look. All right.

Oh. Sorry, wait.

No, not...

Aah! [Grunting]

Jenkins! [Exhales deeply]

I didn't...

[Vehicles passing]

Ezekiel: Seeing as that's a rainbow from a magic storm, you don't suppose there's a real pot of gold at the end of it?

[Laughs] Don't ever change, Jones.

Why would I?

Guys, I think we screwed up.

Yeah. We let Prospero get away.

No, we didn't work together. It was dumb and petty.

You're right. We missed all the clues the Library gave us, which we would've had if we had been sharing information, working together.

So we learn from it. That's all.

You're not ticked off?

Eh, I'm always a little ticked off, but we're all in one piece.

And the innocents are saved. Take the win.

We should've listened to you.

Yeah, I should've gone after him.

We saved New York.

Could've done that without me.

We didn't wanna do it without you.

We needed you. Your friends needed you.

Oh, I don't...

I needed you.

Well, I haven't really been needed by people for a very long time.

I know. It takes some getting used to.

Now, tactical assessment.

An immortal magician from Shakespeare's plays has teamed up with a supervillain genius that he's pulled from literature to take advantage of the fact that magic has returned to the world to restore his power, and to accomplish some sort of unknowable and yet terrifying plot for world domination.

So Tuesday then?

Your average Tuesday.

Yeah. What are we gonna do about it?

Oh, we're gonna try to stop him.

Okay, let's go home and make some plans.

I already have a few ideas.

Save them for the meeting.

Meeting? Yeah, I don't really like meetings.

No one does, Flynn. No one does.