05x01 - Chapter Eighty-Two

Ah, friends, when we last left our Jane, her world was turned upside down.

See, she was about to move in with her baby daddy Rafael, plus...

I was actually planning on proposing.

But then he started to pull away, leaving our Jane confused and devastated.

Also devastated, Petra.

See, she lied to her girlfriend J.R.

to protect herself, but then J.R.

found out the truth.

I know you murdered your sister.

And Petra tried to explain, but J.R.

left her.

That is, until she realized Petra was in real trouble.

And luckily, J.R.

got back in time No!

And that's not even the craziest part.

The craziest part was...

well, let's just dive in.

When Jane Gloriana Villanueva was seven years old, she celebrated her very first Day of the Dead.


Are those actual dead people?

I can't believe he's gone.

And so, friends, after Michael died, Jane did her best to keep him alive.

I just miss him so much.

I miss his laugh.

And the way he used to crack up at his own impressions.And man, did he love that freakin' cat.

And so, Mateo, that's what this day is all about.

We tell stories to keep Michael alive.

But friends, she didn't expect him to actually come back from the freakin' dead.



Bo, Bo, hey.

Come here.

Come here, buddy.



Come here.

Come here, buddy.


Actually, I go by Jason now, ma'am.


Uh, Jane.


He has amnesia.




Like, no memory.

You don't remember me?

No, ma'am.


Jane, breathe...


To do this formally...

I don't understand.

You were dead.

He was dead.

We buried him.

Rose orchestrated everything.

Michael is alive.


I faked his death.

Tetrodotoxin to slow his heart rate, and then my EMT drivers took him away.

You wouldn't believe how easy it was to incentivize a morgue pathologist with a gambling problem to sign a death certificate.

So, yes.

He lives.

He lives.

Unfortunately, he does have amnesia, though.

Goes by Jason now.

After Jason Bourne.

I always did love a good play on words.

H-How did you...?

Electroshock therapy focused on the hippocampus and temporal lobe.

Until it worked.


- is he?

- Mm.

I'll tell you where Michael is when you tell me where Luisa is.

I got a DNA test.

It's him, Jane.

Inhala, exhala, Jane.

Go on.

Why don't you tell her your story?

Actually, can you?

Sorry, I'm just not much of a talker, you know?

You should really tell her.

Well, four years ago, I woke up in a field in Montana with no memories.

Um, some lady was there, um, said I should start over, so that's what I did.

Didn't you try to find out who you were?

The lady said that I was in a whole lot of trouble, so...

I didn't know if I was a good guy or a bad guy.

You were a really good guy.

Anyway, I should take Bo out to do his thing.


We couldn't wait.

Are you engaged?



But she might be married.

Hon, I-is everything okay?

- Um, can-can you...?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Mm-hmm.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, hello?


And so, friends, the story spread quickly...

Michael's alive?

...as stories do.

Until it didn't.

To be fair, Petra was also dealing with an unexpected return.

This whole time, it was you?

Get the gun.

Who is it?

Who did I just shoot?

My ex-husband.

- Milos.

- To remind you...

I can't believe this.

I was just trying to get you in jail, since you get me in jail.

Not a great one, apparently.

You were going to kill me.

Oh, stop.

- I wasn't going to kill you.

- You saved my life.

Just scare you.


shoot off a leg or something.


Why are you looking like that?

Are you two really dating?


I read all of Petra's e-mails and texts.

Oops, forgot one last reminder.

I thought that was just cover since you were working together.

Now I know why you didn't love me.

You are lesbian.

To remind you, he sold grenades out of the hotel.

But sure, we'll go with the lesbian thing.

I'm calling the police.


Are you sure you want to call police on man that owns two-thirds of Marbella Hotel?


Crazy doctor Luisa put all her shares in trust and gives to cute little baby ferrets.

- Uh, I don't understand.

- It was simple.

Just like Cambridge Analytica- Facebook project.

I target Luisa perfectly, get her to donate to my charity, and now, I own hotel.

For my freedom, I give back to you.

Y-You're actually considering this?

- I can't believe it.

- What?

No, I-I wasn't...

- You were.

I just saw you!

- I was...



This guy just tried to kill you.

- No, I actually don't think he'd kill me.

- He should be in prison.

And the fact that you just hesitated is exactly why I can't be with you.

No, don't-don't, don't say that.


I was just surprised, okay?

Here, look, I'm calling them now.

Milos, you're going to jail.


Where is he?

It's been over 30 minutes.

Do you think he got lost?

Should we go look for him?


sure that Jason is fine.

He's just getting air.

Hey, Petra.


Okay, okay, I'm coming.


I have to go get the girls.

Milos is back.

Don't worry, everything's okay.

Oh, my God, okay.

Of course, go.

I should wait here for... him.

I'm about ready to hit the hay.

Point me towards a motel?

No, you should stay here.

We'll all stay at my abuela's place.


Just for tonight.


Ah, yes, how do you say good-bye to your ex-husband who recently returned from the dead?

Awkward hug.

Good to know.

When Rogelio de la Vega was 45...

okay, 46 years old, he prepared himself to see his best brogelio Michael again, after four long years.

Can you move over, like, a little?

- Now, Jane?

- Mm-hmm?

I want you to prepare yourself for the possibility that once Michael sees me, his memory might instantly return.

Thanks for the heads-up.

You're welcome.

I just don't want you to be offended if/when that happens.

You look pretty.

- Thank you.

- Oh.

I don't.

Do I?

Just normal.

So I, uh, I told Mateo we're gonna delay our move a little.

Our move in.

We're supposed to move in today.

Yeah, but with everything going on, I just...

didn't think it'd be the best day.

Thank you.


Just Xo is fine.

Alba Villanueva.

You can call me "ma'am." Does any of this look familiar?




It's okay.

Actually, this was your cat.

Well, you can keep him.


Either way, I'm not a cat person, so...

Hi, there.


It is me.

And I have missed you.

Um, how do we know each other?

Well, we are best friends.

And also I'm Jane's father.

And of course, I am Rogelio de la Vega.

Rogelio de la Vega.

Rogelio de la Vega.


Sorry, sir.


We'll find him.

Milos won't get near the hotel.

Thank you.

Don't be brave.

Maybe sleep somewhere else tonight.

Your place?


I'll be fine.

I-I hired private security at night, and Raf's gonna keep the girls till they catch him.

J.R., wait.

I'll come by to get my stuff in a couple days.

It would be better if you weren't there.

Stop her, please.

She isn't a suspect.

In the name of love?

And speaking of love...

Sorry, ma'am.

It's Mom.

It doesn't matter you don't remember me.

I remember you.

I can't believe you're alive.

And I just love you so much.

Now, we really need to get going if we're gonna make it to the neurologist on time.

Are you ready?

You want me to come?

Of course, Jane.

Good luck.


Well, we'll just see, I guess.

Doctors perform miracles.

I mean, if they can erase crow's feet, surely they can recover memories, right?

- Hello?

- Rogelio, you really need to be more sensitive to Rafael's feelings.

Think about how hard this must be for him.

Oh, my God.

You're so right.

I must be there for him.

He must be going through so much.

True, for the record.

Between Jane and Petra and...

- Luisa.

- How are you?

You remember Rafael's sister, right?

I am so sorry, again, for giving Rose your location.

Rose's former lover.

No, I understand.

I mean, what choice did you have?

Luisa is also a vegan, although that information is not relevant here.

Did Rose make contact?

She did.

It is relevant here.

I don't understand.

Why would she hide Michael and give him amnesia?

She refused to say.

Let me guess.

She'll only tell me if I go see her?

I'd never ask you to do that.

You need to get as far away from her as possible.

I don't remember anything.


The brain scans show evidence of excessive ECT...


Primarily in the hippocampus and the temporal lobe.

Both play important roles in memory processing.

In particular, amnesiac patients...


Do I have something on my face?

Yeah, you have a little Michael - on your face.

- No, no, nothing.

So, what does this all mean?

Will he get his memory back?

Each case is different.

There's so much we don't know about the brain.

It's really not an exact science.

Well, what do we do?

To help him?


I'd just say get him back to a routine.

Familiar people, places, things...


You can do that, right?

Well, we sold the house after the divorce, and he's not gonna recognize my condo.

And you're his wife.


Of course, I'll do it.

Because I'm his wife.

Uh, they don't know if his memory will return.

The brain isn't an exact science.

But maybe if he's around familiar places, familiar things...

So I'm going to take him around.

Since I'm his wife.

- Hon.

- Hmm?

You okay?


I think I'm just going to write a little.

Uh, y-you know, technically, I don't know if that's even true...

the wife thing.

I actually looked on Google in the bathroom, and the law's a little unclear with regards to thinking someone's dead and then them coming back to life.

Not a lot of precedent.

But anyway, that's just, like, legal stuff, so...

I'm gonna write.

Inhala, exhala.

Actually, I'm gonna make some tea first.

That'll be comforting.



...and-and who cares about the legal stuff?

It's how I feel.

Do I feel married or not?

And no, I do not.

Watching your husband's casket get lowered into the ground makes you feel not married anymore.

And grieving him.

And living every day like he was dead for four years.

But now he's back.

Or Jason's back, I should say.

"Sorry, ma'am.

Thank you, ma'am." I mean, that isn't Michael.

That is some guy who is wearing Michael's face and who smells exactly like Michael.


He smells exactly like Michael.


But, no, b-but that isn't Michael.

That is Jason, who doesn't like jokes and talks super slow and who can't look me in the eye.

I'm fine.

I'm fine.

It's fine.

It's just a lot.

That's why I should write.

But what will I even write about?

I mean, what is the story even about now?

I had this big, great breakthrough about the frame and incorporating all the crazy stuff that has happened in my life, and there has been some really crazy stuff.

Accidental artificial insemination and kidnapped babies and a dead husband, but now, guess what?

He's not a dead husband anymore.

And obviously that is a very easy detail to just change on the screen.

"And then my husband died." Delete, delete, delete.


Delete, delete, delete.

Not a widow.


Not a widow.


Not a widow.


And it's fine.

I'm fine.

The brain isn't an exact science, right?

It's just that you tell all these stories...

about yourself, and that's who you are.

You know, that's your identity.

And I'm a widow.

I-I mean, that is not all that I am.

I'm a mother and a daughter and a published freakin' author, but under it all, at the doctor's office, "single, married, divorced, widow," I circle "widow." But now guess what?

I could circle "S" for "single." Or "M" for "married"?

I was supposed to be getting engaged last night to Rafael.

Poor Rafael.

Oh, he had to bring Michael-Jason back knowing what it meant.

And he starts his new job tomorrow.

For me.

So that I can...

can stay at home and write.

And we can live in a good school district.

What do I do about Mateo?

Do I tell him?

What would I even say?

"Heads-up, uh, Michael's back.

But now he goes by Jason, and he calls me ma'am." Ma'am.

Why does he call me ma'am?

I'm 29 years old!

Do I look like a frickin' ma'am to you?!

Well, if I do, it's his fault!

Because I aged when he died because life was really hard and I was really sad!

And I had to go to grief support groups!

And I don't know why I'm yelling, because he didn't do anything wrong and it's not his fault!

The point is, is no, I am not telling him.

I can't tell Mateo.

He won't handle it as well as I am.

Did you make those arepas?


Can I eat them?

Oh, goodness.

Oh, I'm starving.



Oh, yeah.

Oh, my God.

You know when you realize that you haven't eaten in so many days?

That's what this feels like right now.



Top-notch, Abuela.


Maybe I'll get Cubanos tomorrow so I can jog his memory.

"Hey, remember me?" "No." "I got to walk Bo." Anyway, the point is, is that Bo is very important to Michael-Jason.




I'm sorry, Faith M.


I know.


Do you remember that person that once loved you so much because he was a cat person?

Well, guess what?

You're out!

Because now he likes dogs.

Who's here?



Maybe your dead husband's coming back, too.


Oh, my God.

It's the movers.

Shoot, okay.

I am so sorry.

I meant to call earlier.

We're actually not moving today because my husband just came back from the dead.

Excuse me, ma'am?


Seriously, with the ma'am?

I am not a ma'am.



I'm Jane.




Can you deal with the movers, please?

They shouldn't say things like ma'am, because it can make people feel really bad.

I'm fine.

Abuela, I'm fine.

Or maybe I'm not.

I don't know, Abuela.

I don't.

I should change, actually.

I want to get into some comfy clothes so that I...

I can write, finally.

Inhala, exhala.


Anyway, thank you for listening.

I feel much better now.

I didn't realize how much I needed to just walk through it.


Oh, this is better, I just needed to get those pants off.

Now I can finally breathe.


and a-a big part of the problem was those pants.

And I just needed to get out how crazy it is to look at someone who looks exactly like the person that you got married to, except remembers nothing and is a totally different person with a dog named Bo.

I think that I should prep for tomorrow before I write.

You know, figure ways to help jog his memories.

You know, I could always call some of my friends whose husbands came back from the dead.

Or I can join a my-husband-came-back- from-the-dead support group.


Although, also, I also need a sub-group for the whole amnesia thing.

I need the amnesiac group for husbands who came back from the dead.

Why isn't this tea done boiling?!

It's like...




Forgot to turn it on.

The brain isn't an exact science.

The point is...

am I okay?



I'd say, considering everything...

I'm doing great.

In case you forgot, Michael has amnesia and Jane is great.

Thanks for doing this.

Of course.

I just hope I can help.

And our "Michael" tour starts right here, actually.

Because this is the exact spot where we first met.

You got me a stripper?!

And then all my friends dragged you into the house, and I grabbed your gun and I shot it into the ceiling, and we kissed, and we saw my mom drunk on the porch swing.

- That's sad.

- What?


No, no, no, no, it-it wasn't sad.

I mean, maybe that moment was, but the rest was crazy and funny and magical and...


Nothing here.

Next stop: the Cubano truck.

Never even heard of a Cubano.

Well, trust me, you love them.

Yeah, not for me.

But wow, you really wolfed yours down.

You want the rest of mine?

- Uh, no, thanks.

- I'm good.

So, you would drop me off at work here.

Sometimes you'd pick me up after, too.


Uh, I remember once we had a fight, and you made me this apology playlist.

You got some good music to kiss to in there?

- Oh, yeah.

- ♪ It's time to walk away...

♪ I have the best music to kiss to.

♪ So, come on, let it go ♪ ♪ Just let it be ♪ ♪ Why don't you be you...

♪ - Please take over his chores.

- Thank you.



Thank you so much for taking the girls last-minute.

Everything's just been so crazy, with Milos coming back and...

- and I've actually been really upset...

- Uh, Petra?




I mean...

- Oh.

Jason, right?

- Mm-hmm.

Ah, Rafael filled me in, but I spaced.

Oh, wow, - it's so good to see you.

- Alive.




This is amazing.

Well, I know you two have a lot to catch up on, so I'll leave you guys to it.

Did I ever have a thing with her?


You did not "have a thing" with Petra.


I feel like I remember something when I look at her.

Well, you did conspire to cover up a crime with her.

Maybe that's what you're remembering.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

Um, Jane.








I, uh, I just need some antibiotics.

My arm is very infected.

Probably from spending day and a half hiding inside stuffed animal.

That must have been un-bear-able.

No, please, don't call police.

Get me antibiotics.

I'll give you hotel shares for antibiotics.

What do you have to lose?

Let's make a deal.

The bear is too big.

Without it, voilà!

I can close the box.

I appreciate you helping me pack, Rogelio, but I really don't need a play-by-play.


We could also talk about our feelings, hmm?


no, thank you.

Why won't you open up?

Look, I get it.

Michael's your boy.

- Your brogelio.

- That's true.

But we also have our special bond.

Oh, come on.

I love my relationship with you.

In fact, the more we get to know each other, the more stuff I find we have in common.


the love for fine facial cream.

A nice, deep.


Rogelio, if you really want to help me, just...

keep packing while I go pick up Mateo.


Okay, yeah.


So much pain.

Stop whining and write.

You got blood all over it.

This'll never hold up in court.

I don't think any of this would hold up in court.

But what do I know?

Start again.

But my arm!

Do you want the antibiotics or not?

Okay, okay.

By the way, I'm bisexual.

- It's you.

- Milos Dvoracek, you have the right to remain silent.

- You have a right to an attorney.

- What?

- If you can't afford...

- What about our deal?

There was no deal.

I only made you write the contract to buy time.

Don't look so surprised, Milos.

It's a classic narrative device.

Leave something out...

change the whole story.

Which brings us here...



The story.

So, we had just started dating, and there was this guy, Sam, and even though I had already ended things with him, you didn't know that, so you were upset, but you wouldn't tell me why you were upset, and I kept pretending like I didn't notice, but I could only play that game for so long.

I haven't seen Sam since you kissed me two weeks ago.

Ah, thank God.

I only want to be with you, too.

So you were dating someone else...

and I didn't take that as a red flag?

There were no flags.

Of any color.

Because you liked me so much, back then.

You knew I was the one for you.


That's a pretty judgmental "hmm," if you ask me.

And we also came back here the night before you died, because it was so special to us.

Does any of this ring a bell?

Do you need more time to think?


You don't need more time to think?


it doesn't ring a bell.

But yes, I-I would like a minute.

I know it hasn't technically been a minute, but is that just, like, a figure of speech, or...

do you actually need, like, the full 60 seconds?

I certainly wouldn't mind the full 60 seconds.

You do talk an awful lot.

Well, excuse me.

I'm just trying to help you.

And frankly, I don't know how to do that if I can't talk.

Unless you just want me to send you... pictures and videos.


That sounds like a good idea.

Well, let's do that, and get out of here.



Hi, Jane.

Say it.

You love camping.


That was tough for me, too.

Hey, Jane.


How'd it go with Michael?


I feel like I've been erased.

It's just gone.

Everything we said, everything we did.

It's like it didn't happen.

And I don't know...

what to do or what to feel.


There's no rule book on how to handle something like this.


Even logistically.

Is he my husband?

Do I move in with Rafael?


maybe that's wrong now, but...

Oh, 48 hours ago, he was gonna propose.

Or I was gonna propose.

One of us was gonna propose.

What are you doing?


I was just packing the drawers a-and I saw the ring.



It's so beautiful, Rafael.

Small but mighty.

Thank you.

Hope I get to give it to her.

Now, I'll just...

Somehow, wearing this ring...

I've just realized how many plans you had.

And you're a wonderful dad.

You and Jane are a family.

And I've come to love the two of you together.

Well, I appreciate that.

Did you want to say something else, or...?

No, it's okay.

You can.

It's just really hard, you know?

With Michael's return.

Or Jason's.



Come here.

It's all right.

It's okay.

You are gonna get through this.

This is silly.

I should be supporting you.

Hey there.

Easier said than done when your formerly dead husband keeps coming back.

I don't have the videos yet.

- I'm working on it.

- No, no.

I-I felt bad and I wanted to apologize.

Um, I guess part of me thought that if I figured out who I was, my memories would come flooding back.

Like in a movie.

Or a telenovela.

Uh, but they didn't.

And it's not your fault, so I shouldn't be taking it out on you, especially 'cause you're just trying to help.

And I also know that I'm blowing up your life, coming back like this.

And I want you to know it's not your responsibility.

You can tell me to go away.

I'll understand.

And I practiced saying all that real fast so you wouldn't be frustrated with me.

I'm serious, though.

If you want me to go back to Montana, just tell me.

I'll go.


- Is everything okay?

- Yeah.

Rogelio's waiting in the car for me.

I just wanted to stop by and apologize to you.

I might have accidentally sicced him on you all day.


It's fine.

We bonded.

I heard.


you were there for me when I needed it, so I just wanted to see how you were doing.

I'm so scared, Xo.

I don't want to lose her.

You'll recall when we last saw Jane, she was at a crossroads...

with her story.

And friends, she had to make a decision.

The first time I met Michael, I felt my heart glow.

I still...


"I still remember what I was wearing.

"It was a pink dress.

"Michael was wearing his police uniform, "which I tried to take off him because I thought he was a stripper." "Michael could always make me laugh.

"But I didn't love him because he was funny, "or because he was smart and kind.

"I loved Michael because he was my best friend.

"And I am grateful for every moment we shared "and for the privilege of loving him.

Because I never knew I could love someone so much." And in that moment, friends, Jane knew what she had to do.



What are you doing here?

Look, I know our lives are crazy right now.

And I wish I can tell Jason to just go, but I can't.

I have to help him get his memory back, - but you need to know that I...

- Jane.


It's my first day of work.

Can we, uh, do this outside?

Of course.


I look forward to getting to know you all.

So what I was trying to say is that I rescheduled the movers for later today.

Because I want to move in with you now, not in a few weeks, not when things settle down because things never seem to settle down.

And I also wanted to say thank you.

Because when I think about what you did, bringing Michael back, and how selfless that is, and how selfless you've been throughout this, and every day for the past four years...

I love you, Rafael.

And I know it feels like everything has changed, but it didn't.

Not that.


We are going to get through this.

We are.

Which of course was the story they were telling themselves.

But stories, as we know, don't always go the way we hope.

Oh, hi.

I-I thought you were out, so...


Uh, the girls are.

My, uh, my plans changed.


I'll come back.

No, wait.



Give me another chance.

Look, I've made mistakes, okay?

But we can put all that behind us...

start over.

Have a normal life.



That's not what this is about.

You lied to me.

Because I've had to lie my whole life.

And manipulate, and cheat, just to survive my crazy mother, and my psychotic sister, and my violent ex-husband.

And, yes, those things made me who I am.

And would I prefer to forget all of them?


But how can I?

Besides electroshock therapy, centered on the hippocampus and the temporal lobe.

You can't.



But I can tell you this: I have changed a lot.

Before I met you, I would have taken those hotel shares without a second thought.

And I wouldn't now.

And I'm going to change more.

I want to.

That's great...

and I hope you do.

But I can't wait for that to happen.

Because I can't forget everything either.

Wait, stop.

I love you.

I know.

Star Wars.

That was your favorite movie.

The second one.

Thanks, I'll check it out.

And there and photos and videos you can go through on this.

Thank you.

What is it?

A flash drive.

You are the only person I know who doesn't own a computer.


You're the only person I know who doesn't own a horse.

There you go.

Um, just press the spacebar and they'll play.

And take your time, I'm gonna go for a walk.

Thank you.



The space bar is which one?

I'll help you.

Hi, Jane.


Is this a video?



Michael, don't take a video.

- I'm trying to do laundry over here.

- Ladies and gentlemen, this newcomer is magic.

Watch what Villanueva's doing now.

She is folding that sleeve with total precision.

That Michael guy was pretty funny.

Well, you definitely thought so.


For a second, that felt like the old Jane and Michael.

Then again, what do I know?

Besides the story.

Which brings me to the phone ringing.


Are you okay?


But I want to help you find out why Rose took Michael.

Hey, I told you, you don't have to do this.

That's exactly why I want to help.

Because you didn't ask.

So I'm going to Rose.

Which, of course, brings us to...

Hello, angels.

I'm Charlie.

Just kidding, I'm Rose.

AKA Sin Rostro.

Thank you for accepting this assignment.

Now, let's get to work.


I wonder what the story is here.