01x05 - Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness

Archie: Previously on Riverdale...

Jughead: The story is about a town, once wholesome and innocent, now forever changed by the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom on the 4th of July.

Can we talk, Ms. Grundy?

About what?

You're the music teacher. Can we talk about music?

Why does she need to leave town?

Because it's what's best.

I'll pack up my things, I'll be gone by morning.

It's the only piece of property in my name and not your father's.

Betty, can I get you anything?

A job.

I can't very well have the wife of Hiram Lodge, on trial for fraud and embezzlement, balancing my books.

Oh, Hiram...

Where's the rest of it?

I saw you with that biker guy.

Your father hired the Southside Serpents.

Nice murderboard, Dad.

Who did this?

Jughead: Every town has one.

The spooky house that all the kids avoid.

Ours was Thornhill, the Blossom family's mansion, with its very own graveyard.

And, trapped within its walls like some gothic heroine, was Cheryl Blossom.

Still grieving for her beloved brother, Jason.

Linked in death even as they were in life.



I told you, Cheryl.

No more sleeping in Jason's bed.

I... I was working on the eulogy.

For Jay-Jay.

Don't bother.

You won't be speaking at his memorial.

God knows what you'd say.

Something to humiliate us?



Hey, Rocky.


You know, I never thought I'd say that I miss you playing guitar, but...

Ah. Sorry, Dad.

Just trying to get back in fighting shape for the field.

So, this is all for football?

Coach Clayton's about to set the starting line-up, name a new captain.

It's like you said. Football gets me a scholarship, which gets me to college, where I can study music.

Captains get scholarships.

This is how my dad had his Jason Blossom murder board before it was trashed.

Any leads on who did that? Or what they were looking for?

Nope. No fingerprints.

But they stole a bunch of files, background checks, and all the video and audiotapes of police interviews.

[Door opening]

Hey, Betty...

Trev, hi!

Sorry to interrupt...

Oh, no... Uh, it's okay.

We're just, uh, working on...

Our murder board.

Well, I just wanted to make sure we're still on for tomorrow?

Absolutely, it's a date.

I mean, I'll... I'll see you there. Bye.

So, I'll see you. Bye.

So... Bye.

Going on a date with Trev?

Does Mama Cooper know about that?

Kev, I'm not on house arrest.

Okay, she's out of town at a Women in Journalism spa retreat.

Anyway, it's not a “date” date.

You just called it a date.

You literally said, "It's a date."

That's just my cover.

Really, it's an intelligence gathering mission.

We should focus on the one thing we have access to that your dad doesn't.

The kids at Riverdale High.

You know, maybe Trev knows something about Jason he didn't think was important.

[Whistle blowing]

[Voices echoing]

[All grunting]


[Coach clayton grunts]

[Whistle blows]

Damn it!


What the hell was that?

Where were you, Andrews?

Because you weren't on my field just now.

I'm sorry, Coach.


Sup, Coach?

You wanna be captain?

Hell yeah, I do.

Then this here is what we call a horserace, fellas.

Now, you got a week to show me who wants top spot more.

Good luck.

Look, Reg...

Save it, Andrews.

If anybody deserves to be captain and wear Jason's number, it's me.

Not you.

Your usual. Turkey on rye, hold the tomatoes, to-go.

Great. Can I get a huge cup of coffee to go?

I'm running on little or no sleep.

Archie. Up all hours.

Listen, I was thinking maybe we should take another stab at going on a date.

So, what do you say? Dinner?

Fred, um... I'm married.

And you are too.

I'm... I'm confused here.

So, the drive-in...

That wasn't a date?

Totally my bad. I gotta go.

Hey, Fred, wait.

It's all good. I'll catch you later.

Betty, you're positively radiating Nicholas Sparks.

Tell me everything about this Trev.

Oh, there's nothing to tell.

Just one of Betty's sources, there's nothing romantic in the offing.

Why is everything weird here?

Why can't a date just be a date?

What about you, Archie? How's life in a PG world?

PG. Post-Grundy. What, too soon?

Coach Clayton says I have a shot at being varsity captain.

So I'm not thinking about anything else right now.

And you're back to being boring.

Are you, maybe, throwing yourself into football as a way to avoid your feelings.

I'm not avoiding anything, Betty, I'm trying to get my life back on track.

I can help with that.

I know Ms. Grundy was tutoring you.

Understatement of the year.

Valerie: But there's this amazing songwriter from New York, who's an adjunct at Carson College?

Incredible mentor.

He does some coaching on the side and I told him about you.

You wanna meet him?

Yeah, yeah I'd love to, but football...

No, Archie can. And he will.

Call him if you want, but do it soon.

His spots fill up fast.

Thank you, Val.

Hey, now you have zero excuse for avoiding music.

Sorry to interrupt Sad Breakfast Club, but I'm here to formally invite you to Jason's memorial at Thornhill this weekend.

To my surprise and chagrin, mother added you to the guest-list.

In case you're tempted to steal our silver candlesticks, don't.

We'll be searching bags.

Hey, try to remember, she is burying her brother.

Cheryl, wait.

You're in pain. This is a horrible week for you.

I'm sure it's why you're being particularly obnoxious.

Maybe. What's your point?

Look, I don't want to be locked in a catfight-to-the-death with you.

That only ends in one way.

Mutual annihilation.


So, can't we just...

Be friends? Or, at least, frenemies?

If you really want to extend an olive branch, come to a sleepover I'm having.


Sure. When?

The night before the memorial.

I don't want to spend the night before I bury my brother alone.

[Crowd cheering]


Hi, Mr. Castillo?

Yeah, my name's Archie Andrews.

I'm a friend of Valerie's.

Talk to me about your music.

I started writing songs this summer, Mr. Castillo.



After this kid at my school died.

It's his... It's his funeral this week.

Actually, the first song I wrote was about him.

How many hours a day do you spend writing?

At least a couple.

That's going to have to change.

I know. And it will. Once football season's over.

Football season?

Yeah, I play... I play football, is that a problem?

You tell me.

Before I sold my first song, I was in the studio all day.

Waitering and bartending all night.

There's no short-cuts, unless you're a prodigy.

Definitely not a prodigy. [Chuckles]

Do you have any songs I can hear?

Yeah, yeah.

Where are your sheets?

Your sheet music?

I don't teach performance.

I teach song writing.

I focus on craft, composition, lyrics.

To even talk about your songs in a constructive way, we need to be on the same page.

Like, on actual pages.

Okay, I'll write out my songs.

For tomorrow.


Jason's memorial will be held in this room.

Before he's laid to rest in the cemetery on Thornhill's grounds.

We've invited everyone on our list.

What list is that?

List of suspects, of course.

People with grudges against us, many of them members of Riverdale's founding families, I'm sorry to say.

Someone in this town killed Jason.

You know, that's our thought, too.

Since whoever broke into my house knew that I'd be at the drive-in.

Which means, there's a very real possibility Jason's murderer will soon be in this room.

That's why you've invited the Lodges and everyone else?

To investigate them?

And you think I'm manipulative and heartless and making this all about myself?

I think it's great what you guys are doing for Jason.

You two were on the water polo team together.

Were you guys close?

This is just us talking, right?

Just because, I kind of feel guilty about it.

A few months ago, Jason started acting all, like, weird and secretive.

Do you know why?

I thought it was about your sister, to be honest.

They'd been dating a few weeks when he changed.

Changed in what way?

We stopped hanging out, he wouldn't call me back, and then...

Then he started selling off all his stuff.

Anything he could sell for cash, he was hawking.

Then I heard he was dealing drugs...

What drugs?

Weed, pills, whatever.

I don't know for sure, because by then he stopped talking to me.

And all this started after Jason and Polly got together?

Great. Now write it down.

Musical notation. Not in tabs.

It's kind of obnoxious, but Oscar's right.

You catch on quick, newbie.


Hey son, time to...

Uh, hey. [Chuckles]

Hi. I, uh...

I'm... I'm his old man.

Yeah, I'm Fred.

Dad, this is Val.

Val, my dad.

Val. Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Val. Valerie.

Right, Josie and the Pussycats. Oh, I'm a big fan.

I... Yeah, I saw you guys at Taste of Riverdale.

And you were rocking hard.

Thanks, Mr. Andrews.

Actually, Dad, we're in the middle of some music stuff, so...

Oh, right. Yeah.

I'm gonna just close this, not all the way.

Yeah, um...

Thanks, Dad. Goodbye.


Hey, good timing.

Why don't you grab a wrench and tighten up that hose for me?

Dad, every time I ask Mom about Polly, she shuts me down.

Can we please talk about it?

What happened?

What did Jason do that was so bad?

Jason and Polly had a fight.

I don't know what it was about, but afterwards, Polly was pretty devastated.

And I came home from work one day and I...

I heard the water running in the bathroom upstairs.

I went upstairs, I knocked on the door, I asked if Polly was all right, and...

She didn't say anything.

So I kicked the door down.

Polly was trying to hurt herself, Betty.

That's why we sent her away.

To stop her from trying to take her own life again.

Betty, I'm sorry.

That's hardcore.

I asked my dad if I could call Polly.

He said she was doing better.

But then, when she heard about Jason's death, she had a big setback.

He doesn't want to risk another one.

Why does a rich kid sell drugs?

He was running away from his parents.

Yeah. Probably.

Or drug dealers.

Oh, my God. Is that possible?

It's a theory.

Yours is more likely.

But why would he have to run away from mommy and daddy?

Because they're monsters.

Yeah, but why, specifically.

Well, we can't exactly just ask them.

So we have to ask Jason.

Are you proposing a seance or...

No. Dead men tell no tales.

But their bedrooms, their houses...

Bulldog twenty-five, on two. Bulldog twenty-five, on two.


All: Break!

[Coach clayton speaking indistinctly]

Coach Clayton: Red 32. Red 32.


Hut! Hut!

Other side. Go left.

[Both grunting]



[Both grunt]

[Whistle blows]

Well done, Andrews. Great hustle.


What's wrong with your hand?

Nothing. It's fine.

You're not playing with a busted hand.

I said it's fine, Reg.

Archie, sit this one out, you'll thank me later.

Are you really that scared of me?

Fellas, are we going to chit-chat or we going to play?

Let's play.

Okay. Fine, it's your funeral.

Isn't this your playing hand?


This hand is your instrument.

You need to take better care of it.

And, you know, stop punishing yourself while you're at it.

I'm not.

You sure?

I got slammed because I didn't know the play.

I didn't know the play because, like an idiot, instead of memorizing my plays I was up late last night.

Working on some of my songs with Valerie.

God, I'm such an idiot.

Valerie, huh?

No, I endorse this.

You jealous, Ronnie?


I had my seven minutes in heaven with Archie Andrews.

Okay. Good as new.

But try to take better care of it.

That hand is going to be worth millions one day.

These are... fine.

I was up all night.

Yeah, I can tell.

Your sheets are sloppy, rushed.


I listened to your songs.

I think they're, uh, juvenile.

They're repetitive.

They're break-up songs.

Yeah, right.

But Ms. Grundy said that...


She was your music teacher? One who left?

This is hard to hear, and for me to say, but, I think she must've...

Connected with you in a way that I just don't see us doing.

Wait, are you...

[Chuckles] Is that it?

You're saying I should just quit?

I'm saying that...

I don't think I can help you.

Thank you for having me.

Cheryl invited you.

I have no idea why you're here.

Me neither.

I thought there'd be other girls.

Nana Rose, would you like some more ham?

Veronica, would you like some more maple ham?

I'm good. It's delicious, though.

You can really taste the maple.

You do know that Riverdale was founded on the maple syrup industry.

I didn't, actually. Fascinating.

That's where Sweetwater River got its name.

Perhaps you should ask your father about it, sometime.

How is he, by the way?


There are worse things than prison.

[Whispering] Like this dinner party.

What did you say?


Clifford: It must have been hard for you.

Watching your father being handcuffed and dragged out of your home in front of you and your neighbors.

All those reporters.

The worst part is how fast it happened.

He was just, gone.

I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye.

That's why I think it's so great.

You're all getting a chance to say goodbye to Jason tomorrow...

Not all of us.

That's because some people already got to say goodbye to Jason.

While rowing him across the river to his death.

[Bells chiming]



[Hissing and rattling]

Girl: Daddy! Seriously?

[Distant laughing]

[Laughing continues]


Girl: Dad...


Stop filming me!

Hal: Say hi to the camera, Polly.

Polly: I can't practice with you watching!

Daddy, I'm shy!


I hope this isn't weird, but Jason was crazy handsome.

The handsomest.

Something tells me he would've liked you.

Why did you invite me tonight?

Why not Tina? Or Ginger? Aren't they your besties?

And yet, that night at the pep rally, after I had my panic attack, you helped me.

Not them.



You're allowed to say goodbye to your brother.

But, why does it have to be...

In front of people?


Everything with Jason's been so...

Public. Everyone has an opinion.

Has been gossiping.

Saying he got what he deserved, or that he didn't.

I just... I want everyone to know that I'm...

I'm sorry.

And that Jason deserved a...

A better family than what he got.

Then do it. I'll help you.

And let Penelope and Clifford Blossom do their worst.

Oh, they will.

They'll kill me.

I am here for you, whenever.

But why didn't you call the cops or animal control services?

It was a message... for me from the Serpents.

I didn't call the police because I don't trust them.

I don't trust half the people in this damn town.

Just you.

Which is why you gotta tell me why the Serpents...

It's Hiram.

He owes them money.

How much money?

Fred. That's between Hiram and the Serpents.

Thank you so much for coming here tonight.

But I don't want to get you any more involved than you already are.

You ready to enter the belly of the beast?


It was the best I could do.


Penelope, I just want to offer my condolences.

Hermione, that's so kind.


You think you're so clever coming here and offering your pity?

What are you talking about?

So you've come to gloat?

With warmest regards from your husband I'm sure.

You ready?

Just about.

You go ahead. I'll be down.


I'm so sorry for your loss, Mrs. Blossom.

I thought you might want to have this.

You're so much like him.

Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you, Archibald.

Did she just touch your hair?

That was really sweet what you did.

She deserves it. More than I do.

Days like today really put things in perspective, huh?

I mean, at least we're here.

At least we're alive.

Got to pace yourself, Hal.

Be very unseemly to get a DUI on your way home.

Wouldn't you think?

[All murmuring]

Oh, my God.


Welcome to Thornhill.

Thank you all for coming.

If you'll kindly take your seats.

I'd like to start the memorial with a few words about Jason.

[Whispering] You are only going to make things worse.

The last time I saw Jason, I was wearing this dress.

I know it's impossible.

But I swear, when I put it on, it...

It feels like he's in the room with me.

Even though we were twins, I used to demand I have my own birthday party.

Until one year, out of the blue, Jason convinced me we had to combine them into one.

It wasn't until years later, I found out why.

It was because no one wanted to come to mine.

And Jason didn't want me to know.

He protected me.

Every single day.

I wish, that day at the river, I had protected him.


I'm so sorry, Jay-Jay.

We failed you. All of us.

I think we'll adjourn now to the Winter Salon for a light supper.



I didn't think you were going to make it.

Yeah, I got off a little late from work, but, um...

I did wanna pay my respects.


Also, I realized something last night.

The bookkeeping position at my company that you applied for?

It's still open.

No snakes. If you're interested.

Yes, yes, yes.

Um, thank you.


Is it me or did the temperature just drop like it does in horror movies?

That's just the icy chill of the dead.

Where does a teenage boy hide things?

Under the mattresses, maybe in the drawers, behind the headboard, in the closet.


[Gasps] Holy...

I'm so sorry, we were just leaving.

Oh. It's you.

How lovely to see you again.

Come closer, I wanna get a good look at you.

The horror. The horror.

Come closer, Polly dear.

It's nice to you again, too.

I'm sorry it had to be under such terrible circumstances.

Well, of course you're not wearing it.

God bless.

Wearing what?

The ring, Polly.

That ring has been in the Blossom family for generations.

You keep it close to your heart, always.

But don't tell Penelope I gave it to you.

Or she'll likely come and snip it off your finger!

I won't, I promise.

Such a shame.

Your wedding was the last thing I was living for.

I lost a grandson, but you, you've lost the love of your young life.

Poor child.

Excuse me.

I have to...

I can't...

I had to. It's what Jason would've wanted.

No, Cheryl. As always, it's what you wanted.

I hope you enjoyed yourself.

'Cause after tonight, there will be no more River Vixens.

And if not for the fact that no one would have you, I'd be shipping you off to a boarding school in Europe tonight.

Archie: What if Ms. Grundy was lying?

People lie all the time. Maybe she didn't want to hurt my feelings.

Anyway, it doesn't matter.

Castillo doesn't think I have the chops.

So, Ms. Grundy said you were good, and you thought you were good?

Castillo says you are bad, and now you think you're bad?

I just... I want to get this right.

You wouldn't understand.

Who wouldn't? You want me to wallow with you?

I don't have time.

You have a band backing you up, Val. It's not that easy...

No, Archie, it's hard.

It's almost impossible.

But let me ask you this right now.

Who's telling you you can't do your music?

Your coach?

Mr. Castillo? Your dad?

Or is it just you?

You dragged me out of the Blossom house, and then you don't talk to me the whole way home.

Dad, Jason and Polly were engaged.

Did you know that?

Oh, my God.

Of course you did.

Is that what you and Clifford Blossom were talking about?

That is none of your business.

Yes, it is my business.

So stop avoiding it and just tell me what's going on.

Clifford and I were arguing because he and his filthy clan came this close to destroying our family.

Your little friend Cheryl's great-grandfather...

...murdered yours, Betty.


The same reason they do everything.

Greed and hate.

They were in business together.

Selling and trading maple syrup.

And one day great-grandfather Blossom decided that he didn't want to share the profits.

So he murdered my grandfather in cold blood.

That's why you hated Jason?

Because of some blood feud that happened before you were even born?

They stole our livelihood, Betty.

And I'd die before I let them steal my daughter, too.

Where is she?

She is sick!

And Jason made her sick.

And she's not coming home until she isn't sick anymore.

Fair warning. Stay out of it.

There's not a lot of love lost between your dad and Clifford.

Or me and Penelope, for that matter.

Still, that family... to lose a child that young...

That way...

I just spent the last 24 hours in the gothic horror story that is Cheryl Blossom's life.

And it just reminded me how lucky I am.

To have a mom who protects me.

Then I need to tell you about something that happened last night at Pop's.

I saw a lot of fire and hustle from both of you this week.

It was almost too close to call.

Reggie, your time will come.

But for this season, at least, this is a new number, seeing that you took it upon yourself to retire Jason's.

Which was the right call.

You know exactly what a captain should and would do.

Dude, are you insane? Take the jersey.

I... can't.

I can't, Coach.

I love playing football, but your starting line-up deserves a captain whose only love is football.

Someone like Reggie.


I mean, yeah.

What? You're quitting on me, Andrews?

No, and I really hope you don't cut me, Coach.

Cause I friggin' love being a Bulldog.

But that part of me that I would have to give to you if I were captain, I gotta save that for something else.

Jughead: Every town has one.

The house on the haunted hill all the kids avoid.

Now that Jason was buried in the earth, it would only be a matter of time until something poisonous bloomed.

In that long, cold shadow cast by his death.

Whatever grew in the rich black soil of the Blossom's garden always found its way to the town.

Whether it was murder. Or love. Or secrets.

Or lies.

Juggie, I feel like I don't even know who my mom and dad are anymore.

Betty... if your parents lied about Jason and Polly, there's probably more that they lied about.

What do you mean?

Your dad said he would do anything to protect Polly.

So the next logical question is...

How far would he go to protect her?

Jughead, whoever broke into Sheriff Keller's house and stole all his evidence wasn't at the drive-in.

My Dad wasn't at the drive-in.

We need to talk to Polly.