01x07 - Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place

ARCHIE: Previously on Riverdale...

JUGHEAD: This story is about a town, once wholesome and innocent,now forever changed by the mysterious murder of Jason Blossomon the th of July.

Your father hired the Southside Serpentsto decrease the value of the drive-in's land.

- Where is the rest of it?

- The rest of it?


- Where are you gonna live now?

- I'll figure it out, Dad.

I always do.

VERONICA: I saw you, Mom. With Fred Andrews.

Two signatures are needed to award the contract.

Sorry, Mom, but no.

I don't want any part of it.

What's going on?

That SoDale contract? Awarded to Andrew's Construction.

Looks like you won.

[GASPS] You're... With Jason's...

You just have to help me get out of here.

I'll go to the car on the lost highway off of Route .

JUGHEAD: Is that Jason's jacket?

We need to get Sheriff Keller and then we need to get Polly.

JUGHEAD: What makes a place feel like home?


Is it warmth and familiarity?

Some idealized, make-believe version of the American Dream?

Is it love and acceptance?

Or is it simple safety?




Why'd you stab me in the back?


JUGHEAD: Or it's none of those things.

And it's a place where the captain of the football team is murdered.

Or maybe it's just a forgotten closet under a well-trod staircase,where it's just you and the mice and the spiders,like an extra in a Wes Craven movie.


- Oh! [LAUGHS]

- Whoa.

What are you doing here?

Taking advantage of the school's state-of-the-art facilities.

No, really, Jughead. What are you doing in here?

How long?

Well, since they shut down the drive-in.

That's where I was living before.

Why the hell are you not living at home?

The truth is, things aren't good at home.

- With your dad?

- Yeah.

He kind of fell off the wagon.

After your dad fired him, to tell you the truth.

Hasn't had a job since.

He keeps promising that he's gonna get his act together, but my mom couldn't take that rollercoaster anymore, so she grabbed Jellybean and went to live with our grandparents.


- Come on.

God, Jug, why didn't you tell me?

And where does your dad think you are?

He thinks I'm couch-surfing.

Well, screw that. Live with me.

This is temporary, man.

I'm going to figure something out.

Just don't tell anybody.

Especially not Betty.

Betty? [SCOFFS] She's not gonna care.

If anyone's gonna be a snob about it, maybe Veronica.

Right, well, exactly.

Don't tell her, either.


What's all this?

Some retail therapy to salve my emotional wounds, a few treasures from Glamazon.com.

Smithers, be a love and put those in my room.

Veronica, the nest egg that your father left us barely covers the rent of this apartment.

We can't live beyond our means.

Are you sure, Mother?

Not even with your cushy new job working for your high-school boyfriend?

My mom and dad don't want to get the police involved.

They don't want anyone to know that she ran away, or about her shameful condition.

Please. What decade is this?

Also, since she knew where Jason's getaway car was, they're afraid people might think that she burned it and that if she did...

She could be the murderer, trying to cover her tracks.

Who did burn the car, then?

Sheriff Keller says it's possible someone was following us.

Oh, my God. Honestly, guys, we should just move.

Guys, what if Polly's really hurt?

What if whoever killed Jason is coming after her next?


Betty, even though your parents don't want to, maybe you should go to the police.

Second it. We can talk to my dad together about how he has to be discreet.

No offense, Kev, but your dad answers to a higher authority than God, the Blossoms.

They're the first people that he would tell.

And if there's anyone to keep this a secret from, it's the Blossoms.

They'd twist it around and go after Polly out of spite.


- VERONICA: How can we help?

Tell us, B, and we'll do it.


Hey, Juggy.

Remember before how you said you didn't want Betty knowing where you were living?

Is that because you and Betty...

We may have had a moment...

It's totally cool, I get it.

No worries, I'm just curious.

Hey, I've been thinking about your situation, and I talked to my dad.

He said he's willing to give your dad a second chance, but only if FP wants it.

He's gonna call him.

But I think you should talk to him, too.

Between the two of us, I think we can really make this thing happen.

Did I just notice Riverdale High's very own Holden Caulfield put his arm around you?

Okay, so these past couple of days, I haven't been in a great place, emotionally.

And Jughead was really there for me...

Oh, my God. Swoon!

Okay, in that case, if he helped my girl navigate some turbulent waters, well then, Veronica Lodge approves.


- Thatta girl.

Come on, let's go find your sister.

Mrs. Blossom, we've got forensics going over every inch of that car.

We're this close to a break in your son's case.

Speaking of breaks, what's a big one worth to you, Mother?

Letting me be a River Vixen again?

What on earth are you talking about, Cheryl?

I have information you... Both of you, would find interesting vis-a-vis my brother's case.

But first, the Vixens are mine.

And I want your permission to reclaim them.

- Good Lord, fine.


So, Ginger texted me while I was in the ladies' room.

It seems that crazy bitch, Polly Cooper, escaped from some looney bin, the same night Jason's car was torched.

So let me do the math for you.

Polly escaping plus Polly torching Jason's car equals she's Jason's killer.

Covering her tracks, trying to go underground, like the vicious, cold-hearted murdering mean girl that she is.

Oh, and I just tweeted this out to all of my minions, so the pressure's on, Sheriff Keller.

- KEVIN: You guys, oh, my God.

- What?

Cheryl just tweeted #PollyCooperKilledMyBrother, ♪ NowhereToHide, ♪SharpenYourPitchforks.

Oh, no.

We need to find Polly before the Blossoms do.


The prodigal son returns.


How you doing? You look good.

- I'm hanging in there.

- Yeah?

I came by to ask...

If you would consider going back to work with Fred Andrews.


Yeah, he called me. I said no.

He fired me, Jughead.

What kind of man would I be if I went back, hat in hand?

For starters?

A man with a job, trying to fix his family.

Talk to your mom.

She's the one who gave up on us, took your sister.

Can you please just go see Mr. Andrews?

He's willing to give you another chance.

Oh, he's willing, huh?

That's generous of him, after all the crap he pulled on me.

Dad, don't you want to see our family back together?

Mom and Jellybean could come home.

I could come home.

It's not too late.

Okay, the Sisters of Quiet Mercy are due north.

The getaway car was west, on the Old Route .

The closest bus station is east, headed towards Sweetwater.

If Polly wanted to leave Riverdale without anyone seeing her, she probably would've left through...

Right here. Eversgreen Forest.


Hey, all this stuff with your sister, I'm sorry you had to go through that, and I wasn't there to help you.

It's okay, Arch, you're here now.

So how's the cold war at home?

Ugh. Horrible.

Look, I hate fighting with my mom, but until she's ready to admit and to own, that she forged my name to help her illicit trysting with Fred Andrews, I can't blink, Kevin.

She needs to make the next move.

And what if she doesn't blink?

Back in New York, whenever I needed to blow off some steam, or force my mother's hand, I'd go out on a bender, dancing with my fave celebrity gal-pal, my best gay, and some dim-witted, sexy, disposable arm-candy.

- That's Josie, you.

- Honored.

And as for my arm-candy...

- He'll do.


- I'm in, I'm so in.


Should we invite Betty?

She could probably use a distraction right now.

I think she might be a tad busy.

Alice Cooper, where is she? Where's Polly?

You think if I knew that, I'd be out here with the mosquitoes?

Face facts, Mommie

Dearest, Polly killed Jason.

She escaped from the asylum once, who's to say she didn't before, say, the day Jason got murdered?

The noose is tightening around your murdering daughter's neck.

- I know it, Sheriff Keller knows it.

- Hold on now.

And I promise you, when we find her, and we will find her, the entire town of Riverdale will know, too.

Mom, is this a good idea?

I thought we were trying to contain this.

Well, we were, Elizabeth.

But now that the cat's out of the bag, we're in full-on damage-control mode.

The Blossoms have their version of the events, but they don't know the whole story, at least not yet.

And that gives us a momentary advantage.

I don't know if I can do this.

Oh, you can, and you will.

You'll be standing right beside me and your father, a united front against the holiest of backdrops.

Let's see the Blossoms try to smear us then.


There's been a swirl of rumors today about our daughter, Polly.

And we're standing here to tell you that they're all false.

Yes, Polly was seeking treatment in a private care facility, and she was under strict observation even at the time of Jason Blossom's death.

When she found out about the murder, she was beside herself with grief.

You see, my daughter, Polly, is pregnant with Jason Blossom's baby.


Polly wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone the father of her unborn child.

Polly, darling, if you're watching this, please come home.

BETTY: Hey, you didn't have to walk me home.

JUGHEAD: Uh, there's a killer on the loose, remember?

Besides, isn't this what...

You know...

What people like us, who've gone through what we've gone through, do?

What is it? I mean, besides everything.

She wouldn't have run away if it wasn't for me, Jug.

Betty, your parents were the ones lying to her, and keeping her in the dark.

You did the right thing telling her the truth.

It's funny. This isn't the first time Polly's run away from home.

When she was nine, she and my mom got in this huge fight, and she disappeared for hours.

The whole neighborhood was out looking for her.

How far did she get?


Thank you for walking me home.

I'll call you later. Goodnight.


Mom? Dad?



It's okay. I'm alone.

Mom and Dad aren't here.



- Shh.

Betty, you have to help me. Please.

How did you get up here without anyone seeing you?

I wrote the book on getting in and out of this house.

And Dad still hasn't fixed the cellar door.

Polly, everyone's worried sick, why did you leave the home? You could have really hurt yourself.

I couldn't just stay there, waiting for someone who was never gonna show.

Jason and I, we had a plan to go to this farm, upstate, and raise the baby.

It's where I still want to go, but I don't have any money, I don't have anything.

Why don't you just stay here?

Mom and Dad want me to give the baby up for adoption, they made that very clear.

And that's not what I want.

Well, this is their grandchild, Polly.

Everyone knows you're pregnant now.

There's no more stigma.

You don't know what they'll do.

And I won't have my baby raised in a home that doesn't want it.

- Polly...


Give me a few days.

I'll find you someplace safe, here in Riverdale.

Please, Polly, I cannot lose you again.


This is an upgrade from the tin can we used to work in.

Wasn't sure you were gonna take me up on the offer.

Wasn't sure it was real.

I'm not gonna lie to you, it wasn't my idea.


The boys came up with this.

But I probably could have reached out before.

Look, coming back here isn't easy for me.

But, hell, I... I just want my son to look at me and not see a piece of garbage.

Feels like it might be my last shot.

Then let's make it work.

- Thank you.

- Yeah.

Hermione, you remember FP Jones from high school.

- He's gonna be working with us.


- Hermione.

- Of course.

- It's been forever. Hi.

- Hi.

Excuse me. Yeah, Vic, talk to me.


Look, if this is another shake-down...

No, it's not, we're good.

Your convict husband settled-up.

I think he got the message after you got our little care-package.

Why are you even here?

My son asked me to try and go straight, okay?

You gonna make that hard on me?

Dudley-Do-Right doesn't know I'm a Serpent, so I'd appreciate it if you keep that to yourself.

Because here's the thing about snakes.

You don't step on them, they got no reason to bite.

BETTY: Mom, Dad, when we find Polly, she's gonna live with us, right?

At this point, there's no reason to hide or banish her, is there?

Oh, of course not, honey. She's welcome back.

Where will the baby sleep?

Sweetie, um, we've talked to your sister about this, and she's agreed to put the baby up for adoption.

Polly did?

This is a very difficult decision for a young mother to make, but given the circumstances, it's the best.

- The only...

- The only option.

Why do you ask, honey?

No reason. Just curious.

I don't want Polly to run away.

But if she can't live at home, then...

I don't know, I can rent her an apartment.

Let me talk to my mom.

No, you have your own stuff you're dealing with right now, V.

Betty, Polly needs doctors, she needs prenatal vitamins...

She needs her family.


What do you want, Cheryl?

What we both want.

For the baby to be safe.

- How can I help?


You can't, I don't trust you, Cheryl.

So don't trust me. Watch me like a hawk.

Tell me the barest minimum.

But let me help you help Polly.

You think Polly's crazy.

I do, I think she's crazier than a serial killer on bath-salts, but so what?

She's carrying Jason's baby. That trumps everything.

Do you know where she is?

If I did, I wouldn't tell you.

- Oh, my God, you do.

- What? No.

Wow, you are literally the worst liar I've ever encountered.

Spare me the details, Betty.

Just tell me how I can be of assistance to my darling nephew or niece.

Okay, uh, Polly needs money.

For a safe place to live.

And for medical stuff.

Cash? Is that all?

I can talk to my mom and dad.

What? No, Cheryl.

Jason's baby is a game-changer.

We're all on the same team now.


- Oh, how was your first day back?

- FP: Oh, it was great.

Your dad is the hardest-working guy on the crew, as always.


- Oh, in that case, why don't we celebrate to mark the occasion?

Yeah, Juggy and I were thinking the four of us could have dinner or something.

Uh, tonight? I don't know...

I'm game if you're game.

On me.


FP: [LAUGHING] Anyway...

We spent the whole summer fixing up that old VW bus.


Remember what we called it, Fred?

BOTH: The Shaggin' Wagon.

- FP: The Shaggin' Wagon.


This was before your dad had game.

Senior Year, he started a band, and then the girls were all over him.

We were awful.

Yeah, yeah, we were.


- Oh.

But it was great. Best time of my life.

You know, your dad was what is commonly known as a BMOC, Jughead.

- FP: Come on. The hell I was.

- In what way?

Football, for one.

He single-handedly defeated our arch-rivals, the Baxter High Ravens.

He doesn't care about that stuff, Fred. Football, sports.

Takes after his mom in that respect, and I mean that as a compliment.

I'd rather see you spending your time writing, thinking up stories, you still do that?

Nose in a book? Typing away?

Yeah, yeah, Jughead works on the school paper with Betty.


- Ooh.


Who is Betty? Is that your girlfriend?


I wanna know more about the band.

What was the name of the band?


Ah, yeah.

It was called The Fred Heads.


Wait, the what now?

Yeah, that's why it doesn't come up very often.

Oh, thanks, Pop.

Oh, come on, Fred. This was supposed to be my treat.

Hey, you get it next time.

Hey, excuse me. Pop?

We invited you guys out. Let me pay.

Put your damn money away.

FP, take it easy.

You owe me this.

- Yeah, sure.

- Yeah.

Go ahead. You get this one.

You know, if I'd have known, I would have gotten another milkshake.

Where are you going?

And don't say clubbing, it's a school night.

But that's exactly where I'm going, and do you know why?

Because I have a Get Out of Jail Free card.

[SIGHS] Okay, Ronnie, enough.

Checkmate. What do you want?

For you to admit what you did.

Fine. I kissed Fred Andrews.

No, Mom, the other thing.

It involves you forging my signature to get Fred Andrews that stupid contract to build on Dad's land.

Veronica, I asked you to sign that...

You broke the law, Mom, and you used me to do it.

When Daddy finds out, he's gonna think I betrayed him.

He won't, I will tell him.

Really? When? Right now?

Because I'll cancel my plans for that.

You know it doesn't work that way.

In that case, I'll talk to you later, my friends are waiting.

Ronnie, do not go out that door.


- Veronica!




JOSIE: Mmm-mmm, girl.

You better hydrate.

You practically left your body on the dance floor.


- VERONICA: I wish, Josie.

I wish I could leave my body sometimes.

Leave Riverdale, leave everything.

Is any of this helping?

Going out, going Black Swan, any of it?

When my dad got arrested, the police, the lawyers, the judge, the courts, they took everything from us.

Our houses, our cars, our club memberships, our yacht, even, I'm not kidding, the clothes off our backs.


Anyway, my mom sat me down on the edge of my canopy bed

and she told me not to cry.

Because there was one thing in this world that no one could ever take from me.

- Not ever.

- Your trust fund?

My name, Reggie.

Which, after telling me no one would ever take it, that is exactly what she did.

Like it meant nothing.

It was nothing.

Like I was nothing.


Damn, Hoss, you're good.

Way better than your dad.

Hey, does Fred keep any beer in there?


Dad, don't you think it's a little late? Kinda...

Oh, yeah, yeah. No, it's all right.

You know, I got a big day tomorrow anyway.

Hey, Mr. Jones, before you go,

- can I ask you a question?

- Yeah.

Earlier tonight, you said my dad owed you.

What did you mean by that?

Hey, Archie, why don't we quit while we're ahead?

It's just... I mean, it's just a question.

Did something happen between you two?

It's ancient history, but your dad and me, we...

We started Andrews Construction together.

You and my dad were partners?

[CHUCKLES] He wouldn't call us that.

Anyway, we, uh...

We struggled at first.

Fred, he just had you and your mom to provide for, I had Jughead and Jellybean and their mom and hospital bills.

So I took some odd jobs that weren't exactly on the level.

And sure enough, one of 'em landed me in some hot water, and your dad was good enough to bail me out.

But then he said we should part ways. That I was a liability.

Made me sign a paper saying the bail money was him buying me out of the company.

Never mind that my share of the business was worth probably times that, easy.

So that was that.

He went his way, and I went mine.

You know, I think I need something a little harder than beer.

Clifford and I were so relieved when Cheryl told us that Polly and the baby are safe and sound.

CLIFFORD: And money won't be a problem, Betty.

Not now, not ever. Not with us.

PENELOPE: But, of course, we don't want to just offer financial support, we want to give Polly all the emotional support that a young mother-to-be needs.

Where is Polly staying now?

I'd rather not say yet.

[CHUCKLES] You understand.

Of course, but you and Polly are part of the Blossom family now, and we will protect you ferociously.

All you have to do is trust.

Will you?

Jughead, what your dad told us... I had no idea.

Me neither.

Illuminating, isn't it?

[SIGHS] My dad must've had a good reason.

For screwing over my dad?

FP: Are you ready to roll, Jugs?


[SIGHS] See you tomorrow.

I'm sorry, Ms. Lodge, but your card's been declined.


And let me guess, it's been reported stolen.

It has, in fact.

We're supposed to call the cops.

Yeah, sure. Call the cops.

We'll be happy to tell them how old we are.

Or I could call my mom, the mayor.

This should cover it.


Veronica, did your mom cut you off?

She did.

- And that's a good thing?

- Oh, Reggie.

This is how we Lodge women roll.

We feint, we parry, we approach, we retreat.

We're like a cobra and a mongoose dancing.

She blinked, which means, I suspect, that Hermione Lodge is ready to negotiate.

Wow. Oh.

I'll sleep right here on this couch, you can have the bedroom. [SIGHS]

I'm not gonna take your bed, Dad.

It wouldn't be the first time I crashed on this thing.

Ah, thank you.

If you stay... Are you? You're gonna stay?

Don't be late for school.

It's all right.

I'm already way ahead in all my classes.

Hey, I talked to Mom.

She got a job at a call center to pay for her online classes.

I guess she's finally going after her GED.

Jellybean is helping her study.

By the way, Jellybean wants to go with JB now.

She thinks it sounds cooler.

She's years old and

listens to Pink Floyd on vinyl, I don't think she could get any cooler.


Hey, bud. How was your jam session?

It was great, until FP told us you forced him out of the company he helped found.

That's his story, wanna hear mine, hmm?

FP was a mess.

He was stealing from the company and selling stuff on the side.

All things considered, I was pretty generous.

So generous you didn't give him a second chance?

Of course I did.

You have no idea how many times I bailed that man out of jail.

Son, when someone is drowning, you can try to save them, but not if they're gonna drag you down with them.

I did the best I could for my family.

For you.

Yeah, and who cares if Jughead ended up drowning, too.

Reporting my American Excess card as stolen, well-played.

I thought you might appreciate that.

Now, mija. I've done things to upset you.

You've done things to upset me.

So we're gonna deal with this exactly as your father would like.

With a negotiation. I'll start.

I am working with Mr. Andrews, and yes, we are developing feelings for each other.

But I can't tell you what it means yet because I don't know myself.

What about Daddy?

He has made certain decisions that have distanced him from me, and this family.

So I need to make certain decisions about my life moving forward, what I want.

So, what, you want me to accept your affair?

Until we get more information, yes.

That is what I'm asking you to accept.

Fine. Agreed. Now, my turn.

I'm listening.

Whatever is happening with you and Fred, can't happen under this roof.


And you have to come clean to Daddy about forging my signature.

Lodge Industries needs to partner with legitimate businesses, not criminals.

Understood. I don't want Daddy thinking I betrayed him.

I will tell him about the forgery.

And say it was all my doing.

And in the meantime, the online shopping, the clubbing, all that stops.

- Yes?

- Yes.

- Hey.

- Hey.

Uh, what's up?

I'm going to need you to come down to the station with me.

Call my dad.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Of course.

SHERIFF KELLER: Forensics came back on the car.

Despite the fire, we were able to pull a pair of prints off the trunk.

Yours and Betty's.

This is, of course, no surprise.

But what did surprise me was this.

Your prints were on file from an incident that happened six years ago, where you spent some time with the Riverdale Juvenile Delinquent Center for...

"Attempting to burn down Riverdale Elementary School."

I was playing with matches, and that's a pretty tenuous connection for a sheriff.

Well, Principal Weatherbee also allowed me to have a look at your school records.

You have a long and rough history, Mr. Jones.

Bullied a lot.

Yeah, my name is Jughead.

By the football team, in particular.

I can only assume that would have included Jason Blossom.

So how about this?

How about you tell me your whereabouts on the week of July th?

This is crazy. You think I... Jughead. A kid like you, raised on the wrong side of the tracks by a deadbeat dad, bullied by kids like Jason Blossom.

Who wouldn't want to lash out at that?

I'm not talking to you anymore.

I want a lawyer.

Cheryl, you've called Polly a party girl.

Have you seen her take drugs? Firsthand?

Um... I'm not sure, why?

Due diligence.

We wouldn't want an unfit mother raising our grandchild now, would we?

No, of course not.

I didn't do it, Betty, you have to believe me.

Of course, I was with you, and I know who you are.

Those Paradise Lost kids went to death row because they wore black and they listened to Metallica.

I don't wanna become a scapegoat.

I'm not gonna let that happen.


All the evidence against you is circumstantial.

We're gonna get you out of here.


Is my dad here yet?

Archie's here with his dad.

They're talking to the Sheriff.

No one knows where your dad is.

Jughead's not helping himself in there.

I asked him for an alibi, and he just gave me lip.

He was working for me.

Yeah, the week of July th, was it?

Yeah, I had him tear down some drywall for me.

You can provide me with documentation to support that?

I have to check my time cards.


I'm sorry.

I came as soon as I got your messages.

My phone, the friggin' battery.

I forgot to plug it in last night.

- What the hell happened?

- Nothing.

It's fine now.

Mr. Andrews took care of it.

What jacked-up crap did they accuse you of in there, huh?

Those bastards trying to throw you in jail like they did your old man? Well, screw that.

I will rip Keller a new one for trying to pull that...

- FP, settle down.

- Hey! Hey!

This is my son, he is my son, Fred!

You'd do the same for your boy.


Don't make things worse.



Yeah, all right, then.

You, uh, coming home with me?

He can stay with us, Mr. Jones.

We already offered.

Is that what you want?

Maybe that's for the best.

If you don't mind, Fred.

Whatever you want, FP.

It's between the two of you.

I'll go with you, Dad.


Son, listen to me.

I'm gonna do what you want, get my act together.

I'm gonna get your mom and Jellybean home so we're all under the same roof.

I promise. But I... I just need a little time to do that.

Not a lot, not long, a month, two at the most.


And then we'll be back on track, all right?


You believe that, don't you?

Yeah, I believe you, Dad.


[CHUCKLES] All right.

Any minute now.

How do you feel?

Partnering with Andrews Construction was the right decision to make.

And your father will either see that or he won't.

Either way, I can live with the consequences.




OPERATOR: You're receiving a call from [MUFFLED] Penitentiary.

Will you accept the charges?

I'll accept the charges.

Looks like you've done this before.

Yeah, well, FP's got his tricks, I got mine.

Maybe I should've given him another chance back then.

Either way, Jughead doesn't deserve what's happening to him.

It's the least I can do.


The Blossoms should be here soon.

Once we've talked things through with them, we'll call Mom and Dad.

Are you nervous?

I'm thankful.

At the home, the Sisters said each of us had a guardian angel.

- You're mine, Betty.




I'm so sorry about Jason, I know how much you loved him. And he always talked about how much he loved you.

Cheryl, where are your mom and dad?

You have to leave. Now.

My parents, I don't think they want to help you.

What are you talking about?

They want you out of the picture, Polly.

It's not safe for you with them.

It's not safe for JayJay's baby.

Where am I supposed to go?

I can't go back to the attic.

No. You don't have to, Polly.

And don't worry about my mom, Betty, she'll want to help.

Of course you can stay.

As long as you need.

Anything for Alice Cooper's daughters.

[SIGHS] Thank you, Mrs. Lodge.

- And thank you, Veronica.

- Yeah.

You're welcome, girls.

And please, now that we're going to be roommates, Polly, it's Hermione.

Come, sit, make yourself at home.

I'm sorry about my dad, and your dad.

I'm not giving up on him, Arch.

Not yet.

You think he'll show up for work tomorrow?

You never know. I hope.

JUGHEAD: Hope. A word so close to home,and as tricky.

As much as we wanted Jason's killer caught,and the town, our home, to feel safe again,with every day that passed, our hopes dimmed more and more.

There's that old, cliched saying,“It's darkest before the dawn.”

But sometimes...

There's just darkness.