01x09 - Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion

ARCHIE: Previously on Riverdale...

You know that SoDale contract?

It was awarded to Andrews Construction.

Mr. Andrews still doesn't know that Daddy is the buyer?

I asked around about those bruisers going after your crew.

Pretty sure we both know who has business in Montreal.

Hiram, why would he even...

Maybe he got a whiff of your little romance with Freddy Andrews?

When my father got arrested, I made a pact to become a better person.

You're the bravest of them all, Ethel Muggs.

You hate the Blossomsand now Polly is pregnant with his baby.

Polly is moving home.

I will not be party to raising a child that has Blossom blood.

JUGHEAD: Thicker than blood.

More precious than oil.

Riverdale's big business is maple syrup.

Since the town's founding,one family has controlled its lucrative syrup trade,the Blossoms.

They were a part of the fabric of our daily lives...

Rich or poor, old or young,we consumed Blossom syrup by the bucket.

That sickly, sweet smell was inescapable.

The death of Jason Blossom precipitated a crisis.

With the heir apparent gone,who would inherit the family business one day?

Certainly not Cheryl.

It was a question that brought the wolves to Riverdale.

And now, the Blossoms were circling the wagonsagainst possible attack,from within their own ranks.

BETTY: Polly won't answer my calls or e-mails.

I mean, I get that she doesn't want to talk to my dad, but what did I do wrong?

JUGHEAD: Nothing.

We'll figure it out.

Come here.


Up and at 'em, breakfast is ready.

I'm not hungry.

Oh, enough is enough, Elizabeth, we have a big week ahead of us.

The Blossoms have always been a thorn in our side, ever since, according to your milquetoast father, Great-Grandpappy Blossom killed Great-Grandpappy Cooper.

Well, it's about time someone brings them to heel.

I'm writing a searing, no-holds-barred takedown of their clan.

And you think that's going to bring Polly home?

Maybe, maybe not, but it'll make me feel better.

Word has it that the Blossom board of trustees has descended upon Riverdale like a cabal of vampires.

Why? Now, that's a story.

I just need to find a way in.

HERMIONE: The lawyers are coming over this week to take our statements for your dad's hearing.

We're both gonna have to testify on your father's behalf.

What if they ask about what he did?

Embezzling all that money?

Am I going to have to lie?

Well... [SIGHS] We might have to shade the truth a bit, Ronnie.


Baby, I have just made a mess of things.

Your father found out about Fred and me.

Someone went to him before I got a chance to say anything...

Oh, my God, Dad knows?

Yes, and on top of that, the Blossoms are still after the drive-in land, and Fred still doesn't know that we own it.

Maybe it's time you tell Mr. Andrews the truth.

And risk having him walk off the project?

We've bet everything we have on the SoDale construction.


this is a small, gossipy town.

You need to tell Fred about the land before someone else does.



If music be the food of love, play on, play on.

Did you know this week's the official start of maple syrup season?

I... No, I didn't.

Well, it is.

And every year, we host a tree-tapping ceremony, a tradition that honors the Blossom bloodline.

Our heritage.

Sounds cool.

It is. Beyond.

It's also incredibly exclusive.

Family and inner circle only.

Wanna be my date?

The maple-tapping's something Jason and I have done together since we could walk.

It was our extra-special thing.

But I... I can't face it alone.

If you came, as my escort, I think I could get through it.

Cheryl, I would love to help, but I have a girlfriend.

Maybe invite Kevin? Or Reggie?

You don't get it, do you?

I don't want Kevin or Reggie.

I want you.

You defended me to Sheriff Keller when not even my parents would.

Never mind, I'm sorry I asked.

Cheryl, hold on.

"They put me in a wooden box as I desperately opposed.

But all my screaming was for naught.

My mouth had been sewn closed.

Curled up in bed was just a girl.

Needing Daddy's arms to hold her."

Hey, Ethel.

I just wanted to tell you how moved I was by your poem.

It felt like you were tapping into something pretty dark, but also pretty real.

And I don't want to overstep...

But is everything all right, Ethel?

Things at home aren't great.

My mom and dad are fighting, but they won't tell me about what.

It's like this really bad thing is happening, and there's nothing that I can do to stop it.

Like you're trapped in a slow-motion car crash.

Yeah, I know the feeling.

Listen, Ethel.

It sounds like you need some cheering up.

Which happens to be a Veronica Lodge specialty.


If you're free tomorrow, come over for lunch and pampering.

Kevin will be there.

Yeah, come on, it'll be fun.

Just please say yes.

All right, sure.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

Great, I'll see you tomorrow.

So... What was that about?

Ethel's poem was a cry for help if I ever heard one, the likes of which I vowed never to ignore, not after...

Uh-oh. Do we need to sit down?

Okay, so, last year at Spence, my best friend Katy and I kind of terrorized this girl, Paige.

One time, we made her drink gutter water.

Ew! Why?

Because she was there.

Because she was a misfit and we were class-A brutal bitches.

Anyway, by December, Paige couldn't take it anymore...

Oh, my God, did you drive her to suicide?

What? No.

But she did transfer schools.

And went into therapy.

So now?

If I can make Ethel Muggs' life a little better, even for one afternoon, I'm going to do it.


I was going to get Principal Weatherbee to summon you.

Hey, Mrs. Blossom.

Have a moment to chat?

About Cheryl.

I believe she invited you to our tree-tapping ceremony?


She did, and like I told her, I don't feel comfortable going.

Cheryl tells me you have a keen interest in music.

Is that true?

Did she tell you her Great-Uncle Harrison sits on the board of the Brandenburg Music Academy?

They have an excellent summer program, I hear.

It's amazing, crazy hard to get into.

Surely not for a talent like you.

And especially not if I put in a word on your behalf.

Mrs. Blossom...

At Jason's memorial, you brought me his football jersey.

So sorry for your loss, Mrs. Blossom.

I thought you might want to have this.

That was an act of kindness on a day of despair.

You're good and decent, Archibald, unlike most people in this town.

Mrs. Blossom, I don't know what to say.

Say you'll reconsider escorting my daughter to the tapping.

It's just an afternoon.

And it would mean the world to my Cheryl.

I mean, yeah. I guess I could talk to Valerie.

I swear, Archibald, when the light hits you just right...

I'll tell Cheryl the good news.

And I'll call Great-Uncle Harrison.

Just in time, we're celebrating.

KEVIN: Archie was just telling us how he's going to some super-exclusive music program this summer.

Maybe. If it happens, though, it would be huge for me.

Do you have to audition for it?

Well, not exactly. Mrs. Blossom came by earlier and said she'd put a good word in for me.

- Amazing.

- Terrifying.


What's she getting out of it?

I told her I'd take Cheryl to their family's tree-tapping thing.

I already talked to Valerie, and she's cool with it.

Cool with you being a gigolo now?

I'm doing someone a favor for my music, Jughead.

I need to make connections outside of Riverdale.

That's the way of the world.

It's all about connections.

But Jughead's right.

These kinds of favors always come with a price tag.

Betty, back me up here.

I think it's a great idea.

Thank you, Betty.

Yeah, and while you're there, would you talk to Polly for me?

I just want to make sure she's okay.


Thank you.

And don't worry, Ronnie, I can take care of myself.

Famous last words, Archiekins.

CHERYL: When Jason died, I thought I'd tapped my last tree.

Now, don't be nervous.

All you have to do is hold the bucket steady, I'll handle the rest.

ARCHIE: Who are all these people?

Entre nous,

they're Daddy's board of trustees.

They smell blood in the water.

That's why they're here.

[SIGHS] They're worried Daddy's losing his grip on the company and they're looking for a way to take it away from us.

They can do that?

If they all vote together, they can.

When Jason died, it was a PR debacle.

And now, here's Polly, pregnant and unwed.

It's no wonder they've descended upon us like some biblical plague.

"Nearly years ago, Grandfather Blossom came to this sacred maple grove.

The annual tapping ceremony portends each season's bounty."

Now, I've performed this ceremony many times in my life.

My son Jason, when he came of age, performed it as well.

In his place, I put forth my daughter Cheryl.


You can do this in your sleep.

- MAN : Bravo!

- MAN : Well done!


ARCHIE: Good shot. Nice.

Mrs. Lodge, this Quiche Lorraine is to die for.

Ethel, you haven't eaten at all.

Oh. Sorry. I just...

I'm not really hungry.

Anything we can help with?

Uh, my parents...

All they do is yell at each other.

My parents are fighting right now, too.

It's terrible.

I think my dad had some bad luck with our savings.

Now my mom says we're going to have to sell the house.

My dad is just so...


I wish there was something I could do to help him.

Girl, we have a lot more in common than I thought.

We lost our place at the Dakota.

Look, being ruined sucks.

But you have your family and you have us.

You've got this, Ethel Muggs.


Uh, it's Dutch.

We lost the third "G"

when my Grandpa Manfred came over.

Archibald! Come join us before the snow starts again.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Three, two, one.



Betty's worried about you.

Why won't you call or e-mail her?

She fought for you, Polly, and now you're treating her like she's the enemy.

Polly, come along.

Tell Betty that she shouldn't worry, okay?

Veronica, there's something that you need to know about that Muggs girl.

- What?

Her father, Manfred Muggs, invested with your dad.

And it's probable that they lost a lot when your father was arrested. Maybe everything.

Mom, they're being kicked out of their house, their home.

Well, from what I've been told, the Muggs family is going to testify against your father.

They should.

How many, Mom?

How many families like Ethel's?

It's the risk of doing business with your father.

Could Mr. Andrews lose everything, for doing business with you and Dad?

I'm not sure.

My God.

I don't buy this dog-and-pony show for a second.

Cliff can't control his own family, let alone the company.


And if he tries to put Cheryl forward as a successor...

Do you remember what she did at the funeral?

- Crocodile tears.

- Hey.

CHERYL: Archie, you don't have to.

No, Cheryl loved Jason.

What was she meant to do at his funeral, not cry?

And yeah, Jason was on the football team, but Cheryl was at every single game, too, doing as much to help the Bulldogs win as he did.

Also, . .

Also, she has a . grade point average.

If there's one thing that I've learned being in Cheryl's class, it's don't underestimate her and don't bet against her.

HERMIONE: Fred, we need to talk.

Oh, God. [SIGHS]

Hiram and I, we are the anonymous buyers.

You're working for Lodge Industries.

How do you not tell me that?

You never would have gotten involved.

You're damn straight.

Because I didn't sign up to go into business with a criminal like Hiram Lodge.

I'm trying to turn Lodge Industries legitimate.

That means partnering with people like you, good people.

This is why Cliff Blossom bought out my crew?

Sent thugs to beat up teenagers?

Clifford didn't send those thugs.

Hiram did.

He was trying to stop us.

He found out about you and me from Clifford.

So you have dragged me into a war between Hiram and Clifford, that's great.

I know you're angry.

And I know that I have no right to ask this...

But please stay on this project.

If you jump ship, I can't start over with someone else.

So, I do the grunt work while your husband's taking potshots at me and you're playing both sides?

The whole time?

I gotta take a walk.

Archibald, do you know, when Cheryl told me that she wanted you to come with us, I was a little taken aback.

Your father and I haven't been seeing eye-to-eye lately.

I came for Cheryl, Mr. Blossom.

And because I'm grateful for what Mrs. Blossom is doing for me.

The music academy, you mean?

Yeah, that would be quite a feather in your cap, now, wouldn't it?

You know, we can be extremely generous, Archibald, to the right people.

Now later this week, we're hosting a banquet for the board at the Belmont Lodge.

It's a simple thing, a little dinner, chit-chat, dancing.

We would love you to attend as Cheryl's escort.

You two make quite the pair.

Oh, I'm honored, Mr. Blossom, really, but...

CHERYL: But nothing.

You have to come, I'm wearing viridian.

He'll need a proper suit, don't you think, Daddy?

I'll have my tailor fit you.

If that's not a problem?

No. No, no, it's just... I'm an Andrews, Mr. Blossom, like you said.

My dad works construction, a fancy banquet's not really our thing.

That's precisely why you should come.

People like you are the bedrock of our town.

You're hard workers.

Plus, I need a dance partner.

We won't take no for an answer...


Who would have predicted this?

Archie Andrews is our fox in the henhouse.

BETTY: Tell us about Polly.

How is she? Did she seem okay?

The Blossoms are treating her great.

But, Betty, I don't think she's coming back.

I don't think she wants to.

That doesn't make any sense. That's not Polly.

She made her choice.

We have to learn to live with that.

No. I know my sister. She wouldn't do that to us.

Something else is going on.

ALICE: What else did you see, Archie?

When you were in the sticky, red thick of it?

Anything about the board?

Cheryl said that they're worried...

That after all the scandal with Jason and Polly, that they might try and steal the company from Mr. Blossom.

Well, do you hear that, Betty?

This is our story. A hostile takeover.

No wonder the trustees are in town.

The Blossom empire is crumbling.

Okay, but, Mom, if you write a story attacking them while Polly's still in Thornhill...

Enough about Polly.

I mean it.

She's the one that betrayed us, not the other way around.

CHEERLEADER: Obviously she's jealous...

Cheryl, can we have a word?

[EXHALES] Scatter, my Vixens.

Yes, Betty? What is it?


Look, I don't know what kind of Stockholm syndrome spell you've cast on her, but I want to talk to my sister.

Let's not fight.

Especially not when we should be celebrating.

Why? What happened?

Haven't you heard?

Dr. Patel just confirmed it this morning.

Polly is having twins.

Bless our Blossom genes!

And she didn't call to tell me.

Hostages aren't normally allowed to make outgoing calls.

Can you please just give her a message for me?

As long as it doesn't upset her.

Tell her she should call our mom.

She's trying really hard to hide it, but I can tell she's really, really hurt and upset.

- I'll pass your message along...

- Thank you.

If I remember.


That was a joke, you hobo.

Of course I'll give her your message, Betty.

But no promises that she'll care or respond.

VERONICA: Okay, Ethel, open your eyes.

What is happening?

VERONICA: I was purging my closet, thinking how you would look magnificent in some of these.

Here, try this on.

This is... This is so nice.

And I love this. It is so you, Ethel.

Ronnie, I can't take all this.

I want you to have it.

These things...

My dad gave them to me.

He always brought home gifts whenever he did something wrong.

As a way to make up for it, I guess.

Did it work?

What girl is immune to the charms of a Givenchy bag?

And I still wear these pearls he gave me.

Okay, but... You don't have to do anything.

Give me anything.

I just want to be friends.

Me, too, Ethel.


Mr. Andrews! Nice haircut.

You're looking extremely DILF-y today.

Is Archie home?

Cheryl, yes.

Um, come on in.

The Ice Woman cometh.

Hey, Cheryl.

As a maj thank-you for coming to the maple banquet with me tomorrow, I wanted to give you this.

An ' Les Paul.

In our signature color.

You're welcome.

Okay. That's all. I'm going now.

My claustrophobia acts up in small houses.

See you tomorrow.

I'd give that back if I were you.

Dad, come on. The Blossoms, they're helping me get into that summer music program.

Like, the best in the country.

And since when did the Blossoms ever give a damn about you, Archie?

Well, they think I have potential, Dad.

He's also pimping himself out to Cheryl.

The Blossoms tried to run our business into the ground.

Maybe if you tried talking to Mr. Blossom...

I tried talking to him, Archie, he laughed in my face.

Don't think for a second that the Blossoms are looking out for you.

They're using you, Archie.

They look at us like we're dirt under their shoe.

I'm over it.

What's this?

The biggest story we've ever broken.

A tell-all expose on the Blossom clan and all of their glorious corruption.

Um, would you mind telling me what your mother is talking about?

It's time that they finally answer to everything that they've done to us, including taking Polly.

By the way, Polly's living with the Blossoms now, so congratulations, you've finally got what you wanted.

She's officially out of our lives.

I'm not publishing your personal vendetta.

Well, it's a good thing I don't need your permission.

What did you do, Hal?

Well, you kicked me out.

So, now, I'm kicking you out.

If we expose the Blossoms, maybe...

Just maybe, we might have a chance in hell to get our daughter back.

You are done here, Alice. You're fired.

Fine, Hal.


I want my daughter back, you b*st*rd!


Black piping for the velvet, of course.

I'll take measurements for the pants.

Uh, before we do that...

Could I talk to you, Mr. Blossom?

Things aren't going great at my dad's company.

And I know you two have been at odds recently.

But I was wondering, instead of helping me with that music school, if...

Maybe you could help my dad.

Are you negotiating on behalf of your father?

No, no, I'm impressed.

In fact, I'm trying to imagine if Jason would ever have given up something like that for me, and I don't believe so.

It speaks to your character, son.

But I'll tell you what, we've already called the Brandenburg Music Academy.

And they're very excited to meet you, by the way.

Let's just get through this banquet, all right?

Sit down man-to-man and discuss what I can do for Fred Andrews.

Is it satisfactory?

It's more than satisfactory.

My parents are unbelievable, Jug.

Polly is locked up in that house like a character out of Jane Eyre, and what are they doing?

Changing each other's login accounts and throwing bricks through windows.

I wish I'd seen that.

Okay, I'm sorry, that's not funny.

It's like, you know how, in a time of crisis, people either come together or fall apart?

It feels like we're falling apart.

And the way things are going, pretty soon, the Coopers, we're not gonna exist anymore.

And there's nothing I can do to stop that.

JUGHEAD: Betty, don't do that.

Don't give up.

Your family is definitely splintering right now, but it won't fall apart, because of you.

Because you're holding them together.

You're so much stronger than all of the white noise.

You're stronger than your mother, you're stronger than your father.

You're holding this family together.

So don't.

Don't let go.

I won't.

Valerie, hi.

I thought you should know, Cheryl poured some insane poison into my ear about how close you two are getting.

She legit thinks she's going to steal you away from me or something.

- [SCOFFS] No, she doesn't.

- Yes, she does.

And I don't blame her.

The new guitar, the new suit?

The Blossoms are buying you.

For one night, if it helps my dad and gets me into that music program...

Wouldn't you rather earn your place at that table?

With your music?

All the Blossoms are doing is opening a door for me.

What would you do if you were in my place?

If you have to ask, then you don't know me at all, Archie.

KEVIN: Oh, my God, did you hear?

Remember when you went swooping in to save Ethel, 'cause you thought she might be suicidal?

Oh, no. She didn't...

KEVIN: No, but her dad did.

He accidentally swallowed a whole bottle of sleeping pills.

[ECHOING] He's going to be okay, but that's why Ethel's been so sad lately.

Now, everybody knows...


CLIFFORD: We were tested this year.

As a town, as a company, mainly as a family.

And it may not have been Jason's hand that staked the maple this year, but it was the hand of hope.

Don't think they're being nice or genuine.

They wanted me to fail at the tree-tapping.

But you're going to help with all that.

I'll do whatever I can.

CLIFFORD: Archibald, have a word?

I'll be right back.

I just wanted to let you know that I've decided to help your father.

You did? You will?

Well, you've helped our family.

Cheryl, especially.

You fit in so well.

I think you and your father have a very bright future with us.

Thank you, Mr. Blossom.

Oh. "Clifford", please.

And just so you know, you don't have to keep doing me favors.

I like Cheryl.

And I'm happy to be here for her, as a friend.

You know, I'm going to be honest with you.

Cheryl's a bright girl, but the Blossom board, they're very skeptical of having her play an active role in the company.

Now, someone with your stock and character by her side, tempering her more erratic behavior...


You know, it's about... Creating a picture.

The right picture.

Having you with us, with Cheryl, it tells a very appealing story.

Which is something I think we could all use right about now.

You'll help us, won't you?

POLLY: Excuse me, Mr. Blossom, may I have this first dance with Archie?

CLIFFORD: I think that's an excellent idea.


Polly, can we talk about what's going on here?

Just keep dancing.

And smiling.


Betty keeps asking Cheryl about me, she needs to stop.

As long as she's worried about you, Polly, she'll never stop.

Yes, she will...

If I tell you the real reason I'm at Thornhill.

The Blossoms had something to do with Jason's death, I'm sure of it.

They threatened him and I'm gonna prove it.

Is that why you keep blowing Betty off?

It has to be believable.

And I don't want her trying to rescue me.

Can you please tell her that for me?

- I'm so done with this!

- Do not make a scene.

- No, I'm done. I'm done!

- Not now.

Polly, will you excuse me?



Veronica, hey.

Mom, these are my friends.

This is Betty and this is Veronica.

Mrs. Muggs.


We heard what happened, and we wanted to leave these flowers with you.

That's very kind. Thank you.

Please don't...

Don't thank me.

We're just so glad Mr. Muggs is going to be okay.

And we'll see you at school, Ethel?

You don't need to do this, Vee.


Mrs. Muggs?

There's something I need to tell you.

My name is Veronica Lodge.

- My father is...

- MRS. MUGGS: Hiram Lodge.


And you're showing your face here?

Mom, she's my friend.

She's not your friend, honey.

Her father is a criminal.

He's the reason Dad did this to himself.


Is that true?


And I am so sorry.

I wish I could do something.

"Sorry" isn't good enough.

You want to do something? Tell the truth.

Your father is ruining lives.

He deserves to sit behind bars for the rest of his miserable life.

Come on.

Come on.


You okay?

What did my dad say to you?

That everyone thinks I'm a train wreck?

Jason was the golden boy, but me...

People hate me, Archie.

And at school, that's fine, whatever.

But this is my family.

Forget them, Cheryl.

Forget what they think.

I think you're awesome.


Oh, Archie, sometimes I think you may be the only decent person left in Riverdale.

The only person who doesn't want something from me.

Or who doesn't want me to apologize for who I am...

And what I want.

What are you doing?

My lipstick's maple red, by the way.

In case you're wondering why it tastes so sweet.

PENELOPE: They seem satisfied, but Uncle Bedford keeps asking about the drive-in land.

I am so close to getting that land back.

Hermione Lodge will crumble.

PENELOPE: Who would have thought she'd prove so resourceful?

Maybe you should've sent her to jail instead of Hiram.



How was your night?

I just got back from the hospital where Ethel's dad is.

Because he tried to kill himself...

Because of what Daddy did...

And, for all I know, continues to do.

I am done lying for Dad.



I thought it was Cinderella that ran away from the ball, not Prince Charming.

Cheryl, I can't do this right now. I'm leaving.

CHERYL: Archie Andrews, if you leave, the radiant sun that is the Blossom family stops shining on you.

And everything we've given you, including Brandenburg, disappears.

Are you sure you want to give that up?

Are you sure you want to do that to your dad?

Cheryl, I came here as a favor to your mom, to help you.


Oh, Archie, don't start lying now.

You may not want anything from me, but you do from my mom and dad, that's why you're here.

Which means, as much as I want you to be better than everyone else...

You're not.

You're just like the others.

I'm sorry, Cheryl...

But I can't do this anymore.



Archie just called. He talked to Polly.

She's safe.

She's okay, Mom.

She didn't choose the Blossoms over us, she's actually there to spy on them.


You know, when I went after this story...

I thought, in the back of my mind that, "What if this is it?

What if this is finally the time that she doesn't come back?"

She will, Mom.

And right now, she's our woman on the inside.

We're going to write this story.

Come write with us at Blue and Gold.

The school newspaper?

Yeah, that's what we are.

But I'm pretty sure that our annual operating budget is bigger than the Register's.



Val, hey.

Look, you were right.

About being bought and taking shortcuts.

After last night, I'm done with the Blossoms, I am.

Good for you, Archie, but I'm done with you.

Ever since we started dating you've ignored me, you've ditched me.

ARCHIE: Val, please.

Let me make it up to you.

Sorry, Archie, but unlike you, I won't be bought.

HERMIONE: Just listen, Fred.

So many families have been hurt by the Lodges.

Now, I don't want yours to be another one.

I've decided to sell to Clifford...

Before it gets any worse.

No, you're not.

I'm going to stay with the project.

That's great.

Thank you.

Don't thank me. I'm not doing it for you.

See, from now on, everything we do around here is going to be legal.

A hundred percent above board.

Agreed. Of course.

Also, my stake is %.

If I'm gonna put myself on the line, I need some skin in the game.

That's a really big share.

I'm sick of you people using me and my family as pawns.


Anything else?


You and me...

Whatever was going on there is over.

Now, we're just business partners.

That's it.



VERONICA: Ethel, I meant what I said.

I'm sorry, Ethel, for everything my family did to yours.

ETHEL: It's not your fault what your dad did.

And you were there for me when no one else was.

More than once.

Seat's not taken, if you want it.

JUGHEAD: It seemed that, for Veronica,the sins of the father would remain simply that.

While Archie Andrews returned from the brinkwith one more bit of news.

At the banquet, I heard Mr. And Mrs. Blossom talking.

It sounded like Clifford Blossom was responsible for sending Veronica's dad to jail.

Oh, my God.

If Clifford sent Hiram Lodge to jail, tore apart his family, then maybe Hiram was trying to do the same thing to him?

Yeah, by going after what the Blossoms value most, their family, their legacy.

That's a motive.

JUGHEAD: Winter had come early to Riverdale.

Brutal and unforgiving.

Did it work?

Are the vultures appeased?

We're not out of the woods yet.

JUGHEAD: But it would be nothingcompared to the storm that was gathering.


A storm of chaos named...


- ...Cheryl Blossom.



Good night, Cheryl.

Good night, Pollykins.