01x13 - Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter

JUGHEAD: It was the ultimate cliffhanger.

Clifford Blossom had killed himself. But why?

Life's not an Agatha Christie novel. It's a lot messier.

What the hell is Cliff Blossom doing with drugs?

JUGHEAD: Turns out, maple syrup was a front for his true business.

Transporting heroin from Montreal on his trucks.

A narrative quickly emerged.

ALICE: That Jason Blossom learned about dear old Dad's drug running,and threatened to expose the truth.

Which led to Jason's abductionat the hands of a Southside Serpent named Mustang.

JUGHEAD: And then to Jason's murder at the hands of his father.

ALICE: Clifford killed Mustang to cover his tracks,making it look like he'd overdosed,and tried to implicate a rival businessman, Hiram Lodge, as having masterminded the whole thing.

JUGHEAD: And, oh, yeah, I almost forgot.

Mr. Blossom threatened my life,so that my dad would confess to pulling the trigger,even though all he did was clean up the mess.

POP: Here you go, Juggy.

JUGHEAD: And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for a group of pesky kids who uncovered the truth.

ALICE: Even as Clifford Blossom, consumed by guilt and shame,took the coward's way out...

JUGHEAD: Jason's murder had revealed some dark truthsnone of us were too eager to face.

Especially not Mayor McCoy,who wanted every last vestige of corruption crushedlike a snake under a boot heel.

So, Blossom was the kingpin, he funneled drugs through Riverdale and then shipped them out.

What the Mayor and I care about is the local component of Blossom's business.

Someone is selling his drugs here in Riverdale.

- Mostly in the Southside...

- Hmm.

But it's started to cross the tracks, recently, too.

- And you think it's the Serpents?

- Who else?

So here's the deal.

You feed us names, tell me who's pushing the dope, and the Mayor, the DA have a chat, and maybe he'd be inclined to offer you a lesser sentence.

Serpents don't get into the hard stuff.

It's dime bags of weed.

And I'm no snitch.

FP, if you don't help us and your case goes to trial, there will be no leniency.

You'll be looking at years in a federal penitentiary for your part in the cover-up of Jason Blossom's murder.


You okay?

I thought I knew this town.

I bet everything on it.

[SIGHS] If I could cut bait...

How are you holding up?

[SIGHS] I mean, I'm... I'm dealing.

But for Jughead and for Betty and Veronica, Dad, it's not over.

They're still in it. Big time.

We're all still in it. Up to our necks.

SMITHERS: And when should I be expecting Mr. Lodge?

Not until the end of the month, but everything has to be perfect.

Yes, we would not want to make Daddy angry.

That'll be all, Smithers. Thank you.

He's your father, Veronica, not the Godfather.

BETTY: They're acting like the last week and the last few months didn't even happen.

Polly's back home, my dad's back home,my mom's back at The Register.

They all just keep smiling and talking about the Jubilee.

- ARCHIE: That's good, right?

- BETTY: No.

No, it's horrible.

It's exactly the way things were before, pretending to be normal and perfect when really, we're like...

Like a Greek suburban tragedy.


My family imploded, Arch, and we barely survived.

If we don't start dealing with our crap, it's all gonna happen again.

VERONICA: Okay, Archie.

Now that we're not actively investigating a murder case, we need to come clean to Betty about our pas de deux.

- What?

- Our romance.

Aw, definitely. But, Ronnie, we have to be careful.

The last time I had this kind of conversation with Betty, it didn't go well.

Forget it, I'll tell her.

On top of everything else I'm dealing with right now, I'll tell Betty that we're semi-dating.

MAN: [OVER PA] Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, report to the Principal's office.

MAYOR MCCOY: Archie. Betty.

I'd like to feature you both at the Jubilee.

As you know, it's our th anniversary of our town's founding, and also a kickoff for the next years.

And who better represents the future of Riverdale than the young people who, working with Sheriff Keller and my office, helped bring peace and justice to our streets once more?

But, that's not exactly what happened...

Let the Mayor finish, Ms. Cooper.

Archie, the Pussycats will be performing at the Jubilee, and I would love for you to join them.

Betty, I think it's important that we hear from Riverdale's best and brightest.

- What do you say, both of you?

- Uh...

What about Jughead?

I, uh... I like Jughead. [CHUCKLES]

And he's welcome to attend the Jubilee, of course.

But his father is in jail, and think it might be confusing to have him up on the Jubilee stage.

That's so unfair, Mayor McCoy.

Betty, Archie, you're heroes.

The kind of heroes that Riverdale desperately needs right about now.

BETTY: I told her I wouldn't do it.

Not unless you're up there with us, Jug.

I appreciate the righteous indignation, Betty, I do, but Jubilees aren't my thing.

Jug, how's your dad? Did you get in to see him?

Here's the latest.

Mayor McCoy wants my dad to name names in exchange for a lesser sentence.

What? Whose names?

The Serpents. Sheriff Keller thinks they're the ones dealing the drugs that Clifford Blossom brought into the town.

My dad says more and more drugs are hitting the streets.

Kevin, relax, this isn't The Wire.

My dad says they're not the ones dealing.

And meanwhile, Mayor McCoy hasn't even said the words "Clifford" or "Blossom" in public.

It's all about how the Serpents are the problem, the villains.

This is outrageous.

I'm writing an article about this, and not just for The Blue and Gold, for The Register.

This is a town story.

Okay, as long as the article doesn't include my dad.

No, it is going to be about your dad, Jug.

It doesn't matter how many Jubilees Mayor McCoy throws.

This town's changed. That needs to be acknowledged.

Why are people so afraid of the truth?

Speaking of the truth...

Archie and I wanted to tell you...

We've kissed a couple of times.

It's okay, Vee.

I appreciate you being honest with me, but I'm with Jughead now.

If you guys want to be together, I'm happy for you.

Thanks, Bee.

Thanks, Betty.

It was to have been the grandest funeral in Riverdale history.

Instead, he was buried like a pauper.

Why are you crying? You hated him.

Don't... Don't say that, Mommy...

We've always been cursed ever since the original murder when brother killed brother.

Who will the Grim Reaper take next? You? Me?

Maybe your father had the right idea. Just end it.

Better the sweet hereafter than this awful limbo.

Betty, I know, you said, you're okay about me and Veronica, but I just wanted to make sure, because...

Because last time I said I was okay, I wasn't.

[LAUGHS] But this time, I promise I am.


You and Veronica, you're...

I like her, a lot. She's amazing.

But a little part of me always thought...

We're both so lucky.

I mean, don't you think?

To have found the people that we were meant to be with.

And that we're all friends.

I mean, who would have thought, at the beginning of the school year?

Yeah. [LAUGHS]

Who would have thought?

You wanna tell me who those guys are out there?

Our new crew. I let the Serpents go.

You fired them? Why would you do that?

The Mayor and Sheriff Keller are cracking down.

Especially on the Serpents.

Those guys stood by us, okay? When we had no one else.

Hiram is coming home.

I can't let him, or this project, be associated with criminals.

You don't get to make unilateral decisions.

'Cause we're partners, remember?

Actually, Hiram and I have talked, and we'd like to buy you out.


I've dragged you into a situation that you never wanted to be a part of.

Make me an offer in writing.

I'll consider it.

It's really good, Archie.

Each song, you're getting better and better.

- That's great, Josie.

- Yeah.

'Cause I was hoping we could...

Oh, we can't sing it at the Jubilee.

No, my mom already approved Astronaut.

- But my song is about...

- Your friends.

Who've been through hell and back, I get it.

- Yeah. Exactly.

- Yeah. So...

The Jubilee, that's for the entire town.

Not just your friends.

It's the best thing you've ever written.

It's passionate, it's compelling, but...

But you won't publish it.

- Why not?

- You're too involved.

People out there are going to think that you wrote it as a favor to your boyfriend's dad.

No, I wrote it because this is the truth.

It's one version of the truth, honey.

Oh, my God. Mom.

You're just as bad as Mayor McCoy.

We're just as bad as this whole town.

The other reason we don't want you publishing this anywhere, is there's been reports of attacks on the Southside.


Betty, people, not just the police, are going after the Serpents.

The whole town agrees with Mayor McCoy.

Crime is spreading.

There's real anger out there, Betty.

And they're needing to focus it somewhere.

Right now, it's the Serpents, and we don't want you suddenly becoming a target.

Cheryl, I'm so sorry I'm late.

All you missed was my abdication.

The Vixens are in the gym awaiting you, their new directorix.

- What?

- And I wanted to give you this.

Your HBIC shirt?

These last few days have put things in perspective.

I understand.

But if you personally need anything...

I'm fine.

I've shed my tears for the Blossom men.

It was chilling, Betty.

I'm telling you, there are some dark goings on at Thornhill.

Well, not just at Thornhill. Town wide.

You can feel it. Something wicked this way comes.

Which reminds me, I loved your article.

Good, because I already posted it on the Blue and Gold's website, with hardcopies in circulation tomorrow morning.

Betty, now that it's just us girls, and at the risk of us failing the Bechdel test, are you legitimately cool with Archie and me?

Swear on the September issue?

And on my copy of Forever by Judy Blume.



Aw, I miss this.

Gossiping, doing homework, being a River Vixen.

Basically just going to school.

Then come back.

Mom doesn't want me to.

Naturally, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her.


JUGHEAD: That hottie kept looking at you.

FRED: Hey, guys. Um...

This is Ms. Weiss from Social Services.

She's, uh... She's Jughead's case worker.

Jughead, I know how terrible and emotional the last few days have been for you.

Your father's facing serious jail time.

Your mom's over-extended and out of state.

We just want to make sure that you're taken care of.

Well, he can keep staying with us, right, Dad?

I offered already, Arch.

Great, so what's the problem?

[SIGHS] It was a DUI.

After your mom left. Look, we can talk about this later but between that and my cash flow problem, it knocks me out.

There is a family on the Southside that's offered to foster you.

They're good people, they've worked with us before.

That doesn't sound completely horrible.

It does mean you'll be in a different school district, Jughead, and you'll have to transfer schools.

What the hell? When is all this supposed to happen?

The paperwork's been processed.

Unless there is a radical change in your father's case, you'll be on the Southside by the end of the week.

They're saying he has to live on the Southside, with a foster family, and then transfer to Southside High.

FP: That place is no joke.

If there's a deal on the table, Mr. Jones, you've gotta take it.

It tears me up, Red, but the Serpents are my tribe.

They're also innocent, not that anyone in this town cares.

We care, believe me. But... [SIGHS]

Nobody wants you to go to jail for years, especially not Jughead.

That kid knows what's what.

He knows you can't betray the folks that stand by you.

- Who got your back.

- And that's the Serpents?

When the time comes, they'll step up.

Hey, Jughead's a tough kid.

Scrappy. A survivor.

He'll make it.

Especially if you're looking after him.

And he'll try to pull away from you, he'll try to disappear into himself.

He needs his friends.

That's why you and Betty, you gotta stick with him.

No matter what.

He's got some darkness in him.

Betty's babysitting Polly, mind if I join you?

Are you sure you want to sit at the social pariah table?


I've been sitting at it for months, why should today be any different?

By the way, I've been thinking.

You and I have a lot in common.

Oh, because my dad's going to prison and your dad is getting out?

We're dating each other's best friends, I was going to say.

But yes, the prison thing, too.


I'm sorry.

I had no right to pummel you the way I did that day.

As recompense, I'd like to give you this.

My iconic spider brooch.

It'll catch a pretty penny at the local pawn shop.

Enough to keep you in burgers and "S" T-shirts for years, if not decades.

Cheryl, what is going on?

- I'm...

- KEVIN: Guys, hurry. It's Betty's locker.

Come on, it's bad. Come on, come on!

What's going on?

VERONICA: Come with us.

BOY: Check it out!


Betty. Hey, no...

It's nothing, Jug, it's just a jerk with a can of spray paint.

I don't think that's spray paint, okay?

ARCHIE: It was pig's blood, Dad.

Where do you even get pig's blood?

I wanna slam whoever did that through a wall.

Betty's getting threats. Jughead is being thrown into a snake pit, and I can't do anything to help them.

Sometimes you help them just by showing up.

I've been showing up all year, Dad.

And it hasn't made one bit of difference.

We're getting our asses kicked.

As long as you're with me, you're writing articles about me and my dad, trouble's just gonna keep coming at you from all sides.

- It was just one jerk.

- It's not just one jerk.

It's Mayor McCoy. It's Sheriff Keller.

It's Weatherbee, it's Social Services, it's the entire multiverse telling me that I don't belong here,

- so why don't I just do everyone a favour...

- Hey, hey.

You belong here just as much as everyone else.

This is your home.

- You know that, right?

- Yeah.


Let me guess, for Daddy?

Veronica, wait.

You and Archie...

Getting closer?

Maybe, why do you ask?

Your father and I made Fred an offer to buy out the SoDale contract, but Fred is still on the fence about it.

I was hoping maybe you could talk to Archie.

Maybe he could convince Fred to sell?

Yeah, sure, Mom. No problem.

I'll just sexually manipulate Archie into doing my bidding.

As long as you're in control.

Oh, my God, Mom, I was kidding.

Also, why are you trying to push Fred out of this deal?

He's the only person in this town who was loyal.

- Who was good to you.

- Your father is coming back.

He and Fred? They will not get along.


- So, you took Polly to school?

- POLLY: I'm so sorry, Betty.

Nothing happened at school, it was fine.


So, no one wrote on your locker, "Go to hell, Serpent Slut," and hung a Betty doll from a noose?

Jeez, Poll. Is there anything you didn't tell her?

She wouldn't stop grilling me!

I warned you, Elizabeth, about publishing that article.

- Why do you constantly defy me?

- Because.

I'm sick of all the secrets and the lies in this town and in this family.

I would much rather take some heat for being honest than do what you're doing.

Living in fear of the truth.

I am scared for you, Elizabeth, not of the truth.

Oh, really?

Let's go then.

You talk a big game about liking Jughead, but wouldn't you be much happier if we weren't together?


Thought so.

Question number two, when you invited FP over for dinner, he said that you and Dad got in a huge fight when you were in high school, at Homecoming.

Your mom ever tell you about that night?

Shut up, FP.

- What was that about?

- I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh, come on, Mom. I saw the look on your face.

You were terrified.

What were you so scared he was going to say?

That is none of your damn business!

Dad was keeping a secret that almost destroyed us.

How many are you keeping?

Mommy, I was going to ask.

Can I stay at home today?

Absolutely not.

It's so hard, Mommy, pretending everything's...

I don't care.

[SIGHS] Here for round two?

There are some secrets that are so painful, you not only hide them from the world, but you hide them from yourself.

- What do you mean?


The night of the Homecoming, when your father and I were crowned King and Queen, the fight that FP saw, I had just told your father that I was pregnant.

And we disagreed on how best to handle...


And we had a really big fight.

And the next day, I went away.

To the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.


And five months later, your brother was born.

The Sisters arranged for a quiet adoption.

Oh, my God, Mom. I'm so sorry.

It's the biggest regret of my life.

[SOBBING] I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, honey.

It's okay, Mom.

The craziest thing is, I have a secret brother out there in the world.

It's positively Dickensian.

I love a long-lost brother.

- How old would he be?

- Mid-twenties.

Oh, my God. A blond Adonis, no doubt.


Hey, where are you? Have you been getting my messages?

Oh, my God. What?

This is where I belong, okay?

Let's talk about this after school.

Please don't worry about me.

- Where is he?

- Southside High.

He said it's where he belongs and that no one wants him here.

[SCOFFS] FP warned me Jughead would cut himself off, go to the dark side.

Archie, we can't let him do that.

Where would he be?



- Jug...


What are you guys doing here?

I didn't tell you ahead of time because I knew you would've tried to stop me.

Damn straight. And I'm still gonna try.

Betty, the Southside is where the powers that be want me.

Maybe I wanna be here as well.

I may blend in better here.

And it would keep you safe.

I'm not letting Riverdale's civil war split us apart, Jug.

They're each other's soulmates.

Good for them, don't you think?

Archie, what is it?

Ronnie, I...


- Wait.

Thanks for trying. I'm going to be with Jason now.

- Oh, my God.

- What?

Where would Cheryl go to be with Jason?

- Sweetwater River.

- We have to go!

Guys, we have to go!


ARCHIE: Cheryl?



She's not here.

- Over there! Oh, my God.

- She's over there!

ALL: Cheryl!

JUGHEAD: Cheryl, stop!

What are you doing?

ARCHIE: Wait, wait! Wait, Jug!

The ice. He's right.

Too much weight, and we'll all go under.

ARCHIE: Cheryl!

Cheryl, please.

Just come to the shore and we'll figure this out together, okay?


ALL: Cheryl!


- Cheryl!

- Cheryl!

JUGHEAD: The current has her.

Spread out, spread out!

She's here! She's here!

- VERONICA: Archie, be careful!

- JUGHEAD: Help!

VERONICA: Somebody help!



[GRUNTING] Come on!





Hot chocolate?

With a little splash of peppermint liqueur.

- Thank you.

- No problem.

Are you warm enough?

What is she doing here?

[WHISPERING] She got in an accident.

And she needed help, so I brought her here.

I'll just warm up and go home.

Fine, Ronnie.

Let's go. I'll give you a ride to the Jubilee.

Already got one with Archie, Lady Macbeth.

- Ready, sweetheart?

- Almost.

Don't be nervous about your speech.

Just be your wonderful self.

It's not about the speech, Mom.

It's Jughead.

He's moving in with a foster family and transferring to Southside High.

And he says it won't change anything between us, but...

It will. [SNIFFLES]





That's what you get for punching a river of ice.

Are you sure you should be performing?

Freshman year, I played the whole season with a broken hand.

Well, a taped-up hand.

Hey. You okay?

When we were at Southside High, you were looking at Betty and Jughead...

I don't know, wistfully.

- Wistfully?

- Longingly.

Like you liked Betty.

I do. I always will.

As friends.

The moment you're talking about, I was seeing Betty and Jughead and I was seeing how good they were, and it confirmed how I've been feeling this last week.

I want to be that for you.

A soulmate?

A broad shoulder I can cry on every now and then?


I'd love that, Archie.


JOSIE: Earlier, your girl Vee, here, called to tell me what happened with Cheryl.

I've reconsidered something.

About your song.

MAYOR MCCOY: Welcome, one and all,to Riverdale's th anniversary Jubilee celebration!


I couldn't be any more thrilled to introduce my daughter, Josie, and her Pussycats, as they perform alongside our local hero, Archie Andrews!


JOSIE: Hi, hi, everyone.

We're switching things up tonight.

We are singing a song that my boy, Archie Andrews, wrote.


♪ Every moment we're together ♪

♪ Is a moment I remember ♪

JUGHEAD: Sheriff Keller tells me that you still haven't given any names.

He's hoping I can convince you otherwise.

I've been sweating it out, Jug, and, uh, the only conclusion I've come to is that both options suck.

Hey, I wanted to let you know that I...

I'm gonna be okay.

I met the foster family that's taking me in.

They're nice.

[SIGHS] What about Southside High?

It's a high school.

It's got the jocks, and the burnouts, and the nerds... The like.

- But I'll survive.

- [CHUCKLES] You just might.

Jughead, listen to me.

I'm more innocent than I am guilty, but I've done some...

Some stupid things, some bad things, and come what may, I have to answer for my part of it, you understand?

I don't know what's gonna happen when this goes to trial, but you need to be there for your mom, for Jellybean.

They might not need you right this second...

I'll do my best.

Not a doubt in my mind.

Go on.

♪ My love, my heart ♪

♪ I wanna share it with you ♪

♪ When it seems too hard to bear ♪

♪ I'll be here, I'll be there ♪

♪ I wanna share it with you ♪

♪ I wanna share it with you ♪


Good evening, ladies and gentleman.

I'd like to thank Mayor McCoy for inviting me to speak on this historic day.

Seventy-five years of Riverdale...

But what is Riverdale?

It's the people, right?

You, me, our friends, our neighbors.

Riverdale is Archie Andrews.


Kevin Keller is Riverdale.

Veronica Lodge, she's Riverdale.

But you know who else is Riverdale?

FP Jones, who we were so quick to blame for Jason's murder.


Jughead Jones is Riverdale, the very soul of Riverdale.

Without him, we may not have ever found out what happened to Jason.

And yet how do we thank him? By banishing him.

Which is what we do when the truth gets too ugly in Riverdale.

Truth being that Clifford Blossom was also Riverdale.

Riverdale's at a crossroads.

If we don't face the reality of who and what we are, if we keep lying to ourselves and keeping secrets from each other, then what happened to Jason could happen again.

Or, God forbid, something even worse.

Riverdale must do better.

We must do better.


Have you given any more thought to my offer?

Yes, it is a, uh, very generous offer.

I'm not selling, Hermione.

I... I told you, it's in your best interest to get out before Hiram comes back.

Is it in your best interests?

What's best for the town?

Didn't you hear Betty?

Riverdale is at a crossroads, and I think you are, too.

So I will see you at work, partner.

To Archie Andrews, who saved the cheerleader and saved the town.

You know what, actually I think it was Betty's speech.

Here, here to Betty Cooper.

- BETTY: Cheers.

- ALL: Cheers.

JUGHEAD: We had many milkshakes that night,and we all felt that as dangerous as the world around us had become,here, at least in this booth, we were safe.


- Cheryl?

- In here, Mother.

What is that smell?


It's the only way we can truly start over, be purified.

Oh, God.

BETTY: Wow, it looks great in here.

JUGHEAD: I cleaned it up after Sheriff Keller thrashed it.

Just in case my dad...

Until he gets out, I'm not giving up on him, Jug.

Hell no.

That is why I love you, Betty.

I love you, Betty Cooper.

Jughead Jones.

I love you.


What about your mom?

At this hour, after mixing her reds and whites at the Jubilee, she's no doubt sleeping soundly in the arms of Prince Valium.

So, come on in, but keep it quiet, okay?


We've had this day with each other from the very beginning, Archiekins.


- Oh, my God.

Is that your mom?

Who else would it be?



- Easy, Hot Dog. He's family.


Heard your dad could have named names but didn't.

Serpents take care of their own.

We wanted you to know, no matter what happens to him, however long he's gone, we've got your back.

This is yours, if you want it.


Leaving without saying goodbye?

Didn't know you were such a scoundrel, Archiekins.

[LAUGHS] I was trying not to wake you.

My dad texted me asking me to meet at Pop's for breakfast, which is what we do when he wants to talk to me about something serious.

- Probably me staying out all night.


- I'll call you later.


Hey, Casanova. I, uh...

I ordered you the usual.

Thanks, Dad. I'm just gonna go wash my hands.


MAN: Who's in charge here?

Show me where the safe is!

POP: There is no safe!

MAN: You've got a safe.

Show me where it is!

- Where's the safe, old man?

- POP: There ain't no safe.

MAN: Show me where the safe is!

MAN: Give me your wallet!


JUGHEAD: Imagine this instant, frozen in time.

People will look back at this as the exact moment

that last bit of Riverdale's innocence finally died.

When darkness won.

Marked by an act of violence,that was anything but random.