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02x01 - Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying
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[Jughead] Previously on Riverdale...

If we don't face the reality of who and what we are, then what happened to Jason could happen again.

Or, God forbid, something even worse.

"Thanks for trying. I'm going to be with Jason now..."

Where would Cheryl go to be with Jason?

- [Veronica] No!

- Cheryl!

- [Cheryl coughing]

- [Veronica] Cheryl!

It's the only way we can truly start over, be purified.

Your father's facing serious jail time.

Your mom's over-extended and out of state.

[Tall Boy] Serpents take care of their own.

- We got your back.

- Juggy?

He's moving in with a foster family.

Why are you trying to push Fred out of this deal?

Your father is coming back.

He and Fred, they will not get along.

I'm not selling, Hermione.

[muffled screaming]

[gun fires]

[Jughead] Our story continues.

The Mayor's Jubilee was supposed to change everything.

Be a new start.

But when we woke up the next morning,Riverdale was still, at its heart, a haunted town.

Meanwhile, Archie Andrews, who doesn't even have a driver's license yet,is at this very moment careening down the streets of Riverdale,trying to outrace death.

- [Fred groaning]

[Archie] Hold on, Dad, hold on.

Hold on, Dad. We're almost there.

We're almost there.

They're gonna fix you up.

Stay with me, Dad, stay with me.

[Jughead] Now, I don't believe in miracles, usually,

but it was a miracle that Archie got his dad to Riverdale Generalwithout wrecking the truck.

[Archie] Help, please.

Help, hey! Someone help me and my dad.

- [nurse] Gurney!

- [Doctor] What happened to him?

[Archie] He was... He was shot.

[indistinct chatter]

[nurse] Sir, can you hear me?

- Can you tell me your name?

- His name's Fred Andrews.

- [speaking indistinctly]

- [nurse] He's not responding.

- Massive blood loss, it looks...

- Let's go. He's in shock.

Sir, I'm sorry, I need you to step away.

One, two, three!

[EKG beeping]

I'm right here, Dad, I'm right here. Okay.

I'm right here.

I'm right here.

Dad? What gives? Take the picture.

The ceremony starts in the gym in ten minutes.

Yeah, Dad, what's taking so long?

I... [sighs]

Just can't believe we're here, Archie.

We're at your graduation. I... [chuckles]

I didn't think I'd live to see this day.

[echoing] Yeah, except you didn't, Mr. A.


You didn't live to see this day.

Don't you remember? At Pop's?

[bell jingling]

[Veronica giggling]

Everybody down!

[gun fires]

[Alice] Good morning, sweetheart.

So, what did you and your friends do after the Jubilee?

We went to Pop's.

And then, Jughead and I went back to FP's trailer.

Oh, Betty.

If that beanie-wearing cad defiled you, at least please tell me that you were safe.


No, Mom, we didn't. I mean...

We almost did, but then we were interrupted...

- Well, thank God.

- By the Southside Serpents.

- Excuse me? By those thugs?

- [clears throat]

Oh. See, I knew that Jughead was gonna follow in FP's criminal footsteps.

[scoffs] The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, especially not when there's a snake curled up in its limbs.

[cell phone ringing]

If that's Snake Plissken, I want him blocked.

- It's Archie.

- Block him too.


What is that?

A chocolate almond croissant from Bean & Beluga.

Unfortunately, I only have the one.

The other thing, Veronica.

Oh, this. A mimosa.

There was a bottle of champagne in the fridge just begging to be popped.

Okay, that was a bottle of Cristal for your father.

[cell phone ringing]

Sorry, I have to take this.

If that's your house guest from last night...

It's Betty. Hello?

- [cell phone rings]

- Hey, Betty.

[engine revving]

[Betty] Arch?


I came out of the bathroom and there was this man, thief...

Wearing this hood, with a gun on Pop Tate, and then he pointed it at my dad and he fired.

- [Veronica] Oh, my God, Archie.

- And then he...

And then he what?

And then he bolted.

Then I was holding my dad, Pop Tate called an ambulance and it didn't come so I drove here and... [sighs]

And I don't know, maybe I should've waited, maybe I made it worse...

No, dude, are you kidding me?

You saved your dad's life.

First Cheryl, and now your dad.

If you keep this up, you're gonna need a superhero name.

Like Pureheart the Powerful.

There isn't any new information.

Your dad's in surgery.

He's gonna be there for a while.

Uh, Archie. Have you spoken to your mother about any of this yet?

No. No, I haven't called her.

I'll be right back.


- What?

- [Betty] Mom.

Do not start this.

Start what?

Well, of course, I can't help but wonder if your Southside associates had anything to do with what happened to Fred.

- Alice, relax.

- [Jughead] Unbelievable.

At least you can't accuse my father of being the shooter, considering he's in jail.

Oh, my God, I can't handle this.


[Archie] Hey, Mom, how are you?

Good, yeah, good. We're, uh... We...

[clicks tongue]

Actually, Mom, we're not, we're in trouble here.

[inhales deeply] Dad's in the hospital.

It was a robbery, and, uh, he was shot.


I don't know what's gonna happen, Mom, but I think you should come here as soon as you can, in case...

In case we have to say goodbye.

- Sheriff.

- How's your dad doing?

- He's still in surgery.

- [Archie sighs]

Archie, I know this is a hell of a time for you, but... perhaps we could go somewhere and talk about what happened.

Is it cool if I tag along?

- Actually, if you don't mind...

- Yeah, that'd be great, Jug.

[Archie] He was maybe ' ".

pounds or so.

And he was wearing dark pants and a dark jacket?

Anything on that jacket?

Any symbol or insignia?

- You mean like a snake?

- No, it was just a jacket.

No snake.

And the ski mask that he had on...

No, it's not a ski mask.

It's a hood, a black hood.

Homemade, like he'd cut the eyes out himself.

And the guy's eyes were green.

Now, Pop Tate had a fairly good idea of what happened up until when your father was shot.

And then, well...

There are some gaps. And I need you to help me fill those.

What did he do, our masked man?

After he shot my dad?

[gun fires]


Nothing. He shot my dad, ran out of the diner.

Who did this, Sheriff?

Archie, it's just... It's too early to speculate.

But this guy, he was probably out of his head on meth or the jingle jangle, some Southside lowlife that was just looking for a cash grab.

How much did he get? How much cash?

We're waiting to hear about that from Pop Tate.

[sighs] Since this is Riverdale, I have to ask. What if robbery wasn't the motive?

What else could it be?

Well, I mean, I suppose it could be someone who has a grudge against your dad.

Wanted to make it look like a robbery.

But I mean, it's just too early to tell.

[Veronica] There are certain things no one does better than Veronica Lodge.

Makeovers, party planning, dance-offs, dropping vintage bon mots as if they were bonbons...


Conversely, there are things that I'm not good at.

Grief, bedside vigils, comforting boyfriends...

Okay, well, that's the old Veronica talking.

Old Veronica would've bolted by now.

But new Veronica doesn't want to let Archie down.

And you won't.

Oh, and speaking of...

Archie, hey.

Were you not telling Sheriff Keller something?

My dad told me that he and Mrs. Lodge fired the Serpents

they had working on their crew.

I know your dad vouches for them, but what if one of them was pissed off enough to do something?

Let me see what I can find out.

[Archie] Thanks, bro.

Archie Andrews? I'm Steven Masters, I'm your father's doctor.

- [Archie] How is he?

Well, we got the bullet out. And we've stopped the internal bleeding.

But what's most worrisome is, he's not breathing on his own yet.

- I need to see him.

- And you will.

As soon as we've got him set in a room, you'll be able to sit with him.

Should be an hour or two at the most.

And until then, what am I supposed to do, nothing?

Maybe... Maybe you should go home and get changed.

No, I'm not leaving.

No, Archie, wait. Veronica's right.

Here are your dad's clothes and personal belongings. Everything he had on him.

Okay, well, yet another reason to go.

You can get your dad a change of clothes.

Veronica will go with you. Right, Vee?

We'll hold the fort down here.

Archie, try not to worry.

Your dad is strong stock.

He's a fighter.

Fred Andrews isn't one to leave unfinished business behind.

[Archie] Dad, come on. The car's waiting. You're gonna be late.

I'm not ready to go, Archie.

Something doesn't feel right.

I'm gonna be fine, Dad. You don't have to worry about me.

That's what I do, son.

That's what I've always done.

Yeah. And you deserve a break.

Okay? I'll handle things from now.

It doesn't feel right. Just...

- It's too soon.

- [sighs]

You can't change your mind now, Dad.

They're waiting for you.

Who's waiting?

Uncle Oscar, Grandpa Artie.

What are you talking about, son? They're dead.

[pounding at door]

- That's them.

- [pounding continues]

[EKG beeping]

[dog barking]

Hey, Vegas.

Nobody's walked you, have they?

Must be... You must be wondering what the hell happened.

Come on, let's go.

Hey, Archie, what are you doing?

I have to walk Vegas.

Like that?

You look like you're auditioning for a teen reboot of The Shining.

No, you take your shower, I'll walk him.

Veronica. Have you ever walked a dog in your life?

I've had dogs walked for me, does that count?

Before we got Vegas, my dad was like, "He's gonna be your dog, Little Archie, your responsibility. Are you ready to walk him, give him his food, fill his water bowl, and take care of him when he gets sick?"

I wanted him so bad, I was like, "Yes, Dad, I'm ready. I'm so ready."

Cutest origin story ever.

- And?

- And now, when I get home late from football practice, my dad's already walked him.

On Saturday mornings, Dad takes him out so I can sleep in.

Every time Vegas gets sick, Dad always goes with us to the vet.

The truth is, no one loves Vegas more than my dad.

[Tall Boy] I got nervous when you said to meet at the hospital.

I was wondering about when you said the Serpents had my back.

Does that courtesy extend to a guy who's like my brother, and a man who's like a second father to me?

What do you need?

Fred Andrews, my buddy's dad, was just shot, during a robbery at Pop's.

The guy was in a black hood.

Serpents don't wear masks.

Yeah, I get it.

But some of those Serpents were working for Fred Andrews when, for reasons of his own, he decided to let them go suddenly.

Maybe someone took it personally and went rogue.

You guys know every hidey-hole in town.

Someone has to have heard something about what went down at Pop's.

All right.

We'll knock some heads. Let you know.


You okay?

I'm okay.

I'm fine.

Thought you might want some company.

Thank you.

Of course all any of us can think about is Mr. Andrews.

But if we weren't so focused on his well-being, I'd be asking if you and...

- We didn't.

Jughead and I didn't do it.

If that's what you were asking.

But wait, like, no... [scoffs]

He told me he loved me.

Wait, what?

Jughead Jones said "I love you"?

Mr. "I'm weird, I'm a weirdo"...

And I told him I loved him back.


And then things got...

- Complicated. [chuckles]

- Weird?

In a "my boyfriend may be joining the Serpents" kind of way.

Betty, no. No way.

I mean, did you learn nothing from me and Joaquin?

Oh, come on, Joaquin was nice.

Yeah, when he wasn't dumping bodies in Sweetwater River or mopping up buckets of blood.


What the hell?


Cheryl, what's going on?

Is that your mom? What happened?

Oh, haven't you heard?

There was a terrible fire at Thornhill last night.

I might've perished if not for Mommy's heroics.

Oh, my God, is this the apocalypse?

After my ordeal at Sweetwater River, I was asleep when the fire started.

They think it was a breeze knocking over a lit candle, catching the curtains.

Mommy got home from the Jubilee and rushed headlong into the blaze, risking her life to save mine.

Unfortunately, she suffered third-degree burns and acute smoke inhalation.

What are you two doing here?


What's going on?

I took your dad's things out of the bag. I hope that's okay.

Where's, uh, where's his wallet?

I'm not sure.

That's all that was in there.

It would've been in his coat.

- Are you sure you didn't see it?

- I didn't.

Maybe it was in the truck?

Or back at the hospital?

No, this is... this is everything they had. You heard the nurse.

Okay, well, worst case scenario, it's just a wallet.

Everything that is important to my dad is in that watlet.

He doesn't go anywhere without it.

For all we know, it's at Pop's.

Why did you even open the bag?

I thought... I wanted to help.

No, seriously, why're we here?

Veronica, I didn't ask you to come. I didn't even want to come here. And...

[sighs] Just forget it.

Just go. I'll take care of this. I'll see I'll see you back at the hospital or I'll call you.

- You really want me to go?

- I do, yeah.

- I'm sorry, no.

- What?

I'm sorry, but I'm not going.

Archie, you shouldn't be alone right now.

You're angry, and hurting, and probably terrified.

I know I am.

So go ahead. Yell at me and try to push me away but I'm not going anywhere.

You okay?

Come here.

- [sobs]

- Come here.

[IPhone ringing]

- Is it the hospital?

- It's Sheriff Keller.

Hi, Sheriff.

What, right now?

Come on in, guys.

So, this is who we've picked up so far.

All of them have a history of armed robbery or some other violent crime.

So, you feelin' up for this?

- Yeah.

- All right.

Put 'em on.

[Sheriff Keller] One, step forward.

- No.

- [Sheriff Keller] Step back.

Number two, step forward.


[Sheriff Keller] Step back.

Three, step forward.


- [bell jingles]

- No.

Wait, Archie's where?

At the sheriff's station, doing a line-up.

He asked me to come be here with Fred until he gets back.

Well, that's gonna be traumatizing for him. We should go down there.

Wait, actually, can you guys do me a huge favor?

Mr. Andrews' wallet is missing.

We're thinking it might be at Pop's.

That, or the guy who shot Fred might have it.

Well, if it was just some rando robbing Pop's, then he probably took the money and then got rid of the wallet.

[stutters] Unless it wasn't just some rando.

Unless it was premeditated in some way.

What? Is that an actual theory?

Not according to Sheriff Keller, but if you ask me, people have grudges.

People have enemies. I mean, think of where we live.

Fathers are killing their sons.

It's entirely conceivable this was a hit.

Okay, or the wallet's just at Pop's. So we'll check it out, Vee.

- [Betty] A motorcycle?

- Hop on.

Without a helmet?

You can use mine. Or we can walk.

We can take a bus or...

Or we can call your mom.

- Oh. No, just go slow, okay?

- [laughing]


No, no, no. It's actually much more dangerous if we go slow.

You are gonna need to hold tight.

[engine revving]

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.

What are we praying for?

Fred's speedy recovery or a quick death?

Veronica, why on Earth would I pray for that?

Jughead said that what happened to Mr. Andrews may have been...

a hit.

But who would be evil enough to do that and why?

But then I remembered how you wanted Fred to sell his share of the company back to you and Daddy because he and Daddy wouldn't get along.

Which is a threat, if I ever heard one.

And because you are so determined to paint your father as a villain, you assume he must have put a hit on Fred Andrews.


Not him.


I don't think you're an innocent pawn, Mom.

I think you're Daddy's eyes and ears on the ground.

Calling the shots.

Do you genuinely believe that?

If the Manolo Blahnik fits...[Hermione] Mija...

Your disrespect will no longer be tolerated.

Not by me, and certainly not by your father when he comes home.

So a word of advice, get back in line with this family.

Because you are a Lodge before anything else.

[chuckles softly]

You know, I should slap you for what you're insinuating, but I'm not a violent person.

[Archie] Thanks, Reggie.

Bulldogs are here for you.

And so are the Pussycats.

We're sending your dad our prayers and giving him as many of our nine lives as he needs.

Thanks, Josie.

Veronica said that you were down at the sheriff's station?

That maybe they got the guy?

Yeah, but it wasn't him.

He's still out there.

[Dr. Masters] Archie.

He's in Room , you can see him now.

Okay, great.

Listen, he hasn't woken up yet.

But talk to him, coax him back.

Keep it positive. Honestly, that could make all the difference.

[Archie] Dad.

I don't know if you can hear me. Hopefully you can.

I'm only supposed to talk about good things, which... [scoffs]

Kinda limits my options, but...

What can I tell you?

[sighs] I'm doing it, Dad.

I'm asking her tonight.

[Fred] Wow. Would you look at that.

You know, Veronica's gonna love it.

Well, she better, she picked it out.

- Yeah, that sounds about right.

- [chuckles]

Pop, you are not gonna believe this.

Archie is getting married.

Is that right?

Well, well, well. Time dies.


[bell jingling]

Oh, my God...


Sorry, kids, we, uh... We're closed today. There was, uh...

Pop, we heard about what happened.

We just got back from the hospital to look for Mr. Andrews' wallet. It's missing.

- Is he...

- He's out of surgery.

We'll know more when he wakes up.

All right.

The police have already looked.

But if you wanna double-check, he was in that booth, there.

So, uh...

What happened, Pop?

From your point of view?

[Pop] I wish I knew.

As soon as that gun turned off me, I...

God help me, I dove.

I don't even remember calling the police, but I guess I did.

Hey, how much cash did the creep end up taking, Pop?

Not a penny.

[snaps fingers] I knew it.

What kind of thief shoots up a joint and then doesn't take a single dollar bill?

He wasn't a thief.

Over the years, this place has been robbed many times.

Bricks through the windows, even, during the riots.

I've looked plenty of thugs in the eye, but this man...

His goal was something else.


It was like the Angel of Death had come to Riverdale.

Jeez, Pop, lighten up.

You sound like the cranky old guy in the Friday the th movies.

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

The wallet's not here.

Hey, you kids hungry?

- Oh, no, we're good, Pop.

- Oh, I'm always hungry, yeah.

In times of crisis, some people lose their appetite.

But me, mine increases tenfold.

I haven't eaten since last night.

I don't want to be thinking about this while Mr. Andrews is how he is...

But last night, when you put on the Serpent jacket, it meant something, Jug.

- [sighing]

Yeah, it meant there were, like, ten biker dudes standing in front of me and I didn't think I could say no.

It fit you like a glove, Jug.

Like a second skin.

And the look on your face... You weren't acting for the Serpents.

And now you're riding a motorcycle, which you've never done.

Betty, I'm not a Serpent, okay?

That might be my dad's life, but it's not mine.

What about your soon-to-be foster family?

They're from the Southside.

[stammers] If they have ties to the Serpents, they could try to...

- Indoctrinate me?

Don't worry. I've actually made a decision about that.

They'll cover for me with my social worker, but I'm not even going to be staying with them.

I'm gonna be at the trailer. My dad's trailer.

What? Why?


[sighs] Archie almost lost his dad.

He may still. And facing facts, my dad is going away for a long-ass time.

Wearing that jacket and riding his bike, living in the trailer...

Does mean something.

Just kinda hoping that it means I'll always be close to him no matter what.

I don't want to see you get hurt.

Or hurting someone else.

Not because you did it on purpose, but because that's the Serpents' world.

That's how they live. Isn't it?

[Betty sighs]

Good. You're awake.

Now, here's the realz, Baby Jane.

I'm telling everyone you ran back into that towering inferno to save me, not that hideous family portrait that you love so much.

And that what happened at Thornhill was a terrible, tragic accident.

If you tell anyone the truth about what happened with the fire, I'll tell everyone about what really happened in the barn with Daddy.

You were cruel to me, Mother.

It was abuse, plain and simple.

So henceforth, if you breathe, it is because I give you air.

If you drink, it is because I poured your cup myself.

And if you move, it is quietly, and with my blessing.


[Cheryl sighs]

Things are going to be different now, Mommy.


You'll see.

For your dad when he wakes up, which he will, very, very soon.

[both chuckle]

Just to tide him over until we find his tried and true.

When did you even go to Barnaby's?

I didn't. I sent Smithers. Is that cheating?

You are the best girlfriend ever.

- [chuckles softly]

- And I do not deserve you.

Why do you say that?

Ronnie, can I, uh... Can I tell you about this...

This thing that happened at Pop's? With my dad?

- Yeah...

- [Jughead] Who's hungry?

We've got burgers and fries and onion rings.

- [all cheering]

- [man] Nice, Jugs.

[woman] Excuse me.

Your dad would be so proud of you, Arch.

[Jughead] Yeah, you've really been just a rock-star god through all of this.

[Veronica] Archie...

What is it? Talk to us.

Maybe we can help.

[Archie sighs]

Guys, there's something I haven't told you, 'cause I'm...

So... I'm so ashamed.

[gun fires]

After the guy fired, I should've rushed to my dad straight away.

Or I should've tackled the guy,but I was... I was paralyzed.

I didn't move, not even when the guy walked up to me,and he held his gun to my head.

And I just closed my eyes, I don't know how long.

Long enough for the guy to have taken my dad's wallet, I guess.

But I didn't open them until I heard the bell.

- [bell jingling]

- Pop's bell.

Which meant he was gone.

There was nothing else you could've done.

That's not true, Betty. I could've done anything to comfort my dad.

To get the gun away from the guy.

I was a coward.

And now, me and my dad were witnesses, Pop Tate too.

This guy may have my dad's wallet, all his information.

What if he comes back?

Cheryl. What're you doing?

Paying you back for saving me at Sweetwater River.

You gave me the kiss of life, Archie Andrews.

Now I've given it to your dad.

He's going to be just fine.


[EKG beeping]

I've been thinking about what I can say to you, Dad.

And I kinda started imagining what we would've talked about at Pop's this morning, if things hadn't gone to hell.

You would've asked me about Veronica.

I would've told you how crazy I am about her.

[chuckles] You would have said, "That's great, but take it slow, Archie, no one's getting married."

[bagpipes playing]

[priest] Today we celebrate the love between two incredible young people.

I've had the privilege of knowing Archie Andrews all his life...

[continues indistinctly]

[static hissing]


[gun fires]

[EKG beeping]

- [Fred moans]

- Dad?


Can you hear me?

[sighs] Thank God.


[thunder rumbling]

Dad, I just want you to know I'm sorry I didn't do more at Pop's.


And whether or not Sheriff Keller finds the person who did this or not, you don't have to worry.

I'm gonna protect you.

Nothing like this is ever gonna happen to you again, I swear it.


That's why I came back.

To protect you.

[thunder rumbling]

Sure I can't give you a ride home?

I think if my mom saw me getting off your motorcycle, she'd come out with a shotgun.

- That's fair enough.

- [chuckles]


What you said at Pop's...

I heard you.

Whatever you need to do or explore, I support you.

What the hell, guys? What is this?

Went out like you asked.

This guy was holding court in the Whyte Wyrm.

Talking about how if Freddy Andrews was gonna let Hiram Lodge's bitch run the show, fire his crew, then it's good he was gut-shot.

So we thought we might press him a bit.

See if it was all just talk.

- And?

- And... after a lengthy cross-examination, yeah, we've concluded, he was just being a loudmouth.

[stutters] What did you bring him here for if he didn't even do anything?

So you could see we'd done what you asked.

So you could tell your old man. That's important to us.

With or without the jacket, you're a Serpent.

[lock clicks]


[Hermione] Veronica.

[speaking Spanish]

I came home early to surprise you.

And imagine my surprise when you weren't here to greet me.

And she drank your Cristal.

So disrespectful.

Not like you at all, mija. I've changed.

You have no idea.

The question is...

Have you?

Not so much that I still don't want a kiss hello from my daughter.

By the way, in case either of you were wondering, Mr. Andrews woke up.

He's going to make it.

I know we're all really happy about that.

[Jughead] Once Mrs. Andrews got to town,and Mr. Andrews was back at home, recovering in his own bed,Archie's true vigil began.

He made a promise,a vow to protect his father from harm.

And as long as the man in the black hood is out there in the night,Archie intended to keep that promise.

Never imagining that the Angel of Deathis stalking different streets tonightin the small town of Greendale, just on the other side of Sweetwater River.

[playing piano]

How was that, Ms. Grundy?

Very good. You're making wonderful progress, Ben.

So you'll come by tomorrow, then?


I'll see you tomorrow.

[Ms. Grundy grunting]


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