02x04 - Chapter Seventeen: The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Previously on Riverdale...


[ALICE] He calls himself the Black Hood and he wants us to publish this letter.

[SHERIFF] My wrath is the price of your lies.

He sent it to the printer for tomorrow's front page.

I'm gonna protect you. Nothing like this is ever gonna happen to you again.

I swear it.


- It's me.

- Are you freaking insane?

Sometimes, defending yourself, it's not enough.

You need to go on the offensive.

We're called the Red Circle, and we're coming for you. We will find you.

We'll hunt you and we will end you.

[JUGHEAD] Everyone's afraid to say it,so let me be the first.

There is a serial killer amongst us.

San Francisco had the Zodiac.

New Orleans had the Axeman.

Texarkana, Texas, had the Phantom Killer.

The list goes on and on.

Add to their ranks Riverdale's very own psychopath,the Black Hood.

Are these research for school?

Research... But not for school.

It's a terrible thing, what's going on in this town.

Who would've thunk it?

A serial killer in Riverdale?

I'm not just talking about him.

I'm also talking about that awful video those boys put out.

[JUGHEAD] There it was. Terror was seeping into the bedrock of Riverdale...

A Town Hall Meeting had been set by Mayor McCoy.

People were afraid to walk the streets alone,especially as dusk approached.

Shops closed early, locks were added to doors,suspicions between the North and South side deepened,fanned into flames by Alice Cooper...


As everyone wondered what danger lurked in the dark.

When would we hear from the Black Hood next,and how far into darknesswould Archie go on his quest to avenge his father...

And to stop the Black Hood?

To be honest, I had no idea what Archie was thinking...

He didn't say anything to you about this video?

- Am I my boyfriend's keeper?

- Basta, mija, this isn't something you should be joking about.

- It's a video, Mom...

- Yes, threatening violence.

Daddy, can you please tell Mom she's overreacting?

On this matter, Veronica, I stand with your mother.

Which means you are done dating Archie Andrews.

This isn't Amish country, Mom, I can date who I want to date.

And I'm not jumping to any conclusions until I hear Archie's side of the story.

What are you smiling about?

The Black Hood, the Red Circle, a Town Hall meeting, so much chaos and confusion.

How could you do this to me, Elizabeth? To us?

Polly asked for my help, Mom.

To run away, and you agreed?

We know where she is.

And frankly, thank God she's out of Riverdale and away from that psycho.

And you think that that guarantees her safety?

- Polly was scared.

- And you don't think that I am?

I'm terrified.

Every time that you walk out that door.

Every time that I call you, and you don't pick up the phone...

My heart stops. But how am I supposed to protect you two girls?

Right, when you go and do this.

And then you try to make me the monster.


[RECORDING] There's only one of you, butwe are legion. We're called the Red Circle.

So, what did you think, that I wouldn't see it?

Dad, I was pissed off.

We were all pretty pissed off.

We were trying to send a message, scare the Black Hood.

It's more likely you'll antagonize this maniac and become a target yourself.

Take it down right now, while I can see.

I already did, the original post, but people keep sharing it.

Good grief, Archie.

My mom's spiraling. Do you think you can come over during lunch...

Betty, I have to try and at least maintain a semblance of being a student here.


Uh, I gotta go, Betty, okay.

Hey, I'll talk to you later.

Hey. I'm guessing we're not watching funny cat videos.

Check this out.

Some sick-in-the-head Northsider posted a crazy-ass video, and we were just talking...

- About what?

Fogarty wants to earn his Serpent stripes.

I say bring us the head of that Northsider, and you're in.

I'm down with that.

No, guys, don't.

What, Jones?

I know this guy, he's a milquetoast.

He's a football player. It's kind of a lame target, is all I'm saying.

You wanna prove something?

Why don't you go after the Black Hood?

And why would we do that?

The Black Hood's targeting Northsiders, who do nothing but blame the Southside for everything that's wrong with this town.

And we're sick of it. The Black Hood's doing our work for us.

He's a hero.

[ARCHIE] Black Hood. Black Hood.

We're called the Red Circle and we're coming for you.

We will find you.

We will hunt you. We will end you.

Black Hood.

My parents want me to break up with you.

They basically think you're the teen American Psycho.

Since when do you care about what your parents think?

I don't, except when I happen to agree with them.

Can't you just support me on this, Ronnie?

On what?

Is this part of some master plan?

'Cause if it is, please enlighten me.

You know, to be honest, I don't see why your dad's got such a problem with it, Veronica.

He pretty much gave me the idea. In his study, he basically told me I should...

Line up a bunch of semi-naked boys straight out of Lord of the Flies put them in red ski masks and deliver some Unabomber-like manifesto?

Is that what he said you should do?

Fight fire with fire.

Fight terror with terror.

That's what he said.

[WEATHERBEE] Mr. Archie Andrews, please report to the principal's office.

"We will find you. We will hunt you. And we will end you."

These are your sentiments, Mr. Andrews.

And they are hardly comforting.

Principal Weatherbee, you have my word, there's only one person who should be scared by that video.

You're off the football team, Mr. Andrews, effective immediately.

In fact, there is no football team.

Not until this Red Circle insanity is over.

If, by week's end, you haven't written a signed letter apologizing to the entire Riverdale High community and disbanding the Red Circle, your suspension will begin, and will continue until you've complied.

Care to re-think your position?

It's a crazy time, sir.

We all have to do what we think is right.

Betty, okay.

So, telling my dad about me cruising the woods? Not cool.

He even told my mom about it.

Also, I've re-upped my online membership to redstatemeat.com, so there'll be no cruising for the foreseeable.

Betty? What? What is it?

I was going through the Blue and Gold's mail...

And I got a letter from the Black Hood killer...

He says he's doing it for me.

"Betty, your words at the Jubilee inspired me.

The town's sinners must show their contrition.

If not, there will be more suffering and bloodshed.

Enclosed is a cipher. It details where I will punish the next sinner.

It is a test. Only you may solve it, Betty."


My speech... Inspired him.

That stupid speech I wrote.

So the Black Hood was at the Jubilee.

The entire town was there.

We have to give this to my dad.

The cipher, yeah, sure, but not the letter, This is just...

For me. We can't tell anyone about it.

It's evidence.

Kevin, if we give this letter to your dad, he will tell my mom, and she will make damn sure I'm nowhere near this.

- Good.

- No.

This is a test.

He said so himself. What if...

The start of the test is to see what I do with the letter? Do I share it? Or not?

Am I strong?

Or am I weak? Am I... Worthy?

He's a psychopath, Betty, and you are in high school, not the FBI.

Isn't it better for people to be focusing on the cipher, rather than the letter?

How would that even happen?

Mom, I'm so scared.

I didn't know what to do or who to call.

Oh, baby, please tell me what's going on so I can make it better.

I got this envelope at the Blue and Gold.

Not another letter from the Black Hood.

No, not a letter.

Was there anything else in the envelope? A note?

Not according to Betty.

Why a code this time, and not another letter?

And why did he send it to your daughter and not you?

Well, it's obvious, Sheriff.

He needs a platform to grandstand on, and he's terrified of me.

Well, there's a cryptologist over in Centerville. I'll get it over to him.

- In the meantime...

- I've already published it, Sheriff.

The entire town should be trying to crack this code.

Don't you think?

Damn it, Andrews.

I told you we shouldn't have made that video.

And now Weatherbee's suspended the team?

What if he comes after us next?

That's why you're wearing hoods, Reggie, so that all the heat falls on me.

But it's not.

It's falling on all of us.

So please, bro, sign the letter.


We disband the circle now, what message does that show the Black Hood?

That we're weak, helpless.

No, we wanna force his hand.

By doing what exactly?

By going to his home turf, the Southside.

What? Are you insane?

[ARCHIE] No, I've gone over this.

Mrs. Cooper is convinced the Black Hood is a Southsider with an axe to grind, which makes sense when you think about the people he's attacked

My dad. A Northsider.

Moose and Midge both Northside kids.

- Grundy was in Greendale.

- Yeah, But before that, she taught here, Doiley.

Everyone has seen our video and is riled up as hell, right?

We can only assume the Black Hood is, too.

If there's even a chance that he's a Southsider, us going there into his territory, making our presence known, could draw him out.

And the hunters become the hunted.

That's one way to find him.

Nope, I'm done.

We're done. Come on, guys And then there was one.

Which is what you wanted, right?

You and the Black Hood, mano a mano, to the death.

What the hell are you talking about, Doiley?

I know you have a certain item in your possession.

The Red Circle was just your way to draw the Black Hood out.

And now you wanna go into his territory.

Maybe. Yeah.

You're gonna need a few things.

There's a place, on the edge of town, they can help.

Go after dark.


When Archie came into this room...


What did you guys talk about?

Don't remember, to be honest. Why do you ask?

I was just thinking. You know, one of the things I love about Archie is how earnest he is.

Not in a bad way, more in an innocent sort of way.

Trusting. Kind.

Of course, that simplicity also makes him...


Vulnerable to certain forms of attack.

What are you going on about?


If someone were to, say, pour poison into one of his cute-as-a-button ears...

Some dark notion might take shape in his mind.

Say... The Red Circle.

- If you're suggesting...

- I'm not suggesting anything, Daddy.

I'm asking, what did you and my boyfriend talk about?

And I've already told you I don't remember.

Now, if you'll excuse me, the Swiss banks are about to close, and I have a call with the Lodge Charitable Trust.


Right. Got it.

Have a nice call, Daddy.


So... What are you reading?


Beware the Zodiac.

It's decent, though I prefer Robert Graysmith's definitive books on the subject.


Are you gonna get that?

I can call her back later.

Jones, Jones, Jones. You disappoint me.

If serial killers are your jam, might I suggest Ted Bundy, Albert Fish, Aileen Wuornos.

They don't fit the profile.

Right. Unlike most serial killers, our guy wears a mask.

Well, a hood, when he kills.

Suggests someone consumed with self-loathing.

Conversely, he sends letters and cryptos to the press.

Do you think he's narcissistic or a Batman villain?

I'm a true crime junkie.

True crime is my crack.

I figured. And that's why I'm seeking you out.

The Register took a break from bashing the Southside to post the Black Hood's cipher.

You wanna help me crack it?





Hey, I was just on my way out.

What's up?

- Okay.

- There.

That's my way of apologizing to you for raining on your Red Circle parade earlier today.

I wanna support you and your comely crew, even at the risk of enraging my parents.

Especially my father. Which is just what he deserves after playing mind games with you.

Ronnie, I really gotta go, and anyway, it's too late. The Red Circle fell apart this morning.

Wait, what? It's over? Already?

For the other guys, yeah, but it's fine. This is my battle.

No one else needs to fight it.

No, no, no. If it's yours, then it's mine, too.

And it can't just be you against an armed madman.

No, Riverdale needs the Red Circle to expand, not contract.

- Yeah. But the guys...

- Are spineless cowards, clearly.

Lucky for you, I'm not.

Hi. I'm hoping to get a few things. I have a list.

You got ID?


I'll be paying cash for those items, too.

Just be a sec.

Ammo, holster, Kevlar vest.

You, uh... You going hunting?

Yeah, yes. That's exactly what I'm doing.


Betty? What time is it?

: . I wanted to catch you before school.

I'm sorry. I have morning breath.

You want coffee or something?

No, I'm actually on my way to the library.

I asked Ms. Paroo to set aside all the books she has about cryptograms and ciphers.

I thought it might help us crack the Black Hood's code.

Which I'm hoping is something we can do together, Chuck.


Actually, funny enough, Toni of all people and I, we started working on that yesterday at the Red and Black.

I can show you what we've got so far, if you want.

Toni, because let me guess...

She loves serial killers.

She does have an affinity for the darker side of things, yeah.

In that case, why don't we all work on it together?

You, me, Toni, Kevin.

- Kevin?

- Yeah, it'll be like a little code-breaking party.

So fun! You can host.

[VERONICA] There you are.

I have a surprise for you.

It meant burning the midnight oil and calling in a few favors, but... Ta-da.

- Ronnie, you can't wear that.

Are you saying I'm not rocking this scoop-neck look?

No, I'm saying you can't walk around with a friggi" target on your chest.

You'll stick out like a sore thumb.

Oh, Archie, it's adorable when you underestimate me.

Come, come.

[ARCHIE] Oh, my God.

[VERONICA] Let Weatherbee do his worst.

The Red Circle is no longer a fringe band of radicals, it's a movement with style and panache.

These symbols look so familiar to me.

It's like I've seen them before and it's driving me crazy I can't figure out where.

Maybe if you loosened your ponytail.

What? That was a joke, guys.

Betty's ponytail is iconic and beyond reproach.

Kev... It's fine.

And at this point, I'm willing to try anything.

Per Mrs. Paroo's books, I'm looking for common letter associations like T-H, A-N, I-N-G.

I'm looking for doubles. Double L and four-letter words like kill.

- That's morbid.

- We don't know if this thing's even in English.

Guys, I mean, this could be an angram.

I'm literally on the top of my brain...

All right. Let's go back to the basics.

What do we know about this guy? Who is he?

He's a white male, in his s.

Like almost every serial killer ever.

No, I mean like why...

Why is he killing people?

Or at least, why now?

We know the Hood's obsessed with cleansing the town of sinners and hypocrites, right?

And he seems to be attacking anyone with ties to the Northside.

Here we go with the fake news again.

You Northsiders and your privilege.

All you do is demonize the Southside so of course you think the Black Hood's from there.

It's not demonizing, Toni. It's stating facts.

There's way more drugs and gangs and...

The drugs you mean which were sold primarily to Northside crackheads?

And what about the Northside Neo-Nazis?

The Red Circle? [SCOFFS]

The Red Psychos, you mean.

Hell, Betty, I'm surprised you haven't just come out and said it yet.

Said what?

That you think the Black Hood's a Serpent.

We all know how much you hate us.

- Okay, Toni...

- I don't hate the Serpents.

Oh, yeah? Then why is it that your boyfriend here lies about the fact that he sits with us at lunch?

I'm gonna go.

Yeah, you know what? I'm gonna get outta here, too.

Okay. I can walk you home.

Or you can walk me home.

Um, bye, guys.

Listen, Betty, I sit with the Serpents purely for reasons of survival.

It's okay, Jug, let's just keep working on the cipher, okay? The clock's ticking.

What clock? I mean, this could be his laundry list.

Or his kill list.


Hey! What the hell are you doing?

- Back off. I'm not herefor you.

- Oh, yeah...

Then who's this message for, huh?

Aw, hell, don't tell me it's for the Black Hood.

You believe this guy?

And people say we're the troublemakers.


Southside's Serpent country.

You can't come here and tag our turf.

So why don't you get your ass back to the Northside before someone gets hurt?

Get out of my way, or someone will get hurt.

You just made a big mistake.

- Who made a mistake? Who made a mistake?

- What the hell?

Come on, let's go. Come on, man!


- Ow, my neck.

- We fell asleep.

How did we fall asleep?

Exhaustion. It's not easy being us.

Oh, my God, she's gonna kill me. I have to go.


My mom, she's gonna kill me. I have to go, okay.

I'll call you later.


Sorry to interrupt, Dr. Phylum, but Sheriff Keller and I need to see Archie Andrews in the hallway.

I'm sorry Principal Weatherbee but the T-shirts were my idea, not Archie's.

This is not about T-shirts, Miss Lodge, please sit down.

It's okay, Ronnie. There's nothing to worry about.

Got a tip from a bodega owner on the Southside who said that a Riverdale High School student was waving a gun around in front of his shop.

Said it looked like he had red hair.

I was in my garage last night, working on some songs.

Okay, well, nevertheless, given your behavior over the last several days, we think that it's prudent to have a look in your locker for any weapons or contraband.

Weapons? Don't you need a warrant for that or something?

- No, I do not.

- Maybe we should call my dad.

I did. He's informed.

Open the locker or I will.


I don't know what you think you're gonna find, Sheriff.

This is interesting.

What? There's no gun.

Where did you get this hood?

[SIGHS] I can explain that.

The hood's not mine, it's Reggie's.

He came by as a joke, wearing it, trying to scare me, Dad.

I don't know what to say.

I'm at a loss, Archie.

Keller and Weatherbee, they think you're a threat, so they bar you from school property, and I can't tell them any different.

I was shot.

The man who shot me is still out there, playing some kind of weird cat-and-mouse game with this town.

And he scares me.

But not as much as you do right now.

Because I have no idea what is going on in your mind.

I don't know what you're gonna do next.

Wait, Dad, come on.

Can we talk about this?

Yeah, when I get back from the Town Hall we can talk about this.

If you're ready to be honest with me, and let me back in.

Nice T-shirt.

Will you still be wearing it when Archie's arrested for reckless endangerment or something worse?

Archie would never, Mom.

He's being railroaded.

And you can say that, with absolute certainty, after watching that video?

Maybe you can.

Or maybe you're just being loyal.

But let me tell you something about loyalty.

There's nothing more honorable than it.

Noble, even.

But blind loyalty?

That's a stupid and dangerous thing.

I pray that's not the case with you and Archie.

[JUGHEAD] When you left this morning, you forgot some of your books.

Your notebooks.

Look, I wasn't snooping, believe it or not, but...

It just fell out.

What did?

Your letter, from the Black Hood.


I'm assuming that it came with the cipher.

Betty, why haven't you told anybody?

I, I did, I told Kevin.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because you've been at Southside High, running around with the Serpents.

Betty, I'd been gone for two days.

And yeah, it sucks that we don't go to the same school anymore.

But that's not the reason you're sitting on the fact that the Black Hood has sent you a letter.

- So why is it...

- Because of what it says, Jughead!

Because of what he wrote.

That I...

Inspired him.

I inspired all of this... Madness.

You think people are gonna blame you for this?

Not people, just one person.


For what?

For writing a speech that this lunatic has twisted around in order to mess with you and mess with the town?

Yeah, Archie's definitely shook, but he knows who the bad guys are, and you're not one of the bad guys.

You're Betty Cooper.

Like Nancy Drew meets Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

- Oh, my God.

- What?

In his letter, the Black Hood said that I'm the only one who could solve the cipher like he created it specifically for me.

Maybe using one of my touchstones, Jug.

If I'm right, I think I know how to decode this.

Let's go.


Archie? What the hell is going on?

Are you okay?

[ARCHIE] I need you to get something for me, Ronnie.


At least you were smart enough not to keep it in your locker, but a gun, Archie?

Why? For what?

To protect myself.

Against the Black Hood?

Archie, that video, the gun... If I'm following you, I need to know where, I need to know the truth.

I want him dead, Veronica.

I want the Black Hood dead, and I want to be the one who does it.

I want to be the last thing that he sees.

Spoken like a true vigilante.

No, you wanted the truth.

I made that video and showed my face so the Black Hood would make me his next target.

I went to the Southside hoping he would come after me.

So you find the Black Hood and you shoot him and then what?

You go to jail or you miss him, and he kills you, Archie.

- It doesn't matter what happens to me.

- Yes, it does. It matters to me, and your dad, Betty, Jughead.

Meanwhile, like an idiot, I'm trying to support you by designing T-shirts.

I didn't ask you to do that.

No, you just asked me to fetch your loaded gun.

And by the way, in case you're wondering where it is, I threw it in Sweetwater River.


And you can be mad at me now, but you'll thank me for it later.


Wait. Veronica, wait, what if it's...


Can we come in?

[MAYOR MCCOY] Parents of Riverdale, I've heard your concerns.

I share them.

As your Mayor, my top priorities are ensuring the safety of our town, and our children.

The purpose of this Town Hall is to answer your questions.

And, if I can, to ease your minds.

To what do we owe this unexpected honor?

Archie could have told Weatherbee the hood was mine, but he didn't.

In the Book of Reg, that makes you a top-tier loyal badass.

And, uh. We were talkin' today and decided if you wanna keep the Red Circle going...

We're here for you, dude.

And not a moment too soon. Archie. Trouble.

How stupid are you Northsiders?

You really think you can come to my house, stick a gun in my face in front of my boys, and there wouldn't be any payback?

You have crap timing, bro.

Bulldogs eat Serpents for lunch.

We'll see about that.

And the more, the merrier.

Hey, chill.

Veronica, stay here.

What? Archie, no...

Veronica, after my dad, I made a promise to protect him and this house.

You stay here.

If you wanna fight, we'll fight.

- What about your gun?

- What about your knife?

How about no weapons?

If you troglodytes insist on doing this, there are gonna be rules.

Or should I call Sheriff Keller to be referee?

When I was a kid, I used to check out this book obsessively.


The budget is tight, we're uh... Putting together a helpline that you can call to report any suspicious activity.

Sounds an awful lot like the Red Circle's hotline to me.

Did you have a question, Alice?

I'm wondering when you're gonna actually address the real problem in Riverdale, the Southside.


All in due time, Alice.

But we're here to talk about the Black Hood.

Now Sheriff Keller has a plan he's putting in place, beginning with a town-wide curfew...


We need to show strength, not cower.

Let's start by closing down that drug-ridden Southside High, and use that money to bolster our police department.

Hire more deputies, who can actually protect our children.


Just a sec.

Oh, my God.

"I will strike next where it all began."

Your speech... The Town Hall.

- My mom.

- Come on.

That neighborhood is a blight of empty storefronts and vacant lots.

A pit of violence, waiting to erupt.

Just ask Fred Andrews, himself a victimof a vicious, insane Southsider's bloodlust.

You talk about this town being divided.

Alice, you're the one holding the cleaver.

The Southside is not the issue.

The issue is there is a guy out there with a gun and a hood.

And he's bringing out the worst in this town.

Pitting it against itself.


Of course, Fred Andrews turns the other cheek, as usual.

I can't say much about your son Archie, but at least he's out there, throwing elbows.


We have to be united in this fight, okay?

If we let the fear take over, start demonizing each other, that's when we're dead.


I told you Fred was gonna be a problem.

Oh, no...

The town loves and trusts him.

That could work in our favor.

Everyone needs to leave, right now.

The Black Hood is coming here.

He said this is his next target.

What are you talking about? What do you mean the Black Hood's coming here?

The cipher says he's coming to the Town Hall.


Everyone, stay calm and in your seats. We'll sort this out.




Okay, you guys, let's go! Let's get out of here.

Help me!

When they ask you at the hospital...

Say I was minding my own business when a bunch of Southside Serpents jumped me for no reason.

Well, Elizabeth, we're waiting.

This is from the Black Hood.

It came with the cipher.

And you've been keeping this from us?



No. I deserve it.

Tonight was really messed up, Ronnie.

Things got so out of control.

At least Dilton's going to be okay.

Yeah, but only because of you.

You saved him, Ronnie.

And me.

[VERONICA] These are fraught times, Archie.

No one's thinking straight.

We have to... Hold on to each other.


I'm sorry I lied about getting rid of the gun.

I was freaking out.

God, Ronnie, if I'd had it tonight...

I don't wanna think about it, honestly, I might've...

But you didn't.


I don't believe you would've.

Even if you'd had it.

You're not a killer.


- Wait?

- What?

We have one more thing we need to do tonight.

[JUGHEAD] And so the young lovers went back to where it all began,Sweetwater River,to try and end the cycle of violence.

We'd come to think of that night,the night of the rumble,the night of the Town Hall,as a turning point.

Riverdale would no longer be the town with pep.

From now on, it would be known as the town that dreaded sundown.


- Hello?

- [MAN] Hello, Betty.

This is the Black Hood speaking.