02x06 - Chapter Nineteen: Death Proof

[ARCHIE] Previously on Riverdale...

[BLACK HOOD] This is the Black Hood.

I want to cleanse Riverdale of sinners.

I can't keep doing this.

I need you to cut your friends out of your life, or I will, my way.

They'll consider re-opening The Red and the Black on two conditions.

One, no gangs. Two, no Jingle Jangle.

You can write about them, but if I see trafficking in either, we're done.

You should hang with the Serpents.

The Ghoulies get whiff that you're alone and vulnerable...


Tall Boy was the one who gave me this jacket.

It's finally time I start wearing it.

- Is that...

- Jingle Jangle.

Nick, I mean it, stop!

We didn't get much of chance to talk last night.

I want Nick to pay... to suffer, to burn in hell.

[BLACK HOOD] Give me another name.

Nick St. Clair.


In Riverdale, everyone wears a mask, not just the Black Hood.

But every so often, the mask slips and our true selves are laid bare, for all the world to see.

Morning. You... you hungry?

You never have to ask me that.


[JUGHEAD] So we scramble to put it back on, like a kid in a cheap Halloween costume, but it's too late.

People have already seen what's underneath...

And it's terrifying.

Oh, my God.

What? Here to finish what your little friends started?

You're alive.

Yeah, and you tell that bitch Veronica she's lucky I'm not pressing charges.

Nicholas, why aren't you dressed yet?

And who's this?

You're not safe here, okay? Any of you.


- You need to go...

Nicholas St. Clair?

He is and I'm his father is there a problem?

Well, there's been a complaint made against him.

He's gonna have to come down to the station.

You and your wife, as well.

You might wanna get dressed, son.

Should I ask what you're doing here?

I'm making sure Nick got what was coming to him.

Go home, Betty.


You didn't kill him.

[BLACK HOOD] Nick isn't one of Riverdale's sons.

And you'd already given me the most wonderful gift.

When you said Nick's name, in that moment of nakedness, you let me see the real Betty.

And she was beautiful, and righteous.

Judge, jury, executioner...

[HESITATES] No, no, that's not. I'm...

Now that I've seen your true self, Betty, the real work can begin.

What do you mean?




[HERMIONE] Penelope, thank you for coming.

We called as soon as Cheryl told us.

And I appreciate that, I just wish you'd stopped her from talking to Sheriff Keller.

Lord knows what Cheryl did or said to the St. Clair boy to provoke him.

According to Veronica, nothing.

Hermione. Hiram.

I want this handled discreetly.

Well, I'm confident that the St. Clairs feel the same way.

[PENELOPE] Then it's settled.

I'll talk to that idiot Keller and tell him we won't be pressing charges.

After all, nothing really happened to Cheryl.

Cheryl, I'm... so sorry.

Don't be silly. I'm used to it.

And besides, you heard what Mommy said.

Nothing really happened to me.

- Nick roofied you, he tried...

- I'm fine, Veronica. Everything's fine.

If everything's fine, why did we call Sheriff Keller and make a statement?

A momentary lapse in sanity.

I mean, can you even imagine?

Me, facing off against Nick St.

Clair in a courtroom battle royale?

- I'd be a laughing stock.

- Cheryl, wait.

It's not just you.

He's done it to other girls, I mean, hell, he even tried to do it to me.

The night before the open house.

Did you tell your parents?

And yet you were happy to fill them in on my after-dark-drama, weren't you?

Well, I won't be a puppet for your thirst for vengeance.

You want justice?

You go after Nick in court, Veronica.


[TONI] Thanks for letting me sleep over.

Now on to the next crashpad until my uncle stops locking me out.

My trailer is your trailer.

Last night was... -

A PG- grope-session?

Ooh. Way to knock a guy down a peg.

Look, cards on the table.

You're not over Betty, and I'm not interested in being anybody's rebound.

Besides, I'm more into girls anyways.

Roger that.

[BETTY] I needed to clear my head and I did.

And I realized that this is just a sick game to him.

Psychological torture.

So, I'm done. With the Black Hood.

With his letters, with his Simon Says.

So, what happens when he calls again?

I won't answer.

I can't... keep playing. I can't.

- Didn't he threaten Polly?

- He did and I talked to her.

The people at the Farm are gonna help her disappear for a while.

- Just until it's safe again.

- Yeah, whenever that is.

And what about Jughead and Veronica?

We have to tell them the truth.

And we will. I'll tell them. Let's just, you know, let things settle first.

Make sure it's all over.


- Mom.

- Dad.

Riverdale's best and brightest, huh?

Alice, thank you for hosting.

Of course, Mayor McCoy.

When I heard what happened at Nick's party, I decided that we should come together to deal with this motley crew of liars, dope-fiends, and fornicators.

Except for my Betty, who was smart enough to leave the party before it descended into a bacchanalian free for all

[BETTY] Oh, my God. Mom, please don't.

Oh great, here we go Saint Betty and Succubus Veronica.

[FRED] So, this is for clarity, Alice.

You're hosting this little

get-together to what?

You know, I may ave taken Jingle Jangle, but she's the one who had a psychotic break Cut her some slack, Veronica.

She just broke up with Jughead What? Hashtag Bughead is no more?

And Betty didn't tell me?


Careful throwing stones there, acid-queen Alice.

I'm not the only one in this room that knows the story behind that mugshot that your daughter printed in her paper.

Well I, for one, would like to know who brought the Jingle Jangle to the party?

Reginald, not a single word out of your mouth until we get a lawyer.

No, all Reggie needs to tell us, Melinda, is how he acquired it.

Some gang member who deals on the Southside...

Oh, my God, you have a dealer?

Once again, Mayor, the Southside is the source of all our problems.

Was he a Serpent? Does he go to Southside High?

- I think so, yeah.

- What does it matter?

Not all Serpents are drug dealers.

- Archie, not helping.

- Look, we shouldn't have taken the JJ, but Nick's the one who asked Reggie to get it and then pushed it on us.

He's the one who should be in the hot seat.

I mean, he's the one who roofied Cheryl and tried to assault her.

Prosecuting Nick St. Clair would be difficult given that all witnesses were high.

Yeah, but Josie and I saw Nick with Cheryl the night after the party, and neither of us were on Jingle Jangle.

The drug stays in your system for three days.

So if I drug tested you right now, you'd have a credibility problem.

Josie, you took that drug?

You put that poison in your system, knowing the way your father's struggled with addiction?

I see.

From this moment on, bringing the Southside under control is my number one priority as mayor.

If it means razing it to the ground or arresting every single Serpent in sight, starting at that high school, so be it.

Let's go, Josephine, now!

[MR. PHLLIPS] "People have associated this school with the plagues of the Southside.

Drugs, gangs, violence.

But, like the Southside, there is a community here.

And while the decay is real, it is not irreversible."

I'm impressed, Jughead.

Where'd you find the time to put out an issue of The Red and the Black while pledging the Southside Serpents?

I'm not blind.

We had a deal.

The Serpents...

They truly are a community, Mr. Phillips.

A community of drug-dealers.

That's not the Serpents.

That's the Ghoulies.

That's my next article.

- Jughead, when you said...



Uh, will you excuse me? Just two seconds.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Mr. Phillips.

Jug! Jug!

We gotta go, right now.

What the hell are you doing here?

Betty ask you to throw some salt in the wound?

Mayor McCoy's about to raid Southside High.

We gotta get you out of here, right now, come on.


Hey! Hey! Hey!

Jug, you wanna help her?

You can't do that from behind bars. Come on.

What do you mean Nick did it to you?

He tried to.

After the penthouse party that I nipped it in the bud.

Ugh, I hope Nick St. Clair chokes on his silver spoon.

You need to tell someone.

My dad. Or your dad.

No, Kevin. My dad cannot know.

Have you ever seen The Godfather?

If my dad ever found out what Nick did...

What? He'd put a horse's head in Nick's bed?

Worse, he'd put Nick's head in Mr. and Mrs. St. Clair's bed.

I don't want his blood on my dad's hands or on mine.


- Veronica, I...

- [KEVIN] Don't even try, Benedict Betty.

Chill, Kevin. She's not worth it.


I've done everything you've asked.

Why can't you leave me the hell alone?

[BLACK HOOD] Because we're not finished.

I spared Nick's life.

Because of me, you don't have his blood on your hands.

If you don't help me, you'll be responsible for far worse.

Riverdale's streets will run red.

Help you how?

While Keller and his men hunt for low-level dealers, we will go after the real sinner, the drug maker, someone who hides behind a name, the Sugarman.

A corrupter of children who deserves swift, brutal justice.

The fact that you're asking me to find him means that you can't.

I'm a school-newspaper reporter.

Who also happens to be friends with the daughter of the Sugarman's former supplier, Clifford Blossom.

I'd start there.

And if I find him, what will you do to him?

Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to, Betty.

Bring me the identity of the Sugarman, and I will put down my sword.

And if I don't? If I refuse?

Someone will be purified.

Don't test me on that.


- [ARCHIE] Jughead, calm down.

- Calm down?

Archie, Riverdale just became a police state.

McCoy's convinced the Serpents are dealing jingle-jangle.

Serpents don't deal that stuff. The Ghoulies do.

- So, tell Mayor McCoy that.

- Oh, Mayor McCoy.

Do you mean the McCoy that just arrested all my friends for no reason?

Why do you care anyway, man?

I thought you and Betty wanted nothing to do with me, right?

[ARCHIE] I'm sorry about what happened, and how it happened.

And as for Betty, you should maybe talk to her.


I gotta go. Tall Boy wants to parley.

Sweet cousin, to what do I owe this unannounced pleasure?

I just wanted to see how you were doing.

I'm... compartmentalizing.

But I also see right through you, Invisible Woman.

I'm writing an article.

On Jingle Jangle inundating Riverdale.

- Have you ever heard of the Sugarman?

- Yeah, of course.


As children, Mother told us tales of how Daddy was friends with the so-called Sugarman.

And if we were bad, he'd sneak into our rooms at night, steal us from our beds, whisk us away, nevermore to be seen.

Cheryl, is it possible that this man maybe worked for your father's drug business?

Dear God, Betty, is there no memory, however traumatic, you won't defile?

- I'm just trying to get to the truth.

- I've told you the truth..

The Sugarman was a poison confection spun by my mother to scare children.

Like the sandman or Krampus.

Now, fly away, little bird.

Community service? Can't you just ground me, Dad?

Community service was Mayor McCoy's idea, and it's a damn good one if you ask me.

You wanna put that trash in your body, you can spend the day picking up trash at Pickens Park.


I know Jug wasn't at your Lollapalooza the other night, but he does go to Southside High.

It's ground zero for that crap.

You talking to him, checking in? How's he doing?

- Trying to.

- Yeah.

It was kind of like that when I was trying to help FP.

I don't what it is. A never-ending battle with those two.

I just hope with Jug it's not a losing one.


[TALL BOY] Sit down, kid.

Business to discuss.

Tall Boy, what the hell is this? Where are we?

You're in my house.


It's the House of the Dead.

Well, I'm sorry, who the hell are you?

[TALL BOY] Take it easy, Jughead.

Malachai speaks for the Ghoulies.

The heat on us and our ranks depleted, our tribes need to unite, and that's gonna be easier to do if you endorse this partnership.

- Me?

- [TALL BOY] You're FP's son.

That carries weight, especially with our younger members.

Tall Boy, they're the reason Southside was even raided.

Them and their jingle-jangle. -

[MALACHAI] Chaos is how we thrive.

You'd better get used to it.

Are you seriously gonna do this to my dad?

- You're supposed to be his right hand.

- The Northside declared war today.

Your old man ain't here to call the shots.

And, yeah, I'm his right hand.

That makes me de facto leader here and now. So... things are changing, Jones.

Either you change with them... or suffer the consequences.


Evolve or die, baby.

Evolve or die.

[BETTY] Sheriff Keller. The station said you might be here.

I'm off the clock, Betty.

Just a few questions for a Blue and Gold story on jingle-jangle.

[KELLER] All right.

One question, so, you'd better make it good.

Have you ever heard of a dealer called the Sugarman?

Have I heard of him? Well, I know him. You know him.

The Sugarman, the Maple Man, the Delivery Man, he had about a million different names, but it was always just one man.

Clifford Blossom.

But he's dead.

So, how is there still a supply of jingle-jangle?

Jingle-jangle didn't hit the streets until after Clifford died.

Truth is, anybody could be the supplier now.

Good night, Betty.

[VERONICA] Drafting your next savage takedown?

[BETTY] I don't expect you to believe me, but I didn't mean what I said.

There's no sane excuse.

[VERONICA] No, there isn't.

So, tell me, B... what's the insane excuse?

[VERONICA] So, to recap... you're talking to a serial killer on the reg... and he's been puppet-mastering you?

I'll never forgive myself for what I did, V.

To you, to Jug, to my mom.

Hell, even to Nick St. Clair.

Girl, I would've given Nick's name and then happily treated myself to a facial.

I still may. But, yes... you're in a toxic relationship with the Black Hood and you need to break up.

- Or I could turn the tables on him, V.

He says he'll go away if I do one last thing... find out who's behind the jingle-jangle.

Some creep called the Sugarman.

Okay. So, what's the problem?

[BETTY] If the Sugarman exists and I find out who he is, I can't just give up his name.

The Black Hood would kill him.

Drug dealer or not, he's still a human being.

- Barely.

- [BETTY] I'm so close, V.

Will you help?

I'm in.

This isn't an alliance with the Ghoulies. This is a hostile takeover.

God, who knows how long Tall Boy has been planning on betraying us.

Maybe I stall, just until Sweet Pea and Toni get out.

I just hope they'd rather go to war with the Ghoulies than start...

- Jughead.

- Dealing jingle-jangle.

You joined the Serpents to keep the peace.

My dad would never sit back and let this happen, so, neither will I.

So, unless you have any better ideas...

Not me. But, dude, what you just said...

[FP] Start from the beginning, boys.

[JUGHEAD] Hey, you can reprimand me for joining the Serpents later, but if we don't do something now... there will be no more Serpents.

It'll just be the Ghoulies.

Ghoulies dress like fops, but they're a nasty crew.

The Serpents have survived worse, though.

Much worse. The only hitch is, it sounds like you're outmanned, which means you gotta avoid bloodshed at all costs.

- I agree. A hundred percent.

- [FP] So, outthink them.

This is about territory.

If there's one thing Ghoulies love, it's their crazy souped-up retro cars and hearses.

You catch my Riverdale drift, boys?

Challenge them to a street race, one-on-one.

But keep it on the DL. It's illegal. It'll get you locked up.

- Go on.

- [FP] Set the terms of the race.

Their guy wins, the Serpents roll over.

But if we win, the Ghoulies back off.

And maybe you raise the stakes.

Whoever wins controls Southside High.

We get rid of the Ghoulies and get rid of the jingle-jangle and get McCoy off our back.

[CHERYL] That's me, that's Jason, and that's the Sugarman.

Remember? You'd tell us tales of how he was friends with Daddy?

We were to stay up in our rooms whenever he visited Thornhill?

Was he one of Daddy's business associates?

Not maple syrup, but the other kind of business?

After all you kept from me about Daddy, about Jason's death, is this another piece of your cryptic puzzle?

As usual, Cheryl, I have no idea what you're talking about.

I never told you any such stories.

As for your father's business dealings, you know full well that all his records were either seized by the police or burned in the fire you started.


Pickens Park? More like Needle Park.

I wouldn't even go cruising here.

Hey, uh, feel free to, you know, pitch in.

I get you're pretty much Beyoncé, but today, you're just like us commoners.

I think your biceps can handle it, Mantle.

- You trying to get me to flex?

- [VERONICA] Josie.

You mind if I borrow Reggie for a New York minute?

Please. Take him.

Love watching me walk away, huh?

What do you want, Veronica?

We were kind of in the middle of something.

I want the name of your jingle-jangle contact, and I won't take no for an answer.

Betty, you have to talk to Jughead.

Soon, I promise.

I just need to take care of a few things.

I'll go out on a limb and guess you're Verne. You got my stuff?

- I don't take American Excess.

- Will this do?

My girl and I need a reason to live tonight.

She broke up with her beau. Full spiral. Tragic.

One fifty.

I know you're overcharging me, but I'm desperate.

My compliments to the Sugarman.

Did I get it wrong? Isn't that the name of the genius behind these sweet treats?

Have you ever met him?

What about my change, asshat?

Our Drugstore Cowboy should be passing you in three... two... one.

I've got eyes on him.


[JUGHEAD] Me and my boy... wanna challenge you to a race.

If we win... Serpents remain autonomous... and you quit dealing at Southside High.

[SNIFFS] And if we win?

We fold... and you can continue polluting Southside with your little straws of death.

So, the mighty Serpent Prince has some stones, but not much else.

So, unless Your Highness wants to put some of Daddy's territory on the table, I got no reason to agree to a race.

They were following me.

Tried to get in the garage.

- Veronica?

- Betty?

- Archie?

- Jughead?

[ALL] What are you doing here?

- Wait. So, these are your bitches?

- I beg your misogynistic pardon?

Why don't you take your skanks and get the hell out of here?

Until you make me a better offer, there'll be no race.

If you win... we'll give you the Whyte Wyrm.

You can expand your drug-dealing horizons and upgrade out of this literal hellhole.

We'll take the Wyrm and Sunnyside Trailer Park.

[NICK] Two turkey burgers and a Cobb salad. To go.



What are you still doing in town, Nick?

[NICK] Picking up some fuel for the trip home.

How are you?

How am I?

How am I?

You roofied me.

- You tried to rape me.

- I don't think that's what happened.

You're a Less Than Zero monster.

At least I'm not a desperate tart from a truck-stop town, hon.

Let's not distort reality to cover your morning-after shame.

You were high, half-naked and begging for it.

Call your lawyer.

Seeing as you're such an unrepentant spore, I think I'll be pressing charges after all.

Sweetie, did no one tell you about the arrangement my parents made with your cobra-like mother?

You're not gonna be saying anything about that night to anyone.

After all, there's a reason it's called hush money.

For the lady's meal, as well.

[BETTY] God bless Reggie Mantle and his inferiority complex.

His car's a lot like him.

It's beautiful to look at...

but not much going on under the hood.

Um, crescent wrench, please.

Thank you.

So, this is what Serpents do for fun, huh? Street-race rival gangs?

[JUGHEAD] Just go ahead and say it, Betty.

You said you weren't gonna join them, Jug.

And you said you loved me, and then you dumped me via Archie.

Which, by the way, way worse than via text.


I'm sorry, Jughead.

It won't make any sense... but everything around us was imploding, and I did it to protect you.

Betty, you did the one thing that could actually hurt me.

I will explain everything to you, Jug, I will.

But right now, I just wanna get you through this race.

[CHERYL] I had the most fascinating chat with Nick today.

Then I went rummaging around your bedroom until I found this.

Before you start casting stones, you should kn...

The Lodges are still accepting money from the St. Clairs for their precious SoDale construction.

I don't care about them.

I care about my mother.

You defend Daddy even after he murdered your son... but you won't stand up for me.

Not even against my would-be rapist.

Oh, don't be absurd, Cheryl.

And give me that check.

Not until you tell me the truth about the Sugarman.

He exists, Mother.

We both know it.

He worked with Daddy.

Your father...

Was an awful human being, and thank God he's dead.

But I'm alive, and I'm begging you... for once in your life, be honest with me.

Care about me more.

It's simple.

The St. Clairs bought your silence.

But you're not getting paid until I hear the truth.

What can I say...

or do...

to get you to stay here with me?

Instead of going to that dangerous... dumb, possibly deadly street race?

Don't worry, Ronnie, I have a plan.

Like the plan you and Betty had when you snuck into Ghoulie headquarters.



One that hopefully keeps everyone alive.



What? Slow down.

They what?

Are you still doing business with the St. Clairs?

Letting them invest in SoDale after what Nick did?

- To be fair, Cheryl's accusations...

- Cheryl's telling the truth.

I know, because Nick tried to do it to me.

Nick St. Clair... hurt you?

[VERONICA] Tried to.

But I stopped him before he got too far.

The next night, he went after Cheryl.

- Veronica, why didn't you say something?

- I didn't have any proof.

And Nick has done it before, I'm sure of it.

Veronica, as God is my witness, I swear to you, I will...

Under no circumstances will we take a penny from that family.

All right, let's do this!

[ALL] All right!

Not the kind of drag race I ever imagined myself going to, but at least the guys are hot.


[ARCHIE] Don't worry, Ronnie, we got this.

Just make it back to me.

Preferably in one piece, Archiekins.

[BETTY] Before you get in the car, I need you to know...

I never stopped loving you, Jug.

I'm not sure I can.

Also remember, don't ride the clutch, and don't let it slip between gear shifts.

You're an enigma, Cooper.

- Let's do it!

- [ALL] Yeah!


[TALL BOY] Get these cars up in a row!

Race over Herk Harvey Bridge to Dead Man's Curve.

First one back here wins.

Uh, I usually do the honors. - Not today, Cha-Cha.

I was born for this moment.


Engines warm and ready, gentlemen?




Damn it.


- Jug, we're coming up to the bridge.

- I know. I got this.

It's too narrow for both of us, Jughead.

Jug, we should abort.

- And let them win?

- We will both crash on that bridge.

Serpents are joining the Ghoulies over my dead body, Archie.

I'm sorry, man, but I'm not down for those terms.


Why would you do that?

Trust me, Jug, you're gonna thank me for this.


[ARCHIE] Jug, stop! Jug! Jug!


Come on, Jug, we gotta go. Come on.

Everyone scatter! The cops are rounding up Ghoulies!

- [VERONICA] Oh, my God, you're okay.

- We gotta get out of here.

- Come on, we gotta go. Right now.

- [TALL BOY] You called the cops?

You won't throw in with the Ghoulies, but you will with cops?

- Where's the honor in that?

- Calm down, Tall Boy.

- You think I knew Keller would be there?

- I called Keller.

What the hell, Archie?

Did my dad tell you about this, too?

No, this was my idea to get rid of the Ghoulies. It worked.

They get arrested for racing, they're off the chessboard.

For how long? One month? Three months?

You know what they'll want on the other side?

Your head on a stake! All of ours!

Careful you don't get burned again.

You said I never protected you.

The Sugarman... was a story I concocted... to turn an all-too-real monster into a child's bogeyman.

And it worked, for a while.

But now I need the truth.

Over the years, there were many Sugarmen... each taking over for the last.

When Clifford decided to groom your brother to take over the family business... he wanted him to meet the current Sugarman.

I protested, but your father insisted... and God help me... so began the terrible series of events that led to Jason's death.


Thank you for that, Mommy.

One more question: Who is the sugarman right now?


Oh, my God, is that the Black Hood?

It's Cheryl.


You did?

Who is he?

Wait, are you positive?


Cheryl just told me the Sugarman's name.

Oh, my God, Cheryl

Bombshell for the win.


What do I do, Veronica?

If I give the Black Hood his name, may God have mercy on the Sugarman.

And if I don't...

may God have mercy on all of us.


I assume my time's up?

[BLACK HOOD] Yes, Betty.

Have you found him for me?

I did.

Good girl. Now tell me his name.

I could.

But that wouldn't do you any good now.

I've already notified the sheriff's office.

You'll have to read his name in the exposé I just published in the Blue and Gold.

Care to comment?

I told you what would happen.

The Sugarman needed to be brought to justice, not execution.

He will be dealt with in the right way.

You're playing a risky game.

Yeah... but it's my game now.

Which is what, Betty?

A game that ends with me catching you.

I found out who killed Jason Blossom.

I found out who the Sugarman was.

You're next, Black Hood.

I'm breathing down your neck.

Can you feel it?

Can you feel me?


[JUGHEAD] What are the other Serpents saying?

Some people give you props for challenging the Ghoulies and beating them.

Others hate that you cut a deal with Keller because it puts us in bed with the pigs.

- I didn't. That was Archie.

[TONI] Yeah, I know that and you know that, but some of them don't.



No, is this another raid?

[TONI] Didn't you hear?

They caught the Sugarman.

♪ Dark as night and clear as day ♪

♪ The end is near when memories fade ♪

♪ Fall in line A deal is made ♪

♪ The price you pay ♪

[FRED] Did you hear about that teacher at Southside High who got arrested?

[ARCHIE] Jughead was in one of his classes.

- How's he dealing?

- Honestly, Dad, I'm not sure.

I tried helping Jughead with something, and it backfired. He's pretty pissed off.

Well, it's not the first fight you guys had.

Pretty sure it won't be the last. You'll patch it up.

Are you okay, Dad?

Mm-hm. Yeah. Feeling better every day.


[HERMIONE] Lodge Residence.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

Of course, all our prayers. Thank you, Andre.

Everything all right, mi vida?

The St. Clairs had a car accident.

They were run off the road.

Nick... he will recover, but it's gonna take several months.

Oh, well.

Karma's a bitch.


[JUGHEAD] In the end, the girl next door came clean about her dance macabre with the Black Hood.

Further confirmation that everyone in Riverdale wears masks.

Case in point: Robert Phillips.

By day, he is a kind, caring English lit teacher, hiding his true identity, a ruthless drug dealer.

♪ So, dig your grave ♪

♪ Dig your grave ♪

♪ Dig your grave ♪

♪ So, dig your grave ♪

Sweet dreams, Sugarman.