02x07 - Chapter Twenty: Tales from the Darkside

Previously on Riverdale... Bee and Vee, ladies... You're not allowed to go around humiliating girls for any reason...

If you wanna ride the Chuck wagon, that can be arranged.

If you hadn't come when you did...

Where is he?

The Pussycats already saved me.

Am I supposed to pay you?

I do you a favor.

One day, you do me a favor.

You went to see Penny Peabody?

Do not contact her again.

If she reaches out, don't respond.

[JUGHEAD] The cops are rounding up Ghoulies!

[TALL BOY] You called the cops?

You think I knew Keller was gonna be there?

- I called Keller.

- What the hell, Archie?

I found out who killed Jason Blossom.

I found out who the Sugarman was.

You're next.


- Black Hood.



"People of Riverdale, I have rid this town of the drug-dealing child-killer and others like him."

"Now, you must choose your fate.

The next hours will be a test.

And I will be watching you very closely."

"Show me you are pure of heart, and my work ends. Continue to sin, and I will take up the sword again."

I thought I'd finally outsmarted him, Jug, the Black Hood...

By having Mr. Phillips arrested, I thought I was saving his life, but instead...

Hey, Betty, Phillips didn't deserve what happened to him, but he was...

A high school teacher dealing drugs.

- I mean, Betty if it...

- And how the hell did the Black Hood even get into the Sheriff's Station?

I mean, unless he...


What is it, Poirot?

Nothing. No. It's too crazy.



It's Penny Peabody, remember that favor you owe me? I'm calling it in.

Uh, no, no. Wait, wait, hold on a minute.

I'm hungry, I'll meet you at Pop's.



I can't do this favor for you, whatever it is.

If I have to pay for you helping my dad...

He needs more help, that's why I called.

FP got in a little "accident", with some Ghoulies in the prison showers the other day.

Oh, my God.

Listen. He's in the infirmary now.

Is he okay?

Well, they messed up that pretty face of his.


The Ghoulies wanted blood payback for the deal you and that Northsider made with Sheriff Keller, got all their higher-ups locked away.

That wasn't...

What can we do, to get him out?

For that you would need money. You need money.

Rich people?

Rich people don't sit in jail.

Money greases the wheels of justice.

I have $ to my name.


Well, then maybe we should think of this favor as a job.


Just a one-time delivery.

You just pick up a crate on the Southside, deliver it to an address in Greendale. That's it.

What's in the crate?

Let's say, um... Pancake mix.

Penny, I'm not gonna be your drug-runner.

Of course not. You're gonna be my "transportation advisor."

Do this, and I'll use your cut of the cash for your dad's case.

I'll see what we can do about getting him an early release.

Okay. Okay, I'll do it.

Good boy. Okay. Now, you just gotta make the drop off and get out of there before midnight.

'Cause you don't want to be in Greendale after midnight, trust me.

All right? And, um, this crate, it's not gonna fit on your bike.

Can you get a car?


Jug? What are you doing here?

Out of the way, Bert & Ernie.

Archie, listen. I need your help.

You owe me, because of that little stunt you pulled with Keller and the Ghoulies.

Whatever you want.

Name the time and place, and I'm there.

It's tonight. And we need to borrow your dad's truck.

Archie... No questions asked, okay?


Grab that side of the crate, I'll grab the other.


Jug, I will see this through, but where does it end?

Derby Street in Greendale.

Come on. I mean, how does you being a Serpent end?

I don't know.


I'm kind of just living minute-to-minute here.

All right?

You know, I had this stupid idea.

That after graduation, instead of going to college, we'd both move to New York.

You were this writer.

And I'd be this musician, we'd both live in, like, the East Village or something.

Just doing our thing.

Pretty sure the East Village doesn't exist anymore.

Where are Betty and Veronica in this scenario?

They're roommates on Park Avenue.

No, but seriously, you stay on this path, Jughead, you're gonna end up in jail.

Or maybe worse than jail.


And of course, I don't have a friggin' spare.

We're gonna have to call Triple C.

What? We have the crate in the back.

No, no. Let's call Betty.

She can bring us a tire.

Are you crazy? No, Betty is not an option.

I am not letting you drag her into this mess.

Hey, calm down. You're right.

Kevin! He's got a truck.

Let's call him. Come on.






Play it cool.


Having some car trouble?

- No.

- [JUGHEAD] Yeah.

We need a spare.

Or a ride to Greendale, if you can help.

Uh, no spare, but I'm passing through Greendale.

What's in the crate?

Pancake mix.

Well, I can take you, but it's going to cost you.

- How much cash you got?

- $ .

I only got room for one of you.

Me. And the crate.

You're not seriously gonna go with this guy alone, are you?

We don't really have any other choices.

[MCGINTY] Hey, we doing this or not?

[JUGHEAD] Yeah, yes we are.

It's all right. Just stay

with your dad's truck.

Hey, you've come this far.

We're all good.


[MCGINTY] Don't look under that tarp, boy.


Thought your friend back there was Jason Blossom, for just a hot minute.

You never know on the road to Greendale.

This is truly judgment day, and he is the reaper, for Riverdale is soulless and corrupt.

But in the Black of the Hood is the light of God, and when you see it, you will die.

Unless you are of heavenly things and pure...

Do you mind if I turn this down?

There's a lot of righteous people saying he's doing God's work, The Black Hood.

That's one way of lookin' at it, yeah.


You know what this whole Black Hood thing reminds me of, don't you?

The Riverdale Reaper, is what.

Riverdale had a Reaper?

Makes my blood run cold just thinking about it.

- [ARCHIE] Thanks for the tire.

- [MAN] You got it.

[MCGINTY] Fill her up.

I'll go pay inside.





[MCGINTY] Hey, boy!

There's a cafe over there.

I'm starving. Come on, now.


I saw you, look under my tarp.

Don't worry, I got my permits.

I'm no thrill-seeking sicko, like the Black Hood.

Or the Riverdale Reaper.

Who exactly was the Riverdale Reaper?

There was a family living out near Fox Forest.


Good family.

Mother, father, two kids.

One night, they were all asleep, someone broke in.

A boogeyman went room to room with a shotgun.

Shot 'em all dead.

No survivors.

Oh, my God.

Did they find him? The Reaper?

Some people say the lynch mob got him.

Hung him from the tree near Pickens Park.

Others think he hopped a train and went out to California.

Started praying to the Devil.

Others say he never left Riverdale.

What are you saying?

You think the Riverdale Reaper is the Black Hood?

I'm saying that there's a cycle to things.

What happened then, what's happening now.

It's killing season in Riverdale.

And I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same man.


Here's the check, when you're ready.

My friend here'll pay for it.


[NERVOUSLY] I don't have any money, I gave it to you... bucks.

I used that for the gas.

Well, somebody's gotta pay for this.

Oh, good luck, Crown Boy. I'm outta here.

And I'm taking that crate with me.

- No, you aren't, man.

- [WAITRESS] Hey! Where are you going?

Nobody move, I'm calling the Sheriff...

- No!

- No!

Jughead, what's going on?

They're trying to dine n' ditch!

I'm calling the cops!

Two boys on a country road, with a crate full of God-knows-what.

You're sinners, both of you.

Careful or you'll taste the Reaper's blade next.

I'll pay for the bill.

Do you take debit?



And thank you for coming back for me.

I said I'd see this through, Jug.


It's : .

Better get goin' then.



You're late.

We had car trouble.

- [STAMMERS] Whoa, whoa.

- Next time don't be late.

No next time.

No, this was a one-time thing.

That's not what Snake Charmer tells me.

She says the Serpents are taking over for the Ghoulies.

We're set for a regular delivery, with a regular delivery boy.

Which one of you is Jughead Jones?

You know my name?




♪ When I think of you ♪

♪ My heart remembers ♪


♪ All the love we never had ♪

Thank you for helping me tonight, I... I know that, that violates every strand of your DNA.

We've all done bad things, Jug.

Ever since the Black Hood walked into this diner.

It's like he's making us do them.

I was thinking about that guy who stopped for us tonight, Mr. American Gothic.

His story about the Riverdale Reaper.

Maybe it's just a tale from the dark side but...

What if, it's an actual lead?

Maybe tomorrow, you and I, if you're free, we could go to library...

Me and Reggie are taking Moose to physical therapy.

Then Ronnie and I are having dinner with her parents.

But maybe the day after?

Yeah. For sure.

Can't you get out of this somehow, Jug?

What part exactly?

I can try.

Hey, I'll try.


Do you want a ride home?

It's practically dawn.

No, um...

Visiting hours start at sun up.

I'm gonna visit my dad.




What's up? You look like you've seen a ghost.

[JUGHEAD] What the hell game are you playing, Penny?

- You lied to me. My dad's fine.

- I incentivized you.

No, you said that this was gonna be a one-and-done.

It's not like you have a choice.

What is this?

It's insurance you'll do what I say.

And if you cause a stink or try to back out, or raise your voice to me ever again, I will make sure that video goes straight to the Sheriff's office.

God, imagine what that would do to your dad's heart.

Break it, right?



- Why me?

- FP made me a promise, that he didn't keep.

As far as I'm concerned, his debt is yours.

And I am just getting started with you.





[GASPS] Mr. Svenson, you scared me.

I was about to lock up.

Are you gonna be okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'll just, uh, slip out the side door, like usual.

As long as you don't tell Principal Weatherbee.

He'd have my head.



♪ Everything ♪

♪ Everything ♪


Josephine McCoy.


Why do you think I moved us into the Five Seasons?

Because, you don't feel safe at the house.

Baby, I don't want you walking the streets alone, not with the Black Hood out there.

I am this close to assigning a deputy to you for security.

Mom! I don't need a bodyguard.

I'm not Whitney.

[SNAPS FINGERS] Not yet, anyway.

I want you in this hotel before dark from now on.


- Understood?

Yes, ma'am.

The Black Hood has my mom on edge and she has me on edge, and when I get stressed, the polyps on my vocal chords swell and I lose my voice.

On top of which, going behind the Pussycats' back, working on songs without them.

You feel like you're sinning, and the Black Hood is going after sinners.

I get it. And you're allowed to feel guilty.

Up to a point, but I slipped that vid of you singing "Milkshake" to that producer at Shabbey Road Studios, and he was adamant about giving you and you alone, studio time.



OMG. Another gift from your secret admirer?

Gotta get a new lock.

That's the third gift this week.

Who could this mystery bae be?

[GASPS] Ooh, maybe it's the Black Hood.

You know he loves writing notes.

That is not funny, Cheryl.



I get confused ♪

♪ I never know where you stand ♪

♪ And then you smile... ♪


Chuck Clayton? Can I help you?

Well, I heard that voice and I could not resist.

So, uh, I know this may seem a little out of the blue.

But I was wondering if maybe you and I...


Not even some cheese fries at Pop's?

Wait, hold up.

Are you the one putting things in my locker?

- Well, I can be.

- Ew.

Sorry, Chuck. I don't date.

Especially not chauvinistic, misogynistic harassers of women, like you.



- I've got bio.

You will not believe this.

Chuck Clayton just asked me out on a date.

That's vile, assuming you said no.

Yeah, I'm not insane.

Good. Because we've a date with the recording studio


- Maybe after school today?

No way. I'm heading straight to the girls' locker room for a eucalyptus steam.

My throat's been acting up...

- Josie, we have to practice...

- Good Lord, Cheryl.

I don't know who's more controlling, you or my mom.

Josie, what you did, saving me from that Nick St. Creature.

It's a debt I'll never be able to repay.

What I can do is offer my humble skills to make your career blossom.

But I'm happy to take a step back if you're feeling overwhelmed.

No, no.

It's all good.


Oh, my God...

Hey, what's up.

Is it true you're ditching us?

- Who told you that?

- Someone put a note in my locker.

- What?

- Josie.

Women are supposed to treat each other better than this.

We're your sisters, and you clawed us in the back.

It's not as black-and-white as that.

Okay, this... This opportunity just fell in my lap.

[VALERIE] Then why didn't you talk to us?

Why be all shady and hide it?

Because she wants to try it as a solo diva.

Well, go ahead, Josie.

Try it, girl. 'Cause you're on your own now.

What? No, wait! No, Val!

Pride cometh before the fall, Josie.


Who's there?



God! Chuck!


- [PANTING] Oh, my God.

- Josie, are you okay?


I'm fine.

[NERVOUSLY] Hey, you wanna...

You wanna give me a ride home?

Yeah, yeah, of course.


Is it cool if we make one stop first?


Don't give me that look.

That "we are on a date" look.

We are not on a date.

Okay, I admit, I don't have a great track record.

- Hmm.

But I am changing.

I started going to church with my dad, and I'm taking these art classes.

Why? To objectify models?

No, I wanna draw comics or kids books.

Chuck, be realistic.

You expect me to just believe that you've changed?

[POP] Hey, kids.

Really nice seeing you at church on Sunday, Chuck.

Maybe you can get this one to come.


Did you plan that?

No, I'm good.

- But I'm not that good.


And, Josie, I really

am trying to be better.

Come on, let's dance.

- In Pop's?

- Why not?


♪ She gets so excited ♪

♪ Watch her look at her run ♪

♪ Oh, Mommy, Mommy ♪

♪ Please may I go ♪

♪ It's such a sight to see ♪


♪ Somebody steal the show ♪

♪ Oh, Daddy, Daddy ♪

♪ I beg of you ♪

♪ Whisper to mommy ♪

♪ It's all right with you ♪

♪ 'Cause they'll be rockin on bandstand ♪

♪ In Philadelphia P.A. ♪


- You are a damned fool.

- Mom, what are you doing here?

Check your phone, young lady.

I've been texting you for hours.

And you're in here doing the twist.

Mom, relax.

[NERVOUSLY] Mayor McCoy, I was just about to give Josie a ride home.


I don't want you within ten feet of my daughter!

I cannot have you acting out, Josie, not with everything that's going on.

I'm not acting out, Mom, I'm living my life.

There are people in this town with hate in their hearts.

You've read the letters I used to get.

The words they used.

And now, since the Black Hood started, it's gotten so much worse.

It's like...

It's like they're emboldened by him.

I've started getting death threats.

Oh, my God.

The things they're saying, Josie, they're going to "slit my throat."

Or "cut out my heart."

They're monsters.



The last letter I got, mentioned you.

I have to ask you, Josie, you received any letters? Or packages?

Anything suspicious or threatening?


No, nothing like that.

I've worked so hard to get us here.

To shield us from this kind of hatred.



[CHERYL] That someone would do that, write those things to your mom?

This town is seriously ill.

Tell me about it.

My mom's the mayor.

She's the strongest woman I know, and for these cowards to be terrorizing her...

Do you want to bail on practice?

No, I need to sing.

It'll keep my mind off last night.

Speaking of, I cannot believe you went on a date with Chuck last night.

Taking a few art classes does not a saint make.

He really is trying to be a better person.

Is that why you didn't tell Sheriff Keller he was low-key stalking you?

I'm giving Chuck the benefit of the doubt.

Fine. It's your funeral.

Here we go again.

I'll give Chuck that.

He knows how to commit.

[CHERYL] Oh, my God.

That is so not okay.

It's a threat, Josie.

What's in the box?

[GASPS] Oh, my God!

Out of the way, Bert and Ernie.

We got your note, Cretin.

This sick game you're playing with my girl ends now.

Some people may be buying the snake oil you're peddling, but not me.

You're still the same Chuck that thinks women are playthings to possess and torture.

Cheryl, what are you even talking about right now?

Stuffed animals are one thing, but a pig's heart?

- Josie, I, uh...

If the Black Hood weren't clearly an old white dude, I'd say you'd be a prime suspect.

Hey, what's going on here?

Oh, good. Mr. Svenson's here to clean up the trash.

Chuck's been threatening Josie, sending her disturbing messages.

The creep probably wants to cut her open and feel her organs.

Josie, is this true?

For all we know, he's the one sending your mom those letters, too.

[CHUCK] Come on, Josie.

It is. He's the one.

- What?

- It's true.

It is not true, and you know it.

- You're going to Weatherbee's office.

- You are lying!

- You're lying! You're lying!

- Come on!

[CHUCK] All right!


We spoke with Chuck and he'll be steering clear of you from here on out.

I'm glad they found the miscreant that was doing this to you, baby.

Actually, we may not have.

We spoke with Chuck and questioned him and checked his locker, but we never found any evidence.

Well, keep looking, Tom.

If my daughter says it's him, it's him.


♪ Just like a ghost ♪

♪ You've been a haunt in my dreams ♪

♪ But now I know ♪

♪ You're not what you seem ♪

♪ Love is kinda crazy with a spooky... ♪

♪ ...little boy like you ♪

♪ Spooky ♪

♪ Spooky ♪






Josie, baby, what's wrong?


Baby, what's wrong? Say something!

Say something, Josie.



♪ You call me up and ask me ♪

♪ Would I like to go with you and see a movie? ♪

♪ Mmm ♪

♪ First I say no, I've got some plans for tonight ♪

♪ And then I stop ♪

What is it, Poirot?

Nothing. No. It's too crazy.


There's no way.

[KEVIN] You guys, I'm worried about my dad.

The town is turning on him.

He's trying his best under these crazy circumstances, but this Black Hood stuff is really getting to him.

- How is he dealing with it?

- Yeah, what's he been doing?

He's not sleeping.

He's not eating.

I hear him rummaging around the house at odd hours, talking to himself, just heading out in the middle of the night.

- Where do you think he's going?

- Where's he going?

I don't know. But whatever it is, it's...

It's like he's a different person.

Poor Kevin. He's like a character in a lost Tennessee Williams play.

Veronica, I have a theory about Sheriff Keller.

Oh, me, too. It's obvious.

- He's the Black Hood.

- He's having an affair.


Is that a joke?

I wish it were.

Whatever crazy web that you're spinning, Bee, let me break it down for you.

Sheriff Keller's wife's away, he's failing at his job, he's looking for comfort, sneaking around...

All signs point to cheating.

Well, I don't know, maybe he's having an affair, and he's the Black Hood.

You've known Kevin's dad how many years?

Okay, think about it, The Black Hood killed Mr. Phillips in a cell at the Sheriff's Station.

How do you explain that?

Betty, Kevin needs our friendship right now, not your groundless suspicions.

[EXHALES] Don't worry, my intuition's telling me that he's having an affair.

But stay tuned while I prove it.


So I've been wracking my brain for something that might cheer you up, and I have just the prescription.

A sleepover!

- Doesn't that sound fun?

- A sleepover at the Pembrooke?

Actually, Kev, I was thinking how I've never seen your house.

Thank you for sitting down with me, Sheriff.

Like I said, I'm writing a follow-up about Mr. Phillips.

Well, I'm happy to oblige, Betty.

How did the Black Hood get to the Sugarman, Sheriff?

Right here in the station?

Forced entry. I was out on patrol and the overnight deputy, he fell asleep.

But breaking into your station, that seems...

Incredibly ballsy?

Have a look at this.

The Black Hood pried the door open from the outside.

An then he just... Well, come on, I'll show you.


I'll take you down to the holding cells, where he shot Phillips.

We've gathered shoeprints, video surveillance and everything else we could to catch this monster.

But what enrages me is that it happened in my department, under my watch.


And if you roll a six, you can take over the Kingdom of Theodore.

[VERONICA] Interesting.



I'm gonna go get a bevvy.

Do you want anything?

A glass of milk would be great.

- Betty?

- You're having a sleepover at Kevin's?

Without me? In the middle of an investigation?

This isn't an investigation, okay?

This is me helping a friend deal with his father's infidelities.

Oh, so you're there snooping to prove that Sheriff Keller's having an affair?

Why else would I leave the comforts of the Pembrooke?

Can you please add looking for evidence that suggests Sheriff Keller's the Black Hood to your to-do list?

I'd start in the home office.

It's locked.

And, no, I don't have any bobby pins.

Okay, check the basement.

Yeah, I'm sure that's where he keeps all his spare hoods.


No way. I am not going down there.

Please. Just check to see if something jumps out at you.

[SIGHS] Okay, fine.




[BETTY] Hey, Vee...

[PANTING] Oh, Veronica.

What can I do for you?

[STAMMERS] I was just...

Looking for juice or diet soda or something.

The fridge in the kitchen is empty and I'm parched.

Well, there's some here, I think.

- There you are.

- [SIGHS] Thanks.


I didn't know you worked out so much, Mr. Keller.

[GIGGLES] I mean, Archie Andrews, watch your back.

[SCOFFS] I don't do it for vanity. I do it for discipline, and to push my limits.

- And I'm sure it comes in handy on the job.

- Yeah.

Kevin mentioned things have been stressful lately, with the Black Hood and everything.

It must get super hard.

With all the pressure, without Mrs. Keller.

Where is she stationed, again?

Bahrain. Uh, some Naval Base there.

That can't be easy.

How do you...


[KEVIN] Veronica?

What are you doing down here?

Hey, pal.



[VERONICA ] I saw Kevin's dad sneaking out in the middle of the night, and he came home, like, at : a.m.


A Jingle-Jangle addict's body was found by the tracks this morning.

It says here this guy was hit and killed by a train.

Yeah, because he was pushed in front of it by Sheriff Keller.

Or he stumbled into its path.

No, think about all the locked doors in his house... Why?

- Why?

- Because he's a private person.

Look, Betty, let's not confuse wanting a solution to this mystery with actually having one, okay?

This is Kevin's father we're talking about.



♪ You always keep me guessing ♪

♪ And I never seem to know what you are thinking ♪


♪ And if a fellow looks at you ♪

♪ It's for sure your little eye will be a-winkin' ♪

♪ I get confused 'cause I don't know where I stand ♪

♪ And then you smile ♪

♪ And hold my hand ♪

♪ Love is kinda crazy withьa spooky little girl like you ♪

♪ Spooky, yeah ♪





What are you doing here?

[HAL] Thanks for calling, Tom.

That's okay, Hal.

And as for Betty, I... I apologize.

[STAMMERS] I mean, accusing you of being the Black Hood.

I can't imagine where she got that idea.

Well, she found my research on the case, and, uh, the black hood that I pulled out of Archie's locker.

With an overactive imagination, I can see how it could look a certain way.

This is my log book.

Go ahead and flip through it.

When Fred was shot, I was processing a perp.

When Midge and Moose were attacked, I was patrolling downtown.

And I was right here in the station when Ms. Grundy was murdered in Greendale.

Graveyard shift.

Betty, I'm not going to say anything to Kevin about what happened.

You've been a very good friend to him.

I think this would break his heart.

[HAL] Thanks, Tom.

I know you think I'm crazy, Vee, but you yourself, saw him sneaking out.

- He's hiding something.

- Okay, Bee.

I'm in, for Kevin's sake.

And also to keep you in check.

Look. Look, look, look!


Where-oh-where do you think you're going, Sheriff?


- There he is.

- [VERONICA] What is he doing?

[BETTY] That must be his kill kit.

His what now?

He's about to do something terrible.

His next victim could be in that room right now.

Should we call the cops?




- [WHISPERS] What the hell are you doing?

- Shh.

[BETTY] I just can't believe this. I'm in shock.

Me, too.

My woman's intuition told me Sheriff Keller was having an affair, but with Mayor McCoy?

Oh, God. Riverdale's list of sinners keeps expanding.

Hey, look, it's the boys.

Shall we ask them to join?

On second thought, it looks like they're having an intense broment.

Veronica, how are we gonna tell Kevin about this?

I don't think we do.

I think this is one of those secrets we keep.

For Kevin's sake.

Let him keep thinking his dad's a good guy.

There, there.

Drink your tea, Josie.

Do you want a ride home?

It's practically dawn.

No, uh, visiting hours start at sunup.

I'm gonna visit my dad.



Hello. Pop's!


That was him on the phone.

The Black Hood.

He says that we've failed his test.

That we're all sinners.

That the reckoning is upon us.