02x15 - Chapter Twenty-Eight: There Will Be Blood

[JUGHEAD] Previously on Riverdale...

- My dad, he's...

- A mobster.

Archie, it's not just what he is, it's what he's planning to do. In Riverdale.

I don't need to know.

Smithers, would you describe my father as a good man?

I'd rather not say, miss.

Oh, my God! What happened to the twins?

- I had them, Betty.

- You didn't call us. Mom will be crushed.

He has to go, Alice.

[KEVIN] Chic, he's kinda creepy.

I just remembered where I knew Chic from.

He's a video gigolo, a web cam boy.

My parents, they know about the affair with Sheriff Keller.

- I have decided...

- Mayor McCoy's resigning.

Hiram Lodge. He just bought Sunnyside Trailer Park and he said we can all stay.

He's gobbling up the Southside piece by piece.


[JUGHEAD] I was running out of time.

And maybe, so was Riverdale.

Hiram Lodge had been making moves.

Big moves. But with no proof of criminal behavior, all I could do was speculate.

What was Hiram's master plan for Riverdale?

And why did it feel so close to fruition?


What's all this?

Hopefully, this is the article that saves the town from Hiram Lodge.

- Jughead...

- If I can fit the pieces together.

Boy, you need to drop this. He rescued us.

He bought the trailer park, forgave our debts.

What? He's the reason we almost lost the trailer park.

Hiram's slicker than a bottle of snake oil, no doubt, but this is...

Dad, please!

Hiram Lodge just bought The Riverdale Register.

He's trying to silence dissenting voices before he makes his big play.

He's afraid. He's afraid of this exposure.

If you remember correctly, the only house in Riverdale with a pool was Thornhill...

There we were, two drunk, dumb teenagers looking to cool off...

Why didn't you just go to the quarry? Or Sweetwater River?

Oh, what I remember is someone borrowing the school van for a joy ride, you and Mary...

No, that was Alice, not us.

Oh, my God, this sounds like an episode of Saved by the Bell.

Hey, Fred, before you head off, why don't you join Hermione and me in the study?

I have this -year-old rum.

I think you'll love it.

Well, I can't say no to that.

- Veronica, stay with Archie?

- Mmm-hmm.

[KEVIN] Betty, I can't keep doing this anymore.

He's your brother and it is weird.

Kevin, every time I try asking Chic questions about himself, he gets defensive or literally starts to cry as a diversion.

- You're catfishing him?

- If it's the only way to get Chic to open up.



So, do you ever P and P?

You know, Party and Play?

You keep asking me that and I keep telling you no.

[KEVIN STAMMERS] You know...

This is our third time cam-ing and you haven't really told me anything about yourself.

Yeah, well, you haven't taken your shirt off yet. So we're even.

I'm shy.


Okay. What do you wanna know?

[ARCHIE] What are they talking about in there, do you reckon?

So, between us, the deputy mayor who took over for Josie's mom is on the verge of stepping down.

There's gonna be a special election and my parents think your dad would make an ideal candidate.

They want my dad to run for mayor?

It's business and politics, Archie.

They go hand in hand.

Dad, is this something you're seriously considering?


Being mayor is something I dreamed about ever since I was a little kid, son, in the back of my mind.

And I know Riverdale's had a lot of downs lately but maybe, I can help get it back up on an upswing.

And you don't think it's weird that Mr. Lodge is asking you to run?

He's not dumb, son. He spends a lot of money in Riverdale.

It makes sense he wants a friend in the mayor's office.

Will he pay for your campaign?

He offered to make a donation to help me get going, but...

But to be clear, Archie, if I decide to run, it won't be for him, it'll be for Riverdale.

For me.

For you.

Mother. Strange man I've never met.

Cheryl, this is Mr. Lazenby, our estate attorney.

Your father, as it turns out, left a secret will.

[SCOFFS] Of course he did.

But Daddy died months ago.

And Mr. Blossom's instructions were to reveal the existence of his will only after the authorities had concluded their investigation into his side business.

You mean drug dealing?

Does this mean we're gonna be rich again?

Oh, Cheryl, don't be so gauche.

Per Clifford's instructions, he requested I withhold all information, including the names of his numerous beneficiaries, until a public will-reading.

That's tomorrow afternoon.

It's been a long time coming, Alice, but I'm out. I'm done fighting.

I want a divorce.

- Are you still seeing Penelope Blossom?

- No.

And this isn't about that.

This is about how I worshiped you like a goddess for years.

We raised a family together, and then the first chance that you get, you side with a stranger over me?

And you too, Betty. I can't believe that you would choose Chic's side over your own father.

Dad, if this is truly about Chic, then I'm with you, okay?

Let's ask him to move out.

You sold The Register to that scumbag Hiram Lodge.

I should be the one divorcing you!

Hiram offered me a fairer price, Alice.

Half of which I will give to you, if you agree to set me free...


I'm listening.

I put the odds of Fred saying yes at about - .

As always, mija, anything you can whisper in Archie's ear?

Mom, he's my boyfriend, not a constituent.

Ah, you influence Archie and Archie influences Fred, and we need Fred right now.

When we announce our bigger plans...

It'd sound better coming out of his well-respected, well-liked mouth.

Fine. I'll do my best.

[ARCHIE] Are you still going after Hiram Lodge?

Well, that depends. [SIGHS]

Who's asking? You?

Veronica? The archfiend himself?

Jug, there's gonna be a special election to replace Josie's mom.

- Hiram Lodge wants my dad to run.

- What? Why?

Who freaking knows?

Jughead, I'm with Veronica, so that means I'm with the Lodges.


- But my dad, I can't let him get in any deeper with them.

So tell him he shouldn't run.

Veronica would kill me if I did. And ditto the Lodges.

Maybe I could give you something.

Maybe you could write about it and that might make my dad hit pause.


You remember when Hiram Lodge gave Pop Tate that charitable donation to keep that diner open?

Yeah, we were all there.

Except Hiram Lodge didn't give Pop's a donation.

- He bought the diner.

- What?

And for some reason, he doesn't want anyone to know about it.

Can you do something with that fact?

At least enough to make my dad think twice about this stupid mayor idea.

- He bought the diner?

- Yes!

God! Hiram is like Dracula.

Snapping up properties from all over Riverdale to expand his empire and feed.

If what you're telling me is true, everyone is in danger.

I figured out Hiram's methodology.

He acquires devalued land at a deep, some might say criminal discount.

Twilight Drive-In, Sunnyside Trailer Park, Southside High, and now Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe.

- Wait, Pop's?

- Hiram bought Pop's?

Yeah. And while most people didn't care about Hiram's other acquisitions, probably because they were on the Southside...

Pop's is the heart of Riverdale.

Right. People will care about this one.

So, when are you talking to Pop?

I was doing some research and apparently, your dad needs , signatures before he can even run for mayor.

- Uh-huh.

[VERONICA] So I was thinking, if you're not doing anything, maybe we can collect them together.

[EXHALES] You know what?

I actually have some homework I have to catch up on.

- I'll talk to you later.

- Wait, Archie...


- Polly, what are you doing home again?


She just walked through the door with these perfect babies.

I thought it would be nice to surprise Mom.


And I was surprised to meet our brother.

You have to hold one.

I'd love to.

[ALICE] Here.

[SOFTLY] Oh, hello.

Hey, where's Dad, by the way?

Are we all gonna go to the will-reading together?

- What will-reading?

- [POLLY] What?

You... You mean Dad hasn't told you?

Cheryl, I agreed to come to this will-reading but I didn't agree to a makeover.

Unless it involves that blouse.

Nice, right?

For the record, j'adore your flannel mesh aesthetic.

I'm merely augmenting it for the occasion.

What is going on in here, Cheryl?

Mrs. Blossom, hi, I'm Toni Topaz.

I'm a friend of Cheryl's from school and she's lending me an outfit for the will-reading.

And why on Earth would you be there?

I invited her to be my emotional support.

Just make sure you're downstairs before the guests start to arrive.

We need to present a united front against those scavengers.

Ugh. She's a nightmare.

[SIGHS] Isn't she though?

[FRED] Hey, Arch, check this out!

When I applied to college to be an urban planner...

This is before Grandpa already got sick, this was a presentation that I made for some program I never got into.

Riverdale . Small town with a big future.

- Sounds corny, huh?

- No, Dad, this is awesome.


- [VERONICA] Hello?

Archie! Mr. Andrews?

Oh, goody! You're both here.

So I fully realize I'm putting the cart before the horse, but I was spitballing some design ideas, and I think I may have come up with a few potential campaign logos. Veronica, those are terrific, I gotta say, but... Oh!

- Now, that one, that's my favorite. Hmm.

- Mine too.

Great. So I'll have some buttons and T-shirts printed ASAP.

[ARCHIE] Why are you pushing this on him?

I'm not. I just think your dad would make a great mayor.

Why are you resisting this so much?

Because, Ronnie, my dad is not cut out for what your parents want.

Which is what, in your mind?

A dog on a leash who does what it's told.

And if not, they'll push him out like they did Mayor McCoy.

Archie, Mayor McCoy had an affair with Sheriff Keller.

That's why she stepped down.

My parents had nothing to do with it, which I would swear to you on the Bible.

I feel like you're steering me, Ronnie, like you're steering my dad,

and it's not cool.

So ease off him.



"I, Clifford Cochrane Blossom, being of sound mind and body, do here inscribe the terms of my last will and testament.

Firstly... Ownership of Thistlehouse will stay with our beloved matriarch, Roseanne Blossom.

To my wife and partner, Penelope, I leave ownership of our greatest treasure, Thornhill, the exquisite mansion she made a home."

The charred husk of an empty house.

That sounds about right, Mother.

Now, the reason I contacted you and you all traveled to be here.

"Any and all remaining assets of my fortune will be divided in half.

The first half will be distributed equally to anyone in Riverdale who can prove with medical authentication that even one drop of Blossom blood flows through their veins."

I knew it!

- Alice, what the hell are you doing here?

- Accusing you publicly.

You only wanted a divorce so that you could cheat me out of your big, fancy Blossom payday.

It's not just my payday, the girls share Blossom blood too.

My lawyer is gonna rip you apart.

Isn't that right, Attorney McCoy?

I will be taking half of whatever blood money you get from this inbred cesspool of a family.


Yeah, that's right. I said inbred.

Would you please just leave?

Shut your face, you half-melted ten cent trollop!

Oh, this is riveting, I can't breathe.

- [POP] Usual, Jughead?

- Not today, Pop.

[SIGHING] I actually have a question for you.

Did Hiram Lodge buy this diner from you?

Jughead... [SIGHS]

The Tates have owned this diner for over years.

When my ma gave me the keys, she made me promise that no matter what, I'd always keep this shop in our family.

Now, I did what I needed to with Mr. Lodge but my mother's still with us, God bless.

It would kill her to hear I went against her wishes.

Please, Jug, can you keep this to yourself while I still have my mom?

[SIGHS] And then you can tell whoever you want.

Now that the interloper has been escorted from the premises, we can finish our business. As I was saying...

"The other half of my fortune will go to my true heirs, Jason and Cheryl."


As the one true Blossom heir, I feel it is my sacred duty to say a few words.

The Blossoms have been bathing in blood since Great-Grandpappy Blossom killed his brother.

[CHUCKLES] The original sin of Riverdale.

Well, I stand before you to say, no more.

No more blood.

No more madness.

[SIGHS] No more horror.

[MAN] Here, here.


Couldn't have said it better myself.




Oh, Mumsy, I had the most frightful daymare.

Daddy was back.


Calm down, it's not what you think.

Hello, Cheryl.

I'm your Uncle Claudius.

- Twin to your father.

- Twin? But...

Daddy never said anything about having a brother.

Well, allow me to explain.



When Clifford and I were boys, we were inseparable, modern-day Romulus and Remus.

And it became apparent that I was being primed to inherit the Blossom empire.

Till our th birthday.

Clifford and I were down by Sweetwater River and he, uh...

He pointed a rifle at me and with eyes void of humanity, he told me about the Blossom curse.

How one of the twins always meets a violent end and often at the hands of the other.

Well, he spared me.

But that very night, I ran away from home without a trace.

[SIGHS] It broke my heart.

I couldn't bear to speak your name.

I joined the Merchant Marines.

I sailed the seas desperate to outrun the Blossom curse.

[POLLY] How soon do you think we could get those blood tests done?

Do you think Dr. Patel works on weekends?

- I'll call and check.

- Polly, what's the rush?

I just wanna know how much money we're inheriting.

Between you, me, Chic and the babies, we could start our own version of the farm.

Uh, I'm not getting my blood tested.

Really, Chic, how come?

- Uh, I don't know these people.

- They're your cousins.

We're all Blossoms, like it or not.

I'm not, thank the Lord.

I don't want their blood money.

- Don't be stupid.

- I said, I don't want their money.

Besides, needles trigger me.

Polly, Betty, leave your brother alone.

He can decide for himself.

Mom, I decided something.

I'm happy to do the family's bidding at school, but Archie is off the table.

- You're losing your nerve?

- No!

Not even close, but I am afraid of losing Archie.

He's become a pawn on our chessboard and it's hurting our relationship.

Veronica, in this business of ours, the women always walk the razor's edge.

The men are the gangsters, but us, the molls, we use our wiles, our cunning, a hand on an elbow, a whisper in an ear, to manage things from behind the scenes.

Maybe, but not me. Not with Archie.

You're right.

You're right to protect your relationship with Archie.

We gotta get aggressive, Kev.

Chic's turning down a lot of money because he's refusing to take a blood test.

And we need to find out why.

What exactly is hishiding?

What am I supposed to do? Just ask him?

I have a plan.

It's slightly insane.


- [CHIC] Hey, stranger.

Been missing your cute face.

Where'd you go?

Uh, yeah, sorry. I went MIA. I actually...

Just got tested for the first time and...

I'm negative but it's been pretty intense.

Your first test? Congrats, cowboy.

- That's a milestone.

- Hmm.

Uh, do you get tested?

Yeah, I used to go every week.

Man, I had the worse scare once!


Oh, yeah? What happened?

Yeah, it's a long story but, uh...

I was living with a rougher crew than I am now.


Wait, are you talking to somebody else?


That's it, that's it. I'm out!

No! What do you mean, Kev?

Sorry, Betty, but your brother actually seems like a really good guy and this is starting to make me feel like a really bad person so sorry, but I'm done.


Did Pops confirm Mr. Lodge bought the diner?

Yeah, he did. [SIGHS]

But I'm sorry, I can't publish that article, Archie.

It would break Pop's heart.

Jug, we can't give up. I think my dad's gonna run.

Archie, I have talked to every possible suspect connected to the Lodges, even Mayor McCoy.

They're all on lockdown.

Maybe you've been talking to the wrong McCoy.

I'm brunching, Archie. What do you want?

My dad is seconds away from running for mayor with the Lodges' support.

And I don't him to go through what your mom did.

So I was thinking maybe you could get your mom to talk to him.

Even secretly.

Archie, my mom barely made it out of the mayor's office alive.

If she lets slip even a whisper of what went down between her and the Lodges, there'd be hell to pay.

She'd implicate herself in about a million ways.

Yeah, I figured.

But isn't there plenty of stuff your mom could say to my dad that would kill his buzz without getting into the shady stuff?

[MAYOR MCCOY] It's not all ribbon ceremonies and catered affairs, Fred.

It's filling potholes, collecting trash, and if you think you can run this town plus Andrews Construction at the same time, forget it.

I've got a pretty good team working for me.

And then there are the uglier aspects of the job.

Crime, poverty, threats...

Like the Black Hood?

Right now, you might be the people's shining hope of Riverdale, but say you do win, Fred.

They'll turn their back on you, and all your friends will be standing in line to stab you in the back.

I appreciate the real talk, Sierra.

I haven't even gotten to the real talk yet, Fred.

Let's chat about the pittance that is the mayor's salary.


- [ALICE COOING] I know.



- Oh. Hello.

Mom! I'm late for work, can you drive me?

Not right now, Chic, I'm with the twins. Take the bus or walk.

Oh, hi.


Pop Tate, to what do I owe this honor?

Sorry to bother you at home, Mr. Lodge.

Come on in.

[HIRAM] Apparently, Jughead Jones is asking questions about the ownership of the Chock'lit Shoppe.

- Jughead Jones!

- Daddy!

Did Pop Tate keep his mouth shut?

- More or less.

- Then Jughead has nothing.

No, what he has is someone from our inner circle feeding him information.

Now, the only people that know that we own Pop's are the three of us.

And Archie Andrews.

And yes, he's proven his loyalty to us, but what's to say he isn't feeding information to his best pal, Jug.

It was me.

I told Jughead about Pop's.

- What?

- Why?

When we were all at Shadow Lake, Jughead was grilling me about the Southside, asking incessant questions about SoDale, the trailer park, Southside High.

I had to get him off the scent, so I distracted him with the smallest truth I could, the diner.

Veronica, so help me, that is a...

- That was quick thinking, mija.

- What?

You can't possibly think that was a prudent choice.

I do.

Veronica wisely threw the dog a little, relatively harmless bone to keep him from digging up a much bigger, more controversial one.

Yes, exactly.

Her gambit bought us the time we need for some preemptive damage control.

Ojala, you two are right.

[JUGHEAD] Hiram's gonna beat the clock.

Feels like every step I make, he's two or ten steps ahead of me.

He's lapping me!

He's been winning at this game a lot longer than you've been alive.

Yeah, because he's been rigging the game and everyone's too afraid to come out and speak against him.

You know, uh... [SIGHS]

There's one person you haven't asked to go on the record yet.



You know, back in the day, Hiram asked me and the Serpents to trash the drive-in so he could buy it for rock-bottom price.

[SIGHS] We complied.


On purpose?

You worked for Hiram Lodge?

I'll own up to that.

On the record, if it'll help you bring him down.


- Hello?

- [MAN] Jughead Jones?

I have information about Hiram Lodge's plans.

Riverdale bus terminal. minutes.

Who was that?

I have no idea.

But you may not have to go on the record just yet.


I'm gonna kill you.

You're leaking private information about my family.

Information that my father trusted you with.

- Look, if this is about Pop's...

- Damn right it is!

And lucky for you, I fell on the sword and saved you from his apocalyptic wrath.

- You didn't have to that.

- Yes, I did.

If my dad ever found out you snitched, do you know what he would do to you?

Veronica, I'm not gonna apologize to you for trying to protect my dad!

From my parents?

Archie, this isn't The Manchurian Candidate.


- And your father is an untouchable.

He'll never be hurt or corrupted.

[SIGHS] What happened to your loyalty?

We brought you into this because you said you were fine with it.

- You made a promise!

- Veronica, you wanted my eyes wide open before I committed to your family.

You insisted upon it, in fact.

And if my dad is gonna run for mayor with your parents, he deserves to know the whole truth and so do I.

What whole truth?

His big secret plan for the Southside.

You were almost gonna tell me at your confirmation but I stopped you.

Well, now, I wanna know.

For myself and for my dad.

That's... That's something you'll have to talk to my dad about.

[FRED] Oh, hey, there you are.

- Hey, Veronica.

- Hi, Mr. Andrews.

Perfect timing. Uh, I have an announcement to make.

You two are looking at the next candidate for mayor of Riverdale.


[WHISPERS] Guess you better talk to my dad fast.

Wasn't better when it was just me, you and Mom?

Uh... You... You don't like Polly?

Love is finite.

People run out of it eventually.

They stop loving you or they start loving someone else.

One day, the sun is shining down on you, and the next, you're alone.

And it's cold.

And dark.


Are you okay?

[SIGHS] Don't use my bathroom again, Betty.


I haven't much time.

Are you Deep Throat?

You've been calling everyone in town for information about Hiram Lodge but not me.

That's why I called you.

No offense, but how does a bus driver have insider information on Hiram Lodge?

I used to be someone else, someone who was privy to Hiram Lodge's personal affairs.

Someone who suffered at his whims.

What kind of personal affairs?

I coordinated transportation for Mr. Lodge, sometimes out to Shankshaw Prison.

He also received mail from the warden there.


That's not where Hiram Lodge served time.

I'm afraid that's all I have for you.

That's it?

And one more thing. A question.

Miss Veronica, how's she faring through all this?

So, Mr. Blossom, how does it feel being back in Riverdale after all these years?

Ignore that person, Claudius.

I'd assumed tonight would be family only.

It's all right. I enjoy meeting new people.

Do you know, during my journeys as a sailor, I came upon the most wonderful island...

- Lesbos.

- Oh, my God.

It is the most beautiful natural place on Earth.

Oh, you're not going back on the boat, dear boy, are you?

You're staying here with us.

Whatever I can do to make sure that you and this house are well cared for, Mother.

That is, of course, as long as I'm welcome.

There's a room over the garage.

It's freezing in winter and boiling in summer but...

It's there.

So, Hiram Lodge's master plan has something to do with your old stomping ground, Shankshaw.

I tried calling the warden a dozen times but he hasn't called me back.

That corrupt son of a bitch.

Do you have any contacts on the inside that might know something?

Yeah, War Baby.

He knows everybody's business.

Can I get in to see him?

Can I just say, between us, that Chic is creepy?

I don't think he likes me and I don't think that he likes the twins.

A couple of times I've just caught him, like, staring at us.

Yeah, tell me about it.

It's part of the reason why I submitted a sample of Chic's blood to the lab that the Blossoms set up.

- CSI Nancy Drew!

- Yeah.

How did you get a sample of his blood?

Don't worry about it.

But Polly, I think that Dad may be right that Chic's dangerous, possibly not even our brother.

Well, what do we do if he's not?

Well, it'll crush Mom but we'll have to tell her.

In a way, it may kind of be a relief.


Hey, you're home.

Yeah, Polly just spent her Blossom inheritance on silk headbands.



Betty, keep your voice down.

However Mom got Juniper and Dagwood to sleep,

I do not want them waking up.

- Oh, no, the twins, they're not home.

- What do you mean?

- Where are they?

- They're with Chic.

He wanted to take his niece and nephew for a walk along Sweetwater River.

Why? Is there something wrong?

Mom, are you serious?

How could you let a complete stranger take my babies?

He's not a stranger. He's your brother and he's doing something nice for you.

Yeah, the hell he is!

What did you do to my babies?


- Nothing, Polly. They're fine.



What's up, Jonesy? You want me to knock some heads in here for ya?

No, War Baby, we need intel.

You heard about anything major going on behind the scenes?

Maybe to do with a guy named Hiram?


- Hiram Lodge?

[ARCHIE] You're like Dracula.

He bought property all over London so he could move his vampire kingdom over from Transylvania.

Except you're bringing organized crime to Riverdale.

And you want my dad to be mayor so he can be your patsy, except...

What if you and him don't see eye to eye on something?

What an imagination you have.

- What do you have there?

- This is my journal.

When Mrs. Lodge sent that fake FBI agent to test me, I started taking detailed notes of everything I saw while I was apprenticing with you.

- Is that a threat?

- I'm looking out for my family.

[SIGHS DEEPLY] Archie...


I believe your father and I will make a great team.

Moreover, in months, Lodge Industries will be percent legitimate and Riverdale will be virtually crime-free.

The safest small town in America.

- How are you gonna do that?


Or am I not inner circle enough to know?

Everything will become clear very soon.

I'm just asking for you to trust me.

Forget about me. This is my dad we're talking about, Mr. Lodge.

We will all benefit from this, Archie. I promise.

I'll hold you to that.

And in the meantime, I'll keep this very close.

- Where's Betty?

- With Jughead.

- Why do you ask, Polly?

- I...

I... I'm going, Mom.

Chic said it would only be a matter of time before you left us for the farm again.

I'm not going to the farm, Mom.

I'm driving west, San Francisco, maybe.

[CHIC] It's a nice city, Polly. I've been there.

It's safe too. Safe for the kids.

Will you at least let me say goodbye to my grand-twins?

Of course.

Drop us a note with your new address when you get there.



What's wrong?

We just got a call from our good friend Warden Jeffries at Shankshaw Prison.

Seems that Jughead and FP Jones paid a visit to one of FP's cronies.

A well-informed, loose-lipped crony.

We think they know, Daddy.

Think they know everything.

Which means it's just a matter of time before Jughead splashes it on the front page of a newspaper.

One we do not own.

Get Fred and Archie over here now.

Hiram Lodge is diabolically insane.

Agreed. We need to show Riverdale just how insane he is.

This is the best thing you've ever written, Jug.

Principal Weatherbee needs to publish this right the hell now.

Let's go.

Jughead Jones may be about to break a story.

A story about my plans for Riverdale.

And rather than hear it from him, I think it's only right that you hear it from me.

[WEATHERBEE] This is quite a story, Mr. Jones.

Thank you, Principal Weatherbee.

Unfortunately, it's not one that the Blue and Gold can print.

Why the heck not?

A malicious take-down of one of our students' parents is not the appropriate subject matter for a school paper.

Now, if you'll both excuse me.

You're serious? Southside

High is gonna be turned into...

A private, for-profit prison.

Yeah, built on the bones of a high school.

What the hell have we been building in SoDale?

What we've said all along. Housing.

For all the people who will work at the prison.

And you expect me to support this as mayor?

We're hoping you'd be open to it.


- Can't do it. I'm outta here.

- Look, Fred...

We've been in business for how long? And you didn't tell me.

And the only reason you're telling me now is because it's getting ready to become public.

I'll admit, it's not ideal.

"Not ideal," Hiram?

You wanna turn the town that I love, my home, my son's home, into a prison.


Fred, please let me tell you why and how this is the right move, for us, for Riverdale.

You just save that for whoever it is that you find to run for mayor because we are leaving and we are leaving now.

Come on, Archie.

Dad, I'm gonna stay.

Excuse me?

I wanna stay. I wanna hear what Mr. Lodge has to say.

Then I will see you at home then.

[VERONICA] Thank you all for coming.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your next mayor of Riverdale, my mother, Hermoine Lodge.


Thank you, Veronica, and thank you all very much.

Like many of you, I grew up in this town dreaming of a better tomorrow.

For myself, for my family and for my friends.


- [HERMIONE] And now, for the future that you all so deserve.

Riverdale is one of the most dynamic, resilient communities...

The Lodges. How often have I dreamt of getting my revenge on them.

Now, now, Claudius. First things first.

Nana... Then Cheryl.

Of course, Penelope.

Our house must be put in order.

[HERMIONE] Riverdale cannot succeed unless all of us succeed and that will require certain sacrifices.

What... What is this?

When you wouldn't submit to the DNA test, I found some of your dental floss and sent it to the lab.

Those are the results.

You're not who you say you are, Chic.

So, who are you?

[HERMIONE] We will also need your support.

We will need your trust.

We will need your loyalty.

I knew a prison would be a difficult sell.

Especially with Fred.

I was gonna ease him into the idea.

And clearly, I should have told you both sooner.

I regret that.

To be honest, Mr. Lodge, before Jason, before the Black Hood, before my dad was shot,

I might not have understood your point of view.

But I've changed and I think Riverdale needs a change too.

This tradition has been in my family, going back generations.

It's a... sign of loyalty.

Once you do this, there's no undoing it.

No changing your mind.

So are you certain?

I think...

I am.

You know what you need to do.

Now, Archie...

We come first.

This town has endured so much these past few years.

After so much adversity, aren't we all ready for a taste of prosperity?


[JUGHEAD] And there it was. The Lodges had won.

Time had run out for Riverdale.