02x17 - Chapter Thirty: The Noose Tightens

[ARCHIE] Previously on Riverdale...

Hi. Is Chic home?

[BETTY] I can't eat, I can't sleep.

- I'm just obsessing over this Shady man.


His car was parked outside our house for two days.

Jughead and I took care of it.

You have to let me stay here.

I can't stay in the same house as Chic anymore.

You want to turn the town that I love into a prison?

- We are leaving now. Come on, Archie.

- Dad, I'm gonna stay.

I know you think a prison is a bad idea for Riverdale but Mr. and Mrs. Lodge really have thought this through.

[FRED] I'm not gonna support Hiram and Hermione.

I'm gonna run for Mayor.

Against the Lodges.

I wanna run for Student body President.

- I want you to be my Co-President.

- Okay.

- I'm not a quitter, Archie.

- [ARCHIE] Yeah, me neither.

- Which is why I want to be your running mate.

- I'd like nothing more.

First things first, Nana, then Cheryl.

Of course, our house must be put in order.

[PENELOPE] You've gone mad, And you leave us no choice.

What do you mean, no choice?

- [TONI] Mrs. Blossom, I'm looking for Cheryl.

- She's gone.

Boarding school in Switzerland.

Don't come here again.

[JUGHEAD] Welcome to The Sisters of Quiet Mercy, Home for Troubled Youth

where a certain Cheryl Blossom finds herself more troubled than usual...

It's time, girlie.

[JUGHEAD] ...with nary a thing to look forward to except for movie nights, during which time, Cheryl would imagine what her friends might be doing.



[CRIMINOLOGIST] Seems innocent enough. But look closer...

Hey, Frank, hey Dick, we're going to the diner for some chocolate phosphates with the girls.

- You coming?

- We'll catch up.


What do these seemingly all-American boys have planned?

[DICK] Boy, Frank, that water sure looks great. Wanna take a dip?

[SIGHS] I wish I could, Dick, but I didn't bring my swimming trunks.

[CRIMINOLOGIST] Here, the boys should have turned around and found another activity.

But instead, they succumbed...

Then again, maybe, we don't need them.

[CRIMINOLOGIST] And were ensnared by deviants.


- [JUGHEAD] As Cheryl Blossom withered, her friends were squaring off on the most public of stages.


- Okay, now just a quick reminder, that this school hall is a PTA sponsored event.

Oh, looks like we have our first question.

Yeah, no offense to the, uh, current administration, but it doesn't feel like anyone's looking out for the students who are being bussed in from the Southside. Is that gonna change?

Absolutely, Sweet Pea, that's our priority.

And no one should feel marginalized or excluded here.

Jughead and I will be representing all students, North and Southside alike.

Next question.

Yes, Midge?

My question is for Archie and Veronica.

Rumor has it that your parents will soon be on opposite sides of the Mayoral election, won't that negatively affect your working relationship?

Archie and I adhere to the old maxim that "politics are never discussed" at the dinner or the cafeteria table.


Veronica and I are on the same page about everything, including her family's plans for a prison on the Southside.


In the meantime, however, we're committed to improving the quality of life at Riverdale High, which means more extracurriculars...

Reggie and I agree. Except, add the fact that we can and will deliver results.

And we're chill, unlike these guys.


Shouldn't we be hobnobbing or something?

No, we have to go before my mom attacks us.

She's a heat-seeking missile.


You can't keep dodging her forever.

Maybe not, but I can damn well try. Let's go.

[ALICE] FP, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Letting my sweet, innocent daughter live in sin in that soup can you call a trailer!

You think I'm a fan of this arrangement?

You're talking to the guy who's sleeping on a pull-out sofa with his son so your daughter can have his bedroom.

- You're doing that?

- Look, Alice, take it from a guy whose son choose being homeless over living with his old man.

Make things right with her, before it's too late.

Mary, Fred, all of Riverdale is buzzing about your decision to run against my wife for Mayor.

I've lived here my whole life, never went to New York, never went to prison.

There's no one more qualified than me.

You know, Hiram, we're still waiting for you to sign those papers finalizing Fred's separation from Lodge Industries.

Huh. You mean like how we're still waiting for you to sign that NDA that we sent over?

Now, now, Mom and Dad, there's no need to become the Montagues and the Capulets just yet.

Yeah, Veronica and I were saying, can't this be a fair fight?

With no hitting below the belt?

And everyone signing whatever it is they need to sign?

Mr. and Mrs. Lodge, you have some unexpected guests.

Lenny, Carl How are you, fellas?

We have some business we need to discuss, Hiram.

In private.

Well, I'd invite you up to my study but it's late.

Please, Hiram. A few minutes of your time.

Is that so much to ask for?

No, not at all.

Take Veronica and Hermione upstairs.

- Mr. Lodge...

- No, it's okay, Archie.

Just a friendly visit.

[MARY] I need to ask a favor, Archie.

Your father is announcing his run for Mayor on Friday.

And his campaign, as you know, is based on promoting a wholesome view of Riverdale, and the place where he'd raised his family.

Having us both there, standing with him, it's an important moment.

Then why isn't dad asking me himself?

He's a proud guy, your dad.

But I know it would mean the world to him, and to me, if you showed up for this.

Mom, of course, I'll be there for Dad.

Hey, Chic, are you hungry?

Do you wanna order a pizza?

[REPORTER ON TV] Treasure hunting enthusiasts...

- Mom, you need to see what they found.

- Made a shocking discovery...

Authorities are searching for witnesses.

Anyone who may have more information is encouraged to contact police immediately.

Whoa, easy, Alice. Hold on.

Turn to channel eight right now!

[REPORTER] It is not yet known how or when the car first entered the swamp, but foul play has not been ruled out.

They found it, FP.

They found it. [SHUDDERS]

[SOFTLY] We should've known better.

I should've known better. [INHALES]

We should've driven that damn car further out of town!

No, no. How could you have known that Junkyard Steve drags the swamp for people's castoffs? It was dumb luck.

It's Jones luck, you mean.

Shouldn't Chic be here, considering he's the one that brained the guy?

- Don't worry about Chic.

- [BETTY] Normally, I would disagree.

Definitely worry about Chic but he doesn't know anything about the car.

When we got to the Swamp, we wiped the thing clean of fingerprints before we pushed it in.

- Wearing gloves?

- I think so.

- I'm pretty sure.

- What do you mean you "think so"?

- No, no. We were.

- We % were.


If anybody comes around asking questions, we don't know anything.

We don't talk to anyone. We act like everything's normal.

Including, Betty, you coming home so you're not nesting with a bunch of Serpents.

No, you are not gonna use this to manipulate me, Mom.

You know the deal. I come home when Chic leaves.

- Okay...

- Everybody, be cool.

In the unlikely event that something happens, we batten down the hatches.

Until then, life goes on, and nobody goes anywhere near that car.

[HIRAM] About last night, Archie, my associates, Lenny Kowalski and Carl Martin.

My wife's mayoral campaign is making them anxious.

I thought Mrs. Lodge being Mayor would be a good thing for everybody.

Men like Lenny and Carl see it as an act of hubris that could bring us and our business, unwanted attention from the authorities.

I'm having dinner with them tonight in the hopes of smoothing it over.

But in the meantime, I need you to keep a close eye on Veronica.

- Do you understand?

- Of course, I will.

But in addition to that, what if I came with you tonight, Mr. Lodge?

They know me from the Poker Game.

Andre and Adams will be there, but...

You do always find a way to make yourself useful, Archie.

And I've tried to get some of my old crew down from Montreal, but they've gone silent on me.


All right, you're in.

[SWEET PEA] You promised us a war.

Then you're on stage looking like Buddy Holly, sucking up to the Northside?

We need their votes, Sweet Pea.

It's the only way that we can affect any change.

Whoever's elected gets a seat on the School Board.

That means we're on the inside, that means that they can't silence us.

You and the Northside princess, you mean?

Wait, is that why you guys are pissed?

- Betty's on our side!

- Yeah.

I've helped the Serpents on numerous occasions.

I helped find the Pickens statue's head, I got Cheryl to testify in court so FP, your king, could get early parole.

You did all that for your boyfriend, not the Serpents.

All right, take it down, Sweet Pea...

What, it's only a matter of time before she bails on us, just like her mother.

Okay, so your objections aren't even about me, they're about my mom...

Her legacy, yeah. She's an enemy of the Serpent State taking shots at us in the Register for years, blaming us for crimes we didn't commit.

Running with a turncoat's daughter is a slap in the face.

And for that reason alone, you're not getting the Serpent vote.

[REGGIE] Let's settle this once and for all.

We're both Bulldogs who, like wolves, support the alpha.

Right now, we risk splitting our boys' votes, which I told Josie I could deliver.

Hence this contest. Mantle vs. Andrews.

Winner gets Bulldogs' backing.


Give up! You're gonna lose, Andrews.

Same as your dad...



Talk about my dad like that again, and next time, I break your arm.

[VERONICA] What do you mean, Cheryl's missing?

Do you remember how paranoid Cheryl was at her slumber party?

Saying that her mom and uncle were out to get her?

- Well, I think they did something to her!

- What kind of something?

Her mom said they sent her off to some all-girls boarding school in Switzerland.

Well, that's easy enough to check, there's only one, Surval Montreux.

Please. If Cheryl was in the Swiss Alps, she'd be posting parka selfies every hour, but her social media's been dead for days.

Wait, that's a sure sign of foul play.

- Yeah.

- Whatever you need, Toni, I'm in.

Me, too. Even if we have to storm Thistlehouse.

I believe I've deduced what's caused this imbalance in you, Cheryl.

And what would that be, Sister Livingston?

I've spoken to your mother about your brother Jason.

And how close you were.

So close, in fact, that your Nana would sometimes mix you up, isn't that right?

She would dress you in Jason's clothes and he in yours?

Nana's always been half-blind, Sister.


But if there's anything that's affected my psyche, it's the fire hose of abuse directed at me by my mother and my father.

You've suffered many traumas, it's true.

But that does not excuse your willful behavior.

Now, you will report to the undercroft immediately, where you will undergo physical therapy until you're ready to listen.


I'm not gonna mince words, Hiram.

Your wife's campaign is risky, putting the families in the public eye.

[LENNY] But we understand that ours is a risk-reward business.

And your idea for a private prison is intriguing.

So the reward we want for our risk is a cut of the Riverdale pie.

How's % sound?

After your cut, I'd be operating at a loss.

So, Lenny, Carl, respectfully, I decline your kind offer.

With all due respect, Hiram, you're all alone here.

Your boys from Montreal, from New York, they work for us now.

And who've you got out here in the boonies, hmm?

A couple of low-level capos and some zit-faced high school kid.

Mr. Kowalski. Mr. Martin.

Respectfully. Don't underestimate Mr. Lodge or me.

- Archie.

- I rearranged Nick St. Clair's pretty-boy face for him.

I took care of Poppa Poutine after he conspired with you, Lenny.

And when some hillbilly threatened Mr. Lodge's daughter at his safe house, I did the same thing to him, too.

So don't think for a second that we're defenseless.


You nearly had us there, Red.

- Hiram, consider our offer.

- [SOFTLY] Yeah.

In the meantime, we'll be sticking around Riverdale, taking in some of the local flavors. Sound good?

[SOFTLY] Yeah.

You were a mad dog in there, Archie.

You do realize that, don't you?

I wasn't gonna let them disrespect you, sir. Not in our town.

Nevertheless, you fire a warning shot like that, you gotta be ready to back it up, do you understand?


You're a good boy, Archie.

[BETTY] What do Sweet Pea and Fangs want from me, anyway?

What will it take for them to accept me? Do I need to wear plaid?

Do I need to get a leather jacket? Or a snake tattoo?

To be fair, your mother is Serpent Enemy No. .

And meanwhile, the Shady Man's car is out there somewhere and we have no idea what's going on with it.

Yeah, I've been thinking about that, actually.

I know that our parents told us to act "normal," and let sleeping dogs lie, but riddle me this...

What is our "normal"?

[SIGHS] Normal is... investigating something when the entire world tells us we shouldn't.

Pumping our sources for information...


[KEVIN] Why do you guys even care about this car?

We don't, we care about the environment.

And we're writing an article about how people use Swedlow Swamp as a dumping ground.

The car's just part of a larger story.

Well, according to my dad, it was claimed by its owner this morning.

The owner...

- who's in Riverdale?

- Yeah.

Now they're trying to figure out who stole it in the first place.

Has shacking up together driven you both completely insane?

Talking to the Sheriff's son about that car?

You didn't think that that was going to raise any red flags?

No. Kevin didn't suspect anything.

And at least, we know what's going on now.

Yeah. Which is that Chic's drug-dealer stole someone's car before he made his run to our house.

Dwayne didn't have wheels. He was always borrowing his girlfriend's car.

Someone called the Shady Man's phone while I had it.

And she sounded like a crazy person, but not like there was a lot of love lost between her and Dwayne.

That could be Darla, yeah.

Is this Darla somebody that we need to be worried about?

Uh, I don't really know her.

Shocker! Gee, Chic, have you ever actually been helpful in any way to anyone?

- Enough, Elizabeth!

- [FP] Right. Whoa, let's stick to the plan.

This has nothing to do with us.

Dwayne stole Darla's car, Darla got it back. Let's hope it ends there.

And pack your things, Betty, because this honeymoon is over. O-ver.

You two playing house and running around town like loose cannons is beyond the pale.

We don't want Hal finding out about this.

The last thing we need is for him to stick his nose in it.

I'll move out.

I'll get a place, Betty.

It's your house, not mine.


I'll come back after Chic's gone.

Oh, I'm done with your ultimatums, young lady. You're coming home now!

And if you don't back me up on this, FP, I will tear this trailer apart with my bare hands.



- I'll go get my stuff.

- I'll help you pack.



But, foolish girl, what have you done?

You've stacked the bags in the North-east corner, when I specifically told you the North-west.

[PANTING] What? No, no, you said...

Start over. And next time, listen, child.

You'll never get better if you don't listen to me.

[PENELOPE] Now that you've barged your way in, go ahead, girls, ask your questions.

You said Cheryl was away at some boarding school?

Honestly. I'm not in the habit of explaining myself to school girls.

Maybe not, but Mrs. Blossom, you may have heard that my mother is... dating Sheriff Keller.

If you won't tell us the truth, then maybe you'll tell him.

All right, then.

The truth is that Cheryl started exhibiting strange, deviant behavior, so I've sent her abroad to a private wellness institute where they're trying to help her.

You don't have to believe me...

But here, let me show you something...

- Oh my God!

- She's drawn dozens like it.

- I don't understand.

- No.

But Josie does, don't you?

Cheryl was obsessed with you.

To the point where I was afraid she might hurt you, or herself, or both.

So if you'd like me to tell that to your mother and her boyfriend, and show them and the town, Cheryl's drawings of you, I'd be happy to.

But hopefully, you girls have the decency to keep this matter private.

[VERONICA] Josie, wait! Slow down! We need to regroup!

If what Mrs. Blossom said is even a tiny bit true, that means that Cheryl threatened me.

Sent me a bloody pig's heart.

I'm out, you guys. I'm done!

Sulk all you want, Betty.

I'm not.

I was actually gonna see if you would sign something for me.

- A consent form.


What, are you trying to get emancipated now?

Just because I made you move back home?

It's so I could get a tattoo.

A Serpent tattoo.

You have lousy timing, kiddo.

Act normal, right?

Life goes on, doesn't it?

You are not getting a tattoo just to prove something to your boyfriend.

- Absolutely not!

- I'm practically a member of the Serpents.

- Do not say that!

- Well, do not think that I won't find a tattoo parlor that will do it.


Mom! Betty!

I was trying to help.

[DARLA SCOFFS] You must be Alice.

And you must be Betty.

Hi. I'm Darla.

[JUGHEAD] Okay, well, what about something like, uh...

"I'm all about investing in all the citizens of Riverdale, not just profiting from them."

[FRED] I like that, Jug. I mean, that's great, it's simple...

- Dad.

- Hey.

Jug, what's going on?

Oh, Jug's helping me out here with the, uh...

It's what your mom's calls my "announcement address."

I'm not much for speechifying, t writer I know.

Uh, then you need to meet more writers, Mr. Andrews.


Oh, by the way, son, your mom told me you'll be stopping by at the announcement, right?

I appreciate that.

Honestly, I'm not surprised that deadbeat

Dwayne borrowed my car without asking.

[SCOFFS] He does it all the time.

What did surprise me was the car turning up in a swamp in Riverdale.

[SCOFFS] And then, just as I was getting ready to head back to Centerville, Chic called me.

Why would you do that?

[DARLA] He thought he could sniff out how much I knew.

Isn't that right, Chic-a-dee? [SCOFFS]

But there's no playing a player, I saw right through him.


It's okay, Dwayne was a heel.

I wouldn't be surprised if he stole my car to pick up some floozy only to get himself killed.

Like I told Chic...

I don't particularly care what happened to Dwayne.

I don't see any reason to ask any questions about him, especially not if I get the ten grand he owes me.

I get that, I'm a happy camper who'll be out of your lives forever ever. Amen.

If not... Well, then...

I might just have to have a long talk with that handsome Sheriff of yours.

- We have nothing to do with...

- We don't have that kind of money on hand.

But if we get the money for you, we're done here, right?

You'll leave, no questions asked?

Zip my mouth and throw away the key.

Okay. We'll go to the bank and make a withdrawal.

One of you goes.

Betty, then. Betty will go.

Mom, the bank's not open until : tomorrow morning.

I don't mind waiting.

Got any board games?

[ARCHIE] It's seriously messed-up, Ronnie.

It's like me and my dad don't even know how to talk to each other anymore.

You'll work it out. You always do.

And God and Gucci willing, Cheryl's safe, wherever she is.




- Hey!

- Archie, don't!


It's all right. It's okay.




You double-crossing piece of...


Tell your girlfriend's father to take the deal.


So, Adams has been turned... God knows how long he's been working against us.

Kowalski and Martin must have offered him a tidy sum.

Or he sensed that we're weak, vulnerable, and he chose to align with our enemies.

- Either way, he's made a grave mistake.

- Yeah.

The message from Lenny and Carl is clear.

Either cut us in or suffer the consequences.

And with Adams a turncoat and Andre in the hospital, we are, essentially, unprotected.

I'll keep watch in the lobby.

I did it for my dad, I'll do it for you guys.

That's a selfless offer, Archie.

But, alas, a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

- So what do we do?

- We circle the wagons.

Hermione, any of the campaigning you need to do, you do from here.

Veronica, if you're not at school, you're here.

I don't want you out and about.

- Archie, you escort her to and fro.

- Absolutely.

And long-term? What's the plan?

Long-term... Long-term...

I have no idea.

It's our joint-account, so you shouldn't have any trouble.


Hey! Straight to the bank and right back, blondie.

Now, Roseanne, you behave yourself while I'm out.

You've been fed, you've been to the water closet, you should be set till I come back.

If you have to go, hold it.

You can spend the day watching your programs.











On the th of July in , a state prison on the east side of Paris, known as the Bastille...

[DORIS] Antoinette Topaz to the Principal's office.

Antoinette Topaz, please report to the Principal's office.


Call for you. She said it was urgent.

- Hello?

- She's not far away.

Who... Who is this?

Cheryl! She's nearby.

Nana Rose? Nana Rose, where is she?

- With the Sisters of...



- Hello? Nana Rose!




Now, whatever do you think you're doing, Mother?


Hey, Mom. I'm just about to head out.

[ALICE] No, Elizabeth. There's another one in the house now.

What? What are you talking about?

The guy that attacked Chic at the hostel, that manager?

Oh, my God! Should I call someone?

I don't know. [PANTS]

Just, Elizabeth, whatever you do, do not come home.


- [CHIC] Mom!


[VERONICA] Wait, so that was Nana Rose Blossom who paged you?

[TONI] Yeah, it was.

Although, we got disconnected before she could say too much beyond the fact that Cheryl was nearby and that she was with the Sisters.

- The Sisters? What Sisters?

- I don't know.

Maybe there's a re-education camp called the Sisters.

Well, there's a Sisters of Quiet Mercy, but that's more like an orphanage.

I don't think they do gay conversion there.

Well, who would know for sure?

Oh, my God, of course!

[KEVIN] Yes, it absolutely could be The Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

It's one of the few places in the country that still does conversion therapy.

Of the books, of course.

What the hell decade is this?

During Prohibition, the Sisters ran a distillery in the basement.

They used to smuggle booze out to Sweetwater River via a tunnel that still exists today.

Wait, a tunnel we could use to get to Cheryl?

Potentially. Gay boys in the program use it to sneak out, to hook-up with perfectly nice young men like myself in Fox Forest.

Wait, Kevin, can you lead us to this secret gay hook-up tunnel?

I can probably find it.

[INHALES] But we should go at night.

Why did you come back, Betty?

You know, it took more than a week to get that pepper spray out of my eyes.

Well, next time maybe, don't attack my brother with a box-cutter.

It's all here. Nice work.

Okay, well you have your money. Now, go!

What're you talking about? I just got here.

Yeah. And Riverdale's so much nicer than Centerville.

And this house, I could get used to this house.

- You said if we gave you the money, you'll leave.

- Chic!

Or what? You think you three can take us?

Try it.

[MARCEL] Sit your ass down, Chic.


- Or I'll cut out your sister's eyes.


You think you two can take all of us?


- Try it.

You brought back-up?

Does that mean you want me to go to the Sheriff's, start making a stink?

Well, that's your call but my back-up and me, we're friends with the Sheriff's son, so whose side do you think he'll pick?

The Coopers are one of the most respected families in Riverdale.

You two are just a couple of Centerville scumbags.

Anything that was in your car, the swamp washed away, else we'd have heard about it by now, so why don't you just grab the money and run.



Sorry about your door, Mrs. Cooper.

Thank you, Jughead.

Thank your friends for me.

We're Serpents. It's what we do.

Betty, you've been telling me something that I didn't want to hear.

And I'm sorry.

But Chic...

You've put us in danger twice now.

So I think that...

You should do what you said and leave this house.

I will. I'll find a place.

Do it quickly.

Because you're not gonna spend another night here.

I appreciate you escorting me home but I'm in for the rest of the night

- so you, Archiekins, are officially off-duty.


Hey Archie, do you have a minute?

Yeah, of course, Mr. Lodge.

I'll see you tomorrow.

[HIRAM] I've made my decision, Archie.

If I don't let Kowalski and Martin invest in the prison, they'll destroy it and everything I'm trying to build here.

These men don't share my ambition to go legitimate.

By "invest," you mean you'll pay them a cut for "protection"?

And I won't risk a war nor my family's safety.

Not at this moment, not when we're defenseless.


Mr. Lodge?

You haven't told them you're agreeing yet, have you?

Well, I am meeting them for dinner tonight.

Why? What are you thinking?

I think maybe we should just start.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

I'm sorry, Fred.

It's okay. You know, he's busy. I get it.

I'm glad you're here though.



Good afternoon. My name is Fred Andrews.

And I stand before you today, a humble resident of this town to announce my candidacy for Mayor.


[REGGIE] We're on opposite sides, Andrews.

Why should I help you?

At school, we're on opposite sides, yes.

But bigger pictures, Reggie, where do you stand?

With the Lodges or against them?

I'm against the Southside. My dad's for the prison so am I.

Me too. I think it's the future.

But somebody from the outside is threatening that.

And we need to show them that that is not how things go in Riverdale.

Stand with me tonight and the Bulldogs' votes are yours.


Sorry, I had to wait for my parents to do bed-check.




Clean yourself up.


[KEVIN] According to my Intel, the tunnel that leads from the main residence comes out here.

Okay. That's our way in, then.

All right, Kevin, you stay here.

If we're not back in minutes, call your dad.

[TONI] Okay.


Okay. And when we get to the main building, what happens then?

We search each and every damn room until we find her.


Okay, let's split up. We'll cover twice the ground.

- Okay. But be careful.

- Okay.


[TONI] Cheryl!


[TONI] Cheryl!

Cheryl, are you in here?

- Toni?

- We came to rescue you.

You did?


Cheryl, Toni, there are a bunch of nuns coming.

We have to go, come on!


[VERONICA] This way!




[KEVIN] Come on!

Let's go!

I don't understand.

Is he standing us up?

Maybe our first message wasn't clear enough.

Mr. Kowalski. Mr. Martin.

That was Hiram Lodge calling with his deep regrets.

And to say that you should both go outside. To check on your car.

What the hell is this?

[ARCHIE] This is a message from the Dark Circle.

Hiram Lodge doesn't stand alone.

And Riverdale is protected.

You should leave before it's too late.


Before I leave, I don't suppose you could tell me, what was so important that you couldn't be there for your dad?

Believe me, I had every intention of going.

You used to worship your father, you used to play music.

You, Jughead, Betty, you were inseparable!

But I'm looking at you now and I don't know who you've become.


Who are you, Archie?

[ALICE] I asked Jughead to thank you for me, but I reconsidered, because I wanted to do it myself.

So, thank you for what you did.

I also wanted you to hear it directly from me that I am done attacking and disavowing the Southside.

It's where I'm from, and I should be proud of that.

And from now on, I will be.

And like my daughter, I will fight tooth and nail for it.

- [HIRAM] There he is.

- Came as soon as I could.

- New wheels, Mr. Lodge?

- Indeed. But not mine.

The car's yours, Archie.

Ronnie, Mr. and Mrs.

Lodge, I can't accept this.


- Especially, since, from now on, you're going to be driving our daughter wherever she needs to go.

Say yes, Archie. Say yes!

- Yeah. Yes!



I'll get the engine started.

Now, Archie. Last night was the very definition of a short-term solution.

I'm fully aware of that.


But our enemies will be back, and not just for %. For everything.

We'll be ready for them, sir


Get in, lover boy.

I'll drive us to school!

- Be careful!


So, now that you're free, what's your first move gonna be?

Well, Toni, if revenge is a dish best served cold, my mother and Uncle Claudius better brace themselves for a polar vortex.


But there's something even more pressing than that...

Kevin, I hear I'm back just in time for Carrie: The Musical, which you're directing.

You are. And I'm having auditions this afternoon.

Well, as far as the lead role's concerned, cancel them.


I'm obviously Riverdale High's Carrie White.


And this school's gonna burn.