02x19 - Chapter Thirty-Two: Prisoners

[ARCHIE] Previously on Riverdale...

Mr. Svenson?

Joseph Svenson, as you know him, was a troubled youth.

[ARCHIE] Do you think we got the right guy?

I'm not so sure we did.

I've looked into the Black Hood's eyes. It's not him.

Oh, come on, Vee. You were all over me.

We're old friends. Nick, stop!

I'm making a behind-the-scenes documentary of Carrie, The Musical.

I found a letter from someone alleging to be the Black Hood.

- It's a prank. Look at it!

- [JUGHEAD] It was Ethel.

Get out of dressing room, Jughead!

- [CHERYL] Somebody should help her.

- [MAN] Midge!

- [CHERYL] For God's sakes, help her!


When you walk through a storm ♪

Hold your head up high

And don't be afraid

Of the dark

♪ At the end of the storm ♪

♪ There's a golden sky ♪

♪ And the sweet silver song ♪

Of a lark

[JUGHEAD] The Angel of Death had once more come to Riverdale.

Midge Klump's gruesome murder had gutted the entire town.

And in grief, brought us together...

[SHERIFF KELLER] So you were shooting a documentary?

Yeah. It was more of a behind-the-scenes sort of thing.

Look, Sheriff, you have my footage, okay? All of it's right there.

Everything was completely fine until those letters started to show up.

The threats, to recast Cheryl or whatever.

Wait. Letters? What letters?

I was jealous, okay?

Cheryl always gets everything she wants.

But I wasn't gonna hurt anybody. [SOBBING]

I just wanted the part.

Moose, do you remember the last thing that you said to Midge?

[SIGHS] I don't remember exactly.

Uh, she was... She was my girlfriend.

We said a lot of things to each other.

Probably it was just something casual or just stupid.

- Can I ask you a question, Sheriff?


Did you ever find any evidence that linked Mr. Svenson to any of the Black Hood attacks?

Maybe we got it wrong. Maybe...

Archie, Svenson almost buried you alive.

He was wearing a black hood...

Something has always felt wrong to me about what happened on the bridge that night.

- And now Midge is dead.

- We're going to get her killer.

Whoever he is. But Archie, Svenson was the Black Hood.

♪ You'll never ♪

♪ Walk ♪

♪ Alone ♪




I also feel it is my duty to say that...

Like the Furies of Ancient Greece, who ceaselessly pursue blood atonement when a crime's been committed, the Vixens and I vow that we will not rest until those responsible for the murder of our sister...

Is rightly punished.


Mrs. Klump?

I just want you to know that the Sheriff's department is working around the clock...



You're supposed to be protecting our children!

And you should be ashamed of yourself.

Your days of failing this town over and over again are numbered... Sheriff.

[JUGHEAD] I have a theory.

It's a copycat killer.

And who coincidentally showed up in Riverdale just after Mr. Svenson was killed?

And has been giving off creepy vibes ever since?

Chic. He has a temper too.

Chic is here because I went to the hostel to get him.

And, yes, he's weird, but he didn't know Midge

So moving on...

What if Mr. Svenson

wasn't the Black Hood?

Archie, we were there when he died.

I know. But just because he was wearing a hood that night, it doesn't necessarily mean he's the same guy who shot my dad.

And now killed Midge.

Svenson forced me to bury you alive.

He cut off his own finger and sent it to me.

Maybe the real Black Hood cut it off because he was working with Svenson.

And Svenson would've let himself be mutilated?

Look, all I'm trying to say, is the real Black Hood could still be alive.

I looked into the Black Hood's eyes, they weren't Mr. Svenson's eyes.

Betty, how do we know that Chic had nothing to do with Midge?

This is the same guy that killed someone in your kitchen using a lamp.

Yeah, well, Chic did that for a reason. To protect my mom.

He didn't even know Midge, what motive would he have to kill her?

I don't know.

But he does have a violent past and associates with equally violent people.

[VERONICA] Are you okay?

Whether or not the Black Hood is back, I don't want "Death Wish" Archie to come back.

You saw that note, Veronica.

Written in Midge's blood.

If the Black Hood is going after victims who escaped him, that means my dad is next.

Or Moose. Or Betty. Or you.

Or me. It could be anyone.

That's exactly why I need you sane and steady right now.

I am. I will be.

Promise me you won't patrol the streets or break into Svenson's house...

- Ronnie...

It's just... I can't bear the thought of anything bad happening to you.


- Sheriff. What can I do for you?

- Hey, Alice.

I'm talking to everyone who was at Riverdale High that night of the musical, but I haven't had a chance to talk to your son yet, Chic?

A few people saw him backstage before the show...

Chic doesn't live here anymore, Tom, but we'll bring him down tomorrow, if that's okay?

Sure. Thanks, Hal. Thanks, Alice.

Betty. You guys have a good evening.

What are you doing, throwing Chic under the bus like that?

What are you worried he'll say?

Mom's just overprotective of Chic. That's all.




You look like you had a rough night.


[SIGHS] I can't stop thinking about what the Black Hood wrote, Dad.

"All those who escaped me before will die."

Maybe you should leave town and visit Chicago, go stay with Mom.

Uh-huh. Where would you stay, son? Here? Alone?

Sheriff Keller's put a deputy outside.

Midge was murdered in an auditorium full of people.

You really think a deputy can stop the Black Hood?

[HIRAM] With crisis, comes opportunity.

On that note, I'll be going door to door to reassure the citizens of Riverdale that the Lodges put safety first.

Unlike Sheriff Keller.

Mija, you're friends with Cheryl Blossom.

It seemed like she was taking Midge's death particularly hard.

Okay, Dad, Mom, whatever you're getting at, and you are getting at something, forget it.

Count me out of whatever nefarious schemes you're cooking up.

Hey, Mom, wait.

Don't get mad at what I'm about to ask you, okay?

But do you think maybe Chic should leave town? Like, immediately?

Why on Earth for?

He's giving a statement, Elizabeth.

What if Sheriff Keller presses Chic and he starts blubbering and blabbing about other bad things that he's done?

If Chic leaves town, then he looks guilty and they'll hunt him down like a mad dog.

So, yes, it's a risk, but relax, Betty.

I'm gonna coach him myself.

[BETTY] Maybe we should look into Chic.

- You figured out a motive?

- Not yet.

But there is something that could connect him to Mr. Svenson.

It's tenuous, but they both spent time at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

Archie's theory about there being multiple Black Hoods...

[EXHALES] They could be in cahoots.

It's a long shot. Mr. Svenson's older than Chic, but he worked there as a groundskeeper for years.

- They might have crossed paths.

- Yeah.

It's worth a visit.


Mrs. Lodge, what a surprise.

You know, I was very moved by your speech at Midge's funeral, Cheryl.

It came from the core of my bosom.

It's a travesty what happened to Midge.

If only Riverdale had more competent law enforcement.

Well, I was right in the middle of writing an editorial, calling for Sheriff Keller's head, but seeing your passion for the subject,

I thought maybe you'd be willing to write an op-ed?

Say no more.

[SISTER WOODHOUSE] So we meet again, Miss Cooper.

[BETTY] We need information about my brother, Charles Smith.

Do you happen to know if Charles' time here overlapped with Mr. Svenson's?

He was your groundskeeper.

I'm well aware of who Mr. Svenson was and what he became.

Could we check Charles' files just to see if the dates match?


I'm sure you have a court order demanding such a request?

No, we don't.

But I am cousins with Cheryl Blossom, who recently escaped your secret, gay re-education camp, so unless you cooperate, we'll be back with a court order and the FBI to shut you down.

[JUGHEAD] Apparently, Charles ran away nine years ago.

That means he would've overlapped with Svenson for two years at least.

Oh, wait. Uh, Sister, are you sure this is my brother's file?

Yes, dear, Charles Smith. That's his photo.

That is not my brother, Sister Woodhouse.

It most certainly is. I never forget my children.

Besides, you can see the family resemblance plain as day.

Who's there?

Who are you? And why the hell are you following me?



Some detectives we are.

We should have gone to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy weeks ago and found this out.

[CHIC] Found out what, Betty?

What's he doing here, Mom?

I took Chic down to the Sheriff's station to give his statement.

- And I invited him back for dinner.

- Great, except he's not Chic.

- Okay, enough with the melodrama, Betty.

- He's not!

- Betty...

- Shut the hell up, imposter!

Jughead and I paid a visit to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy...

That is your real son, Mom, not this con artist.

I... I don't understand.

[SCOFFS] I do.

Betty's been out to get me from the start.

- She never wanted a brother.

- You're not my brother!

What's this picture?

What does it all mean?

That's what we're trying to figure out, Mrs. Cooper, the truth.

Chic, no! [WHIMPERS]



So I was able to recruit Cheryl myself, it turns out.

She was all too happy to be of assistance.


This is Archie.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Boris and Natasha...


Archie, I've been texting you all day. Where are you?

[NICK] He's with me, babe.

How ya been, Ronnie? You miss me?

Nick St. Sicko, why're you calling me from my boyfriend's phone?

So that you'd believe me when I say that I have him, Ronnie.

And it's gonna cost you to get him back.

A cool million, should do it.


Whatever twisted game you're playing, don't forget what happened to you and your legs the last time you misbehaved.

Oh, I haven't.

In fact, I'm gonna have a limp for the rest of my life to remind me.

So it's simple, Ronnie. Either you get me what I've asked for, or I start taking my anger out on your boyfriend.


And believe me when I say, I'm extremely angry, babe.

What do you mean you won't pay Archie's ransom?

I'm not cowing down to a teen terrorist like Nick St. Clair.

- Well, then, I'm calling the police.

- No, Veronica. No!

- You can't.

- The St. Clairs are a "family."

With ties to the underworld.

I thought they were music producers.

They are. But they're also mobsters.

And if we involve the police, we risk exposing ourselves.

That's probably why Nick was so brazen in calling you and not even trying to hide his identity.

But we will figure this out, I just need you to be patient.

Patient? For all we know, Daddy, Nick's cutting off Archie's ear right now!


- Hiram?


Archie's not blood.

He's not my son.

If we pay, it sets a precedent.

It shows that we're vulnerable.

And you know who our enemies will come after next.


[KEVIN] Cheryl, what the hell are you doing?

Kevin. No doubt you've read my think-piece in "The Register."

Yeah, I did, and I demand a retraction.

- You're smearing my father!


Let's unpack that, shall we?

Your father's been incompetent since the beginning of time.

And now that more bodies are dropping, he needs to step down.

Lady Justice will be served, my Vixens and I will see to it.


What? What's going on? [WHIMPERING]

- Mom, why are you...

- Stop.

No more playacting.

It's just time for answers now.

You can start by telling us your real name.

I am Chic. Mom, untie

me! Please, I'm scared.

[BETTY] You must've known him.


- My brother.

When my mom and I went to the hostel and asked for Charles Smith, they sent us to your room so why were you impersonating him?

I never said I was Charles Smith, I said I was Chic.

Then where's Charles?

How did you know him?

We met out on the streets, then moved into that flop house.

He told me about you guys. The Coopers.

This perfect family in Riverdale.

Who gave him up for adoption.

Who didn't want him, never even looked for him.

One day, he knocked, and you answered, Alice.

You practically slammed the door on his face, you said, "We're not interested."

You remember it, don't you?

Charles went on a bender that night.

He OD'd on jingle-jangle.


Can you watch him?


He's telling the truth, There was a boy and I turned him away.

This... This boy.


He knocked on the door and I asked him to leave.

It was me, Betty...

I'm responsible for my own son's death.

- No.

- I killed my son.

Mom, we don't know who that is in the basement or what he wants.

Revenge. He's seeking revenge. I gave my son away.

And then he came to him and I turned him away...

This demands biblical punishment...

Mom, the only one who's guilty here is him!


Stay here, Betty.

You watch him. I'll be back.


Mom, where are you going?

What if Dad comes home?

[ARCHIE] Nick, you don't understand, you have to let me go.

But right now, there's a killer on the loose.

The Black Hood, you heard about him.

- [NICK] I thought he was dead.

- He may not be.

[PANTING] And, Nick, my dad...

He may be in danger.

- Sucks to be your dad.

- You b*st*rd!

You're seriously doing this because I punched you?

You, Veronica, the Pussycats...

My father is this close to disowning me.

He says I'm an embarrassment, that I'll never have the guts to be in the family business.

Well, you're gonna help me prove him wrong.

I'm gonna make my bones with you, Andrews...


[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Always my birthday...

Oh, my God... Not enough.

Let's skip the pleasantries.

I have your money, Nick.

[NICK] Well done, Ronnie.

Meet me at that delightful Chock'lit Shoppe of yours.

In, say, an hour?

And come alone or Red loses even more blood.


Dad, that article Cheryl wrote.

You can't take that to heart.


When I shot Svenson on the bridge...

I wanted this done with the Black Hood as much as anybody.

So maybe, maybe I, uh, cut a few corners...

Maybe, I didn't have enough evidence to close the case.







You look lovely.

Before we do anything, I need proof that Archie's okay.

Archie, oh, my God!

Where is he, you barbarian?

First, the money.


There's no way this is all of it.

Let Archie go and I will get you the rest, Nick.

How? How are you going to come up with that kind of cash,

Veronica, if not from your parents?

Unless, you give me something else...

Dare I ask what?

How about... What we started in New York?

What we should have finished back at the Five Seasons?

What I'm owed...

A night together. I'll book my usual suite.

My God, Nick! You're a reptile.


Even if I... did agree...

What guarantee do I have that you'll let Archie go?

Why, my word as a gentleman, of course.


Alice? What's wrong?


No more secrets, no more lies.

I should have told you sooner, maybe, something would've been different.

I had your... I had your baby.

It's name... I named him Charles.

[STAMMERING] I had to give him up for adoption.

Uh-uh, Alice, slow down.

Slow down, all right?

He came to see me and I turned him away. [CRYING]

And now he's dead.

He's dead because of me.

I killed our son.

Do you remember, FP?

In high school, we...

- Yeah, yeah, I remember, Alice but...

- I'm sorry.


- I made a mistake. I...

- No, no, wait, Alice. Alice, wait!

- No, I have to go.

- Hey! Listen, are you talking...

- Betty and Jughead are waiting for me.

- Are you talking about Chic?

- No, Chic is someone else. Chic is...

You don't understand what I've done.

FP, you don't understand what I'm responsible for.

It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.


[BLACK HOOD] Hello, Betty. Did you miss me?


[BLACK HOOD] Admit it, Betty. Deep down, you knew it wasn't over.

- You killed Midge.

- Of course.

And you set up, Mr. Svenson?

Very, very good, Betty.

And yet, for all I've taught you, you've been making amateur mistakes.

Letting an enemy, a sinner into your house.

You're talking about Chic.

Yes. A man who lived in a den of sinners, who kills as easily as he did in your house.

That man has murdered before.

- Was that your mom?

- Uh...

No, it's my Dad.

We need to go back there, Jug.

To where I first found Chic.

I don't think he's telling the truth about what happened to my brother.

[NICK] You like dirty movies, Archie?

What the hell are you talking about?

When I turn this laptop on, it's going to have a live-feed of my suite at the Five Seasons.

Where Veronica and I will be having a little...

- Date.

- You're lying.

Veronica would never.

She would and she is because I said I'd let you go afterwards.

I'll kill you.

You know...

I think you just might.

That's why this can only end one way.

When I said that I was going to make my bones, I meant it.

But you have to kill someone for that.

And who better than Hiram Lodge's teen capo?

Forty dollars a night for a single bed, twenty for a bunk.

We'll take a single on the second floor, if you have any.



There it is.


- [MAN] Not now!

Go away!



We won't take much of your time, ma'am.

My brother, Charles Smith, I think he used to live next to you in Room .

Does he look familiar to you?

Ah, yes. He was the nice one.

Always said buenos dias.

Always carried my groceries.

May he rest in peace.

- Oh, my God...

- [JUGHEAD] No, hold on.

Did he have a drug problem? With jingle-jangle?

I don't know about any drugs but they fought all the time, those two...

Nasty fights... It was scary.

And then, one day, there was only one.

The bad one.

Later when I took my trash out, I saw bloody sheets and pillows in the dumpster.


[BETTY] We know you murdered my brother.

Come on, are you guys serious?

Your neighbor heard you fighting.

She saw blood. Lots of it.

Admit what you did, Chic.

I admit... Your brother was a junkie.



Go ahead, hit me all you want.

You won't kill me because you're scared.

You won't let me go because you're worried I'll rat about the Shady guy.


Tell us the truth about my brother!

I already did, Betty.

Or maybe I didn't.

You'll never know.


You were right. He is a killer. But he won't admit it.

[BLACK HOOD] Some sinners only confess when faced with certain death.

I'm not going to give him to you, so don't even ask.

If you delivered him to me, no one would ever know about the man

who met such a gruesome end in your living room.

Will you deliver him to me, Betty?

Will you let justice be done?


- Where's Jughead?

- He's...


- [FP] What the hell are you doing?

- I'm getting him to talk.

- The hell you are!


It's not your business, boy!

We're just gonna leave Betty and Alice alone in a house with a potential murderer?

You listen to me, you hear me!

After what I did to Jason Blossom, I can't...

I won't have you near that, Jug!


It's not our house, Jug. It's not our place.

They need to decide what they want to do, how to end this and then we will help.


- We could drive him out of town.

No, he'll come back.

We could turn him over to someone.

No, we gotta tell your father.

The same way that I told FP.

This is all of our lives now.

Champagne, caviar, pate.

All of my favorites.

You remembered, Nicky.

What are you still doing in this hick town when all of Manhattan should be kissing your feet?

I like it here.

[SCOFFS] This is a phase.

Same for that hayseed, Archie.

If only he could see us now.

No need to gloat, Nicholas, you got what you wanted.

Why don't you sit down and make yourself comfy?

I'll fix us some drinks...



We could have been something, you and I.


This dalliance with you and Archie, it's beneath you...

Can you please stop talking about Archie?

Couldn't agree more. [SCOFFS]







God, we used to joke about ending up together one day.

What happened, Ronnie?

You started roofy-ing girls, Nick.

Including my friend, Cheryl.

Schoolboy mischief.

[SCOFFS] All in the past.

Now, answer me this.

You still like to dance, don't you?

Same perfume as from back in the day.

- What's it called again?

- Diabolique.

I wore it just for you.

What in God's name were you two doing?

- Calm down, Hal.

- Calm down?

There's a sicko tied up in our basement, Alice.

It's time that we let the law deal with him.

Okay, it's not that simple.

Why does that parasite

deserve our protection?

Because I'll go to prison, too.

Okay, Chic killed a man here and I helped him cover it up.

- We disposed of the body.

- What?

- What about Betty?

- Betty had nothing to do with it!

- Okay? It was Chic and me.

- Mom...

No, Betty, do not say another word. Go to your room.

- [HAL] Alice, why would you do that?


[ALICE] My primary concern was to protect my family.

I thought he was a part of it, but he's not.

Where'd you get that?

I took it.

From a music teacher who was like you, a predator.

It's a cold night.

I'm going to cut you loose, and then, we're going to leave.

Out the basement door.






- Ronnie!

- Archie?

Oh, my God, your face!

- What happened? Did he hurt you?

- No, not a bit.

[PANTING] I gave Nick a taste of his own medicine.

I roofied him.

Smuggled in via your Christmas gift.


What are we gonna do with him now?

The concierge is sending up a power drill.

- What...

- I'm kidding. But I do have an idea.

Mr. St. Clair, I have your son Nick here with me.

I'm wondering how much it's worth to you getting him back in one piece.

Who was that, Betty?

Who was that who called you?

With that weird ringtone?

You'll find out...

Now that it's just us...

Did you do it?

Did you kill my brother?

We got in a fight and I lost control.

[SHUDDERS] I didn't mean to hurt him.



[WHISPERS] Who's that?

That's your very own Angel of Death.

The Black Hood.

He's the one who called me.

If that were true, Betty, you'd be running for life.


He's not interested in me.

I'm gonna give you a head start.

I'd say you have about a % chance of making it before he cuts you down.

Really, you should start running.

- %.


The longer you stall, the more your chances keep dropping.

What are you waiting for?


- Fifty.

Goodbye, Chic.

[KEVIN] Dad?

Deputy Mayor has demanded that I step down as Sheriff.

Turn in my badge.

If Fred Andrews gets elected Mayor, then I live to fight another day.

And if Hermione Lodge wins, well, then, I'm out on my ass.

I'll campaign for Mr. Andrews - .

But you can't desert your post in the middle of a crisis.

Kevin, if I resign, they'll likely bring in somebody from outside.

Someone who could hopefully catch the Black Hood.

Oh. Hello, Daddy.

- Hi, Mom.

- What's all this?

It's ransom money.

Not for Archie, I got him back.

Now, this is from when I turned the tables on Nick and held him for ransom instead.

His parents gave me a cool million for my trouble.

I told you I was handling tng St. Clairs.

Funny enough, they hadn't heard boo about Archie's kidnapping.

But I'll leave that to you to explain to Archie.

He's in the study waiting for you.

Archie, I'd like to explain myself...

There's no need, Mr. Lodge.

I thought about a lot of things while Nick was wailing on me.

And one of them was how I feel as if I've proved myself to you in a lot of ways.

But there's one step left.

I still haven't made my bones with you.

What do you have in mind, Archie?

There's only one man I'm interested in bringing down.

The Black Hood, once and for all.

Would that earn me my bones?

I should say so.

And whatever I can do to help you on your quest, you can count on me.

[JUGHEAD] Some prisoners aren't bound by chains or locked in cells.

Archie's prison was built with his own ambition and rage.

And he'd just handed Hiram Lodge the keys... While, across town, the past was proving to be a cruel jailer.

Where'd you go, Betty?

I took Chic away.

He's gone.

For good, I think.

Where is he, Betty?

Where did you take Chic?

I took him to the bus station.

And then...

And then what?


Where's Dad?

[SIGHS] He went looking for you.

Why do you ask?