02x21 - Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night

Previously on Riverdale...

- The Conway murders?

- They were a family of five.

I found justice.

[ARCHIE] What if Mr. Svenson wasn't the Black Hood?

The real Black Hood could still be alive.

My Dad might be the Black Hood.

I don't know. I've seen your father sneak around Thistlehouse...

Lodge is a problem.

Did you have anything to do with Papa Poutine's death?

His son Small Fry is looking for payback.

[JUGHEAD] Penny, you wanna deal drugs?

It's not gonna be with the Serpents.

That used to be my Serpent tattoo.

- You're nuts!

- She will be back.

[JUGHEAD] Our old adversaries, the Ghoulies, have been released.

Word on the street is that they want Serpent blood.

- Midge?

- You're dead, Vixen killer!

Mr. Fogarty, we need you to come with us.

- I din't kill her.

- Didn't you?

His release is going to make a lot of people in this town very unhappy.

- The Circle is officially disbanded.


You're not the one paying us. Hiram is.

Fangs Fogarty is being released.

- What?


Well, they wanna rip Fangs apart. We need your help, Archie!




Okay, Dad. Let's talk.

[CHERYL] I swear, Mother, if this is one of your gentlemen callers...









I suggest you run whilst you still can.

I only miss when I mean to.



Help us! We need a doctor.

- Ma'am.

- Wait your turn, please.

- He was shot!

- I need you to step back...

- He's dying!

- Hey, what's gong on here?

My friend was shot right in the stomach.

Hey, get me a gurney.

Here, here, here.

- Lift up, lift up.



- Let's go.

- Hang in there, hang in there.


Jug, where do you think you're going?

To find the guy who shot Fangs!

You're not going out there.

Not with people rioting.

Look, you're angry, you want justice. So do I.

But you've got a fallen soldier here, boy, and we need to talk to his family.

- It's part of being a leader.

- Some leader I am.

- Don't go down that road.


All right, come on. Come on.







- Cheryl.

[CHERYL] The Black Hood just attacked me at Thistlehouse.

Oh, my God.

Was it my dad?

Based on waistline alone, it could've been him, yes.

Luckily, I was able to get to my archery set and hunting cape.

- You didn't kill him, did you?

- No.

I shot to wound, hit him in the right shoulder.

He's fled into the woods, where I plan to track him.

But just in case he escapes my clutches, be forewarned.

Now that he's a maimed animal, he's operating on instinct, ready to lash out and kill anyone in his path, even his loved ones.


- Here, include that.


Elizabeth, thank goodness.

Mom, are you okay? Have you seen Dad?

He's out covering the riot. Honey, where are you?

The streets aren't safe.

You need to get here.

I'm on my way, but stay put, okay?

I'm not going anywhere. It's a big night for The Register.

If it bleeds, it leads.

Get over here now.


- Hey, Arch...

- It's just me, Mr. Andrews.

I was about to slip out. Is something wrong?

On the news, it said a riot broke out down at the Sheriff's Station.

Where is Archie?

- Where the hell is Reggie?

- I thought he was with you.

We got separated when the fight broke out.

Guys, Reggie had a gun.

He didn't shoot Fangs, though.

I tackled him before he could.

Why would Reggie have a gun?

I can guess who put the idea in his head.

But right now, we just gotta find him.

Some of the Serpents saw Reggie with the gun.


- They're gonna go after him.

Kev, Moose, we'll head to Reggie's house.

Everyone else, fan out, call if you find him.

Archie was there when that Serpent got shot.

- I don't know what he's caught up in.

- I'm coming with you.


Good evening, Mr. Andrews.

I'm here to pick up, Ms. Lodge.

Thank you, Andre. Yes, bring her directly home.


Now that we know Veronica's safe, one of Minetta's deputies will take you over to The Register.

Alice is waiting for your announcement.

Well, there's no way of controlling what could happen.

Hiram, it's a huge gamble.

No, the fire's started, mi amor.

Chaos is good for us.

We have the pieces in place to restore order and safety.

Fred doesn't. Andre will keep watch on Veronica.

- Where will you be?

- Out with another deputy.



You're not keeping anything from me, right?


Don't start doubting me now, mi amor.

Excuse me, ma'am. How's Fangs Fogarty?

He's still in surgery.

I'll want to talk to him as soon as he wakes up.

Sheriff Minetta...

Shouldn't you be on the street looking for who shot Fangs?

There's already a manhunt underway.

Your little Serpent pals aren't making things easy, though.

Rioting, carousing, terrorizing the neighborhood. Already arrested a few.

Fangs wouldn't have a slug in his gut if you'd done your job in the first place.

I don't know the details of your parole, Mr. Jones, but I'm certain harassing an officer would violate them.




Mr. Lodge, it's me, Reggie.

I need your help. Someone shot Fangs. It wasn't me.

But I was there and now the Southsiders think I did it.

That's unfortunate, Reggie, but I'm afraid I can't help you.



Oh, my God, is that Mrs. Klump?

Andre, stop the car!

That's Midge's mom.

Ms. Veronica, wait.

Mrs. Klump?


- Are you okay?

I may have killed that boy.


Archie, what the hell is going on?

- The Serpents are going nuts.

- Yeah.

Reggie shot Fangs!

No, dude, I was with Reggie when it happened, it wasn't him.

So you need to call off your crew.

- We're just leaving Reggie's house now.

- Did they find him?

No, he wasn't home. We're headed to the high school now.

That's where Mrs. Mantle said they were going.

Okay, I'm on my way.

Whenever you're ready, Hermione.

As a mayoral candidate, I feel it's important to take charge in times of crisis.

Like this riot, which I believe is brought about by the actions of the Black Hood.

Which is why I would like to offer a bounty.

$ million to whoever can deliver the Black Hood.

Alive or preferably, dead.

A bounty?

What are you talking about? Is that even legal?

The Black Hood is an active shooter on the streets of Riverdale.

He tried to kill one of your classmate outside the Sheriff's Station.

No, no. The Black Hood did not shoot Fangs.

Excuse me, young lady?

How would you know that?

Did anyone actually see the Black Hood at the Sheriff's station?

And why exactly are you being protective of a murderer?


Cheryl, any new leads?

- [CHERYL] Where are you right now?

- I'm at The Register, why?

He's exited the forest and he's headed for the houses beyond the pines.

[SIGHS] Maybe even yours.

- I have to go.

- Wait, cousin.

Do not go into that house alone.

I have to find my dad before anyone else does.

Otherwise, he's a dead man walking.

That's gotta be the Southsiders.

Serpent scum!

Settle down, Moose. We're out manned and unarmed.

I'm not just gonna hide here while they trash our school!

- I'm with Moose.

- All right.

But it's us three against who knows how many.

So if we're gonna do this, we gotta gear up.



Ronnie, can I call you back?

I'm kinda busy, a riot broke out.

Yes, Archie, I know. I was just out in the middle of it.

What? I thought you were still at my house?

Not only did I brave the streets, I delivered Fangs's shooter, Mrs. Klump, to the authorities.

- Mrs. Klump shot Fangs?

- Can you blame her?

I gotta go, Ronnie, I gotta tell the Serpents, but I love you.

I love you, too.



Sheriff Minetta?

Veronica, what are you doing here?

You're supposed to be at home with Andre.

Andre's in the car, We had to make a detour.

Good Lord, Mom!

Are you and Daddy trying to turn Riverdale into Gotham City?



- [ARCHIE] Serpents, stop!

Well, Fellas, looks like we found some bulldogs to put down.

Sweet Pea, I swear, Reggie didn't shoot Fangs. It was Mrs. Klump.

Bull. I saw Mantle with the gun!

Then you also saw me tackle him, before he got a shot off!

It was Midge's mom!

She's down at the station.

Yeah, and Fangs is still clinging to life.

And whether it was Reggie or Mrs. Klump who pulled the trigger, a Northsider put him there.

You took our friend, our land...

And you'll take everything if we give you the chance.

So now you get to watch as we burn your school to the ground.


What the hell do you boys think you're doing to my school?

[BETTY] Hello? Dad?




You're too late, Jughead.

Well, you try Mad Max-ing your way through a riot.

- What happened in the school?

- Weatherbee shut us down.

- And kicked our asses out.

- Then the Serpents took off again.

- Do you know where?

- Yeah, they went down Fernleaf.

- Probably to Midge Klump's house.

- Why there?

To trash it. Because I told them Mrs. Klump shot Fangs, not Reggie.

Jughead, you have to coax them off the ledge.

- Yeah, I'm on it.

- Wait...

- You spoken to Betty?

- She's with her mom.

Keep in touch.

You, too.


- Hello.

- [POP] Archie, it's Pop.

I've got a friend of yours here.

I think he needs help.



[FP] Betty, it's FP.

I'm at Riverdale General, is Jug with you?

Mr. Jones, no, I... I don't know where he is.

All right, if you see him, you tell him I'm looking for him, okay?

- Of course, I will.

- Also, uh...

Betty, they just brought your old man into the ER.

My dad?

Is he hurt badly?

I don't know. He's bleeding quite a bit. You want me to check on him?

No. That's okay, Mr. Jones. I'm on my way.

Where do you plan on getting the million dollars to pay for this lunatic bounty?

Your father has secret funds.

- My ass, he does.


And if Daddy thinks he can use my money for one of his Machiavellian ploys, he better think again.

Because I'm taking back what I got from the St. Clairs.

Your father already told you he'd put that money in a trust for you!

He stole it, you mean!




You're wasting your time.

Your money is not in there.

[HERMIONE] Veronica, just open the door and we can talk about this.


I didn't know where else to go. Mr. Lodge left me hanging.

Wait, Reggie, I know he paid you to trash the Whyte Wyrm.


- But did he put you up to this?

Guys? Outside.




Sepents! They're coming for me.


Archie, what's up?

Jughead, where the hell are you guys?

I just got the Serpents back to the Whyte Wyrm. Mrs. Klump's house is secure.

What's wrong?

Well, if the Serpents are with you, then who the hell is out here at Pop's?



Oh, crap.


That's right, I'm here.

Looks like the Ghoulies are back in town.





Damm it! Nobody's answering at the Sheriff's station.


- Looks like we're on our own.

- Okay, we should be fine as long as everybody...


Everybody, get away from the windows!



Stay down!




- Do you have a gun in here, Pop?


Had my fill of gunfire back in the war.


- But I learned a trick in the riots of ' .

I have Mr. Lodge's leftover liquor from that poker night.

And you get to the roof through the crawlspace...

I like how you're thinking, Pop.


Anyone want to come out and play?

We got some new toys to show you!

- [ARCHIE] Hey!




Come on.

Hit me!



[MALACHI] All right, now it's a party!


Come on, let's go. Let's go!


Get the hell outta here.


Mr. Keller, I thought you resigned.

Turned in my badge, but not the cruiser yet.

How did you guys know we were here?

Well, Jug called, said you were in trouble so I called your dad... right when Kevin called.

We're not letting this town go down without a fight.

- Hot Riverdale Dads to the Rescue.


[SWEET PEA] I can't just sit here...

You don't have a choice, Sweet Pea, you're staying put.

You said it yourself, the Ghoulies are back!

We will deal with them.

As soon as my dad gets back...

Oh, so you're not our leader all of a sudden?

Oh, no, that's right, you're just the guy who got Fangs shot!

- Watch it...

- And now, Fangs might die!

And the Ghoulies are out for our blood because of a drag race you started.


An hour. That's all I'm asking for, Sweet Pea.


This is utterly vile. Daddy has already written the story.

About the affair you and Fred had. What was he planning to do?

Publish that in The Register?

And drag you both through the mud?

Fred's running on family values.

I'm the law and order candidate.

Your father believes an October Surprise like this one would hurt me, but I'd survive.

And it would utterly destroy Fred's campaign.

Wait, you're in on this?

There's a game plan, Veronica.

What kind of man would do this to his own wife?

I'll tell you! The kind of man who always has someone else to take the risk, to stand in the line of fire, to run for Mayor.

That's what you are to him.

A means to an end.

Kindling for the fire.

Oh, no, Veronica.

Your father would never put us in harm's way.

The fact that you still believe that after everything he's done, chills me, Mom.

Pop Tate, I heard there was an incident at the diner.

Rioters were here, Mr. Lodge.

But Fred Andrews showed up with Tom Keller and FP Jones.

They saved us, helped defend the Chock'lit Shoppe from the Ghoulies.

- Everyone's calling them heroes.

- [HIRAM] I see.

Well, thank you, Pop.

- And, uh, I'm glad you're okay.

- [POP] All right.

Sorry, we're not serving right now.

So that wasn't Hiram Lodge you were just speaking with, was it?

- It was.

- He's an old friend of my father's.

You wouldn't happen to know where he lives, would you?

Excuse me?

Um, my dad is here. Hal Cooper, what room is he in?

Uh, . Just down the hall.






[BLACK HOOD] We keep missing each other.


You murdered Dr. Masters?

He asked too many questions.

So there's no method to the killing, now? No grand design?

You're just a run-of-the-mill psychopath?

You need to come home, Betty.

So we can talk and finish this.


[SHUDDERS] You don't scare me.

Your mother's here.

What? Mom's there?

If you're not home in minutes, or if you call the police, I will slit your mother's throat in the middle of the living room.



- Hello.

- Hello, lover boy.

It's your old gal pal.


You picked a really bad time.

Oh, I heard.

Riverdale, burning to the ground? It's tragic.

How about we meet up and talk about it, hmm?

Your old hangout, by the docks?

Why the hell would I do that?

Because if you don't, I'll start

carving up your girlfriend's face.

- Betty?


Oh, please. Ponytail's a snooze!

No, I mean your Southside Smurfette.

What do you think I should start with?

Tell her to go to hell, Jughead.

Hmm, maybe her tongue, huh?

Come now. And alone.

It'll just be me and Pinkie here.

- [BETTY] Mom? Mom, where are you?

- Oh.

Betty, thank God you're okay.

- I've been calling you. Where have you been?

- Mom, is Dad here?

- Quick, is he here or is he not? Where is he?

- Yeah, honey. Why?

- What... What's going on?

- We have to go.

- What?

- We have to leave.

- We have to go.

- Betty!

You made it home.

[SCOFFS] You dad has some crazy idea to show us old home movies.

I figured we'd indulge him since we're practically on lock-down anyway.


- What's wrong?

Well, I'm just happy we're all here as a family.

Sit down, Betty.

I think you're really going to enjoy this.


[WOMAN] Now, remember, I'm making this movie so we never forget what your daddy sacrificed for us.

You do love your daddy, don't you, Harold?

Yes, Mom.

And you want your daddy to keep living with us?

Yes, Mom.

I don't understand, what are we watching?

- Is that you, Hal?

- It is.

[WOMAN] Your daddy did something very noble, Harold.

He took care of that Conway family.

They were sinners. And what happens to sinners?

Sinners have to die.

[WHISPERS] Oh, my God!

What is this, a snuff film?

Shut the hell up, Alice, for once in your life!

[WOMAN] That's right.

Now, That little Conway boy who survived, they're going to ask him who killed his family.

He needs to point out somebody, anybody, but not Daddy.

Because we don't want Daddy to be taken away from us, do we?

No, I love my daddy.

[WOMAN] So you have to help him.

Make sure that when they ask the Conway boy who he saw kill his family, make sure he doesn't say Daddy.

Can you do that, Harold? Convince him?

I think so.

[WOMAN] You're a good boy, Hal.

Your father let him escape, but you, you will do better.

You must do better.

Take out your taperecorder, Alice.

I need you to record this.

The Conways, that was the family that was murdered years ago?

Yes. Oh, my God!

Take it out!

And I want to tell my story.

No, our story, really.

First, to clear something up.

Your Great-Grandpappy Cooper wasn't murdered by his brother, like some dog.

He was the killer.

He killed Great-Grandpappy Blossom and then took on the Cooper name to create a new identity for himself.

For us.

What does that have to do with the Conways?

The Conways knew our secret.

And Mr. Conway blackmailed my father, your Grandpappy.

Them? The Conways knew our secret.

- They were sinners, Betty.

- Even the children?

Well, there was one survivor.

The Conways' boy, Joseph.

Mr. Svenson, who you convinced to accuse an innocent man.

Joseph was easy to man manipulate as a boy and as a man.

What are you telling us? Hal, that...

That I have a darkness, Alice.

The same darkness my father had, the same darkness his father had.

And now, it lives in Betty.


Our daughter.


Who am I, Betty?

Say it.

Say who I am!

[SOFTLY] You're the Black Hood.


That's right.

Now say what I did.

You... [GASPING]

shot Mr. Andrews.

You killed Ms. Grundy, the Sugarman, Midge, Dr. Masters...

- But the debate...

- Was not me.

I can't take credit for that.

How's Veronica dealing with all this?

Oh, she's in lock-down at the Pembrooke.

For all of Mr. Lodge's talk about law and order, he was nowhere to be seen tonight.

Well, I just went out there to try to find you.

[SIGHS] I'm gonna take a shower.

I'm gonna lock up.











Thought about going pro after high school.


- Dad!

- What? Okay...

- No!




- Dad, Dad!


Tom Keller, he just put these on before we went to the diner.

I'm good. [GROANS]

Archie, no!


Dad, why did you become the Black Hood?

'Cause this is a town of sinners, Betty.

And... [SIGHS]

Sinners have to die.

Your speech at the Jubilee.


- Riverdale must do better.

We must do better.

[WOMAN] You will do better.

You must do better.

Reminded me of a promise that I'd made to my mother.

That this town will do better.

We must do better.

So I picked up my father's sword, and I continued the work that he and my grandfather started.

The purging of sin.

No, none of this makes any sense.

Dad, why did you want all of this recorded?

I want everyone to understand when they find us.

[PENNY] Hi, Jones.

Toni, are you okay?

Jughead, she's not alone.




You said it was just going to be the two of us.

I never go anywhere without back-up any more, not after what you did to me.

Besides, we need to talk, all of us...

There's nothing to talk about.

I'm taking Toni and we're leaving.

Not so fast!

I've been waiting to see you again for a long time.


Get back, you hobgoblin!

I brought back-up, too.

Like I said, I'm taking Toni, and we're leaving.

Untie her, you Serpent hag.

[SCOFFS] Take her, then.

But remember, when all your friends are dead, I tried giving you a chance.


Why do you keep coming back? What do you want?

The Southside.

There's money to be made here in "The Town With Pep," if you're not afraid of getting your hands dirty.

So you're partnering with the Ghoulies to sell drugs on the Southside?

Bingo. So here's the offer I want you to take back to your dad and your tribe.

The Serpents ship out tonight, or it's a showdown with the Ghoulies at Pickens Park at dawn.

I'm fine either way.

Hello. I'm here to see Mr. Lodge.

I'm sorry, he's not available.

Are his lovely wife and beautiful daughter at home?

This is a game of nerves, Veronica, and clearly, you've lost yours.

I'd rather have lost my nerve than my mind, which clearly, you and Daddy have.

That "October Surprise" wouldn't just destroy Fred's campaign, it would ruin his life!


Oh, God, who is it?


- [THUD]

You may know my father. Goes by the name Papa Poutine.


- He told me, if he was ever to be murdered, not to take the life of the man who killed him, but to take the lives of those that man loved the most.

- Mom...

- Mija, run. Run!




- Stay behind me!




It's time we end the Ghoulie scourge and that traitor, Penny Peabody permanently.

Sweet Pea, two hours ago your fight was with Reggie Mantle.

Now you want us to go to war over territory that we don't even control anymore?

This is Hiram Lodge's problem, not ours.

So you're just gonna hand over Sunnyside Trailer Park, our home to Penny and the Ghoulies?

Toni, I don't want us to die.

A rumble with the Ghoulies right now?

- It's a suicide-run.

- It's better than a coward's death.

- Don't we have to defend ourselves?

- Calm yourself...

[FP] That's enough!

I just got a call from the Sheriff's office.

[INHALES] Fangs, uh...

He didn't make it. He's gone.

Fangs is dead?

And we will mourn him, hell yeah, we will.

But first, we will honor him.

From what I just heard, it sounds like we need to put it to a vote.

All those against going

to war with the Ghoulies?

And all those for giving them hell on the battlefield tomorrow?

Well, Hal, I can't say I'm surprised.


I always knew you were a Mama's boy.

- What did you say?

- You heard me.


I knew it. I knew you couldn't do anything for yourself.

Mom, whatever you're doing, I wouldn't.

All I'm doing is I'm pointing out that your father can't do anything right.

Not even be a serial killer!

Cleansing the town of sin?

Really, Hal, you're the damn sinner.


What are you going to do, Hal? Are you going to kill the entire town?

Whoever's jaywalked? What did Fred Andrews do to deserve to get shot?

He was an adulterer.

Oh, then why don't you kill yourself?

You had a fling with Penelope Blossom.

Or me, for that matter, since I stepped out on you with FP, who, in every way that you're not... is a real man.








[JUGHEAD] This is a mistake.

You can see that, right?

We'd be going in blind, Dad.

Would you listen to me for two seconds?

For all we know, the Ghoulies outnumber us one hundred to one...

Don't you think I know that?



Boy, I've been doing this a lot longer than you have.

And we voted.

If we're going down, we're going down fighting.


As for being outnumbered, I'll rally the reserves.

They'll fight.



- This is Hiram.

- Fangs getting arrested, the riot, the Ghoulies showing up the night of the riot, with Penny in tow...


None of this is happenstance.

Jughead, I genuinely have no idea what you're talking about.

You've been buying up everything you could.

But you couldn't buy us, so you paid the Ghoulies and Penny to go to war with the Serpents to finally get rid of us once and for all.

How much is this costing you?

[SIGHS] I'm hanging up now.

'Cause I have a counter offer.

[JUGHEAD] Mr. Lodge?

I'm listening.


Veronica? Hermione?

There's another dead body in the study.

It's your mess, Daddy. You clean it up.

[BETTY] It was him, Arch.

My dad was the Black Hood.


How did you...

Did you see him leave my house?

He tried to shoot my dad again.


An hour ago.

No, no, no. That's impossible, he was here with us.


- Jug?

- [JUGHEAD] Betty...

- I'm happy to hear your voice.


Me, too, Jug. You have no idea.

I just want to let you know that I love you.

And I'll never stop loving you.

What are you saying, Jug? Where are you?

- Where is he?

- I'll see you soon.


The Sacrificial Lamb arrives.

I'll remind you of the deal that I made with your boss, Hiram Lodge.

I hand myself over to you tonight and there's no bloodshed tomorrow.

Apparently, getting you out of the picture is more important to him than all-out Serpent annihilation.

-to- . Are you that afraid of me?

The only scary thing is what we're going to do to your girlfriend when we find her.



You're a true hero, Jughead.



Let your dying thought be that your sacrifice was for nothing.



And that come morning, Riverdale as you know it will cease to exist.



Don't finish him off yet, guys.

- I want my pound of flesh first.




Betty, are you and your mom okay?

Mr. Jones, is Jughead with you?

- No, he's at the trailer. Why?

- I'm just really worried about him.

He called to say how much he loves me and it almost sounded like he was saying goodbye for good.

Toni, where was Penny hiding out?



Sheriff Minetta delivered the bodies to the coroner's office, tagged them as riot victims, so no one's going to be asking us any questions.

I am so sorry.

I just thank God that neither of you were hurt.


I found your October Surprise file.

Well, your mother understands the costs of winning.

Better than almost anyone.

Isn't that right, mi amor?

I realized something.

There will always be an October surprise with you.

And another and another.

But while Mom may volunteer to be your collateral damage, I won't.

- What'd I always teach you?

Never lose sight of the bigger picture.


I'm not the one who's lost sight, Daddy.

- Where is he? Where's Jug?

- Guys...