03x01 - Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

Previously on Riverdale...

Ladies, gentlemen, it's been months in the making, but we're finally here.

Welcome to New Southside.

Are you asking me to join the Serpents, Jug?

Just wanted to know how you felt about being my queen.


I'm willing to sell the Whyte Wyrm to you for Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe.
- [BETTY] No more evil.


[BETTY] You have no power over me.

I have someone who can help you.

Mom, from the farm.

It needs a lot of work, Dad, but I'm up for it, if you are.

[WEATHERBEE] [OVER PA] Your new student body president, Archie Andrews.


You got Andre to kill that boy at Shadow Lake, Cassidy.

And when I do prove this, I'm just gonna come for you.

[HIRAM] Steps have been taken to dissolvethe very glue that holds them together.

[ARCHIE] Sheriff Minetta, what are you doing?

You're under arrest for murder of Shadow Lake resident Cassidy Bullock.

[JUGHEAD] It's the calm before the storm.

The summer before your junior year in high school.

And how do you spend it?

Working some brutal summer jobthat actually makes you look forwardto going back to school.

Or maybe you have an internship that doesn't pay much, but...

That's okay, because it's for a good cause.


Or maybe you spent it at Sweetwater Swimming Hole.

You... And the best friends you'll ever have.

Or maybe you spent most of June-July-August in a courtroom,

Supporting our pal, Archie Andrews, who was on trial for a murderhe didn't commit,despite the DA's closing arguments.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the evidence and testimony that was presented in this court tell a dark story.

That Mr. Andrews has a history of violent behavior.

That he started not one, but two masked vigilante groups.

That he assaulted an innocent boy who was helpless with two broken legs.

That he went "wilding" in the Southside of town and threatened to shoot a young man in the face.

That while partying with his friends in the town of Shadow Lake,

Mr. Andrews ran into the woods and shot the victim, Cassidy Bullock, point-blank in the head.

Now Mr. Andrews claims that it was his girlfriend's father's doorman who shot Mr. Bullock.

A shot Mr. Andrews claims to have heard, but not seen.


[MS. WRIGHT] Who knows the truth of what happened that terrible night in the woods near Shadow Lake?

I'll tell you who.

That man.

Archie Andrews may be a varsity athlete and he may be a sensitive musician.

But he is also... A cold-blooded... Killer.

Ladies and gentlemen, we know, for a fact, that Archie Andrews constantly puts the needs of others ahead of his own.

We know he helped to solve the murder of Jason Blossom.

We know that he offered both friends and enemies shelter when they had nowhere else to stay.

We know that he punched through a river of ice to save the life of his classmate Cheryl Blossom.

Let me remind you that there were no witnesses to the actual killing.

There was no murder weapon. There was no motive.

At the end of the day, all the prosecution has is cloudy testimony from unreliable people.

Now, it is my solemn duty as a mother to protect my son.

But as an attorney, it's my duty to adhere to the facts, to the evidence.

There is nothing here that proves that Archie Andrews is anything less than an innocent boy.

Thank you.

Thanks, Mom.

[JUDGE] Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, the charge is first-degree murder.

You may retire to begin your deliberations.

[BAILIFF] All rise.

Okay, can you just level with us Mom?

What do you think Archie's chances are?

Baby, I'd say... - .

But if you had to come down on a side, Mrs. McCoy?

You were great in there, Mary.

Thank you, Fred. It's only the most important case of our lives.

You were amazing, Mrs. Andrews. Really.

Betty, your help over the summer was a godsend.

- Have you guys seen Archie?

[VERONICA] Archie?

There you are.

How are you holding up, Bud?

Yeah good, Jug.

What were you thinking about just now?

How you're going to walk out of this courthouse a free man?

No, I...

There was this place.

We've never been before, Ronnie, but Betty and Jug, do you guys remember Sweetwater Swimming Hole?

How we went there every summer?

- I was just thinking about that place earlier.
- Yeah, me too.

What made us stop going?

Uh, probably when we got covered in leeches.

Was that us or was that a movie?

- That was definitely us.
- [JUGHEAD] That was us.


I'd like to go.

Hopefully you can take me, Archie?


Guys, it's time.

The Judge just asked us back into the courtroom.

[JUDGE] The jury is still deliberating, but I've dismissed them.

They're sequestered and I've instructed them not to read anything about this case, nor to discuss it with anyone.

We'll reconvene Tuesday morning after Labor Day.

My advice to you, young man, is to spend this weekend with your family and your loved ones.

That's all.



Hey, Archie.

Have a terrific weekend.

[MARY] Fred!

- Dad, stop!
- Guys. Guys. Stop.

No, come on guys. Come on.


Thanks, Bob.

Dilton. Ben. What are you guys playing?

- It's called...
- Shut up, Doiley.

If only we could find the gun that Andre used to kill Cassidy.

[VERONICA] I've torn the Pembrooke apart.

After the riots, my father wiped any and all traces of Andre.

He wouldn't have brought it back from Shadow Lake.

So that's probably where he ditched it.

So, what? We go back to Shadow Woods?

- We've looked.
- Well, let's look again with metal detectors this time.

If we get Andre's gun, we can plant it on...
- [ARCHIE] No.

I don't wanna do that. I don't want to spend what could be my last weekend looking for evidence that isn't there, planting it who knows where.

Archie, we have three extra days to prove that you're innocent.

What would you have us do, Archie?

What the judge said.

After the worst summer ever, I want us to have a great, normal Labor Day weekend.

Can we do that?

If that's what you really want, Archiekins.

It is, Ronnie.

- So, what should we do?


Greetings, chums.

I wanted to let you know that after the three amazing months I just had with Toni riding our motorcycles cross-country, we're celebrating with an epic End-of-Summer pool party at Thornhill.

And you're all invited. Of course, given the fact that Archie will most likely be walking the green mile while the rest of us are walking the stage at graduation, I understand if you're not up for it.

Invite whoever you want, but give them fair warning.

I'm in the mood for some hellraising. Toodles.


[POLLY] Ah, Betty!

Come, have some milk oolong tea.

It's an incredible detoxifier.

No, I'm okay. Thanks.

Where are you off to, sweetheart?
Another therapy session?

No, Dr. Glass is tomorrow. I'm just going over to Archie's for a bit.

Honey, before you go back to school, I think it's important that you spend some quality family time together.

Edgar thinks it's important.

Oh, yeah, Edgar from the Farm.

Um, yeah, we'll talk about that later, Mom.

[BETTY] Can I just say, Mr. Andrews, watching you punch Hiram Lodge in the face was...

Incredibly cathartic.

It almost got me landed in jail.


All right, give it a try.

You do the honors.




- Oh, yeah. Give it some gas. There you go.


- We did it, Dad.
- Yeah, we did.

- We sure did.
- Just in time.

Could you guys excuse me a second, I'm gonna go in the house.


- Betty...

I have to ask you a favor.

If I do go away, will you check on my dad?
Invite him over for dinner?

Once my mom goes to Chicago, he'll be alone.


The jury is still deliberating, that's a good sign, okay? You don't need to...

Put your house in order.

Betty, promise me. Please.

Of course.

[VERONICA] It's not going to work, Daddy.

Your lago-like attempt to keep me and Archie apart, it'll fail.

Veronica, I have no idea what you're talking about.

How about a refresher?

Framing Archie for murder?

Conspiring to keep him locked away?

You set all of this in motion.

I know it, everyone knows it. Only you can stop it.

So stop it.

Do it now.

But, mija, I have nothing to do with this.

That boy is a criminal with a history of violence.

He's innocent!

You know he is!

He doesn't deserve this.

He'll be alone in there.
He'll die in there.

- Archie brought that upon himself.
- No, you!

You can change everything.

- Please, Daddy.
- It's beyond my control.

I'm begging you, as your only daughter.

Help Archie.

Save him.


It's simply beyond my control.

[JUGHEAD] We know that Hiram Lodge has taken over the Southside, 'cause he's been colluding with the Ghoulies.

And I need to know what he's up to exactly.

All rights Fangs, you're up.

I need you to find the Ghoulies' new lair. Okay?

If you see them, I don't want you to engage with them.

This is just a recon mission, and we can't be risking another gang war.

I just need a confirmation of whatever Hiram's up to, it has nothing to do with the Serpents or Riverdale High.

- Will do.
- You got it.

Hey, boy, come have a look.

Might be my best one yet.

Well, how does it feel to be an honorary Serpent?

Feels pretty savage, Jug.

Archie, the first thing I learned at Southside High was that you need to roll with a crew to survive.

There are gonna be Serpents in juvenile detention.

Find 'em. Sit with them.

That tattoo is gonna get you in. But it's also gonna get you protected.

[FP] Yeah, Jughead's right.

Up to a point.

That Serpent ink will help keep your body safe but you still gotta worry about protecting this, eh?

I speak from experience, all right?

Your mind is the first thing that goes when you're locked up. If you can keep your head on straight, you can get through anything.

You just...

You gotta keep your wits about you, Red.

Mom, what are you doing, with my diaries?

I was talking to Edgar about them and he feels and I agree, you should burn them.

What are you talking about? Why?

You've been filling these pages with so much pain and suffering over the years.

You need to let that go.

Okay. Dr. Glass says journaling is a perfectly healthy outlet.

And I respect what your therapist says, Betty, but these diaries are your past.

And your past is crushing you.

- Edgar says that...
- What, Mom?

What does some guru who's running a Heaven's Gate commune for pregnant runaways and wives-of-serial-killers have to say about my diaries?

We know that you look down on the Farm, Betty.

But Edgar has done nothing but help me.

He's encouraged me to embrace everything that I was ashamed of and become the best version of myself.

Mom, I can't... I can't deal with this right now.

Isn't that the problem, you're not dealing with it?

The trauma from last year, what happened with your father, that Chic person?

You're running around a mile-a-minute and what you need to be doing is sitting still.

Listening to what your soul is telling you.

Okay, I'm listening to my soul.

And what it's saying is get the hell away from your mother because she's been body-snatched.

There's something else you should know about Betty, Mom.


Hey, Josie, never thought I'd say this but I'm kind of excited for school to start back up.


Mostly 'cause I'll get to see you in the halls, every day.

Uh, Sweet Pea, I told you when we started this, our summer fling was gonna be just that.

A fling. With a three-month expiration date.

Yeah, I know, but...

Haven't we been having a good time?

Oh, I'm not saying we haven't.

But nothing, not even a tall, cool drink of sweet water like you, is gonna distract me from my music.

So, Moose, you know those movies where friends make a pact to lose their virginity by the end of the school year?

- Uh-huh.
- I've been thinking, since we've been hanging out all summer, maybe we should make a similar pact of our own, but on a slightly accelerated time-table.

Like, by Halloween at the latest.

Reg, if I do go away, you gotta step up and lead the Bulldogs.

I'm already captain, Bro.

I'm not talking about on the field.

I need you to work with Jughead, to keep the peace between the Serpents and the Bulldogs.

No more circles, red, dark or otherwise.

Done. That bloody chapter is over.

Sick tat, by the way.


What you thinking about, babe?

Archie Andrews.

He saved my life, Tee-Tee.

What happened that day on the river, Cheryl?

We've never talked about it.

I lost hope, and I did something really stupid.

And Archie Andrews was there to save me.

And now, there's nothing I, or anyone, can do to help him.


V, Are you okay?

I went to see Mrs. Andrews and Attorney McCoy to ask them to put me on that stand.

I wanted to get in front of that jury to tell them the truth about my father, to see if that might make a difference, but they said no.

That I was too late.

Maybe not, Veronica.

- Josie.
- Look, you didn't hear this from me, but... the jury is being sequestered at the Five Seasons.

Third floor, room .

The security's tight, but...I think I can get you in.

What are you thinking, V?

That I only need to get to one Jury member.

To convince them that my Dad's the villain here, not Archie, for there to be a hung jury.

Which would give us more time to prove Archie is innocent.


Jughead! [PANTING]

- What's up?
- It's the Ghoulies, Jughead.

Those bastards have Hot Dog.

Are you absolutely sure that this was Hot Dog?

Hundred percent, man.

They must have snatched him on Riot Night.

He looked skinny.

I don't think the Ghoulies are feeding him enough.

We're lucky those animals aren't slow-roasting him on a grill.
What do we do, Jughead?

We'd be going behind enemy lines, outnumbered, open to attack from all directions and risking another gang-war.

No Serpent left behind, right?

That includes our spirit animal.

Okay, we're gonna deploy after dark.

It's gonna be a stealth mission. It's gonna be quick.

Jug, last time you went into Ghoulie territory, you were beaten to within an inch of your life.

He'll have backup this time.

And we're gonna be quick, Betty.

They won't even know we were there.

- Well, then I'm coming with you.
- No.

No. Don't you dare tell me that it's too dangerous, Jug.

The Serpent Queen is a warrior queen.

So if you're on the frontlines, so am I.


Let's bring Hot Dog home, shall we?

[MARY] We tried to stack the jury in Archie's favor.

Women, mothers, but...

I don't know. Maybe it backfired.

Well, you did everything that you could.

[SIGHS] Ah, Fred, just think if I hadn't left Riverdale, if I hadn't gone to Chicago...

I was here and I couldn't stop Hiram Lodge from getting his claws into our son.

Dad, Mom...

Don't blame yourselves, for what I did.

Taking Hiram's side against you, Dad, was the biggest mistake I've ever made, but it was mine. It's on me.

You guys the best parents anyone could ask for.

Everything you've done for me, I don't deserve it.

Whatever happens to me on Tuesday, that is what I deserve.

No, you are a good kid.

You got manipulated by a mobster.

But, you do not deserve to be framed for murder.

Son, your mother and I will always love you.



Moonlighting, Miss Lodge?

Sheriff Minetta?

I have to say your father knows you well.

He anticipated you might pull a stunt like this.

[HERMIONE] Jury tampering?

Pero por Dios! What the hell were you thinking?

What I've been thinking for the past months.

Archie! How do I help Archie.

Daddy is a monster, Mom. You know he is.

But you just stand by him complacent, like some Park Avenue trophy wife.

With all due respect Veronica, you're his daughter.

And that affords you a certain amount of protection that I don't enjoy.

He'll never harm a hair on your head.

I can't say the same for myself.

I won't leave you alone in the world with him.

- Mom...
- I'm a prisoner, Veronica.

But I am not his puppet.


[TONI] It's been an hour and no sign of anyone.

All right. Sweet Pea, here you go, keep a look out.


[WHISPERING] Hey. Hey bud.


Come on, buddy. Let's get you outta here.


Hiya, Jonesy.

Welcome back to the Southside.

Chill. Not yet, cousin.

I thought this mangey mutt might get you to show up.


- We need to talk.
- No, we don't, Penny.

I'm here for the dog.

If you didn't want trouble, why have you been sending spies all summer, trying to get into our business? Back off.

Unless you want a replay of Riot Night.

Yeah, I've been sending scouts.

I was looking for Hot Dog.

Now that I've got him, we're good.

Not so fast.

Your jacket...

Southside isn't yours anymore.

That means you're no longer the Southside Serpents.

Really, Penny? A jacket?

We could always just take it off your limp dead body.

Oh, I also heard Ponytail's a Serpent now, your Northside queen.

Maybe we'll go after her next.


You can have the jacket as long as you and the Ghoulies stay out of the Northside.

Oh, you don't get to make demands.



Told you I was in the mood for some hell raising.

That's it. Just kill 'em all.

Cheryl, aim your next arrow right between Penny's eyes.


You and your Ghoulies take one more step, she's gonna release that arrow.

Cheryl doesn't miss.


You've just made the Northside fair game.

Come on.

See you soon, Jonesy.

Come here. Hey, come here.

- Come here boy.

All right, go.

[ARCHIE] Wait, stop!


- Wait, stop!


That wasn't...


[FP] Hey, Dilton came by to see you.

- He did?
- Mmm-hmm.

What for, did he say?

Nah, wouldn't talk.

Weird kid.


So, how's Hot Dog?

Sleeping under the trailer.
But, he's bouncing back.


How are you?


Uneasy sits the crown?


Penny's got the Northside in her sights, Cheryl's a loose cannon, Betty's a target and uh...

We're not even Southside Serpents anymore.

No, screw the "Southside."

You're a Serpent, by blood, and no one can take that from you or any one of us.


The pharmacy called. Polly answered.

They can't complete an Adderall prescription that was requested by your doctor because you had one refilled in Greendale two weeks ago.

Then they must have mixed up their dates.

I don't know. I'll call Dr. Glass.

Except there is no Dr. Glass.

Polly did some digging.
He doesn't exist.

You've been forging prescriptions for yourself.

We're worried about you, Betty.

You've been lying about going to therapy.

Now you're making up a psychiatrist so that you can scam medication.

Seriously, Mom?

You're going to give me a hard time for trying to re-up a prescription that you literally shoved in my hands a year ago?

It was before Edgar explained the dangers of pharmaceuticals

Okay, enough. You're actually buying this Farm crap that some huckster named Edgar Evernever is selling you?

He's helping us move on and he can help you too, sweetheart...
- Oh, really?

Oolong milk and wanting to burn my diaries is helping you get over the fact that Dad murdered four people and tried to kill us?

If you genuinely believe that, you are in denial, Mom.

No, Betty, you are.

Do you realize that that is the first time you've mentioned Dad in months?

You call me and my friends crazy, but you're the one with the secret life, hoarding stolen drugs, hiding from your pain.

You may hate the Farm, but they healed me, and they healed Mom, and they can heal you.

But first you need to admit that you're sick.



Last one in gets a sticky maple.


Guys, no matter what happens in court, this...

Is the best last day of summer a guy could ask for.


What if you just make a break for it?

Past that treeline, there's a road that goes through the mountains to Quebec.

- Jughead..
- There are Serpents north of the border that will keep you supplied.

You don't deserve this, Arch.

- Any of it.
- Yeah, and what if I do?

Archie, why would you say that?

Because I'm guilty.

I didn't kill Cassidy, but I left him alone with Andre.

If I hadn't walked away that night, he might still be alive.

And not just Cassidy, all of it.

All of last year.

I didn't kill anyone.

But I could have.

I have to take responsibility for that.

[BETTY] Jug, I'm not ready for summer to be over.

I don't think I can handle it.

What do you mean? Sure you can.

Jug, this summer, I haven't stopped or slept a wink, working on Archie's case.

I've barely looked up since May, and...

My mom and Polly think that I've been hiding or avoiding, and they're right.

Maybe I should stop taking Adderall and start seeing a therapist, for real.

Either way, come Tuesday, it'll all be over.

And I'll have to face everything. Everything...

That has happened, everything that will happen.

All these things that I don't have control over, they terrify me.

Betty, we're gonna get through it.

From now on, we're partners.

In Serpents, in life, all of it. Okay?



Whatever you're about to say, Archie, please don't make me cry.

If I do go away, I don't want you visiting me in that horrible place. Okay?

Oh, rest assured, if the unthinkable happens, I will be taking the bus every week with all the other prison widows and bringing you Magnolia Cupcakes from New York.

As well as working on your appeal. I promise.

That's exactly what I don't want. I don't want you spending the rest of your high school waiting for me.

No, no, no, no. You are not breaking up with me tonight, Archie Andrews.

- Ronnie, I...
- Archie!

I am not letting my dad take away the one thing that I love.

It's not happening.

You know, it's weird, Ronnie.

The thing that keeps me up most nights isn't that I might get shivved.

It's that I won't be able to graduate with you guys.

It's stupid, right?

I don't think that's stupid at all.

[MARY] Are you ready, Archie?

[ARCHIE] Hey, come here.

Ah, you be a good boy, okay?

Good boy.


Hey, Mr. Jones, is Jughead home?

I'll get the bikes warm. Hurry up.

Look, Dilton, now's not really a good time, okay?

Ben and I, we thought it was just a game. A stupid role-playing game. But it's not.

It's so much more.

- He's real.
- Who?

- Who is?

Look, I gotta get to Archie's trial.

The Gargoyle King.

Look, I can't talk right now.

You wanna wait here for a little bit?
Try and get some rest. Yeah? Okay?

All right. We can talk about this when I get back.

- All right?
- Yeah.

[BAILIFF] All rise.

Has the jury reached a verdict?

Your Honor, we haven't.

We're deadlocked. Six-to-six.


And it's not gonna change.

So be it. The jury is dismissed.

Thank you for your service.

So, what happens now?

Judge will declare a mistrial.

- We have to go through this again?

[CLEARS THROAT] Your Honor, in lieu of another trial, the State is prepared to offer a deal for a lesser sentence.

Instead of prison, time served plus two years in juvenile detention, if Mr. Andrews will plead guilty to the crime of manslaughter.

- Your honor.
- I'll take the deal.

- No!
- Archie, no. We have to discuss this.

Mom, I can't put you and everyone else through this again.

Your Honor, I accept the deal.

Son, just so I have it straight, though it's legally within your rights, you're ignoring the advice of your counsel, your own mother.

Yes, Your Honor. I'm guilty.


Mr. Andrews, the court accepts your plea of guilt.

You'll be taken directly from the courthouse to the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center, where you will serve out your sentence beginning immediately.

This court is adjourned.

- I'm sorry, Mom.
- [MARY] [SOBBING] I love you so much.

Look, we're gonna get you out of there, bud.


I love you, Veronica.

No, no, no. You can't take him away!

He's innocent. He didn't do anything!


Hey, I've already written the appeal.

I'll file it from Chicago, and as soon as we get a date...

We'll get him home, Mary. One way or another.

You have our word.

I'm gonna prove that Hiram Lodge framed our son.

And I'm gonna make the son of a bitch pay.

Whatever it takes.


This is Mayor Lodge...

Are you happy now, Daddy?

It all worked out.
Just like you planned.

Archie didn't play by your rules.

He threatened you, so you punished him.

You destroyed his life.

You think I did all this to hurt Archie, mija?

Because he threatened me? No.

It's because you betrayed me.

This is your punishment.

You chose that boy over blood.

My own daughter.

You don't have a daughter anymore.









Ben. Ben!

Hey. Hey.

[BREATHING HEAVILY] Ben! Okay, look.

Look. Stay with me. Come on. Come on.

Help! Help!









Oh my God. Betty! Help!