03x02 - Chapter Thirty-Seven: Fortune and Men's Eyes

[ARCHIE] Previously on Riverdale...

Ben and I, we thought it was just a game. But it's not. It's so much more.

He's real. The Gargoyle King.

[JUGHEAD] Dilton...

Ben! Hey.

Framing Archie for murder?

Conspiring to keep him locked away?

You don't have a daughter anymore.

We could start our own version of the Farm.

You're actually buying this Farm crap that some huckster named Edgar Evernever is selling you?

[ALICE] Oh, my God. Betty!

I didn't kill anyone. But I could have.

I have to take responsibility for that.

I can't put you and everyone else through this again.

I'll take the deal.

Your Honor, I'm guilty.


[JUGHEAD] We've all felt it.

On the first day of a new school year.

Butterflies in the stomach.

We've all looked around and wondered...

Where am I gonna fit in here?

Who am I gonna sit with at lunch?

Will I even make it till lunch?

Multiply that by a thousand,and that's how Archie Andrews felt as he was being "processed"

at the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center.


Warden wants to see you. Let's go.


It's Shakespeare. Do you know what it means?

No, sir.

It means you're alone, and you have no one to blame but yourself.

I read your file.

Besides killing that boy at Shadow Lake, I'm told you have an affinity for music.

We have a music room.

No one uses it, but it's there.

I keep an orderly house, Mr. Andrews.

Respect that and we'll get on just fine.

You understand?

Yes, sir.

I just got off the phone with the warden at juvenile hall.

He says that Archie's been processed. He's okay.

[SIGHS] Thank God.

Yeah. I got a line on those three thugs who gave false testimony against him.

I'm friends with the sheriff over at Shadow County.

They found the remains of a campfire in the deep woods.

Archie's in jail, and these cretins are basically camping.

Not for long. We'll make damn sure of that.

Meanwhile, I'll keep the home fires burning at Riverdale High, so everyone knows my Archiekins will be back in time for homecoming and everything will be just as he left it.

Dr. Patel kept Betty overnight for observation, but it was just a precaution.

Well, did he say what caused the seizure?

They ran tests, but he suspects it's just good, old-fashioned stress.

Oh, Betty.

I was up all night with the twins.

We were so worried about you.

- You were worried about me?
- Hmm?

What about Juniper and Dagwood? Are they all right?

- Okay, here we go again.

Juniper and Dagwood are napping.

They're fine. Why wouldn't they be?

Um, because I saw you and Mom throw the twins into a giant bonfire last night.

All right, that's enough.

The only thing burning last night was the hibachi in the backyard.

We were making skewers with a few friends.

- From the Farm?
- Yeah, as a matter of fact.

You must have just had a hallucination while you had the seizure.

It was so real.




Oh, my God, Dilton is dead?


And Ben from the drive-in, he's barely hanging on.

Doctors don't know when or if he's even gonna wake up.

Sheriff Minetta asked me to keep the whole thing hush-hush for the family's sake.

[SIGHS] But, Betty, what I saw was...

What, Jug?

It was like a ritual site.

Their lips were blue.

There were these chalices that were filled with poison or something.

Animal bones were in a circle.

The tree had markings on it.

There was a winged totem with a skull and branches.

So, was it a murder or a suicide-pact gone wrong?

I have no idea. I saw Ben and Dilton.

They were playing this weird game at Pop's.

Dilton was raving about someone called the Gargoyle King.

I was also thinking that maybe you and I could investigate this together, for old times' sake.

Or at least until we catch a new lead with Archie's case.

I like that idea.

I'll try to see if Dr. Curdle can get us into the coroner's office.

Have more romantic words ever been spoken?


You're bunking with Mad Dog.





- I'm Archie. You're Mad Dog, right?

How long you been in?



Listen, bro, since we're gonna be cellmates...

Nice shoes.

I'd keep 'em tied real tight.

[VERONICA] Mr. Weatherbee, as Archie's girlfriend and former running-mate, I just wanna let you know that I'll be stepping in as interim student body president.

I'm sorry, Miss Lodge, but someone else has already petitioned to be president just this morning.

What? Who did?

Cheryl, what the hell do you think you're doing, trying to steal Archie's presidency?

Who would you have lead us through the super dark times of junior year?

Ethel Muggs?

I saw the poor girl earlier.

She was fuguing about some winged creature that was after her.

Actually, I was thinking I'd keep Archie's seat warm.


When JFK was shot, Jackie O didn't become president.

Lyndon B. Johnson did.

And then he lead us into Vietnam.

I'm just saying.

Her man's in the big house, Cheryl. Give her a break.

I get it, and I sympathize...

Up to a point.

But let's be reals, Veronica.

I need this presidency for my college applications a lot more than Archie does.

You guys mind if I sit?

I'm Slash.

Who gave you that ink? Looks fresh.

FP Jones did.

His son, Jughead, made me a Serpent.

Said I could hang out with you guys.

[JOAQUIN] You're no Serpent, Archie.

[ARCHIE] Joaquin?

What the hell are you doing in juvie?

Didn't you hear?

I came to town to help Fangs escape, stuck around, got hauled in during riot night.

I know this guy, Slash.

He's Mr. Clean-Cut All-American.

You're Jughead's pal, not a Serpent.

You have to earn our trust and protection with a test of loyalty.

See that Ghoulie over there?

I want you to go up to him and shiv him.

Don't worry about the guards.

We pay them to turn a blind eye.

Do that, and then we'll have your back, huh?

You're kidding, right?


Not gonna happen, bro.

I don't need your protection that bad.

- [INMATE] Nice shoes.

- Dr. Curdle?

Oh, you're not...

I'm his son.

We spoke over the phone earlier.

I took over after my father passed away.

- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Do you have the money?

The toxicology report revealed lethal levels of cyanide in Mr. Doiley's blood.

I surmise the surviving boy didn't drink enough to finish the job.

Dr. Curdle, if you had to guess, murder or suicide?

Well, the body did show signs of stress.

Three symbols carved out on his back.

Runic, I'd say.

Would you mind if I got a shot of those?


What caused, uh, the blue lips?

The cyanide was mixed into a sugary drink called Fresh-Aid.

- Blueberry flavored.

There's something dimly familiar about this.

But you asked me before if I thought this was murder or suicide.

I'm not sure what it is, but whatever it is, it's darker than what happened to Jason Blossom.

Or what the Black Hood did.

No, what we're looking at here, I believe, is the true face of evil.


What's up, guys?

You don't remember us?

Should I? Have we met before?

We were at the drag race the day you called the cops on us.

We're in here because of you.



Look, guys, I don't want any trouble. I'm sorry.

Neither do we. We just want your shoes.


Don't touch his face.


Why are you sitting that way?

I'm just a little sore, Ronnie, that's all.

Sore from what?

Working out. There's an amazing gym here.


And, uh, where are your shoes?

Uh, the warden took them from me when I got here.

Along with all my other clothes.

That doesn't make any sense.

Ronnie. Talk to me about school.

What am I missing? How's the new speakeasy coming along?

[CHUCKLES] It's coming.

What's it feel like being president in my place?

Hi, I'm checking in on the status of a friend of mine.

Ben Button?

Oh, wait, he's out of the ICU? That's great.

Uh, what time are your visiting hours?

Uh, thank you.


Hi. I'm Evelyn. And you're Betty Cooper?

I'm sorry, do I know you?

Well, not exactly.

We almost met through your mom and your sister.

They're studying with my dad.

Edgar Evernever.

Yeah. That's right.

Anyway, I go to school here now, so I just wanted to say hi, and to let you know that I won't tell anyone about what happened the other night.

What are you talking about?

Well, your seizure, of course.

Wait, sorry, you... You were there?

Yeah, your mom invited us over for a cookout and to burn a few of her things.

So, how are you feeling?

Uh... [SCOFFS]


Uh, you know what, Evelyn? I have to go.

I have to visit a friend in the hospital, so...

Yeah, no worries. I totally understand.

Dude, what are you doing?

What we've been doing all summer.

I thought we could sneak off to the boiler room. Come here.

My dad is right over there.


He's the new RROTC instructor.
And he's making me sign up.

So if he's going to be around school, we have to take it easy.

Hey, Cadet Mason, on time is late.

Let's go. Room .

Talk to you later, Kev.




Oh, that's right, you work here now.

I'll have a cherry phosphate and curly fries. Girls?

I don't work at Pop's, Cheryl. I own it.

And, as of this moment, you're no longer welcome here.

You can't discriminate against someone because they're better-looking than you.

Cheryl, you're acting like trash, and I don't want to get a citation.


Vixens, leave us be.

Now, then.

What are you really mad about?

Because it can't be that I'm making a play for student body president.

Actually, Cheryl, that's exactly why I'm mad.

I made a promise to Archie that when he gets out, I'll have everything in place waiting for him.

And that includes this stupid presidency.

Just a suggestion, but maybe you should channel that rage into something more productive.

Like getting your boyfriend sprung.

There's an organization called the Innocence Project.

I looked into it when I was accused of Jay-Jay's murder.

Maybe you should check it out.

A little food for thought.

Speaking of food, cancel my order. I'm going to TGI Thursdays.



- Hi, Mrs. Button?

We just wanted to see how Ben was doing.

How do you know my Ben?

Uh, from school.

And he and I used to work at the Twilight Drive-In.


How's he doing?

He's stabilized, but he hasn't woken up yet.

Do you know what happened in the woods, Mrs. Button?

No. Ben's always been a bit of an odd duck, you could say.

Kept to himself.

Especially after his piano teacher was murdered.

But this summer, he became friends with...

- Dilton Doiley.
- That's right.

It's like he became a different person.

Secretive, sneaking out at all hours, having these horrible nightmares.

Mrs. Button.

Do you know what this is or how it got here?

Maybe that nice girl left it.

Someone else came to visit Ben?

[MRS. BUTTON] A-Another friend from school.

I don't remember her name.
She wore a bow in her hair.

Jughead. Betty.

Look, I don't care how Keller ran things when he was sheriff, but I won't let a couple of teenagers compromise an active murder investigation.

If this is an active murder investigation, you might wanna start by letting the rest of the town know.

Sheriff Minetta?

What, Henderson?

An Adventure Scout's parents called.

- They haven't seen him in two days.
- What?

We've got a missing kid, Sheriff, and he was a part of Dilton Doiley's troop.


[VERONICA] Madam Mayor?

- Wait. Why are you not in school?
- I'm on my way, but this couldn't wait.

I'm starting a chapter of the Innocence Project here in Riverdale.

And with a letter of support from Town Hall,

I can cut through all that silly red tape.

I told you, I cannot get in the middle of this war between you and your father.

But I'm not here as your daughter. I'm here as a citizen.

One of your constituents sits in juvenile detention, wrongfully convicted.

And I intend to get him acquitted.


Your endorsement could help sway a lot of dubious minds.

Please, Mom.


- I'll have Gloria draft the letter.
- Wonderful.

Oh, and I'm also accepting donations.


[JUGHEAD] Hi, Ethel.

Hey, does this look familiar to you?

Where did you get that?

Ben's hospital room.

What were you doing there?

I don't have to tell you anything, okay, you're not the police.

Ethel, wait.

We're just trying to figure out what happened to Ben and Dilton and the missing Scout.

Is this the Gargoyle King?

How do you know about that?

Dilton started to tell me, but he only got so far.

So, is it?

No. No, it's the opposite.

I made that talisman to...

To protect Ben.

How do you even know Ben?

He's my boyfriend.

I've never seen you two together.

We started dating this summer.

And we spent all our time in the bunker, so...

What bunker?

- Ethel, just...

What bunker?

Dilton's. In the woods.

Dilton Doiley has a secret bunker in the woods?

It was our secret spot.

And Dilton's too.

Can you at least just tell us where it is?

I mean, I can't. It's too hard to describe.

Then can you show us where it is?

Ethel, it's either us or Sheriff Minetta.

Okay, fine, but you have to keep it a secret.

- Sure.
- Of course.

And we have to go at night, so nobody can see us.

Do you guys know where Fox Footbridge is?


I tried to warn you.

[SIGHS] Yeah.

Apparently, the Ghoulies really like sneakers.

You're a Serpent.

Why didn't they look out for you?

Because I wouldn't shiv a Ghoulie.

How come?

Because that's not who I am.

Maybe not yet, but you will be soon.

The moment you set foot in here, you lost your humanity.

You're an animal in a cage now.

And an animal does whatever he has to do to live, to survive.

What do you do, Mad Dog?

You're not a Ghoulie, you're not a Serpent.

I doubt anyone in here messes with you.

You have stuff no other prisoner does.


You don't want to know.

And trust me, you don't want to get tapped.

Take my advice this time.

Be an animal before they kill you like one.



What is wrong with the two of you?

- Dad.
- What's goin' on?

- Sheriff Minetta called. He said...
- Called us both.

He said he caught the two of you snooping around Ben Button's room at the hospital.

Look, Dad, something weird is going on here.

No one wants to talk about it.

But Dilton came to me for help. You were there.

I feel like I owe him something.

Boy, you don't owe him anything.

This has nothing to do with you.

And you, Betty. This is exactly what Dr. Patel was talking about.

You keep this up, young lady, and you'll have another seizure.


Did you have a seizure and not tell me about it?

She most certainly did.

And it's because you keep dragging her into these murder investigations.

You are unbelievable, Mom.

- Hey, Betty...
- Ah...

- FP, can you please?
- Boy, don't even think about it.

We're going home.
Everyone needs to cool off.



[ARCHIE] You really didn't have to get me anything, Ronnie.

Nonsense. Reggie helped me pick them out.

Go on, open it.

To replace your other pair.

They'll be perfect for your triumphant strut out of here when the Innocence Project gets your conviction overturned.

They're great, Ronnie, thanks.

Sucks, you could have worn those fresh kicks to the pep rally.

[EXHALES] Yeah. How are the Dogs doin', Reg?

Coach Clayton's running our asses off.

The varsity squad's gonna be tough to beat this year, especially with Moose anchoring the O-Line.

The dude is a straight beast.

But we're missing our star running back.

We need you back on the field, bro.

[GHOULIE ] Is he for real?

Yo, Joaquin, it's your boy.

You got a death-wish, Archie, is that it?

No, Joaquin.

I wanna live.

But, guys, straight up, most of us are gonna be here for a long time, and I...I don't want to do that time living like an animal.

Shivving each other in the freaking yard.

That might be what the guards and the warden and the rest of the world out there expects of us, but screw them.

Let's show them there's another way.

And what way is that?

If we weren't here, we'd be in high school, joining clubs, trying out for sports.

Not me.

I dropped out in the fourth grade to run drugs to support my nana.

That means you haven't known the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school football.

But you will.

At least for one afternoon, when all of us play a game, one game, to remind them that we are not animals.

That we're men.

Not Ghoulies versus Serpents.

No gangs. We'll mix it up for a clean, fair game.

Or we gut you like a fish and take your shoes again.

[MAD DOG] Kid's got a point.

We keep killing each other, they're the only ones who win.

I know all about that.

How about this?

MVP wins my new sneakers.


How about that?

If that's some weird tea from the Farm, I really don't want it.

It's chamomile, Betty. Calm down.

Listen, honey, I thought you would've told Jughead about your seizure.

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have assumed.

It's okay.

It really scared me, what happened to you.

I'm fine, Mom.

I just want you to be safe.

I know. And I am.

Good night.



[JUGHEAD] So what happened, exactly?

One minute, I was fine, the next I was hallucinating some truly insane stuff, like out of a horror movie.

And then I woke up in the emergency room embarrassed, to be honest, and that's why I didn't say anything, because it's nothing.

Dr. Patel said it was just stress.


And I ask you to investigate a double suicide-slash-murder?

Weirdly, being in the woods with you investigating something crazy is the least stressful, most normal thing I can think of.

Kind of reminds me of like when we first started dating, remember?


That's probably Ethel, right?


Jug, do you see that?


Yeah, I do.

Okay. Run.


Is that the thing we just saw?

If I had to hazard a guess, yeah.

Behold the Gargoyle King. [SIGHS]

Luckily for us, doesn't run very fast.

No, but really, it was too tall to be Ethel, I think.

Unless she was on stilts, which is a possibility because she's not answering her phone.

Is there anything on Dilton's map?

You mean, what we should've checked in the first place?


Right here. This is where I found Ben and Dilton.

And this is the footbridge where Ethel wanted us to meet, but this... [SIGHS]

What does that look like to you?

I mean, I was researching runic symbols earlier.

That one didn't show up.

What if it's not a symbol? What if that's the drawing for the hatch?

That leads to the underground bunker.

I mean, if this map is halfway accurate, I'd say that that's right around the deadfall in Fox Forest.

We can find this, Betty.

I think this football game is a fantastic idea, but are you sure it's safe?

It's fully sanctioned.

Everyone wants this. The Ghoulies, the Serpents.

Everyone wants to feel...


Oh, I so wish I could be there cheering you on to victory.

Me too.

And if ever there were a group of guys who needed a pep rally...

[VERONICA] I've reconsidered your bid for student council president.

Why, pray tell?

Because you were right.

Protecting Archie's presidency doesn't really help him in any meaningful way.

I'm glad you've come to your senses.

However, I know something that would help bolster his spirits, but I would need your help, and the Vixens'.

Thanks, Delores, I'll, uh, see you around.



- Hey, handsome.
- Hey, Kev.


Um, me and some of the guys from the RROTC are having a chow-down, but I'll see you at school tomorrow?

Moose, are you ashamed of me?

No, I just...

I'm with the guys.

I'll talk to you later.


Will you play football with us, Mad Dog?


Warden says I got other business.

What the hell are you to him?

Before this place...

I had a mom.

A little brother.

A girl, too.


They used to come visit me every Saturday.

One day, the warden tells me I can't see them anymore.

They've been banned.

It's for my own good, he said.

That was two years ago.

That's not right.

Next month, they'll transfer me to a real prison

where I'll spend the next years.

You got a life after this, a girl.

Don't let them take that away from you.


Let's go, Mad Dog.


Good luck with the game, Archie.




Dilton really was a hardcore survivalist.


I'll go first.

[JUGHEAD] Oh, God.

It's like the inside of a Philip K. Dick novel.

I think this is all that game they were playing.

Yeah, Gryphons and Gargoyles.

It looks like Ben and Dilton were in pretty deep.

I wonder if Ethel was playing with them.


Doesn't that look like the thing that came at us last night?

Yeah, the Gargoyle King.

He's also featured prominently on this copper coin.


[BETTY] Oh, God.

"Drink from the correct cup..."

[JUGHEAD] Blue lips, cyanide.

It was a challenge.

It's all part of that stupid game they were playing.

Pick the chalice that's not poisoned and win, I guess?

So it was suicide.


Or something even more insidious.




[JUGHEAD] You know how worried your folks are?

Doesn't matter. I'm supposed to stay hidden in the bunker until Master Doiley comes back.

Jeez. [SIGHS]

Kid, haven't you heard?

Dilton's not coming back.

[SCOFFS] That's a lie.

No, it's not.

Dilton is...


I'm sorry.

Were you playing Gryphons and Gargoyles with Dilton?

I was his apprentice. He was teaching me how to play, so I could eventually join the game.

Ben Button?

And Ben's girlfriend Ethel Muggs?

Yes, but Princess Etheline isn't dating Ben in real life.

Only in the game.

And she warned me two enemies might invade the bunker.
- [JUGHEAD] Okay.

Well, game's over, all right?

So, I'm gonna get you back to your folks.

And then we need to pay another visit to Princess Etheline.



[INMATE] Yeah!

Ten. Hut!



Not so fun without the pads, huh?

Nah, man, this is great.

Holy hell!

It's about to get a whole lot better.


- Who the hell is that?

That's my girl.



♪ The warden threw a party In the county jail ♪

♪ The prison band was there ♪
♪ And they began to wail ♪

♪ The band was jumpin' ♪
♪ And the joint began to swing ♪

♪ You should've heard them ♪
♪ Knocked out jailbirds sing ♪

♪ Let's rock ♪

♪ Everybody, let's rock ♪

♪ Everybody in the whole cell block ♪

♪ Was dancin' ♪
♪ To the Jailhouse Rock ♪

♪ Number forty-seven ♪
♪ Said to number three ♪

♪ "You're the cutest ♪
♪ Jailbird I ever did see ♪

♪ I sure would be delighted ♪
♪ With your company ♪

♪ Come on and do ♪
♪ The Jailhouse Rock with me" ♪

♪ Let's rock ♪

♪ Everybody, let's rock ♪

♪ Everybody in the whole cell block ♪

♪ Was dancin' ♪
♪ To the Jailhouse Rock ♪

♪ Spider Murphy Played the tenor saxophone ♪

♪ Little Joe was blowin' ♪
♪ On the slide trombone ♪

♪ The drummer boy ♪
♪ From Illinois Went crash, boom, bang ♪

♪ The whole rhythm section ♪
♪ Was the Purple Gang ♪

♪ Let's rock ♪


♪ Everybody, let's rock ♪


♪ Everybody in the whole cell block ♪

♪ Was dancin' ♪
♪ To the Jailhouse Rock ♪

What are you doing here?

Warden Norton is a friend and a business associate.

He told me about this little game and invited me to come see it.

And you, of course, had nothing better to do.

And as disrespectful as you're being to me, I won't let you flush your life down the drain for a boy.

A criminal. And I think you'll find that, after today, you'll no longer be allowed to visit Archie Andrews.

I get it. Warden Norton is in your pocket.

Everyone is in your pocket except for me and Archie.

You won't keep us apart.

But right now, I need to go cheer my boyfriend on to victory, so if you'll excuse me.

♪ Was dancin' ♪
♪ To the Jailhouse Rock ♪

♪ Dancin' to ♪
♪ The Jailhouse Rock ♪

♪ Dancin' to ♪
♪ The Jailhouse Rock ♪

♪ Dancin' to ♪
♪ The Jailhouse Rock ♪


[INMATE] Now! Ten. Hut!


Stop the riot!

- [GUARD] Stop the riot!



It's a freakin' ambush. Everybody, run!



Let go of him!



What's happening? Where's Mad Dog?

What happened to his stuff?

You didn't hear?

Mad Dog died in the riot.

The one you started.

No, that's impossible.
Mad Dog wasn't even there.


It'll never end with him, will it?

Daddy dearest, you mean?

He's obsessed with keeping me and Archie apart.

I can't even go visit him anymore.

Apparently he put my name on a "do-not admit" list.

So get a new name.

Before leaving on my iconic road trip to California with Toni, Reggie got us fake IDs, so we could get into the Viper Room.

I'm sure he could hook you up, too.

You blew us off, Ethel.

And you knew where the missing Adventure Scout was and didn't say anything to anyone.

Also, you and Ben aren't really dating.

Yes, we are, okay, we're in love.

No, Ethel, you were playing a game, role-playing.

That's what you don't get.

It was more real than you philistines will ever understand.

Ethel, we're trying to help you, but you have to stop lying.

- I'm not lying.
- Okay.

Why don't we take a little trip down to the sheriff's station and you can put that truth on record to Sheriff Minetta.

Look, if any of us talk to any grown-ups, he's gonna get very, very angry.

Who, Ethel?

Look at what happened to Dilton, okay.

He tried to talk to you, and then he...

[BETTY] Ethel?


[BETTY] Oh, my God.

Betty, she's having a seizure.

- Jug, call an ambulance.
- Weatherbee!

Ethel, Ethel!

- Hey, hey, hey!

It's okay. Help is coming, okay.

[JUGHEAD] Yeah, hi. Uh...

We have a girl that's having a seizure at Riverdale High.

Could you please send an ambulance as soon as possible?

You've got ten minutes.

Hello, Archie.

My name is Monica Posh.

I'm with Riverdale's Chapter of the Innocence Project.

And I'll be working to help get you out of this place.

Welcome, cadets, to the RROTC.

Excuse me, Major Mason?

My name is Kevin Keller, sir.

I'm hoping it's not too late to join?

Keller. You're Tom Keller's boy?

I am, sir.

Well, Tom and I were in the RROTC together back in the day.

Come on in, son, take a seat and we'll get started.

[GUARD] Open up!


You caused quite the commotion in my yard, Andrews.

I'm told you single-handedly sent three of my men to the infirmary.

Where's Mad Dog, warden?

Captain Golightly said he died in the riot when he wasn't even there.

So what did you do to him?

Save that righteous anger, young man.

You're going to need it.

You impressed me today.

Proved you've got what it takes.

- What's happening?
- You've been tapped.

You're gonna be my new Mad Dog.

Some of you already know why we're gathered here.

And some of us are sworn enemies.

But we made a vow in high school.

Look, now that the Scout is back, safe and sound, thank God, we can only assume that he'll start talking.

And that whatever he says might lead back to us.

To the secret that we buried all those years ago.

Why are you talking about this, Hermione?

[HERMIONE] This hasn't been made public yet, Fred, but Dilton Doiley and Ben Button

were found in the woods with blue lips.

Dilton is dead.

Ben is in a coma.

Don't you keep Sheriff Minetta on a short leash?

Can't you just make this all go away?

We control Minetta, yes.

Yeah, but Jughead found the body.

That's a concern.

FP and I talked with Jughead and Betty.

We told them to stop chasing this.

But you know how crazy our kids can be.

We made a pact to never revisit that night.

Not to mention it, not to even think about it.

My vote is we stick to that.

We might not have that luxury, Tom.

Not if it's happening again.

Not if it's our children.

All our children.

They're in danger.

[BETTY] Mrs. Muggs said that Ethel's resting.

It just doesn't make sense, Jug.

It can't be a coincidence, but seizures aren't contagious.

[CHUCKLES] So what? What is it?

It sounds like another mystery for us to solve.

If you're up for it.

I am.

And maybe it's the same one.

Maybe there's a connection between the seizures and whatever happened to Dilton and...

Do you want to check on Ben while we're here?



Hey, what are you doing?

- Come away from the window.
- It's okay.

- Everything's okay.
- I know.

I know it is.

I'm going to be with Dilton now.

We both flipped the coin.

He was scared to ascend, but I'm not.

What about... What about your Princess Etheline, huh?

We'll be reunited.

In the Kingdom.

One day all of us will.

It's all part of his plan.

- You'll see.
- Ben.


You'll fly, too.

- [BETTY SCREAMS] Ben, no!