03x03 - Chapter Thirty-Eight: As Above, So Below

[VERONICA] Previously on Riverdale...

Dilton Doiley and Ben Button were found in the woods with blue lips.

We made a pact to never revisit that night.

Gryphons and Gargoyles.

[BETTY] I wonder if Ethel was playing with them.

If any of us talk to any grown-ups, he's gonna get very, very angry.
- Who?

- [JUGHEAD] Is this the Gargoyle King?

- Betty, she's having a seizure.
- Ethel, Ethel!

- Help is coming, okay.

[BEN] We both flipped the coin.

He was scared to ascend, but I'm not.

Soon. You'll fly, too.

- [BETTY SCREAMS] Ben, no!

I'm Evelyn. And you're Betty Cooper?

Your mom and your sister.
They're studying with my dad.

- From the Farm?
- Yeah. That's right.

Edgar Evernever.

I won't tell anyone about what happened the other night.

[ALICE] Oh, my God. Betty!

Stop the riot!

[WARDEN NORTON] You impressed me today.

You've been tapped. You're gonna be my new Mad Dog.



Had time to think?

The answer's still no.

Then I'll see you in another week.


This feels right, doesn't it?

Glad the Farm, uh, opened you up to the possibility of us.



What're you thinking about, Alice?

It's been three weeks.

No more suicides, no more blue lips.

As far as the town is concerned, it was just two boys, taking their own lives for whatever reason.

Hopefully, it ends there.

With Jughead and Betty on the case?

You know that's not likely.

Betty, what're you thinking about?

Do you think it's sort of... ghoulish for us to be crashing Dilton's bunker like this?

I mean, this bunker is the only place in town where we can get a modicum of privacy.

My dad's been watching me like a hawk.

Same with my mom.


Ben's death haunts me, Jug.

He didn't scream.

Why not, I wonder.

Because that's one of the rules?

Of Gryphons and Gargoyles?

Betty, that's what we're missing.

There's no rule book.

There's no player's manual. What if that's the key to all this?

The way that Ethel, Ben, and Dilton talk about it, it's like a religion...

Yeah, or a cult.

Every cult has its king.

Sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. Andrews.

How can I help you?

My son.

I want to see him. Today.

Your son is quite a firebrand.

He started a riot.

I'm afraid his visitation privileges have been suspended.

I was told by witnesses that it was your guards that started that riot.

That's a very serious accusation, Mr. Andrews.

It's been three weeks.

I will decide when it is appropriate for him to receive visitors again.

Was there anything else?


You'll be hearing from my lawyer.

[VERONICA] I'm in trouble here, Bee.

I'm up to my eyebrows in bills.

Pop's is hemorrhaging money.

Well, how far along is the speakeasy?

Is it close at least?

Vee, what? What is it?


The speakeasy's ready. It has been for a while now.

What? Why haven't you opened it?

I've been waiting for Archie.

I just...

I wanted him to be there, dancing with me on opening night.

A part of it all...

This is exactly what Archie didn't want, for you to just put your life on hold.

You need to focus on yourself for a change.

I'm saying this to you as your friend, open the damn speakeasy.


Veronica says she's going to have a pretty strict dress code at her speakeasy.

Of course we're calling it a speakeasy.

And, uh, what are you getting at?

Hey, Ethel's back.

Yeah, she's talking to that weirdo girl from the Farm.

Oh, my God.

What if the game is connected to the Farm?

Ben, Dilton, and Ethel started playing the game this summer, which is when the Farm and the Evernevers moved to Riverdale.

Evelyn's dad, Edgar, is their leader.

My mom won't stop talking about him.

- He's like some kind of...
- King?

How much do you know about him? And the Farm?

Basically, nothing.

- Should we start with Evelyn or Ethel?
- Ethel.

Evelyn creeps me out.

Okay, but the last time we talked to Ethel, she had a seizure.

We'll be more gentle this time.

- [JOSIE] Hi, Pop.

Looking for Veronica? This way.


Pick up the phone, dial - - .


- [REGGIE] Password?
- I don't know. Stonewall.

Close enough.



- Come on in.
- [JOSIE] Oh, my God!

Oh, my God.

I died and went to Kander and Ebb heaven.

- Veronica!
- Welcome to La Bonne Nuit.

I've hired some of the Serpents from the Whyte Wyrm to serve drinks.

Mocktails only.

La Bonne Nuit is not in the business of corrupting minors.

Not yet.

Josie, I need star power.

I would love for you to be my resident chanteuse.

- Are you for real?
- Mmm-hmm.

I have been working like woe trying to find my sound now that I'm solo, and I haven't had anywhere to test it out.

- Ooh, this is the perfect opportunity!

And, Kevin...

I'd love for you to be our emcee.

So long as I can sing every now and then.

But of course.

Or, as we like to say at La Bonne Nuit, mais oui.


Hey, Pop, what's up?

Penny Peabody, I don't believe we've had the pleasure.

Now what the hell do you want?

[CHUCKLES] No, no, no, no. It's not what I want.

It's what you want.


The Ghoulies are offering their services.

For a modest price.

Let me guess.

Protection from you, right?

It's a nice place you've got here.


as above, so below, I'm guessing?

Maybe even nicer down there in the speakeasy.

I'd hate for something bad to happen to it.

Food for thought.

I'll let you chew on it.


Up and at 'em. We're going for a ride.


[WARDEN NORTON] Welcome to the Pit.

- Joaquin...
- When you refused my offer, I had to tap a replacement.

And I knew you were friends with Mr. DeSantos.

As you can see, he's nearly reached the end of his... usefulness.

Only you, Mr. Andrews, can decide how he ends it.

Back in his cell, safe and sound, or in the infirmary, on life support.

I'll do it.

I'll take his place.


Andrews, meet the rest of the team.

Name's Baby Teeth.

I may not look like much, but I leave a mark.

That's Thumper. And Peter.


You better start hitting this bag, Archie, before the Captain comes over.


Rules of the fight.
Bare-knuckles till knockout.

The Warden sells tickets.
The guards place bets.

Everyone profits... except us.

We get a few perks if we win though.

What happened to Mad Dog?


Quit the chatter.

I think it's best if you don't ask too many questions.

Just the ladies I was looking for!

President Blossom. First Lady Topaz.

I need your help spreading the good word about my speakeasy.

- Go on.
- In exchange for promoting La Bonne Nuit, I'm offering you no cover and free drinks all night.


[CHERYL] Well, well, well.

Heavy card stock and valet parking.

You don't take the subway to the Met Gala.

Hand them out at your discretion.

Oh, and Sweet Pea and Fangs should definitely be in attendance.

Ethel. Hi.

Are you eating alone?

Do you mind if we...

The doctors put me on medication.

To stop the seizures.

I was having them multiple times a day.

It's very strong.

Look, if Betty and I did something to trigger your seizures, we're sorry.

We were just trying to help.

Like you were trying to help my boyfriend Ben when he threw himself out a window?

Ethel... when you collapsed, did you have any visions?

I honestly don't remember.


Well, how long have you been friends with Evelyn Evernever?

Evelyn's the best.

She visited me in the hospital and is helping me get better so I can titrate down my meds.

Was that her idea or her dad's?

Wait. Have you met Mr. Evernever?

[CHUCKLES] If you're so curious, Betty, you should check out Evelyn's peer support group.

Principal Weatherbee gave her permission to start a student chapter of the Farm here at Riverdale High.



Before Ben...


He'd mentioned reuniting with Dilton in the Kingdom?

You know what that means?

Two people have died playing Gryphons and Gargoyles...

- G&G.
- And we have no idea why.

This is a crazy question. Do you have a rule book or a player's manual?

- You mean the scripture?
- Yes. That.

- Do you own a copy?
- I can't just tell you that, obviously.


- Princess Etheline.
- Don't call me that.

You haven't earned that privilege, and you're definitely not worthy of the King's scripture yet.

Yes, but I wanna be.

I wanna be worthy, Ethel.
Could you please show me how?

Meet me tomorrow night at Dilton's bunker.

But just you.

Sorry, Betty, but you'll never be worthy, no matter how hard you try.

Well, looks like you're on Ethel Muggs detail.

And I am in need of some serious peer support.

These were sitting upstairs for you.

- Hmm.
- Hopefully it's the last of the deliveries.

Excellent. Thank you, Reginald.


Wait, what the hell?


- This is a serious stash of Jingle-Jangle...
- Yes, but it's not mine.

- I don't know how...

Hey, Pop. What's up?

Sheriff Minetta's upstairs?

We've been setup.

[WHISPERS] I can't get caught with this stuff. My mom would kill me.

Um, tell him I'll be right up.

I'll stall, but get rid of it. Now.

Sheriff Minetta.

What can I do for Riverdale's finest today?

I'm here to do an inspection.

- We've had all our inspections.
- Except mine.

You wanna show me around?

S'up, Sheriff.

Looking for something in particular?

[SIGHS] Anything illegal.


I'm collecting donations.


That's right.

For Riverdale's underfunded Sheriff's department.


I see.

So this isn't a shakedown?

You can make the donation in cash.

I'll come back to collect after your opening event.

Break a leg.


How much do you want to bet those drugs were a present from Penny Peabody?

- This is ridiculous.

First the Ghoulies, then Sheriff Minetta.

Do you think it's a coincidence they both work for your dad?

Of course not, Reggie.

My father's clearly trying to bait me into some kind of confrontation, but I'm not going there.

At least... not until I'm properly armed.



Evelyn. You snuck up on me.

What are you doing here?

Well, I came to learn more about the Farm.

- Am I early?
- No.

No. The Farm just needs some time to catch on.

- Yeah.
- But it will.

Uh... Pizza?

No, I'm good. Thank you.

I also came here to talk to you about Ethel Muggs.

She said that you're helping her with her seizures.

Trying to.

Yeah. With my dad's teachings. I just... have to get her off that darn medication.

- You're not taking any, are you?
- No, no, I'm not.

I'm considering it.

Um, I'm still having convulsions.

Well, how often are they happening?

Once or twice, daily.

I was hoping that your dad could help.

I was hoping you'd say that.

Wakey, wakey, eggs 'n bakey.

I hear one peep out of you, it's back to solitary for a month, you got it?


[WOMAN ] Go! Go!




- [MAN ] Are you kidding me?
- [WOMAN ] What the...

[WOMAN ] Come on!

[MAN ] What the hell?


Andrews, winners get perks.

Any special requests for lunch?


Have you ever heard of a place called Pop's?


To the winner goes the spoils.

That's a wicked uppercut you got there.

What'd the Warden have to say about ending the fight so quick?

What do you mean?


[TONI] Put the motorcycle in the back.

- [CHERYL] Nice.
- Okay. [CHUCKLES]

- That was your face.

Serpettes, have either of you seen Jughead?

I have a problem that has his name scribbled all over it.

You mean True Detective?

He's busy canoodling Nancy Drew, no doubt.

But how can we help?

Penny Peabody paid me a visit.

That Viper bitch showed her face on the Northside?

Followed shortly thereafter by Sheriff Minetta.

My father's clearly puppeteering them, and I want to call them off, but I need leverage against him.

Blackmail material, you mean?

Antoinette Topaz, you are speaking my language.

And I know Jughead's been keeping tabs on the Southside.

He has. For instance, we know that over the summer, the Ghoulies set up shop in the basement of the Whyte Wyrm.

Which your father owns.

Sweet Pea and Fangs think they turned it into a Jingle-Jangle lab.

Lucky for you, I used to bartend there, which means...

I know all the secret ways in and out.

♪ Bein' kinda pretty ♪

♪ And down here in the city ♪

♪ Find it isn't easy to be smart ♪


♪ The Jingle from the Jangle ♪

Okay, we move quickly and quietly.

♪ La da da da da da da ♪

♪ Sing me, sing me, sing me ♪

♪ La da da da da da da... ♪

Looks like Sweet Pea and Fangs were right.

Yeah, looks like the Jingle-Jangle business is booming.

This should be plenty of admissible evidence for blackmail, Veronica.

♪ Sing me, baby ♪

♪ La da da da da da da ♪



Welcome to your first game.

Your entry point to the realm of Gryphons and Gargoyles.

The magical kingdom of Eldervair.

First things first, do you want to be the Radiant Knight, Arcane Invoker, or Hellcaster?

Uh, Hellcaster.

Good choice. That was Ben's avatar.

I was supposed to ascend with him, but then he betrayed me and finished the game with Dilton instead.

Leaving you high and dry.

Doesn't matter.

Pick a Quest Card and let's get started.

- [BETTY] Mom?

Why are all those cars parked outside?

Betty, please, join us. Sit.

Evelyn told us that you were finally ready to meet the Farm.

I thought Mr. Evernever would be joining us?


No. You don't just meet Edgar.

There are certain levels that you need to attain before meeting Edgar.

First, you start by meeting a few Farmies.

Today can be your first testimony.

- "Testimony"?
- It's just a conversation.

An open, non-judgmental conversation about all the bad things you've done in your life.

- What kind of stuff would you like to know?
- Everything.

Speak from your heart.

From what your mother and Polly have told us already, we know you've been through so much.

Between your dark kinship with your father, and the role you played in... [EXHALES] disposing of the dead body in your kitchen.

Wait, what? What?

Mom? Wait, you...

You told the Farm about Chic and the Shady Man? Are you out of your mind?

Oh, everything that we talk about at the Farm is kept in confidence.

We know all of each other's secrets.

The wig. The webcaming.

Okay. Okay.

If tonight's all about open conversation, then let's talk about how you, Evelyn, were there at both my seizure and Ethel's.

And about how the Farm showed up in Riverdale at about the same time as a crazy game.

- Elizabeth, what are you talking about?
- It's a game, Mom.

It's called Gryphons and Gargoyles, that made Ben and Dilton kill themselves, all to appease some creature called the Gargoyle King, who, for all we know, is Edgar Evernever.

The first time any of us heard of Gryphons and Gargoyles was from your mother, Betty.

How does that make any sense?

Mom, how do you know about Gryphons and Gargoyles?

Betty, we're here to talk about you. Not your mother's past.

- My mother's past?
- You know, Evelyn, you were right.

It's too soon. Betty's not ready.


you... you...

- Betty!
- No, don't touch me.

I'm fine.


You've crossed the old footbridge to find two doors.

One is made of shimmering gold, the other is just plain ol' maple wood.

Which door do you pick?

Let's go with door number two.

Well picked, Caster. You've entered a secret chamber.

You're standing in the middle of a circle composed of gryphon bones.

Two chalices sit before you.

Ethel... no. No way.

You wanted to prove your worthiness.

In order to do so, you have to drink from one of the Sacred Goblets.

What, like Ben and Dilton did? You're asking me to play Russian roulette!

I'm asking you to play Gryphons and Gargoyles.

Is there poison in these Fresh-Aids?

It's Gargoyle blood, Hellcaster, as you well know.


Flip for your fate.

If I do this... promise to give me the scripture?

I promise.

The King as my witness.




How do you feel?

Okay. I think.

Hey, rule book. Come on.

You have to kiss me first.

- Oh, my God, Ethel, are you serious?
- It's in the scripture.

The Hellcaster kisses the Princess, or he doesn't get the treasure.


- Is this the only one?
- That I'm aware of.

All right. It's all in here.



Oh, Betty's going to lose her mind over this.

Ethel, what are you doing? Hey, put that down!

- Are you okay?
- I'm not okay.

- I'm going to call .

Just... Come on, come on.



[ETHEL] Jughead.

- What happened?
- You're in the hospital.

You ingested poison.

But they got you the antidote in time, so you're gonna be okay.


It's protocol for anyone on suicide watch.

Suicide watch?

- But I didn't try to...
- You did.

When your parents get here, you have to be honest with them.

You have to tell them about this game.

I can't.

I'll never tell them.

And neither will you, because if you do, then I'll say that you mixed the Fresh-Aid.

It's over.

This game, whatever game you're playing, is over now, Ethel.


It's only just beginning.

You've proven yourself, Hellcaster.

I told him.

I told him that you're worthy enough to spread his gospel.


Don't be dumb. The King, of course.

The King isn't going to hurt anyone anymore.

I'm going to make sure that this doesn't end up in anyone else's hands, okay?

Thank you, Hellcaster,

for helping me finish my game.

[VERONICA] All right, Daddy.
The cards are on the table.

I'm not paying protection money to anyone, not Penny, not Minetta, and especially not to you.

Veronica, a bit of advice from one entrepreneur to another, don't make enemies of the people trying to help you.

Help me?

[SCOFFS] Okay.

Here's the deal.

You tell your lackeys to back off or I'll send these photographs of your drug lab to the authorities faster than you can say "Heisenberg."


Yeah, I doubt these will have much traction with Minetta.

[CHUCKLES] I won't go to Minetta. I'll go to the FBI.

Oh, and also, I want $ , a week in perpetuity.

That's right, Daddy.

I'm shaking you down.

You can keep those, by the way. I have copies.


The Governor's hosting a fundraiser in Seaside, but I'll be back for your next match, which is what I wanted to talk to you about.

Ending a fight in a single punch is not... entertaining enough.

Tonight, your opponent should be no trouble.

Punish him.

Give us a show.

And savor it.

Make it last, oh...

Five or six rounds at least.

That should fully sate the crowd's bloodlust, and mine.


Yes, sir.

[ARCHIE] I thought being here, I'd pay for everything that I did.

But what the Warden wants me to do, to become... is so much worse.

When you were little, I used to get calls from your school, telling me that you'd been in a fight.

Usually protecting someone.

The Warden wants six rounds, Dad.

He wants blood. There's nothing that I can do.

Your seventh-grade teacher told me, "One thing's for sure, by the time Archie gets out of junior high school, he's gonna know how to throw a punch, and how to take one."

There are other ways of putting on a show for the Warden.

Figure it out, son.

[ALICE] Are you going someplace?

It's Veronica's opening night. I'm not gonna miss it.

You never had any intention of working with the Farm, did you?

You wanted to meet Edgar so that you could attack him, I suppose.

You realize, Mom, that by telling them your deepest, darkest secrets, like about the Shady Man, you're also implicating me?

And FP. And Jughead.

They would never use my testimony against me.

Mom...what do you know about Gryphons and Gargoyles, huh?

What did you tell the Farm?

We can't let ourselves be strangled by our past.

So you're just gonna tell them, but not me?

Not your own daughter?

I trust them more than I trust you, Betty.

♪ I need things clear the ring ♪

♪ Ooh, look, I don't stay ♪

♪ Something sweet if you please ♪

♪ And make magic every way ♪

♪ Anything you want it I got it ♪

♪ Watch me pull it out of my pocket? ♪

Wow! Welcome, ladies.

Right this way.

♪ Voila ♪

♪ Voila ♪

♪ Voila ♪

♪ Voila ♪

Hello, ladies.


How are you ladies doing tonight?

Toni, you look dashing.

- [TONI] Vee, your bar is amazing.
- Thank you.

[CHERYL] Finally, a Lodge did something good for this town.

Well, I couldn't have done it without my favorite power couple.

- Excuse me.
- Thanks, babe.

I hid the manual in the trailer.

The thing's like a gold mine, I'll have to show it to you tonight.

Well, Ethel's gonna be okay, right?


But I think she's gonna need a bit of de-programming.

Oh, well, she can keep my mom company then.

The Farm got way deeper into her head than I thought.

And she knows something about G&G, Jug.

And you still have Fresh-Aid on your lips.

- Ronnie.
- What is it, Reggie?

We've got a problem. Topside.


- Veronica.
- What's this?

- Another shakedown?
- No.

I thought it might
feel more at home here.

A cherry on top of your accomplishment, which will be a roaring success, I'm sure.


I know you don't want to hear this from me right now, but I'm still proud of you.

I'm glad you came, Daddy.

If only so you can see how a legitimate business is run.

Follow me.


Reggie, keep an eye on him.

Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen.

On behalf of Veronica Lodge, I thank you, one and all, for coming to the grand opening of La Bonne Nuit.

Now, please welcome to the stage, the one and only, Miss Josephine McCoy.

- Whoo!

Oh, my God, I'm obsessed with that gown.

Thanks, Kevin.

♪ In olden days ♪

♪ A glimpse of stocking was ♪

♪ Looked on as something shocking, now ♪

♪ Heaven knows ♪

♪ Anything goes ♪

♪ Good authors too ♪

♪ Who once knew better words ♪

♪ Now only use four-letter words ♪

♪ Writing prose ♪

♪ Anything goes ♪

- ♪ The world's gone mad today ♪


♪ Good's bad today ♪

♪ Black's white today ♪

♪ And day's night today ♪

♪ And all the guys today ♪

♪ That women prize today just... ♪

- Hit me.
- What?

Hit me. The Warden wants a show, he'll get a show.

Come at me.

Damn it, come at me!


Is that the best you got?

I said come at me, wuss. Make me bleed.

♪ Anything goes ♪

♪ When every night ♪

♪ The set that smart is in ♪

♪ Truding in nudist parties in ♪

♪ Studios ♪

♪ Oh, anything goes ♪

♪ So though I'm not ♪

♪ A great romancer ♪

♪ I know that you're bound to answer when ♪

♪ I propose ♪

♪ Anything goes ♪


♪ If driving fast cars you like ♪

♪ If low bars you like ♪

♪ If old hymns you like ♪

♪ If bare limbs you like ♪

♪ If Mae West you like ♪

♪ Or me undressed you like ♪

♪ Why, nobody will oppose ♪

♪ Anything goes ♪

♪ And all the pains you've got ♪

♪ If any brains you've got ♪

♪ From those little radios ♪

♪ Anything goes ♪

♪ Anything... ♪

That kid... is a star.

♪ Anything ♪


- What is all this?
- Mad Dog's hand-me-downs.

You're our new champ.

Mr. Andrews.

A token of appreciation... for your performance.

You've got quite a future at the Leopold and Loeb Detention Center, Mr. Andrews.

You and I, we're just getting started.



- The hell?
- What happened?

Where the hell did you get this?

Have you been playing the game?

- No.
- Don't lie to me, boy!

I can still see the blue on your lips.

Mom, what are you doing here? What are you two hiding?

- Where did you get that book?
- Who gave this to you?

- Something...
- Jug, do not say anything.

Not until they tell us what they know about the game.

You looking through my stuff now, Dad, really?

You don't get it.

This game is...

It's pure evil.

And no one's ever gonna play it again.

- Hey!
- Hey, stop.

- [ALICE] No, no, no.
- [BETTY] Stop.

Dad, I'm begging you.

No one's gonna play Gryphons and Gargoyles, but that book may be our best shot of figuring out what happened to Dilton and Ben.

- How many copies are there?
- As far as we know, that's the only one.

- Which is why you can't destroy it.
- FP, do it.


Congratulations on your opening night. The speakeasy is beautiful.

Iconic, you might say.


[SIGHS] You left a little early, I noticed.

I had some business to attend to.

Showing up with my portrait, knowing that I have photos of your drug lab.

That must mean you've already cleared it out of the Wyrm and moved it to a new location, right?

What drug lab?




What, no burgers?

After the show you put on last night, I was expecting steaks and lobster.


I found something in my cell.

A small rock hammer Mad Dog kept hidden in a book.

I think he kept it as a reminder.

That no matter what happens in here, there's still a world outside that's worth getting back to.

The only way any of us are getting out of here is in a body bag.

Not me. None of you, either.

We're escaping.

Somehow... we're gonna get the hell out of here.

Count me in.

Maybe it's for the best.

What do you mean?

Flipping through that manual felt like I was reading evil.

They played the game, Jug.

My mom, your dad.

That's why they were so down on us investigating Ben and Dilton, and why they freaked out over us having the manual.

Well, if what Ethel said about that being the only rule book is true, no one's gonna play that game ever again.

It's over.

I did what you asked.
I spread your gospel.

[JUGHEAD] Ethel must've done itbefore our rendezvous in the bunker.

Or maybe there was someone else helping her.

- Um, excuse you.
- Where'd you get this?

It was in my locker.
Same with everyone else.

[JUGHEAD] Either way...

by next weekend, almost every student at Riverdale High

would be playing Gryphons and Gargoyles.

And the real game was just beginning.

Soon, they'll join us.
All of them, my King.