03x06 - Chapter Forty-One: Manhunter

[ARCHIE] Previously on Riverdale...

How did Hiram Lodge pin Cassidy Bullock's murder on me?

He paid Mr. Bullock's friends

to say that they saw you pull the trigger.

It's my understanding that they're in hiding.

I'd hide in the mines by Shadow Lake.

The Warden said if I did this, I'd finally ascend.

[JUGHEAD] You're breakingArchie out of juvie?

[VERONICA] We'll need a distraction to disorient the guards

and hide Archie's play for the grate.

Find him right now!

Joaquin, where are you going? Back to the Serpents?

No. I joined a different gang.

- Game Master, where is the...
- [BOTH] Red Paladin?

[VERONICA] Everyone in thisroom is part of the pact.

No one knows of Archie's whereabouts, capisce?

[ARCHIE] Does Hiram Lodge own you, too?

[WARDEN NORTON] My soul belongs to no mere mortal, Andrews.

But he's watching us, he's always watching.

[BETTY] Oh, Archie.

What does it mean?

How are we gonna get out of this mess?

[CHUCK] Betty.

I saw him.

The Gargoyle King.

Jug, what the hell? Just now?

As I was walking home.

I followed him into a clearing.

Betty, there are others.

There's, like, ten of 'em.

They look like his disciples.

Like, they were worshiping the king.

- Oh, my God.
- They had on these masks, like, they were a gang.
A gang of gargoyles.

- Well, let's go after them.
- No.

We shouldn't push our luck.
Not until we know more.

Well, who could they be, Jug?



Joaquin told Kevin about a new gang.

And then Joaquin ran into the woods.

We know Warden Norton is playing G&G, and Joaquin was doing his dirty work.

It's just another piece of damning evidence that Warden Norton could be our Gargoyle King.



[ALICE] Where have you been, young lady?

There's a manhunt for Archie Andrews underway.

Police with guns and dogs

all over the streets of Riverdale.

Did you have something to do with this?

No, Mom.

We didn't even hear about his escape until this morning.

The warden from that juvie killed himself last night.


How come?

RIVW's reporting that he was found with blue lips.

So he was playing G&G.

Mom, did you know Warden Norton?

Why would you even ask that?

Because he had ties to Hiram Lodge

who played G&G with you years ago.

Are you sure you don't remember him?

Yes, I am sure, Elizabeth.

I've told you everything that I know.

I miss this.

I missed you, Archie.


I may know where the Shadow Lake boys are.

The warden said he thought they were camping in the abandoned mines.

I just need to get there.

No, Archie. I don't think you understand.

Outside this bunker, there is a manhunt going on, road blocks, checkpoints, "Wanted" posters with your strong jawline all over town.

I need to find those witnesses.

The warden said all three guys were paid off.

They're the only ones who can clear my name, so I can stop running.

Paid off by my father, no doubt.



This is a long shot, but when Betty was working on your case with Attorney McCoy and your mom, that was at your house, right?


Are the case files still there?

Yeah, but they've been through them all.

And, Ronnie, my dad can't know where I am, or that you saw me.

I don't want him wrapped up in this.

I feel bad enough you're involved.


This was the only way to get you out of that mess.

Ronnie, I took that plea deal because I was tired of putting my friends and my family through hell.

All the people who have helped you, are doing it because we love you.

So, I need you to trust me to handle this, and stay put.

[SHERIFF MINETTA] Archie is a murderer,

and we know he didn't escape alone. He had help.

Hiding a convict or withholding information from the law is a felony offense.

So, whoever's aided and abetted Archie Andrews is just as much of a criminal as he is.

I was busy all day, Sheriff.

You can check my browser history.

If you know what I mean.


I don't even know this Archie person.

And on Mondays, I host a group for teen Farmies.

We are still accepting members.

Where were you, Miss McCoy, at the time of the breakout?

Don't look at me, sir. I, uh...


I was in the music room



I'll be looking into all of your alibis, and if I find out later that someone in here was involved, then you can say goodbye to this school, your hopes and dreams, your music, your entire future.

All of it goes away just like that.

So, again, to be clear, if you know anything that...

Sheriff Minetta, back off!


[BOY] What just happened?
My God, is she okay?

[JUGHEAD] Another seizure.

As if things weren't crazy enough.

I know. First me, then Ethel, then Josie.

What's the connection there?

Speaking of connections, with Warden Norton dead, there goes our theory of him as the Gargoyle King.

Maybe not.


There is the connection between our parents and Warden Norton right there.

Warden Norton was the RROTC instructor of Riverdale High.

Yeah, the same year our parents started the Midnight Club.

What this proves once more, is that our parents continue to hide things from us, and it all started with the Midnight Club, Jug.

Featherhead was the first blue-lipped death on record.

Somehow I need to get our parents to start talking to us.

Force them into telling us the truth.

Even if that means backing them into a corner.

What do you have in mind?

Depends whether or not I can borrow Veronica's speakeasy.

Okay, well, while you're working on that, I'm going to rally the Serpents.

We have to find Joaquin.

As Norton's accomplice, he's probably our best shot at figuring out what was going on inside Norton's mind.



[SWEET PEA] Minetta's trashing tent city, Jug, looking for Archie.

All right. I propose a manhunt of our own.

I want every Serpent on the ground searching for Joaquin.

I don't want a stone left unturned.

You know, Serpents don't just shiv other Serpents.

Then what the hell do you think got into him?

Well, according to Archie, Joaquin did it for Warden Norton.

And when the Warden confronted Betty, he called Archie the Red Paladin.

Plus, the Warden poisoned himself with cyanide and blueberry Fresh-Aid.

And he worked for Riverdale High before the Detention Center.

The question is, was he playing G&G with someone, or for someone?

And since he's dead,

Joaquin's the only one who can know the answer.

Right. Joaquin may not be alone.

Kevin said that he might be rolling with a new gang.

Those Gargoyle creeps you saw?


And if the gang is working for the King, then they're gonna take us right to him.

Archie, you haven't eaten your burger.

[SIGHS] To be honest, I'm not feeling so hot right now, Kev.


Let me see your bandage.


That is definitely infected.


No worries, Arch.

Betty's got connections. She'll know what to do.

[BETTY] It's okay, Kevin. He's a doctor.

We can trust him.


and bring small bills.


Don't tell me this is your doing.

I sent the invitations

from the Gargoyle King.


And, look, you all came.

What are you up to?

All of the secrets end now, Mom.

And this was the only way to do it, to get all of you together.

Someone in this room is a murderer.

Alice, we promised each other we would never talk about this.

I mean, who else did you tell?

I told Betty to protect her, so she wouldn't play the game.

And it worked. I'm not playing the game, but many of your kids are.

This is about protecting them, don't you care?

Care? Josie had a seizure this morning.

I should be with her right now.

Not here rehashing the past when it has zero relevance.

Attorney McCoy, it is relevant.

Your daughter is playing the game, along with Kevin and Cheryl, and even your son Reggie, Mr. Mantle, no matter how many black eyes you give him.

I would never hit my son.

Another lie.

Guys, it was bound to get out sometime.

Our children need to know the truth.

So, Betty, where do we start?

With the dead warden from Archie's juvie.

He was also the RROTC instructor when you guys were in high school.

Mr. Keller, you were a cadet at the time.

Did you play the game with him?

Major Norton just confiscated it.

Straight manual, that's all.

Mr. Lodge, you had business dealings with Warden Norton until he died.

What were they?

And did you know that he was playing G&G?

None of your business, and not a clue.

And what about Ascension Night? Was he there?

How are we supposed to answer that?

We're all high off our gourds hallucinating gargoyles.

Wait, FP, you saw it too?

Oh, this is such a waste of our time, and I actually have a job that I need to get back to, so if you'll excuse me.

No, Hiram.

Let's just get this over with.

Otherwise, it will never end.

Betty, you wanna know who poisoned the chalice.

The Game Master is the one who sets up the game.

So, my instinct is telling me that the culprit was Penelope Blossom.

My guess is maybe she grew the poison in her greenhouse.

You don't grow cyanide, Hermione.

A fact that only a Blossom would know.

It was Daryl Doiley.

We were both Game Masters, and he was secretly in love with me.

He put poison in the chalice, because he wanted us to ascend together.

But I said no.

I assumed the chalices were emptied afterwards, but they were not.

Years later, Daryl came to me riddled with guilt over that tragic incident, and seeking comfort.

And I refused him again.

We were both married with families and...

I was afraid, you see, of revisiting that unholy night.

So, he left.

The next day he was found dead in his garage, sitting in his sedan,

engine running, windows up.


Dilton Doiley's dead. Dad did it.

Well, that explains how Dilton got his hands on the game, and why he started playing it.

No, but that doesn't explain who the Gargoyle King is today.

- Jughead and I saw him.
- What do you mean, you saw him?

In Fox Forest, and we've been trying to track him down ever since.

Why do you think Jughead started playing the game?

He's not still playing, is he?

I'm afraid so, Mr. Jones.

And he's made some really weird connections between the game and Riverdale, which he wouldn't have...

Look, I've heard enough of this.

The boy is gonna be the death of me.

Satisfied, Elizabeth?

No, Mom.

Not even close.


Thanks. Did you find Joaquin?

[BOY] Centreville Serpents spotted him

at the Last Resort Youth Hostel.

- We're on our way now.
- Grab him.

Take him to Fox Forest near the foot bridge.

- I'll meet you there.
- On it, boss man.

Going somewhere, boy?

Yeah, I'm gonna go meet the Serpents.

Yeah? Like hell, you are.

What are you doing?

Are you out of your mind?

What I should have done the second I saw you playing.

You're addicted.

G&G's like a drug. It's gotten into your blood.

I'm not addicted.

I just need to ascend, so I can find the Gargoyle King, and put an end to all this.

You're right.

You sound nothing like an addict. My mistake.

It's time for you to sober up, boy, for your own good.


Keep it clean and dry.

As for the infection, I have some antibiotics in the back room.

That is, if you have something for me.

Thank you, Dr. Curdle Jr.

Betty said to pay you in small bills.

[SIGHS] Archie, we should get back to the bunker ASAP.

I can't go back there, Kev.

I'm going to Shadow Lake to those mines to find the guys responsible for putting me away.

How far do you think you're gonna get on foot and alone?

Will you help me, Kev?

Veronica is going to kill me.

Let's try this one more time.

Come on. I don't have all day.

What the hell?

Oh, my God.

It's been edited.

[HIRAM] Veronica.

Are those Archie's case files?

He's not going to be behind bars ever again, Daddy.

That's a promise.


There are too many variables up at Shadow Lake.

Take care of them.

All of them.


[BETTY] Jug?

- Are you...
- Betty.

Are you hungry?

Jug, what the hell?

You don't happen to have one of those trusty bobby pins on you, do you?


Did your dad do this?

Yeah. He doesn't like me playing G&G.

That's my fault. I'm sorry.

It came out when I was talking to all of our parents.

Yeah. How'd that sit-down go, Miss Marple?

Penelope Blossom said

Daryl Doiley is the one who poisoned the chalices.


Dylan's dad?

- You think...
- Dead? Yeah.

Pretty convenient, right?

The one man who can't confirm or deny Penelope's story.

- So, I don't buy that.
- Neither do I, Jug.

So, I called Dr. Curdle Jr., and asked if he could pull

Mr. Doiley's autopsy report for us.

Do you think you can handle this one by yourself?

Sweet Pea and Fangs may have found Joaquin.

Just be careful, Jug.

I know we're getting close to something, Betty.


Hey, Veronica, what's up?

Seriously, Kevin,

you had one job to do.

Put Archie on right the hell now.

Don't blame Kev, Ronnie. It was all me.

If you tell me you're going to Shadow mines...

I am. It's my one shot to clear my name.

No, it's not.

I found something.

Ten minutes of Sheriff Minetta's interrogation of the Shadow Lake boys was deleted.

I just have to find the missing footage.

But wouldn't that have just been destroyed?

No. My father always hangs on to dirt, in case he needs to lord it over someone.

Do you think it's in his study?

Something as radioactive as this?

He'd keep it far away from himself.

Closer to, let's say, the Mayor's office.

Well, it's worth a look, Ronnie, but it's not gonna change my plans.


But you tell Kevin that if he doesn't get you back to me in one piece, I will eviscerate him.

[PANTING] So, what's the plan?

I mean, what if these guys are armed?

And you're a sneeze away

from tearing those stitches, Archie.

I'm fine. Shh.

Always my birthday.

Holy crap.

Please be it.


Let's try this one more time.

Ten thousand a piece,

and all you have to say is that you saw Archie Andrews

kill your friend Cassidy Bullock.

If that's not proof of coercion, I don't know what is.

Come on, Internet.

Come on.


[GLORIA] She's in here.


- Come on.
- Hello.


I'm the Mayor's daughter.
I have a right to be here.

False. Her mother and father specifically told me to call the Sheriff's Department if she ever broke in again.

Okay, this is not necessary.

- [MAN] Get up.

[MAN] Get up!


Look what we found on him.


So you jumped ship for the Gargoyle gang?

You have a lot of explaining to do.


So why don't we start with why you shivved Archie instead of protecting him, like you were supposed to.

The Warden said I had no other choice.

You don't know what it was like in there, Jug.

You do anything to survive.

For me, it was being the Warden's pawn. A... A chess piece.

In some ways, he was a pawn, too.

What does that mean?

I saw him with these game cards that... that told him what to do.

Whoever sent them to him wanted Archie dead.

From the moment he was locked up,

he was already marked.

[JUGHEAD] Marked with what?

This symbol...

the Warden branded on Archie's hip?

What does it mean?

No. No.

Pick him up.

- No, no! Argh!
- Get up!

Hey, just... Just stop.

[WHISPERS] Just stop.


It means that...

It meant that Archie had to die.

I... I'm sorry, Jug, I know he was your pal. I...

Oh, Archie's alive, Joaquin.

Then it won't be for much longer.

Who's giving Warden Norton his orders?



- I don't think you understand, Joaquin.
- No.

I can't let you go until you talk.

I saw them meet once.

But you know him, Jones.

The man in the black suit.

[JUGHEAD] An ancient evil,long forgotten, has awoken.

The embodiment of pure malice and cruelty.

So it's finally happened.

You've lost your mind.

You met Warden Norton in high school.

And all this time, you've been sending him quest cards instructing him how to torture and then kill Archie.

You're not just the criminal kingpin of Riverdale.

You're the Gargoyle King.

- What did you call me?
- The Gargoyle King.

The Ghoulies and this new gang of Gargoyles are your soldiers.

Southside is your kingdom.

You orchestrated Archie's arrest to put him under Warden Norton's sadistic thumb.

The game is how you've been communicating with him.

Pulling the strings.

Back in the day, you killed Principal Featherhead in the same way you tried to kill me and in the same way you tried to kill Archie.

You're the Gargoyle King, Hiram.

I'm not a -year-old nerd

playing games to live out my overactive hormonal fantasies.

I'm not the Gargoyle King, because you know what?

[WHISPERS] That's not a real thing.

Nor am I the murderer that you and Betty Cooper are looking for.

But if homicidal parents are what you're after, may I suggest Clifford Blossom?

Hal Cooper? Tom Keller?

And perhaps... even your own father.

They'd all make solid suspects.


Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take this.


You'll see yourself out, won't you?

[SIGHS] This is Lodge.

She did what?

What exactly were you hoping to find in your mother's office, Veronica?

Does Mom even know what you've been hiding on her desktop?

Your mother doesn't have a computer anymore.

I've requested to speak to a lawyer.

It's my right as an American citizen.

So get your lapdog, Sheriff Minetta, to bring me to the phone.

Minetta. Hmm.

He's otherwise engaged.

But let me see what I can do.

[FRED] Yeah, Veronica, is everything okay?

Have you... Have you heard from Archie?

He asked me not to tell you, Mr. Andrews. But...

Archie's headed for the mines by Shadow Lake with Kevin

to look for the guys who testified against him.

And my intuition tells me Sheriff Minetta might be doing the same.

Okay, uh... I'm... I'm on the way.


Tell Archie I found what I was looking for.

I just have to get it to the judge.

- Veronica...
- Oh, and on that note, would you also mind calling Attorney McCoy for me?



[BETTY] Okay, I'm confused.

Why is there no mention of carbon monoxide in Mr. Doiley's file?

Because it was not the cause of death, Ms. Cooper.

Daryl Doiley was indeed found in a running car with the windows up.

But there was no trace of carbon monoxide in his lungs.

That can only mean he was dead beforehand.

Then how did he die, Dr. Curdle Jr.?


If ingested, it's one of the most poisonous plants known to mankind.

In my opinion, Ms. Cooper,

Daryl Doiley's death was a murder disguised as a suicide.

Can that be proven with this file?

Unfortunately, no.

This is from my father's personal collection.

Fine. Then I'll just have to question whoever closed the case.

Doctor, who was the Sheriff at the time of Mr. Doiley's death?

- Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. Keller.

- Sure.
- Mr. Doiley's death was classified a suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning by your department.

Yet, oddly enough, there wasn't a trace of it found in his lungs.

What is this, Betty? Is this just another ambush,

because I didn't kill anybody.

Maybe not, but you're complicit in a cover-up.

Who were you protecting?

All of us.

Your mother included.

Someone murdered Daryl Doiley, and whoever was pulling the strings back then may be the one killing people today.

The truth is, it could have been any member of the Midnight Club.

But only one of us grows oleander in their greenhouse.

Now, I know this because I saw it when I was investigating Jason Blossom's murder.

- Uh, wait, Mr. Keller...

- Can...

Yeah, Fred. What?

Son of a gun. All right. All right. I'll be right there.

- Mr. Keller...
- I gotta go.


Come on.


Let's keep going.

- [KEVIN] Oh, my God.
- [ARCHIE] No.

It's the Shadow Lake crew, Kev.

[KEVIN] And Sheriff Minetta was just here.



This one's still alive.

- We gotta get him to a hospital.
- Archie...

Sheriff Minetta shot these guys because of me.

I can't have anymore blood on my hands. Now grab his legs.


Someone's sending us a message, Jones.

- What's the message?
- Come on.



Who do you think did it?


I don't know.

The Gargoyle gang or Hiram Lo...

[SIGHS] Could be anyone.

That symbol on his forehead...


I have to get to Archie.


We're too late.

For all we know, Archie and Kevin never made it here, Fred.

- Yeah, this is Tom Keller.

I'd like to report a multiple .

Two young men, Shadow Lake mine.


Police were just called to Shadow Lake hospital. A boy was brought in.

Critical condition with gunshot wounds.

- Is it Kevin or Archie?
- They can't tell me.

No ID. Come on. We should go.


[EXHALES] I just heard from the nurse.

He didn't make it, Archie. They...
They say he lost too much blood.

I'm sorry, man.

Everywhere I go...

Everything I do just leads to more death.

More pain.

Those guys would still be alive if I wasn't in the picture.

Archie, let me remind you, those guys weren't innocent.

Okay? They were...

They were criminals.

They didn't deserve to die for it, Kev.

Hiram Lodge has done everything in his power to destroy me.

And he won't stop until I'm dead, too.

Even if by some...

Some miracle, my innocence is proven...

I don't think I can go back to Riverdale.

Attorney McCoy, thank you for posting my bail.

How's Josie doing?

She's resting And what about you, Veronica?

You tell me.

If one has concrete proof of coercion, and tampering of evidence... would that be enough to free the wrongfully accused?

[BETTY] Mrs. Blossom.

Please, Betty, call me Auntie.

Auntie Blossom...

Mr. Doiley died from oleander poisoning.

Do you have that flower in your greenhouse?

Even if I wanted to poison Daryl Doiley...

I wouldn't use oleander.
It leaves traces.

You know, Betty, I came here to help you out of the kindness of my heart.

But if you're looking for someone to accuse, it was your own mother who wrote the article reporting Daryl's suicide.

So maybe you should ask yourself, and her, what reason she had for covering up a murder.

Well, do you have anything to say for yourself, Mom?

[SIGHS] You have shaken every tree today, Elizabeth.

I'm sure there's nothing left to say.

How about the fact that you helped cover up Daryl Doiley's murder?

Oh, Betty, when will you stop?

When you stop lying to me, Mom.

Mr. Doiley didn't die from carbon monoxide inhalation, like you wrote in this article.

Someone staged it to look like a suicide.

Someone afraid of what Mr. Doiley might say.

Thanks to Sheriff Keller, there was no murder investigation.

- You all have a hand in this.

You're all just circling the wagons, playing a part.

Why, Mom? Who are you protecting?


Stay here. I'm gonna check the circuit breaker.

[BETTY] No, I'm coming with you.


Who is it? Who's there?

- Mom...


Betty, call .





Oh, my God.

They were in here.


Get behind me, Betty.


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I was looking for Jughead, but someone slammed the door in my face.

- I was trying to get in.
- FP,

the Gargoyle King is in the house.

- He's in the house!
- Shh.

[WHISPERING] It's okay.

Excuse me. A boy was brought here. He was shot.

- Dad?

- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

Um... Where's Archie? Is...

He's okay, Mr. Andrews, but he's gone.

He, um, he left you something. A note.

Someone let you out of your cage, I see.

What do you mean, Hiram?

You didn't know, Mom?

Your husband left me in a jail cell for putting my nose where it didn't belong.

But it was so worth it.

What are you talking about?

Archie, of course.

I found the deleted tape of Sheriff Minetta coercing witnesses.

Attorney McCoy is meeting with the judge as we speak to overturn Archie's conviction.

Your henchman, Minetta... [CHUCKLES]

is going down.

And if you two evildoers go down with him...

So be it.

[ALICE] We're no longer safe, Betty.

And that attack was only the beginning.

It's become clear that you're not gonna drop this investigation

no matter the consequences.

And this house is no longer safe.

Which is why...

I'm going to the Farm with Polly and the twins.

Well, have fun, because I'm definitely not going to the Farm.

No, you're not.


Edgar said that you would resist

and that we should send you elsewhere.

Mom, what... What's happening?

Betty, there's no safer place for you now.

The sisters protected me. They protected Polly.

They'll watch over you now.



Are you out of your mind?
Why are you doing this?

Because I love you, Elizabeth.

Hey! Mom...

- Let me go! Mom!

What do you mean he's gone, Kevin?

Believe me, I tried. Archie said he couldn't come back.

Only because he doesn't know he's been exonerated.

- And you let him go alone?
- Not... Not alone.

- He called...

- Archie?
- [EXHALES] Veronica.

I'm so glad you called, Archie. We did it!

Attorney McCoy worked it out with the judge. You're a free man.

I shouldn't be surprised. You're amazing.

I promised you'd be free by homecoming.

Veronica Lodge always keeps her word.

Thank you, Veronica.

For everything you've ever done for me.

No need to thank me, lover.

Just tell me where to pick you up.


Ronnie, I...

I can't come home.

Didn't you hear me?

There's nothing to be afraid of.

Sheriff Minetta's going to prison for a long, long time.

But your dad is still out there.

And I can't escape him.

As long as we're together, he'll be hunting me down, and everyone close to me is his target,

- and that includes you.
- Where are you?

I'm not letting you go off God-knows-where and alone.

I'm not alone.

Ronnie, when I first met you...

you were it for me.

Everything I could have ever wanted.

I saw our whole future.

Because we're endgame, Archie.

I hope you know how much I love you.

[VOICE BREAKING] If you loved me, you would come home.

Come on, Ronnie, you know in your heart I'm right about this.

It just hurts to admit it.

Don't you make me say goodbye to you, Archie Andrews.

Because I don't wanna hear it back. [SOBS]

I can't.

I can't, I...



Goodbye, Veronica.

Some money, a change of clothes...

Granola bars, juice boxes.

Thank for coming out here, Jug.

Sure you wanna do this, man?

Leaving is my best option, Jug.

It's my only option.

I don't disagree.


Joaquin is dead.

That symbol that you got branded on your hip, he had one on his forehead.

It means "sacrifice."


- Who the hell is doing this, Jug?
- I don't know.

I have a feeling Hiram Lodge is a part of it.

He always is.

Don't worry, I'm not letting you out of my sight.

You ever hop a train before?


You'll figure it out.

I know you've looked down on our practices in the past, Ms. Cooper, but I want to assure you that we're going to make you well.

You're safe with the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

Nothing can hurt you in here.