03x07 - Chapter Forty-Two: The Man in Black

[BETTY] Previously on Riverdale...

So, my dad played G&G in high school.

[BETTY] All of our parents did.

- What's that, Hiram?
- Fizzle Rocks.

[ALICE] This house is no longer safe.

They'll watch over you now.

Mom! Are you out of your mind?

[ALICE] You're safe with the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

Framing Archie for murder?

Conspiring to keep him locked away?

An old-fashioned prison break might be your best option.

[JUGHEAD] You're breakingArchie out of juvie?

[MAN] Ten thousand apiece.
All you have to say is

that you saw Archie Andrews kill your friend Cassidy Bullock.

Your henchman, Minetta, is going down.

You know, if you added a couple of slots, table games, you'd have quite the little goldmine.

[ARCHIE] Hiram Lodge has done everything in his power to destroy me.

I don't think I can go back to Riverdale.

- I'm not letting you go off alone.
- I'm not alone.

[ARCHIE] Leaving is my best option, Jug.


[JUGHEAD] The two young menhad been walking for days.

Looking at them, you might think they were brothers.

- And in a way they were.


Fearful that Hiram Lodge might catch up to them.

[ON VOICEMAIL] Hi, this is Betty. Leave a message.

- [JUGHEAD] Hey, Betty, it's me.

I'm just trying you again, hoping you're okay.

We're just looking for a place to settle down.

I'll let you know when we do. Okay. Uh...

I love you. Bye.

Still no answer?

[SIGHS] Look, Jug, maybe you should go back.

I'm fine.

Really, dude, I'm gonna be fine.

Archie, no offense, but Betty took down a serial killer last year.

You can't go for five minutes without being kidnapped or getting the crap kicked out of you.

That was before you were marked for death by Hiram Lodge.

[ARCHIE] It would be nice to stop looking over my shoulder all the time,

- just find somewhere to settle, you know?
- We will.

When we find the right place, we'll know. We're gonna feel it.

Or maybe we're already there.

[SCOFFS] Nice try. Let's get a couple more miles in before nightfall.

- Come on, Jug. We gotta bunk somewhere.


[GIRL] You're trespassing.

Now, let's see you do a little turn, nice and slow.

Who are you?

I'm Cal. This is Biff.

From Centerville.

I don't like liars.

Shoot 'em, Gracie.

Wait! Wait.

We got robbed on a train.

They took all our money. We've been walking for days. Just...

We're looking for some food and some water, and we'll be on our way.

Put the rifle down.

- I don't trust them.
- Do as I say.

I'm Laurie Lake. This is Gracie.

You boys like stew?

So, where's everyone else?

I only meant a farm this size, I thought there would be more people working it.

A lot of the men in town are at a job down the river.

Our father and our brother went with them, but they come back every now and then.

You guys have somewhere to stay for the night?

- We're good.
- [ARCHIE] No.

We should be getting out of your hair.

Or you could stay the night, if you don't mind sleeping in the barn.

That would be amazing. Is there anything we can do to repay you?

- Just some farm work.

I have some bales of hay I need to move.

Just stay out of the main house.

Dude, we can't stay here.

One night, Jug. What's the problem?

I don't now. Something about this place weirds me out.

It's a little too American Gothic, even for me.

You're right. Where is everybody?

And when I asked her what her dad and her brother did, didn't it seem like she was lying to us?

You mean, like we are, Cal?

[LAURIE] Am I interrupting?

Nope. Not at all.

I brought some extra blankets in case you guys get cold in the middle of the night.

Oh, thank you, Laurie.

All right.

See you tomorrow.

Good night.

- Seriously?
- What?

We have to stay on task. No distractions.

I totally agree.

No distractions.



You missed eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Meanwhile, you are literally moving bales of hay.


Feel free to help out, too, Jug.

Actually, I was gonna head into town for a little bit and take some pictures before we hit the road.


Like we said we would.

Are you gonna be okay here?

I think I'll be fine, Jug.





Excuse me?

Excuse me?


I'm... I'm a little lost.


I saw some strange symbols on the sides of the buildings.

They didn't look as faded as the rest. You know what they mean?

The town wasn't always like this.

First, it was the Jingle-Jangle.

Now we're back to Fizzle Rocks.

Fizzle Rocks?

Like the candy I used to eat back when I was a kid?

That's normal Fizzle Rocks.

What we got nowadays is laced with drugs.

As for them symbols, they started showing up in town about the same time Fizzle Rocks trickled in.

You've already done so much for me, you don't have to do this too.

I used to do this for my father.

And you did move all that hay.

My dad's a construction worker, so I'm used to physical labor.

Well, there's a lot of that around here.


If you and your friend want to stick around for a few days.

I'm not sure about Cal, but I would be, I think.

There's something about this place that just makes me feel at home.

I don't know why.

I'm sorry, Laurie.

I just... I can't do this right now.

There's a girl back home.

There always is.

Even though we're not together anymore, I still love her.

If you love her, Biff, then why are you here?

Because of her father.

And my past with him.

Sometimes, when you're trying to survive, it's easy to lose sight of who you are.


Laurie, my name's not Biff.

It's Archie Andrews.

And I'm from a small town called Riverdale, which I can't go back to.

Because of your girl's father?

Hiram Lodge, yes.

[SIGHS] I'm sorry I lied to you.

It's okay.

Archie Andrews.

Around here everybody's running from something.

Let me see about getting you some lunch.




Are you a King?

I'm actually a Game Master.

I started as a Hellcaster, just like you.

- What level?
- I was three.

On my way to four.

Where did you guys learn to play?

[DAISY] Our older brothers used to play, before they left town.

Yeah. I noticed that there are no men here.

- All gone to work building a prison.
- Prison?

My brother told me it's not just for prisoners.

It's for making Fizzle Rocks, too.

So, the prison doubles as a drug lab?

Where are you shackin' up, Game Master?

Uh... Lake Farm.

[TIFFANY] Ugh. Gracie's house?

We used to be friends with her.

Always acting like she's too good for everybody, even though her daddy works for the Man in Black like ours do.

- Who's the Man in Black?
- [PEARL] He's always in a black suit.

He gets driven around in a black car.

This town's his now.


I made you some more eggs, I hope you don't mind.

No, that is more than okay. Thank you.

You don't have to thank me.
You helped me with the hay, and you helped me pass the time a little bit quicker.

So, in my book, we're even.

These are delicious.



Are you all right?

- Come on, let's get you out of here.

Laurie knocked me out.
Where the hell is she?

She's inside, with Hiram Lodge.


I don't understand. How do the girls even know him?

Shh. I think her dad and her brother work for him.

They make drugs inside the prison, which all the kids take when they play G&G.

All of this is connected, Archie.

Hiram owns this whole town, and probably many others just like it. Let's go.

Or we could stay and fight.

- No, Archie.
- This is our one chance to take it all back.

Hiram is gonna walk in here thinking that I'm tied up.

Let's surprise him and take him out.

That's a bad idea, trust me.

There's gotta be something in here we could use,

- a pitchfork.
- Hey, look at me.

You're not thinking clearly. It's two against four. And they have guns.

I get how bad you want this.

But we are under-prepared.

They're going to kill us. Archie. Archie!

Look at me.

Hey. Don't say what I think you're going to say.


I can kill him.

- I can.
- I know.

But right now, we've gotta go while we still have time.

There's nowhere he won't follow me.

I can't run from him.

Just let me end this nightmare once and for all.


He's coming.

Archie, I know he's ruined your life.

He's ruined a lot of lives.

But one day, he's going to get everything he deserves. I swear.

But it's not today. It's not right now.

- Okay? We have to go.
- Jughead...

All right, if you do this, if you kill him, will Veronica ever forgive you?

Before I let you in, to be clear...

Yes. Yes. Archie in exchange for your brother and father, their debt to me will be paid. You have my word.

What the hell is going on here?

Where is he?

[JUGHEAD] You know, for a second back there,

I didn't think you were gonna listen to me.

Neither did I, Jug.

Neither did I.

You were right about one thing though.

Hiram's gonna follow you, or us, wherever we go.

We're always gonna be outnumbered and outgunned.

So, what's the plan?

We'll go see my mom.

You sure we should do that?

Got a better idea?

[HERMIONE] What are you doing?

I'm leaving the Pembrooke.


I realize that you're upset about Archie, but you can't just go running after him.

Save your breath, Mom.
I'm not going after Archie.

Okay. Then what's this all about?


Convenient, isn't it?

Sheriff Minetta goes missing just as I find ironclad evidence that he coerced those Shadow Lake boys into giving false testimony.

Minetta was a corrupt man.

He had many enemies.

Is that a murder confession?

Okay. Veronica, first of all, I sincerely hope that you don't believe I'm capable of...

I honestly don't know what to believe anymore.

Which is why I'm leaving this house of horrors while I still can.


Maybe you should too.

He's my husband.

Right. Well, you and Daddy can pop open a bottle of Cristal because he finally did it.

He finally won. He finally drove Archie and me away for good.

It's not the Five Seasons, but it'll do.



- Morning, Pop.
- Veronica.

You're in early. What time did you get here?

[SIGHS] You know what they say about the bird and the worm.



What's up, Ronnie?

Still bummed about Archie bailing on the world?

That's on my list of woes, yes.

What else?

We work all day and all night,

and yet we're barely scraping by.

The numbers just aren't adding up.

It may not be the Copacabana yet,

but business is steady.

One thing I learned from my father is that steady is one bad week away from broke.

We'll never turn a profit selling five-dollar mocktails to high schoolers who sit here all day playing some stupid board game.

So, what you're saying is we need to start a side hustle.

So, now you want to turn your speakeasy into a casino?

For one night only.

You yourself suggested it.

And I've done my research.

I've heard all about your very exclusive blackjack club in the city.

So, I thought, "Who better to show me the ropes than Mr. himself"?

What's the deal on the table?

If you agree to provide me with some games, and if you bring some of your high-roller friends who are guaranteed to play, I'll give you % of the proceeds.

[SCOFFS] Fifty.

- Twenty.
- Thirty.


And that money will be all yours, Elio.

Come on. Everything you do is in your father's shadow.

Don't you wanna step out on your own, finally?

How are you gonna cover expenses?

The house always wins, right?

I'm counting on that to be the case here.

But in terms of startup costs, should the unthinkable happen, I took out a second mortgage against Pop's.

A gambler.

I like it. I'm in.

And, Elio, do me a favor. Let's keep this arrangement between us.

I don't want any third-parties sticking their noses into our business.

Nice uniform.

What are you doing here?

I'll take a café con leche, please.

Anything else?

Your mother's worried about you.

As am I.

We both know you've been struggling ever since Archie abandoned you.

I also heard through the grapevine that you're hosting a casino night.

- So?
- So?

Instead of coming to me for advice and help, you went to one of our competitors?

It's ironic, for all your high talk on wanting a legitimate business, you're now inviting a bunch of criminals over to play cards?

Times must be tough.

They're not criminals.
They're Elio's friends.

And how do you think Elio's family built their gambling empire?

They're cheaters. And criminals.

And they're gonna rob you blind.

Yeah. Well, you would know all about that, wouldn't you?

Are you angry about something?


Am I angry?

You drove Archie away.

Did I? I swear I read in the papers that he was cleared on all charges.

So you just came here to twist the knife, is that it?


I came here to remind you who your true allies are.

Your mother and I, we're still here for you, to welcome you back with open arms, because we're family.

And that will never change.

Get out, Daddy.


Your drink, Ms. Lodge.
Just how you like it.

Perfect. Thank you.


See, Reggie. This is exactly what we needed.


Thanks to Elio, we're gonna pull in bank.

Yeah. Or he's gonna break it.

What do you mean?

Your generous friend Elio is on a hot streak.

He hasn't lost a single hand all night.

He's gonna wipe us out.

We're gonna be bankrupt.

I thought the house always wins.

How is this happening?

He's gotta be cheating.

I'm not surprised, 'cause my father said Elio's a criminal from a family of criminals.

Want me to rough him up? Throw him out?


That's not how we do things here.

Especially not to a member of a crime family.

But don't worry, Reggie.

Veronica Lodge is not about to go quietly into the night.

- Dealer bust.
- Yes.


Hey, Elio. Big night?

[ELIO] I've never had such a run of luck.

Hope this doesn't put a huge dent in your take.

You mean our take?

Well, it seems like either way, I win.

Do yourself a favor, cash out.

And walk away while you still can.

Or what? You'll call your father for backup?

I heard you weren't even on speaking terms.


Deal me in.

- What are you doing?
- Raising the stakes.

One hand of blackjack, winner takes all. Just you and me.

What am I playing for?


The deed to Pop's.


And, by extension,

- La Bonne Nuit.

Fine. You asked for it.

Let's play.

[DEALER] Twenty.

- Nineteen.

I'll tell you what, you'll always be welcome at my speakeasy.

I might even rename it "Veronica's."

The game's not over yet.

[ELIO] Trust me, princess. It's over.

Hit me.

- Twenty-one.

Ms. Lodge wins.

That... That's impossible.

Why, Elio? The house always wins.

Isn't that what they say?


You made some serious coin, V.

We did.

We're in the black, Reggie.

It was a very successful night.

Hmm. You could have lost it all, you know? But you didn't. You pulled it off.

I swear, I thought Elio was cheating.

Can you keep a secret?


A couple of hours before we opened the doors to casino night, my father summoned me to his study.

What is it, Daddy?

You said you had some important news to share with me, and I'm on a bit of a time crunch.

Some business associates have informed me that your friend Elio has nefarious intentions going into your casino night.

Something you're not aware of.

Like what?

Like he's planning on fleecing you because he thinks you're weak.

Because you're no longer under my protection.


Say I believe you, what would you suggest I do?

[HIRAM] You beat him at his own game.

Like his father, Elio is a compulsive gambler.

The bigger the pot, the more he wants to stay in the game.

The best way to beat players like this is fast, with no remorse.

One hand, winner takes all.

The deck's stacked in your favor.

[VERONICA] The deck's stacked.
Wait, so you want me to cheat?

[HIRAM] It doesn't matter how you win, mija,

so long as you're the last man standing.

Now, I have the name of a dealer you might want to bring in.

Johnny Goldwater.

He's got nimble fingers.

- [DEALER] Twenty-one.

- Wow!

So, you scammed the scammer.

Oh, Reginald, it doesn't matter how you win, so long as you're the last woman standing.

Was it a good night?

Yes. It was excellent.

You know, this place has been in my family for generations.

It's a family place, at heart.


[SIGHS] Pop.

The speakeasy wasn't making enough money. And neither was the diner.

So, I had to take a big swing.

Bend the rules a bit.


For your own sake, Veronica, don't be like your father.

Pop, deep, deep down, maybe my dad's not so bad.

You haven't heard the news yet, have you?

Sheriff Minetta's body was found in the marsh last night.

At least they think it was his body.

They don't know for sure 'cause it was decapitated.

And the hands were sawed off.

[BETTY] Make them think that you're sane.

Tell me what you see, Elizabeth.

[BETTY] A dead body, you idiot.

I see a toy.

A teddy bear with a bow tie.

[BETTY] Just pass this test,

and then you can start investigating.

And what do you see now?

[BETTY] The Black Hood.

A butterfly.

A Monarch butterfly.



[BETTY] Remember to smile, Betty,

and you'll be out of here in no time.

The old jungle-gym at Riverdale Elementary.

I used to play on it every recess.

Very interesting.

Step forward, Nellie.
It's time for your candy.

[BETTY] My mom and her delusions.

She has a fondness for this place.

She thought the sisters would keep me safe

from the Gargoyle King.

She probably didn't realize

that she was sending me right into the belly of the beast.

- What is this?
- A treat.

Every patient gets candy for good behavior.

[BETTY] Fizzle Rocks.

AKA, drugs.

Why are the sisters dosing us up

with the same stuff the Midnight Club took

the night of Principal Featherhead's murder?

Thank you so much.

Bless you, my child.

[BETTY] And what-oh-what
is in that file, I wonder?

How are you settling in, roomie?


What are you doing here?

Sister Woodhouse thought that you might benefit from having a roommate who's familiar with the system around here.

[BETTY] What a nightmare.


Uh, did you just come from art class?

Oh, no. That's my warrior board.

It's like a visual collection of my destiny.

It also helps me manifest my goals.

[BETTY] If I didn't already
have an escape plan,

I'd really start going crazy in here.

As soon as I have what I need,

I'll find the door marked "X"

in the basement that Veronica used when they broke Cheryl out.

Isn't the King marvelous?

Ever since I came here,

I've been having the most wonderful conversations with him.

Wait, what are you saying?

That you've actually been talking to the Gargoyle King in person?

Yes. We've become very close.


Do you think you could introduce us?

No. That's Sister Woodhouse's job.

What is?

The sisters take patients into the Gargoyle King's chamber when they misbehave.

The other girls are scared of him, but I'm not.

Uh... Where's his chamber?

I can't tell you. That's Sister Woodhouse's job.

Hmm. You'd tell Jughead.

About Jughead.

I wasn't going to mention this, but, since you brought him up, Betty, I don't think Jughead's into you anymore.

We connected when we played the game together, and things got pretty hot and heavy in the bunker.

[BETTY] This psycho bitch.

Oh, he definitely told me about how you blackmailed him into kissing you.

I knew you would do this.

You have always acted like you're better than me.

- You and all your shallow friends.
- What are you talking about?

This isn't Riverdale High.

The rules are different here.

I'm the queen bee.
Not you, Betty Cooper.

And if you wanna get better, you have to change your attitude.

And you have to be honest with yourself, and with others. And you can start with what you threw into the trash.


Ethel, I'm sorry.

I want to be your friend, if you'll have me.

Can you just not tell anyone about the candy?

Could you just keep it between us, please?


Okay, Betty. I'll keep it our little secret.

[MOUTHING] Thank you.

But you really should take the candy.

It's super delicious.

[SISTER AGNES] Be careful
of the thorns, girls.

Very good, my child.

[BETTY] That's funny.

The sisters don't serve maple syrup in the cafeteria.

And why would Claudius Blossom be making the delivery?

Wait, what the hell?

What kind of business does Hiram Lodge have with Sister Woodhouse,

and how are the Blossoms connected to it?

Hey. Do you know who that is?

They call him the Man in Black.

He's an angel donor.

Helps the sisters with anything they may need.

Isn't that nice of him?

Yeah. Amazing.

[BETTY] Wait a minute.
According to my mom,

Hiram was the one who brought the Fizzle Rocks

to Ascension Night all those years ago.

Back to it, Betty. Idle hands make the devil's work.

[BETTY] Bite me.

What did Hiram give the sisters?

And what did Woodhouse give him?

Maybe there's a clue in those files they're keeping.

If I can just find the right office or records room.

Wait, this must be the Gargoyle King's chamber Ethel was talking about.





[ETHEL] What do you think you're doing?

This area is off-limits.

Ethel, I...

Do you know where the medical archives are?

Sister Agnes sent me to fetch some files. I got kinda lost.

Silly Betty.

Only the infirm are allowed in the infirmary.

It's time to go back to our room now.

While I'm watching.


[BETTY] Acting normal.
This is me, acting normal.

All I need is a pen, a bobby pin that hasn't been dulled down, or...

A paper clip. Bingo.

Hey, Betty. Come play with us.

Uh, no thanks, Ethel.

Betty, you said we were friends.

And friends play together.

[BETTY] This isn't how I imagined myself getting to those medical files.

But since only the infirm go to the infirmary...

You wanna be real friends, Ethel?

Hmm. That's weird, because real friends don't kiss each other's boyfriends.

That's because the Gargoyle King wants

- Jughead and me to be together.
- Oh, yeah?

We're gonna be a ship.



- In your dreams.

You're just jealous.

You're jealous that Jughead and I are worthy, and you're not, but here's the thing, Betty.

Okay? You're never going to be worthy.

And the Gargoyle King, you're never gonna meet him.

[BETTY] Here we go.

Sister Woodhouse, help!
She's having a seizure.

Ethel, get the nurse.

[BETTY] Yes, Ethel, get the nurse.

And God willing, she'll take me exactly where I need to go.

There, there, Elizabeth.
You're going to be all right.

We'll get you to the infirmary.


[BETTY ] Well, they bought it.

They actually believe I had a seizure.

Let's re-evaluate her dosage as soon as possible.

Yes, Sister Woodhouse.


[BETTY] Jackpot! There you are.

"Elizabeth Cooper."

"Two doses of Bullio Lapis, mornings only.

Sporadic seizures.

Patient seems to be responding well to testing.

Per H.L., increase dosage after first week."


Oh, my God!

Is Hiram Lodge using patients at the Sisters' as lab rats?

And what is Bullio Lapis? Unless...

Fizzle Rocks.

[BETTY] Oh, my God. Okay.
Now that I have my proof,

it's officially time to get the hell out of here.

The door to escape is in the basement.

"X" marks the spot, just like Veronica said.

I'm so out of here.

No. No!

[ETHEL] There she is.

Ethel. Sister Woodhouse.

I just... I got lost again.

I told you she was up to no good, Sister Woodhouse.

Restrain her.




What are you doing, Sister Woodhouse?

You've been a very bad girl, Betty.

You haven't been taking your candy.



- Steady her.
- No. No!


My King. My savior.

Guide me through the night.

Bless me with your darkness, gift me with your flight.

She needs a good, strong talking to from the King, I think.

I was wrong. You are gonna meet the King.




The King awaits you.



Now, let's try this again, shall we?

Tell me what you see, Betty.

A dead body.

What do you see now?

The Black Hood.

And now?

The Gargoyle King.


Wonderful, wonderful work.

You've already made progress.

[BETTY] My King, my savior.

Guide me through the night.

Bless me with your darkness, gift me with your flight.