03x11 - Chapter Forty-Six: The Red Dahlia

[ARCHIE] Previously on Riverdale...

Tall Boy, we know you're working for Hiram.

[JUGHEAD] Why would he want the town quarantined?

Apparently, there was a mass seizure.

[BETTY] Seizures aren't contagious.

So, what?

There's nowhere he won't follow me.

It's over, isn't it?

[BETTY] You will stoop to any level

to get me back in your clutches.

I just wanted some father-daughter time.

[JUGHEAD] Claudius Blossom...

[JUGHEAD] You may not be the Man in Black, but his stink is on you.

Sheriff Minetta's body was found in the marsh last night.

It was decapitated.

Tall Boy was just trying to escape and I don't know... It was an accident.

As far as anyone knows, Tall Boy has been exiled.



[JUGHEAD] Riverdale. Once a safe, decent, innocent place,

had become noir town,

like the setting of a Raymond Chandler story

filled with dames to kill for,

postmen who like to ring twice

and more mobsters than a Scorsese retrospective at the Bijou.

We were a town of lost souls,

each of us wrestling with demons,

each of us with secrets we were trying to keep.

Mine was on the large side,

' " to be exact.

[FP] Explain it to me one more time.

We drove him to the bus station at gunpoint

and got him on a bus out of town.

He murdered Joaquin!

And you thought putting him on a bus was enough punishment?

I don't buy it.

Look, I made a decision.

I'm sorry that you don't agree with that, but he's gone.

I'm gonna pretend like I believe you idiots for now.

I've got my hands full finding Hiram's would-be assassin.

Next time you see me, have a better story.

[JUGHEAD] I was covering up the death of a wicked man.

But Tall Boy Petite wasn't the only fresh corpse in noir town.

Claudius Blossom had taken the big sleep,

and my girlfriend Betty Cooper had murder on the brain.

And murderers, in Betty's world,

needed to be brought to justice.

It's infuriating, Dad.

The Lodge Ledger is calling Claudius Blossom's death a suicide,

but I think he was murdered.

But if he ingested cyanide...

But how did it get in his prison cell?

A gift from his former partner-in-crime Penelope, I'm guessing?

Poison does suit her.

Subtle, elegant.

But if nobody else is asking questions about Claudius's death,

why are you?

Because it's black and white and wrong, Dad.

Penelope's been killing people for years,

and she's literally getting away with murder.

Daryl Doiley was poisoned with oleander,

which is something only the Blossoms grow.

Featherhead, poisoned. The nuns, poisoned.

And now, Claudius.

I just can't prove any of it.

It's like she's committed the perfect murders.

You've already found the pattern,

murders disguised as suicides.

Who else died by suicide near Penelope?

Think, now.


But he hung himself.

Perhaps. I wonder, though, if that's the whole story.

Who was there that night?

Penelope... And Cheryl.

If there's a witness, it's not a perfect murder.

[JUGHEAD] Meanwhile, Archie Andrews no longer felt hunted by Hiram Lodge.

But he was still haunted.

Trapped in that in-between place,

avoiding his destined face-to-face with the Man in Black,

Archie struggled, searching for a sense of purpose.

What's going on, son?

Is it your break-up with Veronica?

No, Dad, it's not...


I've been thinking.

Maybe college isn't for me.

Maybe I can try working with you

in the construction company again.

Well, there's no shame in hard work, son,

but where's this coming from?

After the crap I've seen these last few months,

I just wanna get out of my head.

Work with my hands.

Try to make peace with things.

Well, if you're serious about it, you better get your butt in gear.

Shift starts in about an hour.

[JUGHEAD] The only thing Archie knew for sure,

was he was angry.

And hitting things made it better.


[VIC] Meal break, boys!


This is a union crew.

You need to take your mandatory break.

Stop working.


When I say stop, you stop.

Back off! I don't need a break.

You don't want to do this, kid.

I got you by about pounds.

That's it! I don't care if you are Fred's kid,

you're off my crew!

The hell I am!

[JUGHEAD] With Hiram laid up in the hospital, clinging to life,

there was blood in the water.

And sharks were closing in on the mobster's daughter,

Veronica Lodge.

From my family to yours.

While I love a grand gesture, Elio,

diamonds are a girl's best friend.

These are for your father.

I heard he was still in the hospital

and wanted to come here, personally,

to let you know I'm praying he pulls through.

To paraphrase Samuel Clemens,

reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated.

The vultures are circling, Veronica.

They're eager to swoop in on your father's territory.

Are you talking about yourself?

I'm offering some friendly advice.

Jobs like the hit on your father?

It's very rare they go unfinished.

[JUGHEAD] Yes, we all had our problems.

The town was drowning in 'em.

And a hell of a good-looking one

was about to walk through my door.

Nice hat, Bacall.

I've got a job for you, Jones.

I want you to find out who shot my father.

You'll get the other half when you give me their name.


That is a big job.

I think half the people in this town

wanna see your old man kick the maple barrel, no offense.

None taken.

I'll give you your first suspect.

My mother.

A few weeks ago, I overheard my parents arguing.

It was right before the quarantine, after I had my seizure.

[HERMIONE] No, I supported you! You swore to me

- that this wouldn't happen.
- What is going on?

My mother was berating my father.

Something about breaking a promise.

What if you don't like what I find?

I'm a big girl, I can take it.

Well, then,

consider me your Philip Marlowe.

[JUGHEAD] I didn't mind playing detective,

especially for this price,

but if I'd known then and there where this investigation would lead me,

I never would've taken the money.

[HERMIONE] To what do I owe the pleasure?

I'll just get right to it, Madam Mayor.

Did you shoot your husband?

Excuse me?

I love my husband.

Uh-huh, but did you shoot him?

From what I hear, not all is not well over at the Pembrooke.

As records and witnesses will attest,

I was on the phone with Hiram when he was shot,

picking up lunch at Pop's.

What were you and Hiram arguing about

when Veronica had her seizure?

Well, Mr. Jones, if you must know,

we were fighting because I caught Hiram having an affair.

I had been suspicious for a while,

so I had Sheriff Minetta follow him.

This was before he got butchered, of course.

And he gave me these.

Now, I don't know who she is,

but he was meeting her regularly at the Five Seasons.

Hiram having another woman is pretty good motive to shoot him.

No, it isn't.

I simply asked him to end it, and he did.

Now, I'm telling you this

because I have nothing to hide.

Keep those.

I mean, who knows?

Maybe Hiram's mistress was angry

when he called it quits.

You do know how volatile blondes can be.

Oh, no, no.

You're not going to the jobsite today,

not after you picked a fight yesterday.

I was only trying to do my job, it wasn't my fault, and then Vic...

Vic? Vic who has worked for me for a very long time?

- Who knows what he is doing.
- Fine, whatever.

Oh, no, no, we're not done here, young man.

You want to explain to me how I found this in your bedroom?

What, you think you're the first kid

that's ever taken a drink in high school? No.

This does not solve your problems.

I'm outta here.

Fine, take a walk, Archie. Clear your head.

While you're out there,

- think about how you need to shape up!

[PENELOPE] We are gathered, today,

to mourn the passing of one of our own.


Sweet, darling Betty.

You've come to pay your respects.

Well, Uncle Claudius was family, so...

Mourn with us, cousin.

[PENELOPE] Tragically, this ungrateful town

never welcomed Claudius to its bosom.

I believe that is why

he committed the most cardinal of sins,

taking his own life. [SNIFFS]

Crocodile tears.

While I appreciate the company,

tell me, what are you really doing here, Betty?

At our uncle's funeral?

I came to talk to you.

Cheryl, people connected to your mother

keep dying by poisoning

or by strange suicides,

including your father.

My father hung himself in a barn, Betty.

He slipped a rope around his neck

and kicked a maple barrel out from under him.

End of story.

Is everything okay?

Betty was being a gnat as usual, T.T.

And I'm afraid I don't have any patience for it.

Back off, Betty. It's been a rough day.

Sweet Pea, Fangs, why'd you guys bring me down here?

You know I'm on a case.

I heard the Gargoyle Gang is riled up.

They're looking for Tall Boy.

And as long as his body's down here,

it's a ticking time bomb!

Yeah, well, it's too hot to move him right now.

- Hey!

Let's not lose our heads, okay?

Fangs, I need you to stay here with Tall Boy,

and I need you to lock this place up.

I'm serious.

Sweet Pea, you need to tail someone for me.

[VERONICA] Nico, Leo...

We're in a crisis.

The mob underworld smells blood in the water,

and we need to change the narrative,

obscure the fact that my father is down for the count

and present a strong front.

It's too late for that.

People are talking.

No one's seen the Man in Black recently

- and no one's collecting the vig.
- What?

Why the hell not? We should get out there

and start collecting, immediately.

Nico and I have been discussing options.

It might be in your family's best interest

to align with the Grandes.

You mean Elio's family?

[SCOFFS] Not gonna happen.

Your father took a bullet two inches from his heart.

If we're not careful,

our next play could be our last.

I don't need you to mobsplain

what's best for my family.

Due respect, you're not being realistic.

Due respect, you're fired.

Both of you.


You're getting rid of the only capos you have left?

You mean the same two clowns

who didn't protect my dad from getting shot?

Yeah, no, we're good.

I consider you both inner circle.

Smithers, as my former doorman

and, Reggie, as my jacked jack-of-all-trades,

I asked you here because I need people I can trust.

Our enemies are sensing weakness

and we need to show strength.

Okay, if I may.

There was a moment, back in the trenches,

when our numbers were greatly diminished.

We knew the enemy would storm the barricade at any moment.

I collected the helmets from our dead

and propped them atop our bayonets,

high enough so that they would be visible

to our enemies and give them pause.

Sometimes, it's not what things are,

it's what they appear to be.

You've just given me an idea, Smithers.

But we're going to need your bus driver's cap.

So, who's this blonde bombshell that you're tracking?

Hiram's mistress.

He broke things off with her, so she may want revenge.

The concierge tipped me off about this floor

but I wish they'd given me a room number.

Well, maybe there was no room number to give.


Thanks for the coming with me, by the way.

My pleasure.

My investigation's on hold until I hear back from Dr. Curdle Jr.

Turns out there was no autopsy on Claudius.

Penelope had him cremated before be could perform one.

But I'm hoping that there's something

in Clifford Blossom's autopsy report.

No one's home. Let's move on.

Would Bogart move on?

Let's just give it a try.

What kind of hotel room is unlocked?


And now, apparently, there's a not-so-secret s*x club in Riverdale.


Excuse me.

What is this place?

It's the Maple Club.

A safe place, as long as you know the safe word.

Have you seen this woman? She ever come in here?

[SCOFFS] You just scared off one of my clients.

She doesn't work here, but I see her around.

Try room .

Laura, why did Mr. Arklight leave in such a rush?

What are you two doing here?

You know this is a private club. Get out.

You mean a brothel?

By the way, does the new Sheriff know

that there's a red light district in Riverdale?

My time is costly, children, so what do you want?

I knew you were an escort, Auntie,

but now you're exploiting other women?


These women aren't victims, Betty.

At the Maple Club, it is the men who suffer.

We specialize in domination.

These ladies are making enough to start new lives.

Oh, please, you are only helping yourself.

And why shouldn't I?

No one else ever has.

When I was eight years old,

I was plucked from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy by the Blossom family.

Is that why you poisoned the Sisters,

because they sold you to the Blossoms?

I didn't kill those nuns, and anyway,

it was the so-called Monsignor who sold me, not the Sisters.

Fine, you didn't kill the fake nuns.

Did you kill Claudius?

He committed suicide, so I was told.

It's pretty convenient, don't you think?

Either way, I was right here when the poor man died.

Ask any of my girls.

[JUGHEAD] Fun fact of the day,

Penelope's the Madam of a kink club.

Yeah, her sob story doesn't change the fact

that she's a stone-cold murderer.

Do you wanna check out room ?

- I could use one of your bobby pins.

It's Curdle.

Maybe he tracked down Clifford's autopsy report?

And just like that you're back on the case.

- No rest for the wicked.
- Not in a wicked town.

See you later.

♪ Sooner or later you're gonna be mine ♪

♪ Sooner or later you're gonna be fine ♪

♪ Baby, it's time that you face it... ♪


I think you've had enough, bud.

Lemme get you a cab.

I'm a paying customer, Reggie.

I'll leave when I'm ready to leave.

Dude, Veronica's dealing with enough crap.

She doesn't need you making a scene.

[LOUDLY] Can I get another bartender in here, please?

Another bartender! Don't touch me.

♪ It's time, so why waste it in chatter? ♪

- Toby, Toby!

It's okay, I know him.

He's our friend.

[ARCHIE] It's okay, I'll go. [GRUNTS]

I'll go.

I got him. I got him. It's fine.




You can't tell Veronica about this.

[BREATHING HEAVILY] Listen up, Andrews.

You're in free fall, and I am not having it.

It's time for a literal and metaphoric cold shower.

Wait... Wait, Josie! Don't...

[JUGHEAD] At the docks, it was a classic con.

Smoke and mirrors with a pretty girl.

Collecting for Lodge.

- Where are Nico and Leo?
- No longer in our employ.

I'm Veronica.

I'm sure you know my father, Hiram Lodge?

He doesn't like to be kept waiting,

and neither do I.

See you next week.

Well played, Miss Veronica.

Thank you, Smithers.

And you, too, Man in Black.

Apologies for the delay, Miss Cooper,

but this one took some digging.

Clifford Blossom's wife requested that there be no autopsy.

But my father was nothing if not a curious man.

So, let me guess, he performed one anyways?

What does it say?

That he died of asphyxiation by hanging?

There was bruising around the esophagus,

consistent with that of a hanging victim.

However, there was also

tetrodotoxin in his bloodstream, pufferfish venom.

In Clifford's case,

the dose was almost certainly fatal.

So, you're saying Clifford may not have died from hanging,

but from being poisoned?

I'm saying that

Clifford Blossom was already dead when he hung himself.

[JUGHEAD] And Betty Cooper thought, "Gotcha!"

What's this?

Um, lemon, ginger and cayenne.

- Where is your dad?

He's at work.

I got canned on my first day.

So, I went to drown my sorrows.

Look, Archie,

I know we didn't talk much last year,

and I can't even attempt to guess at the hell that you've been through.

And maybe all you can do now

is wallow in booze and pick fights.

But personally?

I think you need to channel your anger into something constructive.

Like music, maybe.

[SIGHS] Josie...

Or, if you're in the mood to hit things,

Kevin's dad boxes at the gym.

Either way, you've got to deal with your demons head-on.

I thought I did.

In the cabin,

- I thought I faced my demons,

and killed them.

And myself.

Uh, you're losing me.

You're right, Josie,

I gotta face this head-on.

And there's one person I still haven't seen

since I've been back in Riverdale.

Archie, where are you going?

Going to face,

and kill, one last demon.

[JUGHEAD] That's one thing about being a crime boss,

you learn to never leave a paper trail.

But Hermione Lodge, it seems, was out of practice.

What the hell is this, Mom?

I was entering today's take

into Daddy's ledger when I noticed

a shady collection of invoices and receipts.

So, I dug a little deeper,

and Daddy's Fizzle Rocks empire?

You're a part of it, Mom.


You ordered the quarantine,

you paid these invoices.

- It's your name in blood-red ink.
- No, Veronica.

I found out that your father and Claudius

were making drugs in the new prison

and at the Blossom Maple factory.

So, I told him to shut it down.

I even helped him create a distraction

so that he could do it quickly and cleanly.

The quarantine... It was a smoke screen.

But then, typical of your father, he lied to me.

And instead of shutting it down,

he consolidated everything into the prison.

Believe me, Veronica, I want no part of this.

We're in agreement, then.

Let's end this nightmare.

Destroy the drugs and the means of production.

Burn it to the ground,

while Daddy can't lift a finger to stop us.

Now, that is one option, yes.

Or, we could sell it.

I already have a buyer lined up, all-cash offer.

He's willing to take the drugs, the lab, everything.

I mean, why shouldn't we get something in return

for all the pain he has caused us?

It's over, Auntie Blossom.

I know what you did.

I know what happened in the barn.

How you faked Clifford's hanging and lied to the police.

And who is your witness? Cheryl?

Proof that you poisoned Clifford with pufferfish venom.

You'll go to jail for this.

It won't be justice for everyone that you've killed,

but it's a good start.

You think you know what I've done,

but have you paused to consider why?

Because you're a serial killer,

a Black Widow.

The Red Dahlia, let's call you.

You poison people.

Not people, Betty...


I'm not admitting anything, but they are the true poison.

Clifford killed my son.

Daryl was a Judas

and Claudius... Well, I'm surprised you're not thanking me for that.

Why would I thank you?

Because he caused your seizure.

He caused everyone's seizures.

Claudius was running a Fizzle Rocks operation

in our once-distinguished maple factory,

and dumping the runoff into Sweetwater River.

Fizzle Rocks caused the seizures?

No, Betty. The runoff from the manufacturing of the drug,

not the drug itself.

Why did it only affect girls?


I'm an herbalist, Betty, not a medical doctor.

Tests on Sweetwater Reservoir were ordered and faked.

But Claudius had every intention

of continuing to poison the town with drugs.

So, it was fitting that poison be his end.

Just because someone is a horrible person

doesn't give you the right to kill them.

Doesn't it?

Isn't that what you did with the poison that infected your home,

the imposter Chic?

Hal tells me things, too.

When you delivered Chic to the Black Hood,

you sent him to his death.

You're not so innocent, Betty.

And if you insist on turning me in,

I will gladly do the same to you.

[JUGHEAD] And that's when Betty realized,

no one's innocent in crime town.

Certainly not Hiram Lodge's mystery mistress.

- What are you doing in my room?

That's a good question.

Here's another one.

Why's a water inspector carrying a gun?


I only want to talk, Ms. Mulwray.

Who the hell are you and how do you know my name?

It's a Glamergé egg, right?

If you shoot me, I'll drop it.


You know, I've seen one of these before.

Hiram Lodge likes to give them out as gifts,

or maybe, in your case, payment?

And it costs more than you'll make in a lifetime.

So, put it down before you break it.

Based on the things I've found in your room,

here's what I know about you.

You're a Health and Sanitation Inspector.

That must pay quite a bit if you can afford a place at the Five Seasons.

Unless Hiram put you up.

But I'm no kept woman.

I do a job, I get paid for it.

The report says that you were sent to investigate Riverdale's water supply,

specifically Sweetwater River and the reservoir. Why?

Young women in town were having seizures.

I was sent in to help.

Brought in by Hiram Lodge.

He also make you write that letter to Governor Dooley,

advising him to support a town-wide quarantine?

You see, I'm confused.

Because the letter says that the water is dirty

but the report says the water is clean.

So, you either lied to the Governor

or you faked that report...

Or both.

You know what?

Break the egg if you want, I don't care.

Just get out of my room before I call hotel security.

[JUGHEAD] Why was Hiram faking water test reports?

What was he hiding? And what did any of this have to do with who shot him?



[SWEET PEA] I followed Hermione Lodge like you asked.

You better get out here.

Stay down and keep quiet.


Is that...

That can't be...

Sheriff Minetta's alive?

- I thought he was decapitated.
- No.

From the sounds of it,

he and Hermione Lodge

- have been having an affair for months.
- Wait, listen!

There's too many people asking questions,

which means our little outstanding problem,

you need to take care of tonight.

I've cleared the decks.

And use your old Sheriff's gun.

Then all signs will point to FP.

- They're talking about framing my dad.
- For what?

I'll have to figure it out and warn him.

[JUGHEAD] Back at an eerily deserted Riverdale General,

Archie Andrews was a man on a mission,

on a collision course with his dark destiny.

After months of torment at the hands of the Man in Black,

he was trying to bring a sorry chapter in his life to a close

the only way he knew how.


Dad, I need to talk to you.

There's something at the hospital.

No, you can't go there.

It's a set-up.

Hermione and Minetta... Dad, he's alive.

The two of them plotted together to kill Hiram Lodge.

- What?
- Yes.

They're going to finish the job tonight and pin it on you.

Minetta's alive?

Dad, there's a lot that you need to know.

I just got back from the coroner's office.


A week ago, the torso of a Michael Minetta was found,

without its head and hands.

Except it wasn't Sheriff Minetta, because I just saw him.

He's very much alive.

Oh, my.

Someone must've made a grave mistake.

Save it, Junior.

Who asked you to fake Minetta's death?

Hermione Lodge.

I saw Minetta with Hermione up at some secret love shack up north.

I heard them talking about setting you up.

She's going to try and put Hiram's shooting on you.

You need to arrest them.

I can't do that.

Yeah, you can, you're the Sheriff.

[STAMMERS] They've clearly been trying to murder Hiram Lodge.


No, they didn't.


I shot Hiram.


Hermione came to me.

She wanted it done, and I...

I wanted revenge.

Do you really think I forgot about Riot Night,

when that son of a bitch came this close

to getting you killed?

I've been biding my time,

waiting for the perfect opportunity.

But if you and Hermione tried to kill Hiram,

why would she appoint you Sheriff?

Payment. It was my payment.

And I was naive enough to think

the office of the sheriff would protect me

in case Hermione got an itch to double-cross me.

Guess I was wrong.

Well, I guess it's lucky that you have me in your corner.

I have a confession to make

about Tall Boy.

[SIGHS] Maybe there's a way that I can solve both of our problems.

But we'll need Miss Cooper's help.

[ARCHIE] I came here to end our story.

When we first met and I was a scared kid,

afraid that I could lose everything,

you took me under your wing,

taught me to use fear as a weapon.

And for a while, it worked.

But it also hurt people.

Of all the horrible things that you've done,

you know what enrages me the most?

That after my father was shot by the Black Hood

and almost died in my arms,

- you hired some stooge

to take another shot at him, in our house.

Maybe it's time I balance the scales.

A shot for a shot.





- Alice.
- Hermione.

What's going on here?

Perfect timing. We were about to start the interview.

All right, FP, let's check the levels.

- You wanna just, uh, start talking?
- Yeah.

Well, Madam Mayor, I'm pleased to announce

that we caught the man who shot your husband.

You did?


- Who was it?
- Gerald Petite.

But you might know him as Tall Boy.

It seems that Hiram kept him alive

in a secret cabin in the north

to carry out odd jobs for him.

Can you imagine that?

Tall Boy resisted arrest,

got violent and, unfortunately,

I was forced to discharge my sidearm.

He died on the way to the hospital.

Well, thank goodness it's over.


And so neatly, too.

You know, I would love to interview you next, Hermione.

Get your perspective as Mayor and wife of the victim, of course.

That's a great idea, Alice.

It's important that both the Mayor and I

go on the record about what happened.

Present a united front.

Don't you agree, Madam Mayor?

That we should be on the same page?


I think we are.

[VERONICA] I think my mom

may have hired someone to shoot my father

so that she could make a profit from the sale of his drug operation.

- [SOFTLY] Damn.
- I know.

So, we need to act fast.

Tonight, we're going to break into the prison,

find the drugs

and destroy them, and the equipment,

before my mom sells everything.

Sounds a lot like the plot of Bad Boys II.

I'm in, Ronnie.

But why? If she's selling it...

I'll be damned if my mom gets a payout for her crimes.


Archie? What happened?

I gotta go.

- To meet Archie?
- It's not what you think.

But can you handle our heist on your own, Bad Boy?



[SIGHS] How is he?

Alive. Thanks to you.

But, Archie, what were you doing here?

I... came looking for you.

Reggie may have told you what happened at the speakeasy,

how I was acting like an ass.

I wanted to apologize. I wasn't myself.

I haven't been for a while.

I'm sorry, too.

That I ever thought for a second that you shot him.

Yeah, at some point, maybe I could have.

But I don't hate him anymore, Veronica.

He's awake,

and he wants to see you.

And Archie,

if you ever need a friend to talk to...


Archie Andrews...

Veronica told me what happened.

How I have you to thank for being alive.

We've been locked in battle for some time now, huh?

I never set out to be your enemy, Mr. Lodge.

All I want is to live in Riverdale, in peace.


I see no reason for us to keep fighting.

So, starting tonight,

I propose a truce.

You don't make a move against me,

and I won't make a move against you.

A life for a life.

What are you going to tell your mom and dad?

I don't know.

Maybe the truth...

But probably not.

[JUGHEAD] Meanwhile, in case you'd forgotten,

Betty's encounter with Penelope had shaken her worldview,

and there was only one person she could talk to about it.

[BETTY] Penelope's guilty. I found proof that she poisoned Clifford.

My clever daughter.

So, what do you plan to do next?

I'm not sure.

I thought if I caught her, I would turn her in.

But hearing her talk,

seeing how she's living her life,

how she's been twisted...

I dunno, I almost feel...

Pity for her?

Penelope and I, we're products of our environment,

raised by those who taught us a twisted sense of right from wrong.

Do you still believe that she's a monster who deserves to be in here?

Maybe not every murderer is guilty

and maybe not every victim is innocent.

Maybe it's not all black and white.

I wonder, Betty, if, one day, you'll ever be able to see me

in that same compassionate light.


[JOSIE] Mmm.

Well, how you feeling, Red?

[SCOFFS] Better.


Thank you, for taking care of me

and setting me straight.

Sometimes we all need a little tough love.

I was thinking about your advice

to doing something constructive.

Do you think Mr. Keller would talk to me about boxing?

For sure he will.

And, uh, I was thinking,

maybe we could... I dunno, if you wanted to jam sometime?

Like the old days?

- Yeah.

Yeah, sure.

Let's do it.

But you're singing backup.

- Okay.
- Okay.


¿Qué hicistes, mija?

What the hell did you do?

I assume you're talking about the drugs.

Reggie and I burned them last night, along with the equipment.

[STAMMERS] But I told you, I had a buyer lined up. They paid in advance.

So I saved you from being a drug dealer, Mom.

Might I suggest you offer them a refund?

I can't, Veronica.

I used the cash from the sale to pay off Governor Dooley

to keep our names clean.

And now my buyer is coming, Veronica,

and they are going to want blood.

You have no idea what you've just done.

I know exactly what I did,

and I know what you did, Mom.

And I'm not the only one on your case.

You think you're really smart, don't you?

You have all the answers.

I know Hiram's mistress works for the Sanitation Department

and doctored false water reports for your husband.

I see.

Is that all?


Not in the slightest.

Betty told me about the runoff with the Fizzle Rocks

manufactured in the Blossom Maple factory.

How it poisoned Sweetwater River, gave everyone seizures.

That's why Hiram had to doctor those reports,

to cover his ass.

It's also why he moved his drug lab to the prison,

away from the water supply.

Now, my guess is that you were pissed

about his drug lab

and what it was doing to all the girls in the town.

Soon after, you hired my father

to shoot Hiram Lodge.

And when that didn't work,

you tried to finish the job in the hospital,

with Minetta and a Sheriff-issued pistol,

so that you could pin it all on my dad.

Oh, and I also know why you did it.


You knew that Hiram was responsible for her seizure.

Very good, Mr. Jones.

Except you're forgetting one thing.

Last year,

Hiram hired Tall Boy to take shots at me

during the mayoral debate, nearly killing me.

So, that's what this is about? Revenge?

So that you could run off with Minetta

and live a happy little life together?

You can't tell anyone about this.

Not Veronica, no one.

Because if I go down,

your father goes down.

And that's a promise.

So, I think

we should agree

to keep each other's secrets,

don't you think?

[JUGHEAD] So, Hermione and I were deadlocked.

In a stalemate.

Much like Hiram and Archie.

And Betty and Penelope.

As for Minetta,

I didn't imagine there was much to worry about there.

Grab me a cigarette, will you?

Of course, Michael.

We gotta talk about what to do with FP and his kid.

Your husband always had a simple way of tying up loose ends.


He did, didn't he?


[JUGHEAD] Perhaps in Riverdale,

the best you could hope for wasn't to win,

but to draw and pray not to lose.

Working late, I see.

I assume you're here to find out whodunit?

After my father woke up,

it was the first thing he asked me.

I told him it was Tall Boy.

Did he believe you?

I think so.

If it's good enough for my father,

it's good enough for me.

Second half of your payment.

You don't want to know who really did it?


Forget it, Jughead.

It's Riverdale.