03x13 - Chapter Forty-Eight: Requiem For A Welterweight

[ARCHIE] Previously on Riverdale...

That kid is a star.

- Can I kiss you?
- Archie.

You broke the code. Turn in your jackets and go.

I'm a Serpent by blood.

- What's this?
- [CHERYL] A gang, and you're the leader.

[VERONICA] I think my mom may have hired someone to shoot my father so that she could make a profit from the sale of his drug operation.

Let's end this nightmare.

Find the drugs and destroy them before my mom sells everything.

What the hell did you do? I used the cash from the sale to pay off Governor Dooley.

And now my buyer is coming, and they are gonna want blood.

Here's your money. Or as much as we could get of it.

We'll figure out a payment plan for the rest.

[JUGHEAD] Gryphons and Gargoyles.

Serpents and Ghoulies.

Riverdale was a veritable jungle of mythological creatures,

species jockeying for power,

and the dark heart of it all...

[GLADYS] Good morning, sunshine.

Wakey, wakey.

Breakfast is served.

Wow, Mom.


That's way better than my normal breakfast.

- Morning.
- Morning.

- Did you sleep on it wrong?
- There's no right way to sleep on a couch.

- Do you want the bed?
- No, I'm fine.

[SIGHS] I need coffee.

- You let her drink coffee?

[LAUGHS] Okay, it's fine by me. Help yourself.

I gotta get to work.

Hey, if you need anything, you call me.

- Morning, Betty.
- Morning, Mom.

Is that your wedding dress?

It is. I'm getting it altered.

Why, are you getting married?

In a sense. I'm being baptized into the Farm.

Sorry, you're what?

Edgar says I'm finally ready.

All of the women from the Farm are gathering Sunday night at the new facility.

[HIRAM] Mija? Can I see you for a moment?

I've been getting caught up on things.

Hopefully, you can answer a question that's been nagging me.

In the short time I was laid up, some very valuable equipment and stock went missing from my prison.

Didn't Mom say that she had to have it destroyed because of the Feds?

Yeah, she did.

Tall Boy, an ex-Serpent, tried to kill me.

FP, an ex-Serpent, is now sheriff.

Gladys, a Toledo Serpent, is back in town after years away, and suddenly, I'm out some very valuable assets.

If I didn't know better, I'd say the Joneses pulled a fast one on me.

They strike me as opportunists, not master schemers.

At a minimum, they would certainly need the help of someone close to me to pull anything like this off.

Oh, well. The truth will shake out.

It always does.


How about we skip class, catch a matinee at the Bijou?

Oh, wow, you're sweeter than a strawberry milkshake, Arch.

But I've got a meeting with our college advisor.

Maybe we can meet up after school?

- Actually, I'm training with Mr. Keller then.
- Oh.

Are there any college scholarships for boxing out there?

No. But stepping in between those ropes, Josie, it gets me and keeps me in a good headspace. Helps me focus.

I forget about everything else outside the ring.

Well, almost everything else.

Yeah, well, just don't go messing up that pretty face, Andrews.

It's growing on me.

It was the weirdest thing, Jug.

My mom's usually rubbing the Farm in my face, but now she's shutting me out. Like she's washed her hands of me.

Which is even more terrifying.

They're definitely up to some serious shadiness, like they're entrenching.

I was trying to dig up some dirt online on the Farm, and I couldn't even find a photograph of Edgar Evernever. Not one, Jug.

That's weird.

If you really want to protect your mother, maybe it's worthwhile just embracing this whole baptism thing.

Or at least pretending to embrace it.

It may help you keep tabs on her. Make sure she's safe.

Come on.


Where the hell is everyone else?

Oh, we're down another eight.

- Another eight?
- All girls.

Where are they all going?

Turns out Toni and Cheryl started their own gang.

- All the girls are defecting to it.
- The Pretty Poisons.

So, what do you want us to do, boss?

Nothing. This is all because I banished Cheryl and Toni.

I just need to talk to Toni, get her back into the Serpent fold, and the rest will come back, too.

They need to be reminded what it means to be a Serpent.

I'll make this right.

One, one, two.


Keep your hand up, right?

It's the first thing I learned boxing in the army.

And you've got a nasty habit of telegraphing your punches.

You do that with an experienced fighter in the ring, and he'll see you coming from a mile away.

All due respect, Mr. Keller, those guys at L&L sure as hell didn't.

Get me a fight, a real fight, with some of these guys training in here, I can show you.

Archie, you've got good speed, all right, and you've got some power, but you've got no technique.

You have to learn that, and until you do, don't even think about your first fight.

How long are we talking about?

Archie, you're not ready.

How are we meant to know that until you get me in the ring?

I need to know if boxing is gonna be a viable option for me.

Trust me.

Boxing is not something you want to do half-assed.

Good workout. Hit the showers.

This week's payment.

So, here's the deal.

My dad suspects that you and FP are behind his recent troubles, that you came back to Riverdale to steal his drug trade.

Why is that my problem?

Because he's fired up about rebuilding his empire, and you don't want to get in his way.

Also, maybe you don't want him to find out that Mommy tried to sell his business out from under him, am I right?

- No comment.

Clue me in on your dad's moves and that debt you owe me, I might ease it slightly.

You want me to spy on my father? For you?

That's not gonna happen.

I don't want to cause a drama here. I just want to get what's owed to me, plus a little bit more.

And now it looks as though I'm in a race with your dad to rebuild the candy trade.

Who do you want to be in charge, me or him?


I want my family out of drugs.

So, we both want the same thing. What's the problem?

Either you get Hiram out of my way, or sniff out what he's doing.

Let me know, so I can stay ahead of him.

I know what you're after, Elio,

but it ain't happening here.

Any boxer in this dump would be lucky to fight Randy.

- It's just good business.
- For you, sure. Not for me.


Archie Andrews? You training here?


And if you need an opponent for your guy, I'll do it. I'll take the fight.

How many bouts you have under your belt?

Well, none.

But I gotta get in the ring. Otherwise, what's the point?

Well, it's your lucky day. Congrats, you've just got your first fight.

One condition, I need you to guarantee me that you'll lose.

Are you serious?

Throw the fight, make Randy here look good doing it.

No, Elio. I'm not taking a dive.

I'm offering you a golden opportunity to start to make a name for yourself. This is how it goes.

Start building a rep. First step to becoming a champ is fighting a champ.

Boxing's like any other profession.
You've gotta pay your dues.

But, in this case, you also get paid. Five thousand dollars.

- For one fight?
- Three rounds, that's all.

My guy gets another win, you get on the board.

I mean, for a guy like you, this is as good as it's gonna get.

I want to get paid first.

Today, now.

Half now, half after the fight.

You're gonna thank me, Red. Let's go.

I'm worried about you, Daddy.

About our family.

I know you were dealing drugs.

But the drugs and the equipment you used to manufacture them, it's all gone.

You have an opportunity to go clean,

- to build a new empire.
- No.

What kind of opportunity were you thinking?

Refocus on your prison.

Get it back on track.

You can fill the cells with criminals and make more money imprisoning drug dealers than supplying them.

And it's legal.

That's good, but you're thinking too small.

Here's what I'm thinking instead,

Penny Peabody used the Ghoulies to manufacture, distribute, and sell candy.

Now that she's MIA, her gang is... Well, it's leaderless, up for grabs. If I gain control of the Ghoulies,

I regain control of the trade.

You're a Topaz. Being in the Serpents is your birthright.

We are a family.

I'd like you to reconsider joining the gang.

You want me back in the Serpents?

Make me Queen. I mean, since I'm legacy and all, right?


You know I can't do that, Toni.

Because of Betty, right?
Then I'm not coming back.

What are the Pretty Poisons providing for you that the Serpents can't?

An opportunity to lead.

With the Pretty Poisons, I rule.

We're a sisterhood.

You're Cheryl's vanity project, you mean.

And you're wrong about the Serpents still being a family.

That's what we used to be. Not anymore.

Alice, you're going to look like heaven on Earth.

[SIGHS] What do you think, Betty?

I think it's really pretty, Mom.

I'm so happy you decided to be a part of this.

You know how much this means to me.

Of course, Mom.

Oh, Alice, I need to get those forms back.

Oh, right. They're right here.

- What forms?
- Just boilerplate.


What kind of baptism requires a signed release form exculpating the organization in case of "bodily harm or death"?

It's a standard form. I signed one scarier when I joined -Hour Fitness.

Your mother is on the verge of discovering something that some people spend their whole lives looking for and never find.

There is no need to be afraid or to stand in the way of that.

Um, there is if she's going to get hurt.

It's just like Edgar said. You're a detractor.

But I'm not going to let you ruin this day for Mom.

Fine. But if Mom dies, then her blood is on your hands, Polly.


You look beautiful.

My father is going after the Ghoulies.

He says they're the cooks and the runners.

So, if you wanna win this war, you need soldiers to fight it.

Well, it looks like the pretty bird bought herself another day.

Keep up the good work, little magpie.


Hey. Hey, hey.

You took a fight against Randy Ronson? Are you nuts?

The guy is and with ten KOs.

You haven't even fought a round yet.

I have to prove myself somehow.

Elio's giving me the chance to do that.

Ronson, he fights dirty. He sucker-punched one of his opponents, the guy nosedived into his stool, and he hasn't walked since.

Archie, you make the call, you cancel the fight, or you find yourself a new coach.

[CHERYL] Archers, draw!

Anchor your hand at the corner of your mouth.

Use your dominant eye.

Now, relax, my pretties.


Brava. Now go again.

Nice work, Poisons.

They have an excellent mentor, Tee.

They certainly do, babe.

- Something wrong, mon tresor?
- Jughead.

He tried to convince me to rejoin the Serpents.

That worm.

- What did you say?
- No.

Obviously. He had the audacity to call us a vanity project.

But don't worry, babe, I'm gonna figure out a way to put him in his place.


Time to show Jughead just how poisonous we pretties can be.

- Heads or tails for this. Ready?
- Heads.

- Tails, mine.
- Tails, what?

- Oh.
- Oh.

- Well, ladies, evening.
- Hey.

Look, girls, we don't want any trouble from your little sorority.

Don't call us girls. And don't belittle us.

Or what? You're gonna challenge us to a pillow fight?

Seriously, Cheryl, what is this?

We're the Pretty Poisons, peabrain.

And we're here to deliver a message to you and your leader that we are not to be dismissed or trifled with.

Ladies? Introduce yourselves.

- Take it easy, okay?
- Hey, honestly, we don't want any trouble.


- Hey! Hey!
- Stop!

- Ow.
- You guys are a joke.

Jug, if you don't get your house in order, more people are going to defect and more gangs are going to start popping up.

And the Serpents' little piece of the pie is going to get smaller and smaller.

The store's open for suggestions, Mom. You got any?

You need numbers.

Now I happen to know for a fact the Ghoulies are up for grabs.

Ever since I took care of Penny, they've been leaderless.

Recruit 'em.

The Ghoulies tried to burn down Pop's on riot night.

So tame them and give them something they want.

Trust me, this is your only shot at survival.

Hey, T.T. Check out my new nail color.

It's called Vigilante Violet. What do you think?

I heard what you and the girls did to Sweet Pea and Fangs.

The Serpents needed to know that the Pretty Poisons are here to stay and that we are not to be trifled with.

I said I was going to handle it.

The purpose of our gang isn't to air out your petty grievances or pursue your personal vendettas.

It's for protection and community.

I was sending a message. Planting a flag.

Oh, cut the crap, Cheryl.
Let me ask you this.

Is this gang mine? Or yours?

It's yours. Of course.

Then never deploy the Poisons that way again without asking me.

Is that clear?

As a bottle of sparkling San Junipero water.

- Hey.
- Hey. [LAUGHS]

So, I'm singing a little Tina at La Bonne Nuit on Sunday night, and I wouldn't mind having you on guitar.

- Sunday?
- Yeah.

I can't, I got a match.

- What? Your first fight?
- Yeah.

That's major, Archie!
Why didn't you tell me?

[SIGHS] Because I'm gonna lose.

Well, with that attitude, yeah, you are.

No, I mean I'm the fall guy. I'm getting paid to throw the fight.

Oh. Hold on.

That sounds shady.

It's a shortcut.

It's gonna get me in the game, it's gonna get my name out there.

Look, it's like, before you can be a headliner,

- you gotta be the opening act.
- [SCOFFS] Mmm-hmm.

But getting paid to be beaten down?

Josie, I'm an ex-con who walked out of the SATs, remember?

Look, you've been dealt some truly rotten hands,

Archie, no doubt. But you've gotta turn it around for yourself,

- with dignity.
- It's a lot of money.

- Five grand.
- Wow. Five grand, that's...

So that's what you think you're worth?

I know you're looking for something, we all are in this messed-up town, but selling yourself out to be somebody's punching bag? No.

You're worth more than that.

[BETTY] Kev, I need your help.

- Betty, what is it? What's wrong?
- The Farm is a cult.

My mom is joining a cult and no one else but me seems to be worried about it.

- Betty...
- No, just listen to me, the only way to get real dirt on a cult is to talk to a cult escapee.

So I started googling, and I found all of these articles.

Dozens of stories about people who have escaped.

The Farm?

I have a list of over names, all escapees.

You have to help me call them.

I can't help you with this.

Why? Why not?

After what happened with Moose, and him leaving town, Evelyn started talking to me.

She's helped me a lot.

She even said she'd introduce me to some cute gay Farmies.

Kev, please tell me you're not thinking about actually joining the Farm.

What if I am? You shouldn't be so ready to see the worst in people, Betty, it isn't healthy.

The Ghoulies, they're a drug club. They can't be house-trained.

That's the Gargoyles, Dad. The Ghoulies just need a strong leader.

Dad, I can be that, but I'm going to need a carrot that only you can provide.

It would be a lot easier to get the Ghoulies to join us if I could say that we had immunity from the law now that you're sheriff.

Did your mom put you up to this?

Not even in town a week, and she's already making moves.

Coming to you with this ask was my idea.

And I know it's risky, but if we don't bolster our numbers, we're going to go extinct.

As long as I don't have to sign anything, yeah, you can tell 'em Sheriff Jones hasn't forgotten where he's coming from.

It'll be live and let live.

Have you been in touch with Governor Dooley lately?

He hasn't been returning my calls.

No, no, not since the quarantine.

You know, I saw that you were putting out our best bottles of rum. Are you thinking of having Donald over for drinks?

[CHUCKLES] Oh, no.

Those are for Gladys Jones.

Now that she's back in town,

I thought it might be prudent for her and me to have a sit-down.

We had a deal.

I deliver payments and morsels of information, and you stay the hell away from my family.

Hey, your old man called me for a meeting.

If you breathe one word to him about me or my mother,

I'll tell your son that you're hoping to take over the drug trade.


You're trying to shake me down.

That is awesome.

Look, I don't care, you can blab to him all you want.

He's not gonna kill me for it.
Which, I can't say the same about what your father will do to his wife if I spill the beans.

Watch it, Mrs. Jones.

Things could get messy for you.

I'm just taking care of business, little lady.

And if my meeting with your father doesn't go my way, you better say an Ave Maria for Mommy.



Look, I can't do it. I can't throw the fight. Here.

It's too late, Andrews.

We had an agreement, you show up, you fight, you lose, and everyone gets paid.

I shouldn't have agreed, I'm sorry...

[SCOFFS] You're sorry?

Andrews, I don't just arrange fights, I arrange bets on fights.

And a lot of dangerous men have put down a lot of money in anticipation of Ronson beating you.

If you don't show up, then they're gonna come after me, and I'm gonna send them after you.

And if you decide to try and go rogue in the ring, try and win, say? Ronson will end you, right then and there.

Any deviation from our agreement whatsoever will end very, very badly for you.

See you on fight night.

So you're really the last one, huh?

You're the last Ghoulie standing?

Where's the rest of your crew, Verne?

After we lost Malachai, then Penny, no one knew who to look to, who to follow, so most of the Ghoulies went to the Gargoyles, started playing G&G.

Now that Tall Boy's dead, do you know who their leader is?

The closest thing they've got to a leader is some whack-job named Kurtz, who's keeping the game going.

Do you know where he is?

Can you tell me where to go?


Are you Kurtz?

I'm here to talk.

One leader to another.

I'm the Serpent King, and I'm here to make an offer.

You're all wanted for making and dealing Fizzle Rocks.

But if you and your Gargoyles join my gang,

I can promise you immunity from the sheriff's office, and the law.



I have looked into the eyes of the King, and his is the only law.

The law of Gargoyles, carved in stone.


So you wanna play a game?

I'm a Game Master.

Let me be your Game Master.

You think Gryphons and Gargoyles is a game?

You are mistaken.

You come here as a king, but you're not a king.

And you think we're playing a game.

We are living a prophecy.

And you are all just sacrifices waiting to be made.

The Gargoyle King lives. He will decide.

And he will choose.

And only the worthy will ascend.

Stick the jab.


Mr. Keller, got a sec?

What do you want, Arch?

You were right.

I thought this fight with Ronson would help jumpstart something, anything.

But I'm not ready.

Definitely not on my own.

Elio paid me to throw the fight with Ronson.

He did what?

I have no choice but to fight Ronson, and I'm worried he might kill me.

If I'm gonna stand even the slightest chance of survival, I need you in my corner.

I've seen some tape on Ronson.

He's strong, but he wasn't in the army or didn't go through the meat grinder of juvie like you did.

- You'll do what I say, Archie?
- Yes, sir, everything.

All right, let's go see what we can do about making sure you don't get killed.

- [VERONICA] Excuse me.

Mind if I join you?

Hi, I'm Veronica Lodge.

You look familiar. Have we met before?

I don't believe we have.

You're Jughead's mom, right?

Mija, I was hoping to have a private conversation.

Aw, what's the big deal?

Let her join.

She's so gorgeous.

You do trust her, don't you?

Yes, I do. I trust her very much.

So we can speak freely?


Okay. Shall we?

So, what is the point of this meeting?


Word on the street is that you're starting from scratch.

You really wanna go up against me?


I pose the same question to you.

In fact, here's my offer.

I focus on the candy trade, you focus on the prison.

You stay out of my way, and I stay out of yours.


That's interesting.

My daughter made the same pitch.

But I'm afraid that won't be an option.

Well, in that case,

Hiram, there is something you need to know.

Daddy, I've been thinking.

If you agree to this scenario, I could get behind that.

Help you, just like you've always wanted.

It's what the family needs right now.

Everybody wins.


I'll focus on my prison, you'll run the streets.

But I do need a steady stream of prisoners to make this arrangement worth my while.

I guess your husband,

[CHUCKLES] the Sheriff, can help me with that?


And what about Madam Mayor?

Is she going to be a help or a hindrance?

I wouldn't worry about that.

She will not be a factor.

Either way.

Hi, I read the interview you gave to The Buffalo Beat.

Did you happen to be a member of the Farm?

[WOMAN ] I'm not sure how you got this number.

I really don't appreciate calls like this.

Yes, I understand. I won't call again.



[WOMAN ] Yeah, did you call me, and leave this number?

Yes, yes, um...

My name is Betty Cooper.

I have some questions for you about the Farm.

I can't say anything over the phone, they might be listening.

Will you meet me in person?

It would need to be somewhere private.

Away from prying eyes.

I have the perfect spot.

How soon can you be in Riverdale?

[ELIO] Glad you decided to show, Archie.

Wise man.


But I'm not taking the fall, Elio.

What are you trying to prove, Archie?

Go down in round three like we decided, and everyone walks out happy.

And in one piece.

Deal's off.

[ELIO] You heard the man.

Kill him.

How did it go with the Ghoulies?

They don't exist anymore.

They're part of the Gargoyles now.

Same guys, different mask. Did you recruit 'em?

No, I'll find another way to save the Serpents.

Gargoyles aren't the answer.

I don't want 'em anywhere near us.

They, uh...

They're so deep into G&G.

It's like they're lost in a jungle.

Take it easy, boy, get some food in you.

[BETTY] Thank you for meeting me so quickly, Martha.

The Farm had places like this.

Secret places.


When did you leave the Farm?

Six years ago.

My sister Marigold and I had joined at the same time.

I ran away.

I left the Farm, right after she died.

I'm so sorry.

- How?
- It happened during one of their ceremonies.

What kind of ceremony?

The Farm believes that if you can get close enough to death, you'll see the truth.

They claim that you have to survive an extreme ordeal in order to achieve ascension.


What do... What do you mean, "ascension"?

The promise of the Farm.

And the first step towards it is the Baptism.


My sister drowned during hers.

Oh, my God.

I have to go. I'll be in touch.

♪ Out of the ruins ♪

♪ Out from the wreckage ♪

♪ Can't make the same ♪
♪ Mistakes this time ♪

♪ And I wonder when... ♪

Okay, remember what I told you.

Ronson's not used to fighting his way out of the third round, all right?

So keep moving, work the jabs, circle away from his power, and stay off the ropes.

He's gonna gas himself out, and you're gonna knock him over like a bag of flour.

- [REFEREE] Second's out.
- All right, attaboy, kid. Let's go.

- ♪ We don't need another hero ♪


♪ We don't need to know ♪
♪ The way home ♪

♪ All we want is life beyond ♪
♪ The Thunderdome ♪

♪ Looking for something ♪

Mom, it's Betty, please call me back.

♪ There's got to be ♪
♪ Something better out there ♪

♪ And I wonder when we ♪
♪ Are ever gonna change ♪

♪ Change ♪

♪ Living under the fear ♪
♪ Till nothing else remains ♪

♪ All the children say ♪
♪ "We don't need another hero" ♪

You're doing great. All right? He know you're hurt.

He's going to try to end it in this round, all right.

We're gonna use that to your advantage though.

He's gonna slip that right hand, all right, and you're gonna catch him with the uppercut.

♪ The Thunderdome ♪

♪ So what do we do ♪
♪ With our lives? ♪

- Now get in there, make him pay.

♪ We leave only a mark ♪

[KELLER] Attaboy!

♪ Will our story ♪
♪ Shine like a light ♪

♪ Or end in the dark? ♪

Go, Archie! You got this!

Come on, Randy. Come on, Randy.

[KELLER] Come on, do it, Archie.

Come on, come on.

Stay on him, Arch, stay on him.


Don't let up, don't let up.


Come on.


♪ We don't need another hero ♪

♪ We don't need to know ♪
♪ The way home ♪

You're doing great.

This is it. No matter what happens, you've done great, all right?

If you wanna win this fight, you're gonna have to knock him out.

You're gonna go for the KO.

I can do it.

He's getting tired.

Okay, you got three minutes.

Choose your point, put him on the canvas.

Come on, let's go.



[KELLER] Good boy, Archie.

Come on. Go after him, go after him.


[KELLER] Do it.

Do it. Stay on him. Stay on him.

- Attaboy.



Ladies and gentlemen, we have a split decision.

Judge Williams scores, to , Ronson.

Judge Anderson scores, to , Andrews.

And Judge Patterson scores, to for your winner and still undefeated welterweight,

- Randy Van Ronson.

Keep your head up, Arch. You won the fight, no doubt in my mind.

[EVELYN] Happy day, friends.

We are gathered here tonight to celebrate the baptizing of Alice Smith.

Now this is a day of rebirth, of course.

And as such, it is important to remember that birth is no easy feat.

It is a trauma to leave the comfort of our wombs.

We push, tear, and spring forth, crying and gasping for air, for life.

Today, Alice Smith, you will rip off the weight you have carried, you will break through the barriers restraining you, and you will emerge into the light of your destiny.

Are you ready?

I am.

Then may the one become many.

[ALL] And the many, one.



Get off of her.


Help me.

She's not breathing.

Polly, she's...

Oh, my God.

Somebody, call an ambulance, please.


You're okay. You're okay.


It's okay.


Ah, well, so much for not messing up your pretty face.


How was your show?

Oh, I killed it.

Like you did here.

I guess you decided not to throw the fight.

Oh, well, it's a win in my book.

Do you wanna maybe go get a milkshake at Pop's, to celebrate?

Unless you have a better idea.


Well, the Governor finally returned my phone calls.

And I had the most fascinating conversation with him.

What did Donald have to say?

It's funny.

He informed me that you made a contribution to him not a day after I was shot.

Around the same time that you were getting rid of my business holdings.

Anything you'd like to share, mi vida?

- Daddy.
- Stop!

- Hiram...
- It was me.

I burned your drugs and equipment.

Mom was just covering for me with that story about the Feds.

And I'm not going to apologize for it. I did it for us.

For all of us.


you owe me $ , , Veronica.

That's how much you burned away.


I can live with that.



It's okay, kids.

Stand down.

What the hell is this?

Are they with you?

I did what you couldn't.

Take off those stupid masks.

This is a bad idea.

Sweetheart, sometimes beggars can't be choosers.

I know you guys will find a way to work together.

Well, we're gonna need all the manpower we can get to take this town back.

Trust me.

- God, she's not answering.
- Who isn't?

This woman who escaped from the Farm.

I wanted her to tell you what she told me, which is that they're dangerous, Mom.

I don't know what you remember, Mom.

But Polly held you underwater.

They didn't let you come up.

They tried to kill you, Mom.

No, Betty.

I was reborn.

I saw it all.

My purpose.

My destiny.

Just like the Farm promised.

Just like Edgar said.

[CRYING] Mom, no.

And now that I've been baptized, I can finally purge the last thing in my life that's been holding me back.

Which is what?

This house.

I'm gonna sell this house.

We're gonna all be together.



Polly, the twins.

Edgar, Evelyn, the Farm.

All one.


Forever and ever.