03x14 - Chapter Forty-Nine: Fire Walk With Me

[ARCHIE] Previously on Riverdale...

[VERONICA] I burned your drugs and equipment.

You owe me $ , , Veronica.

Now my buyer is coming, and they are gonna want blood.

Here's your money.

Then we'll figure out a payment plan for the rest.

- What's this?
- A gang.

The Pretty Poisons.

Is this gang mine, or yours?

It's... yours.

Start by quitting the speakeasy.

Forget about protecting Lodge's daughter.

If you don't get your house in order, the Serpents' little piece in the pie is gonna get smaller. You need numbers.

Are you Kurtz? If you and your Gargoyles join my gang,

I can promise you immunity from the sheriff's office.

You are all just sacrifices waiting to be made.

This symbol the Warden branded on Archie's hip, what does it mean?


It meant that Archie had to die.

Gargoyles aren't the answer. I don't want 'em anywhere near us.

I did what you couldn't.

This is a bad idea.

I know you guys will find a way to work together.

[KEVIN] After what happened with Moose, and him leaving town,

Evelyn started talking to me.

Tell me you're not thinking about actually joining the Farm.

We are gathered here tonight to celebrate the baptizing of Alice Smith.

[BETTY] They tried to kill you, Mom.

No, I saw it. My destiny.
I'm gonna sell this house.

We're gonna all be together.

[JUGHEAD] Mid century colonial,

on a quite elm-lined street.

Three bedrooms, four baths.

Perfect for families.

Plenty of storage, and generous closet space...

Welcome. I'm Alice Smith.

Come in.

...you will be happy here.

♪ I'm gonna spend my life, honey ♪

First off, I'd like to say that this is a wonderful place to raise a family.

Many a fort were built by my two girls in this very room.

And bonus.

It's also where my serial killer father showed us creepy snuff films.

[LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] Elizabeth, shouldn't you be at school?

We have wonderful schools in this district.

Oh, I see that you're eyeing the fireplace, which is original to the house.

Yes, and comes with fun accessories, like the shovel my mother used to knock out my father.

The notorious serial killer.

The Black Hood.

It's true, you can google it.

But make sure you look up Alice Cooper, and not Alice Smith.

It's all there. Or try murder house on Elm Street.

It's this house.

Don't they got a gym at your school?

Is there a problem, Mo?


I need you to start paying dues.

Yeah. No, I get that.

- It's just that...
- Or, you could...

Help out here. Sweep the place up.

Take the trash out,

- lock up at night.
- Yeah.

That sounds great. Thank you, Mo.


Um... Excuse us.

Sorry to interrupt your game...

But this room is reserved for the Farm from : to : every Wednesday.

Not every Wednesday, you daughter of Manson.

The third Wednesday of every month is reserved for monthly Student Council/LGBTQIA meetings.

I didn't see your name on Mrs. Bell's activity calendar.

You dare lecture me, your Student Council President on rules and procedures?

If this were the th century, I'd have you beheaded.

Hey, bitches, we're in the middle of a quest here.

Go crawl back to the freak show from whence you came, you abomination.



Hey, what the hell's going on over there?

The Gargoyles are mixing it up with the Poisons and the Farmies.

Is this a high school or a Roger Cormen movie?

What do you two have to say for yourselves?

The fight had already started when we got there, sir.

We were trying to break up the fight.

Mr. Jones, Ms. Topaz, you're the leaders of your respective gangs, but today's brawl is only the most recent incident of gang activity at Riverdale High.

Someone robbed the Chemistry lab last night.

- Someone robbed the lab?
- Thousands of dollars of equipment was taken.

All of which could be used to cook drugs.

[SHRUGS] The Serpents don't cook, or steal.

Neither do the Pretty Poisons.

One more strike.

One more strike!

And you're done in my school.

Ooh! All good, boss?

Need me to bounce someone?

Would that it were so simple, Reggie.

Mija, my guests would like another round.

Big night for you fellas, huh?

Yeah, important prospective clients need to be properly courted.

I see. So, should I be putting all this on your American Excess, Daddy?

What are you talking about?
These are comped, of course.

Daddy, you've been here for hours. This is a huge bill.

And you owe me a huge debt.

So, again...

This is comped.



Reggie, man the bar.

How the hell did we get here, Reggie?

Gladys and my dad are running roughshod over La Bonne Nuit.

And I don't have any leverage because I owe them both so much money.

And literally every dollar we make is going straight into their pockets.

We need a line on a new cash cow.

Wait. There was one night when we raked in exponentially more money than every other night.

The casino night we hosted with Elio.

- A casino?
- We'd be able to pay off our debts in weeks.

Instead of years.

You think we can pull that off?

I mean, we're already running a secret speak easy, Reggie.

- Right?
- Right.


[CHUCKLES] What'd they do? Make you manager?

No, more like janitor.

I'm almost done.

I was thinking maybe we could grab a bite at Pop's or something?

Perfect. I'm starving.


What is that?



Oh, my God.

What the hell are you doing in here? Who are you?

Archie, take it easy.

Hey. What's your name?

- Ricky.
- Ricky.

Are... Are you hungry?


Uh, so, Ricky... [CLEARS THROAT]

Where are your parents?

Don't know. Never knew 'em.

How long you been holing up in that cubby?

On and off for a few weeks.

Ricky, is there anyone we should call? Any family?

No, I don't have anybody.

Maybe we should try Betty.

She knows people at Social Services. They would know...

Hey. Ricky! Ricky.

Hey. What's going on?

You... You can't call Social Services.

- Okay.
- Why not?

Because they send me to this place, a shelter, okay?

I don't wanna go back.

Okay, what shelter?

The Santa Lucia Shelter.

Did they do something to you there?

That is the same brand...

I got at Leopold and Loeb, yeah.

All right, Ricky, who gave you that?

Some older guys at the shelter.

They didn't live there, but they did crash there, and one night I woke up, and they were holding me down and branding my arm.

And that's when I left the shelter.

All right, heater's on.

Here's some extra blankets if you get cold.

And there's soda and food in the fridge if you need it.

What are you gonna tell your parents?

It's just me and my dad.

He's at work most of the time and the garage is kinda my space.

So, you probably won't see him.

Tomorrow morning, I'm gonna take you back to Pop's and get you set up in a booth.

After school, I'm gonna take you to the gym.

Teach you some moves, okay? Some combos.

So you can defend yourself.

Why are you helping me?

[SIGHS] Because, Ricky, I've been in your shoes.

Alone, on the run, and I was lucky enough to have friends who helped me get through that time.

Just... You swear you won't call Social Services.

I swear.


- Light on or off?
- On.

If that's okay?

What's going on with you, T.T.?

Has my beauty rendered you silent?

Or, are you still in a mood about your sit down with Weatherbee?

Well, if I'm being honest... yeah.

I had that classroom reserved as Student Body President.

- Babe, you wear many hats...
- Stunningly.

But when you put on that purple jacket, you represent our gang.

And now Weatherbee's out for our blood?

- I can handle Weatherbee.
- Cheryl...

I don't wanna have to suspend anyone for loose cannon behavior.

Least of all my own girlfriend.


That would make hosting Pretty Poison's meetings at my house incredibly awkward.

Don't you think?

Unless you have another headquarters in mind.

With a pool.

The girls can't wait for summer.


[VERONICA] What's the update on the home front, Bee?

My mom's still trying to sell the house.

I'm still trying to sabotage her, but it's only a matter of time till she finds some ghoul who wants to live in a death house.

What's with Kev?

The Farm, Arch. They got him, too.

And up next, my house.

Well, my offer still stands. I know that my trailer is cramped, but you're more than welcome to stay with me.

You're always welcome at the Pembroke, Bee.

You can crash at my place, too.

I mean, I've already got a homeless kid sleeping in my garage.

Yeah, his name's Ricky. He ran away from a group home, and was squatting at the gym. That's how I found him.

Sounds like me, sophomore year.

Guys, he has a branding on his arm.

The same one the Warden gave me when I was in juvie. It says he a sacrifice.

- Oh, my God.
- Is he playing G&G?

I don't know.

I left him at Pop's for the day.

Arch, maybe you should call Ms. Weiss.

We know her. We know she'd find him a good family.


Yeah. Would you mind sending me her number?

Kev, can we talk?

That depends. What about, Betty?

Just, we haven't checked in with each other recently.

God, you are so transparent.

Okay, fine. Can we talk about the fact that you joined the Farm?

And I don't wanna see you disappear down the same rabbit hole that my mom did, because she's gone, Kev.

She's selling our house.

Back off, Betty.

You are a detractor.

Better just back off.

All right, Serpents, let's get right to it.

Any of you guys know about the break-in to the Chemistry lab?


What are you smiling about?

Just thinking how looting the alchemist lair was one of our more rewarding quests.


Are you serious?

You did that as part of a G&G game?

You realize Weatherbee's gunning for us now, right, moron?

You promised us immunity.

Not when you go and flagrantly break the law.

- You're gonna return the equipment.
- The hell I am.

Freakin' Fizzle Rock junkie!

You wanna go right now?

Don't think that we've forgotten about you spying on the Gargoyles.

I should have beaten you over the head with that branding iron when I had the chance.

All right! Back down! Both of you, right now!

Whatever bad blood existed between the Serpents and the Gargoyles, it's over! We're all Serpents now.

You know, I think it's high time our newer members learned about our laws.

[SIGHS] Is this for real?

Repeat after me. In unity, there is strength.

[ALL] In unity, there's strength.

I can't hear you, Kurtz.

You wanna try that again?

I play by a different set of rules.

Then you're out of the gang.

You came to me.


Your mother came to me.

Invited us into the Serpents.

And looking around, you need us more than we need you.

So, if you're rescinding what you promised us, then you better come up with something better to offer.

Before we decide to throw you guys out of our gang.

[VERONICA] Welcome friends, to the casino at La Bonne Nuit.

Pretty sick, right?

We've got poker on floor, blackjack at the bar, nickle and quarter slots along the wall, and a horse race-themed wheel of chance in the corner.

I got dibs on spinning it.

It goes without saying that discretion is of the utmost importance.

We don't want the po-po sniffing around down here.

- Capisce?
- The question has to be asked.

What if we're raided?

We have made upgrades to the place that account for such a threat. Reginald?


At which point I bat my eyelids and say, "What secret casino, Officer?"

[JUGHEAD] You know that B&E at Riverdale High?

Yeah, Weatherbee called me. What about it?

It was the Gargoyles.

- I figured as much.
- They're starting fights, they're playing G&G.

You know they outnumber us now?

The original Serpents.

The Gargoyles hold the majority.

Your mom and her brilliant ideas.

Problem is they have no honor, there's no duty, there's no sense of purpose.

And it finally made me realize, in turn, the bigger issue, and it's been this way for a while.

- Neither do the Serpents.
- We talked about this, boy.

You gotta figure out what your version of the Serpents is gonna be.

You gotta give them, and now the Gargoyles, a reason to wake up every day, to put that jacket on and wear it with pride.

Or chaos will ensue.

When the bad guys outnumber you, you gotta out think 'em.

And give your crew something that they can sink their teeth into.

Looking for your friend?

Hey, Pop, yeah. What happened to him? Where'd he go?

A group of thugs came by, saw him through the window, started banging on the glass.

- Oh, no.
- Never seen someone run so fast.

- Into the kitchen, out the back door.
- What about the thugs?

Circled around. Took off after him.

- Crap!
- Archie...

he left something behind.

He'd been drawing on a placemat.

What do you mean? Drawing what?


That's difficult with runaways, Archie.

A lot of them end up hitchhiking to Centerville, joining gangs.

Often it's because they've rejected our efforts to help and replace them.

Well, actually he was in foster care before.

- Wasn't he, Arch?
- Yeah. A place called Santa Lucia Shelter.

I know them. It's one of the better home in town.

Well, Ricky said some of the people there hurt him,

- and branded a symbol into his arm.
- Gang-related?

We've been seeing that more and more.

Gryphons and Gargoyles may not be in the news anymore, but it's everywhere else.

Did he look something like this?

Damn. Yeah. Yeah, that's him.

I'll make some phone calls.

If we can find a match in the database, we'll track him down sooner or later.

Either way, I'll be in touch.

Thank you, Ms. Weiss.

Can I make some copies of that?

- Mija.

Word on the street is that you've turned your speakeasy into a casino?

- Is that what your spies tell you?
- Hmm.

- It's actually a fortuitous turn of events.
- How so?

Well, I'm in the process of courting the business of a gentleman who owns a playing card company.

And I'm pitching him the idea of moving production from his factory to my prison.

He gets to produce those fine cards for pennies on the dollar, and my for-profit prison inmates earn a small wage.

Allowing you to rake in a tidy sum.

- Mmm.
- That's shady, Daddy.

At any rate, I'd love to bring him to your casino to show him a good time.

And I trust you'll make him feel important?

I always do, Daddy.

But if I help you land this mega client, how 'bout you shave off some of my debt?

Say, %?


I'll consider it.

You know, you probably don't know this about me, but when I was your age, I used to perform at The Whyte Wyrm.

Yeah, I was kinda like the Joan Jett of Riverdale.

And now, let me guess, you're looking to make a comeback?

I got an itch to scratch, yeah.

What do you think?

I'd like a little something in return.

% shaved off the debt I owe you.


I can make that work.

See ya, kids.

Hey, Josie, I'm sorry to interrupt.

Can I talk to you about something?

Yeah. For sure.


Have you noticed Kevin has gotten in very deep, very fast with the Farm.

And last night as I was leaving school, I saw him holding his hand over a Bunsen burner, along with a bunch of other Farmies doing the same.

Ah, Kevin!

Groups like the Farm, cults, prey on emotionally vulnerable people.

That's why I think they targeted Kevin.

Okay, well...

I haven't told my mom, or Mr. Keller, but...

Over the last week, I have heard Kevin sneaking out at night.

And I assumed he was going back to Fox Forest, but maybe he's going to meet them.

[JUGHEAD] You weren't kidding.

- This kid's into some really dark stuff.
- Yeah.

Got a sketch of him, too.

Pop Tate said some thugs chased him outta the diner.


- You mean gang members?
- Yeah, probably.

Didn't you just recruit a bunch of Gargoyles?

More like my mom did, but yeah.

Well, are they still playing G&G?


His name's Ricky.

Doesn't anybody recognize him?

Well, he's in trouble, so we're gonna help Archie find him.

Break the town into sections and we'll split up the work.

You want us to go looking for some dumb kid?

Was it your crew that came after him at Pop's?

- Looking to make him a sacrifice?
- No.

Dude, we have other business of the chemical kind.

But there are others out there.

Outliers that broke away when we joined the Serpents.

You mean, there are Gargoyles out there that are even crazier than you?

Will you shut up?

If what you're saying is true, then that's all the more reason that we need to find him fast.

You better get to it then.


We'll help look.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very special treat for you tonight.

Making her debut at La Bonne Nuit, Ms. Gladys Jones.


♪ Baby can you understand me now ♪

♪ Sometimes I get a little mad ♪

♪ Don't you know no one alive can always be an angel ♪

♪ When things go wrong, I feel you're bad ♪

♪ I'm just a soul whose intentions are good ♪

♪ Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood ♪

Come on, when's the real show start?

Wait, wait, wait, wait...

That dude's being a total asshat.

I know, but he's also a VIP.

♪ ...you're bound to see my other side ♪

So, you've got good pipes, yeah?
Why don't you give Gladys some tips.

I'll give her a tip, all right.

Oh, yeah? And I got a sharp tip for you boys, too.


- Okay, now you can throw him out.
- On it.

- All right.
- I'm gonna ask you to leave, bro.

Are you kiddin' me? Cheekbones here is bouncing me?

- That's it. Come on.
- Get your hands off!



I hope you didn't just cost me a million-dollar deal.

[EVELYN] Once you start crossing the threshold, you can't stop.

That's the key.

You must believe that you will be protected.

Believe that you will be forged.

Only through the fire can we be cleansed and leave our past behind.

Conquer our fears, expiate our sins, exorcise our demons.

Brother Kevin, it's your turn.

Oh, my God. Kevin!

Kevin, don't! Kev, stop!

No. Brother Kevin, don't stop.

Believe in yourself.
Believe in the Farm.

Believe that the embers are a cool mountain stream.


[EVELYN] Brother Kevin!

You are purified! We are whole!

We are one! We are one!


Got most of my Serpents out looking for your boy Ricky.

But I think I got a place that you and I should check out.

Gargoyle ground zero.

All these names...

they're sacrifice.





What the hell are you doing in here?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

I came here 'cause I heard they all cleared out.

The Gargoyles? Yeah, they're gone.

I thought this would be the last place they'd come looking for me, but...

I'll never be able to escape them.

I'm marked for death. That's what this symbol means. Isn't it?

- And you have it, too.
- Yeah.

It means sacrifice, but that's not gonna happen.

Okay? I swear.

- Right, Jug?
- Yeah.

That's right.

That said, let's get the hell outta here.


You shouldn't have run off last night. You should have stayed.

Are you two here to go on record about what I saw?

To quote myself, "A dangerous cult of deluded teenagers who gather for occult-like, self-harming activities."

Betty, last night was scary, and...

And fun, cathartic. It felt euphoric, like nothing I've ever felt.

That's your point of view.

I think my readers and your dad will have a different one.

You're not publishing that article, Betty.

- No?
- Tell her why, Kevin.

If you do, we'll tell everyone about the shady man your mom killed in the kitchen.

How you and Jughead dumped his car in Swedlow Swamp, and how Mr. Jones dissolved his body with lye in the woods.

Remember, Betty, thanks to your mom, everyone at the Farm knows all of your dirty secrets.

You know, when I was fighting in juvie, this is how I survived.

How I avoided getting sacrificed.

By fighting.

How did you get sucked into all of this?

Like I was telling you before, at the shelter, some older guys were into G&G and Fizzle Rocks.

They would come by and try to rope in younger kids to use 'em as runners. 'Cause...

The younger you are, the less time you serve if you get caught.

When they asked me, I turned them down. That's when they branded me, and when I left the shelter... I think I should keep moving.

- I don't want them finding you, too.
- Don't worry about me.

And running isn't gonna solve anything, trust me.

I would know.

You're not alone in this, Ricky.

Okay? Not anymore.

We found the kid, but he's still in danger.

So is Archie for that matter.

So, what's the next play?

It's a classic gambit.

The hunters become the hunted.

Kurtz had said that there are some rogue Goyles.

So you two... [WHISTLES]

Heckle and Jeckle, start talking.

I want the names of those outliers.

And I want sentries posted at the Gargoyle lair.

Jughead! You need to come right now.

What? Toni?

Kurtz is about to kill Fangs.

- Fangs!
- What the hell!

Guys! Guys, help!

Don't be scared, you dirty Serpent spy.

You're about to ascend. And you'll fly, too.

Kurtz... don't.

Happy landings, worthless snake.



Excuse me.

Are you bartending now?

Your boy toy makes watery drinks. So I thought, hey, I'll just help myself.

- Can I get you something?
- Unbelievable.

[MAN] Poppin' joint you got here, Hiram.

Glad you like it, Don. You know I've always wanted a casino.

Even picked out those light fixtures myself.

This has to stop.

They're acting like they own the place.

My place.

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I miss the Serpents.


We could use the extra muscle.

Reggie, how have our takes been since our casino upgrade?

Almost double. Why?

I might need to siphon some of it off.

For tactical reasons.


What's up?

- Sorry, I was just...
- No, you're good.

Keep it. If you want it, it's yours.

- You serious?
- Yeah.

Come downstairs, I want you to meet my dad.


Ricky, it's okay.

I spoke to him. He's gonna help.

Look, we gotta find you a safe place to live permanently.

- But, Archie...
- With a good family.

All right? One we will all meet.

And I'll be checking in on you.
We can hang out whenever you want.

And I'll keep giving you boxing lessons at the gym.

You just gotta trust me.

[JUGHEAD] He dropped Fangs for no reason.

If I hadn't broken his fall, he would have snapped his neck, or even worse.

You gotta take drastic action, boy. Words aren't gonna do it.

I agree. A big action. One that's long overdue, and not just for Kurtz, but for all the Serpents.

Old and new. Dad, I'm talking about the next chapter.

Something that's gonna give us purpose, and keep us on the right side of the law.

Mobilizing that gang search for Archie's lost boy gave me the idea.

And you did, too.

[VERONICA] Let's not mince words, Toni.

I'd like to offer the Pretty Poisons full time employment at La Bonne Nuit.

My girls aren't waitresses.

You misunderstand me.

Gladys Jones and my father swarm around La Bonne Nuit as if they own the place.

And I fear that their presence could cost me my business.

As well as my sanity.

I need muscle to keep them and their cronies out.

That's where your Pretty Poisons come in.

What do you say?

Oh, and I have and advance.

If you have to run this idea by Cheryl...

They won't be necessary.

We've got a deal.



- Hey.
- What's happening?

Better start packing. We're in escrow. I sold the house.

To who?

I don't know. In true Riverdale fashion, some anonymous buyer.

I'm sure it's someone overseas.

Grab some boxes. You better hop to it.

We need to be outta here sooner, rather than later.

What the hell is he doing here?

- I made the invitation.
- Why?

Kurtz boasted that the Serpents need him more than he needs us.

I disagree.

But one thing is true.

The Serpents are rudderless.

We lack identity and focus.

We're better and stronger when we're task-focused.

That's why with the help of my father, Serpent Emeritus, we've come up with a plan... to deputize the Serpents.

To become partners with the Riverdale Sheriff's department.

You'll work for me.

Help me with investigations, be my eyes and ears in the community.

In return, you'll get paid, and receive school credit to help you apply to colleges.

This is about bringing order, ensuring our survival.

But this is gonna be a brand-new chapter for the Serpents, and we can't be divided about it.

So let's put it to a vote.

If it's not unanimous...there's the damn door.

All in favor?


Good riddance.

Sweet. Do we get to carry guns?

- Absolutely not.
- No.

Whoa. Four to one. Smoked you.

- You got lucky that time.

All right, I gotta take this.

Hey, Ms. Weiss.

Archie, the administrator at Santa Lucia Shelter finally got back to me.

He found a match. But, Archie...

Ricky's full name is Ricardo DeSantos.


As in Joaquin DeSantos?

Yes. According to his records, Ricky is Joaquin's younger brother.

Hang on, I don't understand.

Joaquin's dead, and now his brother...

His file shows Ricky has a history of violent behavior and self-harm.

Where is he now?

He's at my house.

Look, Ms. Weiss, I gotta go.

Archie, please be careful.

I'll call you right back.

All right.



Ricky, come on. It's not funny.

You in there?

What are you doing?

It's the only way the Gargoyles will let me in and let me play the game with them.


Ricky, listen to me, you don't wanna do this.

I have to finish what I started.

You mean Joaquin, that's your brother.

Right? I knew Joaquin.

Okay? He was a good guy, but...

He listened to the wrong people and he wound up dead because of it.

If I don't do this, the Gargoyles, they won't protect me.

Protect you? They marked you for sacrifice.

The same way they did Joaquin.

What you mean this? I gave it to myself.

And at the lair, I added my name under yours.


You're playing me?


Is that how my brother stabbed you?

- Archie?
- Dad, don't come in!

Son. What the hell happened?

I'm sorry, Dad. I'm such an idiot.

You're not an idiot, son. Just... got a big heart.

That's so messed up though.

You think he'll come back?

With my luck, definitely.

Probably at a worst time, and with his friends.


Hold on.

The first night of the new job.

You coming tonight, babe?

Mmm, no. Think I'll pass.

Feeling a little under the weather tonight.

Well, see you later?

- I'll be asleep.
- Okay.

♪ Wanted to be near you ♪

♪ To the end of time ♪

♪ We are all there knowing life is different when you've been hurt ♪

♪ Picking up the pieces ♪

Sorry, lady. Can't admit you.

- Excuse me?
- New house rules, Ms. Jones.

You're not allowed into La Bonne Nuit without an engraved invitation.

You think you can stop me?

Gladys, step off.

I've hired these young ladies here to block your admittance to my establishment until you learn to play by the rules.

My rules.


Mija, I hope you saved me my favorite booth?

Not so fast, Daddy.

You are also no longer welcome at La Bonne Nuit.

At least not until you start showing me proper respect.

And don't try to flex your financial hold over me.

I'll pay you back, like we agreed.

But moving forward, I'm running my business, my way.



Hey, I'm going out for more bubble wrap.

I expect progress in the packing by the time I get back.

Fresh coat of paint... couple atomic bombs...

This place will be a nice HQ for the new and improved Serpents.

I don't know what to do, Jug.

I remain marked for death.

I let my guard down for a second, and people come out of the woodworks to try and kill me.

Ricky must have been targeting me for days, if not, weeks.

When is this gonna end?

I don't know.

Maybe it's time you make this thing come to a head.

What, my life?

This Gryphons and Gargoyles game that you're apparently still playing.

Will you help me?

- Obviously.
- [BETTY] Count me in, too.

We're here for you, Arch.

You're looking cheery.


I guess I just feel a lot better about things.




Betty? Betty?


Oh, my God!