07x02 - Assets

Hey, how'd it go with the lawyer?

Yeah, pretty straightforward.

Um, state's attorney is moving forward on the obstruction charges.

There's no trial date set or anything, but the lawyer thinks it'll happen sometime next year.

Then don't do anything stupid between now and then.

I'll do my best.

Hey, listen, I wanted to talk to you about something,

- Huh?

- Um Can a cop choose to be in general population?

I mean, if I lose, I don't know I don't know how well I'll do 23 hours a day alone in my cell.

Uh, well, we'll talk about that down the road if we need to.


Yeah, um, is Kev all right?

I've been reaching out to him, and, uh, he's gone silent on me.

Yeah, he's working a case.

All right.

All right, thanks, boss.


I don't think women understand how hard it is to be a man these days.

Think about it, bro.

We've got to be the bread-winning alpha dogs, we've got to be strong, but we also got to be sensitive.

- Right.

- Right?

- Mm-hmm.

- Understanding.

Pretend like we want to change the world.

That's a paradox, Peanut.

See, there you go again trying to show off with all them big words.

Come on, man, all I'm trying to say is Contradictory.

I know, but trust me, no woman is asking you to save the world, and no good one is asking you to pay her bills.

Look, just end of the day, it's simple, okay?

We're just asking you to be nice.

Girl got a good point.

Ain't nothing paradoxical about that neither.

- We is gonna find you a book.

- Man, shut up.

You're always clowning.

No wonder you two fools are broke.

Oh, so you're planning what exactly, Kevin?

Don't worry about all that, Dre.

It's Andre.


Don't worry about all that, Andre.

Just know I'm working off of big things, bro.

- Big things?

- Atwater's losing his touch.

It's been two weeks and Andre still can't stand him.

Andre needs a new line of work 'cause that dude is always moody.

Working for Darius Walker will do that to you.

I told you, man.

His mother and my mother grew up next door to each other.

Now that's family, bro.


D, you good?

Man, Darius got that look.

What look is that?

One that says stay the hell away.


Yo, what happened?

Smokey's gone.

- What you mean?

- He's dead.

Someone shot him, man.

Took his buy money too.

20 grand.

- You think Garcia

- I don't know.

You know anything about this?

Excuse me?

You've been hanging around the bar, you've been asking a whole bunch of questions, then one of our own gets robbed and killed.

Andre, you don't got to like me, bro, but what you ain't gonna do is accuse me of anything.

Kev, you've got to be careful, bro.

Careful about what?

I ain't seen your ass in ten years, then you just show up, trying to reconnect?

Peanut, hell are you talking about I know you did your time in Stateville, but maybe they let you out early.

Maybe you told them you had a friend named Peanut.

You done lost your damn mind, man.


- Peanut pulled a gun.

- Hold it, hold on.

Let it play out.

Peanut, I understand that you wanna show out in front of your boy, but if you're gonna pull that thing out, you're gonna have to stop talking and start shooting.

Don't push it, bro.



You're gonna follow me, bro?

You damn right I am.

You did good, boy.

Bro, I ain't had no choice.

Andre wasn't playing around.

- He don't trust your ass.

- It's all good, bro.

We breaking them down.

Happy to help as long as you don't write no paper on me.

What did I tell you when I arrested you?

You do me right, I'll do you better.

- Right on, bro.

- I'll holler at you.

Hey, yo, next time, just grab the gun.

There no need for you to hit me, bro.

I hear you, dawg.

Talked to Homicide about the Smokey thing.

Turns out he's a high ranking guy in Darius Walker's organization.

- Any suspects?

- Nothing real yet.

All we know is two male Latinos were spotted near the crime scene a few minutes after it happened.

Smokey had 20 grand on him, which means he knew the sellers.

He probably did business with them before.

Otherwise he wouldn't have had that much money on him.

So it's an inside job.

Seller steals the cash, keeps the product.

Wouldn't be the first time we've seen that happen.

No, but it's the first time it's happened to somebody working for Darius Walker.

Well, the good news is it does open up an angle for us.

Look, if we know the Latin Players were behind this, you can be damn sure Darius Walker knows too.

That means he's going to be looking for a new supplier.

Jay, I want you to go under as that supplier.

Sounds good.

- Hey, Sarge?

- Hmm?

So all that stuff last week?

We're good?

We are where we are.

Let's move on.

Man, this place is slammed.

I should've been selling baked goods.



And it's less risky 'cause I don't know a brother who ever got popped for moving scones.

Yeah, this place does $800,000 a year in revenue.

The one on Ashland does 1.


Damn, we are in the wrong business.


Oh, the big boss.

What's he doing in here?

He got a sweet tooth?

Yeah, for money.

He owns the joint.

He owns the whole damn chain.

- Really?

- Yeah.

He gave two smart, young brothers 300 grand to start this whole place up.

All legit.

It's a good way to clean your cash too.

Nah, it's more than that.

See, Darius wants to change things.

Educate young black folks to think and act like those dudes up in Silicon Valley.

Well, I'm all about business too.

I sell premium product at a fair price.

Where does your product come from?


I got a cousin down there.


Bro, your cousins are from Cape Cod or Lake Forest, not no Juarez.

I was born and raised in Pilsen, but, uh, been in the game for a long time, and I got a lot of connections in Juarez.

Okay, well, I'm gonna have to run this up the chain.


I appreciate the opportunity, Andre.

- All right.

- See you later?

Yeah, man.



Darius is giving these donuts away to clean off his dirty-ass drug money.

That's it, that's all.

What, you don't buy the Robin Hood rap?

Not so much sold on this selfless, black empowerment thing.

It's hypocrites like that that are the reason why I can't wake up with my brother and sister every morning.


What can I do for you, Detective?

Just wanted to follow up on a few things regarding the Adam Ruzek case.

Well, I'm not talking without my FOP lawyer present.

It's not a big deal.

I just need to clarify a few statements.

Okay, I'll schedule a meeting with your FOP lawyer if that's what you want.

I'll tell you what I want.

I want this case to go away.

Excuse me?

And you and I both know the only reason you opened this case is 'cause Kelton squeezed you.

He wanted me, so he told you to go after Ruzek and Antonio.


I mean, Kelton's dead.

Why are we wasting our time on this?


You wanna know the truth?

I don't care about this case, but the ship has sailed, Hank.

It's with the state's attorney's office now.

- All right, you know the ASA?

- Yes, of course.

Maybe you take his temperature.

Why don't you see how invested he really is in prosecuting a good cop over the accidental death of a rapist/kidnapper?

I could do that.

Even if Adam did do what you say he did, you know the only thing he's guilty of is being a good partner and a loyal friend.

I'll see what I can do.

Andre tells me you've got a friend who's got a cousin in Juarez.

Yeah, my homie Jay.

We used to hoop together in high school.

Well, what's your take?

10% the first time.

Outside of introducing people to your friend who's got a cousin in Juarez, what are your professional aspirations?

At the moment, I'm just waiting for the state to give me my license back so I can start a construction job.


How do you and Peanut know each other?

We grew up on the same block.

Mom's were real tight.

What block?

47th and Calumet in Bronzeville.

Hey now, that's a real African American neighborhood right there.

Louis Armstrong grew up there.

Yeah, I know.

Now there's a Starbucks on every block.

You think that's a bad thing?


Come in.

What's up?

You wanted to see me?

I hear you're moving product near a grade school.

Is that true?

Man, who said that?


I'm giving you an opportunity to be accountable here, Bryce.

Did you sell dope in front of Clara Barton?

Yeah, I did.

You know that's against the rules, right?

I know.

I I'm sorry, Darius.

I just I School needs a baseball coach.

Be there tomorrow at 4:00.

You're done selling dope.

Get out.



Your goldfish die or something?

Nah, I'm just deep in thought.

About what?


What kind of business?

Wait, don't tell me.

I don't even want to know.

Buy you a drink?

No, I got to go.

Rain check?

I don't do rain checks, sweetie, especially on a sunny day.

But you know how that Chicago weather is.

Just talked to Andre.

Walker's not doing the deal with you.

- I'm offended.

- Well, he wasn't feeling it.

Does he have another dealer lined up or is he still doing business with the Latin Players?

I don't know.

Walker doesn't talk about it.

Units in the 7th District and units on the citywide, we're getting multiple calls of shots fired at 1221 South 58th Street.

That's like three blocks away.

- Let's roll.

- All right, stay here.

- Don't blow your cover.

- All right.


To your right.

- Bodies.

- Go, I got you.

Two of them.

Looks like they're both gone.

- Don't come any closer!

- Police!

Put it down!

- We're the police!

- How do I know?

You see this?

This says we're the police.

Put your gun down!

How do I know you won't kill me?

Because if we wanted you dead, you'd already be dead.

You need to put your gun down now.

We will shoot.

You're not giving us a choice.

Put your gun down now!

Oh, God!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

I'm sorry, I thought you were trying to kill me.

- I'm sorry.

- Safety was on.


Our two vics are Luis Tores and Benji Rodriguez.

Our girl is Gloria Romero, she's Benji's girlfriend.

Took some persuading, but she's confirmed that they're Latin Players.

She see anything?

No, she said she was hanging out with her friends.

She went on a cigarette run, she came back, she heard the shots, so she ran and hid.

She said she heard a male voice say, "This is for Smokey.

" All right, so Darius is looking at revenge for Smokey.

- Is that what we're thinking?

- Makes sense.

You kill one of mine, I kill two of yours.

All right, well, somebody had to see something.

The shooter didn't just fall from the sky.

Let's dig in.

Find witnesses, surveillance cameras.

- Sergeant?

- Sir?

Is it true their throats were slit?

Darius Walker's crew?

Yeah, it sure seems that way.

You know, a gang war is not exactly an ideal way to kick off one's tenure as Interim Superintendent.

Especially if you want that interim tag removed one day.

I just want to do what's best for the people of this city.

Enough said.

Keep me posted, Sergeant.



- I was just trying to help.

- I know.

He's out here selling product in front of children and parents.

You know?

It's why I restrained him, I called patrol.

You punched him in the face and threw him on the ground.

Hold on, he swung at me first.

You're off the job, Adam.

You don't have the authority.


Sarge, I mean, he's out here just slinging crack in the broad daylight.

It doesn't matter.

What do you mean it doesn't matter?

Of course it matters.

You can't get involved in things like this, Adam.

Not anymore, not until your stuff gets resolved.

I was just trying to help.

I mean


- Have you been drinking?

- No.

I'm fine.


Come on.

- How did it go out there?

- Pretty damn good.

I found a witness who lives nearby.

She saw a young black male.

Skinny, 5'10, running from the back of the building, and she said she'll do an ID once we have an offender in custody.

Okay, good.

What about you two?

Well, we got some video.

Uh, this is from an auto part shop down the street from the abandoned building.

We got a blue Ford Taurus, pulls up.

It's got a a dent in the side panel.

Now it idles in front of the building, and then the shots go off at 3:29.

It just takes off.

All right, did you run that plate?

Yeah, it's a dummy.

It came back empty.

So if the car was idling when the shots were fired It means the driver's not the shooter.

Could be the getaway driver.

All right, so let's find that blue Taurus, fast.

Talk to Kevin.

Get him up to speed.

- Hank?

- Yeah.

- Can I talk to you?

- Yeah, what's up?

I just talked to Adam, and I'm worried.


- I'm working on it.

- Work harder.

As tough as he is, he is not gonna last a month on the inside.

Listen, if you're telling me there's nothing you need me to do, I'll leave it alone.

But dawg, if there's something I can do to keep this deal back on track Bro, it's dead.

Just leave it alone.

Okay, I'm just making sure.

Who's the kid?

Name's Jerald.

Darius helps him out.


Pretty sure Jerald helps out Darius too.

- Ain't nothing for free.

- That don't concern you, bro.

What you mean it don't?

Come on, man, I'm trying to do business with y'all.

Obviously, he prefers working with fifth graders.


Yeah, he just left the bar.

We'll track him.

So how long we got to do this, man?

Until I say stop.

No, no, this ain't right, and you ain't my boss.

Not here, man.

What are you I'm sick of all this damn lying.

You're gonna be sick of being dead if you don't shut up.

You're doing this until the job is done, Peanut.

- Okay?

- All right, yeah, it's my bad.


Is it mine?


The more we dig into our bartender, Nina Rodriguez, the less we know.

Plates are fictitious, no DL, no criminal info.

We know she rented a studio apartment three months ago, and is paying cash for it.

So it could be tips.

It could also be drug money.

Well, what do you think, Kev?

Is she part of Walker's drug crew?

I'm not sure, but it's possible.

The real question is, is she the shooter, the getaway driver, or is someone just using her car?


Let's find out.

Put some pressure on her.

See if you can catch her dirty in a drug deal, Get her to flip on Walker.

You talked to the ASA?


Got a second?

Come on.

All right, I talked to Heller.

He worked a little magic.

Prosecutor is willing to cut you a deal.

12 months, you do six.

If I roll the dice at trial?

You lose, you're looking at three to five.


Well, maybe I'll win?

Lawyer says it's 50-50.

Yeah, well, your lawyer doesn't have to do the time if he's wrong.

Yeah, but what happens when I'm out?

My career's over, I've got to find a new job?

All I know is being in the police, Sarge.

It's who I am.

It's, like, all I got.

Then we fight it.

Look at you.

Just the person I wanted to see.

I've got a little opportunity for you.

Yeah, what kind of an opportunity?

The kind that gets you more of those gold necklaces you like.

One of my guys sells premium H, and he's gonna give me 10% of everything I bring in.

I figure with your line of work and place of business, you might know some people other than Darius.

I took a run at him.

He ain't going.

What's my end?


And what kind of weight are we talking about?

I'm talking about four bricks at a time at 50 a pop.

You smack them with a five-stack tax on your back end that's 20 grand total.

10,000 apiece, me and you.

Man, you sure know your stuff.

Well, I'm trying to make this money, Nina.

You down or not?

I'll make some calls.


Let me holla at you.

- What up, what up?

- Sup?

- This is my boy, Trey.

- What's up, Trey?

Nothing much.

I understand y'all got some candy you want to shift.

How much can you handle?

Two pieces of taffy.

Maybe three.

Nina say you got some pure stuff.


You tight south of the border?


How about 100 for three?

I thought you said this guy was serious.

And I thought I said 50 a pop.

All right, how about this?

My boy gives you 100 grand right now.

Okay, that's for two.

You front him the other brick, for trust and all.

If the product's as good as you say it is, I mean, we're in business for a long time.

Makes sense.

All right.

Where and when?

We're on the move for the dope.

Copy that.

You're covered in back.

Hailey, you set?

Yup, set.

- You wanna test it?

- Nah.

You say it's pure.

It's pure.

It's about trust, right?

Oh, they're coming.


Oh, these two don't look like altar boys.

Jay, we got two bogeys maybe coming your way.

- Sarge, you get that?

- Yeah, keep an eye.

Jay, stay focused.

What's wrong?

What's wrong is I don't see any money.

Calm down, bro.

I've got it right here.


Jay, two armed offenders coming your way!

Hands up!

Chicago PD!

Put your guns down!


Put your hands down!


- Get down!

- Get down!

- Put it down!

- Put your hands up!

- Hands up now!

- I'm a cop!

We're cops, not - Drop your weapon!

- We're police!

Hey, everybody shut up!

Shut up!


Just chill!

I'm a cop!

Let me see some ID and badges.

My button's in my pocket.

I'm Raul Acosta, assigned to Squad E66, long-term investigations.

My Commander is Marty Belmont.

It's legit.

Lower your weapon.

Thank God it's not like the old days.

Shoot first, ask later.

How long you've been working these guys?

We've been up on Walker for about three months now.

You have anymore undercovers working?

Just our rookie.

They plucked me straight out of the Academy.

- Who's they?

- OCD Deputy Chief Morales.

- Didn't think he knew I existed.

- Wait, hold up.

So the blue dented Taurus outside the murder scene, what were you doing?

Walker mentioned the address.

I was checking it out, trying to take down some plates.

Next thing you know, I hear gunshots.

So you take off not to blow your cover.

- Mm-hmm.

- Okay.

- What's your real name?

- Vanessa.

Vanessa Rojas.


Kevin Atwater.

Nice to meet you.

You too.

So now what?

All right, I just brought the deputy chief up to speed.

Per his orders, we are joining forces.

Walker remains the priority target.

All right, Vanessa, you've got the best relationship with this guy.

Anything you can tell us about this recent double homicide?

No, all I heard was him mention the address.

That's it.

What about where he does most of his business?

Can you plant a wire in that back office?

- Too dangerous.

- I can do it.

- Remember what I told you.

- I know.

Being a hero will get you fired or get you dead.

But this is easy, I promise.

All right.

Nina, I'm running late.

You got this?

- Yeah, I'm good.

- Good.

Where you going?

House warming party for my cousin.

I just helped him buy his first house, and the man is so happy, he won't stop crying.

Scotty, I'm gonna go grab some stuff in the back.

All right, I'm in.

Copy that.

All clear.

Rojas, get out of there.

Walker's coming back.


What the hell are you doing in here?

We ran out of cognac.

Well, the good stuff, actually.

Had to raid your private stash.

You can check the bar if you don't believe me.

I'll do that.

- How'd you get in?

- Your spare key.

You told me about it, remember?

Yo, I was just trying to help, but if you don't want me in here, that's fine by me.

I don't.

I won't come in here, whether or not you invite me.

Want me to leave the cognac?

Take the cognac.

Leave the key.


Rojas did a nice job.

Yeah, she's quick on her feet and Boss, we intercepted a lot of chatter on Walker's wire.

We're going through it all now.

Good news, we found his heroin supplier, a guy named Mateo Garcia.

Garcia from the Latin Players?

Walker's supposed to be at war with them.

Sounds like they made peace.

Well, Garcia's insisting on meeting Walker in person as a sign of good faith.

Okay, we got a time and place?

Yeah, today at 5:00.

I'm not sure where yet.

There's a lot of code and a lot of addresses.

They mentioned Ashburn, but more recently, he's been talking about his bakery on 21st street.

All right, let's sit on the bakery.

- Okay.

- We wait for Garcia to arrive, observe the exchange, and arrest everyone in sight.

All quiet.

All clear in the back alley.

Sarge, maybe they're doing the meet in Ashburn.


Let's wait it out.

- The hell?

- It's Jerald.

The kid Walker's doing business with.


I've seen him around.


Sarge, we've got an employee that just walked out of the bakery.

He gave Jerald a bag.

Could be the place.

He's getting on his bike.

All right, stay with him.

See if he rolls towards Ashburn.

All right, pull up right here.

He just went down Clarke.

I've got to get him on foot.

Chicago PD!

Please don't shoot.

Please don't shoot.

Sir, I I was just bringing some muffins to Mr.

Marley here.

He's a part of the program.


What program are you talking about?


Walker's food bank.

They give all the food that they don't use to the poor.

Stand down.

Throw me your wallet.


University of Chicago.


I just started school last month.

What the hell are you doing with Darius Walker?

He he helps me out.

He pays my tuition.

Bought my books too.

Hands down.

I'm sorry.


Sarge, we followed the kid.

He did not have drugs or cash on him.

We've got to go to the Ashburn location.

Are you sure?


Okay, head over there now.

Deal's going down on Ashburn.

Let's move.


All right, Jay, we're pulling up on 19th street.

Looks quiet around here.

Copy that.

Nothing yet.

Over there in the alley.


Yeah, we got eyes.

Well, what do you see?

We see Mateo Garcia and Darius Walker.

This looks like they're negotiating right now.

I don't see any product or cash.

- Just wait for the exchange.

- Copy that, Sarge.

Okay, Garcia just pulled out a bag.

That looks good.

I see product.


Come on, Darius.

That's quality stuff right there.

Show him the money, huh?


- We've got a positive.

- Copy.

Jay, you guys take the lead.

Kevin, Vanessa, cover the perimeter.

Let's go.


All right, let's get these people out of here.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Kids, hey.


Can you guys move back the other way?

Just go to the other side.

It's okay.

You two, leave the park.

Get out.





Get down!

- Everybody down!

- Get down!


We've got a runner!

- Get your hands up!

- All hands up!

Get on the car!

On the car!

Don't move!

Drop your weapon right now!

On the car!

I've got Walker.

Get against the wall!

Do it!



- You okay?

- Yeah.

Vincent-21-Davis, shots fired at the police.

- Copy that - Let's go.

Stop the car!

Stop the car!

- Go, go!

- Hey!

- Get out of the car!

- Hey!

- Hey, run!


- Get out!



Hey, police!

Stop the vehicle!




Yeah, Darius Walker, I'm the police.

You're staring down pretty serious charges too.

I've got some really good lawyers.

It doesn't really matter how good your lawyers are.

We've got you dead to rights.

I think you know that.

Those murders, that's a different story.

We're still investigating those, so you've got a little leverage.

Tell me how those two Latino kids died, and I can break you off with a better deal.

I've got nothing to do with those murders.

Come on, brother, do you expect for me to believe Don't call me brother.

And no I don't expect you to believe a damn thing I say, but I did not kill those two boys.

Tell me who did.



Garcia took out his own people?

Damn right he did.

He wanted to make amends, get back in business with me.

So that means the only thing that you and I have to discuss is this drug case.


Which is not murder.

But that's a serious case.

We're talking about a lot of weight, a lot of dollars, enough to put a low life like you away for a long time.

You just don't get it, do you?

What don't I get?


Whether I'm here or not, users are still gonna use.

The only difference is they're gonna be buying the product from some 19-year-old punk with too much to prove.

Some badass half a gangbanger willing to shoot up a city block over a Twitter dispute or a spat with some fatass girl in tight jeans.

But the biggest difference between me and the person who is about to replace me is that I reinvest my profits in the community and the people.


So you're the Robin Hood for black folk, huh?


No, Robin Hood stole from the rich, gave to the poor.

Hypothetically speaking, I take from the weak and give to the strong so they can get even stronger.

Let's be honest, brother.

Some folks out there ain't got no chance.

They're weak, uninspired.

All they think about is getting high.

So I sell them what they want, heroin.

With that money, I invest in brothers and sisters who got game, who got smarts, who are willing to put in the time and the effort to make something of themselves.


Like it or not, that's the only way black folks are gonna get out of these streets.

It ain't pretty, it ain't fashionable to say out loud, but it's the truth.

And I know none of y'all in blue want to believe this But Darius Walker is good for Chicago.


Ballistics came back on the gun found in Garcia's car.

Striations match the bullets that killed the two Latin Players.


Okay, so Darius was telling the truth.

Yeah, well, we still got a solid drug trafficking case on this guy.

True, but Sarge just think about it.

I mean, we get rid of Darius Walker.

- Right.

- Whoever else takes his place isn't going to be as disciplined, not as intelligent, sure as hell ain't gonna give a damn about the black community the way he does.

And here I thought you didn't like this guy.

I can't stand his ass, but As crazy as it sounds, he does make the city safer.

Yeah, maybe we are better off with this guy on the street.

That is a hell of a proposition, Sergeant.

You really think you can persuade Darius Walker to play ball?

- Well, he's a businessman.

- Mm-hmm.

I think he'll realize that helping the police arrest his competitors is a hell of a lot better than doing ten years in prison for drug trafficking.

Big risk cutting a deal with somebody like that.

- If word gets out

- It won't.

Look, you want big results, big arrests, you've got to take big swings.

Now Walker will be logged in as a reliable cooperating defendant.

I'll be his personal handler.

I mean, your only role here is to ring the bell, and talk about all the high profile arrests your new and improved police department is making.

I mean, if things go as planned That interim tag will be removed before Halloween.


All right.

I want plausible deniability on this across the board, okay?

I do have a favor to ask.

Actually, it's It's more like a condition.

When things are too good to be true, huh?

Yeah, well, it's a good rule of thumb in this town, anyway.

What is it?

What do you want?

- Hey, man.

- Hey.

What's going on?

Is everything all right?

Yeah, we're good.

Here you go.

I don't understand.

What's what's going on?

ASA is dismissing the charges.

Insufficient evidence.

You're good.


What'd you do?

All that matters is it's done.

Thank you, Sarge.

- Yeah.

- I owe you.


I owe you everything.

All right.


I'll see you in the morning.

Yes, sir.