01x02 - Then and Now

Previously on Doubt...

Ferretti: 24 years ago, 16-year-old Amy Meyers was murdered in Gramercy Park.

The defendant was the last person seen with her.

You know, you never asked me if I did it.

I'm your lawyer. I'd defend you whether or not...

You're not just my lawyer.

Isaiah: Do I need to take you off

Billy Brennan's case?

Don't make the same mistake I did.

Can we leave her out of this?

You went to jail when I was two and robbed me of a mother.

Calvin, what's going on?

We found the murder weapon.

Sadie: It has her blood on it.

And they just discovered it has somebody else's blood on it, too.

I'd like to submit my blood.

I'm gonna prove to everyone that I am innocent.

I want there to be no doubt.

♪ Mama, take this badge off of me ♪

Billy: Amy was mad that I was always busy working on my dad's campaign.

And so she broke up with me that night.

Albert: But this was '91.

Your dad was elected the previous year, so you weren't working on the campaign.

Well, I was also really busy with sports.

So, you were lying when you said Amy broke up with you because you were busy with your dad's campaign.

No, I wasn't lying. I had been working on the campaign.

The year before.

Yes, and then I got really busy with sports.

Which is it? Sports or the campaign?

Well, if you give me a chance to explain...

I keep giving you chances and you keep lying.

I'm not lying.

It's complicated.

Two minutes.


Sadie: That's all it took for him to rattle you.

He's gonna need a Q-tip.

He's gonna need a lot more than that.

We'll give you a Q-tip. You can keep it in your pocket while the D.A. questions you.

It's an acronym for Quit Taking it Personally.

I don't need a Q-tip, guys.

I'm telling you, when the DNA results...

I don't even want to talk about the DNA.

For the record, I was against that move.

And this isn't TV, the DNA's not coming back overnight.

Well, don't talk to me like I'm an idiot.

I'm being a pussycat compared to how the D.A.'s gonna be.

Trials are war and you need to toughen up.

Your testimony seems smug and evasive, and if I were in the jury box I'd be jumping up and down to convict you.

So, let me ask you this again, why did Amy Meyers break up with you?

Isaiah is waiting for us.

All right, we're still a month away from trial.

We'll get another prep session on the books for next week.

You might want to get your story straight by then.

I wasn't sure you'd be here today.

You shouldn't have kissed me.

I know.

It can't happen again.

I know. I don't want to put you in a position that would threaten your career.

I'm not worried about me. I'm worried about you.

Keeping you out of prison.

I have my first surgery tomorrow since being released.

A two-year-old boy with a heart malformation.

I was going through the steps of the surgery in my head last night, and I realized for the first time in a long while, I wasn't lying in bed worried about my case.

Well... hopefully the future is full of nights worrying about sick kids.

No, that's... I don't mean that.

I don't want there to be sick kids. You know what I mean.

I do.

I got to get to court.


Well, thanks for... worrying about me.

I'm your lawyer, it's my job to worry about my clients.



I have an extra ticket to Hamilton tomorrow night.

You free?

I feel like the speaker of the House, third in the line of succession.

You break up with Gemma, you and Sadie aren't talking, so I get to go to Hamilton.

My pain is your gain.


Isaiah said ten, right?

Morning meeting starts at ten?

Yup, usually.

Why? You got somewhere you need to be?

Uh, no, I'm good right here.

Tiffany, Nick.

No onion bagels?

I'm sorry, sir.

Do you want the other half?

This will never happen again.

Cameron: We can't stay. Darryl Smallins trial.

Remind me.

19-year-old kid got a ride with his cousin and cousin's friend.

The cousin ended up in a gang dispute and shot an innocent bystander.

And your client?

Was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He's in culinary school, trying to make something out of his life.

No more bagels?

The new guy ate the last one.

Has everyone met Nick?

I haven't.

Hi. I'm Sadie and I'm leaving.

I have to be in court.

Your buddy Judge Porter's trial starts today.

Jonah. How is he?

Well, he's a know-it-all blowhard, and if I survive this case it'll be a miracle.

And how's the Brennan case?


A disaster.

His testimony needs some work.

He'll be fine.

I'm glad everyone's on the same page.

Okay. Go, do, conquer.

Um... uh... what exactly should I go conquer?

Man: Jonah Porter is a retired judge.

A lot of people in this room, they have Judge Porter stories: charming, funny, sometimes a little gruff.

The story I'm gonna tell you today, though, is not funny or charming.

It's the story of a man who wouldn't take no for an answer from a woman who couldn't say yes.

Gina Porter suffers from Alzheimer's, a disease that has left her unable to recognize her husband.

He is a stranger to her.

And yet, Judge Porter still regularly engaged in sexual intercourse with Gina Porter, whose disease has robbed her of the ability to knowingly consent to this unwanted contact.

Over the course of this trial, we will prove... that Jonah Porter raped his wife... repeatedly.

Jonah met Gina in 1999 when he sat next to her on an uptown bus.

At one point, she leaned over and gave him the answer to a crossword puzzle clue.

They got off at the same stop and he suggested they finish the puzzle over dinner.

The way Jonah tells it, they were in love by the time they finished the crossword and had decided to get married before dessert.

It was a 15-year love affair, that ended four months ago when Gina's children... brought these absurd charges.

By pressing criminal charges, they are using the power of the government to resolve a family dispute, to hurt the stepfather they never really liked.

But even worse, is that the person they're really hurting here... is their mother, Gina.

When Jonah was arrested he was barred from seeing her.

Over the coming days, we will prove that Gina Porter was able to consent to sexual activity with her husband.

Jonah loves his wife, and he would never... do anything to hurt her.

Mr. Markes.

You may call your first witness.

In my 37 years on the bench, I have witnessed some tremendous opening statements.

That was not one of them.

Thank you.

Hi, Tanya.

Oh, no. You're not Tanya.

Oh, she quit.

That's too bad.

I'm Sadie.

I'm Tanya.



I know.

What are the odds?

Tanya quit?


No, the old Tanya.

Yeah, she's training for the New York Marathon.

So she quit her job?

No, I meant the new Tanya's training for the New York Marathon.

I'm pretty sure the old Tanya isn't training for the New York anything.

This conversation's hurting my head.

You got a delivery.

Please tell me it's a pizza.

It's not a pizza.

D.A. sent over the discovery for the Brennan case.

I can see that.

We need to go through this stuff with a fine-tooth comb.

I'm buried under Judge Porter's case right now, but I'll have Lucy block out a few nights later this week?

Don't worry about it. I got it.

No, you shouldn't have to do this alone.

Oh, so, now we're a team again?

Albert, are you still mad about my decision to volunteer Billy's DNA?

It could bite us in the ass.

It won't.

You keep saying that and I keep not feeling any better, so you're gonna have to find some new words.

(lightly groans)

How did the opening statements go?


That's not what I heard.

Jonah said you blew it.

I did not blow it.

He wants me to take over.

You want the case? Go for it.

I told him to stop hovering and let you try your case.


Well, you do have a strong case, don't you?

Well, now you're hovering.

Well, he's a friend.

Non-consensual sexual activity is a hot button issue, and Markes would love to make his name as the guy who keeps the world safe from sexual predators, especially when the alleged sexual predator is a judge who's kind of a known ass.

Isaiah: So... the Brennan case.

You're sure you can handle that?


Since you were five, I could tell when you were lying.

You wouldn't look me in the eye.


I can keep it professional.


♪ ♪

I have a something for you to do.

A real thing or a fake thing?

When have I ever given you something...

Last week, when you told me a "client" wanted a pulled pork sandwich from Long Island City, and then I saw a barbeque stain on your shirt.

I'm a lawyer.

I am trained to seek out the truth.

I need your help on the Brennan case.

Does Billy Brennan want a pulled pork sandwich from Long Island City?

You really need to let that go.

The prosecution's case is purely circumstantial, unless they're hiding a smoking gun in these boxes.

Go through everything and make sure there are no surprises.

And it wasn't just any pulled pork sandwich.

It was from Porto's, and everyone knows that Porto's has the best pulled pork sandwich in the city.


Seriously. They have this sauce...

No, no, no, seriously, you want me to figure out the prosecution's case?

You're a lawyer, trained to seek the truth.

Go for it.

(whispering): Yes.

Hi, Talia. It's Sadie.


And you remember Dr. Conrad.

We were hoping to sit with Gina. How's she doing today?

Not well.

It's not a good day.

The last thing my mother needs is any more poking or prodding.

It's really just to ask questions.

I'm sorry, it's a no.

Carly, I realize all this testing isn't fun for your mom, but the courts say I'm allowed to be here, so if you could...

But she isn't up to it. You'll have to come back!

What's wrong? What's happening?

Mom, the doctor just wants to do some more tests.

Mom, you want to do more tests?

Go away.

Everybody get out!

This is my house!

All right, Miss-Miss P.

Listen to me, listen to me. Look, ah, ah, come here.

We are gonna sit you down and put on the Joplin music, just like you like. Yeah, you like that.

She loves Scott Joplin.

Sit down.

(piano instrumental music plays)

Look, I get you have a job to do.

Just don't do it today, okay?

Of course.

Hey, big Al Markes.


Quick heads up. My expert has tried three times to examine Gina Porter, and three times we've been Heismaned by her daughter.



Stiff-armed. Heismaned, you know...

Yeah, like the trophy, I know.

I just... I didn't know you knew.

Oh, I'm full of surprises.

Anyway, either grant us access or I'm gonna ask the judge to instruct the jury to assume that you don't want Gina Porter examined by our doc, 'cause you know it's gonna blow up your already weak-ass witch hunt.

You're scaring the life out of me.

Yeah, well, somebody's scaring the life out of you.

You look like crap.

You're all pale and drawn.

You're kidding, right?

I'd be happy to make this case go away if it'll get those big old bags out from under your eyes.


You want to make this case go away?

All you have to do is get your client to stay away from his wife.

And for the record, yes, I do have dark circles under my eyes.

You do.

But that's probably got less to do with this case than the fact that I have Lupus.

(laughing): Yeah, right.

I'm so, so sorry.

I didn't know.

Yeah, I'm full of surprises.


I'll talk to the family.

Okay, thanks so much, Alan.


Again, I'm really sorry about your Lupus.

(indistinct chatter, laughter)

That's the last time I'm gonna see you smile again in this courtroom.

He's my cousin.

In here, he's the guy who shot the gun, and that's his accomplice.

They're gangbangers, you're not.

The jury sees you joking and smiling with them, they'll lump you all together.

The judge just asked my advice on a pair of shoes.

I said I didn't like them. Now he's mad at me.

I'm sorry I'm late, Your Honor.

No worries.

Mr. Cobb filled in the time by insulting my taste.

Shall we? I'd like a continuance.

Counsel, approach.

My eyewitness has disappeared. I need time to look into it.

She's the only witness to the crime.

There is no case without her.

And if the people's case is no longer viable...

Whoa, whoa, slow down.

The people believe we can make this case without her.

But I need more time.

Let me ask you a question.

You think I could pull these off?

Definitely, sir.

Continuance granted.

Court stands adjourned until this time tomorrow.

Am I a second year and they want me to help with the firm's biggest case? Yes.

Is that a giant responsibility? Yes.

Can I handle it? Yes.

Did Sadie request me specifically?

Oh, you're asking me.

No, I don't think so.


But still...

Don't open that ice cream sandwich!

Why not?

Put it back exactly where you found it. Those are Sadie's.

Her emergency stash.

My bad. Didn't know.

Well, now you do.

Any advice?

I kind of feel like I'm in everybody's way.

Be patient.

Oh, sorry. Yeah.

I heard you're organizing the Brennan discovery.

How'd you hear that?

Well, it's a big deal. People talk.


Need any help?


Come on.

No one's given me anything to do.

Well, nobody helped me when I first started here, but I'm in a generous mood.

Okay, pick a box, ask me questions, and then we'll figure out how to organize it.

Why don't we just make piles based on date, relevance and evidentiary value?

Have you done this before?

From prison, yeah. I filed appeals.

Mine, some other guys'.

Oh. Did you win?

I was 4-1. Seven are still pending.


So the D.A. made an offer.

Deferred prosecution, but you would have to stay away from Gina.

You're suggesting what?

That I agree to never see my wife again?

I'm simply relaying the offer.

Well, don't waste your breath.

You're the one who always pushed plea deals.

You used to say that if you were trying a case, you'd already lost it.

I never said that.

You always said that.

Now, let's get back to the offer...

Jonah, how are things?

Isaiah, please tell me you are here to stage a coup.

Your little pep squad is trying to get me to take a deal.

Yes, what are you doing here?

Someone from the pep squad would like to know.

I am just here for moral support.

Mine or hers?

Listen to me.

It would preserve your reputation and keep you out of prison.

You want me to abandon my wife to spare myself embarrassment? Pass!

As your attorney, I would be remiss if I didn't urge you...

Yeah, blah blah blah. Pass!

Okay, I will let the District Attorney know that we respectfully decline his very generous offer.

She looks like her mother.

She's tough like her mother, too.

So how's Carolyn?

Oh, you know. She's up for parole again soon, so she's trying to be positive.

Jonah, you don't want to go to prison.

Oh, so now you would like me to take the plea deal, too?

You wouldn't walk away from the woman you love.

Why should I?

Delgado: My witness is gone.

No witness, no case.

You dropping the charges?

An innocent man was killed in a barrage of gang gunfire while he was out walking his kid to school.

Somebody's going to jail for that.

I have a new witness in mind.

Your client.

You want Darryl to testify?

Cameron: He'd never snitch on his cousin. And why should he?

Without a witness...

Even without a witness to the shooting Darryl Smallins was in the car that was seen speeding away from the scene of the crime.

That car was pulled over by the police and found to have a gun in it.

A gun whose bullets matched the bullet found in the body of the deceased.

Darryl didn't shoot the gun, had no knowledge of the gun when he got into the car, and has had no priors for the past two years.

Which is why I'm coming to him first.

But if he passes on this opportunity, I'll go to the other two, and I'm sure one of them will happily testify that Darryl was responsible.

You know Roth and Associates has a strict "no snitch" policy.

You think your client wants to pay the tab for Isaiah's ideology by spending 25 years of his life in prison?

You have 24 hours.

I opened the door, fully expecting to see my mother on the window seat.

Instead, she, uh... (clears throat)

She's in bed with Jonah, naked, and they... going at it.

(gallery murmuring)

Engaged in sexual intercourse?


But Mom seemed... disoriented and upset, like she didn't like it.



I know it's hard to see your mom that way.

What did you do then?

I was shocked.

He had promised the doctors that he wouldn't do that anymore, so it was very...

I was calling for the nurses, Jonah was yelling at me, Mom was screaming... it was just all very chaotic.

Your witness.

Is it possible that your mother was disoriented and upset because you surprised her, and started screaming for help?

I know my mother. I know what was upsetting her.

You visit your mom pretty often, don't you?

Every week. Haven't missed one.

I love my mother with all my heart.

Would it surprise you to learn that Judge Porter visited her daily?

No. I know he visited more than me or my brother. We have jobs.

I get it, I do.

It makes sense.

Would you say it also makes sense that Jonah visited her daily because... he loves her with all of his heart?

It's not his heart...

I'm concerned about him loving her with.

Just one more thing.

Has your mother mentioned Jonah in the last four months?


Has she said she misses him?

She says a lot of things.

She says that she just talked to my father, and he died 20 years ago.

Carly... has your mother said she misses Jonah?


Sadie: That's all.

Dr. Merritt, did you have an opportunity to assess Gina Porter?

I did.

And how severe is Mrs. Porter's condition?

It's my determination that the brain degeneration in Mrs. Porter is significant enough to seriously limit capacity.

Dr. Merritt, in your expert medical opinion, based on, literally, decades of education, training and experience, do you believe that Gina Porter has the capacity to consent to s*x?


Objection... speculation!

And it's none of your damn business!


Judge Porter, may I remind you you are the defendant.

You don't get to object.

Well, somebody had to.

Counselor, talk to your client.

Happy to.

You are not in charge here.

I know what you want. You want me to be quiet and obedient.

A docile old man.

You'd really like that, wouldn't you? I know Carly certainly would.

Well, I am not that man, and I'm not even gonna pretend to be.

I just want the jury to see the man that Gina fell in love with over the crossword puzzle.

I will deny this if it is ever made public, but I actually like you, Jonah, and I just want you to be able to see your wife again.

Now you're getting sappy.

Let's go before you start crying.

♪ If you're gonna fool me... ♪

Delgado lost a witness, and wants Darryl to snitch.

I hope you told her no.

Darryl's facing felony murder, 25 to life.

Why would we tell her no?

Representing snitches makes us a tool of law enforcement.

Cops over-arrest and overcharge, turning brother against brother.

It decimates communities.

If we participate in it, we condone it.

I understand the principle, but this is a person.

It's never really in the best interests of the client.

If you only look at the client's legal problem, it's an attractive short-term solution, but...

Nick, you grew up in the Farragut Houses in Brooklyn.

Tell Tiffany what happens to Darryl when he goes back home after being a snitch for the government.

Somebody shoots him.

He's dead in a week.

♪ When you're in the dark... ♪


We all know Hamilton gets shot.

We learned it in the eighth grade, and then again in the 11th, and still that's a shock.

Imagine defending Aaron Burr.

What is that, a crime of passion?

Not guilty by reason of a duel?

Please don't tell me I wasted a ticket on sad Cam.

What are we gonna do about Darryl?

We're gonna put on a good case.

We have forensic evidence that says the gunshots came from the front seat of the car.

Darryl was sitting in the back.

I keep wishing he'd left class five minutes later.

He wouldn't have been in that car.

But he was.

I hate reality.

You think he should take the deal.

I think he's 21, and he's sitting in his cell feeling like his entire life is probably over.

When I was 21, I thought the same thing.

I felt like everything was hopeless, like I'd never have the things in life that I wanted.

But I was wrong, because I got to turn 22 and 23 and 24.

25, that was rough.

But God bless year 26.

What happened at 26?


I started working for Isaiah, I transitioned.

I inherited my grandma's rent-controlled one-bedroom.

Life got really good.

I just want Darryl to get his 26.

So what now?

Now... we drink.

♪ Come on... ♪


We're almost done here.

Why don't you go home, I'll finish up.

Oh. Yeah, sure. I'll just go home, get some sleep, and then come back tomorrow morning and you'll have taken all the credit for my assignment.

I'm not trying to...

No. That's the thing.

I mean, you don't even have to. You don't even have to try.

Because you're Isaiah's guy.

Because you grew up in the projects and you turned your life around and you got your law degree in prison.

You want to know where I got my law degree?

University of Iowa.

I mean, h-how do I compete with that?

There-there is nothing, nothing interesting about me.

That's not...

I had a stupidly happy childhood.

Like, a white picket fence, like, climbing trees in the family apple orchard, going to church every Sunday, we actually had a white picket fence.

I have never broken the law.

I don't even jaywalk.

There could be no car in sight, and I will still walk on the crosswalk.

Oh, my God. I am so... just freaking normal.

Don't worry.

I'm pretty sure you're insane, which is the opposite of normal.

♪ ♪

Dr. Conrad: So, I finally got in to sit with Gina Porter.

Sadie, she wasn't able to demonstrate competency.

Come on, Gary. There's always wiggle room.

If she couldn't pass the IQCODE, then give her the Mini-Cog.

I-I did.

She got a 4.


S-she needs a 3 or under to be considered capable.

She would've gotten a 3 two weeks ago, when you were originally supposed to test her.

That may be, but...

So you're saying you won't testify.

I'm saying you wouldn't want me to.


Next time.

Yeah. Thanks.

Excuse me, could I...?

Thank you.

I'll get that.

And can I have a club soda, please? Thanks.

Coming right up.

Surgery tomorrow. Can't drink.

What are you doing here?

Lucy told me where you were.

I said it was an emergency.

What happened?

Well, I just got out of a ten-hour surgery on a two-and-a-half- year old little boy.

Did he make it?

Yeah. He did great. He's gonna be fine.

Billy. That is not an emergency.

You can't, we can't...

I know.

Normally, on a night like this, we'd all go out.

The surgical team. We'd celebrate.


But now that I'm the guy on trial for murder, nobody wants to go out with that guy.

No. I know. I know we should keep things professional, but it's not.


Sadie, it's personal.

It's all personal. It's... it's what I do. It's who I am.

It's life and death, and today, it was life, and it feels...


I feel amazing.

I feel like myself again.


And I wanted to see you.

I wanted to tell you that today, I saved a life.


I can't...

I can't be the person you tell.

I'm trying to save your life, and I can't if you...


I really, really want to save your life.

You got to let me.

(Nick snoring)

Oh, man.

I think I'm a little hung over.

Why were we drinking?

We got through all of the boxes.

There's no smoking gun.

No smoking gun!

We got to tell them.

No. W-wait, we can't.

We smell like scotch and MSG.


We got to change.

Uh, it's almost 7:00.

I have to get to my sister's place in Weehawken, and the next train leaves at... I...

You're never gonna make it back in time.

(elevator dings)


I'm not a snitch.

We got to win this case.

You always win for me.

This isn't a misdemeanor.

You're facing real jail time.

25 to life.

We could go to trial, but it's not gonna be easy.

If I do this, I can never go back.

That's my neighborhood.

Those are my people.

You're 21 years old, Darryl.

You have your whole life ahead of you.

I got to decide now?


If you were me, what would you do?



Guess what I found out.

Markes has Lupus.

I know. He has a foundation.


Good morning, New Tanya.


I got some messages for you.

Thank you.

Lucy: I called the other three experts on the list you sent me last night.

One of them is on vacation, one of them agrees that Gina Porter can't consent and one of them I just left word for.

Keep calling. Go to his office if you have to. We need an expert.

And call the lab about Billy's DNA, we need that back.

I need a signature.

Where are all my pens?

Why is there an ice cream sandwich in my desk drawer?

I knew you'd be stressed out this morning, and ice cream always makes you happy.

And I hid it in the drawer because surprises are fun.

Mm. It's really good.

See? I knew you'd like it.

I'm a Sadie expert.


Sorry. I know, I'm annoying.

No. You're a genius.

Talia. You've known Gina Porter for a while.

Does she like music?

No. No, she loves it. (laughs)

Particularly Scott Joplin.

If I went to her and asked her what kind of music she liked, would she say Scott Joplin?

Probably not. She doesn't do too well with questions and answers, and stuff like that.

Sadie: So how do you know she prefers it to other music?

Talia: Well, you... you can just see it.

Like, she gets happy.

What else makes her happy?

Talia: Her kids.

But she's happiest when Judge P. is there.

It's like a light goes on inside her.

You know, like, she's more there.

Were you aware that she and Jonah were being intimate?


Did you have a problem with it?

Why would I have a problem with that?

I mean, they're married.

Do you believe that Gina, if she hadn't welcomed these intimate visits, would have let someone know?


She would've let everybody know.

She would have, you know.... she would've gotten upset, maybe started yelling.

Nothing further.

Alan: Ms. Mendez, where did you get your medical degree?

I don't have a medical degree.

Uh, what about your Masters?

I don't have a Masters. And before you can ask, I didn't go to college, either.

How about a high school diploma?

You got one of those?

I got my G.E.D.

So, you have no real basis to evaluate Gina's capacity to consent.

I believe I do.

Uh-huh. Nothing further.


Sadie: Talia, does Gina like carrots?

Uh, yeah.

How do you know?

You didn't study carrots in med school, did you?

No. She eats them right off the tray, and then she asks for more.

What about peas?

No, no, no.

She hates them. She pushes them away.

Sadie: So, she is able to clearly determine and communicate yes and no.

Absolutely. Yeah.

That's all.

Billy, take a seat.

Hey. I've got to be in the O.R. in 30. What's up?

I'm rescheduling Renee Lopez's surgery and asking Healy to take over.

Can I ask why?

It'll be for the best. He'll do fine.

I've done this surgery hundreds of times.

He's done it, what, six?

All due respect, I taught him the technique.

With your trial coming up, you know, you've got a lot on your mind, so take as much time as you need...

I don't need time, Ben. I need to work.

Her parents are not comfortable with you operating on her, Billy.

Since when do we listen to parents when it comes to surgical decisions?

Their exact words were, "We don't want him touching our little girl."

So, perhaps a leave of absence would be best.

Are you asking me to step down, or are you telling me to?


Great. Cool.

Appreciate it.

Did you just...?


Albert was asking, so I went ahead and...

Without me?

I wanted to give him the information.

I wasn't gonna wait to tell him till you got back from Bayonne.

Weehawken. Wait.

How did you get home and back so fast?

Mm. I keep a change of clothes in my office.

Not so squeaky clean after all.


Sadie: The truth is you haven't gotten along with either of your step-kids since their mother was admitted to the facility, correct?

You could say that.

Why do you suppose that is?

Presumably, it has something to do with their mother and me having s*x.

Sadie: You're not an easy man to get along with, are you?

You tell me.

Well, I'll tell them. He's not.

Your step-kids, the facility, your counsel.

Who do you listen to?

Objection, relevance.

Barr: Sustained.

You heard Carly's testimony. It was determined that your wife no longer has... the capacity to consent, and you agreed to follow doctor's orders, didn't you?

I never signed anything.

But you agreed, though.

Yes, but...

So why on Earth would you continue to have...

Because I love her!

And more to the point, she loves me.

It's good for her. She's happy.

In those moments... and they're, they're so few... we... connect.

I'm losing her. I know that.

I'm just trying to hold onto her as long as I can.

I'm trying to hold on to us as long as I can.

Kids, I am sorry.

I-I just can't even imagine how hard this is for you.

Wha... O-Objection!

I-I would never do anything Judge Porter... in the world to hurt her.

Alan: Your Honor.

And I'm sorry that I'm hurting you, but you just have to believe me.

Your mom knows me.

She knows me.

Alan: Your Honor. Seriously.

Barr: You're going to have to stop.

Oh, God.

Sit down, Mr. Markes.

I know! I know!

I'm gonna have to admonish myself.

God. This is difficult for me.

I just miss my wife so very much.

But you need to disregard my remarks.

A-and strike them from the record.

Nothing further.

Mr. Markes?

No questions at this time.

I see what you were doing there.

Nice job.

What's going on?

Darryl's taking the deal.

I already spoken to the D.A.

They're relocating him and Alicia to Arizona.

Who'd you get to represent him?


I wasn't going to be the latest in a long line of people who've abandoned that kid.

Isaiah could fire you for this.

I know.

Okay then.

I'm going into court with you.

I'm not gonna let you hang out to dry.

That is literally the nicest thing anybody's ever done for me.

But this is my choice.

I have to do this on my own.

Darryl: So I'm coming home from school, walking up Fort Washington, when my cousin, Raffie and one of his friends, Kyle, roll by and offer me a ride.

I get in and we're just talking, and suddenly Kyle sees this kid DJ walking by.

And he tells Raffie to slow down.

And then he and DJ have some words, and...

Cameron: And then?

I don't remember.

Darryl, look at me.

Tell me.

Raffie pulled out a gun and he shoots at DJ.

Cameron: Your cousin pulls out a gun?


But he misses DJ... and it hit the dude...

Mannie Fuentes?


I saw him go down.

Cameron: And then what happened?

We drive away and, like, two minutes later, the police arrest us.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Right before it happened, I was talking to my cousin about going to school.

I was saying, "Raffie, you a good cook."

And he's like, "Yeah, that sounds cool."

And then he pulls out a gun and shoots someone.

He didn't have to do that.

You know what I'm saying?

I know what you're saying.

Boy, I used to love it when the jury was out.

Just go to my chambers and take a nap.




Six letters.


I, um...

I just want to say I'm sorry about all this.

I wish...

I wish...

I know.


Oh, six letters meaning "perplex."




Do you mind if I read from my notes?

I... you make me nervous.

Why would I make you nervous?

"I used to believe that all people were created equal. And then I met you. You're a lot to live up to. Your world is black and white, you know what you believe and you stick to it. It's easy for you..."

Cam, look at me. Just talk to me.

When I was little, I turned on the TV and saw you defending the Black Panthers.

My dad said, "That's Isaiah Roth."

With awe.

Like there stands a great man.

And I wanted to be you.

But not anymore.

I-I want to be great.

I want to stand for something, but... but I want to be me.

I need to be me.

And I see gray, Isaiah.

I-I see exceptions to the rule.

And I made an exception with Darryl.

I understand if you need to fire me.




Which "Go"? Go away, go home?

I'm not firing you.

I'll make an exception, too.

Thank you.

You're wrong, by the way.

It isn't easy.

I am a great lawyer.

I just won.

Judge Porter gets to see his wife because of me.

I got a home health aide qualified as an expert, and I made Judge Porter seem like a human being to a jury.

That's how great of a lawyer I am!

And great lawyers take risks.

Like I did with the DNA. And you know what?

It's that risk that is gonna win us this case, so I you need to stop being so angry with me just because you disagreed with my decision to test Billy's DNA.

Hold on, you think that's why I'm mad?


Because I disagreed?

I'm mad because you didn't include me.

You went ahead and made your own decision without even consulting me.

Well, so did Cam with Darryl.

I don't see you pouting about that.

She consulted me too much.

It was all she could talk about.

She wouldn't even let me enjoy Hamilton.

You took her to Hamilton?

You remember my 21st birthday, first year of law school?

We were hammered and got lost walking home.

Your speech was slurry and I couldn't see straight.

So, every two blocks, I would ask for directions, and you steered us all the way back to campus.

Took us three hours. Your point?

We make a really good team... but we can't keep secrets, no unilateral decisions.

If we're gonna win, we have to work together.

I slept with Amy's best friend.

I slept with Amy's best friend when she was away at summer camp, and she found out, and that's why she broke up with me.

I treated her like crap.

I didn't care about her feelings or anyone's for that matter.

I was a spoiled, selfish, entitled, little b*st*rd, and I know I should have said something before, but I was... ashamed.

I'm not that proud of who I was back then.

I didn't want you to know.

Also, I...



I have done a lot of work to become a different person, a better person.

I mean, I'm the guy that can save a kid's life... but I lost my job today, so now I'm just a guy... who needs his life saved.

So, I am gonna trust you and give you whatever it takes so you can do your job.

Do you ever regret not taking the deal?

Don't... don't ask me that, Isaiah.

That's... what...?

Do I ever regret it? No.

You'd be out by now.

Yeah. I would.

And we'd be living an ordinary life.

You know what?

Let-let's talk next week, I'm tired.

I-I upset you. I'm sorry.

You can't come in here and lob your "what-ifs," because you get to leave and I...


♪ With a wounded wing... ♪

I regret a man died because of my actions.

I regret that I never got to see Sadie grow up.

That I had to watch you, my attorney, raise her, bring her to me every Saturday, and then take her home to a life of dinners and homework and reading books in bed.

Sometimes I regret falling in love with you, because I see how painful it is for you to come here.

You think I don't have regrets?

I'm full of them.

But they wanted me to name names.

Names of good people.

People who were doing righteous work on behalf of the poor and the broken and the disenfranchised, and-and I-I wouldn't do it, I couldn't do it.

And if I had taken the plea, if you had, you... if you had pushed me to take the plea, we wouldn't be us.

For better or for worse, Isaiah...

♪ Say what you want. ♪

.. we're not ordinary.


You're still here?

I was packing up discovery, and I-I found something to run past you.

This is from... before Billy and Amy left the party, and this one from after he came back from Gramercy Park.

What am I looking at here?

The jersey.

In the first one, it's a crew neck.

And in the second one...

♪ With a wounded wing... ♪

He changed his shirt.

Why would he do that?

♪ There is more down there than you know. ♪