02x02 - Grand Canyon

A Million Little Things - 02x02 - Grand Canyon

There's something I need to tell you.

It's not Jon's baby.

EDDIE: How do you come back from a lie...

I'm looking for Barbara Morgan.

I think she may know things about my husband.

...once it's out there?

BARBARA: Jon was supposed to be on that flight.

He wouldn't let himself move past it.

I had to. I was pregnant.

It keeps growing...

Your son doesn't know what happened to his father.


Mitch is his father.

...it consumes you.

I'm not calling for help.
I'm calling to volunteer.

So, you have to face it...

REGINA: Everywhere I turn, there's Andrew stepping on my toes.

He's the reason we're open in the first place.

...hope for the best...

Maggie, you're in remission.

Oh, thank God.


...and trust...

Don't be so hard on your mom.

We all cope in different ways.

...that it's not too late.


♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh-oh ♪

Hey, Gare, um, for the next two days, can you say you don't like Indian food so that when my mom is here and we don't get Indian food, I can say it's your fault?

Stranger things have been asked.


Why are you so nervous?

She's only coming in for the weekend.

Yeah, about that. Um, when she gets here, can you...

Ah, ah. Don't say it.

Your mother and I got in one little argument over a parking spot that she stole.

- Now we get along great.

She even texts me sometimes.


Nothing inappropriate.

- Usually.


Ugh. Her cab's here.

Listen, I know you get along with my mom.

The thing is... and I may have mentioned this before...

I don't.

Maggie, what's the big deal?

When she came in for your surgery, it was a very successful visit.

Oh, because she was only here for one day and I was heavily sedated.



Well, don't just stand there.

Give me a hug!

- There's my guy!
- Oh. Oh. [CHUCKLES]

Saving the best for last.

Oh. Mm.


Ah, get your bag.

Oh, no, no, no, Gare, I got this one.

Why don't you, uh, get what's in the trunk.

Oh, that pink wig is just so cute!

I really need to get one of these. [CHUCKLES]

This last haircut is just not what I wanted it to be.

It... It's...

GARY: Wow.

Patricia, this is, uh...a lot of bags for just the weekend.

Yeah, Mom, it's... [CHUCKLES]

it's just the weekend, right?

Yeah, well, um...

I was hoping to find the right time to say this, but, um...

I've left your father.

It's this way, right?

I swear, she did not text me any of this.


But, Mom, this does not make any sense.

You guys have been married for...


You see, this is exactly why I didn't want to bring it up.

I really...

I really didn't want to upset you.

Well, I'm upset.

- I'm very upset.

Why are you not more upset?

The fact is, your father and I want different things.

So, you're leaving him because he doesn't want to take a Zumba class with you?


I'm sorry, babe. Please... continue.

Your father is a wonderful man.

Who, last I checked, loves you.

But there are different ways to show love, sweetie.

And some of the ways he's been showing it lately just...


...aren't what I need right now.

Okay. But after years, don't you want to try to work through it?

Maggie, when you went into remission, you realized you had your whole life ahead of you, and I realized that...

I do, too.

And the rest of my life... might not include your father.

Here's a little fun fact, Dad... it's estimated that / of the food we consume each day relies on pollination, provided mainly by...you guessed it... bees.

Oh. Just in case Mom comes back early.

Great idea.

But... those court cases can really, really drag on.

Hey, you know what?

Later today, at Garden Day,

I think you should share all of those bee facts with your teachers.

I tried, Dad. They don't listen.



You know what? PJ's here, actually.

- I'm gonna ask him.

- I'll talk to you, buddy.


Hey, what were you doing out in Brookline the other day?

My friend with the Brookline PD said he saw you walking around the neighborhood.

What were you doing over there?

Alright, if you really want to know, I was walking to my girlfriend's house.

I didn't even know you had a girlfriend.

W... Uh... what's her name?

Why? You can call and... see if my alibi checks out?

No. I just...

I'm telling the truth.

'Cause we don't... we don't lie to each other, right, Dad?

Hey, make sure you're home for dinner.

Sounds fun.



Damn it.



Mm. Needs more lemon, Albert.

- More lemon, Chef.

- Ah.


Hey, D, I'm a little, uh, busy.

Can we chat when you get here?

Hey, quick... what's the name of the song that goes ♪ Why are all the people out there? ♪

That's a song?

Jon and I used to sing it when the kids got cranky.

I feel like it's a female singer from the ' s.

Or maybe it's a man, but, like, a really pretty man.

Well, that could be anyone from back then.

- How's brunch going?
- Mm, super-busy.

There's, like, a -minute wait right now.

Really? That's great!

- You sound surprised.
- No, no, no.

It's just that...

Andrew mentioned reservations were down.

Uh, when did you speak to Andrew?

And why isn't he talking to both of us about this?

He just stopped by this morning... with a baby gift.

I'm sure he was planning to.

- [SIGHING] Okay.

Oy. Someone's at the door.

Maybe they'll remember the song.

It's like ♪ This is the best thing I've ever done ♪

♪ This is how you have fun ♪

Anyway, I'll see you at brunch later.

- Shh. It's okay.


BARBARA: I hope this isn't a bad time.

[SIGHS] Sorry about that.

It's... just been hard to get her down.

She's so cute.

She has Jon's eyes, huh?


MITCH: We won't keep you.

Um, we've been getting these notices.

Yeah, from, uh... from a Rutledge Trust.

DELILAH: Oh, yeah. Right.

We didn't get a chance to talk about it when we met.

Jon, uh...

Jon left you money.

Well, we don't want it.


You don't hear from the guy for years, then out of the blue, he leaves you half a million dollars?

Why would he do that?

I... I just think that after / and everything that happened, he just wanted to make up for it... for not being there for you and your baby.

You told her?

No. No, no, no. I, uh, figured it out.

It wasn't hard, w-w-with you acting so crazy

- the last time she came over.
- Why is it crazy that I don't want my son finding out that I've been lying to him his whole life?

MAN: It's just that every day feels heavier.

So, after a while, I start wondering if it's even worth getting up in the morning.

That must be really tough.

Do you have anything to look forward to, even... even the smallest thing?


You taking your first call.

- You're ready, Rome.
- Are you sure?

I felt... I felt like I greeted you too eagerly.

Let's just do the hellos again.

A-At a certain point, you're just gonna have to dive in.

What's going on?

Nothing. You're right.

I'm, uh... [SCOFFS]

I'm ready.

MAGGIE: Yeah, okay. Alright, Dad.

I love you.



What did he say?

He was just as vague as my mom was.

I don't understand.

They made it through the loss of their son.

You would think that they could get through anything.

Well, a lot of parents get divorced, okay?

Mine are divorced.

You will get through this.

They're not getting divorced!

They're just... using permanent words to describe temporary feelings.

You're right. I'm sure they'll figure things out.

How can you say that?

My mom brought her teeth-whitening kit.

She's looking at apartments right now in Boston.

Why would she move here?

It's not like we're even close.

I'm feeling like we should cancel brunch.



The only thing getting me through today are Regina's bottomless mimosas.


Go, idiot!


Yep. Alcohol is definitely gonna help this.

You keep chopping, Albert. I'll grab another bottle of brandy.



Hey, D, what's... what's wrong?


All of it. I don't know.

I just feel so anxious... about everything, and it's like Charlie's picking up on it.

She's a newborn.

Maybe you're giving her a little too much credit?


Well, babies can feel your... stress, just like that lactation specialist said.

Remember when she asked if there was anything different about this pregnancy?

It's not Eddie. It's me.

There's just so many people I feel like I'm failing... especially Jon.

Sweetie, don't do this to yourself.

I should have been there for him.

I should have... realized how much pain he was in, and now the one thing that he wanted... to leave Barbara that money... I can't even do that.

Why not?

The... They just don't want it.

And... [SIGHS]

I just... I feel like I'm failing him all over again.

- Listen to me...
- Hey. Sorry for interrupting.

Regina, there's about people waiting for omelettes.

Including one of them who says he's an old friend of yours, wants to say hi.

Oh. You should go.


people. Not bad for a brunch service.

Yeah, yeah. If only brunch were seven days a week.

- GARY: Oh, I know.

It's tough having zero responsibility.

I know.

Sorry. I'll take her.

That is my favorite part of being an uncle.

The tag out. You're it.

Uh, D, this is Elon.
He's Regina's friend.

He used to eat at her old restaurant all the time.

Oh, wow.

You've known her longer than we have.

I'm, uh, Delilah.

Nice to meet you.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

[LAUGHING] Oh, my goodness. Elon, hi!

There she is. Come here, come here.

- Oh, my goodness.
- Ohh!

Gina, congrats on this new place.

It looks fantastic.

Well, you always told me I'd open another restaurant.

I may have predicted it, but you made it happen.


Oh, you guys, Elon is a very talented psychic.


Oh. Yes, that's, uh, definitely a real job.

Thank you.

How long has it been now?

At least five years.


Wait... You guys haven't seen each other in five years?


I... How did you know that, um...

Oh. Sometimes I pick up on things.

Sorry if I overstepped.

Again, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Come. See my beautiful kitchen, Elon.

- Let me guess... it's this way?
- Ohhh!

- That was weird.


Gina hasn't spoken to him in five years, and he knew about Jon.

I just got chills.

You're under the vent.

GARY: I'm sorry.

I just don't buy into any of that psychic crap.

Elon told me that I was gonna open up another restaurant someday, and look where we are.

Wait, you mean a very talented chef who's always dreamed of opening a restaurant

[GASPS] opened one?

You'll understand if I don't run out and buy a lottery ticket.

How do you explain him knowing about Jon?


I can't explain that, because he didn't actually say "Jon."

All he said was "Sorry for your loss," which is warlock speak for "Your money will soon be mine."

Okay, yeah.

I-I think some psychics are scammers and some really have an ability.

- Totally.
- What? You, too, Dr. Bloom?

You have extra education.


Okay, you think he's the real deal?

You should go ask him for the name of that song you can't remember.

Maybe I should see if he'll give me a reading.

I really think you should.

No, I was kidding.

D, with everything that you were saying about Jon, it might help.

Or you can give me bucks, I can set it on fire and save you the trip to Cambridge.


But how did I know he lives in Cambridge?



Make sure you really get my ears.

Don't be shy.

Did you pack all your stuff?

- Gardening gloves?
- Check.


It's called a trowel, but check.

Ears look good.

Alright, turn around.
Let's do your face.

Extra sunblock.


- Hey...
- Mommy!

I missed you so much.

How was your trial?

Oh, I told him about... your big case.

In the Grand Canyon.


I... That was a tough trial.

They... wanted to fill the whole thing up, and I told them, "No way."

[CHUCKLES] Nice going, Mom.

- Thanks, T.
- Oh, I forgot my canteen.

I'll get it, and then we can go.


Hey, now that you're back, you can come with us.

Um, we were supposed to go to Garden Day.

I'll... I'll e-mail and tell them we can't make it.

No. We should go.

He's looking forward to it.

Are you sure?


The only thing I'm sure about right now is that I need to be there for him.



It's the wife.

She's the best.

Put her through a lot last year, and she was really there for me, man.

Oh, yeah?


I know what it's like to be going through all this.

Not too long ago, I was in a really... bad place, and a friend's call saved me.

Now I might be the call that saves someone else,


I think that's why I'm so nervous, you know?

I'm just scared I might say the wrong thing.


Sometimes the most important part of this is not what you say.

It's just, uh, your willingness to listen.


Oh, my God. This is it.

Whoa. Okay.

H-Hello? Hello?


I-I think it's your cellphone.


I knew that. Just testing you.


Hey. PJ.

What's going on?

I... just...

I've been fighting with my dad again.


Is... Is there any chance you can meet up?

How many worms am I allowed to bring home?


Then can I have your purse back for a sec?

[CHUCKLES] Mom, I'm kidding.

- Oh!

No, I saw her in the parking lot.

Apparently, she's back.

Let's see how long this...

Katherine! Hi!

Eddie said you weren't gonna be here today.

- Surprise.

My mom had a big trial, and it was in the Grand Canyon.

Theo, give me a hand here.


How's it going over here?

Great... if you love worms.

Theo was just telling us about the Grand Canyon.

Did you all know that the Grand Canyon slowly eroded over millions of years,

- and that's how it was formed?
- Oh!

Well, they don't know for sure, but that's the theory they're going with.

Either way, my mom saved it in five days.

[CHUCKLING] Well, that's very impressive.


I need more soil.



What's going on?

Hard to pretend everything is fine when it's not.

I know.

And being here at school just... makes it that much harder.


[VOICE BREAKING] I can't do this.



Then let's not.

Hey, bud, come on. We're leaving.

Let's go.

But we have to save the trees and the bees.

Or... we could get boba, drink it on the car ride home.


Come on, Mom.

Let's get some boba.


What are you doing?

What? This is my coat.

I only tried on the other guy's jacket. I wasn't gonna take it.

I'm talking about what you said to Delilah.

I was just trying to protect her.


What difference does it make if that guy is real or not?

She wants closure.

I want that for her, too, but she's not gonna get that from some hocus-pocus guy who takes advantage of people when they're vulnerable.

Hey, you guys, guess what.

Elon's day's wide open.

He said he could read me this afternoon.

Should I do it?

- Definitely.
- No.

And I am going with you.

- Sweet.
- Yes!

I... left my keys in that dude's coat.

Excuse me! Sir?

- Okay. Oh! Wh... I'm sorry.

You're over there. I thought you were here.

Oh! My bad. I thought you were right he...

Now you're over there, though. Oh. This is...

I'm terrible at this. I don't know how to even...

[ECHOING] There you go!

Now, Delilah, I should tell you that I only read people, at most, once a year.

Um... how does this work?

I've only seen it in movies.

[CHUCKLES] I-I don't know what movies you've seen, but, um, it's not like that.


It's kind of like a daydream that I share as I communicate with the spirit guides around you.

Well, can we get to the communicating?

'Cause I only have an hour in my meter.


Let's... take a deep breath now.


And we'll expel all the negative energy and/or people we might have brought here today.



ANDREW: See? That's exactly what I'm talking about.

From now on, if it's a party of six or more, we need to confirm with a credit card.

We've had too many no-shows. It's costing us money.

I'm sorry.

One second.

Hey, Andrew, can I talk to you for a second?

Sarah, can you please excuse us?

If you think we need a new reservation policy, you need to run that by me.

This is my restaurant.

- Regina, I...
- I started it.


You came in at the th hour, and now you're putting me on a need-to-know basis?

Yeah, well, you know, honestly, when I even try to offer you the slightest bit of constructive criticism, this is what I get.

So, telling everyone how the restaurant's gonna fail is constructive?

We had an awesome brunch today.


Good brunch is great for buzz, sure.


But not for the bottom line.

Regina, I've opened six successful restaurants...

Yet this is the only one you ever seem to be at.

Restaurants go up and down, Andrew.

Everyone knows that.

Yeah. Yeah, they do. They go up and they go down.

Then they go away.

If you don't want to listen to my advice, that's fine.

But your psychic friend is not the only one that can see into the future.

And if you want to hear my prediction, in three months, if you don't change things around here, this place will be gone.


There we go, bud.



Put your clothes in the laundry room, okay?

- Okay.
- Great.



- Hey.
- Hey.

- You okay?
- Yeah.


- all this?

When he heard you were in the Grand Canyon, he wanted to be like you, so... we went camping.


And... I didn't feel right sleeping in the bed without you.

It's a mess. I know.

I'll... clean it all up before I go.

Maggie's letting me stay in her old place.


When I was at home, in the room I grew up in...

I saw all my awards, all my ribbons... everything I worked for.

Everything had its place. It was perfect.

And then I remembered a time in my life when it wasn't.

A second-year law student.

I was so stressed out.

And I went to this random concert to blow off some steam.

And there was this rock star on stage.

He was sexy and cool.

He didn't give a damn what anyone thought of him.


My friends dared me to go up to him after the show.

He and I went for a drink.

And my life was never the same.

I spent my whole life...


...planning for tomorrow.

And you taught me to live for today.


Well, you taught me to believe in tomorrow.

And I really want a tomorrow with you.

How do we get back there?

How do we become those people again?


Well, that's just it, Eddie.

With this baby, we can't.


And maybe... we shouldn't.

I was thinking about what Theo said at school, about the Grand Canyon... how the erosion, over time, gave way to something beautiful.

Maybe instead of trying to get back to what we were, we... figure out what we're gonna be.

I'm not sure what that is right now.

Don't go... to Maggie's.

I need you to stay here and help me get through this.

I'll do anything for you, Katie.

What did... she... have?

Uh, a girl.

A girl.



ELON: He's telling me that there's... there's nothing you could have done to save him.

And that there's a part of him... there's a part of him that's still here, that he lives on.

He wants you to know that you were the last thing he was thinking of before he got into that accident.

Oh, no. It... It wasn't an accident.

Um... my husband killed himself.

U-Uh, no, I'm getting a car accident.

Okay, we're out of here.

Please be quiet.


He's telling me that he's not your husband.


He says he's your brother.

I don't have a brother.




Where do you think he got that coffee table?

Gary, stop.

I'm in the market for a coffee table.

His is on my short list.

Okay, I-I-I don't know exactly how to play this.

I want to be supportive.

You obviously need this to be real.

That is not supportive.

So...you think your brother just spoke to you?

Says the guy who rubbed his nasty-ass Bruins cap before every test result we got this year.


A little music.


♪ Do you believe in magic ♪

- ♪ In a young girl... ♪


That's an unfortunate coincidence.


Okay, Albert, I'll be on my cell if you need me.

ALBERT: Yes, Chef.

- ♪ I don't know where I'm headed ♪

♪ Need to keep moving forward ♪

♪ I don't know where I'm going ♪

♪ Need to look beyond the door ♪

Mm. Wow.

Thank you so much for bringing this.

I didn't realize how hungry I was.


You didn't have to come back.

- Apparently, I did.
- Mm.


Oh, here. Oh, I got that.

- There.
- Thank you. You're so sweet.

Yeah, maybe to you.

Ohhh, I could have been... could have been a lot nicer to Regina today.

I could have handled that conversation better.

I just want what's best for the restaurant.

She knows that.

How was the psychic?


I didn't get what I wanted from it. [CHUCKLES LIGHTLY]

You mean you still can't think of that song, huh?


It's not just that.

It's... Jon.

Just, I... I feel him slipping away.

I'm starting to forget, and...



I just don't want that to happen.

I don't want to erase him.

That's understandable.

I haven't really been able to look at Debra's things since she... since I lost her.


I just wish I could talk to him, you know?

Tell him how sorry I am for not seeing how much pain he was in.


This is gonna sound crazy, but there's a part of me that thinks the reason the psychic didn't connect with him is because...

Jon didn't want to talk to me.

D, if it's forgiveness you're looking for, it's not Jon that you're gonna get it from.

You... You have to forgive yourself.


Hey, there. How was apartment-hunting?


I-I-I saw a cute two-bedroo...

I'm not too old to have a roommate, am I?

Would you like a sandwich?


Thank you.


Where's, uh... Where's Maggie?

She's out running.


What'd you do?


This afternoon, we went to see a psychic.


Maggie... thinks she made contact with Chad.


I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to...

No, no, no.

After he died, I went to a psychic.

I just so wanted to believe that somehow, he was still here.

That's what Maggie wants.

She does?


Yeah, I think so.



I still miss him so much.

But... you cannot spend your whole life mourning.

You need to appreciate what you have instead of focusing on what you've lost.

That is why I am in Boston.

Does your daughter know that?

Sometimes I don't say anything because...

...I'm afraid I'm gonna say the wrong thing.

I could learn a lesson from that.

[SIGHS] I'm afraid that... she's not gonna feel...like I do.

Oh, God. I am so overwhelmed.

I-I mean, I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

You know...

...our friend Ed was supposed to move into Maggie's old apartment.


But... he's back at his house... for now.

Maybe you should ask Maggie if you can stay at her place while you figure things out.

And not because you're too old for a roommate.



"Where the Red Fern Grows"?

Is this how you came up with the name of your band?


My dad used to read this book to me when I was your age.

It was my favorite.

You are going to love this.

Now, we might cry at certain parts, but it's okay.

Hey, T, brush your teeth?

Hmm. He told me he did.

- Yes.


Hey, Dad, now that Mom's home, are you leaving again?

Well, actually, bud, Mom asked me if I could stay awhile.

So, we can keep camping?


Mom, go grab a sleeping bag,

'cause Dad's about to read us his favorite book.

Hey, Bud, I'll bet Mom had enough camping while she was in the Grand Canyon.

Why don't we let her sleep in a real bed tonight?


But if you get lonely, we'll be right here.

Thanks, T.




- Night.
- Night.





Really sorry about earlier.

I'm an ass.

We've suspected it for a while, but now we know for sure.

I just spoke with your mom.


She told me how much she misses Chad.

Yeah, of course she did.

No, Mags, she said she needs to realize what she still has.

She means you.

I-I don't know if Chad was trying to... connect with you today.

I hope he was.

But I do know who is trying to, and that's your mother.

And that's why she's in Boston.

Now, she asked me for a restaurant recommendation, and I didn't say Gina's, because, you know...

[WHISPERING] boundaries.


[NORMAL VOICE] But I may have texted her a place.


So, she's just sitting by herself at a restaurant right now?

She said she wanted to get out of your hair for a while... which... I know, I know... is not the coolest thing to say about your daughter who just went through chemo.

[SCOFFS] Exactly.

She doesn't want to connect with me.

Then why is she here?

Take it from a guy whose mom never flew anywhere to see him.

Your mom is sitting by herself in a restaurant.

So go.

Talk to her.



Excuse me.

Is there a woman here dining alone who's basically me in her s?

On the outside.

On the inside, we're very, very different.

No. And your whole party must be present before I can seat you.

Oh, okay. I'll just wait for her, then.

Well, you can wait at the bar.

This area is for people who are ready to be seated.

The bar it is.



Welcome to the support group for people who have been abused by that guy.

May I recommend the Chardonnay?

Oh, Chardonnay is for passive-aggressive.

For aggressive-aggressive, I need vodka.

Well, don't take it personally.

He's picking on -year-olds now.

I don't know where those hands have been.

There's a spoon here for a reason.

Dude, chill!


In his defense, I'm pretty sure the kid started it.



The vodka's on me if you go over there and grab a handful of mints without using the spoon.

Do I have to eat them?

Oh, God, no.

It's like a peppermint septic tank.


Come ooooooon.

[SIGHS] God, he just doesn't get me.

He never will.


I'm... I'm just not the son that he wanted me to be.

Must be really frustrating.

I feel the same way about my old man sometimes.

- You do?
- Yeah.

Then he'll say something or do something, and I realize we're more alike than I think,

[CHUCKLING] which pisses me off even more.


This thing work?


I actually shot my thesis on it in college.

You went to film school?

Little less judgment, bruh.

You're starting to sound like my dad.


Yeah, try telling a firefighter that you want to go to art school.


Who's this guy?

That's my boy Gary.

No, no, not him.



That's Jon.

He, uh...

He died last year.

He killed himself.

He was so fun.

[CHUCKLING] You'd have loved him.



- Hey, babe.

Hey, Gina.

I want you to meet my friend PJ.


DELILAH: I am so sorry, sweetie.

I can't remember the name of that song.

Jon could sing it better than I could, anyway.

And I know that it's complicated how you came into this world.


But you're not alone.

And I love you so very much.

And while I'm at it,

[SIGHS] I may as well go ahead and apologize for every mistake I'm gonna make in your life.

There'll probably be a ton of them.


The reason I'm doing this now is because sometimes... you don't get a chance to say it later.

So I just wanted to get ahead of it and tell you that I'm sorry for all the things I've done.

Oh, my God.

[GASPS] That's it.

That's the song.

♪ How many times do I have to tell you ♪

♪ That I'm sorry for the things I've done? ♪

♪ Why-y-y-y-y-y? ♪

Hey, Andrew. It's Regina.

I was thinking about what you said earlier, and I want you to know that...

I heard you.

Call me when you can so we can talk about your ideas.


♪ How many times do I have to try to tell you ♪

"It's strange indeed how memories can lie dormant in a man's mind for so many years."

Theo, you can't go camping in the Grand Canyon without a canteen.

- Move over.
- Oh.

Just in time, Mom.

We're about to get to the good part.


♪ That's when you have to tell me ♪

"Yet those memories can be awakened and brought forth fresh and new, just by something you've seen or something you've heard, or the sight of an old, familiar face."

It's okay, Mom. Dad said we may cry at some parts.

♪ That's why it hurts so bad to hear the words ♪

♪ That keep on falling from your mouth ♪

Excuse me.

You're out of soap in the ladies' room.

♪ Falling from your mouth ♪



♪ Falling from your mouth ♪

- ...wonderful. [CHUCKLES]
- [CHUCKLING] Oh, thank you.

♪ Tell me why-y-y-y-y-y-y-y ♪


Maggie! Maggie...

♪ Why-y-y-y-y ♪

Let me ask you something, man...

how'd you know who Gary was?

Oh. Um... n...

Y-You said your friend Gary.

No, you pointed at a picture.

I said, "That's Gary," and you said, "No, not that guy. This guy."

You knew who Gary was.


Come on, man.

How'd you know?



Look... t-the day I met you,

I never told you why I was at the hospital.

I was there looking for you all.

I think Jon might be my father.