02x06 - That's Nothing I Had to Remember

- Previously on Legacies

- You don't want me to point out all your friends have forgotten you ever existed.

LIZZIE: When I woke up from that spell Josie blasted me with, you popped into my messed-up brain like an acid flashback.

I was gonna tell everyone that I was back.

But then I saw Landon and Josie and how happy they were.

The monsters are back.

I have no idea how or why or if it's gonna stop.

MG: Lizzie she-she met this new vampire.


Who you talking to, man?

Oh, yes.

No, he can't see me.

He wants for us to wake him up.

- What do you wish to know?

- What kind of vamp you are.

I fed on so many humans.

The cobblestones they ran red with blood.

Well, in that case - So you're name's Wade, then.

- Who are you?

A friend.


I tried to fool myself Waiting for you late at night And how old are you claiming to be?

21 ish.

- But I know - Mm.


It's called "the Big Easy" for a reason.

Why do I believe I'm Freya.

I hear you've been asking around the Quarter for me.

I'm Josie.

I'm a student at the Salvatore School.

- Mystic Falls?

- Yeah, I've heard of it.

My wife's got an eye on it for our son.

I kind of need your help.

There's this spell that I'm kind of trying to reverse engineer.

I'm sure one of your teachers can help you with that.

An ancient Japanese black magic purge spell?

Lying, lying, lying Those aren't the kind of spells school kids should be messing with.

You should go home.


You have photos in your home of someone you don't recognize.

Feels like you should know them, but you don't?

How did you know that?

We've all forgotten people.

It doesn't matter what I say.

The spell that I need is the only way that you're gonna remember for yourself.

All right, now, on to our tour's final and most important stop the front door.

Use it to get back to your hotel.

Love you.

Quit playing.

I came up for Commonwealth Day.


- Now show me the cool stuff.

This is school.

There's nothing cool to see.

It's a school for vampires, witches and werewolves, so there's no way I'm leaving without seeing something Harry Potter.

- Kym?

- Mm-hmm.

For the last time, there is nothing to see.



- Incendia!


Lizzie, we have to trap it so Malivore can't send another monster.

Incinerating it kind of defeats the purpose?

Okay, fine.

Glacies corporis.


You were saying?


ALARIC: Sheriff.

- Hey.

- Oh.

So you can see me?

I thought maybe I was invisible after you ghosted me last week.

Yeah, I'm-I'm really sorry about that.

You know, something came up with my daughters.

And I'm learning to let them go and figure things out on their own.


Just really suck at that.

I know the feeling.

- Uh, you know

- MAN (OVER RADIO): All units, potential 187 at Mystic Tap.

Please respond.

I'm on it.

Whatever you were about to say, make sure the next time I give you a chance to say it, you actually follow through.



I have done that, like, five times.

Is it possible to die from a paper cut?


That's the best arm in town now.


Let me see.


It's fatal.

Hey, you two, quit slacking.

Tomorrow's festivities will not be thrown off by hormonal teenagers.

Sure thing, Councilman.

Ruined by an old, white guy politician, though?

Totally plausible.


- How did that guy win an election?

Democracy isn't what it used to be.


Hey, I got to head to practice.

But you're hurt.

I can still help the team win.


See you after?

Not unless you're coming to physical therapy with me.

My life's a real party these days.


You ever want to see me, you should probably just ask me out.


Don't "gah" me.

Get your ass under here.

What are you doing?

Looking for you.

You were supposed to be keeping an eye on the portal to Malivore.

I'm literally on top of it.

Not on top of it enough.

A zombie snuck onto campus this morning.

I mean, are you sure it's from the portal?

I've been here all night.

It has the mark of Malivore carved into its skull.

It's obviously from the portal.

Maybe you were too busy flirting with the muggle.

I wasn't flirting.

I was blending in.

Hey, by all means, flirt away.

The faster you get over Landon, the sooner I can stop worrying about Josie's happiness.

We locked the zombie up, which means no more portal duty is required, and you and I can hang out today.

Why is that last part harder for me to understand than all the rest?

If I spend any time with Josie, I will inevitably blow your secret.

You want to protect her from heartbreak, you're stuck with me.

- Okay.

- Yeah.

Um, Earth to Rafael.

Phoenixes don't have super strength.

My-my bad.

I'm-I'm distracted.

Are Lizzie and Hope friends now?

It is a problem.

Look, I'll be lucky if Lizzie doesn't talk trash about me, dude.

Deserved trash.

Earned trash.

Sweaty, gym-sex trash.



You know what you need?

- A wingman.

- Oh, by-by which

- I pray you do not mean

- Me.

I can help run interference.

You get in there, make a move.

Come on.

Josie and I can use a couple for double dates.


You can thank me when it works.

You will.

- Lift the table, man.


Excuse me, you say Harae-tamai Kioku Yomigaerashi-tamae.

In the spell, conviction matters.

You need to be clear of mind and purpose.

If not, instead of purging the supernatural influence in the mind, you'll end up solidifying it, making it permanent.

Is that as bad as it sounds?

You'd erase the very memories you're trying to bring back.

How did you even find this spell?

I siphoned it from an ancient sword to save my sister's life?

Weird story short, I read in this diary how it returned all of her memories somehow.


Magic and privacy don't mix well.


And paying no fee That's my wife.

She's on Nik duty tonight our kid.

Excuse me.



Yeah, I'm still at the bar.

How's Nik doing?

Out of the ordinary every day What did you do Did you know And who do you follow?

FREYA: Who is she?

I knew you were hiding something from me.

So tell me, how is it we both forgot the same person?

And if you didn't tell me that to begin with, I can only assume it's because you haven't decided what you're going to do with that spell.

Have you?

Who is that girl?

Harae-tamai Kioku Yomigaerashi-tamae!




Oh, my eyes!

What is this sorcery?!

It's called "vervain", I think.


- It's cool, right?


You did great!

Told you this would work.

Unhand me, you turnips.

I had one drink.

Yeah, that drink's name was Wade.

- I think.

- I did not even kill your precious Wayne.

Now unhand me before I Damn.

Why'd you do that?

Maybe because I'm tired of people giving me lip today.

I don't care how geeked out you are over Commonwealth Day.

I'm putting you on the next bus out of town.

- But I had this costume handmade.

- Yeah, don't even get me started on all the things wrong with you wearing that.

I personally support a woman's right to wear whatever she wants.

Stop trying to marsh my mellow, Kaleb.

I'll leave when I'm good and ready.

- Oh.

I'll call Mom.

- I'll call Dad.

- I Damn it.



Don't you got something else to do other than sit here and chime in on matters that don't concern you?



I'm gonna grab Sebastian, and I'm gonna take him to Dr.

Saltzman's office at the high school until Commonwealth Day's over.

It's empty so no one should be there when he wakes up.

By "no one", you mean Lizzie, right?

You haven't told her.

I was I was gonna (CHUCKLES): Dude, come on.

She's gonna be so pissed at me.

Is that the blonde from this morning?

MG: I sort of accidentally made her think she was having a psychotic break.



That's not gonna go well.

I know.

We have to keep this a secret, Alice.

Especially now with my reelection campaign.

I'll call you back.

Festivities aren't until tomorrow.


Nice costume, buddy, but back off.


When I said that I wanted to hang out, this is not what I had in mind.

Who even found him?

- Or what's left of him?


Alyssa Chang on her morning jog.

Good thing, too.

Otherwise, this place would be crawling with police.

What kind of monster do you think we're dealing with?

A Croatoan.

How do you know that?

Call it a hunch.

- LIZZIE: Okay, squad.

- We have a problem, and we're down a witch because Josie's in Richmond for Commonwealth Day.

Which is bad for us, because A Croatoan came through the portal.

And it killed a councilman.

What the hell's a Croatoan?


- KYM: Hold up.

The lost colony of Roanoke.

- Seriously?

Not one of you?

- LANDON: I'll play.


It's one of the first English settlements in North America until it just vanished without a trace.

KYM: And the only thing left behind was a word carved on a tree: "Croatoan".


I'm a history nerd.

Why else would I be here for Commonwealth Day?

KALEB: Uh I-Ignore her.

Her visitation privileges - are about to be revoked.

- HOPE: The monster is here, and it's after Landon, so we need to get him somewhere safe.

KALEB: Okay, um, no offense, but why is some girl from Mystic Falls giving us orders?

- Oh, it's because she's a wolf.

- Because she's a witch.


Most importantly, she knows how to kill monsters.

- That's so cool.

- RAFAEL: Wait, guys.

What about the zombie?

I thought Malivore - could only release one monster at a time.

- Yeah.

That's what we all thought.


How the hell do you know about Malivore?

Oh, I-I filled her in.

- Yeah.

She - Mm-hmm.

LIZZIE: She took down the Oni, and she killed the Minotaur.

Although that was actually really more me.

Wait, wait.

There was a Minotaur?


Not everything's about you.

KALEB: All right.

So, then, what's the plan, Miss Were-witch?

The plan is that I will take Landon, - put a barrier spell around him - Oh.

Wh-What she means is that I will babysit Landon while everyone else is at Commonwealth Day while Hope does her whole monster hunting deal.

That is a great idea.

And you know who should go with her?


I can help with research.

- Yeah, from the safety of your hotel room.

- HOPE: Okay.

- Super squad disassemble or whatever.

- Super squad.


Okay, great.


Not done here?

It's a good plan.

It keeps you as far away from Landon as possible.

I'm less worried about me being with Landon than I am about you blowing my secret to him.



I'll just ask him about Star Wars or something, and then he'll talk the whole time.


- You have nothing to worry about.



I'm sorry to bother you so late.

Or early.

Whatever it is.

Um I'm in a situation.

I found a way to bring back everyone's Malivore memories.

I just think it could really hurt, um people.

I just don't know what to do.

I got to admit, it's it's nice to get a break from town.

You know, crowds still get my heart racing.

It can't be easy to adjust to being around people.

Talking with you helps.




You don't even know me.

But I feel like I do.

It's like I'm-I'm supposed to or something.

Look, look, I know you must already have a couple dozen guys or-or girls that are interested in you.


Technically, um, I'm not seeing anyone.

Then you should know that I'm not afraid of technicalities.

What is that?

A dark object from the school archives.

Once I light it, nothing supernatural can get inside.

This should prevent you from becoming Croa-toast.

Um, I saw you and Hope hanging out.

Do you know if she's seeing anyone?

Shouldn't you be focusing on Josie?

Uh, yeah.

I was asking for Rafael.


Because now you've watered the garden of Josie's eternal flower, I would think that you would hold that to be sacred.

Please tell me that's a metaphor.

My point is, once you've boned, - you can never unbone.


- Not a metaphor.

- And it would be a real crap guy move - for you to shift your sights elsewhere.

- For the record, I would never do that.

Also we didn't.

I'm sorry, what?

Not that it's any of your business, but there was no Watering?



Oh, my God.

This changes everything.


Never mind.

Tell me, where do you stand on Ewoks?

I mean, they're basically teddy bears, and who hates teddy bears?

If you hate teddy bears, that's on you.

That's all I'm saying.

Especially teddy bears who took down the Empire.

That's where I stand on Ewoks.

That's fascinating.

I'm gonna go take a nap.

- Oh.




I thought the candle was supposed to keep the monsters out.

Me, too.

It was supposed to keep them from getting to you.

Lizzie, it didn't go after me.

It's after you.


So, superspeed and immortality?

Being a vampire is pretty sweet.


There's downsides to being a vamp, too.

You can hurt people.

Well, I don't think you would.

Well, superspeed or not, I'm not finding anything in Dr.

Saltzman's books.

'Cause you've got the wrong book.

I told you, history's my jam.

And according to these old wives' tales, this monster's, like, a Venus flytrap or something mixed with an octopus.

They stab their food in the throat so their victims can't scream, and then they dissolve them with acid-like saliva until there's nothing left.

And by food, you mean people.

More like liars.

Legend has it they hunt fools keeping secrets.

So let's be completely honest with each other.

Uh So-so, what else does your book say?

Croatoans can be summoned by powerful witches.

So there was a witch in Roanoke.

SEBASTIAN: Her name was Cassandra.

I could tell you more about her, my dear turnip, if you abort this feeble attempt at romance and let me go.

MG: For the last time, I'm not a vegetable.

And we're just friends.

Besides, why should we believe anything you say?

Because I was there.


- I need help.


- Why does everyone assume I have superstrength?


Trust me, no one thinks that.


Fine, I'll get it.



MG: It's me, MG.

- I got some intel.

- Talk fast.

Apparently, back in the day, this sketchy vamp of the Old World was nibbling on the settlers of Roanoke.

There was this witch that he was courting.

She wanted to get to the bottom of who the secret killer was in the village.

She said she was gonna manifest this demon creature that could sniff out the killer in their midst.

A monster that fed on secrets.

Secrets, you say.


Well, that's great, because there's no one keeping any of those around here.

- How do we kill it?

- That's a work in progress.

Work faster.

The damn thing waltzed through my barrier like it was immune.

Because only the witch who summoned it can destroy it.

That's a problem, 'cause she's been dead for, like, 500 years.

We're about to die.

Figure something out.



Got your call.

(QUIETLY): I take it it's not a date.

MAC: We're still trying to piece together what happened.

Thought you might be able to shed some light.

An animal attack.

Animal attack.


Yeah, we get them here all the time.

You can check the police reports.

Well, I have a friend at the FBI that I'm sending the forensics to who may say otherwise.

I-It would be better if you could just trust me on this one.


Well, that's an interesting request, especially from someone that a witness placed here around the time of the attack.

LIZZIE: This monster is hunting secrets, not you, so at least it has - some taste, unlike my sister.

- But that's the thing, no matter what Malivore tells the monsters, they always follow their prime directive first.

So tell me whatever secret you're keeping, and maybe it'll stop.

Is it about Hope?

It's about Hope, isn't it?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Thing was useless anyway.


Well, at least I had an idea.


I just had one, too.

Can you make us invisible and break open his cell?

I guess.


We're gonna do what every great sci-fi franchise does Kong versus Godzilla, Alien versus Predator We're gonna suck?

That's blasphemy.

No, we're gonna we're gonna let the monsters fight.

Oh, this is a nerdgasm, not a plan.


Then just tell the truth.







LIZZIE (WHISPERS): I told you, nerd.

- LANDON: Shh!

- LIZZIE: You shh!

I have a better plan.

Hey, ugly.

Over here.



Nice work, but that's not gonna hold it long, so just - tell me the secret.

- I can't.

- Why?

- It would break Josie's heart.

- So this is about Josie?

- No, it's about all of us.

Lizzie, since when have you kept your mouth shut about anything?

Just tell me.


It's HOPE: Silencio.


So this is about you.

We have to get out of here.

- What are you hiding from everyone?

- HOPE: There's no time.

These bars aren't gonna hold.

We have to find some way to stop it.


MG is working on it.

Also, because of Landon, there is now a zombie on the loose.

- It was a good idea.

- Okay, one monster at a time.

Raf, take Landon to Dr.


Lizzie and I will find a way to keep the Croatoan busy.

Let's go.

Hey, come on, man.

You heard her.

SEBASTIAN: I don't understand why I can't remember more.

Cassandra, she was my great love.

KYM: Homegirl summoned a demon to snuff you out, though.

Had she known it was me, I believe she would have done things differently.

MG: Maybe you should have just been honest with the lady instead of skulking around here like Dracula.

A lesson in being honest about the woman one fancies is particularly ironic coming from you, Milton.

So you were just having a drink with Professor Vardemus, the guy you punched in the face?

I thought it was in everyone's best interest that we make peace.

I went home after, and that's all I know.

You seem like a nice guy.

I want to believe you.

But your name pops up in a whole lot of police reports dealing with dead bodies in this town.

Listen, I understand your suspicions, but I had absolutely nothing to do with those people in the bar.

And your relationships?

Seems like every woman you're involved with meets a tragic end.

One of the reasons I don't open up so easily.

And the same thing goes for your husband, right?

I understand that he passed away under questionable circumstances.

Oh, you looked me up, too.

It's almost flattering.

Only fair.

(SIGHS): Look I need something.

Preferably an alibi, or we should probably stop talking until you lawyer up.

Well, I'm sorry you feel that way.

But I already have one, and it's airtight.

Then why are you only telling me about it now?

'Cause I was hoping you'd trust me.


Go ahead.

Give him a call.

You were gonna tell Landon everything.

- We had a deal.

- Well, things changed.

Josie and Landon didn't have s*x, which means you might still want to plant your flag - on Muppet Treasure Island.

- Wait.



Be surprised quietly.

There's still a monster chasing us, remember?



On second thought, be as loud as you want.

Because we are so screwed.

Uh, it feeds on secrets, right?

So let me have it, all of it.

I prefer to die with dignity.

Okay, fine, I'll start.

Um I stole your jade butterfly clip in fifth grade.

I loved that clip!

HOPE: Well, I had a crush on Josie for a week when we were 14.

Read my lips: the two of you are never happening.

Uh, Lizzie?


LIZZIE: Okay, um, I accidentally killed your hamster.

I siphoned you to cheat on finals.


And I actually think you're kind of cool.


HOPE: Okay, it's not working.

It's not gonna stop until everyone knows the secret we've been keeping from them: that I'm back.

I'm back, too.


Harae-tamai Kioku Yomigaerashi-tamae!








HOPE (DISTORTED, ECHOING): Here's the truth.

Landon, I love you.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

- Are you okay?


Your skinny ass dropped like a bag of hammers.

I felt like I was hit by a spell.

Like, the mother of all spells.

And then there was Hope.

SEBASTIAN: I remember now, too.

Where there were but fragments, I now see the whole story.

About Cassandra, the monster.

How we killed it.

She gave me this, this token.

She said that it would protect me.

From the monster?


From the colony leadership.

They asked Cassandra to find the monster that was that was terrorizing them.


But she did love me.

So she summoned something even worse.

Something that would ferret out the lies those Puritan hypocrites were concealing from the rest of the village.

Keep them from finding me.

Then the Croatoan went ham.

Wiped everyone out.


As you well know, Milton, everybody lies.

When I found out what Cassandra was plotting, I tried to stop her.

She was keeping my secret.

I feared that she'd become a target.

So she desiccated me to keep me safe.

In the state, I watched the Croatoan tear her limb from limb before she could dispel it.

Unable to help her as she died.


This was hers.

Which is why you must use it to slay the beast so that the same fate does not befall upon Elizabeth.

Can you talk?

You know Malivore wants me in one piece, right?

So maybe we could find a more comfortable way for me to get to the portal.

HOPE: Crescere arbor.


- Hope Mikaelson.

- Here, come here.

- Get behind me.

- "Get behind" Is that really - all you have to say right now?

- Can we not do this right now?

We wouldn't even be having this conversation if you could have your way.


Look, I didn't tell you because I thought that you were happy.

- Happier.

- Without you?

Happy enough to have s*x.

That was definitely gonna be without me.

- Who told you that?

- Does it matter?


- Good thing you guys were arguing.

I could hear you from across town.

This belonged to that witch that created that thing, - so maybe you - Finis habentis maleficia.

You know, something like that.


(SIGHING): Okay.

Now we can talk.

You sure you're okay?

Yeah, I'm good.

Just my head is still spinning a little.

Well, as I was saying before you scared the hell out of me, Mayor Donovan vouched for you, so you're free to go.

Take my advice, it'd be to a hospital.

I'm sorry.

I probably pushed too hard.

But it's like I know something is off about this town.

And maybe part of me wanted to think it's you, because then I wouldn't have to deal with the fact that I'm extremely attracted to you.


If I'm being honest I feel the same way.

And that's why I've been keeping things from you.

What things?

What happened at the bar, it wasn't the work of an animal.

Then what was it?

My best guess is that it was a zombie.

Or a vampire there are plenty of those running around here, too, because supernatural beings have existed in Mystic Falls for centuries.

Do you expect me to believe that?

Quite the opposite.

If I allowed myself to care about you the way I want to, I would tell you to leave this place behind.

But the truth is, I need a partner.

A sheriff who will look the other way when I need her to.

Who will always believe everything I say.

That'll never be me, Ric.

I know.


ALARIC: This is Kaleb.

He's a vampire.

He's a teenager.

You're right.

I'm sorry for making this more complicated than that.

It won't happen again.


S wants you to forget everything you know about vampires, witches, werewolves all supernatural life.

LIZZIE: So you remember now?

No thanks to you.

I had to figure out everything on my own.

Well, you didn't tell me about Hope, either.

So we're even.

How did you find out?

I found Penelope's journal.

I thought we were done with that witch.

Well, then you should probably stop using that pen she gave you.

It records everything that you put in your diary.

Including the fact that when I purged the Oni from your mind, it brought back all of your memories of Hope.

Now my body and mind are so distant You should have said something.

I know.

I wanted to protect you.

I know.

And a part of me didn't want to bring back everyone's memories.

But I talked to Mom.

And she said that people deserve to know the truth.

Breathe Make their own choices.

Even if they hurt.

I can't breathe What choice do you think Landon's gonna make?

I can't I don't know.

But I will be here for you either way.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh On one condition.

No more secrets.

Ooh, ooh That sounds reasonable.

Oh, God, I'm having an episode.

JOSIE: At least this one's got a hot guy guest star.


You can see him?

Everyone can.

When my thoughts never feel like my own There's something I need to tell you.

I can't breathe.


RAFAEL: Doing the whole lone wolf thing, huh?


I get it, trust me.

Then take a seat.

I can't.

Um, when I was, uh, stuck as a wolf you know, Landon did everything he could to bring me back.

I mean, he's always looked out for me.

I-I gotta return the favor.


By, um owning up to the fact that I've always had feelings for you.

And now that I I I remember them.


So we can't be around each other anymore.


I'm sorry.


Looks like you're deep in thought.

More like steeling myself for what I have to tell you.

There's never been a moment you were forgotten You are not hopeless So I take it you weren't on a field trip to Richmond?

Your innocence stolen Um, I was in New Orleans.

I needed to find a witch.

There's plenty of those around here.

Um Mikaelson witch.

Hope's aunt.

I needed answers.

I needed a push to do the right thing.

Bring back everyone's memories.

I will send out an army Hope's family was missing a piece of their life, too.

Night, it's true I needed to see that for myself, so I would stop being so selfish.

You are literally the least selfish person I've ever met.

That's nothing I had to remember.

Over and over 'Cause it's something I'll never forget.

I'll be your shelter I'll be your armor But you do remember her.

That changes things, right?

I don't know yet.

I hear your S. O. S I just need some time.

Your S. O S I just need time.

To find you in the middle Of the darkest night, it's true Yeah, of course.

I will rescue you I will send out an army To find you in the middle Of the darkest night Hope?

I will rescue you Aunt Freya?

I will never stop Marching to reach you In the middle of the hardest Fight, it's true I will rescue you Oh, I will rescue you.