03x08 - Are You Leading or Am I?

Are you faking it?

- Where is the money?
- KONSTANTIN: My pocket.

GERALDINE: Mum, did someone die?

It was Mo. It's starting to feel personal.

EVE: What was it you said to her in that prison?

I offered her work and she refused.

- Good for her.
- You're a beautiful monster, Villanelle.

VILLANELLE: I don't want to do this anymore.

They had promoted a dud.

Have you been under any increased stress lately?


VILLANELLE: We have to stop running into each other like that.

It's not good for both of us.




A little overdramatic, don't you think?

I got the tickets yonks ago.

When you asked to meet, I thought,

"Why not kill two birds with one stone?"

What do you want, Villanelle?

I want to know what the
canteen's like. [LAUGHS]


MI .

- It's heavily lasagne-based.

Sometimes they branch out into cannelloni.

What do you want?

I want to accept your job offer.

Are things not working out with Helene?



Helene loves me.


Actually, a bit much. You know?

I got promoted.

- Goodness!
- I know.

She's very happy with me. They all are.


I'm looking for a new challenge.

You want to kill for us now?


I'm confused.

What would you do for us?


I can do all sorts of things.

Spy stuff.

Fake moustache. Codes. Information.

Who killed Mo Jafari?


I don't know.

Who killed my son?


Rather a poor start to a job interview, don't you think?


- You're turning me down?

I don't know what it is you're offering.

You were trained to do one thing and one thing only.

If you can't do that, what use are you to me?

To anyone?

I can change.

If Villanelle has retired, what's left?


I can't see that working for MI . Can you?


Mahler's th.

I've got to get down for the end of the first movement.

Good luck.



Is this really necessary?

- You had a massive heart attack.
- I know.

I was there for it.



I know you like to keep people here for observation, but you can discharge me.

Please take your hand off my arm.


Do you know what haggis is?

These Scots are barbarians!

[SIGHS] I came to say goodbye.

It's dangerous to discharge yourself, you know?

It's more dangerous staying.

Have you been a naughty boy?

What have you heard?

[LAUGHS] Nothing.


Are you going to find her?

You know, she did this to me.

She and Polastri woman.

Are you surprised?

You tried to kill Villanelle.

It was years ago.
I was trying to show them that she was not ready.

- She was ready.
- She was not ready.

You know your mistake?

You expected her to play

- by your rules.
- I had to.

You gave her none.

- I was old-school.
- Old-fashioned! Brutal.

The West has turned you soft.

- Ha!
- She has become loser, just like you.

Neither of you have backbone.

You have infected her with your disgusting lack of ambition.


No. Please. Don't go. Please.


I wish my son was here.

You need to forget him.

You need to forget Mother Russia.

You're going to die in this room.

If you didn't like how I treated her, why didn't you do anything about it?

We are both to blame!

You are just as much res...





How are you?

How are you?

[SIGHS] Why here?

I did my first ever kill in this country here.

Strangled a high-ranking police officer.

He was a tango champion.

Imagine if I'd refused.

What do you think I would have become?

Interior designer, maybe.

If you had, it would have saved me a lot of heartache.

Niko's in hospital.

Dasha stabbed him through the neck and blamed it on you.

Are you listening to me?

Do you ever think about the past?

All the time.

That's all I think about.

It's nice to watch them.

They seem happy.

Just... carefree.

Well, dancing will do that.

I want to feel like that.

What happened?


MAN: Time for the next dance, ladies.

We encourage all to the dance floor.

Rhythm or, uh, no rhythm.


Come on, then.

Dancing's not my thing.

Mine either, but it's good to try new things.

All right...

- Are you leading or am I?
- I have no idea.


Do you want to be like that?

Not anymore.

Why not?

We'd never make it that long.

We'd consume each other before we got old.

That sounds kind of nice.

I've killed so many people, Eve.

I know.

You should go.


Take this.

- I'll meet you later.
- What is it?


What's going on?

Our party's getting crashed. Go, Eve!


Oi! Helene wants to see you.

If you want to dance, you just have to ask.




Where does she want to meet?




Talk me through your outfit.

I like to be comfortable.


What do you mean, why?

'Cause comfortable is what you make people with a terminal illness.

I was trained to wear clothes that allow a full range of movement.

So weird.

I was trained to look devastating.


Isn't it funny?

Two ruthless killers, when somebody says, "Jump,"

we just... just jump.

Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump!

Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump,
jump, jump, jump, jump!

Autonomy's overrated.

Sheep are happier than wolves.


Ohh... You spend your time off surveying sheep?

It was an expression.

You know, you almost have no sense of humour.

- I take my job seriously.
- Mm.

What if I tickled you?
Would you laugh then?

Don't tickle me.


- That's a yes.

- Ba-bum!
- RECORDING: Mind the gap.


I don't care you've checked out.

In fact, it's better for me.

The bigger your crisis, the quicker that I can take your place.

So, keep having a wobble.

Keep hoping that the universe has got something else lined up for you.

But do me one thing, okay?

Come quietly, little sheep.

I promise, you'll be happier that way.

I'm sorry.




Ah! Ah!


Oh! Ah!


Arggh! Ugh!



RHIAN: I'm sorry!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I... I... I didn't mean it.

RECORDING: Please stand back, the next train does not stop...

- at this station.
- Please!



- RHIAN: Arggh!
- RECORDING: Please stand back.

The next train does not stop at this station.

- Help me, please!



SONG: ♪ Nothing matters if you bury it deep ♪

♪ Take away the worry ♪

♪ What's left, you keep ♪

♪ Never say you're sorry ♪

♪ If what you need is ♪

♪ Do what you do and I won't hate you somehow. ♪

GERALDINE: "... for not trusting you, for not hearing you,

"for holding you up to the model of motherhood

"dictated by society,

"for pursuing an intimate relationship with your former lover,

"even if I didn't know I was being coerced by him,

"and for my active faults,

"judging you, lying to you, thinking the worst of you," which I suppose is the same as judging you,

"I bring this acknowledgement to you

"and ask for your forgiveness and acceptance.

"Your loving daughter, Geraldine."

What am I supposed to do, applaud or... ?

Your turn.



"Dear Geraldine, I think it's time you left."


That's it?

That's everything you wished you'd ever said to me?

- It's all I want to say.
- So, you're... throwing me out?

I'm not throwing. I'm firmly suggesting.

Living with your mother is no kind of life for you.

You know, when I was your age,

I was an integral part of a kibbutz...

- in Tel Aviv.
- In Tel Aviv. Of course you were, as you always tell me when you're trying to avoid a real conversation.

So, tell me, Mum, what is this really about?

It's about you wasting your time on Earth.


And researching natural deodorants.

That's what you say it's about.
What is it really about?

I'm not going to be drawn on this, Geraldine.

So, it's not about you feeling guilty that your ex-shag bugged us and used me to get at you?

- It's not, no.
- Or that... that your assistant was killed carrying out your orders or that you haven't found out who 'killed' Kenny yet because the likelihood is he just killed himself because he was so deeply bloody unhappy?

No. It's not about any of those things.

Things are coming to a head.

- That's all.
- Why? What's happening?


You've got until the end of the day.

Mum! Please.

Don't 'please' me, Geraldine!

I know you think I'm heartless, but I do care, in my own way, and I'm telling you, you are no longer welcome here.



"Bruce . D .

" times ."

Uh, on Bruce.


to on Bruce?

You taking the piss?

Uh, I... I don't know. Uh... am I?

Comedian, are ya?

Sharon? Sharon, listen. I... think we got off on the wrong...

Oh! I... I found this on the floor.
And, well, do you want it?

You've not tried to bribe someone before, have ya?

[LAUGHS] Dave?

Did you see that? Lady just tried to bribe me.

Will you just take it, please?

What is this Bruce?

A horse? A dog? A boxer?

Who is Bruce Fletcher?

The owner. Lives upstairs.

Can I just speak to him, please?


Fletch? Someone here to see ya.

A woman called... ?



Tallulah... Shark.

What do you want?

I'm here to make a collection.



I expected you to look more like a stripper.

I'm in disguise.

Have you got a tree fern, Tallulah?

You've gotta wrap 'em for the winter, otherwise they freeze to death.

What box you collecting from?

- This is the Russian's box.
- Oh, he sent me.

- No, he didn't.
- Yes, he did.

- No, he didn't!
- Yes, he did.

You telling me that a lady like you is mixed up with a man like him?

I'm not a very nice lady.

All right, then.

You've got the code.

I can't stop ya.


I don't like meetings where I don't know what I'm meeting about.

So, what's so urgent, it can't wait?

Christ. It's worse than MI in here.

Carolyn, can... can I make you a cup of tea?

Why do you say it like that?

How did I say it?

Like I'm about to need one.

- Carolyn.
- Oh, no. Not you as well.

We thought it better to show you this face-to-face.

Show me what?


Well, we've had a breakthrough.



For God's sake, will someone tell me what's going on?

Are you familiar with Tangfastics?

Extremist organisation?

A hacktivist group? Lone wolf?

They're a sweet.

Not a sweet sweet, though.

They're more of a sour sugar-coated gummy in various different shapes.


Anyway, I get through a packet a day.

Two if I'm stressed.

And a couple of months ago,

I realised someone was dipping their finger into my Tangfastic honey pot.

So, I-I set up a secret camera.

Haven't checked the footage in a while because the thief seemed to give up, but, uh, today, I found this.


Pilfering b*st*rd.


Uh, there's... more.

BEAR: This is from the day Kenny died.

I see.



I would say it's nice to see you, but last time, you were leaving me to die.

Why aren't you in hospital?

I needed to collect a package.

That package.

- Give it to me.
- No!

It's mine.

No. No, no, no!

Villanelle asked me to get it.

Yes! Because she's supposed to be getting it for me.

No. Mm-mm. Uh.

[SIGHS] Don't make a sick man run.

You think I'm just gonna hand it over to you?

It's a gift for my daughter.

You have literally no use for it.

- Look for yourself.
- I will.

Stay there.


Each Russian leader births another.


Yeltsin come off poorly, huh?

Why would your daughter want this?

She's not right in the head.

I promise you, this is just a cheap piece of tourist tat.

Oh, so you won't mind if I just throw it in the street?

No. No. No!


What is it?

There is a barcode on it.

It opens another safety box with money, passports, emergency toiletries...

- Are you okay?
- No.

Okay. Okay. Slow, slow.

- Slow. Slow. Slow.



I have a meeting with Eve Polastri.

She's not here. Can I take a message?

I'll wait.


- Would you like a drink?
- So much death.

That one...

That wasn't me.

I swear.


It's her.



BEAR: Oh, my God, it is her.

She's directly in front of us.

And she likes Tangfastics.

She is amazing.

What do you think she does with all the penises after... ?




- Oh.

Excuse me.

This better not be you calling to tell me you're dead.

Will you please tell your friend to give me what's mine?

VILLANELLE: You're with Eve?

Eve, I'm at your work!

Everyone here is really strange!

KONSTANTIN: What the hell are you doing, getting her involved?

I had no choice. You were busy having a heart attack.

- Let me speak to her.
- Tell her to hand it over now.

VILLANELLE: And watch you leave without me? No way.

I'm very sick. I can't handle this right now.

Then you better leave it with her.

Meet us, now.

She said for me to hang onto it, didn't she?


The good ones...

I pickle.

The bad ones...you don't want to know.

- This has been great, guys!

Really. Thanks for the good time.


How do I drop a pin on these things?

Here. Let me.


- Yes?
- PAUL: I know.


I know you're the one who's been stealing money from the account.

KONSTANTIN: What do you want?

I want you at my house in half an hour.

Change of plans.

I have to go.

- Give me what's mine.
- No!

I'm coming with you.

- That's a very bad idea.
- Tough.

You know your problem?

You don't know what's good for you.

Says the man who just had a heart attack.

Don't touch me!

- Who was that?
- Don't question me!


KONSTANTIN: Don't say anything. I do the talking.


CAROLYN: Ah. Now he's here, we can start properly.

EVE: Carolyn?!

Eve, what are you doing here?

I'm helping.

- Villanelle.
- Of course.

- I'm surprised she's not wi...


Shall I?

- What have you told her?

As I've explained to you, Carolyn, he only knows me because I've been working undercover.

- And you believe that?
- Sit down.

No, next to him.

Well! This is something new.

- Who's he?
- Someone who's going to answer a couple of questions.

Carolyn, things will go a lot easier for you

if we just end this now.

Sit down, Paul!

He's the one who's been giving me orders.

- Who is he?
- KONSTANTIN: Whatever this is, we can talk about it.

Do you even know how to use that?

Please. Give the gun to me.



Seems to be working.

You're going to burn for this. Both of you.

- Shut up, Paul!
- VILLANELLE: What is going on?

I have no idea.

- What happened?
- It's fine.

CAROLYN: If you two are going to be here, the least you could do is just sit down and be quiet.

Carolyn, you know I've been working for The Twelve,

FSB, the British Security Service.

That can't be a surprise for you.

PAUL: This is why we've been investigating him.

He's betrayed everyone.

He's even been stealing millions from The Twelve.

Don't listen to him. He is The Twelve.

He's The Twelve?

- Yes.
- Do you know Helene?

Helen who runs the treasury desk?

No, Helene.

She's my boss. Ex-boss.

It was a very toxic workplace.

Did you order Dasha Duzran to kill my husband?

Did you?

I don't know any of the people you're talking about.

Dasha... is dead.

- Dead?
- Will you all be quiet?

Carolyn, what is this about?


Why did you kill my son?

- What?!
- Ha! That's ridiculous.

I saw the footage.

What footage?

On the day Kenny died,

you were there.

You were there?

I can explain.

Please do.

Because I'm very close to pulling this trigger.


- I'm waiting.

Tell her.

We were at the rooftop.

- You killed Kenny.
- VILLANELLE: He doesn't kill people.

He makes other people do it for him.

Why were you there?

Because of Paul.


Kenny was getting too close to The Twelve.

I told him if he wanted to live, he needed to come working for The Twelve.

I was trying to save him.

- KONSTANTIN: I promise.
- PAUL: He's lying.

I was trying to save him. I swear!

Yet he died.

He got scared.

He kept stepping back.

I tried to stop him.

But he fell before I could do anything.

I wish I could believe you.

You have to believe me.

The problem is, Konstantin, I don't.

- I wouldn't have.
- Wouldn't have? Why wouldn't you?

I wouldn't do that to someone I once...

Don't say 'loved'.

It's true.

Get down on your knees.

I loved you.

You never loved me. Not even close.
Get down on your knees!

Carolyn. Think of what...

Why just... why just me?

Why not him as well?

CAROLYN: Because I don't care about him.

He doesn't mean anything to me.

But I did care about you.

This was inevitable.


SONG: ♪ He's not good... ♪


Villanelle, do something!


♪ Won't hate you like I could... ♪



[GASPS] Oh, my God!

EVE: Oh, my God!

It should have been you.
Go, before I change my mind.





Are you coming?


Why not?

You're not family.

Why kill him?!

He had everything we wanted to know

- about The Twelve.
- He was a traitor.

Mo found the evidence.
And Paul had him killed for it.

He was a source!

It was Konstantin who killed your son!

No, Eve.

I am responsible for Kenny's death.

Look, it's not your fault!

Kenny was killed trying to expose The Twelve.

Isn't that what we're all trying to do?!

What I've come to realise is that one cannot destroy The Twelve.

You should listen to her, Eve.

CAROLYN: I know it. She knows it.

Maybe it's time you went cold turkey?

What do you mean?


You know precisely what I mean.

I like turkey.

Don't you want to just trot along after her?


- Hugh.
- Is it a clean-up?

- Yes. A suicide.
- HUGH: When do you need me?

We can start now.

Five minutes.




You can be pretty athletic when you choose.

I killed Dasha.

No. I killed Dasha.

I hit her over the head with a golf club.

I crushed her... with my foot.

- You did?
- Uh-huh.


Then I guess we both did.

VILLANELLE: Isn't that romantic?

You know the only people who would think that are?



I don't want to do it anymore.

Any of it.

What's happened to us?

I used to be like them.


Badly dressed?

You were never like them.

- You only thought you were.
- No.

I had a life.

I had a husband and a house.

- And a chicken.
- You still want that stuff?

When I try and think of my future, I just... see your face over and over again.

It's a very beautiful face.


Did I ruin your life?

Do you think I'm a monster?

You're so many things.

Doesn't answer my question.

I think we all have monsters inside of us.

It's just that most people manage to keep theirs hidden.

Well, I haven't.


Neither have I.

I think my monster encourages your monster.


I think I wanted it to.


Help me.

Help me make it stop.

So, no more tea dances?


If that's really what you want, it's not difficult.

- You're gonna tell me to jump?
- No! Of course not.

You'd die if you jumped.

- Yeah.
- It's easier than that.

If only that were true.

Stand up straight.

Stand up straight and look at me.


Now turn around and face the other way.

- What?
- I'll turn this way.

Have you turned?

I can't see you.


Now what?

Now we walk.

And we never look back.

- But I... I...
- Don't turn.

Just walk.

SONG: ♪ Tell me ♪

♪ I'm your baby ♪

♪ Be mine ♪

♪ For always ♪

♪ I'll be yours forever ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ♪

♪ Tell me ♪

♪ I'm your baby ♪

♪ And you'll never leave me ♪

♪ Tell me ♪

♪ That you'll kiss me ♪

♪ Forever. ♪