02x02 - Grounded

Previously on "Manifest" Save the passengers.

GRACE: I'm pregnant.

I just thought this would be something special to bring us all together when everything else is so scary.

NSA, drop your weapon!


Somebody help me!

You're Dr.

Saanvi Bahl, right?

- I'm sorry.

And you are ?

- Troy Davis.

Oncology lab tech.

I have an appointment with a therapist.

Michaela and I, we're meant to be together.


- Back off!


- Where's Zeke?

NYPD's looking for him.

I'm here to ask you to call off the hunt.

- It was an accident.

- BOWERS: You got shot, and your new boyfriend ran off.

The Callings said you guys are gonna die!

You need to be with Michaela.

She doesn't have much time.

And neither do you.

He's never gonna know about his Death Date.

He's innocent.

We have to make it possible for him to come home.

I didn't mean to hurt you, and I did.

What happens the next time I get a Calling?

This is what I need to do own up to my actions.

JARED: Zeke turned himself in.

He knows he's guilty.

You're not the only one who can come back from the dead.




We got to clear the airway.

Let's get him onto an I. V.

Please step back, ma'am.


Excuse me, is that Is that Vance?

How bad is it?

Can you just tell me how bad it is, please?



PARAMEDIC: You okay, sir?

My arm hurts like hell, but I'll live, thanks to you pulling me out of there.

Sir, we need to get you to a hospital.

No, people inside our own government were willing to kill me.

If I'm gonna take them down, I want them to think they succeeded.

You know the drill.

The world needs to think I'm dead.

MICHAELA: Well, I was convinced.

BEN: The whole world was.

You would have loved your funeral - Bobby.

- Hmm.

Well, I'm sorry I couldn't tell the truth to you well, both of you, but no one knows except my guys, my wife, and now the two of you.

You want to bring her up to speed, or should I?

Well, I wasn't planning to see you until I knew who the Major was, but your bloodhound brother accelerated our little reunion.

Yeah, well, that's our Ben for you.

So far, I've identified a-a black ops financial pipeline that appears to be funding a shadow 828 investigation.

Suffice it to say, I've been following the money.

And in the past week, that money has doubled.


What's the Major planning?

Well, that's why I asked you here.

I was hoping one of you could tell me.

A budget spike like that had to be the response to something.

Did anything significant happen to the 828 passengers this week?

Hmm, not that we know of.

You want me to do some poking around?

Stone, the last time you poked around, you ended up in the back of a van with a hood over your head.



I'll leave the espionage to you.

But I have been connecting with more and more passengers every day.

In fact, I've got a meeting in an hour with an 828er.

He's a freshman at Astoria.

He called me twice yesterday.

Seems like he's got something to tell me.


'Cause after all this is over, I can stop being dead, and I would really like you all to live.

And maybe we can get to the bottom of where the hell you all went for 5 and a half years.

- BEN: TJ.

- Hey.


Thanks for meeting me on campus.

No problem.

I'd forgotten how quiet a campus gets between sessions.

I used to be a professor.

You don't teach anymore?


No, I'm trying, but with all the attention and suspicion, the opportunities just haven't been there.


828 changed my life a lot.

Me too.

It changed everything for me.

I used to love it here.

Did well in my classes, joined the cross country team, the Latin club.

I was in it.

And my mom was proud which made me proud.

And then you went to Jamaica.

You know, this was probably a mistake.

I'm sorry that I bothered you.


Listen, you asked me here for a reason.

Is it because you're seeing things?

Hearing things, maybe?


And they've gotten Hey, it's okay.

You can talk to me about this.

I-I get them, too.

A lot of us do.


Sometimes they can be pretty terrifying.

Like seeing your own death?


Yeah, like that.

This morning, I had a vision of being inside my own grave.

CAL: You think it's a Death Date Calling?

You still thinking about the "save the passengers" Calling?

Yeah, me too.

It felt like the plane was crashing.

So maybe it's showing us how we're gonna die?

Um Well, your dad seems to think that it's about saving the passengers before the Death Date.

It felt more urgent than that, didn't it?

I know.

We have to talk to Zeke.

He was on the plane in our Calling, even though he wasn't in real life.

- That means something.

- Yeah, I know.

Well, once he's out on bail, we can talk to him.

- He had the same Calling, so - He didn't.

How do you know that?

In the Calling, he couldn't hear us or see us, and neither could anyone else.

We have to save him, just like we have to save the rest of the passengers.

Okay, I'm gonna try again to talk to him, alright?


I'm gonna miss having you live with us, Auntie Mick.

Well, I'm gonna miss stealing your waffles, buddy, but I got to go back to my apartment.

It's time.



Are you sure about this?

Once we know, we can't un-know.

It's gonna be okay, no matter what.


Paternity, right?


So, we just need to get a single vial of blood and then I'll swab your cheek and we'll send them both to the lab and we should have results back within one to two days.


- Are you afraid of needles?

- No.



Who ?

You okay?

Um, uh [ECHOING]






- Grace!

- I'm I'm sorry, we have to go!

Wait, you you you you can't you can't just We have to go.


Honey, are you okay?

What just happened?

I just h-heard my own voice, over and over, telling me to stop.

Oh, my God.

You just had a Calling.


I don't understand.

How could I have a Calling?

It doesn't make any sense.

I wasn't I wasn't on the plane.

But I was.

That still doesn't explain Oh, my God.

The pregnancy.

It's the only thing that makes sense.

So that would mean it's your baby.

It sure seems that way.

God, Ben, it's your baby.

Come on.

Let's get you home.

Come on.


That inmate is refusing visitors.

Ezekiel Landon?

Can you try again?

That inmate's refusing visitors.

Uh, does this help?

Sure, assuming the ADA sent you, advised the inmate's lawyer, and you have a case number.

No, I'm not officially on the case, but I'm an interested party.

I'm a friend of his.

You Next.

Thank you.

Have a good day.


Wycoff and Holland, look into the automobile theft - at Clark Towing.

- I got it.

And, Raines, your warrants came through on the 15th Avenue bust.

And of course, welcome, Detective Stone, back from medical leave.


Okay, let's get to it.

Detective Stone.


- Hi.

- Drea Mikami.

I just want to say it's such an honor to meet you.

- Oh.

- Your conviction record is almost too good to be true.

I was wondering, maybe, if you had a second, we could sit down, and I could pick your brain about how you Um, Mikami, do you mind?

Uh, kind of.


Detective Stone, I see you've met your new partner, Detective Mikami.

- Um - Hold on.

- Captain.


- Wow, this is This is great.

- Yeah, give one sec.

- Uh, Captain?

Detective Stone and I we used to be partners.

Yeah, and that partnership triggered a lot of internal investigations and unwanted attention from One PP.

So now I'm in charge, and Detective Stone has a new partner.

Don't start sleeping with this one.


You know this is not gonna work.

You need me to have your back here.

You know what?

Actually, I think I just need you to let this go.

Maybe it's for the best.

Clean break.


GRACE: Definitely need this nap.

I forgot how exhausting it is to make a new human.

Well, I am a big fan of your work.

We should still confirm.

I'll go see Saanvi as soon as I'm up.



It's that kid TJ, the one that had the Death Date Calling.

I was supposed to meet him again tomorrow, but Yeah.





TJ: Ben?

I didn't know what to do.

I didn't want to call the police.

Alright, what is it?

What happened?

It wasn't me I saw in the grave.

- What?

- It wasn't me.


Oh, my God.

Oh my God, TJ, what happened?

I have no idea.

I was trying to follow the Calling, to see if I could make any more sense of it after we talked this morning.

A-And it brought you here?

And I just started digging.


What do I do?

GRACE: Apparently, the Calling only trusts you to take my blood.

This changes everything I thought I knew.

Scientifically speaking, Callings have now been transferred genetically through the baby.

So, if it is Ben's baby will the Death Date also transfer?

We have no proof of that okay?


Detective Vasquez, 129th.

Catch me up.

You are looking at late teens, early 20s.

Rigor is abating, suggesting that she's been dead at least 36 hours.

Blunt force trauma and suffocation.

We found a student key card in her pocket.

Campus security is going to run it for an I. D.

Thank you.

You're campus security, right?

I want to know every time and place that key card was used this week.


Jared, I called 911.

How'd you get put on this?

Oh, I saw your name as a reporting witness.

I thought I should just come check it out.

Uh, this is TJ.

He was on 828, and he found the body.


How, exactly?

It's okay.

He'll understand.

Well, I was walking, and, I don't know, I just had a feeling.

So I started digging, and I found her.

I know how crazy that must sound.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

So, he's saying that a Calling he had led him here, and you believe him?

Yeah, how else could he have found the girl's body?

He could have found her by putting her there.

Come on, Jared.

You think he killed her?

Look, I don't think anything, Ben.

I'm gathering the facts, okay?

That's my job.


You're a better cop than a criminal.

Sorry, what?

You swiped that file off Vasquez's desk.

- Is that his court docket?

- Yep.

Are you and Vasquez in some kind of detente I need to know about?

Uh, need to?


- Got it.

- My last partner retired.


Good guy, but super old-school.

How did Aviera feel about being paired with a rich kid?

Where'd that come from?

That watch is three months' salary, you say things like "detente", and you have a photo on your desk of a horse English saddle, not Western.

So, yeah, you're moneybags.

Okay, not me, exactly, but my mom kind of killed it on Wall Street.

I'm guessing this isn't quite the trajectory she had in mind for you.

Being a cop?


But I love it.

And I want to learn from the best.

So maybe lesson one is why you read arraignments so carefully?

Lesson one is this.

What is the foundation of any good partnership?

- Trust.

- Great.

So, you can trust me not to tell anyone about your Upper Eastside past.



What do I do?

Cover for me while I deal with something.


I'll return the contraband.



Oh, whoa.


These are some serious books.


SAT prep.

I'm starting to realize exactly how much I don't know.

Not all answers can be found in books.


Hang on to this.

I love your jacket, by the way.

GRACE: Olive?

Who was that?

I don't know.

Oh, no, honey.

We can't be talking to Believers.

No, mom, she's super nice.

- I dropped my book.

- Sweetie, we have to be really careful.

If they find out there's an 828 baby If it is an 828 baby.

- It is.

- Wait.


So, i-it is dad's baby?

- You took the paternity test.

- Yeah.

I mean, not exactly, but, yeah, it's dad's.

Wait, what?

I'm How do you know, then?

Um I had a Calling.



How How is that even ?

I-I don't know.

Something to do with the pregnancy.

Sweetie, this is this is great news.

We can all be one family, just like we'd hoped.

Not really.

Now I'm the only one.



BAILIFF: All rise.

JUDGE: Ezekiel Landon, you are charged with one count of reckless endangerment of human life - Where's his lawyer?

- I have no idea.

He won't talk to me.

Yeah, me, neither.

I can't lose him again.

What if I can't afford the bail?

We're gonna get the money.

One count of assault in the first degree.

And you wish to defend yourself?

I do.

Can I make a statement?

Go ahead.

Your Honor, I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, and I've hurt people, good, decent people whose only flaw was believing in me.

I hurt my little sister, my parents, and I hurt someone someone I never wanted to hurt.

I don't want to spend the time I have left fighting these charges and dragging out the pain for those I care about.

What are you doing?


As to the count of assault in the first degree, I plead guilty.

Zeke, stop!

No, you can fight this!

- Your Honor, it was an accident.

- Order in the court!

Zeke, you can fight this!

It was an accident!



No, no, no, Zeke!

As to the count of illegal possession of a firearm - Zeke, stop!

- I plead guilty.

What are you doing?

You can fight this.

- Ma'am, please.

- As to the count of fleeing - the scene of a crime, I plead guilty.

- It was an accident.

Your Honor, it was an accident.

None None of it was supposed to happen!

As to the count of reckless endangerment of human life [DOOR SLAMS]

I plead guilty.


- Hey.

- Hey.

- How are you holding up?

- Yeah, I've been better.

I just can't believe Zeke pled guilty to How's Grace?

Taking it easy.

She's still thrown by the whole getting a Calling thing.

I can't wrap my head around that.

it doesn't make any sense.

I feel like we say that a lot.


It's true.

- Is that him?

- Mm-hmm.

Hi, I'm, uh, Michaela.

You must be TJ.


I hear Detective Vasquez brought you in for a follow-up.

Though he's kept us waiting long enough.

It's fine.

TJ's a glutton for punishment.

He's a cross-country runner who studies Latin.


My office, Detective.

What's that about?

Um, probably my unscheduled appearance at Zeke's arraignment.

You don't have to wait with me.


If you're here, I'm here.

The question is do you want to stay?

I want to see it through.

I mean, there's got to be a reason why I got this Calling, right?

Why it was sent to me and not you or your sister?

Yeah, maybe.

We still haven't figured out exactly how it works.

Well, at least you have each other.


Just like me with my mom.

She was cool.

More like a best friend, you know?

If your best friend constantly makes you eat salmon and listen to Madonna.

Sounds like you guys were close.


What happened to her?

When the plane went missing, um, she must have felt like she didn't have anything left to live for.

And she OD'd on sleeping pills a month later.

Oh, TJ, I'm so sorry.

My mom died when we were gone, too.

While I was gone, the school emptied my dorm room, and my mom's landlord tossed her stuff.

So I don't have anything.

Not even a photo of her.


Hi, excuse me.

I need access to a DNA Sequencer.

Dr. Bahl!

Troy Davis, remember?

- I tightened up the beard a little.

- Yes.



How are you doing?

You know what?

I think I left my I. D. in my office.

Don't worry.

I can vouch.

Y-You need a DNA Sequencer.

What do you need it for?

Anything interesting?

I would love to help.

Oh, it's just a theory that I'm working up.

Is it about that blood marker?

From your pediatric patient?

I'll just put down "research".

And by the way, I would love to help.

Yeah, you mentioned that.

Just, uh, have the machine delivered, and we can play the rest by ear.

Thank you.




Diamonds dancin' on the chain I swear all these is lame Came from murder and robberies Better not think about robbing me She suck me, I'm all in her artery These hatin' be watchin' me Run to the guap I'm headed straight to the top you broke, you a flop It's PNV, I will not stop I didn't realize I needed permission to attend an arraignment.

Captain Riojas was Let me tell you how it works in my precinct.

We have rules.

And making a scene at your own assailant's hearing violated several of them.

He's not my assailant.

Not an assailant, not your boyfriend.

You keep correcting me, and we just met.

He shot a cop.

That's confirmed by Detective Vasquez, who witnessed it, and by the defendant himself, who pled guilty.

Right, but it's not that simple.

It's exactly that simple.

It's a nice, simple, closed case.

The only one who's trying to make it difficult here is you.

He didn't mean to.

Well, he sure as hell meant to plead guilty, Detective.

So drop it.



JARED: Mick.

You want to tell me why you've been making that kid wait all day?

Oh, you're referring to the kid who swears he doesn't know anything about a homicide victim he just happened to dig up?

No, he doesn't, Jared.

Ben told you.

He He had a Calling.

TJ never met her.

His fingerprints are all over the victim's room.

- His prints were in her room?

- Okay, no, there's an explanation for this.

Just because he was on that plane - does not mean he's not a murderer.

- Jared, you're doing it again, where you're looking for the worst in people.

No, I'm looking for the evidence.

He knew exactly where the body was.

Okay, his fingerprints were found all over a room of a victim he swore he never met.

You know the drill.

Mick, you know I got to do this.

No, actually, you Jared, come on, stop.

- Oh, my God.

- Finally.

- Stand up and turn around, please.

- What?

- Stand up and turn around.

- Jared, what's going on?

You have the right to remain silent - Come on, Jared.

What the hell?

- You said he'd understand!

Listen to me, Ben.

I didn't do it.


I didn't do it.


- Jared, he's innocent!


- Ben!

- Mick, you've got - I didn't do it!

Please, listen to me!

Do something, please!



Hey, look at me.

Look at me.


You feel that?

What the hell you talking about?


Get him out of here.

No, stop!

Please let go!




Jared's still interrogating TJ.

It could take hours.

- Well, I'm not leaving.

- Okay.

I told TJ I was here for him, and I meant it.

Now, can we discuss what happened?

I've never seen anyone shake like that during a Calling.

I know.

It It felt like turbulence, like the plane Calling Cal and I had.

When he told you to save the passengers?



It happened right when TJ was arrested.

He's a passenger.

It's telling you to save him.

He's clearly innocent.

No, actually.

- Not clearly.

- What?

Look, TJ told us that he'd never met her, but his prints were all over her room.

Ben, I've gone over and over the file.

Her name was Frannie.

She was an art student.

Well, he didn't do it.

That's not what the evidence says.

Well, find new evidence!


You're too close to this, okay?

Oh, and you weren't close to the guy who shot you and ran off?

Don't bring Zeke into this.

You know he's innocent.

So is TJ!

Ben, you've known him for one day, okay?

You are way too trusting, and I and I love that about you, but it's a weakness, okay?

TJ tells you a sob story, and He is a passenger.

And you know what?

You're right.

I do trust him.

Because right now passengers are pretty much the only people I can trust.

So, please, dig deeper.


But if I find more proof that that he murdered this girl, then it's my job to make sure he never sees the light of day.

CAL: Can you take me to see Auntie Mick?

At the police station?

Cal, what what's up?

I need to talk to her.

There's There's something we're supposed to do together.

It's important.

Well, then, you're in luck because your older-and oh-so-wiser twin sister just happens to be sitting right in front of you, ready to listen.

That's okay.

But if mom or dad call, tell them I need help.


I-I can help.

At least let me try.

What is it?

It's about a Calling.

You wouldn't understand.


- It's just that - No, no, no.

I get it.



Having fun with your new toy?

Yeah, I'm just getting set up.

I can show you how I set up my test runs on this baby.

It's a little different from other Sequencers.

I'm just running some test results before I even get started.

Maybe we could get a coffee or something while you're waiting.

I figure we're overdue, anyway.

I suspect we may have more in common than just being keen researchers.

Might be fun to find out.

I'm sorry, what?

Just rambling.

I'm a ramblin' man Okay, so, I have to go.

Which means you have to go.



After you.

I already told the other cops.

I don't know him.

Frannie and I have been sorority sisters for three years, and I've never seen that guy before.

Do you know why Frannie stayed on campus in between sessions?

She's a Visual Arts major.

She was almost done getting ready for her first solo show at the campus gallery.

It's supposed to open this weekend.

- Is this Latin?

- I think so, yeah.


Maybe that's the crossover.

Maybe they were both in Latin.

Those notes aren't Frannie's.

She didn't take Latin.

Why does she have someone else's stuff in her room?

She had a ton of other people's junk around.

She pulled it out of the trash for her art.

She made collages out of found objects.

These must've been the discards that didn't make it into the show.

Cross country, Latin This This is TJ's stuff.

He was telling the truth.

He was never in this room, but his stuff was his old stuff from before 828.

Michaela, you okay?

Yeah, um Sorry.

Just Weird.

That's Frannie's key card.

She must have dropped it when she was sorting through stuff.

Frannie had her key card on her when she died.

Must've been a replacement.

Campus security records didn't have any reports of her card being lost.

Or them issuing a replacement.

You think they'd keep track of that.

If you needed to get a new card, where would you go?

Someone looks happy.

It's just a good day.

How nice!

Personal or professional?


Have you met me?

Though I think this lab tech just asked me out today.

He came by my office claiming to be checking in on the Sequencer, but I'm sorry.

Checking in on the what?

It's a DNA Sequencer.

Oh, got it.

I had a new realization about the Callings that they might be transferable, genetically, so I needed a new machine to look at the DNA sequencing so I can isolate the I'm sorry.

Sorry, this is so boring.

If you're excited about something, then I am happy to listen.

It is really exciting.

Actually, you know, Troy could be helpful with the sequencing because the calibration needs to be so precise.

As long as I don't let him see any of my research.


Hey, I don't want to do the SATs, and I really don't need the lecture.

Come here, love.

I know how it felt when we were the only two people not having the Callings.

And I can only imagine how you must be feeling now that I've had a Calling.

Honey, we will always be a family.

Nothing can come between us.

Not even the Callings.

Mom, do you think I'm resentful because everyone else gets the Callings and I don't?

- You're not?

- Mom, I'm not resentful.

I'm terrified.

Because the Callings gave Cal and dad the Death Date.

How do you know that you and the baby don't have it, too?

And in five years, you'll all be gone.

And I'll be the only one left.

I had thought that maybe the baby I really don't see why I'm cramming all of this SAT stuff just to be standing there alone at my college graduation wishing that all of you were alive.

Honey, I'm sure we'll be at Mom, you're not sure about anything!

And you are lying if you say you are!



Hi, there.

Detectives Mikami and Stone, NYPD.

Just wondering if we could, uh, talk to you about Frannie King?

Yeah, of course.

Whataya need?

The card that she had on her was a replacement.

Just want to know when it was issued.


There's no entry in the log.

Do you know who was on shift the night before last?

That'll be Wilkins.



What's going on?

Uh, that student who died Frannie King.

She come in for a key replacement?


You sure?

'Cause even if it's not in the log, the key card machine's a computer, so it records every output.

We just got to download it.

You know, a girl did run in here for a card.

She was in a hurry to get back to her room.

I guess I forgot to log it.

Why was she in a hurry?

No idea.

She didn't talk much.

She just took the card and headed towards the west gate.

Not towards her sorority?

I don't know if she was in a sorority.

I just saw her leave, and that was it.

Sorry, so, you noticed that she was in a hurry and where she was going, but you you didn't notice the giant sorority letters on her sweatshirt?

That's kind of selective in your observations.

Sorry, but that's all I remember.

I need to get going.

Yeah, one more quick question, actually.

When did you get the shiny new boots?

It's really hard to get blood out of leather, isn't it?


You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

I assume you're gonna clue me in as to what just happened.

That's lesson number two.


It's over.

They found the perp's boots in a Dumpster outside of his house covered in Frannie's DNA.

I should have been able to help her, though.

- It's my fault.

- No, no.

She was dead before you ever got the Calling.

TJ, you couldn't have saved her.

Why would the Calling want me to find a dead body?

Without you, Frannie's body may never have been found.

At least now her family can get some closure.

Yeah, the guard left his previous jobs under suspicion of harassment and stalking.

I mean, he was likely a serial predator.

You saved whoever would have been his next victim or victims.

But why me?

Why did I get this Calling?

I think we may know.

Come on.

I'll show you.

Thank you.

Come on.

Give me a second.

Thank you.

And I'm sorry I pushed too hard before.

It's another one of my weaknesses.

No, no.

The, uh The only thing that I'm mad at is the fact that you were right.

So, I'm sorry, too.

Congratulations on an amazing solve, Stone.

I've been looking back at your cases, and you've had a lot of solves from anonymous tips.

A lot.

So many, in fact, an ADA might start asking questions.

You see, I like a paper trail.

I like a long paper trail.

It means that my cops are doing their jobs.

So, tell me, detective, how'd you solve this one, in two hours, no less?

Anonymous tip.

It's your case, Vasquez.

You buy that?

I do.


Because I don't buy it for a second.

Going forward, I don't want you two anywhere near the same cases.

The school held onto your stuff for years before they threw it out.

But when they did, it was found again by Frannie.

That's why the Calling led you to find her.

'Cause she found you.

I can stay if you want me to.


No, I just, uh I don't know how to thank you.


Go see your mom.

Ben Stone?


You're kidding me.

How long has it been?

Well, for you or for me?

What are you doing here?

- I'm a dean.

Well, can you believe it?

- Yeah, I can.

You were the smartest student in Number Theory.

Well, my group study partner was a real inspiration.

What about you?

Besides shattering the laws of physics, what have you been up to?

Actually, dean, I'm on a job hunt, so if you Ben.

Sent me your CV today.

My e-mail's on the department's website.


Will do.


Uh, you're the Yeah, the girl with the two tons of SAT books.

No, you were so much more than just that.

You were the girl in the killer jacket.

Thank you.

I'm Maxine Taylor.


Olive Stone.


"Stone", as in Yes, but, you know, I don't really want everyone to Yeah, no worries!

Come in.

Adrian's about to speak.

And you have to tell me where you shop.

Deal, if you tell me where you got your hair done.

Oh, this is all DIY.

I can hook you up.



I don't suppose you know anything about DNA Sequencers.

I assume you're talking about the one Saanvi's been using.

She made a new discovery about a genetic change to the 828ers, but she's been doing the tests in her labs to keep it all under wraps.

How would you know about that?

Because it's clearly not under wraps.

I've been tracking the accounts.

Looks like the Major just ordered one.

How the hell does the Major know about Saanvi's discovery?


JARED: Shots fired.

Officer down.

Hold on, Michaela.

I'm so sorry.



"Dear Zeke" [RUMBLING]

"I don't know how to say this, other than I need you".


It's happening again!

Just hang on.

Just hang on.



Zeke, please!


Zeke, can you hear me?


Can you hear me?


- Zeke, I'm right here, okay?

- Michaela.

Hey, hey, hey, I'm right here.

I'm right here.


Zeke, I'm right here.



Is that you?


It's not working.

Let's double the dose.

No, please.

I need No, the Calling.



I'm sorry.