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01x08 - The Beginning of the End
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108 – The Beginning Of The End.

“In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name: Merlin.”

Camelot – Lower Town – Market

Mordred walks through the market with his father, Cerdan.

CERDAN: Do you have my supplies ready? We must leave the city without delay.

STALLHOLDER: Everything you asked for, it's all here. I'm sorry.

Guards approach. Mordred and his father duck under the merchant's table to run through the market.

GUARD: Seize him! Stop there!

Mordred and Cerdan are forced to run into the palace grounds. A guard jumps at them and slashes Mordred. Merlin hears Mordred's telepathic scream.

CERDAN: *spell*

The spell throws the guard into the rampart wall. Mordred can't run far, so he and his father are stuck on the drawbridge.

CERDAN: Abannan átí.

The spell shuts the drawbridge gates.

CERDAN: Run! Run, run!

Mordred runs through the gates before they close. Cerdan allows himself to be caught.

Castle – Central Corridor

Merlin walks down the corridor.

MORDRED (telepathy): Help!

Merlin stops to look for the owner of the voice. Merlin enters the Square.

MORDRED (telepathy): Help me! Please.

Merlin stops to look around again and sees Mordred sitting by a stone ledge, looking at him.

MORDRED (telepathy): Please. You have to help me.

Merlin realises the boy is using telepathy.

MORDRED (telepathy): Help me.

Merlin sees the guards enter the Square.

GUARD: Search in there. Take the other side. You, did you see a boy run in here?

MORDRED (telepathy): They're searching for me.

MERLIN (telepathy): Why are they after you?

MORDRED (telepathy): They're going to kill me.

GUARD: Guards! In here!

Merlin runs to a side door, looks at the guards, and then nods to Mordred.

MERLIN (telepathy): This way. Run. Run!

Mordred runs to Merlin, holding his wounded arm.

GUARD: Hey. There he is! Alert the rest of the guards!

Merlin grabs Mordred's hand and they run up the Griffin Stairway.

GUARD: In there. Quick, down there. We've got 'im.

Merlin and Mordred run up the curved stairs.

Morgana's Chambers

Merlin bursts in with Mordred.

MORGANA: Have you forgotten how to knock, Merlin?!

MERLIN: The guards are after him. I didn't know what to do.

GUARD (knocks): My Lady? (knocks) My Lady?

MORGANA: In there.

Morgana waits until Merlin and Mordred are behind the curtain to open the door.

GUARD: I'm sorry to disturb you, My Lady.

Mordred collapses into Merlin's arms.

GUARD: We're searching for a young Druid boy. We believe he came this way.

MORGANA: I haven't seen anyone. It's just me and my maid.

GUARD: Best keep the door locked till we find him.

MORGANA: Of course. Thank you.

Morgana closes the door and runs to check on Mordred. Merlin's hand is covered in Mordred's blood.

Castle – Council Chamber Of Doom

ARTHUR: The Druid was only in Camelot to collect supplies. He meant no harm. Is it necessary to execute him?

UTHER: Absolutely necessary. Those who use magic cannot be tolerated.

ARTHUR: The Druids are a peaceful people.

UTHER: Given the chance, they would return magic to the kingdom. They preach peace, but conspire against me. We cannot appear weak.

ARTHUR: Showing mercy can be a sign of strength.

UTHER: Our enemies will not see it that way. We have a responsibility to protect this kingdom. Executing the Druid will send out a clear message. Find the boy. Search every inch of the city.

Morgana's Chambers

Mordred lies awake. Morgana and Merlin watch the Square below as Cerdan is waiting to be executed. Uther and Arthur stand on the balcony.

UTHER: People of Camelot, the man before you is guilty of using enchantments and magic. Under our law, the sentence for this crime is death. We're still searching for his accomplice. Anyone found harbouring the boy is guilty of conspiracy, and will be executed as a traitor. Let this serve as a warning to your people.

CERDAN: You have let your fear of magic turn to hate. I pity you.

MORGANA: I can't watch this.

Morgana leaves the window and sits down on the floor, cradling Mordred. Uther signals for Cerdan to be executed.

MORDRED (telepathy): No!

Morgana's mirror breaks.

Gaius's Chambers

MERLIN: Do you know much about the Druids?

GAIUS: Very little. They're very secretive people. Especially now they're being hunted by Uther. Merlin, please tell me you haven't got yourself mixed up in this.

MERLIN: Me? No. Mixed up in what?

GAIUS: For someone with such a big secret, you are a terrible liar.

MERLIN: Well, I haven't done anything.

GAIUS: Merlin...

MERLIN: I heard the boy calling out. He was nowhere to be seen, but I could hear him... like he was inside my mind.

GAIUS: Yes, I've heard of this ability. The Druids look for children with such gifts to serve as apprentices. While they're searching for this boy, you must be especially careful otherwise it'll be your head on the chopping block.

MERLIN: I'm always careful. You know me.

GAIUS: Yes, Merlin, unfortunately I do.

Camelot – Lower Town

Merlin sees the guards poking their pole arms through a hay cart.

Morgana's Chambers

MERLIN: How is he?

MORGANA: He's sleeping. He's very pale. I worry he may have lost a lot of blood.

MERLIN: Has he said anything at all?

MORGANA: Nothing. He won't even tell me his name.

MERLIN: You know, er, for a moment there earlier, I- I thought you were going to hand us over to the guards.

MORGANA: I'm glad you have so much faith in me, Merlin.

MERLIN: No, no, sorry. Erm, I meant, you're the King's ward. You're taking a huge risk helping the boy.

MORGANA: I wouldn't see an innocent child executed. What harm has he ever done anyone?

MERLIN: Uther believes he has magic, and that makes him guilty.

MORGANA: Uther's wrong.

MERLIN: You believe that?

MORGANA: What if magic isn't something you choose? What if it chooses you? Why are you looking at me like that?

MERLIN: Nothing.

MORGANA: Why are you helping him?

MERLIN: It was a spur of the moment decision. What do you think we should do with him? He can't stay here.

MORGANA: We have to find a way to get him back to his people.

Castle – Council Chamber Of Doom

Morgana dining with Uther.

UTHER: You seem troubled, Morgana. Is something wrong?

MORGANA: No, My Lord. I'm sorry I'm not better company.

UTHER: I'm merely concerned for your welfare, that's all.

MORGANA: Thank you, My Lord. All is well.

Arthur enters.

UTHER: What news of the hunt for the Druid boy?

ARTHUR: We have conducted an extensive search. The boy is nowhere to be found.

UTHER: You mean you failed to find him?

ARTHUR: Perhaps he's already left the city.

UTHER: You're telling me that a wounded boy is able to evade the guards and escape the city? Nonsense, someone's hiding him. I want him found.

ARTHUR: He's just a boy. What harm can he do?

UTHER: He is a Druid, and that makes him dangerous.

MORGANA: The Druids would see your father's kingdom destroyed.

ARTHUR: I had no idea you were such an authority on Druids.

UTHER: Morgana is right. Double your efforts.

ARTHUR: Yes, father.

UTHER: Keep searching until you find him.

Morgana's Chambers

Merlin checks on Mordred.

MERLIN: He's burning up. How long has he been like this?

MORGANA: Since early this morning. I think his wound may be infected. We need Gaius before it gets any worse.

MERLIN: No. We can't involve Gaius. It's too dangerous. Besides, if he finds out about this, he'll execute me himself.

MORGANA: We need to get him out of Camelot, and we can't do that while he's sick. We need a physician.

MERLIN: I'll treat him.

MORGANA: Merlin, do you know how to treat an infected wound?

MERLIN: Not exactly, but I'm a fast learner.

Footsteps and knocking at the door. Morgana closes the curtain and goes to open the door.

MORGANA: Arthur! To what do I owe this pleasure?

ARTHUR: Don't get all excited. It's not a social call. I'm looking for the Druid boy. I'm afraid I'm going to have to search your chambers.

MORGANA: You're not searching my chambers.

ARTHUR: Don't take it personally. I have to search the entire castle. Only take a few minutes.

MORGANA: I'm not having you mess up my things.

ARTHUR: I'm not interested in your things, I'm just looking for any evidence that the Druid boy's in the castle.

Merlin peeks through the curtain and sees Mordred's boots sitting out in plain sight.

MORGANA: Perhaps the Druid boy's hiding in your chambers. They're usually such a mess, you'd never know.

ARTHUR: It's hardly my fault I have such a lazy idiot for a servant.

MERLIN (whisper): Bestepe 'scós.

The boots tiptoe towards Merlin.

MORGANA: If you can't even find your own servant, what hope do you have of finding the boy?

MERLIN (whisper): Gestælle scós.

The boots hide behind a column.

ARTHUR: Really, I'm touched by the confidence you have in my abilities. And, as much as I'd love to stay and talk, the sooner we get started, the sooner we'll be finished.

MERLIN (whisper): Ástýre scós.

The boots tiptoe to Merlin behind the curtain.

MORGANA: Well, I'll save you the trouble.

ARTHUR: Trust me, if I could find him, I would.

MORGANA: The Druid boy's hiding behind the screen. I'm sure your father would love to know how you wasted your time by rifling through my things. Go on.

ARTHUR: So you can have the satisfaction of making me look a fool?

MORGANA: In my experience, you don't need any help looking like a fool. What are you waiting for? Take a look.

ARTHUR: Why don't you go back to brushing your hair, or whatever it is that you do all day?

MORGANA: Bye, Arthur. Good luck with the search!

Gaius’s Chambers

Merlin is searching through books.

MERLIN: Bites, bruises, burns, wounds... Infections...

Merlin grabs a few bottles and some herbs.

GAIUS: Ah, there you are. I need you to pick some heather for me.

MERLIN: Er, can I do it later? I was just going out.

GAIUS: Who set this book out?

MERLIN: It was me. I was doing some reading.

GAIUS: Oh? I'd given up hoping you might take more of an interest in my work.

MERLIN: No. It's fascinating.

GAIUS: Merlin, you are riddle wrapped up in a mystery.

MERLIN: That's me. I was just getting some cleaning supplies. Arthur's been complaining about the state of his chambers.

GAIUS: I think Arthur's chambers can wait. I'm not missing the chance to begin your education.

MERLIN: Really. I should go.

GAIUS: Sit! We'll start with some basic anatomy...

Gaius pulls out a giant volume.

Morgana's Chambers

Morgana opens the door for Merlin to enter.

MORGANA: What took you so long?

MERLIN: Sorry. Once Gaius gets talking about anatomy, there's no stopping him.

Merlin begins treating Mordred.

MORGANA: Are you sure you know what you're doing?

MERLIN: I'm doing my best.

MORGANA: I'll get you some more water.

MORDRED (telepathy): Thank you, Emrys.

MERLIN (telepathy): Emrys? Why do you call me that?

MORDRED (telepathy): Among my people, that is your name.

MERLIN (telepathy): You know who I am. How?

MERLIN: Speak to me.

MORGANA: I don't know if he can't speak, or... he's just too scared to.

Dragon’s Cave

Merlin sees the guards continuing to search the castle as he goes down the Tunnel Corridor to the Dragon's Cave.

MERLIN: Hello?

The dragon climbs around a corner and roars. Merlin sighs.

MERLIN: Do you have to do that? You scared the life out of me.

KILGHARRAH: The young warlock. No doubt you're here about the Druid boy.

MERLIN: How did you know?

KILGHARRAH: Like you, I hear him speak.

MERLIN: Why does he call me Emrys?

KILGHARRAH: Because that is your name.

MERLIN: I'm pretty sure my name's Merlin, always has been.

KILGHARRAH: You have many names.

MERLIN: Do I? How does the boy know who I am? I've never even met any Druids.

KILGHARRAH: There is much written about you that you have yet to read. You should not protect this boy.

MERLIN: Why? He has magic. He's just like me.

KILGHARRAH: You and the boy are as different as day and night.

MERLIN: What do you mean?

KILGHARRAH: Heed my words, Merlin.

MERLIN: Why should I not protect him?

The dragon flies off.

Morgana's Chambers

Morgana tends the feverish Mordred.

GWEN: Let me care for him for a while. You need to sleep. You'll make yourself sick if you go on like this.

MORGANA: His fever's getting worse.

MORDRED (telepathy): Morgana.

MORGANA: Did you hear that?

GWEN: What?

MORGANA: He said my name.

GWEN: Did he? I didn't hear anything.

A knock on the door.

MERLIN: It's Merlin.

Gwen opens the door.

MERLIN: How is he?

MORGANA: He's getting weaker. Whatever you did yesterday, it hasn't worked. We have to ask Gaius for his help. After all you've done, you can't give up now! Please! If he doesn't receive treatment, he'll die!


Gaius's Chambers

GAIUS: The search for this Druid boy is becoming a real nuisance. With all the extra security around the castle, it's taking me twice as long to do my round. Is that everything?

MERLIN: Morgana's hiding the Druid boy in her chambers.

GAIUS: When you say that Morgana's hiding the Druid boy, I take that means that you're helping her?

MERLIN: Sort of.

GAIUS: Merlin, you promised me that you wouldn't get involved.

MERLIN: I know. I'm sorry. I had no choice.

GAIUS: Every guard in Camelot is searching for this boy, and you're harbouring him under their very noses. Can't you see how dangerous that is? What were you thinking of?

MERLIN: Was I supposed to hand him over to the guards to be executed?

GAIUS: You think you can save this boy? What happens if you're caught? Who's going to save you?

MERLIN: You're saying it's wrong to harbour a young magician?

GAIUS: The difference is, Merlin, that your magic is still secret. Though it's a wonder how, considering how careless you are.

MERLIN: The boy's hurt. He's really sick. I've tried to treat him. We need your help.

GAIUS: So, now you want me to risk my neck, too? I wish the boy no harm, but it's too dangerous.

MERLIN: But if you don't, we may as well hand him over to the guards, because he'll die anyway. You didn't turn your back on me. Please don't turn your back on him.

Morgana's Chambers

Gaius examines Mordred.

GAIUS: I will treat the boy, but as soon as he's well, you must get him out of Camelot. And woe betide anyone caught helping him. Well, one thing we know for certain.

MERLIN: What's that?

GAIUS: You're no physician.

Camelot – Lower Town – Market

Morgana, Merlin, and Gwen watch the guards.

GUARD: Halt there.

The guards stop a man pulling a cart out through the gate.

GWEN: The guards are searching everyone leaving the town.

MERLIN: There is another way out. There's a secret door in the armoury. It leads to the lower town. I'll take the boy out that way.

MORGANA: No. It's too dangerous. I'll do it.

MERLIN: But I--I'm good with secret doors and things.

MORGANA: If you are caught, Uther will execute you. The boy's my responsibility. I'll smuggle him out of the castle.

MERLIN: Well, you'll need a key for the door.

MORGANA: Who has it?

MERLIN: Arthur.

Arthur's Chambers

Arthur dines on soup.

MERLIN: Inbringe, cume mec.

The spell floats the keys off of Arthur's belt.

ARTHUR: Is there any bread?

The keys jangle as Merlin floats them behind Arthur's head as he turns.

ARTHUR: What was that?


ARTHUR: There was a sound.

MERLIN: Was there?

Merlin continues floating the keys behind Arthur's head as he stands up to search for the sound.

ARTHUR: What is that? Can't you hear it?!

MERLIN: I can't hear anything.

ARTHUR: Are you deaf? It's like a...jangling sound.

Arthur walks towards Merlin.

MERLIN: There!

Merlin points behind Arthur.


MERLIN: I thought I saw something.

Arthur moves to where Merlin pointed. Merlin drops the keys into the soup.

ARTHUR: What was that?

MERLIN: What was what?

ARTHUR: A different sound, like a splash.

Merlin picks up some bread from the table.

MERLIN: Bread?

Arthur leaves, checking his hearing on the way out. Merlin grabs the keys from the soup.

Morgana's Chambers

Morgana dresses in Gwen's clothes.

MORGANA: It'll have to do.

Morgana sighs.

MORGANA: I feel I've put you in danger without ever stopping to ask how you feel about it. I'm sorry.

GWEN: I know how it feels to face the threat of execution. And I wouldn't wish that on anyone.


MERLIN: It's Merlin.

Gwen goes to open the door. Morgana goes to Mordred.

MORGANA: We're going to get you out of Camelot. I won't let anything bad happen to you. I promise.

MERLIN: Are you ready?

Morgana nods.

MORGANA: Did you get the keys?

MERLIN: Yeah. Er, the door is behind the shield at the far end of the armoury.

GWEN: I'll pack you some food and water for the journey. Be careful.


Guards march through the Griffin Landing as Morgana peeks over the edge of the curved stairs and descends with Mordred. A serving girl sees them sneaking off through the corridor at the bottom of the Spiral Stairway. They sneak out through the door behind the shield in the armoury.

Gwen's House

Gwen prepares some travel supplies.

GWEN: I hope they're OK. Morgana really cares about the boy. I've never seen her this way with anyone.

MERLIN: I'm sure she just wants to protect him.

GWEN: Hmm.

Castle – Armoury

Arthur walks through the armoury with a guard.

GUARD: A servant saw someone entering. They had a boy with them.

Arthur sees the revealed door and checks his key ring, but the key is missing.

ARTHUR: Sound the warning bell.

Gwen's House

Merlin looks out the window as the warning bells sound.

MERLIN: They're coming.

Morgana and Mordred enter.

GWEN: There's enough food for three days.

MERLIN: Your horse is fed and watered. I'll take you to it.

MORGANA: No. There's no point in all of us risking our lives.

MERLIN: What about you?

MORGANA: I'm the King's ward. I'll take my chances.

GWEN: Morgana!

MORGANA: I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to either of you. We must go.

MORDRED (telepathy): Goodbye, Emrys.

Camelot – Lower Town

Morgana and Mordred try to run, but Arthur and the guards approach through their exit. Morgana and Mordred hide in a nearby building. Arthur enters.

ARTHUR: Fan out.

Morgana and Mordred make a break for it, but they run across a guard and Arthur blocks the other ide of the path. Arthur draws his sword and places it at Morgana's back.

ARTHUR: Halt, or I'll run you through. Show yourself.

Morgana turns around. Arthur is shocked.

MORGANA: Let him go. I beg you. He's just a child.

Arthur debates, looking at the guards around him.

ARTHUR: Restrain them.

Castle – Council Chamber Of Doom

UTHER: All this time, you've been hiding the boy in my own palace. How could you betray me like this?

MORGANA: I would not see him executed.

UTHER: I've treated you like a daughter. Is this how you repay me?

MORGANA: I did what I thought was right.

UTHER: You think it's right to conspire with my enemies against me?

MORGANA: How can this child be your enemy? He's just a boy.

UTHER: He is a Druid.

MORGANA: Is that such a crime?

UTHER: His kind would see me dead and this kingdom returned to anarchy and you would help them.

MORGANA: Then punish me... but spare the boy. I beg you.

UTHER: Make arrangements for the boy to be executed tomorrow morning.

MORGANA: No! Please. He's done nothing.

UTHER: Let this be a lesson to you.

MORGANA: You don't have to do this.

UTHER: Do you hear me? I want him executed at dawn.

ARTHUR: Yes, Father.

MORGANA: What have these people done to you? Why are you so full of hate?

Morgana marches towards Uther and grabs his arm. Uther grabs her throat and presses her against a chair back.

UTHER: Enough! I will not hear another word! Do not speak to me until you are ready to apologise for what you've done.

Uther leaves, Arthur follows him.

Morgana's Chambers

MORGANA: I promised that I wouldn't let anything bad happen.

MERLIN: You can't blame yourself. You tried your best.

MORGANA: It's not enough.

MERLIN: He's in jail now. There's nothing more we can do.

MORGANA: I will not let him die. Can I count on your help?

Merlin nods.

MORGANA: Thank you.

Castle – Courtyard Corridor

Arthur follows Uther down the corridor.

ARTHUR: Perhaps imprisonment is a more suitable punishment for the boy. I mean, he's so young.

UTHER: It would allow him to grow more powerful, more dangerous, until he strikes against us.

ARTHUR: We don't know he's gonna strike against us. He's yet to do anything.

UTHER: It is enough that his people conspire to overthrow me. This is harsh, but necessary. I take no pleasure in killing the boy.

ARTHUR: Well, then spare him for Morgana's sake. She's clearly grown attached to the boy, and if you execute him I fear she will never forgive you.

Uther stops and rounds on Arthur.

UTHER: I do not seek her forgiveness! She has betrayed me!

ARTHUR: Yet you're sparing her.

UTHER: She has the promise I made her father to thank for that. The boy enjoys no such privilege. He will be executed at dawn. Is that clear?

Arthur's Chambers

Arthur enters. Morgana is waiting for him.

ARTHUR: Make yourself at home.

MORGANA: You can't let your father execute the boy.

ARTHUR: You're lucky he's not executing you. Are you telling me he really was behind the screen when I came to search your chambers?

Morgana nods.

MORGANA: I know you believe your father's wrong to execute him.

ARTHUR: What I believe doesn't matter. My father's made up his mind. He won't be talked out of it. I tried.

MORGANA: Then the time for talking is over.

ARTHUR: Whatever you're thinking, it's not going to happen.

MORGANA: We have to get the boy back to his people.

ARTHUR: No. Forget it.

MORGANA: I can't believe you'd let an innocent child die!

ARTHUR: It's too late. He's been caught. I have no choice.

MORGANA: And is this how you will rule when you are King? You're not like your father.

ARTHUR: I will not betray him.

MORGANA: If I know you at all, you won't stand by and let this happen. Please. If you won't do this for the boy, then do it for me.

Castle – Main Square

Merlin watches the executioner sharpen his axe.

Arthur's Chambers

Merlin enters. Morgana and Arthur look at him.

MERLIN: Sorry. Was I interrupting something?

ARTHUR: Nothing you need concern yourself with. Go make yourself useful, muck out my horses.

MORGANA: I trust Merlin.

Arthur motions for Merlin to enter.

ARTHUR: We're going to break the Druid boy out of the dungeons.

MERLIN: You can't do that.

MORGANA: We have to. Uther's going to execute him at dawn.

MERLIN: I mean... it's too dangerous. You've already been caught once, and if the King catches you a second time he'll never forgive you.

MORGANA: I'm not worried for myself.

ARTHUR: Merlin's right. When my father finds out the boy's escaped, he will suspect you being involved.

MERLIN: It's suicide.

ARTHUR: You must go to my father and apologise. Dine with him, he cannot hold you responsible if you're with him when the boy escapes.

MORGANA: You need me if the plan's to work. You can't do this on your own.

ARTHUR: Merlin will take your place.


ARTHUR: I'm going to take the boy out through the burial vaults. There's a tunnel that leads beyond the city walls. Get my horse from the stables and meet me there. There's a grate that covers the entrance to the tunnel. Bring a rope and a grappling hook to pull it off.

MERLIN: No-- no, I can't...

ARTHUR: Merlin. Do you understand? If you're not there to meet us, we'll surely be caught.

Merlin nods.

Dragon's Cave

MERLIN: I need to know why you told me not to protect the boy.

KILGHARRAH: You seek my counsel and yet you choose to ignore it.

MERLIN: Just tell me why.

KILGHARRAH: If the boy lives, you cannot fulfil your destiny.

MERLIN: What's he got to do with my destiny? You said it's my destiny to protect Arthur.

KILGHARRAH: Then you have the answer you seek.

MERLIN: You're telling me that little boy is going to kill Arthur?

KILGHARRAH: It seems that is up to you.

MERLIN: No. You can't know that for certain.

KILGHARRAH: You have it in your power to prevent a great evil.

MERLIN: There must be another way! The future isn't set in stone!

KILGHARRAH: You must let the boy die.

Gaius's Chambers

GAIUS: I assume it's the plight of the Druid boy that's causing your forehead to wrinkle like a lizard's elbow.

MERLIN: Would you let something terrible happen if it meant you'd stop something even worse happening in the future?

GAIUS: I suppose it depends on what the 'terrible' and 'even worse' things were.

MERLIN: One of them's bad, really bad. And the other, it's...unthinkable.

GAIUS: It sounds as if you've already made your decision. You can only do what you believe to be right, Merlin. I just hope it doesn't involve you putting yourself in terrible danger.

MERLIN: For once, you don't have to worry. I'm going to do nothing.

Morgana's Chambers

Gwen helps Morgana dress for dinner.

MORGANA: Thank you.

Morgana turns around and sees Gwen's expression.

MORGANA: What is it? What's wrong?

GWEN: You're risking so much for this boy. You don't know anything about him. You don't even know his name.

MORGANA: There's a bond between us.

GWEN: Stronger than the bond you have with Uther?

MORGANA: It's like nothing I've ever felt before. Perhaps I was always meant to help him.

GWEN: How can that be?

MORGANA: I don't know. I can't explain it.

Gwen sighs and shakes her head.

MORGANA: I must go to Uther.

GWEN: Good luck.

Castle – Council Chamber Of Doom

Uther dines as Morgana enters with tear stained cheeks.

MORGANA: I have come to apologise, My Lord. You have been generous and kind and fair. And I owe you everything. I truly don't know what came over me. I acted without thinking of the consequence. My behaviour was unforgivable. *gasp*

UTHER: I am glad you've seen sense. Dine with me. Let's put this *ahem* unfortunate incident behind us.

Castle – Dungeons

Arthur descends the Wrought Iron Stairway. He stops halfway and drops a smoking bag down to the guards, who cough and pass out. Arthur grabs their keys and opens Mordred's cell.

ARTHUR: Don't be scared. I've sent word to your people, I'm taking you to them. You must come with me.

Arthur takes Mordred's hand and leads him out. They head down a tunnel with a torch.

ARTHUR: This way.

The guards wake.

GUARD: It's the Druid boy. He's escaped!


Arthur and Mordred reach the gate at the end of the tunnel. Merlin is nowhere in sight.

ARTHUR (whisper): Merlin! Merlin! Don't worry, he'll be here.

Merlin’s Chamber

Merlin sits on his bed. The warning bells sound.

Castle – Council Chamber Of Doom

Morgana dines with Uther.

UTHER: Guard!

A guard enters.

UTHER: Find out why they've sounded the warning bell.

GUARD: Yes, My Lord.


Arthur pushes against the gate.

ARTHUR: Damn it, Merlin!

Arthur and Mordred hear a door open at the other end of the tunnel. Arthur puts out the torch.

GUARD(distant): I think they went that way.

Merlin’s Chamber/Tunnels

Merlin sits in his chamber. Arthur and Mordred wait anxiously.

MORDRED (telepathy): Emrys. Emrys. Where are you, Emrys? Emrys. Help us. Please! They're coming.

GUARD 1: Look over there. Look over there. Check in there.

GUARD 2: Yes, sir.

Arthur draws his sword.

GUARD 1: But you look down here.

MORDRED (telepathy): I'm scared, Emrys. They will kill me. Don't do this. Don't ignore me. I know you can hear me. I thought you were my friend. We're the same. I don't want to die. Emrys! Emrys! Emrys!

Tunnel Exit

Merlin sneaks past the guards across the drawbridge.


ARTHUR (whisper): Where the hell have you been?!

MERLIN: I had trouble getting out of the castle.

Merlin narrows his eyes at Merlin.

ARTHUR (whisper): Well, get this grate off, they're coming!

Merlin attaches the grappling hook and pulls off the grate. Merlin lifts Mordred up onto the horse in front of Arthur.

ARTHUR: If my father asks where I am, I've gone on a hunting trip. You'd better make yourself scarce, or they'll execute you in his place.

MORDRED (telepathy): Goodbye, Emrys. I know that someday we will meet again.

Castle – Council Chamber Of Doom

GUARD: My Lord. I regret to report that the Druid boy has escaped from the dungeon.

UTHER: What!? How?

GUARD: My Lord, he was assisted by some accomplices. The guards are searching Camelot as we speak.

UTHER: Find him and his accomplices and kill them.

GUARD: Yes, My Lord.

UTHER: If I discover that you were somehow involved in freeing this boy, the consequences will be extremely severe.

MORGANA: My Lord, you know I respect you too much to ever betray you like that.

UTHER: I made a promise to your father that I would protect you. But if you cross me again, I will break that promise without a second thought.

Uther leaves and Morgana scowls.


Arthur and Mordred meet the Druids in the woods.

ISELDIR: We are forever indebted to you, Arthur Pendragon, for returning the boy to us.

ARTHUR: You must not let it be known that it was I who brought him to you.

ISELDIR: We will tell no one. You have my word.

The druids turn to leave.

ARTHUR: Wait, I don't even know your name! At least tell me your name.

ISELDIR: It's all right.

MORDRED: My name is Mordred.

ARTHUR: Good luck, Mordred.

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