01x10 - The Moment of Truth

110 – The Moment of Truth

“In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name: Merlin.”


The people of Ealdor go about their day, but scatter when bandits come riding through.

KANEN: Search the place! Find him!

Bandits bring Matthew to Kanen with his arms full of food.

KANEN: It's harvest time.

Bandits hand him a couple of the bags Matthew was carrying.

KANEN: What's this? Where's the rest of it?

MATTHEW: I only kept back what we need to survive.

KANEN: Survive? I'll be back in one week, farmer, and I want to see all of it.

HUNITH: You can't take our food! Our children will starve! I won't let you do this!

Hunith tries to grab the bags that Kanen took.

HUNITH: You're not taking any of it!

Kanen smacks Hunith, who falls to the ground.


A villager runs to help Hunith; Kanen shoots him with a crossbow.

KANEN: I will give you a week. Don't you dare disappoint me. I'll see you later, sweetheart.

The bandits ride off. Matthew helps Hunith get up.

Camelot – Lower Town

Hunith walks into Camelot. Merlin sees her as he's collecting water from the well.

MERLIN: Mother?

HUNITH: Merlin!

She goes to hug him, but he notices her bruise.

MERLIN: What happened? Who did this to you?!

Throne Room

Hunith stands before Uther and the court.

HUNITH: The winters are harsh in Ealdor, and there are many children. Some of them just won't be strong enough to survive. We barely have enough food as it is, and if Kanen takes our harvest, our children won't live to see another summer. Please, we need your help.

UTHER: Ealdor's in Cenred's kingdom. Your safety is his responsibility.

HUNITH: We've appealed to our King, but he cares little for the outlying regions. You're our only hope.

UTHER: I have the deepest sympathy for you and would have this barbarian wiped off the face of the earth.

HUNITH: You'll help us?

UTHER: I wish I could.

ARTHUR: Surely we can spare a few men?

UTHER: Resources are not the problem.

MORGANA: Then what is?

UTHER: Ealdor lies beyond the Ridge of Essetir. For an army of Camelot to enter it would be an act of war.

Hunith drops to her knees.

HUNITH: I know you're a good king, a caring man. I'm begging you, help us, please.

UTHER: The accord we've struck with Cenred was years in the making. I cannot risk hundreds of lives for the sake of one village. I'm afraid Camelot cannot help.

Morgana glares at Uther and escorts Hunith out.

Castle – Battlements

Arthur looks out over Camelot. Merlin joins him.

ARTHUR: I'm sorry. If it were up to me, we'd be on our way there now.

MERLIN: You tried. And thank you for getting an audience with the King.

ARTHUR: I wish that Camelot was able to help people regardless of how far away they lived.

MERLIN: I'm going back to Ealdor.

ARTHUR: Of course.

MERLIN: It's been an honour serving you.

ARTHUR: You'll be coming back.

MERLIN: Well, she's my mother. I have got to look after her before anyone else. You understand?

ARTHUR: I'd do exactly the same. Well, you've been terrible. Really, I mean it. The worst servant I've ever had.

MERLIN: Thank you, Sire.

ARTHUR: Merlin. Good luck.

Gwen’s House

Gwen helps Merlin pack for his trip.

GWEN: Here.

Gwen hands Merlin a sword. He starts to reach for the blade and she sucks in her breath. Merlin grabs the hilt.

GWEN: Tell me how it feels?

MERLIN: Yeah. Yeah that feel...that feels really good. It's very, erm, you know...swordy.

Gwen raises her eyebrows.

GWEN: I've packed some armour for you.

MERLIN: I won't be able to carry all that.

Morgana enters dressed in trousers and a corseted tunic.

MORGANA: You won't have to. We're coming with you.

MERLIN: What do you mean?

GWEN: You're going to need all the help you can get. I can mend armour and sharpen swords.

MORGANA: And I know how to fight.

MERLIN: But y-y- you can't. I mean, why would you?

GWEN: If it was the other way around, you'd help us. You already have. You saved my life.

MERLIN: And you helped me get the druid boy out of Camelot. We owe it to you. Both of us.

Gaius's Chambers

GAIUS: You got the food I prepared for you?


GAIUS: Be careful with the wine. You know what you're like. One whiff of a barmaid's apron and you're singing like a sailor.

MERLIN: I'll be fine.

GAIUS: Are you sure you don't want an extra blanket?

MERLIN: It's okay, really. I'll be alright.

GAIUS: Well, make sure you are. Do whatever it takes.

Gaius hugs Merlin.


Merlin, Morgana, Gwen, and Hunith ride for Ealdor.

Woods – Camp

At night, Merlin sits at the campfire with his mother, the others asleep.

HUNITH: They shouldn't be here. Especially the Lady Morgana. Isn't she the King's ward?

MERLIN: Not that you'd know it. She's the only person I know who isn't frightened of him.

HUNITH: It won't make any difference to Kanen that they're women.

MERLIN: I know. But I couldn't talk them out of coming.

Merlin looks at the healing bruise on his mother's face.

MERLIN: I want to make him pay for what he did to you.

HUNITH: Promise me you'll be careful. No one can find out about you.

MERLIN: They won't. They never do.

HUNITH: Get some rest.

Hunith goes to lay down. Merlin takes a burning stick from the fire and blows some flecks into the air.

MERLIN: Draca.

The glowing flecks take the shape of the Pendragon dragon.


Merlin shifts in his sleep and hears horse in the woods. He draws his sword and goes searching through the dark. Someone puts a sword against his back.

ARTHUR: I'd ask you for money, but I know you don't have any.

MERLIN: Arthur!

Merlin whips around and Arthur ducks as the sword swings near his head.

ARTHUR: Put the word down, Merlin. You look ridiculous.

Arthur takes Merlin's sword and walks toward their camp.

Woods – Camp

Arthur and Merlin sit at the newly stoked campfire.

ARTHUR: How much further is it?

MERLIN: Er, maybe a few hours.

ARTHUR: How many men does Kanen have?

MERLIN: Erm, I'm not sure. I think, from what my mother said, maybe as many as forty.

ARTHUR: You should get some rest. It's going to be a long day tomorrow.

MERLIN: Thank you. Erm, I know you didn't have to come.

ARTHUR: Get some sleep.


Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, Gwen, and Hunith ride for Ealdor.


Bandits burst into the village looking for the rest of the food.


BANDIT: What's in here? What's there?

KANEN: If you're hiding anything from me...

Merlin's party continues to ride. Kanen's men discover a hidden stash.

BANDIT: Kanen!

The bandit holds up bags of food. A village woman touches a young girl on the shoulder.

VILLAGE WOMAN: Stay there. Stay there.

MATTHEW: Please, we have to eat.


MATTHEW: And re-sow the fields for next year! We only kept the bare minimum! Everything else you can take.

KANEN: That sounds fair.

Kanen strikes Matthew, and raises his axe for a final blow.


Arthur throws a sword into the post behind Kanen, rides up, dismounts, fights the bandits. Merlin rides up and dismounts too.

KANEN: Kill them!

Merlin fights a bandit. girls arrive and dismount. Merlin caught against a door in his sword fight.

MERLIN: Hætende.

The bandit's sword heats up. William watches him. Bandit drops sword. Merlin kills him. The bandit attacks Arthur from behind, but Morgana parries and kills him.

MORGANA: Bring back memories of when I used to beat you?

ARTHUR: That never happened.

Kanen mounts.

KANEN: You'll pay for this with your lives! All of you!

WILL: You still up to the same old magic tricks again? Look, I thought I told you I didn't want your kind around here?

Will smiles and Merlin grins back.

MERLIN: I miss you, too, Will.

They hug.

MERLIN: It's good to see you again.

WILL: How've you been? I, er, hear you're skivvying for some prince.

MERLIN: No. I wouldn't say I'm a skivvy.

ARTHUR: Merlin! Gather the villagers; I need to talk to them.

MERLIN: Yeah, in a minute. I'm just talking...

ARTHUR: Now, Merlin. There isn't much time.

MERLIN: Yes, Sire.

Arthur addresses the villagers.

ARTHUR: I know Kanen's kind. He'll be back. And when he is, you must be ready for him. First of all, we have to prepare for...

WILL: Am I the only one wondering who the hell this is?

ARTHUR: I'm Prince Arthur of Camelot.

WILL(scoff): Yeah, and, er, I'm Prince William of Ealdor.

HUNITH: Keep quiet. He's here to help us.

WILL: But he's made things worse. Kanen will be back, and when he is, he'll be looking for revenge. You've just signed our death warrants.

HUNITH: He saved Matthew's life!

ARTHUR: That's alright, Hunith. This is his village. What would you have us do?

WILL: We can't fight against Kanen. He has too many men.

ARTHUR: So what's the alternative?

WILL: Give him what he wants.

The villagers shake their heads.

ARTHUR: Then what? Those of you who don't starve to death will face him again next harvest! And the harvest after that.

WILL: We'll manage. We'll survive.


ARTHUR: The only way he can be stopped is if you stand up to him.

WILL: No. You just want the honour and glory of battle! That's what drives men like you! Look, if you want to fight, then go home and risk the lives of your own people, not ours!


HUNITH: I'll follow you. If I'm to die, then I want to go out fighting.

MATTHEW: That goes for me, too.

VILLAGE MAN: You can count me in.




VILLAGE MAN: You can count me in!

Ealdor – Will’s House

Merlin approaches Will.

MERLIN: He knows what he's doing. You've got to trust him. Look, when I first met Arthur, I was exactly like you. I hated him. I thought he was pompous and arrogant.

Will rights a stand that has a chainmail shirt and tabard on it.

WILL: Well, nothing's changed there, then.

MERLIN: But, in time, I came to respect him for what he stands for, what he does.

WILL: Yeah, I know what he stands for: princes, kings, all men like him.

MERLIN: Will, don't bring what happened to your father into this.

WILL: I'm not. Why are you defending him so much? You're just his servant.

MERLIN: He's also my friend.

WILL: Friends don't lord it over one another.

MERLIN: He isn't like that.

WILL: Really? Well, let's wait until the fighting begins and see who he sends in to die first. I guarantee you, it won't be him.

MERLIN: I trust Arthur with my life.

WILL: Is that so? So he knows your secret, then? Look, face it, Merlin You're living a lie. Just like you were here. You're Arthur's servant, nothing more. Otherwise you'd tell him the truth.

Ealdor – Hunith’s House (Night)

The Camelot party sleeps.

ARTHUR: Have you always slept on the floor?

MERLIN: Yeah. The bed I've got in Camelot's luxury by comparison.

ARTHUR: Must've been hard.

MERLIN: Mmm. It's like rock.

ARTHUR: I didn't mean the ground. I meant, for you. It must've been difficult.

MERLIN: Mmm. Not really. I didn't know any different. Life's simple out here. You eat what you grow and everyone pitches in together. As long as you've got food on the table and a roof over your head, you're happy.

ARTHUR: Sounds...nice.

MERLIN: You'd hate it.

ARTHUR: No doubt. Why'd you leave?

MERLIN: Things just...changed.

ARTHUR: How? Come on, stop pretending to be interesting. Tell me.

MERLIN: I just didn't fit in anymore. I wanted to find somewhere that I did.

ARTHUR: Had any luck?

MERLIN: I'm not sure yet.

ARTHUR: We'll start training the men tomorrow. It's gonna be a long day. Get the candle.

Ealdor – Hunith’s House (Day)

Merlin helps Arthur put his jacket on the next morning.

MORGANA: You still not learned how to dress yourself?

ARTHUR: You don't have a dog and fetch the stick yourself. No offense, Merlin.

MERLIN: None taken.

HUNITH: Prince Arthur, you didn't finish your breakfast.

ARTHUR: Didn't I?

MORGANA: Come on, eat up.

Arthur pretends to eat it.

ARTHUR: Mmmmm.

Arthur hands the bowl off to Gwen.

ARTHUR: Right. Let's get going. We need wood, and lots of it.

MERLIN: Of course.

Gwen finished Arthur's breakfast and hands the bowl to Hunith.

GWEN: Arthur said it was lovely.

HUNITH: He must care for you a great deal.

MERLIN: Arthur'd do the same for any village. That's just the way he is.

HUNITH: It's more than that. He's here for you.

MERLIN: I'm just his servant.

HUNITH: Give him more credit than that. He likes you.

MERLIN: That's because he doesn't know me. And if he did, I'd probably be dead by now.

HUNITH: You don't really believe that, do you?


Merlin walks toward the woods with an axe.

WILL: Merlin! Where are you going with that thing?

MERLIN: What does it look like? We need wood.

WILL: We both know that you don't need an axe to fell a tree.

MERLIN: And I remember the trouble it got me into. I nearly flattened Old Man Simmons.

WILL: Ha. Yeah, well, he deserved it, stupid old crow.

MERLIN: Mmm. He never did like me anyway.

WILL: Well, even less after that.

MERLIN (chuckles): Why are you being like this?

WILL: You know why. Why did you leave?

MERLIN: It wasn't what I wanted. My mother was worried. When she found out you knew, she was so angry.

WILL: I wouldn't've told anyone.

MERLIN: Well, I know you wouldn't.

WILL: You'd be able to defeat Kanen on your own, wouldn't you?

MERLIN: I'm not sure. Maybe.

WILL: Well, so what's stopping you? So what if Arthur finds out?

MERLIN: I don't expect you to understand.

WILL: Try me.

MERLIN: One day Arthur will be a great king, but he needs my help. And if anyone ever found out about my powers, I'd have to leave Camelot for good.

WILL: Are you telling me you'd rather keep your magic a secret for Arthur's sake than use it to protect your friends and family?

Arthur trains the village men.

ARTHUR: I won't be able to teach you everything there is to know about fighting with a sword, but you can learn the basics: the stance, how to parry a blow, how to land your own. On my count! One! Two! Three! Four! Now, you may have to watch for the feint. So, keep your feet moving, and only stay in range long enough to land your blow. And again. One! Two! Three! Four!

Morgana and Gwen watch the training as they sharpen swords.

ARTHUR: One! Two! Three! Four!

MORGANA: There is no way they're going to be able to hold Kanen off.

GWEN: Men aren't the only ones who can fight.

ARTHUR: Again. One! Two! Three! Matthew. I want you to organise sentry duty to keep an eye out for Kanen and his men.

MATTHEW: Be glad to.

ARTHUR: If there's any sign of attack, I want you to ride straight back here. I don't want you fighting all on your own.

MATTHEW: Ha-ha. (nods)

Arthur draws water from the well to drink.

MORGANA: Looks like the battle's already fought and lost.

ARTHUR: They'll toughen up.

GWEN: They need to.

ARTHUR: How are we doing for weapons?

MORGANA: There isn't much, but we should be able to scrape together what you need.

GWEN: It's not the weapons that worry us. It's having enough people to use them. We think the women should be allowed to fight.

MORGANA: You haven't enough men. If they were trained soldiers, maybe you'd stand a chance, but they're not.

ARTHUR: It's too dangerous.

Arthur walks towards the resting men.

ARTHUR: Right! Back on your feet! Come on, let's go!

Ealdor – Hunith’s House

The Camelot party sleeps.

GWEN: We don't stand a chance.

MORGANA: Arthur can't see that. He's too stubborn.

Merlin wakes.

GWEN: Why do you think he came here?

MORGANA: The same reason we did: Merlin. Arthur may act like he doesn't care, but he wouldn't be here if he didn't.

Ealdor – Common Building

Arthur speaks to the men.

ARTHUR: We're not going to be able to defend Ealdor with sword and sinew alone. We're going to need a plan. We need to find some way of limiting their mobility and drawing them into a trap. If we fight them on their terms, then...

A village woman screams. Arthur and the men rush outside to investigate. Matthew is slung over a horse.

ARTHUR: Get him down from there!

The village men take Matthew down as villagers gather around. Arthur reads the note that's on the arrow in his back.

MERLIN: What does it say?

ARTHUR: "Make the most of this day, it will be your last."

FIANCÉ: Matthew! No! No! No!

WILL: You did this! Look what you've done! You've killed him!

MERLIN: It wasn't his fault.

WILL: If he hadn't been strutting around, treating us like his own personal army, this would never have happened!

ARTHUR: These men are brave enough to fight for what they believe in, even if you aren't!

WILL: You're sending them to their graves! You killed one man. How many more need to die before you realise this a battle that can't be won? When Kanen comes, you haven't got a chance. You're gonna be slaughtered.

Ealdor – Will’s House

Merlin follows Will into Will's house.

WILL: Don't bother, Merlin. I'm not interested.

MERLIN: You should be. Because tomorrow Kanen attacks, and whether you like it or not, we'll have to fight.

WILL: Not if I'm not here.

MERLIN: Well, that's up to you, but the rest of us are staying. Join us, Will! This isn't about Arthur, this is about your friends. Are you really going to abandon them?

WILL: What, like you did?

MERLIN: I'm here now.

WILL: Yeah. Yeah, you are. And you could end this. If you used your magic, then no one else would have to die.

MERLIN: You know I can't.

WILL: Can't or won't? I'm not the one abandoning these people, Merlin. You are.

Ealdor – Hunith’s House

Arthur sharpens his sword. Merlin sits down next to him.

MERLIN: William's father was killed fighting for King Cenred, so he doesn't trust anyone of nobility.

ARTHUR: Do you think the villagers believed him?

MERLIN: No. He's always been a troublemaker. They're used to ignoring him.

ARTHUR: And if he's right?

MERLIN: He isn't.

Hunith overhears them from inside her house.

ARTHUR: I'm treating these men like soldiers, and they're not. You've seen them fight. They...they haven't got a clue! You need to tell them all to leave the village before Kanen returns.

MERLIN: No, we're going to stay. We're going to fight, and we're going to win.

ARTHUR: Merlin, it can't be done. The odds are too great.

MERLIN: It can. We're going to make Kanen rue the day he ever came to this village. All you need to do is get the men ready for battle, and the rest will take care of itself.


MERLIN: You've just got to believe in them. Because if you don't, they'll sense it, and the battle'll be lost before it's even begun.

Ealdor – Common Building

Arthur addresses the villagers.

ARTHUR: Tomorrow morning, the women and children should gather what belongings they can carry and go to the woods.

GWEN: We're not going anywhere!

ARTHUR: I know you want to help. The women can't stay here. It's too dangerous.

GWEN: The women have as much right to fight for their lives as the men do!

ARTHUR: But none of you know how to fight.

GWEN: The more of us there are, the better chance we stand!

The women step forward.

ARTHUR: This is your home. If you want to fight to defend it, that's your choice. I'd be honoured to stand alongside you. Kanen attacks tomorrow. Kanen's brutal. He fights only to kill, which is why he will never defeat us. Look around. In this circle, we're all equals. You're not fighting because someone's ordering you to, you're fighting for so much more than that. You fight for your homes. You fight for your family. You fight for your friends. You fight for the right to grow crops in peace. And if you fall, you fall fighting for the noblest of causes: fighting for your very right to survive! And when you're old and grey, you'll look back on this day, and you'll know you earned the right to live every day in between! So you fight! For your family! For your friends! For Ealdor!

The villagers stand with swords raised.

VILLAGERS & MERLIN: For Ealdor! Ealdor! Ealdor! Ealdor! Ealdor! Ealdor! Ealdor!

Ealdor – Hunith’s House

Hunith sits pensively in her home. Merlin enters and hangs up his jacket.

HUNITH: Come here.

Merlin sits down beside her and she strokes his face.

HUNITH: I do love you, my boy.

MERLIN: What's wrong?

HUNITH: I should never have gone to Camelot. I've ruined everything for you.

MERLIN: You haven't. Why would you say that?

HUNITH: I know what you're planning to do.

MERLIN (sigh): If it comes to a choice between saving people's lives and revealing who I really am, *shrugs* there is no choice.

HUNITH: You can't let Arthur know about your gift.

MERLIN: Why not? Maybe it's meant to be this way. And if he doesn't accept me for who I really am, then he's not the friend I hoped he was.


Arthur stands watch. Gwen brings him a bowl of Hunith's home cooking.

GWEN: Arthur, Hunith made you some food.

Gwen hands him the bowl.

ARTHUR: Thanks.

Gwen turns to leave.

ARTHUR (mutters): I think.

Gwen stops and turns back around.

GWEN: Food is scarce for these people; you shouldn't turn your nose up at it!

Arthur stares at her.

GWEN: Oh, no. I--I shouldn't've spoken to you like that. I'm sorry.


Gwen starts leaving.

GWEN: I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking. It won't happen again.

ARTHUR: Guinevere!

Gwen turns to face him.

ARTHUR: Thank you. You're right. And you were right to speak up. I should've listened to you and Morgana. (mutters) We're going to need all the help we can get.

GWEN: We'll be fine.

ARTHUR: How can you be so sure?

GWEN: Because I have faith in you. I mean, we all do.

ARTHUR: Thank you.

Ealdor – Hunith’s House

Merlin starts to help Arthur with his armour.

ARTHUR: No, not today.

MERLIN: Put on your own.

They dress for battle. Merlin struggles with the buckle on one of his bracers. Arthur helps him out.

ARTHUR: You ready?

MERLIN: My throat's dry.

ARTHUR: Me too.

Arthur holds out his hand and Merlin shakes it.

ARTHUR: It's been an honour.

MERLIN: Whatever happens out there today, please don't think any differently of me.

ARTHUR: I won't. It's alright to be scared, Merlin.

MERLIN: That's not what I meant.

ARTHUR: What is it? If you've got something to say, now's the time to say it.

MORGANA: Arthur. They've crossed the river.


Arthur goes down the line of villagers, shaking hands.

ARTHUR: You ready?


ARTHUR: For Ealdor.

He reaches Gwen and shakes her hand.

ARTHUR: Are you frightened?

GWEN: Not in the slightest.

Gwen, Arthur, and Merlin take their hiding positions. Kanen and his men ride out of the woods and into the village.

ARTHUR: Hold. No one moves until they give the signal.

Kanen and his men stop and look around the empty village.


KANEN: Come out, come out wherever you are.

GWEN: Now, pull!

Gwen and a villager pull up a hidden gate, trapping the riders inside. Morgana tries to light a fire with flint.

ARTHUR: Now, Morgana. What are you waiting for? Something's gone wrong.

Merlin rushes off.

ARTHUR: Merlin!

Kanen spots Merlin running.

KANEN: There's one. Get him!

Merlin dodges the arrow.

KANEN: Kill him!

Merlin dodges again and reaches Morgana, still desperately trying to light a fire.

MERLIN: Give me the flint.

Morgana hands them over and Merlin pretends to use them.

MERLIN: Baerne.

Merlin lights a fire and a prepared line flames up, trapping the riders.

KANEN: Come back! Don't run away!

Kanen's men ride back into the village.


The villagers give a battle cry as they spring out of hiding to fight. A rider comes up behind Merlin and Will jumps off a roof in his father's armour to unhorse the rider.

MERLIN: I didn't think you were coming.

WILL: Neither did I.

Merlin and Will fight back to back. The villagers start losing. Merlin and Will stop to assess the situation.

WILL: There's too many of them.

MERLIN: Not for me there isn't. Cume thoden.

Merlin conjures a windstorm, Arthur sees. the villagers start winning and the remaining bandits flee. Gwen and Morgana hug. Kanen marches out to face Arthur.

KANEN: Pendragon!

Arthur fights Kanen and wins, running him through. then he marches angrily towards Merlin and Will.

ARTHUR: Who did that?


ARTHUR: Wind like that doesn't just appear from nowhere. I know magic when I see it. One of you made that happen.

MERLIN: Arthur...

Kanen picks up a crossbow and aims it at Arthur.

WILL: Look out!

Will pushes Arthur out of the way and gets hit himself. Kanen dies.


ARTHUR: You just saved my life.

WILL: Yeah. Don't know what I was thinking.

ARTHUR: Come on! Get him inside!

Ealdor – Will’s House

Merlin, Arthur, and a couple village men carry Will inside.

WILL: That's twice I've saved you.

ARTHUR: Twice?

WILL: Yeah, it was me. I'm the one that used the magic.

MERLIN: Will, don't.

Arthur looks at Merlin.

WILL: It's alright, Merlin. I won't be alive long enough for anyone to do anything to me. I did it. I saw how desperate things were becoming and I had to do something.

ARTHUR: You're a sorcerer?

WILL: Yeah. What are you gonna do? Kill me?

ARTHUR: No. Of course not. Do what you can for him.

Merlin nods. Arthur puts his hand on Will's shoulder and then leads the women out.

WILL: I was right about him. I told you he was going to get me killed.

MERLIN: You're not going to die.

WILL: You're a good man, Merlin. A great man. And one day, you're going to be servant to a great king. Now you can still make that happen.

MERLIN: Thanks to you.

WILL: This place has been boring without you. It was good to see you again.

MERLIN: Yeah, you too.

WILL: Merlin. Merlin, I'm scared.

MERLIN: Don't be. It's going to be alright.

WILL: Merlin...*dies*

The villagers stand at Will's funeral pyre.

ARTHUR: I'm sorry. I know he was a close friend.

MERLIN: He still is.

ARTHUR: You knew he was a sorcerer, didn't you? That's what you were going to tell me?

MERLIN: Yes. It was.

ARTHUR: You know how dangerous magic is. You shouldn't've kept this from me, Merlin.

Arthur walks over to Morgana and Gwen. Hunith walks over to Merlin.

HUNITH: You better be going.

MERLIN: I don't have to go.

HUNITH: Yes, you do.

MERLIN: If anything were to happen to you...

HUNITH: I know where to find you. You have to go, Merlin. You belong at Arthur's side. I've seen how much he needs you. How much you need him. You're like two sides of the same coin.

MERLIN: I've heard someone say that about us before. I'm going to miss you.

Merlin hugs his mum.

HUNITH: I'm going to miss you, too. When you left, you were just a boy. Now look at you. I'm so proud of you.

Gwen, Morgana, Arthur, and Merlin ride for Camelot.

HUNITH (voiceover): When the time is right, the truth will be known. Until then, you must keep your talents hidden. It's better for everyone.