02x01 - The Curse of Cornelius Sigan

Episode 2.01 - The Curse of Cornelius Sigan


The Great Dragon : In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom on the shoulders of a young boy. His name ... Merlin!

[The Night - Camelot's Catacombs]
[Men dig the stone and discover a secret room.]

[Arthur's Room]
[Arthur is awakened by the infernal noise of the pickaxes.]

Arthur : Oh! Merlin! Merlin!
Merlin : Yes, sire?
Arthur : Are you deaf?
Merlin : I wish.
Arthur : I want you to go down there and tell them to stop.
Merlin : But they're working under the king's orders.
Arthur : Yeah. And you're working under mine.
Merlin : Oh ...!

[Merlin leaves the room and descends into the catacombs.]
[The pickers enter a treasure room. One of the men is killed by a protective mechanism of the room. The others run away.]
[Merlin, in turn, enters the vast room and challenges the dead.]

Merlin : Hello?


[Treasure Room]

Merlin : How do you think he died? Gaius?
Gaius : Mmm?
Merlin : Do you know whose tomb it is?
Gaius : I'm not sure.
Merlin : Do you think it might be cursed?

[Gaius triggers a deadly mechanism and saved by Merlin.]

Gaius : You've just saved my life.

[Uther Pendragon and his son arrive in turn.]

Uther [A Merlin] : Idiot.
Arthur : Were you born, clumsy or do you work at it?
Merlin : It's just one of my many gifts.
Uther : Well, this is quite a find. You see, guys, I was right. There is treasure to be found under Camelot. Which of my predecessors do I have to thank for all this? Gaius?
Gaius : I'd have to look into it, sire.
Uther [Seeing the corpse]: How did he die?
Gaius : He seems to have been unwittingly triggered a trap here.
Arthur : To deter serious robbers.
Uther: Well, there's plenty in here people would want to steal. Have them secure the tomb. Guarding it is your responsibility, Arthur.
Arthur : Yes, Father.

[Evening - A tavern]

Cédric : So this ... jewel, what size would you say it was?
A pickaxe : About that size.
Cedric : My word, really? About that size, you say. Well, I never.
[At Tavernier] Here. Drink up.
[To the pick] And, er, this tomb, I bet they got that locked up nice and safe, did not they?
The pick: Tighter than the King's coffers.
Cedric : Yeah. Must be a way in, though?
The pick : Only with the keys.
Cédric: Right, right. Right. And who's got the keys?
The peeper : A You must think I'm stupid. I'm not telling you that.
Cédric : [Handing him a full purse] Course not. A bright lad like you knows what's out of information's worth. We do not want everyone to see. Believe me, this place is full of thieves and fingersmiths. Put it inside your tunic. And, er, careful of that fellow over there.
The picker : Which one?
Cedric : Far end of the bar. See him? He keeps on watching you.
The pick : Yeah, yeah, yeah, with the beard.
Cédric : No, no. That one. [Slowly recovering his purse]
The picker: I got my eye on him. Thank you.
Cedric : So who's got the keys?
The peeper : Only the prince. But do not get your hopes up. He kept them in his private rooms. And there's only one person in there ... his servant.

[The next day - Camelot Court]
[Arthur and Merlin prepare to go hunting. Cédric stares at the scene from afar.]

Arthur : Hurry up, Merlin.
Merlin [Encombré] : Sorry.

[Merlin kneels to help Arthur get on his horse.]

Arthur [Who falls] : Oh! Merlin!
Merlin : I do not understand.
Arthur : Well, there's a surprise.
poleaxe: I did that girth up myself.
Arthur : I think that might have been the problem.
Merlin : It was not my fault!
Cedric [Bringing the horse back] : Would you like to groom properly for you, sire?
Arthur : Thank you.
Cédric : It's an honor to be of service to the Prince.
Arthur : An honor. Do you hear that, Merlin?
Cédric : Allow me the honor of brushing your clothes down.
Arthur : The honor.
Cédric : Is there anything else I can do for you, Sire?
Arthur : Well, you can give Merlin, here, kick up the backside.
Cédric: I would not wish to deprive you of the pleasure, Sir.
Arthur : What's your name?
Cedric : Cedric. I've come to Camelot in search of work.
Arthur : Good, you can be a beater on the hunt. We're short of a man or two.
Cedric : You're too kind, sire.
Merlin : Here, you'll need a beater. Ooh! Oh, sorry.

[Treasure Room]
[Gaius watches the symbols on the grave.]


Merlin : Flayo fago.

[Merlin saves Arthur.]

Arthur : Who threw that?
[To Cédric] Was it you?
Cedric [Acquiring] : Hmm.
Arthur : You've just saved my life.
Cédric : Honestly, sire, it was nothing.
Arthur : I will be forever indebted to you. You must be rewarded.
Cédric : No, no. I could not possibly ...
Arthur : Come on. What do you wish for?
Cédric : I want only one thing, sire.
Arthur : Anything.
Cédric : A position in the royal household.
Arthur : Good. Consider it done. [Laughs]
Cédric [A Merlin] : You can have that back now.
Merlin : Oh!
Cedric : Oh, sorry!

[Evening - Gaius Lab]

Gaius [A Merlin] : What's wrong?
poleaxe: I saved Arthur's life. Someone else got the credit. Just the usual. What are you doing?
Gaius : I found this inscription on the scepter.
Merlin : What language is that?
Gaius : I do not know. Sigan would have known many languages.
Merlin : Sigan?
Gaius : It's his tomb.
Merlin : Who's he?
Gaius : Merlin! He was the most powerful sorcerer to have lived.
Merlin : Really?
Gaius : You did not grow up in Camelot, but Cornelius Sigan was a figure of nightmare.
Merlin : Why?
Gaius: Sigan's Pass. He could change day into night. Turn the tides, and legend has it, his spells helped to build Camelot itself.
Merlin : What happened?
Gaius : In the end, he grew too powerful and the king at that time ordered his execution.
Merlin : If he's dead, why are you so worried?
Gaius : Sigan could not bear the thought that his wealth would die with him, so he became obsessed with finding a way to defeat death itself.
Merlin : You think he could have succeeded?
Gaius : Let's hope not. For all our sakes.

[Royal Hall]

Uther : Gaius. What is it you want?
Gaius: To seal the burial chamber and all its contents.
Uther : Do not be ridiculous.
Gaius : The insignia on this ring belongs to Cornelius Sigan. I believe it to be his tomb. In the old religion thename Sigan means "raven".
Uther : No wonder the rich are so great.
Gaius : Then you're aware of the legend, sire.
Uther : Yes. I'm always enjoying the tale of the ... arrogant sorcerer who came to an untimely end.
Gaius : According to the story, Sigan cursed Camelot. He said he would go back to the ground.
Uther : Gaius, you have long been my ally in the war against sorcery. You, more than anyone, should not give up these irrational fears.
Gaius : Thank you, Sire.
Uther : And Gaius, do not spread panic among my people. This is foolish superstition, nothing more.

[During the night - Morgana's room]
[Morgana wakes up, terrified, after a nightmare.]

Morgana : Argh! Gwen? Gwen!
Gwen : My lady! My lady, what's the matter? It's all right, it's all right. I'm here. I'm here. There's nothing to be frightened of. Ssh, sh, sh.

[The next day - Prince's Chamber]

Arthur : Is that lunch?
Merlin : No, it's breakfast.
Arthur : This is lovely, Cedric.
Merlin : Is there anything else that you need doing, Sire?
Arthur: No, I think Cedric's got it all covered.
Cédric : Oh, I regret, Sire, there is one thing I've failed to do, muck out your horses.
Arthur [To Merlin] : Off you go.
Cedric : I'll get the door for you.

[Morgana's bedroom]

Gaius : What was this dream about?
Morgana : A bird.
Gaius : What kind of bird?
Morgana : A raven.
Gaius : A raven?
Morgana : It was terrifying, Gaius. What do you think it means?
Gaius : Probably nothing.
Morgana : It's happening again, is not it?
Gaius: Morgana, one raven certainly does not mean that your nightmares are returning. Are you taking the sleeping drafts I prepared for you? I'll get Gwen to give you something stronger.
Morgana : Like a blow to the head? I'm sure she wants to.

[Merlin falls asleep. Cedric takes the opportunity to release the horses.]

Cédric : Go on. Go and have some fun. Go on. Go and have fun.


A guard [Seeing the horses running away] : Sire!

[Arthur leaning over Merlin asleep]

Merlin : Sire!
Arthur : What are you doing?
Merlin : Nothing.
Arthur : I can see that.
Merlin : I was not sleeping. I was ... I was just bending down.
Arthur : Looking for something?
Merlin : Yes.
Arthur : Perhaps we're looking for the same thing.
Merlin : What?
Arthur : Oh, I do not know ... the horses!
Merlin : The horses? Oh!
Arthur : One mistake I can understand. Everyone has a bad day now and then, but this is one thing after another!
Merlin : I do not know what happened.
Cédric : Sire ... Please, Sire ... Do not be too hard on him. He's a good servant. He's just ... He's tired.
Merlin : I am not!
Cedric : Maybe ... if he had the evening off.
Merlin : I do not want the evening off.
Cédric : A good night's rest ...
Merlin : I did not fall asleep!
Cedric : I'm more than willing to take over his duties tonight.
Arthur : Perhaps you're right.
Merlin : No!
Arthur : Shut up, Merlin.
Merlin : Can not you see what he's trying to do? He's trying to get rid of me and you're not sucha clotpole you'd see that.
Arthur : A what?
Cedric : Clotpole. He said clotpole.
Arthur : Cedric's right. He can look after me tonight. You can go home and think about whether you want to be my servant or not.
Merlin :
Arthur : Go!

[Evening - Gaius Lab]

Gaius : What's that on your face?
Merlin : Nothing.
Gaius : What's wrong?
Merlin : Nothing.

[Merlin's Chamber]

Gaius : Here.
Merlin : I'm not an idiot.
Gaius : What happened?
Merlin : I just want Arthur to trust me. And to see me for who I really am.
Gaius : One day he will.
Merlin : When? Everything I'm an idiot.
Gaius: Not everyone thinks you're an idiot. Although, looking at you now ... Now is not the time to be questioning these things, Merlin. I believe that you and Arthur are destined for greatness, and that your calling is to serve and protect him.
Merlin : It's hard.
Gaius : I know it's hard, but Camelot is in serious danger. I've translated the inscription: "He who breaks my heart completes my work."
Merlin : What does it mean?
Gaius : Do you remember the stone in the tomb, how does it glowed?
Merlin : I've never seen a jewel like it.
Gaius : That's because it's not a jewel. It's the soul of Cornelius Sigan.
Merlin : You think he's alive?
Gaius: His soul is. But in order to truly live, a soul needs a body.
Merlin : So the stone is removed from its setting ... then the heart is broken and the soul released?
Gaius : That's what I fear.

[Arthur's room]

Cédric : I'll be right in the anteroom should you need me.
Arthur : That'll be all, Cedric.
Cédric : Sleep well, Sire.

[Night - Treasury Room]

Cédric : Oh, yes! Yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Hello, ladies!

[Cédric removes the jewel from the grave and Sigan takes possession of him.]

[The next day - Treasure Room]

Arthur : Sound the warning bell.

[He leaves and leaves only Gaius and Merlin.]

Gaius : Merlin. Whoever did this got more than they bargained for.
Merlin : I do not understand how they got in. The gate's not even damaged.
Gaius : They must have used a key.
Merlin : Arthur's got the only key.
Gaius : Where does he keep it?
Merlin : On his belt with the others.
Gaius : Does he ever take it off?
Merlin : Only when he's asleep. He keeps it next to his bed.
Gaius : Who had access to his chambers last night?
Merlin : Just me. And ... Cedric.

[Arthur's Chamber]

MerlinCedric is possessed by an evil spirit.
Arthur : What?
Merlin : He tried to steal the jewel. But it was not a jewel. It was the soul of an ancient sorcerer, Sigan.
Arthur : Merlin, have you been on the cider?
Merlin : Please ... Listen to me. Camelot is in mortal danger. Sigan is using Cedric's body to take his revenge.
Arthur : This nonsense is not helping you keep your job.
Merlin : You are not listening to me!
Arthur : If you're going to shout anyway ... Cedric! Will you escort Merlin from the palace?

[Merlin throws herself on Cedric.]

Arthur : Merlin!

[Arthur catches Merlin.]

ArthurYou've gone too far this time, Merlin. You can spend a few days cooling off in the cells. Guards!

[In the cell]

Merlin : He's going to destroy Camelot!

[During the night - Camelot Court]

Sigan : I am returned. Cume eft to Camelot! Swa thaet ic maeg min faehth awrecan! Nu ic lybbe ee and ic maeg raedan min burh!

[Creatures attack Camelot.]


Chamber ] Uther : I want to know what this creature is, where it's come from.
Arthur : There's more than one, Father. We've had several reports. There's panic in the lower town. People are fleeing the city.
Uther : Then you must hunt the creatures down and kill them.
ArthurYes, Sire.

[Camelot Court]


Chamber ] Uther : Have you seen what's happening?
Gaius : It is as I warned you, Sire.
Uther : This can not be Sigan.
Gaius : It's his revenge. He's coming back from the dead.
Uther : Then he will die again.
Gaius : You do not understand, Sire. You can not kill a man who has conquered mortality.
Uther : Do not tell me what can not be done. Camelot will not fall to a sorcerer while I am king.

[Court of Camelot]
[Arthur defends the city with his knights.]

[In the dungeon]

Merlin : Hello?

[Court of Camelot]

Arthur: Group! Form a phalanx.

[Improvised Hospital]

Gaius : We need more bandages, Gwen.
[To Morgana] You should not be doing this.
Morgana : It's exactly what I should be doing.
Gaius : You need rest, Morgana.
Morgana : And I'm able to get along
with all this going on?

[In the cell]

Merlin : Tospringe!

[Court of Camelot]

Arthur : Guinevere?
Gwen : Sire.
Arthur : That thing could have killed you.
Gwen : And it still might.

[Gwen throws herself on Arthur and puts him down.]

Gwen : Sorry, sire.
Arthur: No, my pleasure.

[Improvised Hospital]

Gwen : I'll get you something to stop the bleeding.
Arthur : Guinevere. I wanted to say ... Just, er ... You're always surprised me.
Gwen : Is that it, sire?
Arthur : That's it. Oh, and, er ... Thank you.

[Uther arrives.]

Uther : Arthur.
Arthur : It's nothing.
Uther : Have we driven the creatures out?
Arthur : They have control of the lower town. The market has been all but destroyed.
Uther : How many dead?
Arthur : Too many to number.
Uther : I'm sealing the citadel.
Arthur : You can not!
Uther : I have no choice. I have to protect those who have a chance. If I do not, we will all fall. Where are you going?
Arthur : There are people trapped on the drawbridge. I'm not leaving them to die.
Uther : It's suicide!
Arthur : It's my duty to Camelot, and to myself.

[Merlin, out of sight, calls Gaius.]

Merlin : Gaius!
Gaius : What are you doing here?
Merlin : I have to help Arthur.
Gaius : Merlin, Sigan's power is way beyond yours.
Merlin : I do not have a choice.
Gaius : But Sigan is immortal and you are not. If you face him, he'll destroy you.
poleaxe: There must be a way.
Gaius : There is only one alive who is old enough to give us the answers we need.
Merlin : What do you mean?
Gaius : The Great Dragon.
Merlin : You knew, then, that I used to visit him?
Gaius : Yes, Merlin, of course I knew. You're a creature of magic, just as he is. I hoped that he could help you.
Merlin : He helps no-one but himself.
Gaius : For Arthur's sake, you must go to him now.
Merlin : I can not.
Gaius : We have no choice.

[Camelot Court]
[Many bodies are lying on the ground.]

Arthur : Check for survivors.

[A creature attacks Arthur and his men.]

Arthur : It's me! Charge!

[Dragon's Cave]

Merlin : Hello? Hello! Please! I need your help!

[The Dragon appears.]

The Great Dragon : You told me I would not see you again.
Merlin : I'm not here for myself. I'm here for Arthur.
The Great Dragon : Arthur's path lies with yours. You have made it clear that you do not walk in step with me.
Merlin : You can not want Cornelius Sigan to win. You're not evil.
The Great Dragon : At least Sigan knows where his loyalties lie. You have shown that you do not.
Merlin : So you will let Camelot fall?
The Great Dragon: I did not say that.
Merlin : Then you will help me?
The Great Dragon : To defeat Sigan, you will need a spell more powerful than anything you know.
Merlin : Please. I have to try.
The Great Dragon : Very well, but you must give me something in return.
Merlin : What?
The Great Dragon : promised.
Merlin : promised?
The Great Dragon : That one day you will free me.
Merlin : If I release you, what will you do?
The Great Dragon : That's not your concern.
Merlin : I do not trust you.
The Great Dragon: Nevertheless, you must promise, or Camelot will fall.
Merlin : I promised. Now, please, give me the spell.
The Great Dragon : Close your eyes and open your mind.

[Merlin gains powerful power.]

The Great Dragon : Few men have ever been gifted such knowledge. Use it wisely.
Merlin : I will.
The Great Dragon : You made a promise, young warlock. And one day, I'll keep you to it.

[Court of Camelot]

A knight : Arthur! Retreat! Regroup in the square! Arthur? Arthur? Arthur.

[A creature stands between Arthur and his knights.]

Arthur : Save yourselves! It's an order.
Knight: Retreat, retreat!

[Improvised Hospital]

The Knight : Seal the doors!
Uther : Where is Arthur? Where is he? You can not leave him out there. He'll be torn apart.
Knight : You can not go out there, sire! If you open that door, you will die, we will all die.
Uther : No!

[Camelot Court]

Sigan : Who would have believed it? You, a sorcerer. And a powerful one.
Merlin : I will not let you hurt him.
Sigan : And you're going to stop me?
Merlin : I'll stop you.
Sigan : He does not deserve your loyalty. He treats you like a slave.
Merlin : That's not true.
Sigan : He cast you away without a moment's thought ...
Merlin : It does not matter.
Sigan : But it must hurt so much. To be so put upon, so overlooked, when all the while you have such power.
Merlin : That's the way it has to be.
Sigan : Does it? You're young, Merlin. Look inside yourself, you have to discover your true power. I can help you. Think, Merlin, to have the world appreciate your greatness. To have Arthur know you for what you are.
Merlin : That can never be.
Sigan : It can. If you join me. Together we can rule over this land. Arthur will tremble at your voice. He will kneel at your feet.
Merlin : I do not want that.
Sigan: You'd rather be a servant?
Merlin : Better to serve a good man than to rule with an evil one.
Sigan : So be it. If you will not join me, I will become your favorite.

[Sigan's soul escapes from Cedric's body and tries to take Merlin's possession.]

Merlin : Thin sawol her beluce. Abide thaet ic the alyse.

[Sigan's spirit takes possession of Merlin. The young man collapses.]
[Gaius arrives and calls his apprentice.]

Gaius : Merlin?

[Merlin comes out of the fog.]

Gaius : Well done, my boy.

[The next day - Council Chamber ]

Uther: We must learn our lessons from these terrible events, Gaius.
Gaius : Indeed, Sire.
Uther : They prove beyond doubt that I was right. Magic is evil, it is our greatest threat. I have grown complacent, Gaius.
Gaius : I would not say that, sire.
Uther : We must renew our efforts. We must make sure that their followers are eradicated from this Kingdom.
Gaius : Of course, Sire.

[Gaius Lab]

Gaius : You know you will not get any thanks, Merlin.
Merlin : I'm not a complete idiot.
Gaius : There you go. It's not much. But you deserve something.

[Knocking on the door.]

Arthur: I've come to see Merlin. I have not forgotten about your lazy, insolent ways, or the fact that you have called me "clotpole". But I have to admit that there was some truth in your accusations against Cedric.
Merlin : Does this mean you're admitting that this I was absolutely right?
Arthur : Not exactly, no. It means that I have a knighthood to bestow first thing tomorrow and no-one to clean my armor.
Merlin : All that?
Arthur : Yep!

[Arthur goes out. Terrified Merlin looks at Gaius, who then leans toward him.]

Gaius : Clotpole?



Source: Mist of Camelot