02x03 - The Nightmare Begins

203 – The Nightmare Begins

“In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name: Merlin.”

Morgana’s Chambers – Day

A thunderstorm rages. Morgana stirs restlessly in her sleep and magically lights candle by her bed.

GWEN: I brought you some extra blankets, I thought you might be cold...

Gwen blows out the candle and puts it by the window. Morgana magically lights candle in her sleep again. She wakes, stares at the candle and makes the flame burn higher, burning her curtains. She screams and blows out her windows.

Morgana’s Chambers – Day

Merlin cleans up the burnt fragments and glass.

GWEN: I came back in with some extra blankets. There was a candle, but I put it out.

UTHER: Are you sure?

GWEN: I blew it out, I swear.

ARTHUR: Gwen's been Morgana's servant for years. If she said she blew it out, I believe her.

UTHER: She could've been burnt alive.

ARTHUR: Lightning struck the castle roof last night, that could've started the fire.

UTHER: Perhaps.

ARTHUR: What other explanation is there?

UTHER: Someone started the fire deliberately.

Castle – Courtyard Corridor – Day

Uther and Arthur walk down the corridor.

UTHER: How did they reach Morgana's chambers unchallenged?

ARTHUR: I don't know. There are too many guards. It shouldn't be possible.

UTHER: And yet they managed to do so.

ARTHUR: I can't explain it.

UTHER: Well I can. They used magic. Arrest all those we have under suspicion.

ARTHUR: That's gonna take time.

UTHER: My ward has been attacked. Time is something we do not have.

Gaius’s Chambers – Day

Merlin approaches the room and overhears Gaius and Morgana.

GAIUS: What I don't understand, Morgana is how the fire started in the first place.

MORGANA: It happened so quickly. It was terrifying.

GAIUS: It's alright. You're safe now.

MORGANA: You're the only person I've told about my dreams. I know I can trust you, Gaius.

GAIUS: Yes, of course you can.

MORGANA: It was me. I set the room alight. I started the fire.

GAIUS: I don't understand. Did you knock a candle over?

MORGANA: No that's not what happened. I did it just by looking at it, the flames suddenly leapt higher.

GAIUS: I could've been a gust of wind.

MORGANA: It wasn't. It was me. It was magic.

GAIUS: My child...

MORGANA: I'm not a child!

GAIUS: Last night was an accident. It had nothing to do with you. How could it have? I am going to draw you up a fresh remedy that will make you feel better, I promise.


GAIUS: You must trust me.

Gaius’s Chambers – Day

Merlin sits while Gaius makes a potion.

MERLIN: I was helping clear up Morgana's chambers earlier.


MERLIN: The window was blown out into the courtyard below.


MERLIN: It's odd isn't it? If lightning struck the window like Arthur said, you'd think the glass would've fallen inside of the window. It was magic. You know it was. More importantly, so does she.

GAIUS: Morgana knows nothing for certain.

MERLIN: Which makes it even worse. She isn't sure what's happening to her and it's tearing her apart.

GAIUS: What would you have me do?

MERLIN: Talk to her. Tell her she'll be ok. Tell her that her powers aren't something to be afraid of.

GAIUS: I can't.

MERLIN: Maybe I could speak to her.

GAIUS: No, Merlin, you can't.

MERLIN: What not? I understand what she's going through.

GAIUS: You must never reveal your secret. Not to anyone.

MERLIN: If not me, then someone else.

GAIUS: Who? This is a kingdom where magic is outlawed, or have you forgotten that?

MERLIN: There are those who still practice it. What about the druids? You said that they help people like this.

GAIUS: Uther's vowed to destroy them. The druids cannot help her. It would be suicide.

MERLIN: Then who can?

GAIUS: I will. Like I've always done.

MERLIN: Then you need to be honest with her.

GAIUS: What makes you so certain that you know better than me?

MERLIN: Because I went through the same thing. I know exactly how she's feeling right now.

GAIUS: You cannot get involved in this. No good can come of it. I mean it, Merlin. Stay out of it!

Castle – Griffin Staircase

Arthur passes Merlin just as Merlin is about to visit Morgana's Chambers. Merlin hides flowers behind his back.

ARTHUR: Ah, Merlin. I need you to...What are you hiding behind your back?

MERLIN: Nothing. See?

ARTHUR: What are you up to?

MERLIN: What, nothing, honestly. Arthur, I would never lie to you. I respect you far too much for that. You wanted me to do something.

ARTHUR: My chainmail needs cleaning.

MERLIN: Oh, well...I'll see to it right away.

Morgana’s Chambers – Day

Gwen opens the door to Morgana's Chambers.

MERLIN: How is she?

GWEN: I've never seen her like this before. I'm scared to leave her on her own.

MERLIN: Is there anything I can do to help?

Morgana stirs restlessly in bed.

GWEN: I'd better get back to her.

Merlin hands Gwen the flowers.

GWEN: I'll make sure she knows who they're from.

Morgana’s Chambers – Night

Gwen sits on the edge of Morgana's bed with her.

GWEN: I can stay if that would make you feel better.

MORGANA: You've done so much already.

GWEN: I don't mind.

MORGANA: I'll be fine. Really.

Gwen squeezes her hand and gets up to leave.

MORGANA: Gwen. Take the candle.

Gwen takes the candle and leaves. Morgana tries to sleep, but wakes up and magically shatters the vase with Merlin's flowers in it.

Gaius's Chambers – Night

Morgana rushes in wearing her nightgown, almost hysterical.

MORGANA: Is Gaius here?

MERLIN: Er, no he's not here at the moment. He should be back soon though.

MORGANA: I need to speak to him. Where is he?

MERLIN: He's gone to see the King. What's wrong? You can trust me, Morgana. You know you can.

MORGANA: I'm scared, Merlin. I don't understand anything anymore. I need to know what's happening. Please.

MERLIN: Gaius will be back soon. He'll be able to help you.

MORGANA: He won't. I don't any more remedies. They won't do any good. It's magic, Merlin.


MORGANA: I'm your friend, you know I wouldn't make this up.

MERLIN: Of course.

MORGANA: Then you believe me? You think it's magic too. Please, Merlin, I just need to hear someone say it so I don't have to keep feeling like I'm imagining it.

MERLIN: I really wish there was something I could say.

Morgana backs away and walks out.

MERLIN: Morgana. Morgana. Wait.

Dragon’s Cave – Night

MERLIN: I need your help. Do you know where the druids are?

KILGHARRAH: First you must tell me why you seek them.

MERLIN: That doesn't matter.

KILGHARRAH: It does to me.

MERLIN: I need to ask them something.

KILGHARRAH: I've lived more than a thousand years, seen civilisations rise and fall. Do not believe that you can lie to me.

MERLIN: I need their help. (sigh) Someone I care about needs their help.

KILGHARRAH: You speak of the witch, the Lady Morgana.

MERLIN: She's not a witch. She's my friend.

KILGHARRAH: She cannot be trusted.

MERLIN: What makes you say that?

KILGHARRAH: It would be better if The Witch...

MERLIN: Stop calling her that!

KILGHARRAH: It would be better if The Witch never knew the true extent of her powers.

MERLIN: You're wrong. I know her. She has a good heart.

KILGHARRAH: You failed to heed my advice in the past and it brought grave consequences.

MERLIN: I won't abandon her.

KILGHARRAH: I will not give you the help you seek. If you pursue this course of action, you do so alone.

Arthur’s Chambers – Day

Merlin absentmindedly cleans Arthur's chainmail. Arthur enters with Leon, holding a scroll of parchment.

ARTHUR: You sure this is all of them?

SIR LEON: Names and last known dwelling places.

ARTHUR: My father suspects the fire was started by sorcery.

SIR LEON: Indeed, Sire. I've included the details of everyone we suspect of consorting with sorcerers, witches, or druids.

ARTHUR: Gather the men. We'll arrest them immediately. I thought I told you to do that yesterday.

MERLIN: I didn't have time. I was cleaning the stables.

ARTHUR: That's strange. Because a little bird told me you were somewhere else.

MERLIN: Mucking out the stables is strange and a talking bird isn't?

ARTHUR: Merlin, what've we said about you trying to be funny?

MERLIN: I shouldn't.

ARTHUR: So where are my flowers?

MERLIN: Your flowers?

ARTHUR: I heard Morgana got some. I assumed you'd be putting them in all the rooms. Or is she the only one to receive a token of your affections?

MERLIN: Yes. Er, No. Er...what? It's not a token of anything, affection or otherwise.

ARTHUR: I see. So why were you trying to hide them from me yesterday?

MERLIN: I wasn't. I mean, I was. Just, erm, I didn't want you to get the wrong impression.

ARTHUR: And what's the right impression?

MERLIN: That I was trying to cheer her up after the fire.

ARTHUR: Pick them yourself?

MERLIN: Maybe. I was only trying to be nice.

ARTHUR: Sword.

Merlin hands him the sword.

ARTHUR: That'll be all.

Merlin leaves and Arthur shakes his head.

Lower Town – Forridel’s House – Day

Merlin sees people being rounded into the Square as he heads for the Lower Town. Merlin tries to enter a house. It's locked.

MERLIN: Ic I Tóspringæ.

The door unlocks. Merlin enters. A woman puts a sword to his back.

FORRIDEL: Move and I kill you.

MERLIN: Forridel?

FORRIDEL: Who are you?

MERLIN: There is no time to explain, we have to get out of here. The King's men are coming for you.

Pounding on the door.

GUARD: Open in the name of the King!

Merlin and Forridel sneak out the back way and watch the house from around the corner.

FORRIDEL: How did you know they were coming for me?

MERLIN: I'm Prince Arthur's servant.

FORRIDEL: You took a great risk, thank you.

MERLIN: I'm just sorry I couldn't help them all.

FORRIDEL: We better go.

MERLIN: No, wait. I need your help. I'm looking for a way to contact the druids.

FORRIDEL: I wouldn't know anything about them.

MERLIN: You don't need to lie to me.

FORRIDEL: I'm not lying.

MERLIN: Please, if it wasn't for me, you'd be under arrest. You know I'm not a spy for Uther. I'm a friend of the druids. I need their help.

FORRIDEL: What do you want to know?

Morgana’s Chambers – Night

Morgana holds the door open for Merlin to enter. Merlin holds a bottle.

MERLIN: Gaius asked me to deliver this.

MORGANA: I don't need any potion, thank you. Merlin? Ignore what I said last night. I had a nightmare, I was upset.

MERLIN: I know. I haven't said anything to anyone.

MORGANA: I'm sorry. It's usually Gwen that has to deal with me when I'm like this.

MERLIN: I don't mind. Maybe I could help.

MORGANA: I doubt that.

MERLIN: You'd be surprised.

Merlin closes the door.

MERLIN: I understand. I realise how frightening all this must be for you. Especially for you.

MORGANA: Why especially for me?

MERLIN: You're the King's ward. You know his hatred of magic better than anyone.

MORGANA: That's what you think has been happening to me? The dreams. The fire. You think it was magic?!

MERLIN: I'm not saying that.

MORGANA: But it could be, couldn't it?

MERLIN: I really wouldn't know, but there are people who do.


MERLIN: What about the druids? They help people like you.

MORGANA: None of their kind would dare show their face in Camelot.

MERLIN: No. But I know where you can find them.

Morgana’s Chambers – Day

Warning bells ring in Camelot.

ARTHUR: The guards have completed of the castle. There's no trace of her.

UTHER: Encircle the city. No one gets in or out.

GAIUS: You sent for me, Sire?

UTHER: Yes. What time did you deliver the sleeping draught to Morgana?

GAIUS: Well, I...

ARTHUR: The guards said that Merlin delivered it after she retired to her chambers.

UTHER: So she was safe them?

GAIUS: Yes. Well, I suppose she must've been.

Gaius's Chambers – Day

Gaius grabs Merlin' shoulder and holds up the potion bottle.

GAIUS: I didn't ask you to take this to Morgana last night.

MERLIN: I used some initiative, I thought you'd be pleased.

GAIUS: Those warning bells are ringing because Uther thinks that Morgana's been kidnapped. And you don't seem overly concerned.

MERLIN: She can look after herself.

GAIUS: Merlin, what have you done?

MERLIN: What you refused to. I helped her.

GAIUS: This ends now. People's lives are at risk, Morgana's included. Where is she?

MERLIN: She's gone to the Forest of Essetir to find the druids.

GAIUS: I told you not to get involved.

MERLIN: I had to because you wouldn't even acknowledge she had magic.

GAIUS: For good reason.

MERLIN: No. You don't understand. You don't understand what it's like. The years before I came here were the loneliest of my life.

GAIUS: Morgana is the King's ward. Her situation is completely different to yours.

MERLIN: I know. I've got you, she hasn't.

GAIUS: I've always taken good care of Morgana.

MERLIN: It is not the same. Everything that's good and right about magic I've learnt from you. I'd be lost without you, Gaius. Like she is now. Do you understand why I did it?

GAIUS: Yes, I do. But that doesn't mean I don't fear the consequences.


Morgana walks through the woods in a bright red cloak. She can hear menacing critter noises.

Castle – Council Chamber Of Doom

UTHER: Have all the suspects been arrested?

ARTHUR: Nearly. A few have gone to ground.

UTHER: Issue a proclamation. "All the prisoners will be executed unless the Lady Morgana is returned to Camelot."

ARTHUR: I'll see to it, Sire.

Gaius's Chambers – Night

Merlin sneaks out. He bumps a table.

MERLIN: (whisper) Gestillan! Gestillan! Gestillan!

The spell stops several objects from crashing. Merlin approaches some guards.

MERLIN: Forbearnan firgenholt.

The spell enhances a torch fire to scare off some guards. Merlin comes to the grate at the end of the tunnel outside the castle ramparts.

MERLIN: Tospringe.

The spell blows open the tunnel grate with magic.

Forest – Night

Morgana is attacked by serkets. A red cloaked man comes to her rescue as she passes out.

Gaius's Chambers – Day

GAIUS: Come on, Merlin! Out of your bed! You'll be late for work. Merlin?

Merlin walks across country.

Druid Camp – Morgana’s Tent – Day

Morgana wakes as someone strokes her forehead with a cloth.

AGLAIN: I'm not going to hurt you.


AGLAIN: You've hurt your leg. Try not to move it.

MORGANA: What happened?

AGLAIN: You were stung by a serket. I came to help. My name's Aglain. Relax, Morgana. You're safe now.

MORGANA: Who told you my name?

MORDRED: (telepathy) I did.


AGLAIN: When the serket attacked last night, Mordred was able to sense your distress in his mind.

MORDRED: (telepathy) Hello Morgana.

MORGANA: Did you hear that? How did you do that?

AGLAIN: We don't always need words to speak to one another.

MORDRED: Now I can take care of you like you did me.

Tunnel Exit – Day

Arthur, Uther, Gaius and the guards inspect the tunnel grate that Merlin blew off its hinges.

ARTHUR: There's some confusion as to how that was broken. By the looks of these scorch marks...

UTHER: There is no confusion. It was magic. The same magic that was used to start the fire in Morgana's chambers. Where does the trail lead?

ARTHUR: To the forest of Essetir.

UTHER: We've long suspected that the druids have hidden there.

ARTHUR: The trail will lead us straight to them.

UTHER: Take no prisoners. It's time we rid ourselves of these druids once and for all.

Uther leaves. Arthur turns to Gaius.

ARTHUR: Where's Merlin?

GAIUS: Erm...He's, er, he's not well.

ARTHUR: He's still upset about Morgana, isn't he?

GAIUS: We all are.

ARTHUR: Tell him to stop pining, pull himself together, and get back to work.

Castle – Drawbridge – Day

Arthur and Camelot guards depart with dogs.

Forest – Day

Merlin lights a campfire with magic.

MERLIN: Forbearnan.

Merlin hears distant telepathy...or at least a mishmash of dialogue from this episode.

MERLIN: Hello?

AGLAIN’S VOICE: What would you like to know?

Castle – Council Chamber Of Doom – Day

Gaius enters. Uther is waiting.

UTHER: Is there any word from Arthur?

GAIUS: No, Sire, not yet. But they haven't been gone long.

UTHER: Yes. Of course.

GAIUS: Why are you so certain that she's been kidnapped?

UTHER: What other possibility is there?

GAIUS: She was very upset after the fire. She could've gone of her own accord.

UTHER: That's not Morgana. In all her years, I've never known her to run from anything. Takes after her father too much for that.

GAIUS: You haven't let Gorlois down. You've looked after that girl as if she were your own.

UTHER: That is what she's become. If she were to die, a huge part of me would die with her.

Druid Camp – Morgana’s Tent – Day

Aglain enters.

AGLAIN: I trust you slept well?

MORGANA: Better than I've done in days.

AGLAIN: Here, this might make you feel more at home.

Aglain hands here a druid cloak.

Forest/Druid Camp – Day

Arthur continues to pursue Merlin's trail with dogs. Merlin approaches druid camp. Aglain walks with Morgana.

AGLAIN: They are surprised to see you here, if not a little afraid. Your king would have us killed.

MORGANA: They have nothing to fear from me. I do not share Uther's hatred of magic.

AGLAIN: No. I imagine you wouldn't. These forests are dangerous. What brings you so far from Camelot?

MORGANA: Searching for answers. I hope the druids might be able to give them to me.


Forest – Day

Arthur finds Merlin's campfire.

ARTHUR: Keep moving! This way.

Druid Camp – Morgana’s Tent – Day

Merlin sneaks into the druid camp and listens in on Aglain's conversation with Morgana.

AGLAIN: What would you like to know?

MORGANA: Why I can see the future in my dreams. Why I'm able to start fires with my mind.

AGLAIN: People who are able to do this are few and far between. You have a gift.

MORGANA: Is it magic?

AGLAIN: Of a kind, yes. But it will be many years before you're able to understand it fully, let alone use it. This isn't something to be afraid of.

MORGANA: It is if you have Uther as your guardian. If he found out, he'd have me killed.

AGLAIN: He won't.

MORGANA: But if he did...

AGLAIN: We won't let that happen. You're safe here. You shouldn't be scared of Uther. You should pity him.

MORGANA: Pity? Why?

AGLAIN: Because he's a broken man, consumed by fear. His hatred of magic has driven goodness from his heart.

MORGANA: I've always been taught that magic is evil, that it corrupts your soul.

AGLAIN: Uther told you this. Just because he decrees it, doesn't make it so. In time you will learn that magic isn't a dark art that must be shrouded in secrecy. It can be a force for good.

Aglain leaves the tent.

Forest – Day

Arthur and the guards reach the woods near the druid camp and see the smoke from their fires.

ARTHUR: Remember the King's orders! No prisoners!

Druid Camp – Morgana’s Tent – Day

Merlin enters.

MORGANA: Merlin! What are you doing here?

MERLIN: I've come to take you back to Camelot.

MORGANA: Then I'm afraid you've had a wasted journey. I'm never going back.

MERLIN: You have to.

MORGANA: Why? You're the one who said I should seek out the druids.

MERLIN: I never realised what the repercussions would be.

MORGANA: What repercussions?

MERLIN: The King thinks you've been kidnapped.

Druid Camp – Day

Arthur and guards approach.

Druid Camp – Morgana's Tent – Day

MERLIN: He won't stop until you're found. He's arrested dozens of people. He's gonna execute them all.

MORGANA: If I return, the same fate awaits me.

MERLIN: Uther doesn't need to know about this. I won't tell a soul.

Arthur and guards.

Morgana's tent.

MORGANA: I'm sorry. I'm never going back. These are my people. They're like me. I don't feel so alone here. Do you understand?

MERLIN: Better than anyone.

AGLAIN: Morgana, we must go. Who are you?

MORGANA: I--it's alright, he's a friend. What's wrong?

AGLAIN: Arthur and his men are coming. Your friend has led him straight to us.

The druids run, trying to escape Arthur and the guards. Merlin sees Mordred.

MORDRED: (telepathy) Hello Emrys.

Arthur sees Mordred and Aglain helping the limping Morgana run off.

ARTHUR: This way!

Merlin runs with Mordred, Morgana, and Aglain.

AGLAIN: We've got to keep moving!

MORGANA: My leg, it's too painful!

MERLIN: I'll try to create a diversion.

MORGANA: No, Merlin, you can't!

MERLIN: You carry on! It's my fault they're here! Go! Go!

MORGANA: I'll never forget this.

MERLIN: Bene læg gesweorc.

Merlin creates fog and sends it Arthur's way. Arthur pauses in the fog. Merlin runs above.

ARTHUR: There!

Arthur pursues Merlin. Merlin jumps and hides under protruding rock. Arthur and his men jump right over him. Merlin runs back. Guards spot Morgana's party anyway.

GUARD: Over there!

Morgana slumps to the ground.

MORGANA: I can't go on.

AGLAIN: We're not leaving you behind.

MORGANA: Please.

Morgana faints.

MORDRED: They're coming!

Aglain is shot with a crossbow. Mordred runs.

GUARD: Prince Arthur! We have the Lady Morgana!

Mordred runs, but is surrounded by guards. Merlin stops running and watches him kill throw 3 guards and run off.

Castle – Main Square – Day

Arthur rides into the square with Morgana. Uther helps her down and Gwen comes to meet them while Uther embraces Morgana.

UTHER: I was so, so worried about you.

ARTHUR: You were right. It was the druids. They kidnapped her.

Morgana’s Chambers – Night

Morgana lies on her bed fully clothed. Merlin knocks and Morgana goes to open the door.

MORGANA: Merlin.

MERLIN: My Lady.

Morgana lets him in and closes the door.

MERLIN: I wanted to check you were ok.

MORGANA: I'm fine. What was said at the woods...

MERLIN: You can trust me, Morgana. I won't tell anyone.

MORGANA: Thank you, Merlin. I know now who I really am. And it isn't something to be scared of. Maybe one day people will come to see magic as a force for good.

MERLIN: Erm....It's good to have you back.

MORGANA: Thank you, Merlin.

Morgana opens the door to let him out.

MORGANA: Sleep well.

Castle – Griffin Staircase – Night

Arthur leans against the underside of the stairs as Merlin walks down from Morgana's Chambers.

ARTHUR: This has to stop.

Merlin turns around.

ARTHUR: The King would have your head if he found out, and there's no point denying it.

MERLIN: Denying what?

ARTHUR: Your affections for the Lady Morgana.

MERLIN: (chuckles) Right.

ARTHUR: Take a bit of advice from someone who knows about women.

MERLIN: Well, if such a person existed, I would.

ARTHUR: Stick to girls who are more...how can I put it? On your level.

MERLIN: Thanks.

ARTHUR: She can't be her friend. Let alone anything else.

MERLIN: Yeah, I know.

ARTHUR: You can't hide anything from me, Merlin.

MERLIN: (chuckles) I wouldn't dream of it.

Gaius's Chambers – Night

Merlin enters.

MERLIN: I'm sorry, Gaius.

Gaius walks slowly to Merlin, then hugs him.

MERLIN: I thought you'd be angry with me.

GAIUS: I was. Right up to the moment you walked in. Then I was just grateful that you're back safe and sound.

MERLIN: Morgana knows the truth. The druids told her she has magic. Sorry.

GAIUS: It's not your fault. You were only doing what you thought was right.

MERLIN: We both were. What happens now?

GAIUS: You must take care of her. And hope that Uther never discovers the truth about her powers.