02x09 - The Lady of the Lake

Episode 2.09 : The Lady of the Lake

Lower Town (night)

A bounty hunter arrives in Camelot with a druid girl locked in a horse-drawn cage. He leaves her outside in the thunderstorm while he goes to the tavern. Gaius is making a house call with Merlin in the lower town.

Gaius: If he's not better in the morning, let me know.

Merlin and Gaius pass the girl in the cage on their way back to the castle.

Merlin: Gaius.

Gaius: She's fallen prey to a bounty hunter.

Merlin: She's only a girl.

Gaius: She'll still fetch a good price, though.

Merlin: Someone's going to pay for her?

Gaius: Uther offers a handsome reward for anyone with magic.

Merlin: There must be something we can do.

Gaius: Merlin, bounty hunters are dangerous men. They're not to be meddled with. You of all people should understand that.

Lower Town (night)

Merlin sneaks out the chambers while Gaius sleeps. He peeks in the tavern to make sure the bounty hunter is occupied before going to the caged girl.

Merlin: Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you.Tospringe.

The cage door breaks open. Merlin steps inside and puts his hand over her manacles.

Merlin: Unspene þás mægþ!

The manacles break off. he takes her hand and they hide behind the cart just as the bounty hunter exits.

Merlin: Ic bebíede þis giestærn tácen fielan.

The tavern sign breaks off and hits the bounty hunter. Merlin runs with girl.

Merlin: Bryne.

Merlin lights a torch and takes girl down some tunnels under the castle.

Merlin: They won't find you here.

Merlin takes off his jacket.

Merlin: Here.

She shrinks back.

Merlin: Sorry. Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you. I just thought you might be cold.

Freya: Why did you do that?

Merlin: What?

Freya: Help me.

Merlin: Well, I saw you and...it could've been me in that cage. You'll be safe down here. I'll come back in the morning with some food and candles. Will you be alright till then?

Freya nods.

Merlin: I'm Merlin, by the way.

Freya: I'm Freya.

Merlin: Freya.

Merlin hands her his jacket and she accepts it.

Merlin: I'll see you in the morning, Freya.

Freya: Thank you.

Merlin nods.

Physician’s chambers/Arthur’s chambers

Merlin looks for food the next morning, finding only stale bread and rotten fruit. Merlin goes to Arthur's Chambers and exchanges these for fine meat, bread, and cheese. Merlin opens the curtains.

Merlin: Breakfast!

Arthur: Oi! Where's the meat? Cheese?

Merlin: That's the new breakfast menu.

Arthur: This isn't enough.

Merlin: We, we've got to keep you in shape.

Arthur: I'm fighting fit!

Merlin: But we want to keep you that way.

Arthur: Merlin!

Arthur throws the food at him.

Arthur: Is there somewhere you have to be?

Merlin: Of course not!

Arthur: Good. 'Cause I've got some chores for you to do.

Arthur’s chambers

Merlin prepares Arthur's bath.

Arthur: Make sure it's hot enough!

Merlin: Onhǽte þá wæter.

Arthur: Is it ready?

Merlin: Yep. Freshly heated.

Arthur: Ah! You bumpkin! It's boiling!

Merlin: Boiling?

Arthur: You are half asleep today!

Merlin: I'm sorry, Sire. Erm, I'll get you some cold.

Arthur: No, I'll get you some.

Arthur splashes Merlin with a water pitcher.

Arthur: That woken you up?

Merlin: Raring to go, Sire.

King’s Palace, Council Chamber of Doom

The bounty hunter enters with some knights.

Uther: Ah, Halig. You've come bearing gifts?

Halig: Yes, Sire. A druid girl. But she escaped last night here in Camelot.

Uther: Well, don't worry. We'll soon find her. Have some guards help with the search.

A knight bows and exits.

Halig: You need to warn them, Sire. The girl is dangerous. The informer told me she was cursed.

Uther: How so?

Halig: He didn't know, but he said even the druids were frightened of her. They cast her out of their camp.

Gaius: It's against all the druids believe to reject those in need of care.

Uther: Why would they do such a thing?

Gaius: I dread to think.

Uther: Set up sentries on all the gates.

Halig: We should search the lower town, Sire. Someone may be harbouring her.

Gaius: You think she had help?

Halig: I saw two figures running away.

Uther: Give Halig all the help he needs. I want this girl and her accomplice found.

King’s Palace Gate (day)

Peasants queue up to enter the palace grounds. Halig inspects each one.

Guard: Get in line!

Halig shakes his head that it's not the person he saw.

Guard: Move along.

Halig nods at the next woman. She's taken by guards. Halig shakes his head at Merlin, but then looks at him as Merlin passes by.


Merlin enters tunnels with a torch and a care package. Freya's sleeping.

Merlin: (whisper) Freya?

Merlin touches her shoulder. She wakes and shrinks from him.

Merlin: (whisper) It's all right. It's okay. It's me. It's Merlin. And look...

Merlin shows her what he brought. Freya stuffs the food in her mouth. Merlin sets up the candles.

Freya: It's good.

Merlin: Believe me, it's fit for a prince.

Merlin lights candles with magic. He sees a tattoo on her arm.

Merlin: Is that a druid symbol?

Freya nods.

Merlin: Were you born a druid?

Freya: Why are you asking me all these questions?

Merlin: Sorry, I didn't mean to.

Freya: I'm sorry.

Merlin: I understand.

Freya: You could never understand.

Merlin: I know what it's like to keep secrets.

Freya: Does anyone know you have magic?

Merlin: Only you. And one other person. He knows, but I'm not sure he understands.

Freya: I wish I was like everyone else, but...

Merlin: You always know, deep down, you're not?

Freya: Because I'm cursed.

Merlin: Freya, don't say that. Magic doesn't have to be a curse. It can be a gift. Look. Hoppaþ nu swicae swá lig flíehen.

Merlin floats the candles.

Freya: Beautiful.

Merlin: I have to go. Erm, someone might notice I'm missing. But I- I'll come back, and I'll bring you some more food. I promise.

Physician’s chambers (day)

Merlin enters.

Gaius: Do you know anything about the girl?

Merlin: What girl?

Gaius: The girl from the cage. She escaped last night.

Merlin: Good. I'm pleased.

Gaius: They're out hunting for her.

Merlin: Why can't they just let her be?

Gaius: Did you help her escape?

Merlin: No.

Gaius: Merlin?

Merlin: You told me not to get involved.

Gaius: You promise me you'd nothing to do with this?

Merlin: Yes!

Gaius: Good. Because when Halig finds out who helped her, I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

Arthur’s chambers

Arthur eats dinner.

Merlin: Would you like some water with that?

Arthur: Mmm.

Merlin pours the water out of the pitcher and magically knocks Arthur's knife off of the table. When Arthur bends down to pick it up, Merlin magically shoots a drumstick into the water pitcher.

Arthur: I had two drumsticks.

Merlin: No you didn't.

Arthur: Merlin, I had two drumsticks.

Merlin: Maybe it fell on the floor.

Arthur leans over to check and Merlin magically grabs the sausages.

Arthur: I had sausages!

Merlin: You sure? They must've fallen under the table.

Arthur: Merlin!

Merlin: What? You can search me, I haven't taken them.

Arthur: Well, where have they gone?

Merlin: Strange.

Arthur: Very.

Merlin: Sure you didn't eat them?

Arthur: I haven't had the chance!

Lower Town / Dungeons

Merlin rushes through the lower town with the pitcher full of meat and runs into Halig. Guards drag Merlin into a dungeon cell. Halig overturns pitcher and meat drops out.

Merlin: It's just the Prince's leftovers.

Halig: Does he know you steal his food?

Merlin: Not exactly.

Halig: Where were you taking it?

Merlin: Home. For my dinner.

Halig: Really? The druid girl I'm looking for, have you seen her?

Merlin: No.

Halig: Do you know how much money she's worth to me?

Merlin shakes his head.

Halig: More than your life. So I'm asking you again. Have you seen the druid girl?

Merlin: (shakes head) No.

Halig pushes Merlin into a chair.

Halig: Hold him. I think you're lying to me.

Merlin: I'm not!

Halig: I don't believe you.

Halig swing his arm back to punch Merlin.

Arthur: Halig! What do you think you're doing?

Halig: We caught the boy behaving suspiciously, Sire.

Arthur: Merlin?

Halig: He could be harbouring the girl, and he's gonna tell us where.

Merlin shuts his eyes, waiting to be hit. Arthur grabs Halig's arm and gets Merlin out of the chair.

Arthur: Leave him alone. Merlin is my servant. He has my absolute trust. If you have a problem with him, you come to me. Do you understand?

Halig: Sire. (bows) Goodnight, Merlin. Don't forget your dinner.

Arthur notices the meat on the floor.

Merlin: Thank you.

Merlin notices Arthur staring at the meat on the floor.

Merlin: Ah.

Arthur: Are those my sausages?

Merlin: (nods) Mmm.

Arthur: You took them?

Merlin: To keep you in shape.

Merlin picks up the meat.

Arthur: Are you saying I'm fat?

Merlin: No. Well, not yet.

Arthur: I am not fat!

Merlin: You see? It's working.


Merlin goes to Freya in the tunnels.

Merlin: I'm sorry I took so long. You must be hungry. What is it?

Freya: Nothing.

Merlin: But you're upset.

Freya: No.

Merlin: D'you think I wasn't coming? But I promised you I would.

Freya: I scare most people away.

Merlin: I'm not most people. How long had you been in that cage?

Freya: A few days.

Merlin: And the bounty hunter?

Freya: Halig.

Merlin: How did he find you?

Freya: (sniffs) You can't always trust people.

Merlin: I know. That's why I left home.

Freya: Where is home?

Merlin: Ealdor. It's a small village. Just a few fields, a couple of cows. Nothing special.

Freya: My home was next to a lake surrounded by the tallest mountains. In the winter the storms whipped up the water into waves and you thought they were going to crash down and take away all the houses. But in the summer, wild flowers and light. It was like heaven.

Merlin: Sounds perfect.

Freya: It was.

Merlin: Was?

Freya: My family died.

Merlin: Have you been on your own ever since? You're not on your own anymore. I'm going to look after you. I promise.

Freya: You can't look after me. No one can.

Merlin: No, I don't think you understand. I've never known anyone like you. I wish I could stay.

Freya: You're going?

Merlin: We need to be careful. I'll come back in the morning. You know I will be back, don't you?
Freya: Merlin, I've never known anyone like you either.

Lower Town

Gaius: I think they've been killed by some kind of wild animal.

Uther: Have you're men been able to track the creature?

Arthur: That's the strange thing, 'cause the ground is soft. Obviously a bear or wolf would leave some mark. But there are no tracks.

Gaius: Then what are these?

Arthur: Human footprints.

Gaius: But they're leading away from the bodies. Did someone escape the attack?

Arthur: No one's come forward.

Uther: Could the person who made these be responsible?

Gaius: I don't believe so. These wounds could only've been inflicted by a beast of considerable size.

Uther: And if this was done by neither a man nor beast, there's only one other explanation. It must be the work of a magical creature.


Merlin: I know, I'm late again. Sorry. But, er, this is going to be the best bread you have ever tasted. What do you want with it? Come on. You can have anything. Ham. Cheese.

Freya: Strawberries.

Merlin: Strawberries it is.

Merlin clears his throat and rubs hands together.

Merlin: Blóstma.

Merlin opens his hands to reveal a red rose.

Freya: That's not a strawberry.

Merlin: Er, it's the right colour.

Freya: Why are you so good to me?

Merlin: Because I can't help it. I don't know. I like you. With you I can just be who I am. We don't have to hide anything. We don't have to worry.

Freya: Merlin, please, listen to me. I'm not like you.

Merlin: They must've followed me.

Freya: They're going to find me. I can't go back in that cage, I can't.

Merlin: Shh. I won't let that happen. I promised you I'd look after you, and I will. No matter what. You really don't realise how special you are, do you?

Freya: You're not scared of me?

Merlin: Being different's nothing to be scared of.

Physician’s chambers

Merlin: *humming*

Gaius: Will you stop that?

Merlin: What?

Gaius: Sit down and eat your soup.

Merlin: *humming*

Gaius: Merlin.

Merlin: Sorry.

Gaius: What is wrong with you?

Merlin: Nothing. I feel great.

Gaius: Good. Then you can get on with some chores.

Merlin: Chores?

Gaius: Unless you have something better to do.

Merlin: Sorry, I'm going out.

Gaius: Well what time will you be back?

Merlin: Er, well don't wait up for me. I might be late.


Freya: What are you doing here?

Merlin: I couldn't help it.

Freya: It's dangerous.

Merlin: I don't care.

Freya: No, Merlin, you have to be careful.

Merlin: Ugh, I'm fed up with being careful. I am fed up with all of this. So I've decided, we're going to get you out of here, out of Camelot.

Freya: How?

Merlin: I'll get you some clothes, disguise you. What's wrong?

Freya: It's just, I'm going to miss you.

Merlin: No, you won't, because I'm going to come with you.

Freya: What?

Merlin: I told you I'm going to look after you.

Freya: You can't. Don't say that.

Merlin: It's not what you want?

Freya: Merlin, you have a good life here. My life is...I have to keep moving, always looking over my shoulder, people chasing me.

Merlin: Then we'll go somewhere no one knows us. Somewhere far away. You haven't given me your answer.

Freya: I want that more than anything. Where will we go?

Merlin: Somewhere with mountains.

Freya: A few fields.

Merlin: Wild flowers.

Freya: A couple of cows.

Merlin: And a lake.

Freya: And a lake.

Morgana’s chambers (day)

Merlin knocks on Morgana's door.

Merlin: (muffled)Lady Morgana?

Merlin enters.

Merlin: Lady Morgana?

Merlin looks through Morgana's closet looking for a dress.

Gwen: Merlin? I'm sure there's an obvious explanation.

Merlin: There is.

Gwen: Which is?

Merlin: Moths.

Gwen: Moths?

Merlin: Yes. The castle's overrun with them.

Gwen: Really?

Merlin: I was just checking that they hadn't got in here as well.

Gwen: And have they?

Merlin: That's, that's totally infested. I have to burn it.

Gwen: Burn it?

Merlin: Yeah. And if we don't stop them, we'll all be walking around naked.

King’s Palace corridor

Arthur sees Merlin with the dress.

Arthur: What are you doing?

Merlin: Er, running an errand for Gaius.

Arthur: For Gaius?

Merlin: Yes.

Arthur: Strange.

Merlin: Oh, I don't think it's for him.

Arthur: As long as you do a decent day's work, Merlin, that's all I care about.

Merlin: No, no. It's not for me.

Arthur: What a man does in his spare time is completely up to him.

Merlin: No, you- you've got this wrong.

Arthur: Colour suits you, Merlin.

Lower Town (day)

Uther: The beast has struck again?

Gaius: I'm afraid so. The wounds match those of the previous victims.

Arthur: The man who saw it spoke of a huge black cat with wings.

Uther: I was right. This is not the work of a natural creature.

Gaius: Are there any tracks this time?

Arthur: Just human footprints again.

Uther: Can you identify this monster?

Gaius: I will need more time to investigate.

Uther: Oh, come on. You always have theories in these matters.

Gaius: This time, Sire, I prefer to wait till I'm certain.

Uther: There is no time to waste, Gaius.

Gaius: I'll report back to you before the day's out, Sire.


Merlin brings Freya the dress in the tunnel.

Merlin: You look like a princess.

Freya: I'm not. I can't take this.

Merlin: Freya, I don't understand.

Freya: You keep doing all this for me. I don't deserve it.

Merlin: I want to. What's wrong?

Freya: Nothing.

Merlin: Here. Please. You'll look wonderful in it. We can leave tonight as soon as it gets dark and we'll be together.

Freya: We'll need supplies. Food, water.

Merlin: All right. I'll try to get horses, and we'll need blankets, but that's all we'll need.

Freya: Go on, go.

Merlin: I won't be long.

Merlin leaves.

Freya: Goodbye, Merlin.

Physician’s chambers

Merlin: Gaius, I was just...

Gaius: Merlin, sit down. I want to talk to you.

Merlin: Is everything alright? You look worried.

Gaius: The beast struck again last night. There are two more deaths in the lower town.

Merlin: Do you know what it is yet?

Gaius: Once more there were no tracks around the bodies, but human footprints were leadingaway from them.

Merlin: Right.

Gaius: It doesn't seem to add up. The footprints would indicate a human was responsible, but the wounds inflicted are definitely the work of some kind of beast.

Merlin: Strange.

Gaius: Yes. Until I remembered what Halig said about the druid girl, that she's cursed.

Merlin: What's that got to do with the monster?

Gaius: The ancient chronicles speak of a heinous curse. It dooms its victim to turn at the stroke of midnight into a vicious, bloodthirsty beast. The writers of old called this creature a Bastet: a monster of nightmare that inhabits the twilight world between the living and the dead. Merlin, I want the truth. Did you release the druid girl from the cage?

Merlin: Of course not!

Gaius: There was a time when you thought twice before lying to me.

Merlin: I did what was right.

Gaius: You know the creature and the girl are one and the same.

Merlin: You're wrong. Freya is just a girl.

Gaius: Merlin, please think about what I'm saying. You know it is the truth. Where is she now?

Merlin: No.

Gaius: She's killed already, and she'll kill again. She can't stop herself.

Merlin: Please, Gaius. Where are you going?

Gaius: To Uther.

Merlin: I'm begging you! Just give me some time to get her out of the city, please.

Gaius: I'm sorry. I can't let more innocent people die.

Tunnels (night)

Merlin: Freya. Freya!

Merlin’s chamber (night)

Gaius: I had no choice, Merlin. Uther had to be told.

Merlin: They won't find her. She's gone.

Gaius: I'm sorry. I do understand how you must feel, Merlin.

Merlin: You could never understand. Do you know how it feels to be a monster? To be afraid of who you are?

Gaius: Freya's very different from you. She's dangerous.

Merlin: Whatever she is, and whatever she's done, she doesn't deserve to die. I just hope she's safe. Somewhere far away.

Warning bells sound.

Lower town, a courtyard

Guard: There she is! Stop!

Freya: Please let me go.

Halig: No one escapes from me.

The clock begins to chime. Freya begins screaming, transforming into Bastet. Arthur and the knights fight her in the square, Arthur wounds her. Merlin runs into the square, she sees him and flies off instead of attacking.


Merlin finds Freya weeping and naked in the tunnels and he places his jacket over her.

Merlin: You're all right. You're safe now.

Freya: (crying) You must hate me.

Merlin: No.

Freya: I'm a monster. I tried to tell you.

Merlin: I know.

Freya: I wasn't always like this.

Merlin: Shh. You shouldn't try to talk.

Freya: There was a man. He attacked me. I didn't mean to hurt him, but I thought he was going to kill me.

Merlin: It was an accident.

Freya: His mother was a sorceress, and when she find out that I'd killed her son, she cursed me to kill forever more.

Merlin: I'm going to make you better, Freya.

Freya: No, Merlin, the wounds too deep. Please go.

Merlin: No. I'm not leaving you here.

Lake of Avalon (day)

Merlin takes Freya to the Lake of Avalon, surrounded by mountains.

Freya: You remembered.

Merlin: Of course. I'm so sorry for what that sorcerer did to you.

Freya: Merlin, you have nothing to be sorry for.

Merlin: There must be something I can do, some way to save you.

Freya: You've already saved me. You made me feel loved.Merlin: I don't want you to go.Freya: One day, Merlin, I will repay you. I promise.

Merlin places Freya in a boat.

Merlin: Astyre.

The spell sends the boat out onto the lake.

Merlin: Wæcce on sæbát bælfýr mæst.

The spell ignites the boat.

Physician’s chambers

Gaius: Merlin, I was so worried.

Merlin: I'm sorry, Gaius.

Gaius: Where's the girl?

Merlin: She's gone. She's dead.

Gaius: I'm sorry, Merlin. Truly, I am.

Arthur’s chambers

Merlin cleans Arthur's boots, sitting on the floor.

Arthur: Ah, Merlin. I'm looking for you.

Merlin: Yeah, right, er, you're gonna ask me to polish your armour and to, er, wash your clothes and clean your room.

Arthur sits down on the floor next to Merlin.

Arthur: Something's been upsetting you, hasn't it?

Merlin: Maybe.

Arthur: Was it when I threw water over you?

Merlin: It wasn't very nice.

Arthur: It was a bit unfair. Like when you called me fat.

Merlin: Why was that unfair?

Arthur: Because I am not f...

Arthur puts Merlin in a headlock and rubs his hair with his knuckles.

Merlin: Ow! Ah!

Arthur: Still think I need to get in shape?

Merlin: No! No! No, no, no, no!

Arthur: That's better.

Merlin: Thanks.

Arthur: You are right, though. You need to polish my armour, wash my clothes, and clean my room.