02x12 - The Fires Of Idirsholas

Episode 2.12 - The Fires Of Idirsholas


The Great Dragon : In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom on the shoulders of a young boy. His name ... Merlin.

[In an abandoned castle]

Morgause : Cnihtas Medhires, eower sawlas sind min sawlas. Onwac ond cum her eft! Rid eft ond forsleah eft! Gedo Uther Pendragon!

[Camelot - Throne Room]

A breeder : I'm a herder from the Northern plains, sire. Three nights back, we were camped beneath the walls of Idirsholas ...
Uther : I'm not sure I would have chosen such a place.
Breeder : Good pasture is scarce, sire.
Uther : What's up to you?
The breeder: While we were there, we ... We saw smoke rising from the citadel.
Gaius : And did you see anything else?
Breeder : No.
Uther : Did you go inside?
Breeder : Nobody has stepped over that threshold for 300 years. You must know the legend, sire.
Gaius : When the fires of Idirsholas burn, the Knights of Medhir will ride again.
Uther : See you there!
[To Arthur] Take a ride out there.
Arthur : Why?
Uther : So we can put people's minds at rest.
Arthur : Surely this is superstitious nonsense.
Uther: Gather the guard and do I say.

[Gaius Lab]

Merlin : Why's Uther so worried?
Gaius : Because the Knights of Medhir are a force to be reckoned with.
Merlin : So you believe the story as well?
Gaius : It's more than a story, Merlin. Some 300 years ago, seven of Camelot's knights were seduced by a sorcerer's call. One by one, they succumbed to her power. At her command, they became a terrifying and brutal force that rode through the lands leaving death and destruction in their wake.
Merlin : What happened?
Gaius: It was only once again that the Knights of Medhir finally grew still. Merlin, if what Joseph says is true, then something has awoken them. And I fear for each and every one of us.

[The Knights of Camelot leave.]
[Morgana's Chamber]
[Morgana has received a message from Morgause. She's bothered by Gwen.]

Gwen : Are you all right?
Morgana : Yes. Just a little cold.
Gwen : Do you need something warmer?
Morgana : No. Thank you.


Arthur : What is it, Merlin? Do not tell me you've been listening to Gaius' bedtime stories again.
Merlin : I just hope that's all they are.

[Night - Camelot]
[Morgana walks out of the castle and leaves in the forest to find Morgause.]

Morgause : You look well.
Morgana : Thanks to you. I wear it all the time. I can not remember when I last had a bad dream.
Morgause : Yet you do not seem happy. Why's that?
Morgana : I would be, if I did not have to pretend.
Morgause : Pretend?
Morgana : That I am Uther's loving ward ... when I hate him.
Morgause : Have you ever imagined a new world, Morgana? One where Uther was no more?
Morgana : Sometimes.
Morgause : And is that what you'd like?
Morgana : I had the chance to be his murderer.
Morgause: And what stopped you?
Morgana : I do not know. I thought he cared for me. But not any more. He cares for no-one.
Morgause : So you want Uther destroyed and his reign to end?
Morgana : More than anything. But it does not matter what I want. The future is not of my making.
Morgause : You are wrong, Morgana. You underestimate your importance. The decisions you make now will change the shape of everything that is to come.
Morgana : What do you mean?
Morgause : Whose side are you on, Morgana? Are you with Uther, or are you with me? Are you ready to help me bring about his downfall?
Morgana : I am.
Morgause: I can not tell you how much it means to hear you say that.

[Morgause uses his powers on Morgana to put him to sleep.]

Morgause : Acenne slaep swylce cwalu. Acenne slaep swylce cwalu. Acenne slaep swylce cwalu.

[The next day - Morgana's room]
[Morgana wakes up in bed.]

Gwen :: Good morning, my lady. Morgana? Morgana?
Morgana : Yes ...
Gwen : Did you sleep well?
Morgana : Yes.
[Seeing Gwen yawning.] Better than you by, the looks of it.
Gwen : Sorry.

[Uther's room]

Uther : I have short business that needs attending to.
Gaius: You have to stay in bed, sire. You have a fever. I'll prepare a tonic for you.
[To Sir Leon] When did he first fall ill?
Sir Leon : It came on this morning. It's not something to worry about?
Gaius : No. It'll soon pass. Be sure to let me know if there's any change.

[Idirsholas Castle Courtyard]

Merlin : What's that noise?
Arthur : What noise?
Merlin : A spell of trembling sound.
Arthur : That's your knees knocking together.

[Gaius Lab] [i /]

Gaius : I fear this contagion is spreading. You're the fifth person I've seen today.
Gwen : I'm sure it's nothing.
[i] Dropping a jar] : Damn!
[Leaning over to pick up the debris] Ooh. I'll pick that up later. I think I might need a little something myself. If I can not find what it is I'm looking for.

[Idirsholas Castle]

Arthur : Seems part of Joseph's story was true. Probably just travelers passing through.
Merlin [Seeing the 7 Knights of Medhir] : Or maybe not.

[A battle is going on.]

Merlin : Arthur! [Throwing him a sword]
Arthur : Run, Merlin!
Merlin : No.
Arthur : Will you do as I say!
Merlin : Ahreose thaec!

[They escape from the castle and find themselves in the forest.]

Arthur : What happened to your arm?
Merlin : Oh, must have caught it on something.
Arthur : Let me see. Your first battle wound. Here.
Merlin [Seeing Arthur tearing his tunic] : No. No, do not ... You'll ruin it!
Arthur : Do not worry. You can mend it. Did anyone else escape? We need to get back to Camelot. Gather reinforcements.

[Camelot's court]

Merlin : Are they dead?
Arthur : No. They're breathing.
Merlin : What's happened to them?
Arthur : I do not know. What's going on?

[A cart stops in the yard.]

Merlin : I'll get Gaius. Arthur!

[Grand staircase]

Merlin : They're all fast asleep. It must be some kind of sickness.
Arthur : Where's my father?

[Throne Room]

Arthur : Where is he?

[Gaius Laboratory]

Merlin : Gaius! It must be the work of magic.
Arthur : We have to find my father.

[Morgana's bedroom]
[Arthur drops Gwen asleep on the bed. Morgana has hidden behind curtains. The two men discover her. She screams.]

Arthur : It's me, it's me, Morgana. What's happened?
Morgana : I did not know it was you.
Arthur: Calm down, Morgana. Just tell me what happened.
Morgana : People were complaining, saying they were not feeling well.
Arthur : And what then?
Morgana : They started falling asleep. Everyone. Everywhere I went.
Arthur : Was someone here? Then why were you hiding?
Morgana : I told you, I did not know who you were.
Arthur : Where's my father?
Morgana : I do not know.
Merlin : Arthur, she's distressed!
Arthur : If she was awake then she must've seen something.
Morgana : I did not see anything.
Arthur : You saw people getting sick. What did you do?
fata morgana: What could I do?
Arthur : Morgana, I do not understand. Why is it that you're the only person awake?

[Medhir's horsemen ride towards Camelot.]
[Camelot Corridors]

Merlin : Do not worry, I will not say anything.
Morgana : About what?
Merlin : The illness.
Morgana : That has nothing to do with me.
Merlin : Of course not, but you have magic.
Morgana : You have not told anyone that?
Merlin : No. And I will not tell Arthur, but ... There must be something keeping you safe. And I think that must be it.
Morgana : Right.
Arthur : I've found him!

[King's Office]

Arthur : Father!
Merlin : See, he's all right.
Arthur : He is not all right!
Merlin : He's just asleep. All we have to do is find a cure, a way to wake them.
Arthur : Who could have done this? You're the only one who's not been affected, Morgana. There must be a reason.
Morgana : I do not know.
Arthur : That's all you keep saying. You must know something.
Morgana : No! They just fell asleep, one by one!
Merlin : It's obvious. When she started feeling sick, Gaius gave her a potion, right?
Arthur : When was she sick? She never said that.
poleaxe: She was one of the last to be affected. Somehow the potion must've helped.
Arthur : What about everyone else?
Merlin : By then Gaius was too ill. He did not have the chance to treat anyone else.
Arthur : Go and see if you can find this potion. I'll search for signs of life in the lower town. Morgana, you stay here and look after my father. Keep him safe.
[Tending to Morgana's sword] Here. You protect him with your life, understand?

[Morgause and the Medhir Knights prepare to attack Camelot.]
[Gaius Laboratory]

Merlin: All right. Gaius, this is going to wake you. Ic acwice the! Gaius! Gaius? All right ... Oh. We can try this. Ic the bebeode thaet thu ne slaepest! Well, maybe not. Come on, Gaius. I need you to wake up. I really need your help. Ah, here we go ... Brimstream!
Arthur : Merlin, come quickly!

[Merlin & Arthur attend knights' arrival.]

Merlin : According to the legend, there were only seven Knights of Medhir.
Arthur : Then who's the extra rider?
Merlin : I do not know, but Camelot is defenceless.
Arthur : We have to get back to my father.

[King's Office]

Arthur : This will be the first place they look. We have to hide him.
Morgana : What's going on?
Arthur : We're under attack. No time to explain. Grab his legs, carry him. You're not meant to be sweeping the floor with him! Pick his feet up.
Merlin : His feet are not the problem.
Arthur : Morgana, give him a hand.

[Uther snorts.]

Arthur : It's not funny, Merlin. Did you find the potion Morgana took?
Merlin : Er, no.

[Morgause and the knights enter the courtyard.]
[King's Chamber]

Arthur : We can not leave him here. We have to ride him onto the bed.
Merlin : Why? He's asleep. He's not going to know.
Arthur : Merlin!
poleaxe: Well ... I'll get him a pillow.
Arthur : He's the King!
Merlin : All right, two pillows.
[Feeling bad] Are you all right?
Arthur : You feel the same?
Merlin : We're getting sick.
Arthur : We can not let that happen. We must keep my father hidden.
Merlin : Why do not we disguise him?
Arthur : That might just work.
Merlin : We could dress him as a woman.
Arthur : That, on the other hand ...
Merlin : We could dress him as a servant.
Arthur : That's better.
Merlin : I'll get some clothes.

[Merlin leaves the room.]

Arthur : Are you all right, Morgana? You seem quiet.
Morgana : I'm fine.
Arthur : Are you sure? I can always tell when you're lying. Do not worry. I will not let any harm come to him.

[Merlin is forced to hide in a closet to escape a knight.]
[Dragon's Cavern]

Merlin : What's going on? Why is everyone asleep?

[The Dragon snores.]

Merlin : Please, not you as well. I need your help. What am I going to do? Do not pretend. I know you're listening to me.
The Great Dragon: Merlin, you always say the same thing. "Help me!" And yet you refuse to give anything in return. Now you will face the consequence of that decision. Camelot's end up and there's nothing you can do about it.
Merlin : I know, I promised to free you. And I will.

[The Dragon laughs.]

Merlin : I will, I promise!
The Great Dragon : I no longer trust your promises.
Merlin : I swear on my mother's life.
The Great Dragon : Careful what you say.
Merlin : You have to help me. Please!
The Great Dragon : Your life matters This is an oath I believe you will honor.
poleaxe: I will.
The Great Dragon : It's a thing to cast a spell that puts everyone to sleep. The power to maintain is a very different matter. It will need more than just words to break this enchantment.
Merlin : What do you mean?
The Great Dragon : You must eradicate the source, Merlin.
Merlin : Great, what is that?
The Great Dragon : Not what, but who. Such spells need a vessel, a constant living presence to give strength. The source of this pestilence is the witch, the Lady Morgana.
Merlin : It can not be.
The Great Dragon : I have warned you about her in the past, but you have failed to take heed. She is dangerous.
Merlin : No ...
The Great Dragon : And now she has chosen to turn her back on her own.
Merlin : How do I stop her?
The Great Dragon : That's easy, young warlock. You must kill her.
Merlin : No!
The Great Dragon : The spell is woven with the magic of such power that you are not immune. You must act now, before it's too late. If you do not, then Camelot will fall and Arthur will die. And the future you were destined to share with you.

[Gaius Lab]
[Merlin takes a vial of poison.]
[Camelot Corridors]

Arthur : What took you so long?
Merlin : I did not know Uther's size.

[King's Chamber]

Morgana: I was worried about you.
Merlin : They're here. They're in the castle.
Morgana : Where's Arthur?
Merlin : He's gone to find somewhere safe to move to.
Morgana : Thank you for not saying anything to him.
Merlin : That's all right.
Morgana : You're a good friend.

[Arthur enters the room.]

Arthur : We have to move my father before Morgause gets here.
Morgana : Morgause ...
Arthur : Come on, let's go.
Merlin : You're not surprised?
Morgana : No, I am.

[Chamber of a servant]

Arthur: We should be safe in here for a while. It must be the potion Gaius gave her.
Merlin : Yeah, must be the potion.
Arthur : We can not keep this up much longer.
Merlin : I know. We're in a servant's quarters. If we leave him here, they'll just think he's a servant.
Arthur : Not if Morgause sees him. We need to get him out of Camelot.
Merlin : When we arrived, there was a cart, in the main square. Remember?
Arthur : You are full of good ideas today, Merlin. You go and look.

[Camelot's hallways]
[Merlin gets attacked by a knight.]

Merlin : Astrice!

[Housekeeper's room]

Merlin: They're closing in, we will not make it to the cart. Not carrying Uther.
Arthur : That's why we've made this. We're going to pull him. Get down and keep quiet.

[A knight enters the room and fights with Arthur.]

Arthur : Protect the King, get him out of here!

[Camelot's hallways]
[Merlin & Morgana are attacked by a knight.]

Morgana : Merlin! Please!

[Throne Room]

Arthur : Merlin, help me!

[Merlin & Arthur blocks the door.]

Arthur : Morgana. We need the remedy that Gaius gave you. Morgana?
Morgana : I do not have it.
Arthur: I know that, but ... You must remember what it was. What was in it? Come on Morgana, we can not keep going much longer. Think!
Morgana : I'm sorry, I ...
Merlin : It does not matter. We can not get it, anyway. We're trapped.
Arthur : There's something we can do!
Merlin : Why did not you kill you?
Morgana : How do I know? Because I'm a woman?
Merlin : Yeah. Maybe.
Arthur : Unless we can rid ourselves of this sickness, I do not see how we can hold out.
Merlin : We have to destroy the source of the magic.
Arthur : Which is ...?
Merlin : I do not know.
Arthur: Then our only chance is to get out of Camelot. Help me with my father. You cut the blanket up, we'll tie it to my father
Morgana : Arthur?
Arthur : Morgana, please, just do as I say.
[To Merlin] I'll fetch the round to the window.
Merlin : Are you going out there? I'll come with you.
Arthur : No! You stay, you protect my father.
Merlin : You will not reach the cart alone. It's suicide.
Arthur : We have no choice.
Merlin : How are you feeling?
Arthur : Not bad.
Merlin : You sure?
Arthur : Yeah. You?
poleaxe: Never better.
Arthur : You could not get me pillow, could you?
Merlin : Do not mess around. Arthur? You ... Arthur, you need to stay awake.

[Merlin slaps Arthur.]

Arthur : Merlin!
Merlin : That's better.
Arthur : If you ever do that again ...
Merlin : Well, do not fall asleep, then!

[A grunt is heard.]

Arthur : That your knees again? If I need a servant in the next life ...
Merlin : Do not ask me!

[Arthur walks out of the room to fight the Medhir knights.]

Morgana : He's not going to survive out there.
Merlin : I know.
Morgana : We've got to do something.
Merlin : I know.
Merlin : Here. You tear this up. I'll make some rope.

[Merlin pours poison into the gourd and presents it to Morgana.]

Merlin : Here, have some water.
Morgana : I'm not thirsty.
Merlin : If we get out of here, you can not get another chance to drink.
Morgana : IF we get out of here.

[Merlin pretends to drink and hands the gourd to Morgana for the second time.]

Merlin : Here.
Morgana : I'm fine.
Merlin : No, you have some before I finish it.
Morgana : Thank you.

[Morgana drinks the poisoned liquid. Morgause enters the room.]

Morgause : What has he done to you?
Merlin : I had to.
Morgause : You poisoned her!
Merlin : You gave me no choice.
Morgause : Tell me what you used and I can ave her.
Merlin : First stop the attack.
Morgause : You're nothing but a simple servant. You do not tell me what to do.
Merlin : If you want to know what poison it is, you will find that the drives.
Morgause : Tell me the poison or you'll die.
poleaxe: Then she'll die with me. I do not want this any more than you. But you give me no choice. Stop the knights and you can save her.
Morgause : Astyre us thanonweard! Cnihtas Medhires, eower sawlas sind min sawlas. Rid eft ond forsleah eft!

[The Medhir Knights collapse.]

Arthur : What do you have done with my father ?!
Merlin : He's safe.
Arthur : Morgana!
Morgause : Keep away from her. Bedyrne us! Astyre us thanonweard!

[Morgause & Morgana evaporate.]
[King's Chamber]

Arthur : I could not find you. Are you all right?
Uther : Is there still no sign of her?
Arthur : We've looked, Father.
Uther : Morgause must not be allowed to get away with this!
Arthur : Yes, Father.
Uther : Arthur? I have not had a chance to say thank you.
Arthur : I failed, Father. I should have protected Morgana.
Uther : No. That was my duty. Her loss will forever be on my conscience, not yours.

[Night - Gaius Lab]

Gaius : You did the right thing.
Merlin : You do not mean that. Morgana was your friend, too. You cared about her.
Gaius : I did not. But I fear that, unlike you, Morgana not to use her gift for good. You had no choice. Would we be sitting here now if you had not made that decision? Where are you going?
poleaxe: I'll eat that later.
Gaius : Merlin?
Merlin : There's something I have to do.

[Merlin, a sword in his hand, goes down under the foundations of the castle.]

The Great Dragon : 'You must steal a sword from the Knights of Medhir. Their blades were forged by the Old Religion. Uther Pendragon keeps me in jail. '

[Dragon's Cave]

The Great Dragon : The time has come, young warlock.
Merlin : Where will you go?
The Great Dragon : I am the last of my kind. There is one road I can take.
Merlin : What does that mean?
The Great Dragon: You will see.
Merlin : Before I do this, you promise me ... that you will not harm Camelot.
The Great Dragon : I think there have been enough bargains. Do not you?
Merlin : Ic bebeod thisne swurd thaet he forcearf tha bende thara dracan! Unclce!

[Merlin finally releases the Dragon.]



Source: Mist of Camelot