04x05 - Declaration of War

I keep having the same dream.

I dream about the guy who hung himself in the fields.

Why did he tell us that story right before he hung himself?

Obviously, that's something we'll never know.

I bet he wanted someone to forgive him.

Considering we left Marcel and ran, it's not like we can say much.

For some reason, I can't help but think: That old man, I think what he wanted...

...was to be judged by someone.


It's been four years, Reiner.

Um, huh?

Aren't you two supposed to be old friends?

Isn't that right, Mr. Kruger?


There's so much to catch up on.

I don't even know where to start.



Lord Tybur, it's almost time.


My goodness!

Well, well!

Come to give me a pep talk, Madam Azumabito?

I hope I'm not a bother.

I just came to see your face.

Given my stage fright, I'm sure I look hideous.

No, you look courageous.

My whole clan knows how brave you are.

I wish you the best of luck.

I appreciate it, Lady Kiyomi.

Sit down, Reiner.

They're good seats, right?

You can hear everything on stage.

The building above us is all housing.

It's behind the stage, but it's full of people waiting for the curtains to rise.

Directly above us.



Did you hurt your hand?


It's just a scratch.

Reiner, sit down.

Well, I think I'll head back.

No, Falco.

You should stay here and listen.



Just do as he says.


Now then, shall we leave?


Long time no see, Mr. Leonhart.

Ms. Braun...

Not since your son came home, right?

Speaking of which, I hear Hoover passed away in bed?


He never failed to say how proud he was of his son's sacrifice for Marley.

I'm sure your daughter also...

She's not dead.

Annie is alive.

She promised she would come back.

To think, war will be declared in the internment zone, of all places.


Even General Calvi came to the zone!

The whole backbone of Marley's military is here!

And all these powerful families and ambassadors!

Not to mention every newspaper in the world that matters.

It's like we're in the world's spotlight!

The Tyburs sure are powerful.

Yet they're Eldians, same as us.


It's begun.

Falco and Mr. Braun aren't back yet?

Warriors of Marley, Commander Magath has summoned you. Eren...


Why did you come here?

Same reason you did.

Don't you get it?

The same reason you did.

Because I had no other choice.

Sounds like it started.

Let's listen.

Let's look back in time.

Roughly years ago, the Eldian Empire ruled the world with the Power of the Titans.

From the rise of Founder Ymir until today, Titans have robbed enough lives to eradicate humanity three times over.

Countless cultures and peoples have been wiped out by Titans; their histories stolen away.

The Eldian Empire's path of slaughter became humanity's history.

And when the Eldian Empire ran out of enemies, they soon began slaughtering one another.

The Great Titan War had begun.

Families holding the eight Titans waged a bloody war.

Using this to his advantage, one Marleyan sought victory.

It was the hero, Helos.

Thanks to his clever manipulations, the Eldian Empire was tricked into killing each other, one by one.

By joining hands with the Tybur family, they forced the unbeatable King Fritz to flee and retreat to the island.

However, though he fled to Paradis Island, his power still remained.

Tens of millions of Titans await on the island to trample the world.

To this day, the only reason we haven't been trampled is merely a fluke.

Our scholars have no other explanation.

To eliminate this threat, our motherland Marley sent four Titans to the island, but they were beaten back and only the Armored Titan returned.

The darkest blot on humanity's history, the Eldian Empire, is alive and well.

You hear that, Reiner?

Isn't that why you destroyed the wall?

You guys were trying to save the world.

Weren't you?

You're wanted at the gate, Jaeger.


This way, you two.

I feel like I've seen you somewhere before.

Where are you from?

Out west by Lakua, but I was called here.

I didn't come to chitchat with Eldians.

That's a shame.

I kinda fancy your beard.


It's Pieck!

The Panzer Unit!

Thanks for all your hard work!

W-We should be thanking you.

You're in a good mood today.

What are you doing?

Let's go.

What was that?

Since they ride the Cart Titan into war and all, it's good if we build a bond.

Didn't you just put a rift in that bond?


Nothing strange as of yet.

I don't care how small it seems.

Report everything to me.

Yes, sir.

In here.


Where's Commander Magath?


What's going on here?

Why is Vice Chief Braun so scared?

Isn't Kruger an old friend of his?

Old friend?

Like, how many years ago?

If it's more than four, they met on Paradis Island!

No, there's no way!

Because that means...


Could it be...?!

Now then, the story I've told thus far is common knowledge.

However, the truth is somewhat different.

In passing down the War Hammer Titan, the Tybur family inherited its memories.

I will now reveal the truths we learned for the first time ever.

Some years ago, it was neither Helos nor the Tyburs who ended the Great Titan War.

The one who ended the fighting and saved the world... was King Fritz.

He anguished over the Eldian Empire's vicious history, tired from the endless infighting, and above all, he was pained by the endless oppression of Marley.

When he inherited the Founding Titan, he schemed with the Tybur family and they fabricated a Marleyan hero.

His name: Helos.

The King moved as many Eldians as he could to the island and closed the gates.

He claimed that if they were threatened, thousands of Titans would be unleashed as revenge.

However, this was never his intention.

King Fritz made a vow renouncing war so his ideology would be inherited.

Because of this, Karl Fritz's ideology has been passed down, and the Titans have never left the island to attack.

That is, the one keeping our world safe is the "vile" King of the walls...

Karl Fritz, and his desire for peace.

Peace was all he wanted.

But if Marley grew strong and came to take the Founding Titan or his life, he would accept it.

He believed the sins of the Eldians were so grave, they could never be atoned for.

"However, until that day of retribution, let me savor a brief paradise, free of conflict within the walls.

That is all I ask of you." That was his last request.


What does this mean?

If this is true...

Marley and the Tyburs saving the world was made up by King Fritz?

If the King of the walls won't attack, why do they say Paradis Island is a threat?


In exchange for our safety, the Tybur family joined hands with Karl Fritz and sold out the Eldians to Marley.

We're no more than traitors lavishing in crookedly earned honor.

The reason that I stand here and willingly part with this sham is because I know our world is in great peril.


The Warriors and soldiers sent to get them are missing.

Mobilize a search team!

Yes, sir!

Has it begun?

Damn, that hurt!


What the hell is this?

Must be a pit to restrain Warriors.

It's a classic trap...

too cramped for one of us to transform, let alone two.

Yeah, we'd be squashed to death.

Why'd that scrawny soldier even do it?

I don't know, but I feel like I've seen them before.

Stand there and watch.

This is my atonement.

Using the power of the Founding Titan, Karl Fritz erected three walls.

These walls, formed by tens of millions of Colossal Titans, have served as a shield and spear, safeguarding peace.

But recently, an uprising took place on Paradis Island.

King Fritz's peace was undermined by a person who stole the Founding Titan.

Once again, there's a threat to our world... a rebel against peace!

His name: Eren Jaeger!

You tricked me...

And here I respected you...

But you tricked me!

I'm sorry, Falco.

I needed your help.


The letters!

The ones you had me send!

What were they?!

They didn't reach my family, but they did reach my comrades.

No way!

You're kidding!

Y-Your comrades?

The threat of Paradis Island is the stampede of millions of Colossal Titans...

a rumbling.

As I mentioned, the vow renouncing war prevents the King's bloodline from fully using the Founding Titan.

But currently, this "Eren Jaeger" who possesses the Founding Titan may begin this rumbling at any moment.

Once the rumbling is set into motion, there is nothing that we can do.

Nothing but tremble at the footsteps of doom, fleeing in vain.

All lands and civilizations will be trampled, literally razed to the ground.

That's right.


It's like Willy says...

I'm the bad guy.

I might just destroy the world.

But to me, you were the bad guys, too.

That day, when the wall was destroyed and Titans invaded my hometown, I watched my mom get eaten.

I couldn't understand.

Why, Reiner?

Why was my mom eaten by a Titan?

Because... on that day, we broke the wall.

Why did you break the wall?

To sneak in during the chaos and see how the King would react.

What was your mission?

To retake the Founding Titan and save the world.

I see...

If it was to save the world, you didn't have much choice.

Back then, you told me: "I'll make you guys suffer and die in the worst way possible." Isn't that why you came?

Oh, I vaguely remember saying that.


Just forget it.

True, I saw everyone on the other side of the sea as my enemy.

But then, I crossed the sea, slept under the same roof as them, ate the same food...

Reiner, I'm the same as you.

Sure, there're jerks here, but good people, too.

Across the sea, within the walls...

It's the same.

But you guys were taught everyone in the walls was a devil.

You were children who knew nothing, but it was drilled into you.

You were just kids.

What could you even do?

Right, Reiner?

Hasn't that been eating away at you?


You're wrong, Eren!

That day, when Marcel was eaten, Annie and Bertholdt tried to turn back and end the mission.

But I...

I talked them into it and made them go on!

I wanted to be a hero!

I wanted people's respect!

It's my fault!

Your mom was eaten by a Titan because of me!

I cursed the blood I was born with.

More than anyone, I wished the Eldians were wiped out.

I'm sick of this...

of myself!

Just kill me!

But I do not wish to die.

And that is because I was born into this world.

We are people of different races and nations!

However, it is time to join as one and face this dreadful enemy!

Lend me your strength, those of you who wish to live!

Those of you who wish for a future!

If we work together, we can overcome any obstacle in our way!

Like I thought, I'm the same as you.


I want you to join me in the fight against the devils of Paradis Island!

I think we were born this way.

Here and now, as representative of the Marleyan government, I proclaim...

I keep moving forward.


Until I destroy my enemies.

...to the enemy forces of Paradis... a declaration of war!

The Attack Titan suddenly appears.

Amid its roars, the crowd is slaughtered mercilessly.

To stop Eren's rampage, the War Hammer swings.

Next episode: "The War Hammer Titan." "The War Hammer Titan"