11x12 - The Murder of the Meninist

Booth: Yeah, there's another one. This is worse than I thought.

Thank you. What are you looking at?

What case? Perhaps I can help.

Yeah, I-I guess, but you know what, I don't think you're gonna like this.

You know how you've been watching the Flyer games with me lately?


Six out of the last 12 games.

If each viewing were a goal, that would be two hat-stands.

It's a hat-trick.


Anyways, this is not good. You're bad luck.

Impossible, there's no such thing as luck, Booth.

Numbers don't lie.

Look at that, you're like the curse of the Bones-bino.

Well, I don't know what that means.


Montenegro: Hey, guys, sorry we're late.

Well, let me help.

No, no, no, Booth, sit, sit.

It's fine. It's fine, it's fine, it's fine. My arms work fine.

It's the rest of me that's the problem.

So, how was physical therapy progressing?

Oh, uh... it's not.

Hodgins hasn't done any PT in over a week.

Booth: Why?

I thought you said everything was going good.

Oh, yeah, no.

I did say that, but, uh, Hodgins hid the truth from me.

His doctor told me that he has no neural connectivity.

So, you-you don't feel anything?

No, I have plenty of feeling.

Anger, rage, uh, biting sarcasm.

Though I'm not sure if that last one is a feeling or just a really pissy attitude.

It's an attitude.

Thank you.

Yeah, thanks for the clarification.


Man: Oh, I'm sorry.

Booth: Oh, that's... Look, don't worry about it.

Damn it.

Hey, you know what, I-I've had too much caffeine today, anyways.

Let me just move you back a little bit here...

No, enough, Angela, it's fine.

It's fine, please.

You know what, this is probably not the most wheelchair-friendly environment.

(phone rings) Let's just go somewhere else.

No, the Royal Diner's our spot.

Don't change that because of me, I...

Well, unfortunately, it looks like we're all gonna have to get going.

A body was found inside a burned-out car.

Okay, we'll just do a rain check then.

Booth: Look, hey, I tell you what, why don't you come over later tonight and we can watch the game together, just the guys?

Thank you for that, but I think you've all done enough charity work for one day.

Saroyan: According to the police, the deceased was driving on a remote road when his car went through a guard rail and caught fire.

Considering how charred the skull is, facial reconstruction won't be easy.

These days, not much is.

Though, we have solved murders with less.

True, but this is not a murder investigation.

No, it's just your run-of-the-mill car crash where we need to find an ID.

Fuentes: The rounded supraorbital margins suggest the victim was male.

Yeah, well, whoever he was... he was obviously poor.

I mean, look at this old clunker.

This car was a piece of crap even before the accident.

Brennan: Any chance the car can give us an ID?

It could, if the VIN weren't burned beyond all recognition.

Fuentes: Judging by the wear on the mandibular teeth, I'd place the victim's age at early 40s.

Saroyan: Looks like the fire burned away most of the blood, but there should be enough liver left to run a tox screen.

Oh, you're thinking he could have been drinking at time of death?

Hey, hold on a second.

Looks like a new carburetor was put in recently.

Oh, if you can get the serial numbers, then Booth should be able to track down where it was sold.

Yeah, great idea there, Angela.

No way I would have thought of that one on my own.


Saroyan: Uh, Dr. Hodgins, would you like a hand?

No, but I could use a new pair of legs.

No fans of paraplegic humor?

Tough crowd.

Yeah, yeah, I remember the guy who bought this.

He was a tall dude, light brown hair--

Oh, my God.

Wait, you are totally packing heat right now, aren't you?

Let's try to stay focused on the case, okay, Allie?

Am I, like, the star witness or something?

No, you're the person who sold a carburetor to a man who is now deceased.

Yeah, but I'm still, like, instrumental to the case?

Couldn't do it without you.


Now, uh, do you remember this guy's name?

Beats me. I mean, dude came into the store all the time for parts, but he always paid cash.

Okay, so he wasn't poor?

Oh, hell no.

I mean, at least he dressed and acted like a rich guy.

You know, nice shirt, fancy phone.

Mm-hmm, anything else you can tell me about him?


The guy was a major Wang.

No, seriously, he was, like, our rudest customer ever. He used to always talk down to me 'cause I'm a girl, like I couldn't possibly know anything about multiport fuel injectors just cause I have a hoo-ha.

Okay, well, thank you, uh, for your time, Allie.

Wait, what, that's it?

Well, unless you have any more information.

Well, no, i-i-it's just that-- it is so sick being here, raked across the coals by a real, live FBI agent.

I-I-I didn't rake you across...

Do you mind if I-I take a selfie with you?

It's just, the guys at the store, they're never gonna believe this.

(shutter clicking)

(indistinct chattering)


(loud mechanical whirring)

Fuentes: Dr. Saroyan, take a look at this.

I found a circumferential fracture on the victim's parietal bones.

That's odd.

Injuries to that area suggest the victim hit the top of his head on the steering wheel.

Unless... the victim wasn't conscious when the car went through the guard rail.

You are correct.

The edges of the fractures on the victim's parietal bone show no sign of hemorrhagic staining. Suggesting they were made postmortem.

This was no accident.

Yeah, well, that sounds good to me.

Take a murdered, rich d-bag over a charity case any day.

Dr. Hodgins, you used the lift.

How was it?

It was exhilarating, Cam.

If I'd known I was getting one of those, I'd have crippled myself months ago.

I... get it.

It's just nice to see you back up here where you belong.

Uh, you just said something about the victim being rich.

I'm worried that it is too early to conclude this based solely on, uh, testimony of an auto parts clerk.


What about this?

I don't know too many paupers who have a key fob for a brand-new Lexus.

Why would someone who owns a luxury car drive a beat-up old junker?

Who knows?

The world is full of messed up people.

I should know.

I'm one of them.

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The Murder of the Meninist
Original Air Date on April 21, 2016

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So, because of the fire damage, I was only able to do a partial reconstruction, but the good news is, I may have found another way to get his ID.

Is that the victim's cell phone?

Yeah, it's also his wallet.

It's one of those two-in-one cases.

Which means the victim's driver's license may be somewhere inside.

Yeah, that's why I borrowed Hodgins' laser-cutter.

It's sort of old-school Star Wars, but it's the best way to cut through plastic.

Well, then, may the Force remain in your proximity.

Yeah, sweetie, something like that.

I couldn't help but notice Hodgins speaking to you quite harshly today.

Yeah, it's not great, but...

I guess it's just, uh, one of the stages of dealing with trauma.

It seems unfair that you have to endure such treatment.

Well, we agreed to stand by each other.

For better or worse.

Okay, blob, let's see what you've got.

It appears the fire fused the victim's credit cards into a giant amalgam.

Yeah, you see that tiny piece of metal in there?

Let me just see if I can extract it.

Looks like a microchip.

Yeah, many of the new credit cards have them embedded now.

I can just scan it.

Brennan: Emil Bradford.

Looks like we found our guy.

I hear you got an ID.

Yeah, Emil Bradford, 43 years old.

Divorced six years ago.

No kids or family in the area.

Angela said that the cell phone was literal toast, so I figured I'd go ahead and issue a warrant to get his phone records.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

At least then we can see who he was talking to.

Yeah. Oh!

Almost forgot there.

Got you a little something.

Look at that. Donuts.

There's over a dozen here.

What do you think I am, you?

I figured some emotional eating might help.

It's been a rough couple weeks for the Flyers.

You know what, I'm pretty sure Bones is causing it.

You think Dr. Brennan is a jinx?

I don't know, you tell me, all right.

The Flyers have lost the last six when she's watched with me.

Oh, no, no, no, no, you need to nip this one in the bud, okay?

Trust me, as a lifelong Cubs fan, jinxes are real.

What am I supposed to do? Hmm?

Tell her that she can't watch the Flyer games with me?

Well, uh, sounds like a good start.

Oh, wow, seriously.

Bones is not gonna like it if I put hockey before her.

That's bad news.

Well, let me remind you that my all-time favorite baseball team hasn't made it to a World Series since 1945.

You want a postseason, you may not have a choice.

These are good. Right?

Fuentes: There are remodeled bilateral fractures on the nasal bones, zygomatics, and around the orbital sockets, all appearing to be five to ten years old.

And the x-rays of the left radius and ulna show evidence of remodeling from about the same time period.

That's in line with Bradford's hospital records.

It appears he had a series of late-night ER visits just over six and a half years ago.

Well, must have been a rough time in his life.

It was.

He was getting divorced.


Taken together, this constellation of injuries is consistent with domestic violence.

But the victim... is a man.

Yeah, surely, you know that men can also be the victims of spousal abuse.

Not real men.

All I'm saying is the injuries could be from something else.

Did the victim report being abused?

No, but that doesn't surprise me, given cultural biases, like your own, men are often too ashamed to admit it.

Dr. Hodgins, how is the car autopsy going?

Or would it be an auto-topsy?

I'd laugh, but the explosion must have paralyzed my sense of humor as well, but... at least I figured out what started the fire.

See that fuel line there?


Well, it must have ruptured when the car went off the road, basically turning the inside of the vehicle into a convection oven, and clearly fusing the trunk shut in the process.

This information will be very useful for my project.


You can leave those right there, guys, thanks.

What's with the animal parts?

What, there's not enough blood and guts here in the lab?

You had to go out and buy your own?

Actually, I'm conducting an experiment.

Well, since when do you do experiments, especially ones that involve lamb shanks, a cow heart, and four bags of pig intestines?

I'm trying to determine when Emil Bradford's body was dumped.

By doing what?

You gonna create a pound-for-pound sausage replica of the victim, light it on fire, and see how long it burns?

That pretty much sums it up, but I could use your help finding an enclosure to simulate the inside of a car.

(groaning): Okay, nice try, but I know what you're doing.

Trying to solve a murder.

Yeah, sure you are. But you know what? You can just throw your little pig man barbecue over there without my help because I'm busy.

Well, fine, I didn't need you anyway.



I'm sorry, I can't hear you.

I'm having the kitchen remodeled.

Hey, Rob!

Keep it down-- I have guests out here!

Sorry about that.

You want me to stop?


Just hammer quietly, okay?

Aubrey: Ms. Bradford, uh, when was the last time that you saw your ex-husband?

I don't know. A couple of months ago.

The cheap son of a bitch brought me to court trying to reduce his alimony.


Yeah, I really see you're strapped for cash.

Emil had family money, and after being married to that sad sack, I deserve every penny I get.

Did you know that Emil didn't hold down a decent job the entire time we were married?

Is that why you beat him?

Excuse me?

Evidence on Emil's corpse suggests there was domestic violence during your marriage.

Maybe you two got into an argument over alimony, things got a little crazy...

Why would I kill the man that was paying me ten grand a month in alimony?

Ms. Bradford, it's clear that you and your ex weren't very close, but is there anything else you can tell us about Emil's life after the divorce?

As far as I know, there wasn't much of one.

Everything he did revolved around the stupid men's rights group he started.

Men-men's rights?


It's called Men Now.

Is that a legitimate organization?

Believe me, I'm as shocked as you are, but that group was all he cared about.

Men Now was Emil's whole life.

Hodgins finally got the trunk of the car open.

He wanted me to bring you this.

(sighs) He couldn't bring it himself?

Evidently, he was too busy.

If you want me to talk to him...


Trust me, there's really no point.

You're kidding, right?

These papers are like charcoal.

They're way past the point of recovery.

Well... give it your best shot.

If Emil spent all his time at work, these may be valuable.


Speaking of Emil, I did some digging around in the manosphere.

The what?

Uh, it's the online community of blogs and websites that focus on men's issues.

Remind me why we love the Internet?

Now, apparently, it's a burgeoning movement.

You wouldn't believe how many guys out there identify themselves as meninists.

I thought human rights organizations were supposed to empower people who are marginalized or oppressed.

Well, according to Men Now, oppressed people include middle-aged white men.

Look at this.

This is a video posted by the victim.

These so-called feminists are nothing but a bunch of Lez-banese man-haters, and the reason they're always screaming about their reproductive rights is to distract us from their real plot, which is getting rid of the male species.

Oh, good Lord.


And we get to solve his murder.

(Booth sighs)

I'm sorry, we must be, uh, at the wrong place.

We're looking for Men Now.

Congratulations, you've found us. (chuckles)

I'm Karen.

Please, come in.

But y-you're a woman.


Yes, well, lots of us support the men's rights movement.

Perhaps you would like to see our brochures?

No, I would not.

Booth: We're here on official business. FBI, Special Agent Seeley Booth.

And I'm Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Your colleague Emil Bradford's body was found this morning.


No, no, I-I-I don't believe it. Oh, my...

When was the last time you saw him?

It was last Thursday, here in the office.

He, um, he didn't come in on Friday, but I just assumed that he was working from home.

Both he and Paul keep flexible hours.

Who's Paul?

Um, i-it's my husband.

He and Emil co-founded Men Now.

And I-- you know, I drop by the office when I can, but they're the only ones who work full-time.

Well, is he here now, 'cause we need to speak with him.


Um, but he's in the middle of a membership meeting right now.

Really, because we're in the middle of a murder investigation.

And I promise, we at Men Now will never give up the fight.

Not until all fathers are given equal custody, until women are required to sign up for the selective service, and congress has abolished all rape shield laws.


This guy's gotta be kidding, right?

Well, actually, his point about selective service is valid.

Bones, there hasn't been a draft in 40 years.

Still, it's only fair that both sexes be eligible should one occur.

Paul: And thanks to the pro-female bias of the family court system, the institution of marriage is now the greatest danger that men face today.

Let me ask you this...

I don't know what's worse, this speech, or the knuckleheads who agree with him.

Well, personally, I am not surprised, considering that matriarchal societies held sway from the Paleolithic era all the way up to 3000 BCE.

Well, I want to punch this guy.

All I'm saying is, if a woman is going to dress like a slut, then she might as well wear a sign saying, "Rape me now."

I really want to punch this guy.

Hey, you have something for me to analyze?

Presumably, a piece of evidence you couldn't have walked over to my office.

I thought you'd prefer if I didn't treat you with pity.

Oh, wow.

How considerate of you.

Take a look at this blunt force trauma to the left anterior aspect of the frontal bone and also near the coronal suture.

All perimortem.

I presume that means that you want me to swab for particulates, which also must mean that you have no clue what caused the damage.

Not yet, but according to my measurements, those blows were made by a triangle-shaped object.

I gotta say, I'm not surprised a jackass like this was attacked.

I agree.

He had it coming.

Because a man who treats a woman like dirt, he's not a man at all.


What do you call a man who not-so-subtly passes judgment on a paraplegic?

For being so honest, I'd call him a friend.

Tell Dr. Brennan that I'll have her results shortly.


I, uh, I can't believe he's gone.

One of the big reasons we've been growing so quickly is because of the wonderful online videos that Emil and Karen have been putting together.

We just love going viral.

So do infectious diseases.

Booth: Right, uh, so I guess Men Now really is taking off.

I guess you'll just have to keep all those profits to yourself.

Please. Money means nothing to me.

Right, which is probably why you're driving around in those junky cars.

No, we bought those junk boxes because driving around in nice cars got too expensive.

I cannot tell you how many times some feminazi shattered their windshields or keyed their cars.

Brennan: Forensic evidence shows that Emil was struck multiple times in the head.

Do you know of anyone who threatened him?

As a matter of fact, I do.

Leah Marino.

She runs the D.C. chapter of Women for Change.

Brennan: Really? I have been a member of that organization since college.

You have? Yes.

Karen: Oh, well, that figures a person like you would be a member of a sexist group like that.

A sexist?

Uh, WFC promotes equality for all people.

Everyone knows affirmative action takes jobs away from qualified men.

You know what, why don't we just hold off here on the women's debate lecture thing, and you can tell us more about Leah Marino.

Well, that woman's been a thorn in our side from day one.

Always making nasty Internet comments, leading protests outside our conferences, and just a few weeks ago, the bitch, she hacked, uh, our Men Now Web site.

She knocked us offline for two days.

That's a terrible loss.

Is Dr. Brennan back yet?

I got my results from the swab of the skull.

I haven't seen her, but you're just in time.

You have to check this out.

If this works like I think it should, then this glue will dry into a solid sheet of rubber.

It's a steel-graphite alloy.

Oh, no, no, i-it's gonna turn into rubber.

Angela, try to keep up, all right? I'm talking about the particulates that I found in the skull.

That, combined with the wound's triangular shape, could actually point to a lot of things here, okay.

Could be a nine-iron, or possibly a-a garden spade, or maybe the back of a hammer.

Okay, um, you do realize that I was right in the middle of saying something.

All right, and your point is?

Look, I know that this is hard for you, but you cannot treat me like this.

I'm not treating you like anything.

I'm busy.


I just thought this paper reconstruction process would be right up your alley.

Look, see?

It rubberized.


Thank you, that was, uh... (sighs) that was... really great.

Ah, Dr. Hodgins, you're just in time.

I was about to set Pig Man on fire, but perhaps, you'd like to do the honors?

Or I could just do it myself.

(gas hissing)

Wow, that was bigger than I thought.

Booth: You know, you never told me you were a member of Women for Change.

I didn't think I had to.

I've received their monthly newsletter for the past 20 years.

Who knew I married a bra burner?


Women for Change is not a bunch of'60s radicals.

Oh, yeah, then why is Leah Marino leading a protest down at the Sherborne Hotel?

Because the Sherborne pays its female employees two-thirds what a male receives for the same job.

It's discriminatory and illogical.

It makes about as much sense as someone believing in jinxes.

Okay, what about the butterfly effect?

You're referring to chaos theory?

That's right.

I read all about it.

A butterfly flaps its wings in South America, and it rains in Central Park.

Booth, I've told you this before, skimming Wikipedia does not bolster your arguments.

Okay, look, just face it, Bones.

You are the butterfly.

You're the butterfly, Bones. You watch the game here, and it creates chaos for the Flyers.

That's not even close to how it works.

Okay, how about we do an experiment, then?

I'll watch the Flyers game alone, and we'll see how they do.

Okay, your hypothesis being the Flyers will win unless I'm there to watch?

I got a great idea; why don't we skip the game and I take you out for a romantic dinner?

You're that desperate...


.. to keep me away from the Flyers?

Come on.

It was worth a shot.

Protestors (chanting): Wage equality now! Wage equality now! Wage equality now! Wage equality now! Wage equality now! Wage equality now! Wage equality now!

This crowd's a lot bigger and angrier than I thought.

Wage equality now!

Well... age equality now!

Women for Change practices nonviolence.

I'm sure it's a peaceful demonstration.

Right, because Leah Marino, she is so peaceful.

All right, what about these tweets here?

Ah, "Suicide is never an option except for Emil Bradford."

Oh, how about this one: "Raise your hand if you want Emil Bradford to die a slow, painful death."

Oh. Booth, there she is.

...and we'll stay here till the Sherborne Hotel pays their female employees the same wage it pays the men.

(crowd cheering)

Leah Marino, FBI, Special Agent Seeley Booth.

We need to talk to you.

So, look what we have here.

Looks like Sherborne wants to play hardball, huh?

Brennan: This has nothing to do with, uh, equal pay.

We need to speak to you about the death of...

I guess those corporate fat cats at the Sherborne must be getting scared since they sent these FBI agents to come and arrest me.

(crowd booing)

We're not here to arrest you.


I'm not scared of these government goons, and you shouldn't be scared either, because when it comes to ending the wage gap, the only thing we should fear is our own complacency.

(crowd cheering)

So, if you have to arrest me, arrest me.

Okay, let's go, let's go, come on.

Let her go! Male oppressor!

How's it feel working for the man?

Oh, no, no, no, I-I support you. I-I'm actually a card-carrying member of Women For Change.

I support you.

Wage equality now!

All (chanting): Wage equality now! Wage equality now!

Ms. Marino, reading the hateful comments that you posted online, I'd say that you were at war with Emil Bradford.

I never intended to stoop to his level, but I wasn't about to let his nasty, uninformed rhetoric undo 50 years of progress.

So, hacking the Men Now Web site was, what, your way of extending an olive branch?

More like an act of desperation.

I thought if I did something big, Emil would stop harassing me.

I've read your tweets.

You gave as good as you got.

I'm not talking about the online stuff.

Emil got off on destroying people's lives.

I can't tell you how many times he stood outside my home or my work, shouting insults through his bullhorn.

Once, he even showed up outside of a restaurant.

So, why not file a restraining order?

I was about to, then two weeks ago, it all stopped.

So, you're saying he just up and left you alone.

Why would he do that?

My guess is he found someone new to harass.

Ah, his cell phone records show that Emil's ex-wife was right about him not having a normal life.

It appears the majority of his calls were made to Karen and Paul Walters.

Talk about somebody who needs some decency beaten into him.

While I agree the Walters are infuriating, that's no excuse for violence, Booth.

Bones, I didn't say I was gonna beat him up, I just like thinking about it, that's all.

I've been doing some thinking as well about tonight's game.

You thinking about not watching it?


I was thinking about what pizza to order.

Oh, come on, Bones, you gotta be kidding me, really? You don't care about hockey your whole life, and all of a sudden this one game comes up and you just can't let it go.

Perhaps it's you who needs to relinquish your primitive superstitions.

All right, wait a second.

I might have something here.

The last signal picked up was from a Wi-Fi account XYZ123

Thursday night at 10:00 p.m.

That's the last day that Emil was seen alive.

Yeah, the only problem is it came from a hot-spot meaning, it came from somebody else's phone.

Well, if we can track down the person who owns that hot-spot, we'll know who Emil was with that night.

Cam, if you can pull yourself away from the human sausage for a second, I've got some actual data to share.

Sure, go right ahead.

Turns out, the vehicle's head and taillights weren't shattered in the accident.

So, someone smashed up Emil's car before it went off the road?

It looks that way, and when I swabbed the glass for particulates, I found traces of steel alloy.

The same material that caused the fractures to his skull.

Nice work.

Yeah, I wish I could say the same for you, because without proper ventilation for the build-up of methane gas, your little male chauvinist pig there is not gonna just cook, he's gonna explode.

‭Well... perhaps you'd like to help me correct that?

(scoffs) Not a chance, uh-uh.

No, I'm keeping as far away from that pork balloon as possible.

Oh, wow, uh, I'm so sorry about that.

(sighs heavily)

So, after converting the victim's burnt papers to a rubberized sheet, I was able to scan and upload the image to a video spectral comparator.

Okay... are we supposed to be seeing something?

Yeah, in a sec.

The carbonized image can only be viewed by an infrared light source.

Fuentes: That's unexpected.

I would have gone with creepy.

Montenegro: Yeah, that's why I called you guys in here.

Well, there has to be something else.

Yeah, I agree.

Let me adjust the light spectrum.

Fuentes: "Right to choose? Some of us never got the chance."

Hold on... is that baby holding his...

Mm-hmm. Looks like it.

"Men, if you were circumcised against your wishes, you can fight back."

These flyers are targeted at a Dr. Pamela Gould.

That explains why the victim stopped targeting Leah Marino.

Men Now was building a class-action lawsuit against Dr. Gould for performing these circumcisions.

That can't really be a thing, can it?

I read about lawsuits like this.

In each case, the plaintiffs won.

On what grounds?

Apparently, all the former patients have to prove is that the circumcision was performed without their consent.

(scoffs) What consent?

We had Michael Vincent snipped at two days old.

That is a shame.

In Cuba, very few boys are circumcised.

Did you know that having a foreskin greatly enhances a man's sexual pleasure?

There is no scientific proof of that, Dr. Fuentes.

No, but I have ample anecdotal evidence.



So, Dr. Gould must not have been happy about Bradford distributing these flyers.

Well, perhaps next time, she'll be more careful with her scissors.

You can laugh, but a lawsuit like this could potentially bankrupt a medical practice.

Sounds like motive for murder to me.

I talked to your secretary, Dr. Gould.

She said that she saw Emil handing these out at the hospital's main entrance last Thursday.

It also happens to be one of the last times anyone saw him alive.

(sighs) That man was outside the hospital every day for the last two weeks, trying to recruit patients for that ridiculous lawsuit of his.

I've also got witnesses who saw you confront Emil.

We may have had a few words.

So what?

You recognize that?

I believe that's the tire iron I keep in the trunk of my car.

Coincidentally, made from the same steel-graphite alloy that we found in the victim's headlights and face.

Okay, I admit it, I hit his car, but I swear I never touched him.

I think you snapped.

You couldn't bear the thought of Bradford destroying your medical practice, so you decided to get rid of him first.

Look, vandalizing Emil's car was not my proudest moment, but that doesn't mean I killed him.

In fact, after I was done taking out my aggressions, Emil and I had a nice little talk about the whole thing, and he apologized.

Emil Bradford apologized?

After you smashed up his car?

It was shocking, but yes.

He claimed our talk helped him see the error of his ways, and he was turning over a new leaf.

I'm telling you, it's the truth.

He even talked about disbanding Men Now.

If Emil was planning to shutter Men Now, I imagine it would have driven Paul and Karen Walters even crazier than they already are.

Are you implying Men Now has no legitimate issues?

Are you implying they do?

Well, in some cases.

For example, I think that men are entitled to equal custody in divorce settlements.

Perhaps, but does it really justify the existence of a men's rights group?

Everyone knows it's a man's world.

Well, I think it should be an equal one.

Dr. Brennan, I've identified evulsion fractures of the inferior margin of the C4 and the superior margin of the C5 vertebrae.

The extensive fracturing from the fire must have obscured them.

Looking at this pattern of damage, it's all beginning to make sense.

First, the victim was smashed in the face with a blunt, triangular object.

Injuring his hands and forearms as he tried to defend himself.

Then, the force of the blows pushed him backward and caused him to fall and hit his neck on something with a sharp, horizontal edge.

Given this scenario, this damage to the vertebrae would have severed the victim's spinal cord, causing death.

But we still haven't identified the object that hit him or the location where he was killed.

If Emil was truly breaking his ties to Men Now, I'm guessing it had something to do with Paul Walters.

Well, that is a sexist assumption.

The killer could be his wife, Karen.

That was meant as a compliment.

And I suppose you think that women should feel flattered when they are catcalled walking down the street?

I know I do.

Is this something that happens to you frequently, Dr. Fuentes?

Oh, yes.

They either call to me, or simply make love to me with their eyes.

Though based on the daggers your eyes are sending, I will concede that it is possible for a woman to be a killer.


I guess one human bratwurst wasn't enough for you, huh?

Well, I was hoping to make Pig Man Two with your husband's participation.

I appreciate what you're trying to do, Cam, but there is no helping Hodgins right now.

You can take off those gloves.

I haven't even loaded the entrails yet.

Oh, good, because the algorithm that I came up with makes Sausage Boy irrelevant.

Oh, thank God.

So, you figured out when the victim's body was dumped?

Based on my calculations, it was last Thursday night, sometime between midnight and 4:00 a.m.

That's great.

Though it would've been better had you told me two hours ago.

Well, also, get this--

I tracked down the owner of that mobile hotspot, XYZ123.

That's the last Wi-Fi signal Emil's phone picked up?

Yeah, and I traced it to Karen Walters' phone.

You know what, you lied to us.

We have phone records that show that you were with Emil right before he died.

Brennan: According to Dr. Gould, Emil was turning over a new leaf, possibly shutting down Men Now, which must have made you quite angry.

Angry enough to kill.

No, you have this all wrong.

Emil wasn't going anywhere. Dr. Gould was very precise about the words Emil used.

Yeah, well, I can quote them, too, because I wrote them.

That, the stuff that Emil said about, "Seeing the error of his ways," that was a line that we would use whenever we had run-ins with angry feminists.

Turns out that lying is a lot less painful than having your face smashed in.

Okay, assume that we believe you.

You still haven't answered our question.

What were you doing with Emil the night that he died?

Your husband was with you the last time we met, Mrs. Walters.

Perhaps you neglected to mention your late night meetings with Emil because the two of you All right, you know what...

Let our lawyers handle this.

You know what, you need to step outside.

The lawyers, they can stay.


I can take care of this.

No, there's only one thing you're going to do, and that's keep your damn mouth shut.

Mrs. Walters, as a proponent for equality between sexes, I am shocked you'd allow your husband to speak to you like that.

That one likes flapping her gums, doesn't she?

You might want to get a muzzle on her.


That idea is not only misogynistic, it's downright sociopathic.

What can I say?

All bitches need to be muzzled sometime.

I suggest you stop talking before I do something we both regret.

Booth, stop.

You could lose your job for striking a civilian.

Whereas, I... might face disciplinary action at most.

I think his jaw is broken.

We'll be filing charges of criminal assault against this woman. As well as a civil suit.

I told you, she needs to be muzzled.

Back off.

Actually, the problem isn't my mouth, it's yours.

I got to tell you, Dr. Brennan's got a mean right hook for a squint.

Yeah, well, I think my hand's gonna feel worse than hers after filling out all these incident reports.


So, I take it Karen Walters still isn't talking?

Nope, not a word.

What about the piece of work she's married to?

No, you know what, his jaw is so swollen, he couldn't talk if he wanted to.

Okay, so, we know that Karen and Emil were together a few hours before he was killed, but the question is, if they weren't having an affair, what the hell were they doing?

Well, it's got to be something illegal, or she would talk.

Unless Karen's our killer.

My gut says no, but something's definitely up.

Well, so you know, I talked to Karen's boss over at RGT Home Security Systems.

Now, he says that she clocked in at 9:00 the night of the murder, didn't punch out until 6:00 a.m. the next day.

Yeah, fine, I'll just get a warrant for her work computer, 'cause if she was working that night, I want to know why.

Fuentes: If a male FBI consultant broke a suspect's jaw, I imagine he'd be sitting in a jail cell by now.

Well, if prison had been an option, I would never have struck him in the first place.

But you will receive some form of punishment?

Booth has submitted the proper paperwork, and it will receive an unbiased review by the FBI.

I can only imagine the catcalls you're gonna get when you're picking up trash on the side of the road.

That... doesn't make any sense.

I thought community service was a common disciplinary action.

Not that.

The victim's frontal bone.

It has a strange burn mark on it.

The body was in a car fire.

There's not an inch of it that isn't covered with burns.

But those were made postmortem.

When necrotized bone is burned, there's usually evidence of linear and longitudinal fractures.

And when live bone is burned, the fracture lines tend to be crescent-shaped, like this.

So, the victim was hit repeatedly in the head with a blunt, triangle-shaped object that was also burning hot?

That's it, Dr. Fuentes.

It is?

The victim was struck by an iron.

Hey, so, Cam just called from Paul and Karen Walter's house.

No sign of blood on their iron.

Any luck busting Karen's alibi?

Well, her work computer confirms she was there the whole night, but I did find something interesting.

Okay, so, it looks like Karen shut down one of her clients' home security systems between the hours of 10:30 and 11:30 p.m.

Yeah, and guess whose house it was.

That's Gail Bradford's address.

Karen used her job at RGT Home Security to help Emil break into his ex-wife's house.

That explains why Karen lied about being with Emil that night.

Shutting down a client's security system isn't just grounds it could get her arrested.

Now the only question is why she did it.

Yeah, something tells me Karen isn't going to be giving that up.

I think it's time we have another chat with Emil's ex-wife.

I'm getting déjà vu.

Didn't we do this once already?

Well, this time, we have a search warrant.

Which way is your laundry room?

Who said I had a laundry room?

I'll find it myself.

(Booth whistles).

And what possible reason would he have to do that?

(sighs) Well, I don't know.

Maybe these, uh, these shirts, these shoes here, oh, look at that, these magazines.

I like to read the articles.

Right, don't we all?


Emil shut off the security system so he could get proof that you and your contractor were (clicks tongue) shacking up.

Why would he care about me and Rob?

Because if he could proof that you two were shacking up, he wouldn't have to pay you alimony.

Aubrey: Booth...

I found the iron.

It's got blood on it.


Gail, maybe we should just tell them the truth.

It might make them go easier on us.

"On us"?


He's the one who did it.

It was terrible, the way he kept bashing Emil in the face, and then he forced me to help him get rid of the body. I didn't want to do it, but I was afraid that if I didn't, that he would-- he would kill me, too.

She's lying.

Everything she said is the exact opposite of what happened.


Let's go.

She hits me, you know.

Okay, you two can bicker on the way down when you get booked.

Let's go.

Hey, are you ready to... to go?

Hodgins: Angela.


What are you doing?

Oh... I-I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean to, but... honey, that is-- that's so great.

You-you joined a support group.

Yeah, I did.

It's nothing. Can we just, can we go home now?

Yeah, yeah, okay, but... why wouldn't you want to share that with me?

I am so proud of you, honey.

This is gonna help everything so much.


I really, really don't want to talk about it, okay?

Look, I know this is a process, but you're doing the work, and... everything is gonna be okay.

No. It's not.

You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

At least the people online, you know, they're-they're honest, you know.

They-they know that I'm not gonna just snap back and be the person that I was before.

Okay, um...

I'm trying my best here, Hodgins.

Y-you do not have to yell at me.

You think this is me being hard on you?

'Cause you have no clue how much anger I'm holding back.

So, you can either deal with this, or go.

You know what, you should.

Yeah, Angela, you should, you should go, because I promise you this is not gonna get any easier.

All right, come on, Bones, what are you talking about?

Gail totally did it.

Well, anthropologically speaking, men commit a disproportionately high number of violent acts as compared to women.

(groans) All right, okay, that's just great, coming from somebody who coldclocked the suspect.

Well, uh, an action which I regret, despite the enjoyment I felt in the moment.

All I'm saying is, no matter what, the judge is probably gonna go easier on her because she's a woman.

Well, it's bias like that which fuels the men's rights movement.

You know, you are a very complicated woman, you know--

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what is all this?

I have prepared a variety of snack foods all beginning with the letter "F" that we can eat while watching the Flyers game, plus...

I read that a rally hat can be effective in reversing a curse.

All right, so you admit that you're a jinx?

No, there's no such thing as a jinx, but I do want you to be happy, Booth.

Oh, I'm happy.

Booth, if you want the Flyers to win, you should reverse your shirt as well, and also your pants.

You want me to take my pants off?


That's what you want me to do? Okay, that's sexist.

Now you're looking at me like I'm some kind of piece of meat.

I would never look at you like that.

I'm a vegetarian.

Well, it's okay, don't worry about it.

I tell you what, how about a kiss for good luck?

I didn't know kisses were good luck.

Of course, they're good luck.

Well, The Flyers are going to win.

All right, okay, don't get too overconfident, then you're gonna jinx them.

Just pass the fries.

No, you should really try a falafel, Booth.


Come on, the puck's about to drop.

Here we go!

Try a falafel, Booth.

That's all-- I'll pass.

What about a fajita?

No fajita.

Veggie fajita.

I tell you what, just say, "Go, Flyers."

I'm gonna put a little-- no, no, I'm not gonna say that.

If you don't say, "Go, Flyers--" Booth.

All right, look, their midgame is about to...

What's that mean?