01x06 - The Surgeon



Uh, won't you take a seat?

I prefer to stand.

I've missed you.


You don't even know me.

Well, why don't we remedy that?

Tell me something.


I'm not here to talk about me.

I came to ask for an interview.

An interview.

Seems a little exploitative.

Then again, I've been exploiting others my whole life.

As a serial killer?

No, as a white man.

We're terrible.


Oh, I don't know, Ainsley.

Um, would I get the questions?

Give notes on the cut?


I'd hate to disappoint you.

Then say yes.


I've never asked you for anything else.



You want to know the questions?


How could you kill 23 people?

When did it start?

And why?

That's the most important question.

Why did you do it?

That's not the most important one.

Deep down, there's another question that you desperately need answered.

And I'm wondering are you brave enough to ask it?


This one's a beaut, isn't she?

Let me guess.

You spent some time in one of these as a kid.

That's what I'm trying to figure out.

Tons of room back here.

It's, uh, perfect for family trips or the big kill.

Well, you know, if you're into hunting.

That was more my dad's thing.


Not the car of your dreams?

It's not the right one.

Y-You're after one car in particular?

That ain't gonna be easy.

I'm looking for one with an anchor bracket in the back.

Strong enough to chain somebody to.

Don't worry.

I'm a cop.

Kind of.

Thinking about your dad again?


You had that faraway look.

You weren't supposed to sleep over.

Don't do that.

You've been acting strange since you saw him.


You nervous about the interview?

He hasn't even agreed to it yet.

Well, when he does, your trusty cameraman will be there to make sure nothing happens to you.


Either way, you'll still look hot on camera.

- Oh, is that so?

- Mm-hmm.


JIN: Whoa.

That's some seriously aggressive texting.


Any chance you can save me from my mother, too?

- No.

- No?

- But I can do this.


JIN: Mm!




They're like slivers of a memory.

I-I think something bad happened in this station wagon.

I know it's a long shot, but if I can find this car, maybe it will help me remember.

Malcolm, our minds aren't some safe waiting for the right combination.

They're messy, complicated.

Gabrielle, these memories are real.

I'm sure of it.


Let's explore the possibility that they are real.


That's bad.

It means a part of your psyche is built on repressed memories.

Like a castle built on sand.

Your mind is in a fragile state.

My concern is, if you break down too many walls, if you follow your trauma to its source, you could revert back to being that frozen, broken child.

How would I know it was happening?

You could start seeing things.

Well, I already check that box.

But these won't be drug-induced or from sleep deprivation.

You won't be able to tell what's real from what's imagined.

It'll all feel real.

I'd be psychotic.


Lose contact with reality.

That's your concern.

You're my concern.

Be careful.

Hey, Gil, why am I here?

Stabbing in the woods doesn't seem horrific enough for a profiler.

Try stabbed over a hundred times.

Just in time for Halloween.

- Victim's name is Gavin Parker.


Queens address.

A warehouse assistant manager.

His family's being notified as we speak.

JT: Car's just up the road.

Left the door open.

Seemed like he was in a hurry to get out.

No sign of any passengers.

Time of death?

12 hours ago.

He died from exsanguination from the extreme number of stab wounds.

And I thought I was an overachiever.

Is it me or do the wounds look different?

Nice catch.

They are not consistent.

Some are-are deep, confident.

Others merely break the surface.

A hundred stab wounds is a classic case of overkill.

A wounding far beyond that required to cause death.

Suggests an overwhelming hatred.


Looks like the broken ankle brought him down.


The killer didn't do that.

The victim's car is on the other side of this hill?


It's a straight shot.

Someone was chasing him.

He exits his car, comes over this hill, hits that root and falls.

EDRISA: It's a syndesmotic break.

He would have been in terrible pain.

This murder wasn't planned.

It was opportunistic.

The killer used Gavin's own knife to stab him.

The angle of the wounds suggests that the killer straddled him.

He wanted the victim to see him.


Or he needed to see his victim's face, their pain.

Our killer enjoyed this.

Each stab, they gained in intensity.

Which explains the varying depths.

God, you're great.

We're looking for a nascent sadist.

They're only now realizing the pleasure they feel from inflicting pain.

Could you at least try to sound disturbed by that?

This was their first kill.

JT and Dani, go talk to his coworkers.

Bright and I will visit the family, see why he was out here in the first place.

CRYSTAL: I have no idea why he was out there.

Gavin didn't say.

Could you not?

I just cleaned that.



: She doesn't seem all that broken up about her husband.


You were getting a divorce?

Uh, we hadn't told anyone yet.

We were separating.

Gavin wanted his own place.

I wanted a new life.

This is where you've been taking classes?



I'm a new trainer there, too.

And where's your son?

Isaac's out back.

Why do you ask?

GIL: It's just a question.

CRYSTAL: I just want to protect my son.

Isaac is my everything.


Hello, Isaac.

Who are your friends?

This is Edwin.

That's Jeffrey.

They like to eat cabbage.

How do they feel today?


They lost their dad.

You know, I lost my dad when I was around your age.

Do you still miss him?


When I was a kid, he was the best.

He was smart and funny.

He taught me so many things.

My dad gave me Edwin and Jeffrey.

They're both very lucky.

Were you brave when you lost your dad?

Mom says I have to be brave.

I tried to be.

But I was sad, too.

It's okay to be sad.

Do you think that's the way your mom feels?

I think she's not that sad.

She never really needed my dad.

She needs me.

That's what she says.

I'm her everything.

Who are you?

I'm Bright.

I work with the police.

We're here to make sure you're safe.

You sound like Jake.


Uh, from your mom's gym?

He helped her get strong.

He sleeps here sometimes.

Mom says to keep us safe.

Did your dad know Jake?

Did they get along?

Not really.

What's gonna happen, Mr.


It's just Bright.


Everything's gonna be okay, Isaac.

I promise.

JESSICA: We've missed you of late, Ainsley.

Where have you been?


Researching a new subject.

Lot of late nights.

Oh, I hope you're getting enough sleep.


In other words, don't turn out like your brother.

What are you working on?

I've decided to interview Dad.

"The Surgeon: 20 Years Later.

" You must be joking.

- Do I look like I'm joking?

- This is a bad idea, Ains.

You're putting yourself in his crosshairs.

Why do you both do that?

You treat me like some delicate flower.

And based on billing hours alone, you guys are the basket cases.

- I'm fine.

- JESSICA: Yes, because you are the only one not seeing him.

I have seen him.

I went last week.


Are you okay?

- I just told you, I'm fine.

- None of this is fine.

This is insane.

(CHUCKLES): An interview.

I forbid it.

You will not see your father again.

(LAUGHS): What is that?

A royal decree, Mother hath spoken?

I hoped we could have a calm conversation about this, but obviously not.

I'll see myself out.

Ainsley, wait, we need Let her go.

That interview will never happen.

I will make sure of it.

All right.


Finally, we, uh We agree?

Well, I never.

Still worrying about your sister?


I'm friends with the chairman of her network.

It'll only take a phone call.

It's not that.

What, then?

Still lost in your past?

(SIGHS): Oh, you know what they say: Those who can't remember the past are condemned.

That's not quite the expression, dear.

Close enough.

Does this photo mean anything to you?

What is that hideous car?

And where are you both?

This was taken the week before Dad was arrested.

If I recall (EXHALES)

I had gone with Ainsley to the Hamptons, you were still in school, and Martin was busy at work, so he said.

Makes sense, though.

He loved to camp.

All the special clothes and equipment.

Made him giddy as a schoolboy.


Let me call Adolpho to take you home.

MARTIN: Come on, what's with the long face?



Wh-What is this?

Don't be so worried.

We're gonna have a guy's weekend.

I got us a car.

The perfect camp.

And Mother doesn't have to know.

It'll be our little secret.


(WHISPERS): This isn't real.

This isn't real.


Sound fun?

Sound fun?


JESSICA: Malcolm, oh, my God, - are you all right?

- I'm good.

It's, uh You don't have to worry.

I'm I'm good.


I'm good.

I saw my little girl last week.

She's asked to interview me.

(CHUCKLES): She really wants a you know, relationship.

With her dad.

It felt wonderful.

That's excellent, Martin, but I'd like to remind you that today's group is about noticing each other's signs of aggression.

Oh, but I'm getting to that, Stanley.

Because I find that I'm more prone to aggression when I'm grappling with some kind of internal dilemma.

- Such as now.

- I see.

So on the one hand, uh, this interview gives me the chance to finally spend some quality time with my daughter (TAKES DEEP BREATH): while on the other hand there is a reason why I've never discussed my exploits on camera.

- And that is?

- Well, it's the same reason Vincent van Gogh went to his grave a pauper.

The general public seldom understands greatness in its time.

Might there be another, deeper reason you're reluctant to do this?

The camera does add ten pounds.

You crave control, Martin.

Perhaps you're afraid to relinquish that to your daughter?

TEVIN (QUIETLY): He should do it.

Tevin, if you want to participate, - you need to speak up.

- I said, he should do it.

I wish I could've told my story.

On TV.

Set the record straight.

- Why you killed your parents?

- Yeah.

They were wicked.

Deviants both.

They deserved what they got.

People need to hear that.

On TV.

- Tell the camera everything!

- Hey, take it easy.

- Easy.

Let's go, Tevin.

- You have to do it!

- Tell your story!

- Come on.


- Tell your story!

- Tevin, let's go.

- Tevin, come on.

- Tell your story!


- Hey, maybe I'm wrong, but I think that was Tevin's sign of aggression.

Gil's on his way.

(SIGHS): Thanks.

Uh, hey, I need a favor.

Can you run the license plates in this photo?

It's a partial.

DANI: And old.

It'll take time.

Should I ask what this is about, or is knowing worse?

The former.


I mean, the latter.

I always get those two mixed up.

What's the profile, Bright?

- Tell me about our sadist.

- Uh, okay.

Your garden-variety sadist takes pleasure from inflicting pain.

On average, it takes three stabs at a four-inch depth to kill someone.

Where do you get a stat like that?

Our killer accelerated his attack in order to deliver more strikes before Gavin expired.

What are the chances this was a random murder?


This began as a murder of opportunity.

Gavin's wife Crystal certainly had motive.

You know, they were in the middle of a divorce.

Computer checks show multiple domestic incident reports.

When unis showed up, usually Gavin had the black eye.

- She's a hitter.

- BRIGHT: But she's very devoted to her son.

She called him her "everything.

" That's what moms say.

It's more than that.

I think Crystal has a Jocasta complex.

It's the maternal version of an Oedipal complex.

Please tell me they're not sleeping together.

Not necessarily.

A Jocasta mother emotionally depends on their child like an adult partner, but they're not usually sadists.

Enter Jake, Crystal's trainer and boyfriend.

He has a history of prior assaults.

He even tried to kill a guy in Bed-Stuy using Krav Maga.

Israeli martial arts will mess you up real good.

Tell me how will we know if this guy's a sadist?


I have an idea.

Welcome to the world of Krav Maga, Mr.


How'd you hear about us?

Saw a flier.

I like your motto: "We defend to the end.

" It's not a motto.

It's a philosophy for survival.


Got it.

I've done, uh, kung fu, jiu-jitsu.

How do the belts work in Grav Macau?

Krav Maga isn't a sport.

The concept is to inflict so much pain and damage that your opponent can't hurt you ever again.

Isn't that a little extreme?

Life is extreme.

Guys out there want what you have your money, your house.

They'll take them, unless - you're willing - To hurt them?


Let me demonstrate.

Show me some of that jiu-jitsu.

Knock me down.


See that?

Got your arm in a submission hold.

- Got it.

- See, Krav Maga relies on one thing maximum aggression.


Maybe this isn't your thing, Mr.


We do have a nice kung fu class on Tuesdays.

Ah, that's cool.


What else you got?

All right, then.

I'm gonna come at you this time.

What the hell?!


I-I thought we were going for maximum aggression.


You want to see real aggression?

- Do you submit?


Do you?!



What the hell?

You some kind of freak?


Well, Jung would have called me a masochist.

I'm not a fan.

He would have loved you an old-fashioned sadist.

Who are you?

Malcolm Bright.

A profiler.

And he's a cop.

Hi, Jake.

Let's talk.

Didn't realize I'd be running a marathon today.

We're a quarter of a mile from the crime scene.

You'd think she'd want to avoid it.

JT: Instead she's running - right into it.

- I'll follow.

I'll try to head her off.

I didn't kill Gavin.

We pulled your records.

Aggravated assault seems to be your thing.

Those are bar fights.

Punks popping off.

I'm no killer.

Or sadist.

You definitely are.

You got a massive endorphin rush from nearly breaking my arm.

Dilated pupils.

Flushed skin tone.

For you, hurting people feels good.

You were also sleeping with Gavin's ex.

Do you offer that service for all your clients?

Yeah, I didn't see it on the flier.

This was east of the crime scene.

I think she's looking for something.

JT: Could be the knife she stabbed Gavin with.

- Maybe she ditched it in the woods.

- Yeah.

Better get CSU back down here.

Have them expand their search radius.


She's digging.

- Where are you?

- I'm a minute away.

Okay, don't spook her.

If she's tampering with evidence, she might just (EXHALES): I lost her.

Crystal and I are a casual thing.

She got too much baggage, anyway.

What kind of baggage?


Four months ago, Gavin demanded full custody of Isaac.

Drove Crystal nuts.


Every night, she'd come in here, furious.

I taught her how to use that anger.

What kind of thing did you teach her?

I taught her everything.





Don't ever sneak up on a cop.


You okay?!

I'm good.

I'm good.

Found the buried treasure.

One bloody sweatshirt.

Perfect for a fall night and stabbing your husband to death.


Crystal Parker, you're under arrest - on suspicion of murder.


It doesn't make sense, Gil.

JT's checking with the lab about the blood we pulled off the sweatshirt.

Nice collar.

She killed him, Bright.

The profile doesn't fit.

Crystal is a Jocasta mother, not a sadist.

Which means that she cares about her son.

If she thought Gavin was taking him away, taking away her everything, she would kill to stop him.

They found her at the crime scene trying to destroy evidence.

A Jocasta mother is too emotionally consumed by her son to stab someone over a hundred times for pleasure.

Maybe it wasn't for pleasure.

Maybe your profile is wrong.

There is a kid involved.

Almost the age you were when I could see how that could get into your head.

Don't beat yourself up.

Crystal didn't do it.

Let's find out.

GIL: That's Gavin's blood on the sweatshirt, isn't it?

DNA doesn't lie, Crystal.

That's your sweatshirt.

You hid it up there in the woods after it happened.

You killed Gavin, didn't you?


I did.

Did what, exactly?

I killed Gavin.

I didn't plan to, but he was taking my son.

I had to stop him.

Take her back to holding.

I'll call the D. A. and Family Services.

Let's go.

A Jocasta mother sadist.

The profile doesn't fit.

This one does.

I'm sorry, Bright.


I screwed up.

You're a profiler, not a psychic.

You can't always know who the killer is.

No, not that.

He's losing both of his parents, and I told Isaac he was gonna be okay.

I promised him.

It's what you say to a kid.


No, I lied to him.

None of this is okay.


Ah, so this is how we're gonna spend our day off.

More work.

I guess I could take - a little break.

- Really?

- Tiny.



- JESSICA: Ainsley?

- Oh.

- Mom?


I I took your key.

Well, it wasn't my only one.

You must be freezing.

I Or maybe not.


Can I have the room, dear?


Nice to meet you, Mrs.




What's the emergency?

And don't say my interview with Dad, because I've already contacted the prison and written all the questions.

It's not happening.


I called an old high school flame, Thomas James, your boss's boss's boss, and asked him to put the kibosh on the interview.

You've got to be kidding me.

It's for your own good.


It's for your own good.

I don't know anything about him.

Everything I know has been colored by your resentment.

Well, that and all the people he killed.

Well, yeah, but still.

You made him out to be just a monster.

Tell me what he said to you.


MARTIN: Deep down, there's another question that you desperately need answered.

And I'm wondering are you brave enough to ask it?

Was it real?

There's my girl.

Did you love us, or was it just some psychopathic act?

I've thought about you every single day since my arrest.

I'd imagine myself there on birthdays.

Piano recitals.

Dancing with you at the debutante ball.

I was never a debutante.

That's a shame.

The one I dreamed of you was quite the party.

You demanded the band play "Single Ladies.

" Mother was mortified.

I, of course, loved it.


- I need to go.

- Ainsley.

That imaginary life is the most real thing I know.

The one place I get to be a father.

God, I'm embarrassed to admit how often I visit it.

I will never forgive myself for not really being there.

And neither should you.

You deserved so much better than me.

He made you love him.



No, of course not.

I can see it in your eyes.

I know what it looks like.

I used to see it in the mirror every morning.


You expected to find the monster.

Hoped for it because that'd be easier to understand.

But instead you met a father who loves you.

I happen to know that Thomas James is on his way out.

They're restructuring.

So this interview is going to happen whether you like it or not.

And I know you're scared.

But you raised a strong woman.

I can do this.


Maybe you can.



Your tremor has worsened.


This case It's got me messed up.

Tell me about the case.

It involves a kid.

His mom supposedly stabbed his dad over a hundred times.

- That's awful.


I keep looking at this kid, wanting to help, but everything I do makes his life worse.

You see yourself in him.

Why do you sound so surprised?

'Cause your view on human nature can sometimes border on bleak.

(CHUCKLES): Um I would say bleakish.


Ah, that's what makes you a good profiler.

You see the worst in people.

But with this boy, you want to see the best in him.

I want to see the best in him.

That's a subconscious urge.

I suppose.

It's only natural.

Yeah, sure.

But it means I have an unconscious bias.

A blind spot.

I thought it was a good thing.

Not if your job is to see people for who they really are, no matter how dark it may be.

I have to go.

BRIGHT: How do they feel today?


They lost their dad.

GIL: This statement, once signed, will be admissible as evidence - BRIGHT: Hey!

- Hey!


Don't let her sign that.

She didn't do it.

Okay, Bright, that's enough.

I know this is hitting close to home, but she confessed.

- We found her sweatshirt - It's not hers.

It's Isaac's.

You're saying a 12-year-old stabbed his father over a hundred times?

Yes, I am.

And then he hid the bloody sweatshirt like a bad report card.

And when he told you, you ran right up there to find it.

You were protecting him.

You still are.

I'm not protecting anyone.

I killed Gavin.

You love your son, but you've known he was different since he was, what, three?

What's in the bag, Bright?

So you do what a good mother does.

You take care of him by lying for him, keeping the other kids away, hiding these.

Tell us what's in your backyard.

Or do I have to open this?

Tell me what's in there!

Tell him, Crystal.

I can't.

Let's look at your son's handiwork then, shall we?


Is that a rabbit?

It wasn't It wasn't his fault.

We took him to a doctor when he was eight.

And she said he had conduct disorder, that-that some kids are just different.

Childhood onset conduct disorder it's an antecedent to sadism.

Crystal did Isaac kill his father?

Gavin came for a visitation.

He found Isaac suffocating one of his rabbits.

He told Isaac he was taking him to a psychiatric hospital.

Isaac knew what that meant.

So he ran.

Gavin chased him, he fell, broke his ankle.

(VOICE BREAKING): He knew his dad was taking him away from me.

Isaac thought he had to kill him.

We have to secure Isaac.

If someone sets him off, he'll turn violent.

The social worker took him back home while they look for - a foster family.

- Who's with him right now?


Are you nuts, Isaac?

You're not going trick-or-treating.

But me and Mom always go.

Your mom's in jail.

Social worker said pack your things.

They're coming, you're going.

Nothing I can do.



I'll pack 'em myself.

BRIGHT: Jake's still not picking up.

- Keep at it.





Jake, it's Malcolm Bright with the NYPD.

- Where's Isaac?

- He's here somewhere.

Yeah, I I told him to pack his things, but he won't listen.

Kid's acting like a real piece of work.

I need you to listen to me.

Isaac is very, very danger - (YELLING OVER PHONE)

- Jake?


Are you there?!

- Jake?


Aah, you!



Isaac, it's Bright.

What's happening?

What did you do to Jake?


- He's not so strong now.

Isaac, listen to me.

I want you to run away.

- I'm gonna kill you!

- I can't.

He'll hurt me.

Go upstairs.

He can't get you there.

Do you hear me?



Isaac, are you there?

Arroyo to Central.

Get tactical support and a bus to the Parker house.

Nobody goes inside till I give the word.



Guns down until we get inside.

We have to contain this.

He's still alive.

GIL: Bright told him to go upstairs.

- I'm on it.

- No.


I can talk to Isaac.

I understand him.


Give me two minutes.

GIL: ESU is on the way.



Are you up here?


Can you put the knife down for me?


You lied to me.


A Team is in position.

We have tactical officers ready to enter the house.

This is Lieutenant Arroyo.

That's a negative on entry, Commander.

Have your men stand down.

I have a civilian with the suspect upstairs.


You made a bad choice.

You can't hurt people like this.

But there's time for you.

You can still change.

Are you gonna put me in jail?

You need to go to a special hospital where they can help you.

They don't understand me.

Nobody does.

I do.

When my dad was taken from me, I didn't talk for months.

My feelings were so big and strong that they shut me down.

Almost turned me off completely.

I know what it's like to not be okay.

To feel that something inside is broken.

Do you know that feeling?

I'll always be broken, won't I?


No, that's not true.

Look at me.

I got help.

From my friends, my doctors, a cop who's here right now.

MAN (OVER RADIO): Lieutenant Arroyo, our spotter has eyes on the subject.

Permission to engage target.

(QUIETLY): Negative.

Do not engage.

We're bringing him down.

He's just a kid.

Can I see my mom?


She loves you so much.

And she'll always be there for you.

I promise.

Believe me?

Can you give me the knife?

BRIGHT: The judge for Isaac's case cleared his admission to Gardner Psychiatric.

I told them to add me to the permanent visitors list.

GIL: Good for you.

Hopefully, they can help him.

What is it?

Uh, it's just after everything I went through as a kid, sometimes I wonder if I could've turned into someone like Isaac.

Not on my watch.




I found that station wagon from the photo.

VIN, registration, everything.

Thanks, Dani.

Of course.


MARTIN: I got us a car.

The perfect camp.

And Mother doesn't have to know.

It'll be our little secret.