01x07 - Q&A

We're gonna have a guys' weekend.

I got us a car.

BRIGHT: I think something bad happened in this station wagon.





Is this your junkyard?


He was dressed like a mechanic.

Looked like he worked here.

Not sure I got enough for a sketch.

You're lucky he didn't kill you, Bright.

What the hell were you even doing here?

Do you believe in repressed memory?

If I said no, will you go home?

Take a few days off?

I've been having dreams about this car.

Memories, really.

They're cloudy, but I know that my father took me on a camping trip the week before he was arrested.

Bad things happened.

In this car.

Tags from the DMV confirm it?

(QUIETLY): Yeah, it's the same car.

- I know it sounds crazy.

- I wish it did.

When they looked around in the junkyard, they found something.

A body of a woman was found crushed in a car compactor.


You good?

I heard you got shot at.



Is that a pizza spatula?

Oh, it's actually called a pizza peel, derived from the French word for shovel there you go - which is weird because pizza's Italian.

- DANI: Yeah.

That's what's weird.

EDRISA: You know what?

These puppies are a little-known M. E. secret.

Great for retrieving smashed soft tissue.

Or pepperoni that fell off in the oven.

Not with the same one.

What do we know about the vic?

Oh, not much yet.

Based off of decomposition (GRUNTS)

I'm guessing she died a couple weeks ago.

GIL: Is it possible she wound up in the car by accident?

Maybe she OD'd?

No, I don't think so.

Look at these prints.

I think the killer locked her in and then turned on the compactor.


Dani, see if the techs can pull this print.

And find JT.

He's running down who may have shot at Bright.

JT: No one, apparently.

What do you mean?

Property records list a guy named Paul Lazar as the junkyard owner.

But he doesn't exist.

No record of him anywhere.

So someone buys a junkyard under a fake name?


To kill one woman?

Hide The Surgeon's station wagon?

We have to consider the possibility that your dad's car has nothing to do with this murder.

I'm just saying this body looks pretty fresh, and your dad's been chained to a wall for 20 years.

That's a pretty good alibi.

He may not have killed her, but he's connected somehow.

He has to be.

My own memories brought me here.

To a place with his car and a dead body.

That can't be a coincidence.

Maybe my father knew this killer.

We'll go over the car.

If there's a connection, we'll find it.



We found more.

GIL: More what?


AINSLEY: Mom, relax, we don't have to talk about my interview with Dad.

JESSICA: It's fine, really.

I mean, it's not, but Are these the questions that you're gonna ask your father?

My producer sent them to Claremont.

Apparently, it's good for getting more concise answers.

You can't be serious with these.

You're just spoon-feeding him softballs.

I think you're mixing your metaphors.

This is exactly how you get a psychopath to deny responsibility.

- He'll just switch the focus - I'm sorry, it's just, I'm either throwing him softballs or I'm Ainsley, if you do not have a plan to make him look bad, he will look good.

- Tell me you understand.

- Mother, these are the questions I sent.

Not the questions I'm going to ask.

All right.

I see what you're doing.


Can you stop worrying?

I am far more worried now.



Thinking you are more clever than Martin Whitly, that's the worst mistake you can make.

He'll exploit that.

He'll find a way to come off sympathetic, and you will be left sitting there, like Like what?

His accomplice.

GIL: Okay, Bright, we've got JT and Dani canvassing Are - Are all these from?

- The junkyard.

Each one from a compacted car.

Most were killed five to ten years ago that's why you're seeing skeletons some more recently like this one.

Have you determined cause of death?

Crush injuries.

You were right.

She went into the car alive, then the compactor killed her.

GIL: What's the profile here?

Pleasure seeker, maybe?

Some type of thrill killer?

Actually he may be avoiding the thrill.

The way he disposed of the bodies.



He killed them with a machine.

Didn't have to bury them.


Helped him disassociate.

I bet he couldn't actually watch.

It's a coping mechanism.

He had to see them as inanimate objects - in order to kill them.

- EDRISA: Fascinating.

So that makes him the opposite of someone like The Surgeon, who seemed to derive pleasure from direct contact with the human body.


But just because this guy had a different M. O.

from my father doesn't mean that Dr.

Whitly isn't somehow involved.

Or so I've been telling Gil all morning.



You should listen to him.

Or not.

Up to you.


Did the lab find anything in the station wagon that might help connect the dots?


Uh, they did a full workup.

The blood in the trunk does not match any of the junkyard victims.

Or any of The Surgeon's victims, either.

Oh So they didn't find any connection?

My "yes" was perhaps too enthusiastic?



- Another one?

- Real fresh, too.

Probably killed in the last week.

GIL (SIGHS): That makes eight now.

Bright, it's time we say what we haven't been saying.

We have a new serial killer on our hands.

He's not new.

He's been killing for years.

On my watch.

That ends now.

Will you remember to tilt the camera down?

I want to make sure that people see the red line.


You know, if you want the best angle, - we could probably untether him - Mm.



The cable screams "serial killer," and that's what we want.

Oh, and I sent hair and makeup home.

I know Lesley wanted us to give him a once-over, but there is no way I'm making him look good.

You've thought this through.

(CHUCKLING): Every inch, in my sleep, for the last week.

We're going to show the real Martin Whitly even if it kills us.

You know what I mean.


I do.

And you're amazing.

But this is intense.

So if at any point, you want to leave, we can.


It is a little early in our relationship to meet your parents.



TEVIN: Ainsley Whitly!

It's Ainsley Whitly from the TV.

GUARD: All right, Tevin, come on now.

- All right.

- TEVIN: But I have so much to say!

On the TV, Ainsley!

- GUARD: Come on, now.

- But I want to be on TV!




I'm fine.

I'm ready.

Let's bring him in.

Our body count is up to nine now.

And we have another I. D.

Haley Wyatt.

Star student at Bronx Science until she got hooked on heroin.

Had been trying to get clean for a while.

They're all from the Bronx so far?

Seems a little dumb to be killing so close to home.

BRIGHT: Which may mean he's an organized killer.

They're meticulous planners, which allows them to live and work in the same place they hunt.

Then again, organized killers usually murder in one location and ditch the body in another.

That's not this guy.

Which makes that profile completely worthless.

So You okay, bro?

It's not like it's a science.

I thought it literally was a science.


Didn't he tell us that on, like, the first day?


Bright, you can take some time with this.

I know it's personal.

Is it?

- I don't even know anymore.

- Well, it's personal for me.

If this guy is killing people from the Bronx, then I'm pissed at him enough for all of us.

GIL: Good.

Okay, at least we've narrowed down - his hunting ground.

- Not really.

I mean, the Bronx is, like, 40 square miles, and, like, 50 neighborhoods.

People always refer to the Bronx like it's just this one place, but it's actually all of these other things instead I am, uh, taking this personally, so Oh.

I get it.

It's your hood.


Please don't say "hood.

" Okay, so, who's he targeting?

Out of the victims we know about, two were drug addicts, one was homeless; seems like he's killing people when they're at their most vulnerable.

I'll start my profile there.

JT: We'll check all the local shelters, - clinics, needle exchanges - Hey, Bright.


GIL: Run it down.

Excuse me.

I know the focus is on the new bodies, but we did another pass on the station wagon, and you said to call you if we found anything.

Oh, I guess I should have called.


It's okay.

I'm glad you came.

What do you have?



It was hidden in a crack in the center console.

It seemed important.

What is it, a pocketknife?

What was that?

Are you, are you okay?


There's only one person who can tell me why.

Are we sure I don't need a little concealer?

Just maybe under the eyes?


Sleep wasn't my friend last night.

I was too excited about this.

You look fine.

Are we ready?

MARTIN: Out of curiosity, w-which question are you starting with?

- Uh, the one about - Billy Franklin.

Age 23.

Aced his LSATs, wanted to become a civil rights lawyer.

You removed his heart to see how long he could live without it.

He died a gruesome, agonizing death.

My question is: why?

Why did you do that?

What's the matter?

Cat got your tongue?

Or does that just make you think of Abby Conway, age 30?

Why did you remove her tongue?

Or maybe you prefer to talk about Megan Wong, age 64.

How about Cory Goldstein, age ten?

A brutal car accident left him with a surely fatal aortic rupture.

U-Until he landed in my OR, where I saved his life.

You know, his, uh, his parents called me his guardian angel on live TV.

And then they found out that you were a murderer.

I'm not a perfect man.

It's true.

I'm in a psychiatric hospital, after all.

And sadly, the lamentable stigma that still plagues people with mental health diagnoses - I hardly think that this - I-I was, I was sick.

I was sick.

My brain was diseased.

Now, that diagnosis is as real as cancer or lupus.

Please, let me, let me finish.

Um, what consoles me in the darkest of nights, is that as a doctor, I saved thousands of lives.

So if we're judging the moral worth of a person based on the mark they leave on the world, mine is a-a net positive.

I mean, by a lot.

How many people can say that?

Now, you're very good at your job, sweetheart.

Your mother and I couldn't be prouder.

But have you ever saved someone's life?

- This isn't about me.

- No.

No, uh, it's about legacy.

Did you know that they named a medical procedure after me?

I developed a novel technique for decreasing the amount of time required in cardiopulmonary perfusion dur oh, goodness, listen to me going on.

I'm sorry.

Uh, the point is, they may have changed the official name after all the hullabaloo, but I mean, I've heard a rumor that doctors still call it "The Whitly" in hospitals around the world.

And isn't-isn't that what counts?

That in the end, I did some good?



Let's just - Let's take five.

- Of course.



AINSLEY: What are you doing here?

You promised you wouldn't interfere.

BRIGHT: Sorry, I know this is your big day, but we have a serial killer on our hands.

- You think?

- No, not that one.

A new one.

An active one.

He's out there somewhere, and I think he's connected to Dad, and I have - I have to talk to him.

- Okay, I get it.

It's not like it was going all that well in there anyway.

I'm getting nowhere.

He's just twisting everything I'm saying, - and it is driving me crazy - Crazy.

Yeah, welcome to my world.

I need some answers, Ains.

Okay, fine.

But I'm staying.

I'll turn the cameras off, but I'm staying.


MARTIN (LAUGHS): Well, as I live and breathe!

We got ourselves a family reunion.

AINSLEY: We're gonna take a quick break so the authorities can ask some questions about a case.

A serial killer, actually.

Ooh, exciting.

Have they named him yet?

I always thought The Surgeon was a little on the nose.

But it's not about me.

BRIGHT: It is about you.

Your station wagon, specifically.

The camping wagon.

Oh, good for you.

Where was it?

A junkyard in the Bronx, where we also found ten dead bodies.

Never been to the Bronx.

And if you like me for the murders, well, what can I say?

(CHUCKLES): I've been indisposed.

BRIGHT: We know you didn't kill them.

But we think you know who did.


Cars can show up in all sorts of places, Malcolm.

BRIGHT: Oh, so it was just a coincidence?

One serial killer's car is found in the junkyard of another serial killer.

- What are the odds?

- Well, not great, but let's see.

There are usually between 25 to 50 active serial killers for about Stop.


I know they're connected.

This knife was found in the center console of the station wagon.

Don't tell me you don't remember.

Sure, that was your knife.

Yeah, we got that in the, uh, rest stop just off the turnpike.

And I know what you're thinking: "What kind of rest stop would sell a switchblade to a kid?" It was New Jersey.

And you were never one to crush a penny.

You wanted a practical souvenir.

Is that really why I wanted it?

Why else would a boy want a knife?

To whittle a piece of wood.

Scale a fish.

And on our camping trip, what happened there, Dr.


Perhaps we better table this for now.

Seems like you're taking up all your sister's time.

There's only so much of Dad to go around.


Can I can I talk to you for a second?

(QUIETLY): Yeah.



He knows something, I just don't have a way to get it out of him.

Hold on.

I think we should team up.

Seeing the way he is with you, i-it gave me an idea of how to finally get him on the defensive.

I have a case to solve, Ains.

Yes, but that is not the case you're talking about.

That is some next-level childhood drama that I'm not touching with a ten-foot fishing pole, and it sounds like you shouldn't, either.

Come on, let me tap back in.

You're practically bouncing.

Should I start playing the Rocky music?

No, not yet.

Just trust me, okay?

Stand right behind me, in his sight line.





AINSLEY: So, I mentioned a number of your victims earlier, but I'd like to discuss one more.


Malcolm Whitly.

I'm not sure I understand.

You claim to care about your son, yet what you did 20 years ago harmed him irreparably.

- Well, that's not true.

- Isn't it?

He's been diagnosed with complex PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, night terrors.


Whitly, do you know what happens to the human body when it withstands that much stress for that long a period of time?

I'm-I'm not sure that's relevant.

He was fired from the only job he was ever good at.

He hasn't been in a stable relationship in years.

And the ten years he went without seeing you were by far the happiest, healthiest of his life.

- Well, that's absolutely not - What could that say about you, except that you are an absolutely terrible father?

- I'm not.

I - He just wanted to love you, - and you caused him so much pain.

- Stop it.

- What kind of a father does that?

- Stop it!

I was a good father, damn it!


- Martin.

- You say that again.

Say I was a terrible father!

Don't take another step.


- JIN: Ains, are you all right?

- Yeah.

- (QUIETLY): Did you get that?


- On camera?




You had a plan.

Yeah, it's good to have a plan.



I'll admit, when you said you were locked up, I got a little worried it was for inpatient treatment.

Don't rule it out.

How's our case going?

We're fine over here.

You're not fine, actually.

I just talked to the warden.

A patient stabbed his therapist and locked the guards out of the East Wing.

He's got a knife.

What do we know about this guy?

DANI: Tevin Standish, 32 years old, pled insanity.

He's been in there for 15 years already.

- For what?

- Killing both his parents.

He went in as a juvenile, so that's all we have on him.

GIL: I've got a call in to the court, see if they'll unseal his file.


Let me know when you've got more.

Maybe I can figure him out.

TEVIN: Ainsley Whitly!

I'm ready for you!

That's the guy I saw earlier.

He said he wanted to get on camera.

- We're safe in here.

- MR.

DAVID: Yeah.

Malcolm's right.

That door's been locked down.

He can't get in here.

And SWAT's on their way.

They'll be able to subdue him.

We just got to sit tight.



- Ugh.


I can't.

I just can't.




- Mm-hmm.

- Mm-hmm.

- That's right.

- We're gonna pay for that later.

It's fine.

I've got work to do.

- Hey.

- Hey.

Can you take the camera and go grab some stuff?

Locked doors, empty hallways, anything I can put some eerie music over, - set the mood for the piece.

- Really, Ains?

A guy's been stabbed, Ains.

We came for a story, this is a story.

Can he go out and film?

The door, that's it.

MARTIN: Don't punish a woman for having ambition, Mr. David.

Time's up.

Two minutes.



Jin seems great.


I like a man with broad shoulders.

And he likes you.

I can tell.

Can I ask you something?

Sure, anything.

The serial killer that Malcolm's chasing do you know him?

You know, it is a parent's greatest joy to see his two children united - in a common cause.

- Answer the question.



(QUIETLY): Okay.

People who suffer from our sickness have a tendency to find others who suffer from it, too.

Sometimes to enable, or, uh admire.

In this case, I was, um a mentor of sorts.

For who?

What's his name?

Oh, men like this never have just one name.

You know that.

We already have one.

The junkyard was bought by Paul Lazar.

That was well after my time.

When I knew him, he was (POUNDING ON DOOR)

- Ainsley!


Let me in!

It's time for my close-up!

I have so much to say.

Jin, get back here.


- JIN: He's got a key card!




- Jin!


- Tevin, no!



Malcolm, I need help.

TEVIN: Ainsley, let me in!

MR. DAVID: We need to brace the door.



No fair!


Ainsley Whitly!


A little help?


MR. DAVID: He's been stabbed in the chest.

AINSLEY: Okay, put him down, put him down.

Gently, gently.

Gently, gently.


- It's gonna be okay.

You're okay.

Look at me.

You're okay, you're okay.


- What an eventful day we're having.

- It's okay, it's okay.

Look at me, look at me, look at me.

You're okay.

You're gonna be okay.


- Here.

Hold it down.

- Ambulance and SWA are both on their way.

15 minutes.

Oh, he'll be dead in ten.

That's not gonna work.

- Can you just - I'm sorry, but he's not gonna die from the stab wound, the problem is the hemothorax.

His lung is collapsing because of the excess blood.

Look, uh, tilt his head back.

You see the way his trachea is shifted?

That means the blood has already filled the pleural cavity.

If we don't release it, he's gonna die.


What's the problem?

- You just said he's gonna die.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

It's as if you've all forgotten you're locked in a room with a world-class surgeon.

You can help him?

Well, of course.

It's a relatively simple procedure; I just need a knife, - uh, some sort of ET tube - You can't be serious.

- Of course I am.

He's a doctor.

- And a serial killer.

- You want to give him a knife?

- So, what then?

- Are you experienced?

- Sorry, no.


We wait for the medics.

What-what if he dies before they get here?

There's no what if, I'm afraid.

Can you hear that?

He was wheezing before, but now he's quiet.

That means the lung isn't expanding.

We're minutes away from his organs shutting down, then there's the risk of hypoxic No, no, no, that is not an option.

Malcom, please.

- I can do it.

- What?

I can do the surgery.

He can walk me through it.

That's what you do, right?

You consult with doctors by video, - talk them through surgeries?

- Doctors, Malcolm.

Last time I checked, you haven't gone to medical school.

I don't care.

We're not giving that man a knife.

- End of story.

- Malcolm!

MARTIN: No, it's fine, sweetheart, I understand.

He can do it.

I can walk you through the steps, that's right.

I do it all the time, but we have to start right away.

Mr. David, please grab everything you can from your medical station.

Now, Malcolm, open up his shirt.

Clean the area as best you can.

We're gonna need water.


Grab Ainsley's.

I've been drinking from it, it won't be sterile.

Well, I'm sure the knife won't be either, sweetheart.

They can administer antibiotics when they get him to the ER.

Right now, it's all about the ABCs: airway, breathing, circulation.

It's not much, but I found a scalpel.

Well, we'll make do.

No more time to waste, son.

Take the knife.

You're gonna make an incision where you can feel between his ribs, just below the nipple.

You can do this, son.

You can do this.


What just happened?



I'm okay.

I can do it.

AINSLEY: Your hand is shaking.

You'll kill him.

- Give him the knife.

- No.


It's okay, son.

It's okay.

You'll have to uncuff me.

You know I can't do that.




Let me get his head.


One, two (GRUNTING)

(WHISPERS): Yes, there it is.

20 years, but it feels like yesterday.

Let's get to work.

And away we go.

I'm here inside Claremont Psychiatric Ainsley.

20 minutes into a hospital-wide lockdown where Dr.

Martin Whitly is about to perform emergency surgery on our network's very own cameraman.


Whitly, can you please describe what you're doing?

Uh, yeah, the patient is suffering from a traumatic hemothorax, which is causing a collapsed lung.

Imagine, if you will, a balloon inside a balloon.

That's what the lung is, really.

And if the outer balloon fills with water Stop filming.

It's my job.

You do yours.

One of us should be in there.

Where's the ambulance?

It'll be here soon, but SWAT's a few behind, so when the medics do get here, they won't be able to get in through the locked wing, unless Someone takes this guy down from the inside.

I got a single-shot Taser.

That's it.


I'm here.

What do you have?

Dani got us Tevin's original booking records.

It's not good.

He not only killed his parents, he hacked them to death.

A Lizzie Borden fan.

So he's incapable of ingenuity, but desires notoriety.

Definitely a follower, wants attention from higher authorities.

Let me guess, he called the cops on himself.


You're right.

Just had to tell the world his story.

Probably abused growing up, uh, classic antisocial parricide offender.

But the desire for fame I can use that.

U-Use that for what?


I'm gonna need that Taser.

My children aren't answering their phones.

That interview should have been over hours ago.

What is going on?

- Jessica, I - Stop.

Now, take whatever reassuring but mostly false answer you were about to give me and replace it with the truth.


There was a lockdown at the hospital.

It's a security precaution.

They're safe, Jessica.

They will never, ever be safe, because of the man I married.

You can't blame yourself.


You're about 20 years late with that advice.

Jessica your kids aren't kids anymore.

Ainsley made this choice for herself, and Malcolm Yes, "and Malcolm.

" You're not the first person who said his name, and then just sort of drifted off.

Malcolm will be fine, too.

He's got a good head on his shoulders, and he won't do anything stupid.







Tevin, do you have a minute to talk to New York Direct news?

- Y-Yes.

- Great.

Now, look right into the camera.



So, the goal is to drain as much blood as we can, and create a negative pressure system.

I took care of Tevin.

The guards have him now.

All the doors are cleared, and the EMTs are coming.


Once I've drained the lung, I'll just clamp off the bleed, and then Bob's your uncle, as my old attending at St.

Edwards used to say.

Uh, we just need There, son, could you grab my toilet paper?

I know, I know, it's the best I got.


- And we've got breath sounds.


Jin, my friend, you're gonna be okay.

Wow look at that.

- Amazing.

- MARTIN: Isn't it?

The human body is truly remarkable.

Thank you.


Oh, my pleasure, sweetheart.

I guess we make a good team.




- Mom.

I'm okay.

I'm okay.

- Oh, my God.

Malcolm's okay, too.

We're both okay.

I have to go to the hospital with Jin, but I'll call you.

- Okay.


- Okay?

Mom he saved him.

Dad saved Jin.

Of course he did.

MARTIN: I guess we make a good team.

How many other people died?

Why can't you remember?

Perhaps it's better if you don't.

What did your father tell you?

They're connected.

The Surgeon and this serial killer.

He didn't tell me how, but I think he may have told me where they met.

What do you mean "may have"?

He mentioned St.

Edwards Hospital.

It's not where he had his residency, so he must have done a rotation there.

- And St.

Edwards - Is in the Bronx, where the junkyard is.

It wasn't an accidental slip of the tongue.

My father was trying to tell me something.

We'll pull all the employee records from when your dad was there.

Skip the doctors.

His ego's too big to have worked with an equal.

He referred to himself as a mentor, so the guy would be in his early 20s.

Someone he could easily manipulate.



Tevin, he's just like the killer we're after.

A beta to my father's alpha.

Someone who seeks a mentor.

Someone The Surgeon could manipulate - to do his bidding.

- Are you saying The lockdown, the stabbing.

Everything that happened today, what if Tevin did all of that just because my father asked him to?

- Why?

- So he could play the hero in front of his daughter on national television.

It's literally his dream scenario.


- Mr.


- Malcolm.

I need to speak to my father.

I think he may be responsible for what happened today.

We know.

Tevin woke up in the infirmary.

He told the administrator everything.


Whitly put him up to this.

- Can I speak to him?

- No, you can't.

He's been moved to solitary confinement.


I thought you'd be happy.


No, I need to talk to him.

I have questions.

There's a serial killer out there, and memories that I have Malcolm, I'm sorry.

Your father won't be speaking to anyone for a long time.



So you're saying that my children went to see their serial killer father in serial killer prison, and it didn't go well?

I'm shocked.


Please, enjoy your "I told you so.

" But even you could not have foreseen this.

This is what he does, Malcolm.

He draws people in, gains their trust, makes them love him.

And then, when he has all the power He ruins them.

Yeah, I know that story.

Yes, he may have ruined your childhood, but he did not ruin you.

You are made of tougher stuff.


- That ringing?

- Yeah.

Where's it coming from?


The basement.



Good night.



Malcolm, don't.

I boarded up that room for a reason.

We have to.



I thought it was disconnected.


MAN: I was wondering if anyone would answer.

Who is this?

An old friend of your father's.

Who are you?

Why are you calling?

It was good to see you in that junkyard, Malcolm.

It's been too long.

What do you mean?

How do I know you?

You don't remember?

It was a hell of a camping trip.