01x08 - Family Friend

the brachial plexus all the way down through to the fingertips.

And that's how we feel touch.

They call it the "eye of the hand.

" It's amazing.

Well, that is just like you.

The NYPD arrested Dr.

Martin Whitly in connection to at least 23 murders You want the wall here, Miss?

Was I not clear?

I never want to see this room again.

I was wondering if anyone would answer.

Who is this?

An old friend of your father's.

Who are you?

Why are you calling?

It was good to see you at that junkyard, Malcolm.

Been too long.

- How do I know you?

- You don't remember?

A hell of a camping trip.

Is it okay if I call you Paul?

Or would you prefer something else?

Always liked Paul.

Good, strong name.

Okay, Paul?

- Why don't you tell me about this trip?

- That's curious.

Wonder why you don't remember.

I could never forget that night.


What happened?

Talk to me, I'd-I'd love to hear it in your own words.

To be honest, Paul I think I've blocked out pieces of my memory.

Whole chunks of time are missing.

Any idea what might have caused that?

Why were you delivered to me, Malcolm?

To help me or stop me?

- Uh, I just want to talk.

- No.

You're a cop.

You want to catch me.

Your dad must be - disappointed.

- Well, we're not exactly on speaking terms at the moment.

I don't want to hurt you, Malcolm.

But my work is important, and you've interrupted it.

I hate being interrupted!

Better if you leave me alone.

You know I can't do that.

That's not what I wanted to hear.

Who the hell was that?

An old friend of Dad's.

People who suffer from our sickness have a tendency to find others who suffer from it, too.

In this case, I was, um, a mentor.



Hey How are you feeling?

Like I was stabbed in the chest with a prison shiv.

So, like, six out of ten?

What were you working on?

I was looking at interview footage.

Think we really captured television gold.

Sorry I ruined it by, you know getting knifed.


It's a shame we had to stop early, but I think think it'll cut together.

Get him out of here.

May I offer you all some Scotch?

Or vodka?


I'm good with coffee.

Cream and sugar?

Or a nice hazelnut liqueur?

So this is where Malcolm Bright grew up.

- It's, um nice.

- Thank you.

One day I'll give you the full tour.

But the abridged version is that's where we usually have the Christmas tree.

That is a portrait of my great-uncle Douglas.

Oh, and right over there is where my father was arrested for killing 23 people.

It's a good-looking uncle.


We've routed the basement line through the trap-and-trace system at Major Crimes.

Nice work.

If he calls again, we'll get a recording, - maybe even a location, if we're lucky.

- He'll call again.

This was just a jumping-off point.

Round one.

I have to ask, if that room's been walled off since '98, why were you still paying the phone bill?

I have no idea.

You know how business managers are.

I definitely do not know how business managers are.

Detective we have something to show you.

Jessica, you all right?

Just peachy, Gil.

A regular Tuesday around here.

We could move you to a safe house for a few days.

Absolutely not.

I imagine your accommodations are about as inviting as a Milwaukee Radisson.

At least let us leave some officers outside.

I was married to one of the most notorious serial killers of the 20th century.

I can look after myself.

Don't worry, I'll post a patrol unit.

Jessica doesn't need to know.

Thanks, Gil.

Till we know what he wants from me and my family, we should assume he's a threat.

You know, the brass is talking about bringing in the Bureau.

That would be a mistake.

They'd force me off this in a heartbeat.

Would that be such a bad thing?

I'm worried you're too close to it.

You're right.

I am.

But that's exactly how we're gonna get him.

Based on our conversation, I now believe Paul to be a mission-oriented killer.

He referred to his murders as his "work" and asked me why I had been "delivered" to him.

The word choices evoke a higher calling.

That, coupled with the victim pool from the junkyard all high-risk addicts, homeless, s*x workers tells me that Paul views his "mission" as cleaning up the streets.

You forgot to mention the elephant in the room.

Of course.

We also know the killer had a relationship with Martin Whitly.

But we know little about it, except that they likely met at St.

Edward's Hospital in the Bronx.

- Can you ask your pops?

- Couldn't if I wanted to.

The Surgeon's been placed in solitary confinement.

From what I hear, he hasn't spoken a word.

- Not even to the guards.

- Naturally.

The one time I need to talk to him.

Edrisa, what's the status of your ID process?

Uh, slow going.

We are up to 16 confirmed kills.

But we have to match the disparate fragments of bone and flesh.

It's not always obvious which go together.

Like the world's most fascinating jigsaw puzzle.

Oh, you like puzzles?

I have a, uh, 500-piece of the Notre-Dame that is truly gnarly.

- If you ever - I just, I can't, I can't with this.

- Anything we can use?

- Yes.

Uh Two of the most recent victims, Stephanie Reyes and Haley Wyatt, they - don't have any stomach contents.

- They're addicts, right?

They're not exactly known for their appetites.

True, but still, it's unusual to find nothing at all.

Unless they were held for days without food and water.


Does this fit with your profile?

Mission-oriented killers often take a ritualistic approach to murder.

Which could certainly involve an extended holding period.

Paul said I interrupted him.

I thought he meant his killings in general, but what if he'd already taken someone?

What if we missed something?

Let's go find out.


So, we know he crushed them there.

But he would have required a holding area.

A hidden sanctum where he prepped the victims.

The techs have been over this place with a fine-tooth comb.

Do you think it could've been off-site?


Transport would've been a needless risk.

He needed them close.

Close enough that he could move the victims to the kill site without ever being in view of the street.

Paul shot at me from over there.

He felt the need to protect something.

This is the one place we didn't find a body.

What are you seeing, Bright?

I think this is an air vent.

What the hell is that?

This must be where he brought his victims.

If I'm not mistaken, it's a Winnebago.

Get the bomb squad - and ESU down here.

- Roger that.


To Central.

I need a bomb squad Bright, no!

Wait, Bright, what are you It could be booby-trapped!

He's not trying to keep someone out.

He wants to keep someone in.

Bright, what are you doing?


Bright, what's down there?


I just heard something.

What is it?

First door is clear.

Come on, Bright, talk to me.

I found a victim.

Where's ESU?

I need 'em here now!

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

How long do I have?

It's okay.

You're safe.

You can't save me.

No one can.

We got an ID on the victim you saved.

Ryan Davis, 26.

Bronx local, addict, couple possession charges but nothing violent.

JT says he's stable, but they had to put him in a medically induced coma.

Ryan won't be answering questions any time soon.

Crime Scene is sweeping the Winnebago for prints, but so far it's clean as a whistle.

He probably burned them off.

This guy was careful at every step.

We should put Ryan in protective custody, just in case Paul knows we found him.

We've got a guard detail at the hospital.

These were the last words that Ryan said to me before he passed out.

I think Paul was taunting him with a countdown to his own demise.

And what's up with the mirror?

- Why is that important?

- I imagine it's part of a ritual.

He wants his victims to reflect on their sins.

A man who takes things literally.

It could be that he wants them to atone before he delivers the inevitable final judgment.

We need to find where Ryan was taken from.

Witness testimony will still be fresh.

Anyone file a missing persons report?

No, but court records show he sometimes stayed at the homeless shelter at St.

Matteo Church.

So did two other victims.

Uh, Beth Morris and Taquesha Roberts.

Looks like we might have found Paul's hunting ground.

What's going on here?



What are we looking at?


I'm just curious.

I bet you are.

I recognize you.

Come on, haven't you ever wanted to be an "inside source"?


Who's your commanding officer?

You're legally required to tell me.

Lieutenant Arroyo.

Major Crimes.

This is Bright.

Leave a message.

Gil has someone in protective custody down at Westview?

Might this have anything to do with the new serial killer you were drilling Dad about during my interview?

There's a story here and I want a quote.

I better not see this on CNN, bro.

Katja, don't get that.


I apologize for the late notice.

It's important, I just need to speak to her for one This a bad time?

Actually, it is.

Do you normally show up at people's houses after they have cancelled plans with you?

Do you normally waltz around your living room with a loaded gun?

What makes you think it's loaded?

Okay, it's loaded.

I'm here because I'm concerned.

My team worked all week on that presentation.

I thought you wanted to see it.

I did.

Oh I'm sorry, I'm I'm not usually like this.

Last night, we were contacted by some sort of serial killer colleague of my ex-husband.

I didn't realize they had "colleagues.

" Welcome to the Whitly family.

That's horrifying.

Are you okay?

Stupid question; obviously you're not okay.

I appreciate your asking all the same.

I'm just Some days everything feels normal.

I can make it through a few consecutive hours without thinking about Martin or what he is.

But other days he finds a way to ruin it before I've even had my breakfast.

But you're here now.

So Let's talk tax write-offs.

Sure, I remember Ryan.

He was here till a few days ago.

Then he wasn't.

It happens all the time.

What were you doing that day?

Uh, well, I was probably here.

I'm always here.

Why didn't you file a missing persons report?

Why would I?

The kind of people that stay here go missing all the time.

The police don't care.

- Well, we're here now, aren't we?

- Since you are, lend a helping hand.

I got lots of boxes.

You're a young man, you can carry the heavy one.

Thank you.

How about Beth Morris, Taquesha Roberts?

They stay here as well?

Yes, I remember them.

That's a few years ago.

They struggled with substance abuse, like most of the folks here.

But they, uh, they were both very charming.

They were murdered.





We think they were both killed by the same person who took Ryan.

All the work that you do.

To try to make a difference, you know?

It just doesn't really matter, does it?

Only thing that matters is "God's plan. " You sound troubled, Father.

That's usually my line.

Don't you think there's value in the work you're doing?

Of course I do.

But it takes a toll, you know?

You know, the system doesn't care about these people until they're already dead.

And then you care.

He was antagonistic and hostile.

He definitely didn't want us there.

That's all true, but he's not wrong to be frustrated.

You said that mission killers think that they're serving a higher power.

A priest with multiple victims?

Father Leo was questioning his faith.

Our killer has total conviction in his mission.

If I'm going to get a warrant for a soup kitchen, I got to be sure.

Oh, damn it.

- What?

- My sister is annoyingly good at her job.

She spotted the unis posted outside Ryan Davis's room and connected the dots to Paul.

And now she keeps calling me for a comment.

Shut that down.

If this story gets out, it'll throw the city into a panic.

We're not ready for that level of scrutiny.

Paul's mission isn't about attention.

I'm not sure how he'll respond.

Hey, Bright, you got a package.

You're welcome.

And finally got those records from St.


Narrowed it down to the window when your dad was there, but it's still like 50 names.

You eliminated all the doctors?

You mean did my job?

Yeah, bro.

This is nurses, custodians, administrators.

I'm running through 'em, but it'll take a while.

Uh, was "Leo Kafchinsky" on that list?

- I don't think so.

- There you have it.

Look, we already know that Paul has used one alias.

Is it possible that he's used more?

- You know, like a priest.

- You're right.

There have to be more.

He's been killing anonymously for 20 years.

Quite a bit more than The Surgeon.

He's a chameleon, a master at evading detection.

JT, who gave you that box?

Front desk said a courier dropped it off.


It appears to be bleeding.


Look at that.

Guess you aren't the only one who likes chopping off hands.

- Edrisa, can you get an ID?

- One nice thing about a severed hand is fingerprints.

Perhaps the only nice thing.

We don't have to wait.

That's Father Leo's hand.

I recognize the ring and the mole.

Paul must have seen us talking to him.

He followed us.

- We thinking he's dead?

- Well, it's a rough cut, but there's no reason the victim couldn't still be alive.

I'll confirm the ID.

That's the line we routed from Jessica's.

You get my present?

I did.

Very thoughtful.

So you're not at home anymore.

I had to go to work, but you know that.

I have a serial killer to catch.

Speaking of which, why Father Leo?

He's not like your other victims.

Because you were snooping.

Is he still alive?

I told you to leave me alone.

Just doing my job.

You understand that, don't you?

You have your "work," I have mine.

How did you find him?

The piece of trash I left behind.

Ryan Davis.

Can't take the credit for that; our crime scene technicians are very thorough.


Tell the truth!

How did you know about my hiding spot?

Killers make mistakes.

I'm kind of good at this.

You think you can just be smart.

Figure me out like a problem to be solved.

But your curiosity is the real problem.

Bad things happen when you snoop.

Like when you found that girl.

What girl?

The one in your father's trunk.

What do you know about her?

Oh, you do remember.

That poor girl, all alone.

What do you know about her?!

Now who's got the temper?

Better be careful.

That'll get you into trouble.

I need some air.

Where's the girl?

Again with the girl in the box.

We don't know.

She didn't exist.

She's real, Gil.

It's possible that Martin told him about your nightmares.

It wasn't a nightmare.

Look, all my life, people have told me she was just a figment of my imagination, a bad dream.

But she's real, and Paul knows what happened to her.

I'm one of those people.

And you're right.

It's time I consider the possibility that I was wrong.

I don't know what happened to her, Bright.

But I do know you're not in this alone.

Your team is here to help you.

Thanks, Gil.

I'll come back in a second.


Let's see, little Malcolm.

Will they come for you?

Nobody's coming.

I'm here alone.

Why did you follow without calling your friends?

- I didn't have time.

- Liar.


Because I want answers.


You sound like your dad.

Look like him.

You even smell like him.

I could crush you like I crushed the others.

But first, I want to know how you did it.

How did you figure out where I kept that filthy junkie?

I'm a profiler.

- It's my job.

- No.

More than that.

Tell me.

Tell me how you did it or I will grind you.

You told me I "interrupted" you.

That's all I needed.

There's more.

There's more to it.

I know it.

How did you know?

Because we're the same!

My dad and I he-he told me all he knew about murder.

That's how I know how you think.

I'm my father's son.


Some things you cannot teach.

It's in your blood.

There's hope for you yet.

W-What happened with the girl?

I thought I was gonna have to kill you.

But maybe you deserve to know.

Wait for my instructions, tonight.

Tell no one.

This is between us.

Thank you.

Three simple words.

I want you to repeat them after me: call for backup.

- I didn't think that there was - This isn't rhetorical, Bright.

I actually want to hear you say the words out loud.

Call Call for backup.

I'll admit it was somewhat ill-advised.

To run into a dark tunnel alone and let him pop you like bubble wrap?

Yeah, I'd say so.

All right, look I know you want answers, but it's not worth getting killed over.

That's not the only reason I went.

He wanted me to follow him, alone, and I did.

Now he believes that my need to find out the truth is stronger than my need to catch him.

And is it?

Of course not.

My boss brought up the FBI again.

Ah, please.

Paul implied that he wanted to meet me tonight.

I-If you bring in the FBI, then they'll never let me go.

Don't be so sure I'm gonna let you go.

He could have killed me in the tunnel, but he didn't.

I'm not part of his mission.

I have to go.

It's our best bet for catching him and saving Father Leo.

Go home.

Get some rest.

If we're gonna do this, I want you to be fresh.

Ainsley, what the hell Where have you been?

You've been gone for hours.

You know the serial killer my brother was asking my dad about?

He's at large, and apparently killing left and right.

- Oh, my God.

- I know.

It would be the perfect companion piece to the interview I did with my father.

"A protégé of The Surgeon terrorizes New York City.

" An exclusive with the mentor and a manhunt for the mentee.

I That's too much alliteration, but you see the idea.

It's the network.

I-I have I'm sorry.

This is Ainsley.

Gil, it's happening.

Fort Totten, two hours.

I'll meet you there.


Malcolm, it's Eve Blanchard.

I'm a friend of your mother's.

Uh, oh.

Uh, come on up.


- Hey.

Hey, come in.

- Uh - We've met before.

I'm the one - Helping my mother contribute to the human trafficking organizations.

- I remember.

- Uh, uh, good memory.

Although uh, technically, they're anti-human trafficking organizations.

- Should I come back?

- Uh, I'm fine.

But I don't have long to chat.

I have to rush out the door.

Sorry to barge in.

Y-Your mother gave me your address under false pretenses.

I would have called, it's just I'm concerned about her.

She was drunk in the middle of the day.

Well, that's not unusual.

And she was waving a gun around.

Okay, that part is unusual.

I'll check on her.

I just have one thing I need to take care of.

Thanks for coming by.

Uh, s some things are better heard in person.

I agree.

You have to see a person's face to understand them.


Uh, my whole job is reading people' faces.

I know.

Good night, Malcolm.

Good night.

Good night.

We've tried not to spook him by getting too close.

You've got tactical teams 90 seconds out.



The vantage points aren't great.

We'll try to keep eyes on you at all times.

Avoid tunnels if you can.

It's almost time.


I know you got a lot of questions, but don't let that cloud your judgment.

Our top priority is bringing him down and saving Father Leo.

Hello, Paul?

Are you ready for answers?

Been waiting my whole life.

Through the fence.

Why'd you bring me here, Paul?

Can you see me?

I was afraid you'd stand me up.

Now, keep your distance.

I want to talk first.

What should we talk about?

You wanted to know about the girl.

Your father called me that night after he put you to bed.

What did you do with her?

You're getting ahead of yourself, but I kept a souvenir, and now I want you to have it.

Do you see the bag?


To your right.

The third archway.

Look familiar?

So you were his disposal man?


I was so much more than that.

I have to say, I'm really surprised you don't remember me.


What happened there?

I thought, maybe that was where the girl in the box was killed.



Related, but not the same.

Let's talk face to face, Paul.

- Can I come over there?

- Stay there.

I'm not sure I can trust you quite yet.

Gil, I found Father Leo.

He's here, alive.

I need a medivac.

I copy that.

Where's Paul?

I don't know, not yet.

Come on, Paul.

You kept me waiting long enough.

I need answers.

I get it, Malcolm, you think you need to know about your past, but what you really need to find is your calling, your mission.

Once I found that, I knew exactly what I had to do.

Gil, he's not even here.

I think he's going to finish his mission.

- What do you mean?

- He's going for Ryan Davis.

Sending units to Westview Memorial right now.

Uh, sorry, Paul, you got cut off.

What were you saying?

You found Leo, didn't you?

You didn't follow my instructions.

You lied to me first.

You promised me answers.

I gave you the bracelet, didn't I?

I think we've made good progress for today.

Takes time to build trust.

Your father taught me that.

You're gonna be okay.

- We're here.

- Medivac's on its way.

- All right, load up.

- I should've seen it coming.

He never wanted Leo, he wanted Ryan.

- Damn it.

- What?

Ainsley's there.

- Now you decide to call me back?

- Ainsley!

Thank God.

Are you at the hospital right now?

- I am.


- You might be in danger.

I think the serial killer is there.


I think he's in the hospital right now.

I think you might be right.


What's happening?

Stay in your room and lock the door.


What is it?


The guy they were guarding he's dead.

Ainsley, listen to me.

You need to get somewhere safe.

He might know who you are.

- I think I just saw him.

- Find somewhere that locks.





He's outside.

He's outside.

He's outside.

- Do you have a weapon?

- No.

You are not gonna believe what What are you doing?

What is this?

You filmed my surgery?

I was going to tell you.

I just I-I got so caught up in the adrenaline, - and it was so compelling that I - Oh, was it?

Was it compelling when I almost died?

We went there to get a great story and we got one.

- I was doing my job.

- I understand.

This is who you are.

I just don't think that's the kind of person I want to be with.

Edrisa thinks Paul gave Ryan a heavy dose of anticoagulant through his IV.

Different means, same dissociative method.

Like the trash compactor at the junkyard.

- How's Ainsley doing?

- She's okay.

Little shaken.

I'm getting that from a three-word text.

Detectives are scouring the hospital for leads.

With any luck, something will turn up.

It won't.

He's been two steps ahead of us at every turn.

You saved Father Leo.

Only because Paul wanted us to.

He was making a point about the inevitability of his calling.

Ryan Davis was marked for death, Father Leo wasn't.

He thinks nothing can stop his divine mission.

Well, then we're just gonna have to prove him wrong.

I'll have cadaver dogs search the fort.

Maybe that's where he buried her.

I know he could be lying.

I've been telling you for 20 years she isn't real, I'm not gonna tell you that tonight.

If she's there, we'll find her.

Bloodshed at a Manhattan hospital tonight.

A source inside the NYPD has confirmed that a new serial killer is at large, and may be connected to Martin Whitly, better known as The Surgeon.

This new killer, who authorities are calling The Junkyard Killer, has allegedly been active for over 20 years.

Hello, dear.

His total number of victims may be in the teens.

Police are searching for a middle-aged Caucasian man with Eve Blanchard came to see me.

- Isn't she a lovely young woman?

- She said that you were armed.

That wretched little tattletale.


She was concerned about you.

So am I.

This is dangerous.

You know what else is dangerous?

Serial killers.

Which is why police officers have been watching the house all day.

Do you think I'd actually leave you here - to fend for yourself?

- Why didn't you tell me?

'Cause you would've sent them away.

If you're worried about staying here, why don't you check into the Plaza until this whole thing is over?

You know Miltons owned this whole neighborhood back when it was farmland.

Bought it from the profits they made outfitting the Hessians.

Proved a sound investment.

It would just be for a few weeks.

My great-great-great-grandfather built this house in 1871.

And a Milton has lived here ever since.

I didn't let Martin tarnish this house, despite what he was, and I will not be driven out now.

This is my home.

I don't want to go to a hotel, and I don't want to live under constant surveillance.

I want to have a normal life.

One that isn't perpetually haunted by the ghost of your father.

I want that, too.

I can't promise he'll never haunt you again, but I can promise not to stop until I've caught the Junkyard Killer.

You shouldn't have to live in fear.

It's Gil.

I should take this.

Any news?

Hey, kid.

I wanted you to hear it from me first.

Your old pals at the FBI have taken over on Paul Lazar.

And they have made it very clear you're off the case.

All of us are.

They can't do that.

I assure you they can.

Feds are in charge now, and they don't like you very much.

What is it?

Maybe you should keep that.