01x10 - Silent Night

ANNOUNCER: Tonight on American Direct News

MARTIN: What consoles me is that as a doctor, I saved thousands of lives.

So if we're judging the moral worth of a person based on the mark they leave on the world, mine is a a net positive.


Martin Whitly murdered 23 people as The Surgeon, making him one of the world's most notorious serial killers.

I'm Ainsley Whitly for American Direct News, and The Surgeon is my father.

MARTIN: I was, um, a mentor.

I'm not a perfect man.

It's true.

Isn't that what counts?

(ECHOING): That in the end, I did some good?

AINSLEY: What kind of a father does that?

Stop it!

I was a good father, damn it!

Say that again.

Say I was a terrible father!



Mother - My TV.

- I thought we agreed to avoid watching this garbage.

No, you agreed.

I thought it best not to argue.

Is this your plan?

To foil Ainsley's ratings by destroying every television in America?

- Ugh.

- God knows you have enough shoes.

I don't know why you torture yourself.

I thought you were newly devoted to being "normal.

" Yeah, well, that didn't really work out.


Why didn't you tell me?

The girl in the box.

The memories.

You have proof.

They're all real.

How did you Gil.

We told you they weren't real for years.

Of course you're not normal.

How could you be?

It's not your fault.

Or Gil's.

Martin Whitly did this to me.

He manipulated me, he drugged me.

- Drugged you?

- He used chloroform.

To confuse me.

To help me forget.

I thought he loved you.

That at least he took care of you, and your sister.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

But you don't have to say that.

I really do.

And I have to clear the air before tomorrow night.

Christmas, dear.

It's an annual holiday?

Maybe you've noticed the decorations and that handsy Santa outside Gristedes?

I'm not feeling very festive.

Your father has taken so much from us.

Don't let him take this.



Sorry to call you in on Christmas.

It's okay.

I was in the neighborhood caroling.

No sign of ESU or CSU?

They're already upstairs.

We're keeping this quiet.

Oh, yeah?

Keeping secrets doesn't seem to be your strong suit.

My mother dropped by last night.

She was gonna find out soon enough.

Better it came from one of us.

Are there any updates in the Paul Lazar case I need to know about?

I don't have any answers.

Neither does the FBI.

Their task force is moving into the precinct.

- Oh, they'll want to question me.

- They very much do not want to question you.

The special agent in charge is Colette (SIGHS)


We worked together in D. C.

She hates me.

Oh, yeah.


Said to keep you out of her way.

That all she said?

There were other words, but why ruin your holidays?

Come on.

I got something that'll cheer you up.


Merry Christmas.

Happy Hanukkah?

Hallway's secure.

Hotel's keeping things under wraps.

And I should be home eating my wife's kringle right now.

It's a pastry.


Did you watch your sister's interview last night?

U-Uh, my TV's on the fritz, so (STAMMERS)

Why are we keeping this under wraps?

The victim is high-profile.

This one's close to home.

He's a cop.

Ian Turner, chief of detectives.

Room's under his name.

You knew him?

DANI: He was a three-star.

Everybody did.

Turner worked his way up the ranks.

42 years of service.

And he had a rep.

Squeaky clean.

JT: So squeaky clean, he fought it out with a few dirtier cops on his way up.

Some people got no patience for doing things by the book.

BRIGHT: Mm, this is no "by the book" exit.

Who's the woman?

Emily Hayes, 26.

She had a misdemeanor for prostitution.

We're thinking murder, suicide.


I'm not seeing that.

No defensive wounds.

And why would Chief Squeaky-Clean wear his badge to meet with a s*x worker?

I take it Turner had no history of abuse or violence.

- Why now?

- DANI: Turner obviously had a secret.

He was seeing a s*x worker.

Maybe Emily threatened to turn him in.

He shoots her, takes his own life.

Out of guilt.

Are you finished with the murder weapon?

The suicide you're describing is the result of deep shame.

Turner killed a woman in cold blood and violated everything he ever stood for.

He would have looked at her, there on the bed.

Adrenaline fading, guilt building.

Must have felt this growing weight on his chest.

Like a burden he couldn't lift.

This was his only escape.


But something's not quite right.

- Looks that way.

- He wouldn't have been looking at the victim.

He would've turned away.

- Out of shame.

- Whoa.

- Hey.

- Bright!

Put the gun down now.

It's not oh.

Wait, it is.



Do you have any idea how stupid that was?

Turner didn't kill himself.

There was a third person.

Both victims were dressed, so Emily had just arrived.

Perhaps Turner used the dead bolt on the door to hold it open so Emily could get in.

The killer wouldn't need a key to get in - if he acted fast.


He came in, hit Turner, took his gun and shot Emily.


This wasn't a murder-suicide.

It was a double homicide.

Prove it.


BRIGHT: The killer dispatched Emily with one shot, but took their time with Turner.

Posed him.

Turner was the target, Emily was a casualty of circumstance.

JT: Revenge is usually personal.

And Turner was in there with a hooker, so jealous wife, girlfriend?

Uh, no.

No family.

Work was his life.

Sounds like a lot of cops I know.

Sounds like you.

BRIGHT: I like JT's theory.

Our killer was angry enough that he plowed through an innocent woman to get to his target.

Who hated Turner that much?

Every perp in Sing Sing.

Let's set up in here.

Good morning, Lieutenant Arroyo.

Thank you for this accommodation.

GIL: Anything for the FBI, though I'm not sure I had a choice.

COLETTE: Special Agent.

No, wait.

That's not right.

What the hell do they call you around here?

Hello, Colette.

"Bright" usually works.


Not for me.

My task force has taken over the Paul Lazar case.

The Junkyard Killer, I know.

We've been looking into his past.

Paul's motives are based on a deep self-hatred.

He was likely raised by a single mother who (CHUCKLES)


Less than 30 seconds to get to the bad mom.

- That must be a new record.

- I was just Blaming a woman for a man's misdeeds?

Yeah, I caught that, too.

BRIGHT: I was simply pointing out that serial killers aren't just born, they're also made.

And sometimes they're just born.

Why don't you leave your mommy issues at home?

This case needs a new perspective.

I need bodies, so who can you spare?

I can't really spare anyone.

My team's working a homicide.

It's Powell, right?


Uh, how do you two know each other?

Colette's a profiler.

We worked together in D. C. Barely.

I read your file.

I was really impressed.

I need someone to walk me through what you have.

Is that something you think you can do?


Your commissioner promised me - the resources I need.

- Colette.

Paul Lazar called me.

I have a personal connection With a serial killer, yes.

That's the best reason yet not to use you.

GIL: Take Dani.

For 24 hours.

You're with me.

Merry Christmas.

Turner's files.

Go through his cases.

Someone in there wanted to kill him.



BRIGHT: This is Bright.

- Leave a message.

- Thanks.

Just a friendly reminder that I need your ass at Mom's tonight.

Since the interview, Mom is being very Mom right now.



SHANNON: Hey, Malcolm.

Remember me?

Detective Shannon.

Yeah, we just wanted to review your statement, the night that your father was arrested.

I already told you everything I know.

Yeah, but, um here's the thing.

The cop on the scene said that he heard you and your dad share some parting words.

"We're the same.

" Why do you think he said that?

That's what I can't figure out.


I don't like this, Bright.

Owen Shannon was a bad cop.

I don't need to remind you of that.

Shannon was the last partner Ian Turner had before he was promoted to chief.

It's a lead.

You sure you're okay seeing him?

It was a long time ago.

I'm not scared anymore.

And he probably won't recognize me.

Well, look who it is.

Gil Arroyo.

I could have been the What you want, Lucky Boy?

Don't call me that.

I heard you're Major Crimes.


Is this how you greet all your guests?

There's someone out there killing cops, and I'm sure as hell not gonna be the next.

How'd you know Turner's dead?

My partner dies, I'm gonna hear about it.

Now, show some respect, Lucky Boy.


I worked The Surgeon case for years.

And one phone call from some dumb kid, and-and Lucky Boy gets the biggest collar of the century.

Still can't let it go, can you?

There was more to that story.

I knew it.

Nobody nobody listened to me.

Good to see some things never change.

But we're here about your old partner.

After The Surgeon case, you got reassigned to Turner.

SHANNON: And I hope he rots in hell.

He ruined me.

Looks like you did all that to yourself.

- You're a drunk, Shannon.

- Really?

Well, everybody needs a hobby.

Turner made the right call.

You were a bad cop, and he knew it, so he tipped off Internal Affairs and had you fired.

Bright You have a long-held grudge against our victim.

You're erratic and angry and six beers in at 11:00 a. m.

- Bah, humbug.

- You're also in possession of a likely unregistered handgun that you jammed in our faces when we so much as knocked on your door.

You're our prime suspect.

If I wanted Turner dead, I would have killed him years ago.

You did it last night.

You killed Ian Turner for getting you fired.

And you hated him so much that you murdered an innocent woman, too.

What woman?

Turner was found with a s*x worker.

A hooker?

What, a-a female hooker?

Chief Ian Turner was gay.

This is cozy.

Special Agent Swanson does like to mark her territory.

I called a few old-timers; they confirmed that Turner was gay.

I guess it was an open secret.

- If Turner didn't hire Emily - BRIGHT: Then the killer did.

They were trying to frame Turner.

The victim's a choirboy.

This was a character assassination.

The killer was trying to smear Turner.

A dead cop can't defend himself.

Emily's our best lead.

Emily Hayes.

She was a nursing student at NYU.

Employed by Caged Bird, presenting as a matchmaking company.

Perfectly legal on the surface.

Let me guess, the only paying customers are men.


It's owned and operated by Macy Barnes, a known madam.

I'm tracking her.

GIL: Good work.

Bright, keep combing through Turner's files.

Still might find something.

COLETTE: Do you trust Malcolm Bright, Detective Powell?

He has some weird habits, he's unconventional, but yes, I trust him.


- Why?

- Because I don't.

I don't think Malcolm has divulged the full extent of his relationship with our Junkyard Killer.


You don't need my help.

You just want eyes on Bright.

He would never let his personal interests get in the way of a case.

- And can you say the same?

- Can you?

Because I'm sensing that you came here to bury Bright.

We're all on the same side, right?

COLETTE: This is footage of the incident inside the transit tunnel.

An old CCTV camera.

Bright wrote in his report that there were no words exchanged between him and Paul Lazar.

But they were together for two minutes and 28 seconds.

Now, there's no audio, but it sure as hell looks like they're talking to me.

There's, um there's got to be an explanation.

You're loyal, Detective.

But don't let that blind you.

Bright wasn't kicked out of the FBI for one incident.

It was a pattern of being unconventional.

Malcolm Bright is destructive.

Don't let a man like that ruin your career.

- Jessica.


Malcolm just stepped out.

He should be right back.

I'm not here for him.

I know what to do.

If we can find the girl in the box's body, we can put Martin Whitly away for good.

No visitations, no consultations, no interviews.

So, have you found her?

Do you have any updates?

You're starting to sound just like Bright.

Well, I'm just as invested.

The FBI's doing everything it can.


The only evidence we have is the word of a serial killer, fragments of Malcolm's memory.

It just isn't enough.

Martin chloroformed my son.

And now I can't walk past a television without seeing his face.

Let's get out of here.

I've got a bottle of bourbon in my desk drawer.

How could a girl refuse?


Oh, please, Gil.

I have to fix this.

You're always worrying about everyone else.

Let someone worry about you for a change.


You're not going to help me.

This case has consumed Bright.

I want to help by making sure it doesn't do the same to you.

You don't get to make that decision.


COLETTE: Lieutenant, can I borrow you for a minute?

- I'm, uh - (JESSICA SIGHS)

- I'll be right back.

- Mm.


- GIL: The girl in the box was real.

Paul Lazar gave us her bracelet.

SHANNON: You're just like your father.

LAZAR: It's in your blood.

- There's hope for you yet.



Bright, Bright, wake up!




You good?

I screwed things up with the girl I'm seeing.

She won't answer my calls.

I think I scared her off.

Eve, right?


JT told me about her.

Said she's great.

Whatever the problem is, I'm sure you can fix it.

The problem is me.

(CHUCKLES): And I can't be fixed, so I don't think that's true.

How's your case?





JT's running down a lead on Emily's escort agency.

And I'm buried in files.


Merry Christmas to us.


Oh And I'm late for our family Christmas dinner.

Got to go.


Ainsley Whitly, have you visited your father since the interview?

Is Martin Whitly assisting the NYPD in their hunt for The Junkyard Killer?

Any breaking news about my family is mine to report, thank you.

- Ms.

Whitly - Ainsley, what about your - (CLAMORING CONTINUES FAINTLY)





You brought a twist-off.


Merry Christmas to you, too.

Did you watch it?


No comment.

Can't you at least try and be happy for me?

I'm overjoyed, dear.

My home is surrounded by paparazzi and so-called journalists, your father has finally succeeded in making me a prisoner in my own home, and he had the assist from his overly ambitious offspring.

Ambition is not a dirty word.

It's the best thing about me.

That and my hair.

Your father destroyed us.

Your brother and me.

You put him on television and let him talk about it.

You have gone and soaked yourself in blood.

The press devoured us 20 years ago, and now they are at it again.

You're playing the victim.

I am not a victim, but there are victims, real ones.

How do you think those 23 families feel when they see you on television?

And why is the story never about them?

I'm not going to apologize for what I did.

I used the media to direct the narrative.

What does that even mean?

I'm telling my story, not letting somebody else do it.

I'm leaving.


Twist-offs are cool now.



Malcolm Whitly.

I always knew that you were a liar.

And I didn't recognize you till I saw your hand.

You can change your name, but you can't change who you are.

Tell me the truth.

Tell me what you did.

Are you Daddy's little helper?

You know more than you are saying.

Tell me how he did it.

Tell me!

I'm not my father.

Are you trying to convince me or trying to convince yourself?

'Cause if you're trying to convince me, save your breath!

'Cause I was right.

There was someone else.

I know why you're angry.

You dedicated your life to The Surgeon's case.

You were right.

I did know something.

My father took me on a camping trip with The Junkyard Killer.

All I have are-are fragments of a memory.

Only The Surgeon and Paul Lazar know what happened, but my father is in solitary, and when I tried to find Paul, the FBI kicked me off the case for being too Obsessed?


Making it personal?

- Yes.

- I kind of know the feeling.

Where are you in the Turner case?

We think the killer has something to do with one of his old cases, but we haven't found anything yet.

Turner had a-a place where he kept everything that he didn't want to release to the official case files.

I can take you there.

Come on.

GIL: You're a hard woman to track down, Ms.

Barnes, which is odd, since Caged Bird, your matchmaking company, is perfectly legal.

- Perfectly.

- But it's not.

That's why Detective Turner tried to shut you down.

- You're behind this, Macy.

- I don't have to say anything.

No, you don't but you do have to look at these.

Come on, Macy.

You had to protect your business from Turner.

That's why you killed them.

- What?

I didn't kill them.

- JT: I don't buy it.

It was your girl in the room.

You sent her in.

Yes, I sent her.

But not to kill him.

The only way to get Turner off my back was to dirty him up.

I was desperate.

Emily needed the money to finish school, so she told Turner she'd be his informant.

She was supposed to go to the room, seduce him and take photos, but she never came back.

I was certain Turner killed her.

God knows I didn't.

Wait, if it wasn't him, who did this?



What is this place?

Turner was a private guy.

He liked the quiet out here.

You've been here before?

Not in 15 years.

We were partners.

We used to come and work out here sometimes.

This isn't about Caged Bird.

Turner was investigating The Junkyard Killer.

Why was Turner looking into The Junkyard Killer?

He never even worked on The Surgeon case.

Yeah, but I did.

These are all my files from 20 years ago.

I always thought there was more, that Martin must've had a cleanup man, but my higher-ups closed the case.

They called it a day.

- You kept digging.

- Uh, hell yeah, I kept digging.

I was blackballed for my trouble.

By the time Turner showed up, I was pretty well spent.

You know, he-he put up with me until until he couldn't.

And he gave up on me like-like everyone else did.

I don't think he did.

Look around.

Turner did all this for you.

When the news about The Junkyard Killer came out, he must've dug up all your old case files.

He was trying to clear your name.

Damn it.

Damn him for being a good guy.

For being my guy.

You and Turner were in a relationship.

I spent ten years of my life hating him for ruining my career, when all he was trying to do was save me from myself.

And now he's dead.

And I just I want him to know that I I just want him to know that that He knew.

All this, all this was because he believed in you, Shannon.


Turner was running down my suspects.

You had suspects?

Everyone I thought that might be helping Martin.

If there was a stone, we turned it over.

Now don't get too excited, each one was a dead end.

Not if we compare them to my list.

The Surgeon met The Junkyard Killer at St.

Edward's Hospital.

We narrowed it down to a possible 50 names.

So if a name is on both lists No, no, no, no, no.

We don't get to be so lucky.

It's not luck if it took 20 years.

- SHANNON: Wade?


- Waits.

- No.

- Walker.

- Nope.



Uh, John Watkins.

Holy hell, I remember John Watkins.

He was a really strange guy.

He used to work swing shifts at the hospital.

I have an address.

It's 20 years old, but still.



Smile, kid.

This is the fun part.

Don't worry.

You were right before, - it's not registered.

- Oh, well, in that case.




I got a lead.

So do I.

Macy didn't do it.

So the frame job and the murder were two separate crimes.

Turner was investigating The Junkyard Killer, - so maybe - W-W-Wait, what?

Maybe he found out Turner was on his case, a little too close to the truth, so he follows him to the hotel, didn't expect him to be there with a s*x worker, but who cares, he's there to kill a cop; he'll happily throw in Emily, too.

Wait, are you saying that our murderer is The Junkyard Killer?

We were working the case this entire time.

I may be blind, but I'm not deaf.

- What do you want?

- I got to go.

Uh, no, Bright, are you - (DIAL TONE)

- Damn it.

Unless you plan on singing, get off my front step.

Uh, Merry Christmas.

We're looking for John Watkins.

Do you know if he used to live here?

My sweet John.

Of course he did.

How do you know my grandson?

We're old friends.

Why are you smiling?

This is John's childhood home.

That's, like, the Holy Grail for profilers.

Serial killers aren't just born, they're made.

And John was made right here.

Religion played a prominent role in his development.

It impacts the way he kills.

His messianic mission.

(WHISPERS): There are clues everywhere.

MATILDA: I thought I told you to sit.

Do you hear what I hear?

Just remember to peel back the plastic.

Sometimes I forget.

Thank you for the meal, Mrs.


We were wondering, uh - if you'd seen John recently.

- Oh.

It's Matilda, please.

Now, how did you know my Johnnie again?

SHANNON: We worked with him at St.


He always said he made good friends there.

Ah, everyone loves John.

I raised him to be a good boy.

Were John's parents around when he was a kid?

No father that I knew.

Least of his worries, though, with that mother.

She was a sinner.

Filthy whore till she died.

Chose heroin over her own child.

You want his real mother, you see me.

That must have been hard.

God doesn't put us here to do easy things, son.

Just right ones.

Would you like something else?


I'm It's fine.

Guests in this house deserve better than fine.

Sit tight.

MATILDA (SOFTLY): There is a fountain (QUIETLY): So he lost his parents young.

I mean, that's rough.

But Grandma, she's not bad.

Could learn to cook, maybe.

It's all here.

In Matilda.

John targets people on the fringe because of what she made him believe as a child.

That his mother was a sinner, that addicts are evil.



- Oh - MATILDA: There we go.

- Oh - Uh That rust is a food group.

Uh, Matilda, do you have any photos of John?

We'd love to see him as a kid.

I do.

BRIGHT: Uh, who's Benjamin?

MATILDA: Oh, my husband.

He was a good father to Johnnie.

Pushed him to be his best.

But my poor Johnnie had to watch him die.

Benjamin was working on his car in the garage.

Like a bolt of lightning straight from God, the car fell and crushed his head.

Horrible accident.


And this is his first communion.

And his first day of junior high.

So handsome.

Family is everything.


- Mrs.


We have more questions!



JESSICA: If we can find the girl in the box's body, we can put Martin Whitly away for good.

AINSLEY: I used the media to direct the narrative.

JESSICA: What does that even mean?

MARTIN: You're right.

We have been happy.

You'll be back.

"Direct the narrative.


SHANNON: No use.

They're all the same.

I think that John was here recently.

He knew if Turner was onto him, that people would come looking.

So he made sure we wouldn't be able to I.


him when you did.

See if you can find out when he was last here.

I'm gonna take a look around.

Matilda, can I use your bathroom?

"May" I use your bathroom.

Poor grammar is just a short walk to delinquency.

And you may.

First door at the top of the stairs.


Thank you.

Thank you.







The Junkyard Killer murdered Turner and Emily.

- Bright has a lead on him.

- What?

Your boy's been working my case this entire time even though I explicitly told him not to?

Where is he?

Where is Bright right now?

GIL: We don't know.


MATILDA: No phones at the table, Mr.


Now, John, he was a quiet boy.

Very observant.


He spent hours in the garage with Benjamin.

He was interested in the way things worked.

- John's here.

- MATILDA: Johnnie is home?

Just in time for pie!

No, no.

John, my dear.

You forgot one.

You knew.

You called him.

Where is he?

Where is John?

My Johnnie takes out the trash!



He's in here!

He's gonna get you.


- Silent night - (REPORTERS CLAMORING)

Holy night All is calm As you know, my ex-husband Martin Whitly is a convicted serial murderer.

He's in a psychiatric hospital for killing 23 people.

But I believe there were more.

- Mrs.



This bracelet, which is in evidence and under FBI jurisdiction, holds the key to the identity of The Surgeon's 24th victim.


Instead of turning your eyes on my family this Christmas - You've got to be kidding.

- use this clue to help me uncover the identity of this woman.


I know you're here.

JESSICA: I hereby offer a reward in the amount of $1 million for information that leads to the truth about the owner of this bracelet which is engraved with the initials AMS.




Bright still isn't picking up.

- JESSICA: It is my hope - I have a bad feeling about this.

that together, we can see that justice, real justice, is finally served.


We have to stop meeting like this.

Remember me?

(QUIETLY): They'll find you.

They'll never find us where we're going.

JOHN: Your dad buy you that?


Everybody needs a good knife.

Y-You never know when it'll come in handy.

- My dad says that, too.

- Smart guy.

Can I see it?



What's in the trunk?

I'll tell you.

But you got to promise to keep a secret.

Your brother doesn't know what fun he's missing.


Lucky him.