01x20 - Like Father...

Malcolm, listen to me.

You're my son.

I will always love you.

Because we're the same.

We're the same.

We're the same.

You know you're wrong. I'm nothing like you.

We are not the same.

Sorry. Please, no.

You obviously have been working on that for a while.

I was just gonna make a joke about our matching jumpsuits, and, uh... I'm not a killer... like you.

Like me? No. No.

No, I got away with way more murders than you did.

Leaving all that DNA on the body?

Very sloppy, son.

You've got to clean up after yourself.

First rule of killing.

And kindergarten.

I was framed! Sure.

But still.

A part of you must be happy Eve's killer is dead.

It's okay if you did it. I won't tell.

It wasn't me.

Say it louder and angrier, and I will definitely believe you.

I'm not a killer!

Whoa, man, sit your ass down!

Wait, wait. What? Who are you? Nobody to you.

So why are you yelling at me like I'm Maury Povich or something?

Sorry. Sorry, I was having a nightmare.

We're in jail, pal.

This is the nightmare. Malcolm Bright.

You made bail.

It's about time. No more crazies, thank you.

Hey, guys, what the hell's going on?

You're being released.

Under your mother's recognizance.

No leaving the manor without a court order.

An ankle monitor? Come on.

They can't put me on house arrest.

I need to work this case, clear my name.

Hey, sorry, man, we're not even supposed to be talking.

I didn't murder Eddie.

Edrisa found DNA on the vic.

Your DNA. How can you explain that?

I can't. Not yet.

But Nicholas Endicott is behind this.

Killing Eve, framing me... We know, Bright.

But that's exactly why you look good for this.

You're so emotional.

How can I not be?!

Okay, okay, I hear that note.

Stop talking to the police, Malcolm.

They are not your friends. My attorneys are.

Good thing I hire them by the dozen. Let's go.

You're grounded.


Anybody home?


- Good morning, Martin. Nicholas.


I-I was, um... I was hoping that we'd get a chance to speak.

You know, your, uh... your man Eddie there, uh, acted a little prematurely.

Funny. My only issue with him was his follow-through.

Your secrets are still safe and secure. Okay?

I mean, sure, I, uh...

I shared a few tidbits with my family, but nothing that could stand up in court.

Are you begging for your life, Martin?

How far The Surgeon has fallen.

You know, I can still hurt you, Nicholas.

One word from me, and people will know exactly what you are.

Good point. We should reassess your phone privileges.

All your privileges, actually.

The punishment must fit the crime.

What crime? I to... I told you, I didn't do anything.

I heard you were caught trying to escape.

No, no, no, no, I wa... I wasn't trying...

Stay down! You got it wrong.

You don't understand.

Ah! No.

You've got it wrong. I have to talk to Malcolm Bright!

I need my son!

Well, thank you for calling, Alan, but we are all lawyered up.



Well, I want him to have a good defense, too, but my son is not Claus von B├╝low.

He is actually innocent.

What are you doing? Escaping.

Sorry, Mother, I need to work on this case, and I can't do that from a living room.

Malcolm Whitly, there will be no escaping from this home.

Don't worry. At Glynco, I studied fugitive trade craft with the Marshals Service.

I should have everything here to disable the alarm sensor.

I just need a knife to get inside.

Mrs. Whitly?

A messenger just dropped this off.

Ah. Thank you, Leonard.

It's from Nicholas.

He wants to have dinner tomorrow night.

He says he wants to help with your situation.

I can't believe...

He thinks he can just send you a fancy invitation, and everything's normal?

I can't see a reason why I wouldn't go and hear what he has to say.

There are so many reasons.

I'm here to see Jessica.


Well, I'd like to say that it's a pleasure.

Malcolm is in his room sulking.

It's like the '90s all over again.

I'm not here for him.

I wanted to see if you were okay.

I'm fine.

Fine, given the... well, everything.

I promise, it will all be over soon.

I know that Malcolm didn't kill anyone.

We'll find a way to prove that.

Thank you. Really.

Stay here with Malcolm, safe inside the house.


Do you trust me?

Of course I do.

Then let me fix this.

Just sit tight.

You can come out now.

Um, he left.

What? But he's wearing a...

He also said I could sleep in his room.

That's cool, right?

Not cool, Leonard. Not cool.

This bruising on Eddie's neck indicates how he was held down, perhaps with the assailant's forearm.

But that's not the cause of death.

Trace cotton fibers confirm that he was smothered with a hospital pillow.

Which, I mean, right there you know that it wasn't Bright because where's the pizzazz in a pillow?

Suffocation required our killer to get close.

This was intimate. Personal, even.

This fits with Bright.

Our vic was tied to the murder of his girlfriend and an attempt on his father's life.

Finding Bright's DNA on Eddie doesn't help our boy either.

You're wrong.

I mean, you're right, but you're also wrong.

You're so... so wrong.

I hope that we are, too. But... if Bright was here, he would lay out the same profile.

Everybody, take a breath.

Focus on the job.

Thanks, Edrisa.

We'll circle back.

How much of that did you hear?


And to think, I was just about to start a meaningful female friendship with Dani.


Her profile's correct.

Don't tell me you think you did this.

No. I've been framed.

What I can't figure out is the DNA.

How did they get my skin and blood under Eddie's nails?

Maybe the killer planted it on him after the murder.

Planting DNA isn't like planting a gun.

It would take time.

The kind you don't have in a busy hospital.

When did you swab his nails?

Back here at the lab.

I take it you trust your team.

I do, with my life.

They're also super fun at karaoke.

So that just leaves Corbell Laboratories.

They processed the results. What do we know about them?

Well, we do most of our work through them.

They've worked the city since the '90s.

There's no way a single employee could swap out the results.

I'm not worried about an employee.

I want to know who owns it.

All I can find is a number for their outside counsel.

That's it.

I have to go. Bright!

Sorry. Don't die.

I won't. I promise.

He didn't want me to kiss him, right?

What the hell are you doing here?

What's with the empty office, Sterling?

Suddenly bad guys don't need lawyers?

Get the hell out of here.

Answer one question.

Who owns Corbell Laboratories?

I can't discuss that.

Nicholas Endicott? Blink twice if that's a yes.

You can only make this worse, Malcolm.

That's how he's framing me for murder.

He had the lab alter the DNA results.

Shred another document if I'm right.

Do you know why my mother calls you the devil?

I assumed it was my good looks.

Because she knows that guy.

After Endicott convinced you to represent my father, you became famous for defending killers.

Junk bond traders.

And celebrities. So many celebrities.

But what about this lawyer?

With civil rights activists, getting arrested at peace rallies, representing farm workers.

What happened to that man?

I think he hates what he's become.

And he hates the man who did it.

Come on, Sterling.

Be that guy.

Tell me about Endicott's lab.

It's funny. 20 years ago, I advised against that acquisition.

There's no money in DNA analysis.

Of course, profits were never what Nicholas was after.

He wanted power.

He kept a lot of important people out of jail.

And his price was... almost reasonable.

Absolute loyalty.

Why kill Eve?

He must've been afraid she'd find her sister and the files Sophie stole.

If you want to prove your innocence, get your father to tell you where those are.

That's the...

Did you bring someone?


You need... your dad.

He's the only one... who can end this.


Five more minutes!

Five minutes!

I know that look.

No lie, gen pop can be a scary place, Doc.

Especially for you.

What gave me away?

Everybody knows The Surgeon, man.

My usual advice: find friends that look like you.

I don't think the Aryan Brotherhood aligns with my, uh... secular, humanist leanings.

Or my circumcised pen1s.

They wouldn't take you anyway.

No one will.

Not with the bounty they got out.


Someone wants you dead, Doc.

They're floatin' cash to whoever gets to you first.

It's real bad for me, because I'm in charge here.

See those faces?

They all got respect for me.

And 3,000 inmates, all of them comin' at your curly head?

That's chaos.

And I don't want no more chaos.

Listen, um... you want me gone.

That's what I want, too.

So all I need to do is make a few calls.

Uh... there'll be no more bounty.

I'm not here to help you, Doc.

I'm just explaining to you why I have to kill you.


Wh... What the hell?

It's okay, it's okay, it's not my blood. It's Sterling's.

He was shot. Not by me. How did you get in here?

You may recall a certain secret tunnel under our home.

Oh, the ones murderers use?

Look, I just need to clean up, put the ankle bracelet back on.

It'll be like I never left.

Where's, uh... Leonard!

Oh, hey.

You know, the Wi-Fi doesn't work in your room.

We need the bracelet. And your shirt.

Strip, young man, strip!

I need to get to Dad.

He's the only one with evidence against Endicott.

That's the only reason you want to talk to him?

Oh, Malcolm, you're worried about him.

Look, I need that evidence.

I know he said he wouldn't give it up, but things are pretty dire right now, so...

I can tell, you're using my cashmere throw like it's a paper towel. The sweater will be fine, dear.

We can't get to Dad. I've called a hundred people.

No one will tell us where he is.

Which isn't sketchy at all.

That's Endicott's work.

There may be another way.

The invitation.

Nicholas offered to help you.

I want to figure out why.

Ainsley, if I wanted to record someone on my phone...

I would tell you it's a terrible idea.

I agree.

That's a terrible idea.


Open up! Damn it.

All right, uh, I need 30 seconds.

Then let them in.

Don't go over 30 or JT will knock down the door.

Okay? Got it.

Lieutenant Arroyo and friends.

How can I... We need to see Malcolm.

Where is he?


How's the case going?

Town & Country?

You expect us to believe you've been here, reading this the whole time?

Where else would I be?

We do have more than one magazine, Detective.

Mother burns down a forest each year with her European Vogues.

Gil, what's going on?

Did you go see Everett Sterling?

No, of course not.

What's the meaning of this?

My son has been here all day.

You promise you didn't leave?

Dani, I promise you.


Since you're here, update me on the case.

Have you made any headway with Eddie's killer?

I have some thoughts.

Sorry, kid, you got to sit this one out.

We're handling this.

W-Wait. I can help.

Uh... But not if I'm stuck here.

Please, take me with you.

I-I have to help.

We can't.

I did it.

I-I went to see Sterling.

And, uh, he got shot right in front of me.

You are a real piece of work.

I used the extraction kit in that bag over there to free myself.

You did what?


What in the name of all things holy are you doing?

He's making them take him.

This family, I swear...

Guys, come on.

Do we need these?

Apparently, yes.

You sure you don't want a lawyer?

You've been saying a lot of words for a man who's the primary suspect in a murder investigation.

I'm thinking maybe he needs two sets of cuffs.

Can we do that?

One is fine.

And I don't need a lawyer, I need to solve this case.

You need to stop lying to us.

You need to start believing me.


Do you guys want to...

Talk about how I'm being framed?

Yeah. Sterling told me how Endicott forges DNA evidence.

Now that, I get.

What I don't get...

Wait. Can I... can I stand?

Suspects don't usually stand.

You can stand.

Great, thanks.

What I don't get is who did the actual killing?

How did they get into that room after me...

If you were the last person who saw Eddie alive?

Yeah, we've been wondering that, too.

No offense. Okay.

What if he wasn't alive?

When you spoke to him?

You're a profiler, a graduate of Quantico.

You can tell when somebody's dead.

Bright, you went into that room like a man on fire.

Come on, you didn't try to wake him up?

I planned to, yeah.

But then I saw him.

The bandages on his eyes were bloody and...

And whatever I wanted to do, deep down...

Bright. Lawyer?

I'm not my father.

We know that.

I didn't even walk over to him.

Which means... he could have been dead the whole time.

That opens up our suspect list to doctors, nurses, even a few techs.

All of them came through earlier that evening.

We can make a list of everyone who went in that room.

This is good.

But... what was Endicott doing?

I don't know, but you said it before...

Endicott only fears one man.

Your father.

Problem is, nobody can talk to him.

Claremont's cut off all... No, no, he's not at Claremont.

They moved him to Rikers.

Gen pop?

That's Endicott.

He's breaking their deal. Gil, this is serious.

My father has the only answer, and he might not...

Last long in there. I know.

All right.

I can cut you loose... for now.

Say that we don't have enough to charge you.


I can't get you into Rikers.

Don't worry.

I know someone who's good at getting into all the wrong places.

You didn't have to come in.

I'm the one who promised the warden a puff piece on "humane prisons."

Hey, kiddos.

Aren't you a sight for sore eyes?

You don't look so good.

Well, I don't feel so good.

I told you this would happen, didn't I?

But did anyone listen to me? No sirree.

Now I'm sitting here with a target on my back and I miss my cell and I miss Mr. David and I do not like it here.


You're scared.

Damn right, I'm scared.

But if Endicott broke your deal, why not just give us the evidence?

Whatever Sophie had on him, tell us where it is and we can nail this guy for good.

I can't.

That's why you're scared.

You don't have anything.

And neither did Sophie.

Mazel tov, you figured it out.

So, wait. There are no files?

Correct. It was a... calculated bluff.

That worked, by the way.

Did you even let Sophie go?

I most certainly did.

I needed her to call Nicholas.

Just once. And then...

I never heard from her ever again.

If you have nothing on Endicott, that means I'm going to jail.

Okay, no. You can save yourself by solving Eddie's murder.

I mean, that's what you guys do, right?

Sure, I guess. So, h-how was he killed?

Suffocated with a pillow.

I have sources other than you. Brutal method.

I mean, the pain itself is literally breathtaking.

This murder was personal. And... it takes a lot longer than you might think.

Two minutes, maybe more.

Well, that doesn't track.

There were too many doctors and nurses around.

The killer had 45 seconds max.

Was there any other bruising?

On the side of Eddie's neck, it was bruised at the base of his skull.

Doesn't match any methods of killing that I'm aware of.

A forearm on the back of the neck...

I mean, that's how you hold a dog down, but...

Okay. So, what does this mean?

I don't know.

I need you to know.

We're here because of you. This is all your fault.

Look, I may have started this, but you can end it.

You can still stop Endicott.

Save our family.


By killing him.

It's the only way.

In your heart, you know that.

He's not a killer.

He's a Whitly.

He'll know what to do.


Let's go.

I, uh...

I love you both.

And, uh, being your father has been the best part of my life.

You-you have been the best part...


I don't want to hear any last words.

You are The Surgeon. You are the smartest one in here.

Start acting like it.


They're gonna file charges tonight.

First-degree murder.

I can't go to jail. I have to solve this.

That's why you got to run.

Take cash, get out of town.

Wait for my word.


Thank you.

Gil. I'm worried about my mother.

Endicott invited her over.

Said he had a way to help me. I'm...

I'm afraid she'll go, try to make a deal, double-cross him.

Either way. Go.

Leave her to me.

What were you dreaming about?

You. Always you.

Always you.


I just, I wanted to say I'm sorry.

To leave you and end things this way.

But I have to do this on my own.

Please don't come after me, okay?

Take care of yourself, Malcolm.

You deserve to be happy.


I just, I wanted to say I'm sorry.

- To leave you and end things this way. Those are different dogs.

But I have to do this on my own.

And a bird? - Please don't come after me, okay?

Take care of yourself, Malcolm.

You deserve to be happy.

Dani. I need a favor.

Can you track the location of a phone call Eve made?


How exactly can you help my son?

You've probably gathered by now that I'm a man who gets things done.

My point, Jessica, is you can be afraid of what you know, or you can use it to your advantage.

I have more money than I could ever spend in three lifetimes.

Money. I'm talking about influence.

Real power.

Picture this: your son, free of these murder charges; your ex-husband, thrown to the wolves in Rikers.

That part, I admit, I got a little head start on.

I couldn't resist.

He's not gonna last another night.

Consider that the first of many gifts.

Why are you doing this?

Jessica, can't you see?

I-I'm head over heels for you.

Bright, I got the address.

- What are you thinking? Nothing good.

Are you the vet?

I am. Give me a sec.

Can I help you with something?

Yeah. I, uh...

I have a parakeet named Sunshine.

She's been feeling a little under the weather lately.

With a name like Sunshine?

Well, that's not right.

Let's schedule an appointment.

Apologies. I'll just be a moment.

Don't finish the whole bottle without me.

So, Lieutenant Arroyo, to what do I owe the pleasure?

Sorry to interrupt, I just need to ask Jessica Whitly a couple questions.

I appreciate that, but spending quality time with Jessica is simply too valuable to give up.

You understand.

Perhaps you can speak to her after our date, in the morning.

I'm taking Jessica home.

And I'm coming for your company, your reputation and your freedom.

You got it bad for her, huh?

You're love blind.

Do you want me to pull my gun? No need.

No need.

Aaron once told me that a stab to the gut's the most painful way to die.

He'll make sure you take your time leaving us.

911. What's your emergency?

A thousand apologies.

Where were we?

Did you think about my offer? I did.


Come on. Get up.

You got your degree.

Kind of can't be a vet without one.

I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.


Malcolm Whitly.

Your name tag says "Dr. Sarah."

But that's not right, is it?

You're Sophie Sanders.

The girl in the box.

And you're the boy in the basement.

How did you find me?

I came looking for a killer.

A hit man named Eddie was murdered.

The method was personal, vengeful.

That's why I'm the primary suspect.

Eddie killed my girlfriend...


But I didn't do it.

And there's only one other person who loved Eve enough to have exacted that kind of revenge.

Her sister.


Four days.

We had four days together, and then... she was gone.

I couldn't just let it...

I had to find him.

I had to... Kill him.

I know the feeling.

I know what you must think of me.

That I'm broken.

That your father ruined me.


I'm sorry for everything my father did to you.

For a long time... you were all I could think about.

If you were real.

If you were alive.

If you were okay.

And how I'm sorry that...

I couldn't save you.

You were only a kid.

I understand why you killed Eddie.

But if I don't find the real person that killed him...

I could go to prison for the rest of my life.

Which is why it's such a shame I couldn't find you.

Came all this way.

All the clues got me here.

But I guess they were wrong.

Not every case gets solved.


Don't pick up my bad habit.

Gil's gonna make it.

I'm sorry for doubting you.

I doubt myself all the time.

We're gonna get you out of this, Bright.

Warrants came through for Endicott.

We're gonna nail him and clear your name.

I want to be the one kicking down his door.

And I'll testify.

I'll get us some coffee.

We could be here a while.

All right, straight line, gentlemen.

Let's move.

No hard feelings, Doc. It's payday.

That itch.

I thought at first that you were, uh, just trying to scare me, but it's involuntary, isn't it?

Your scratching is-is a sort of reflex, um, but it offers no relief, which points to a neuropathic itch... which, uh, suggests a-a an abnormality in your nervous system.

You got a lesion on your brain, Oso.

Perhaps even a tumor.

You lying. Yeah, you trying to save your ass.

Who else would you trust here?

I mean, the doctor in this facility... he's no better than the executioner.

I, on the other hand...

They won't let you treat me.

Oh, I-I advise physicians all over the world.

Yeah, uh, including several exceptional neurosurgeons.

I-I would suggest that a consult from one of them is worth far more than the bounty on my head.


Malcolm. Come in.

Sit down.

Now that we're all here, our family meeting can begin.

Let's move.

Look away.

He's with me.

Nah, he's got to die.

Lock it down!

We need help in here!

Uh-oh... - All guards, - report to cellblock A immediately. Here we go.

Did he hurt you?

Not a hair on her head.

What the hell are you doing here?

Sit. All will be explained over a nightcap.

No doubt you could use one after the day you've had.

Whatever you think you're doing here...

It's okay, Ainsley.

He doesn't know how thoroughly screwed he is.

As we speak, Major Crimes is getting a warrant to search your house, your office and the three secret offices you think we don't know about.

So please, enjoy the Scotch.

It'll be your last.

I'm afraid those warrants won't amount to much.

You had Gil stabbed.

You mean my assistant Aaron.

One rotten apple in an otherwise clean organization.

And he must have known that his misdeeds were gonna catch up to him, because he took his own life just a few hours ago.

You can't just keep silencing people.

Oh, I think you'll find I can.

Actually, it's what I do best.

You know, you should really have that tremor checked out. Have you ever... Shut up!

Stop! Just stop!

You killed Eve.

Framed me for murdering her killer.

You may...

You may have killed Gil Arroyo.

Now you deserve to die, Nicholas.

My son.

I will always love you. Because we're the same.

You know, you really are your mother's son, Malcolm.

All smoke.

No fire.

She couldn't go all the way, either, which is a shame.

She's brilliant in the sack.

We'll find the evidence, the witnesses and I will arrest you!

No, you won't.

The whole system is mine. I own it.

I can do anything I want.


What did you do?



What just happened?

It's okay, Ainsley. It's...


My boy!

It's Dad.

How's it going?

Not great.

Well, don't worry about me.

Things are looking up.

I took Ainsley's advice.

And she took yours.


My girl.