03x01 - The Day After


[First we see the garden, littered with empty cans, and then inside the house where lots of people sleep everywhere. Ground, Rusty is lying on his back, one arm around deJordan. He wakes up and tries to get away without waking her, but she opens her eyes and stretches.]

Jordan : You know it is kind of weird to watch people when they sleep.

Rusty : Sorry.

Jordan : [pointing the finger at someone outside the framework] No ... Nah I was talking to him.

[Rusty looks at the person she was showing.]

Rusty : Jeremy back to sleep!

[Jeremy looks around and then down from the chair.]

Jordan : Is this going?

Rusty : What? Yes.

Jordan : You still think of Jordan Casey and Max? You really think Cappie is why they broke up?

Rusty : It's what Max said.

Jordan : So what, Cappie and Casey are together now? It feels weird.

[She takes his hand.]

Jordan : Let's do something fun today, you and I! We could ... Go to CanyonLake.

Rusty : It looks to be Oh sh1t!

Jordan : a little miffed It was just an idea.

Rusty : Nah, I just need to finish my TP in organic chemistry today.

Jordan : will tell you nothing it because you left last night?

Rusty : Nan, Hastings went before me. It is only necessary that I show him my results tomorrow morning. So it is better that I go back to the lab to finish my work.

Jordan : Okay, good luck then. Call me.

Rusty : Promised.

[Rusty kisses, smiles, then gets up. It stretches and tries to leave but stops against someone.]

Boy : (voice) You've just walk on by hand.

Girl : (voice) Watch out moron.


[Ashleigh walking down the hall and think Casey comes out of their room, a towel in his hand.]

Ashleigh : Hi!

Casey : Hi. [Surprised] Uh, what are you doing here, why are not you at Fisher?

Ashleigh : I'm returned earlier to see how you were doing.

Casey : [seeming uncomfortable] Oh, uh, thank you Ashleigh.

Ashleigh : showing the towel You take a shower?

Casey : seeking what to say ... uh Eehhhhh You wanna come with me?

Ashleigh : Why what's in our room? There's someone inside?

Casey : wanted him block the passage Nan ...

[Ashleigh opens the door, and we see Casey's bed, covered with handkerchiefs, packet of crisps, cake, and a dirty bowl.]

Ashleigh : Casey closed his eyes ...

Casey : Okay, am a little j'me released last night.

[Ashleigh approached the bed of Casey and shows a stain on the pillow near a used tissue.]

Ashleigh : That's the sauce?

Casey : I may ... down the pot with a bag of tortilla and ate cookies. But it was light cookies, so ... [The guiltily] I devoured the box. I also watched "Sleepless in Seattle" two times, and the first half of "Stepmom" but today I'm fine.

Ashleigh : So you've done your mourning for Max? No regrets?

Casey : I'm still sad about Max, [gesturing with his arms] but today is another day! I do not want to hear about this story, I do not want to cry, I do not want to feel sorry, I even decided to be positive on Cappie! I could stay, and I continue to languish on the fact that her teeth have snubbed me, but who knows. Maybe when he learns that Max and I broke uh ...

Ashleigh : [interrupting him] Oooh! Uh ... I told him.

Casey : Say what to whom, what ... What?

Ashleigh : Last night when you're gone I found Cappie on the roof and I told him that Max and you've broken.

You Casey ... Oh, you told him? And uh ... And?

Ashleigh : It was super dramatic. There was the countdown to the end of the world, and everyone shouted "Eight! September! Six ... "

Casey : And then ?! I mean ... He did what?

Ashleigh : Netherlands has ... Reflected. Long time.

Casey : eyes wide open, fixed on Ashleigh.

Ashleigh : In fact I sat with him 5 minutes before I go then ... It doitsurement further reflection.

[Casey purses his lips and nods.]

Ben : Casey if, if, Cappie wants to give us another chance, he knows where I live so he can visit me here or call me, [shaking his arms around her] and in the meantime I'll just uh , do lots of other things and uh ...

[She turns and looks at Ashleigh, shaking his head, unconvinced.]

Ashleigh : Yeah!

[Casey takes his towel and toiletries, then at the last minute grabs his laptop and showed it to Ashleigh.]

Casey : Just in case!

[The door opens and Betsy enters the room, holding a kitten, followed by all other sisters.]

Zeta Beta Zeta sisters : She had the heart to joy, but now it's over. Our sister kitten is gloomy * [making sad pouts] * We want to make you laugh. *

[Ashleigh leans Casey while their sisters continue to sing.]

Ashleigh : I did not know if you wanted to know the sisters, but ...

Casey : It's not as if it was the end of the world.


[Rusty during his backpack, and go upstairs 4-4. They arrive at the doors of the building, but when it tries to open are closed. He insists, then stops and makes a face, forming a mist on the glass.]



[In the dining room, Casey is used for breakfast.]

Laura : Casey I'm sorry you've broken up with Max, but you bear much better without him. After all it was a ...

Casey : Thanks, Laura!

Laura : nerd ... but What was downright barrel. It was downright confusing!

Casey : Thank you... Uh, yes it is comforting.

[She sits at the table and Betsy arrived with a tray in his hands.]

Betsy : Pick your weapons girls! Ashleigh is going to attack the house of Iki?

[Casey gets up hurriedly.]

Casey : Hear me, so last night, the circle of Iki was dissolved.

Zeta Beta Zeta sisters : Ooohhh!

Casey : last night, Franny left the Greek system, but ...

[The sisters welcome.]

Casey : ... despite the bad things she did, she was really someone ...

Ashleigh : [cutting off] So the weapons are for?

[Casey sits down, watching Betsy.]

Betsy : [giving a sheet Ashleigh] That's "Gotcha", the assassin of OmegaChi game that begins today. [Tilting the tray of envelopes to Casey] Here are your folders!

Ashleigh : [reading the paper] The goal is to eliminate your designated target. If you do, you take his target, and the game continues until there was only one player.

Betsy : And the winner will receive a night at Dobbler in his honor, while his club will receive $ 500 and 5 points for the blue ribbon Greek.

Ashleigh : Play begins tonight at the party "You're dead" organized by the Chi Omega.

Betsy : Come dressed as assassin or spy. [Opening his eyes lit up as an idea] I chose, Ethel Rosenberg!

Ashleigh : [laughing] Okay. [Sitting in front of Casey] So you go tonight?

Casey : Uh ... Maybe I'll stay here. [Looking at his target] I've had a Gamma Psi.

Ashleigh : That's not true.

Casey : You got that?

Ashleigh : [pointing to her map where you see a picture of Cappie] do you think?

Casey : Oh.

Ashleigh : Yes. Want to trade?

Casey : [shaking head] Cappie has only come to me ...

[Ashleigh hands him the envelope and it ends up taking.]

Casey : Or I can simply take him down tonight.

[Rebecca arrives in pajamas, disheveled and tired. She sits down at their table]

Rebecca : Quick, water

Ashleigh : Wow, someone had fun last night it seems.

Casey : It seems especially she drank lots of vodka.

Rebecca : [using a glass of water] J'me'm not that much fun.

Laura : Actually I saw Rebecca being really fun last night. With a boy.

Rebecca : [hastily covered his head] Nah, it's true!

Casey : What! With whom?

Laura : Fairly difficult to say because his face was in his mouth.

[Casey and Ashleigh laugh.]

Ashleigh : Rebecca who is this mysterious man?

[Rebecca drinks her glass of water, a look of despair, then gets up.]

Rebecca : is absolutely no way that I tell you.

[Rebecca hand and hear a tone.]

Casey : This is my phone? It's that ringing?


[The radio is on, we see Calvin, in his underwear, slumped and asleep on the couch.]

Radio (voice over) ... took him out of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Calvin : [in a gasp] My god.

Dale : [Going into the show] In fact it is Q in "Star Trek". Since I was little I guess

Calvin : [putting himself in a sitting position] I never felt so bad ... any ... my life! What happened last night?

Dale : Do not you remember the party? To have your friend flirts with Grant. Your not kept your promise of purity.

Calvin : Oh no, Grant and I kissed it was ... If anyone saw the circle we're done. It would not be known qu'ça! In addition to how he will react by learning that you have two gays in the house? [Putting his pants] After a while it's okay, it's 2 limit "gay pride".

Dale : And you did nothing else?

Calvin : [buttoning his pants] Nan. [Looking up] Wait a second. In fact I kissed Grant when I saw you and Sheila you accelerate the movement! What is this story?

Dale : I have féromones really powerful. I said I had a stomach ache to get out.

Calvin : [going to the kitchen] At least every 2, we have kept our promise.

Dale : Yes. It's the pants that?

[Grant leaves the room, also in my underwear.]

Grant : I think this is the ... mine.


[Rusty is in front of Max's room.]

Student : Hello, you're up early for a Sunday morning. Looking for Max is that it?

Rusty : Yes, this is one of my friends. J'voulais see if he could get me into the chemistry building to finish my work. You saw him?

Student : He started studying.

Rusty : Do you know when he returns?

Student : He resigned .

Rusty : Resigned from what? Residents of the home you mean?

Student : He was forced student since he stopped his third cycle.

Rusty : All in a night?

[He tries to open the door and it is not locked. Some stuff lying on the ground, and the mattress against the wall, but the room is empty.]

Student : Yes, there are left to London to work with George Stephanopoulos

Rusty : Magda Stephanopoulos.

[He sees a cardboard marked with "Please to deliver to Casey Cartwright, Zeta Beta House". Rusty turns to the student.]

Rusty : Does he say he was leaving the country? I mean do you talked to him?

Student : This morning he was there was nothing for him here.

Rusty : While is really gone.

Student : [shrug] Well ... I'm really sorry.

[Rusty sighs.]


[Rusty tries to work in the kitchen, and you always hear the radio with religious texts. Dale goes with a basket of laundry.]

Rusty : Hey, you believe that God could take a little break now?

Dale : [going off the sound] Of course. [Putting himself next to him] You know, school is just about average, although I've never had D before, maybe it's not as serious as believe.

Rusty : 100 extra points, with a D on my part and just having the final exam, which is virtually impossible, my average is a C -. I should have listened to you, whoever said "Live each day as if it were your last" is a moron!

Dale : The first rule when you live each day as if it were your last, is to ensure that it is really the last.

Rusty : Down was the last sort. Even with A in all my classes strengthened, my average is still below the required 3.5, so ... It's over. [The grave] I'll be fired for being strengthened.


[Two sisters come out of the house, and someone enters. Casey not knowing who knows rises from behind the couch and shoots him with a foam dart. But it is> rusty which brings the box of Max.]

Rusty : Wow.

[Casey laughs.]

Casey : Sorry Rusty, I chose my dart gun. There's what in the box?

Rusty : [putting the box on the coffee table] This is for you. [The harsh tone] It's from Max!

Casey : Oh. So you're all aware that we are two ... more together.

Rusty : You're aware that he went back to London?

Casey : He is left? How does the university gave him a temporary absence.

Rusty : Apparently he turned it into final leave of absence. You see it always ends like this. [Shrug] You sow the chaos in your wake. He still left the country because of you.

Casey : Wait that's not my fault! It is big enough to make choices.

Rusty : was my friend. This was the only face to inspire me acamédémiquement. And he's gone!

Casey : But is not a valid reason for me to stay in a relationship with him. It was not the right person for me!

Rusty : and Cappie though?!

Casey : I'm not with Cappie, I finally ... believe.

Rusty : How you not know?

Casey : [blowing] Ohh, listen. I'm really really sorry about Max. But you can always call or write him or see him.

Rusty : I need it now! I have, I have not finished my TP on Grignard last night.

Casey : Grignard ? This is the guy who plays around in ... [Excited] Oooooh, maybe I can help you!

Rusty : Of course, you can help me with my duty in organic chemistry on the actor who plays around.

[Casey loses the smile and Rusty share.]


[Cappie is in a chair, a beer in hand. He throws a glance at Rusty and Jordan, under a parasol]

Jordan : You must surely be able to do some things. Do what you can drop the course, or redo the exam?

Rusty : Nah, I've checked everything.

[Beaver made an entry noticed in the garden.]

Beaver : Aaaaahh! Gentlemen, if you want to earn "Gotcha", then you've got to train yourself!

[He puts a toy gun on either side of Rusty.]

Pickle : [taking one of two weapons] Ouaaaais.

Beaver : shooter, get ready to ... Pull! In plays, your brand, party. Come on over!

[Other members of the fraternity pass before them, and Rusty does not put too much of his aim.]

Beaver : It's 2 points for Pickle and 0 for the drooling.

Jordan : Do you have talked to in Cappie? It can perhaps help you you know.

Rusty : The last one I want is the help of Cappie.

[Rusty violament load and shoot.]

Beaver : [taking the weapon from Rusty.] Oooh. The drooling and disqualified!

Rusty : What?

Beaver : And that's Pickle wins.

Pickle : [raising his mitrailette] Ha ha.

Wade : [disguised as an old, on which Rusty shot] But why did you shot an old?

Rusty : when you're old one?

Cappie : [rising from his chair] The drooling is right! [Pointing the finger at Wade] You could have been a serial killer disguised as an old woman. Did not you see the movie "Potin woman"?

Wade : I think that that is the subject of this film.

Cappie : Ooooh, but if you imagine that they are bloodthirsty serial killers, it's much more watchable. Lachez him the cluster. [Leaning over the bar] All is well the drooling? Asd You look pretty ... tense.

Rusty : okay. I would say the same for Max.

Cappie : I learned that they broke last night. How is she?

Rusty : We have all made choices last night, and he will have to live with the consequences.

Cappie : You're probably right. [Shouting] Well the grazer it to me!


[Calvin enters his room, shirtless, towel over his shoulder, where Grant is reading a magazine on her bed.]

Grant : So ? You remember really not what we did last night? The s*x was amazing not true.

Calvin : [a little confused] Well if I remember it bluntly, it's just a blur, that's all. But, yeah, last night it was ... great.

Grant : And you remember what you said? On the ... Destiny?

Calvin : [turning back to Grant] The Fate! Yeah ...

Grant : And eternity?

Calvin : [putting on his shirt] Eternity ... Low and that ...

Grant : that I know you wanna do that in a small group, but I'm not against a great marriage, Mani, with our friends and family.

Calvin : [against Grant] Okay, so it is impossible that we've talked about that!

Grant : Now that was lied to me telling me that Dale was your man!

Cavin : So there you suck!

[Calvin Grant pushes to the chest, and this one holds his hand.]

Grant : We kissed, that's all. And nothing else.

Calvin : Yes, a Kappa Tau party. We should just be more careful. That is discrete if you want it still okay?

Grant : And is it going to continue?

[Calvin is going to respond but a knock on the door. He loose hand and throws herself on the bed just before Evan enters the room.]

Evan : You what all the two last night? You are not returned.

Calvin : [with a voice not very natural] is nothing. I was with Rusty, and Grant in a completely different place.

[Grant makes sweeping gesture with his arms to oppose the mmer and a nervous laugh.]

Evan : Well, it was a busy day, I will post bail for alcohol for tonight. Grant, would you go look for fput of beer this afternoon?

Grant : Yeah. No problem.

[Evan leaves the room, a little perturbed.]

Grant : Perhaps it is better that we see you later.

Calvin : Yeah tonight at the party.


[Casey is standing in his room, in evening dress. His cell phone rings and she takes him to watch the message. The door opens, between Jordan and Casey fermeprécipitement his laptop.]

Casey : Hey Jordan!

Jordan : Oh Casey ... [seeing the bed covered in cats] Whoua.

Casey : Want a cat? Pity.

Jordan : This is not my thing, thank you. Oh, you're all elegant.

Casey : Oh yeah, I gotta find a sexy spy costume for tonight. You think I can go in Nikita without having to have a cup '80'?

Jordan : You know I talked to Rusty and I am a little worried about him.

Casey : Oh should not be, it always makes that noise when breathing, you get used to.

Jordan : Nan, I think it may have problems.

Casey : So I'm the last person who asked for help. A chocolate?

Jordan : This is a problem of polymers.

Casey : Really the last person then.

Jordan : has had a D in his part of organic chemistry, and I think we'll get it out of course strengthened!

Casey : Uh ... Transferred courses?

Jordan : Yes! He could trace his average by a TP to catch up, but he did not come over for the party. I'm really worried about him, he must q'ilentre the lab to finish it tonight!

Casey : Uh, tonight?

Jordan : was everything both need our big sister!


Ashleigh : Fisher and I go to the party "You're dead" disguised as Mr and Mrs Smith, which should be easy for because I already full dresses that emphasize my great boobs!

[Rebecca and Ashleigh walk down the street, her laugh.]

Ashleigh : Hey, you should dress like Angelina Jolie in "Wanted".

Rebecca : What is the difference between Angelina Jolie in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and "Wanted"?

Ashleigh : uh ... 4 children, maybe 5.

Rebecca : Hhhaaaaaaan! Why not Sidney Bristow?

Ashleigh : You know what I love about Sydney Bristow? His double life. It must be really hard for her to hide all his secrets to his friends. To his very dear friends. One with whom she went shopping!

Rebecca : Nice try. I'll still tell who it was. I need money.

Ashleigh : I need coffee, but I will not give the song. I will not stop until you have me not say who is this mysterious man!

[Ashleigh hand while Rebecca stops to talk to Evan who is the distributor.]

Rebecca : Hi.

Evan : Does she wanted to know the name of your target?

Rebecca : I would have preferred.

[Close up on the screen distributor om one sees that there is more money in the account of Evan. He sighs.]

Rebecca : How your account is at 0?

Evan : I know. Maybe the fork out a computer problem. Banks have had many problems lately.

Rebecca : What's the matter? You saus that you can tell me anything.

Evan : [hesitating] Okay ... You remember the feast of old and my parenting issues? Well ... I gave up my money.

Rebecca : What's wrong with you? You're an idiot or what?!

Evan : I have believed you in moin you understand me.

Rebecca : This is not true, you're poor?

Evan : No, not quite. I have other accounts banquaires, my credit cards, it will go.

Rebecca : Oh yes how long?!

Evan : A good question.

Rebecca : You want j'te kind of money? I can help you!

Evan : Aaahh, I will. I must pay a deposit for the beer was, I will make money just now.

Rebecca : [smirking] I have another idea. If you do me a favor then we'll quit, what do you say?


[Rusty is in his office, esyant to focus despite the religious texts in the background when you knock on the door. It will open and finds Casey making a bizarre head while listening to the radio.]

Casey : What is it?

Rusty : It's Q from "Star Trek". I ended up finding a lot of fun.

Casey : I spoke with Jordan and she told me about your problem and TP [arm away] I just help you! Yes I know how important it is for you! The fact is, when you really want something, we do absolutely everything for it, and should not be a whole day to understand.

Rusty : Listen, forget it.

Casey : You took a decision in haste, without thinking about consequences. Do not let it spoil your whole future!

Rusty : Without wishing to hurt your feelings but what will you do to help me?

Casey : Maybe I know nothing oragnaique in chemistry, but I know how do you enter the building.

Rusty : Nah, nah I know.

Casey : Rusty, stop wasting your time, take your coat, let's go!

[They look, a smile like Rusty and Casey pinched lip.]

Rusty : You know that mom would have said when you do that?

Casey : Yes, yes I sai and it makes me downright pinball agree!


Rusty : This security guard was you who called for the building that opens?

Casey : Yes, my brother forgot his medication again.

[Rusty aside the hand as a sign of impotence.]

Rusty : This security guard is true that he looks ill.

Casey : Yes, it's uh ... Hypoglicémque, that's why it looks like that.

Rusty : I hypoglicémque, not deaf right?

[The agent looks for the key in his troussau.]

Casey : Rusty! Looks like you're going to turn the eye and pass out.

Rusty : Uh, no, I think it will.

Casey : [making him frown] Believe me, you turn the eye!

Rusty : [pretending to stagger] Oooh oh, yes you why I feel dizzy.

Casey : [opening his sack] Yes wait, I'll see if I have a chocolate bar.

[The officer rushed to Rusty who was sitting on the floor.]

Rusty : Security guard Oh wait, I have a chocolate bar.

Casey : Really?

[He puts the keys on the ground and started to thrust into the mouth of Rusty a bar with half-melted.]

Casey : Security guard Hold eat it, eat.

Rusty : Why?

Casey : uh ... Yes yes, listen to the Rusty is a professional.

Rusty : Oh, no ... Okay.

Casey : Security guard Swallow. Go eat.

[Casez recovers discretely troussau key.]

Casey : I think you have succeeded, it looks like he returns to form.

[Rusty nods, scared.]

Rusty ; This security guard is true?

Casey : Yes, indeed it will, it comes. Thank you very much for your help, I'll take her to the hospital campus. Thank you, thank you! You êtez great, and really effective. Thank you! At one of these days.

[They pretend to walk, supporting Casey Rusty, but as soon as the officer walked away, she pushes him violently to the trash where it spits out everything. They then headed for the door to enter the building.]

Casey : Did you see all these keys? Why is it that in a building science they have no fingerprint scanner?!

Rusty : Holland if we need his fingerprints can claim against my tongue!

[Casey tries a first key that does not fit into the lock.]

Casey : Well, I think it will take some time.


[Dale sits on the stairs where Cappie recork a hole.]

Dale : Hi Cap.

Cappie : Daly! [Catching the hanger that holds out a Kappa Tau] Ah, thank you freshman. This is my costume for the evening "You're dead" tonight.

Dale : Are not you a little ... dead of the night last night?

Cappie : Yeah, so?

Dale : Does not matter. I know you have the habit of helping Rusty with his heart problems and ...

Cappie : You know ... !

Dale : ... body.

Cappie : I'm glad you speak for Rusty, he is quick-tempered than usual today. Do engineers have all their rules as women?

Dale : Only when they are getting turned off the course as Rusty.

Cappie : Since when? Why? I'm not aware.

Dale : I do not know, maybe it's because before he spoke to Max for this stuff. I dunno ... Back to my problem. I have many ...

Cappie : Before ?

Dale : Yes, yes, Maxiprout left the country.

Cappie : What! Since when? Why am I not know?

Dale : I ...

Cappie : Wait wait ... Maxiprout you called?

Dale : Yes.

Cappie : Well, it's still funny!

[They laugh.]

Dale : Yes, I know. But ah yes, he left this morning.

Cappie : And Rusty where he is?

Dale : He left me a note saying he would try to get into the chemistry building. But what concerns me today ...

Cappie : I gotta go there! [Tending the pot with plaster and then starting to Daleb] Want to end well for me?

Dale : I know, I even know what it's for that. I'm in the middle of a crisis existancielle! You do not ...

[Cappie back to take his clothes left on the stairs.]

Dale : Did not you just a minute?

Cappie : You look like Daly.


[Someone rings the doorbell and Betsy will open while Rebecca was in the kitchen.]

Delivery Man (voice) : Hello. Delivery for Rebecca Logan.

Betsy : [giving the bouquet to Rebecca with all the sisters who follow] Ooooh, Rebecca received flowers!

Ashleigh : Have you received flowers? I bet they are the mysterious man!

[Rebecca tries to catch the word that comes with the flowers but Ashleigh takes before laughing.]

Rebecca : No, stop!

Ashleigh : So , "Last night it was unbelievable," Sogne "CE". Who is "CE"? Eric Chapman, Gamma Psy?

Rebecca : Uh, no it's not him.

Betsy : Uh, Edward Cullen.

Ashleigh : Nooo, this is a fictional character. Emma Callon, she is a lesbian, and you're a lesbian you again?

Rebecca : This is Chambers Evan!

Ashleigh : Evan Chambers?! Really?

Rebecca : I am exposed. We went out together at the party, and I know it's bad because of its history with Casey so ...

Ashleigh : Do not worry about Casey and the code of girls. After all I see a thousand other reasons for wanting to keep this a secret. But Evan and Casey is an old story, then you should do what makes you happy. Evan will be at the party tonight then ... Donez you a chance.

Rebecca : Okay ...

Ashleigh : [passing an arm around the shoulder of Rebecca] Okay, now tell me everything that happened last night.

Rebecca : Where to start ... ?


[Calvin's closet in search of Dale.]

Calvin : Please leave me dig into your business, you're the only person in my friends to have a business that could resemble those of Austin Powers.

Dale : Thank you . So you got ... not really broken your promise of purity last night?

Calvin : Nan, you're proud of me?

Dale : Super proud.

Calvin : But does not mean that I will not, I really like Grant. It's great! We will give a chance.

Dale : And your brothers and your circle, eh?

Calvin : Should we be discreet. I already did with Jesse. When I think I'm pretty good at secrets. Maybe I could become a real killer.

Dale : Tell me have you ever heard of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Calvin : Dale Yes I know I will go to hell twice, because I'm gay and because I sleep before the wedding. And I have a question: If we legalize gay marriage and that Grant and I were married, I will save in the second case?

Dale : I slept with Sheila.

[Calvin drops the hanger that fits in the hand.]

Dale : I was this stupid party, and everyone was talking about the end of the world, and the Apocalypse, and blah blah blah. It looked like it was Easter Sunday at home. And with all these people doing the fpete, I kept thinking "What if the world really had to stop, I'd be a virgin." Are you thinking about that before you your first time? And then I saw the four horsemen, at least I thought they were the four horsemen, but I realize now that this was probably the rise of campus security and not the ... sixth sign of the Apocalypse. But, I know I digress. And then I heard her voice, finally the voice of Q, which told me I could. So while you and Grant you were partying, Sheila and I came back here, and we did. She left before you arrive.

[Calvin gets out of bed om they sit.]

Dale : No worry, I had to wash the sheets at least nine times today. But ... In fact it was neither riders nor Q, nor anyone who pushed me, pushed me to do. I think I've been looking for any excuse to do it because I wanted to. And now I would like never to have done so because s*x changes everything and ... It never comes back.


[In a dark corridor, Casey umpteenth try a key to open a door.]

Casey : Rusty was already tried that.

[Makes another.]

Rusty : Nan! It is far too long all that.

Casey : Yes. Oh wait it's good!

[She drops the key ring.]

Casey : Oh no.

Rusty : Now we have to recommance.

Casey : Sorry ...

[A phone rings, Casey watches his but is disappointed that this is the Rustyqui rang.]

Rusty : This is Jordan, she sent me a message about where we stand.

Casey : It happened with what your grades?

Rusty : [answering his message at the same time] I know, I think I was distracted.

Casey : She really likes you then.

Rusty : Yeah! She's great. What I love most is what I feel when I'm with her.

Casey : You mean sexually?

Rusty : [laughs, a few general] In fact, we still ...

Casey : [interrupting him, somewhat disgusted] Wait, forget the physical side.

Rusty : Sorry. Since we go out together, make me feel like one of those guy who has no need to think about studying all the time. I can just hang out at the Kappa Tau, squeezing my girlfriend in my arms.

[Casey looks at him, looking sad.]

Rusty : And have fun you know, that's all.

Casey : But, you're not like that at all.

Rusty : [slightly annoyed] That's nice.

Casey : No, no, I wanted to say ... Anyone can be like that, you know you be multi material, you can not let go of one thing for another.

Rusty : As you've dropped Max for Cappie.

Casey : No, I have not dropped Max to Cappie. I just realized that was very different.

Rusty : You're miserable for Max.

Casey : J'voulais really make it work between us. This is someone ... of awesome.

Rusty : It is still left without saying goodbye to anyone.

Casey : Yes, sometimes the guys are leaving Rusty. And sometimes they do not even come ...

[The door opens suddenly, departs Casey and Rusty takes it right in the nose. Someone comes out dressed as ninja.]

Rusty : Aaaah ah ... Oh my nose!

Cappie : [lowering his mask] Casey?

Casey : Hi .

Rusty : Who is ?

Cappie : You know that the window is still open, right? Come.

Casey : I just take the keys.

[Casey and Rusty enter the lab. Cappie looks around and closes the door behind them.]


[The party goes on, people run after pointing weapons in plastic.]

Sister Bond back here, come back!

Evan : Eh eh eh eh! The game meeting starts at midnight! [Walking into the room] Hi.

[Rebecca comes from behind and turns to her.]

Rebecca : I need you! Ashleigh saw the flowers and she feels that I love you well.

Evan : You know you're not obliged to look disgusted when you say.

Rebecca : So she comes here tonight thinking you're in love and this is our first official meeting. [Desperate] Help me, just for an hour or two!

Evan : And what do I gain me?

Rebecca : I've already paid.

Evan : You've paid for the flowers, it's different, I'll spend the evening with you, so I could flirt with other girls.

[Ashleigh and Fisher arrives with Evan in the back and a big smile to Rebecca.]

Rebecca : [smiling] I'll pay you because unlike you I have no soicis to flaunt my money.

Ashleigh : Hi you two! Sidney Bristow pretty disguise. Evan and you're ... The guy who invents gadgets, Marshal Philipman?

Evan : I'm Jason Brown.

[Fisher laughs.]

Evan : I'm not very hip disguise actually.

Ashleigh : Yeah, especially that for your own soiré you would think you'd make a minimal effort. But ... Whatever! Fisher Ah, here's Evan Chambers.

Fisher : [shaking hands] Hi, nice to meet you.

Evan : Me too.

Ashleigh : So, Rebecca told me about last night.

Evan : [after a moment's hesitation] Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah ... It was really great.

Ashleigh : And to think that all this time spent with Franny was only better for you rapporhcer Rebecca. That explains why you were with Franny, that's for sure!

Rebecca : Rather romantic, right?

Ashleigh : Yes, the secret notes, the desire, the implied ... Who knew that every time you speak you harbored feelings for her?

[Fisher and Evan seem a little embarrassed.]

Ashleigh : Oh, and I remember a conversation you had, and I replays them knowing what I know ... It's like the sixth sense see again!

Evan : [after a nervous laugh] I really know what to say.

[Rebecca and Ashleigh laugh and smile, and patted Rebecca Evan's chest.]


[In the LABORATORY, Cappie is standing idly by while Rusty worked, helped by Casey.]

Cappie : Tell me if I can help the drooling, I'm here for.

Rusty : Okay.

Casey : Nice your ninja costume.

Cappie : Thank you. I intended to go to soiré "You're dead" tonight. I thought it would be helpful

Casey : Speaking of night, how was the end of your night last night?

Cappie : Although.

Casey : Uh , Ashleigh told me everything you know about the evening, and the rest, so ... I know about the evening, and, and ... The rest.

[Cappie sit on its hands and purses her lips in silence.]

Rusty : Casey, you can take me as a clean on the top shelf please.

Casey : Yes, yes, okay, okay I go, yeah ...

[She walks to the shelf is backed om Cappie and is at few centimeters from him, hand outstretched to catch the bus.]

Casey : Grabs I have this ... This trick.

Cappie : [away from her] So this thing looks like a huge bang ah eh?

[Casey and Cappie bumps into lack of what she had to drop. Cappie catches up and you can feel the tension that exists between them.]

Cappie : You did?

Casey : Yes.

Cappie : I am a ninja!

Rusty : Casey, arrpete anything to please agree? I need a nitrogen bubbler, it's in the drawer there.

Cappie : Bubbler ... You're not being manufactured on a bang? Tell me what I can do. The chemistry is like the kitchen, I watch the cooking channel, [touching the catheter] maybe I can be your your "sub-scientific"?

Rusty : [pushing hands with Cappie] But no no no, stop.

Casey : Rusty , six hands Vallent better than ... four.

Rusty : Okay, fine. Cappie, you can catch me pipes there? It takes two for water and condenser ebbings, and another for the bubbler. And then you branch right there on both valves.

Cappie : [down pipes] Hum, of accooord. That is good. You see, I should maybe change industry, it's so simple. Maybe I'll take chemistry next semester.

[Cappie is a bad move and the entire system falls down and breaks.]

Casey : Oh it's not true ...

Cappie : I'm sorry! Uuuuhh ... Eeuuhh ...

Rusty : Will you get me another bubbler?

Cappie : Maybe I should do the gay. HASI there?

[Rusty and Cappie hand looks black.]

Casey : Uh, I think it lacks a bit in this thing.


Calvin : [dressed as "Men in Black"] freshman bring me water, and immediately.

Freshman : Okay here I go.

Calvin : [Grant, back to back with him, reading a newspaper] You're cute.

Grant : For how much longer must we stay here?

Calvin : Exactly I was thinking about it. Perhaps it is better that we wait.

Grant : What , half an hour?

Calvin : Maybe longer.

Grant : 35 minutes?

Calvin : That I wanna slow down. You know s*x changes everything. And I like what we saw. We learn about each other.

Grant : And when you get bored of each other may be sent in the air?

Calvin : I can not believe I'm gonna have to hide again.

Grant : Again?

Calvin : Freshman, here's your water.


Barman : [holding two glass of champagne to Rebecca] Hold.

[She grabs the glasses, past Fisher and Ashleigh kissing, and goes to Evan.]

Rebecca : I think it works.

Evan : You know, you give great lengths to keep your secret. 'll Seriously tell me that you're out with last night?

Rebecca : This is not in the deal Baum.

Evan : Regret is a very powerful feeling. I'm starting to wonder if making money was a good idea as that.

Rebecca : At least you've stood up to your parents.

Evan : Yeah, but why bother? I will have more money in some time.

Rebecca : To be honest with you, I think you're plutôit wrong start. It is both. It will just be together.

Evan : And like that we keep this a secret between us.

Rebecca : [smiling] That between us.

[She looks behind her and Ashleigh Fisher then returns to Evan and starts shouting.]

Rebecca : You're no one!

Evan : What?

Rebecca : If all you want is a one night stand, then forget it!

[She pretends to cry and share. Ashleigh who saw the whole scene arrives, annoyed.]

Ashleigh : I knew you'll end up ruining the story!

[She leaves, and Evan, still sipping his drink, the eyes follow. She turns around, bends his gun at Lara Croft, and shoots him. She breathes on his plastic gun, then left for good.]


Rusty : I finished, simply that I note the results.

Cappie : [raising his hand] Ooh, I can store?

Rusty : No.

Cappie : Oh I beg you. Dpu I apologize a hundred times, it was an accident!

Casey : And is accidentally draguais you too?

Cappie : When ? I have not move from this stool for at moin 2 hours!

Rusty : Oh I beg, last night. Max told me everything.

[Casey lowered her head and sighs.]

Rusty : You have confessed to still have feelings for Casey, and you've drawn in a closet to make it fit the inside. After I repproché avoird of a coup d'm*therf*cker to Andy. Me at least, j'me felt bad that I did! But you all day you did as if nothing had happened.

Cappie : I'm sorry , you're right I'm an asshole.

Casey : Stop! Cappie has nothing ... It is I who made the returns in it. I pushed him in the closet, and I told him I wanted to get back together any two. And he said no. Cappie and I are not going back together ...

[It seeks Cappie's eye and he raises his eyes to watch it.]

Casey : Is it not?

[Rusty Casey look, then turns his head to see Cappie for his response. This is pinse lips, but did not have time to respond because the alarm sounds.]

Rusty : Oh sh1t! This is the détectgeur leaks, I forgot to turn off the gas, we have to go away. Casey quickly, go!

Cappie : Quick, let's go!

Casey : Is that arranges all his affairs.

Rusty : [pulling violently by the arm] No no, leave it all like that. Let's go quickly!

[They rush down the stairs and arrive in a corridor.]

Casey : Let here.

Cappie : Okay, here.

Security Guard (voice over) : There's someone in the lab!

[They turn around and come face to a locked door.]

Casey : No no.

Cappie : Here!

[They are pressed against a wall, and the security guard is in the hallway with his flashlight.]

Cappie : It is not good.

[He takes out his head and saw three guards rummaging in the hallway.]

Cappie : Well, you go back to the lab and go out the window.

Casey : And you what are you gonna do?

Cappie : Doing what I do best.

[And he comes out of hiding.]

Casey : Wait, wait Cappie!

Cappie : [past the guards] No to di-disections!

Security Officer : What is it?

Cappie : I'm a ninja against slavery and animal torture!

Security Guard : A what? Oh no not you again! Listen I assure you that there are no animals in the lab!

Cappie : Oh really? In this case they are? You know there are more animals used for clinical trials as there are animals in the world?!

Security officer : [out of the handcuffs] It looks ... quite impossible.

Cappie : Yeah yeah, okay.

[The agent returns to him and put handcuffs behind his back.]

Cappie : Okay, cool cool ... Great.

[Casey spends his head behind the wall, and smiled at him.]

Casey : [whispering] Thank you.

[Cappie returns his smile, then goes away by force by guards.]

Cappie (voice over) : [shouting] Save the pooouuules! Save the chickens! Aoouh.

Casey : [to Rusty] Come on.


Calvin : Dale, it will interest you to apprndre that Grant and I have decided to wait before having s*x.

Dale : It interest me that much, but ...

Calvin : Thank you Dale. So how are you?

Dale : You know I have a lot rélféchi. I turned the question around and I think I found how to accept the situation with Sheila. I know what I should do.

[Knocks them hereunder.]

Dale : Here. [Opening] Hi.

Sheila : [voice warm, caressing the cheek of Dale] Hi Dale ... [Cooler] Hi buddy.

Dale : Uh, Sheila.

Sheila : Yes ?

Dale : I gave you my virginity, and I wanna give you something else. [Out a ring from his pocket] I think we need to get married. I know this is my signet school, but I ask money from my parents to buy you a real one.

Sheila : Dale, you're so nice. And last night it was ... special. And you're a great tenant, but actually I'm plutpot busy in my work. I must take care of building C, and I must go to Tousson next week, and there's my cat! Yes, eh eh eh. So I call you without fail as soon as things calm down a bit right? Goodbye, thank you ...

[She leaves and we see the face of Dale decompose.]


[Rusty joined Jordan, sitting at the terrace of a cafe.]

Jordan : While ? How are things with Hastings?

Rusty : My D is officially a C.