01x02 - Gleen

# Move yourself #
# You always live your life #
# Never thinking of the future #
# Prove yourself #
# You are the move you make #
# Take your chances win or loser #
This guy should not be on the streets.

Is it such a big deal? He's twisted.

What if he did that to Gwen? I just don't see why you have to be the one to take the stand.

There's ten other women.

I want to be the one that stops him.

How'd you get so stubborn? Sorry.

Are you going to the fires, Daddy? That's right.


Daddy's going to the firehouse.

Lorraine Lounis.

I'm thinking about a job in '83.

She family? I don't know.

I just gave her a call and send you over.

Thanks, boss.


Detective Rush.

You worked the old cases? How can I help you? Uh.


actually it's my fiance's daughter needs help.

She's meet me here.


She's a really nice girl.

She just has some problems.

Do these problems have anything to do with homicide? Her mother was murdered 20 years ago.

She and her father were both haunted by it.

Rob doesn't talk about it much.


Gwen is obsessed.

And it's making her do crazy things.

Like? Oh.

Here she is Gwen! Over here.

I don't know what good this is gonna do.

This detective is going to help us.

I'm Lily Rush.

You wanna tell me about your mom? Her name is Dana Deamer.

She got killed by Albert Miller.

A drainless pervert, she was about to testify against.

He exposed himself to Dana.

A week before his trial, a bomb went off in her face.

She leaved her 16 minutes, then died in our backyard.



never even got arrested.

- We don't always get them.

- I know.

The first time.

He is in jail now for another charge.

But he's about to be paroled.

In three days.

Have you been tracking him for a while? I just turned 25.

That's how old my mom was when she died.

I never realized until now.

Just how young that is.

So that's when you looked him up.

Ever since then, her behavior has been a little reckless.

- Lorraine! - We have to tell her.

She's been calling Albert Miller in jail, making threats.

- You don't wanna do it, Gwen.

- He killed my mother.

And if nobody's gonna do anything about that, I will.

How much do you remember about the day it happened? Just parts of it.

I was only five.

Everybody up? Yes, but Missy has the flu.

So she stays in bed.

I'll be right back to braid your hair.

Time to braid everybody's hair.

Everyone but poor Missy.

Then I went out to the back and saw her.

I wish I would've never have done that.

I'll read your mom's case.

If I get new direction, I'll talk to parole board, see if they'll hold Miller to give me time, okay? You can do that? I can try but they'll be more receptive if you stop the threats.

Gag gone bad.

Timmy Sanders needs backup.

He always needs backup.

Yeah, couple of yuppies got jacked by some dirtballs posing as drug dealers.

But the yuppies were packing.



And Fu Manchu.


runs chinese checkout on the corner.

Pulls out his pump-action shotgun, makes it a three-way shoot-out.

- And Sanders got this? - Yeah.

And you know he needs help.

Guy couldn't solve a crossword puzzle.

So you going to come out and play with the boys, or what? Can't.

Got a box to see about.

Another cold one? Yeah, yeah, tell that to this girl threatening to castrate the doer.

When are you coming back on the line? Don't know if I am.

When did this job come in? '83.

An '83 job can wait, Lilly.

Come on.

No, it can't.

It's waited long enough.

Dana Deamer.

A bomb was left on her back porch inside some kind of box.

She picked it up, it went off in her face.

- They had a good suspect? - Albert Miller.

High school teacher and chronic sexual deviant.

She was scheduled to testify against him after flashing her.

But then Dana conveniently dies.


Her daughter's been living with it for the past 20 years.

- and it shows.

- Damaged goods? Like it happened yesterday.

They couldn't make a case against Miller? Couldn't place him at the scene or connect him to a bomb.

Well, I hope he's not back teaching high school.

No, he is in Graterford doing a stretch for indecent exposure.

Sweet little girl.

Her dad still fireman? Mm-hmm.

He's our next stop.

Look, I don't want to be any trouble.

I know you've got plenty of new homicides to deal with.

We work old ones.

Well, Dana's case seemed like it should have been open and shut.

but it just slipped through the cracks.

Rob's as worried about Gwen as I am.

I'm always worried about Gwen.

She's not helping herself by threatening Albert Miller.

I know.

She just She never got over losing Dana.

Did you? I try to look ahead and not back but Gwen she talks about closure a lot.

We're going to see what we can do before the parole hearing.

Anything you can do to keep him locked up.

I'm all for.

He's a dangerous man, and my headstrong daughter keeps provoking him.

- Did he threaten Dana in '83? - He sure did.

And she still insisted on testifying.

Dana was headstong, too.

It was your company that was called to the scene, right? I've responded to a thousand fires.

But when I heard my own address Mom! Mom! Mom! Maria, where is Dana? Mom's hurt.

I sat next to her body as long as they would let me, and I remember when I finally got up.

they handed me her wedding ring.

You think you've put something away and then it sneaks back sometimes.

Did your company have an arson investigator on the scene? Yeah, Frank Lawson.

He's still on the job in Cedarbrook.

Thanks for cooperating.

Maybe you and Gwen can finally get closure here.

Rush, he's got something.

Yeah? Oh, yes.

Got something good.

deep in the databases.

Your pervert Albert Miller had a secret.

Something they didn't get in '83? Well, they didn't have Nexis or Auto-track in '83.

From '78 to '82, Miller worked summers in mines on the Iron Range in Minnesota, working with explosives.

If we can match what he learned in those mines with evidence from the scene.

Except physical evidence is nowhere to be found.

We need it before the hearing.

I'll go to the warehouse myself, but the clerk doesn't know where anything from the '80s went.

I think it's time we meet Albert Miller.

This crazy tomato keeps calling me up, saying she's going to shoot me down in the street if I get out.

Kind of make you regret killing her mom? I flashed her mom in Franklin parkway.

Flashed a hundred ladies.

I didn't kill any of them.

You just threatened to.

I never threatened Dana Deamer.

That was a fiction.

I have CSB disorder.

I'm not a violent man.

CSB? Compulsive sexual behavior.

It's a psychological condition.

I shouldn't even be criminalized.

You walked naked through a girl's middle school, Albert.

That shouldn't be criminalized? My life becameunmanageable.

Look, I had wrong urges, but I never blew people up.

I was a high school English teacher.

What about the explosives you worked with in Minnesota? Hey, I stuck fuses into dynamites and pushed the button.

That was.


that was the extent of my job.

I don't know how to make a bomb.

You didn't mention that part of work history to the detectives in '83, did you? That would've been committing suicide.

Murder is more your style.

Look I'm reformed.

I've made a useful contribution in here training guide dogs for the blind.

I'm going to try and get a job in that vein when I'm out.

I deserve parole.

- We'll see about that in two days.

- Please Don't sink me with that.

Good luck with the CSB, Albert.

That guy have murder in him? - Maybe 20 years ago, he did.

- Hmm.

I checked my messages, Rush.

You don't have to leave three voice mails in three hours.

I really needed you, Louie.

And here I am.

I'm working an old case and the original evidence doesn't seem to be anywhere on planet Earth.

I would characterize that as your problem, not mine.

What's the oldest crime scene fresh evidence was ever discovered at.

Lucy, 6000 years old.

Someone smashed her skull in.

Well, I've got a 20-year-old crime scene where I think we can find evidence.

That put a bump in your heart rate? Slightly and I can do it in a month.

How about tomorrow? I'm booked, Rush.

The vicitim's husband is a fireman.

Civil servant like us.


Daughter's been suffering over it since she was five years old.

What makes you think there's anything new to be found? See that crawl space? When the back door was blown out, what if debris went under the house? The guys from '83 never looked under the house? Why would they when there was so much debris in plain sight? That's 20 years of weather, wind.

But it was all protected by a house.

It's not impossible.

The key areas where evidence may have been missed and possible preserved.

are here, here, here and in there.

- You going in that crawl space, Louie? - You bet I am.

Rush, Maria Sanchez is out front.

The next door neighborhood that was first on the scene.

We got her interview from '83.

I asked her to walk us through it inside.

Holy mama.

Such a shame, this place.

No one wanted to buy it after what happened.

This is Albert Miller.

You never saw this guy in the neighborhood, right, Maria? I should've said I saw him.

- Lied, you mean.


- Help justice get done.

But you didn't see him.

- Technically, no.

- Let's stick to the technical.


Tell us what happened.

It was 8 o'clock.

I was letting the dog out, when I hear the explosion.

Mom? Mom.

This way, Gwen.

Mom! Mom! Mommy, mommy! Mom.




You didn't mention the telephone in '83.

I guess they didn't ask.

- You're sure about hanging it up, though.

- Um-hmm.

Because I remember thinking "What if her husband tries to call?" Okay, Thanks, Maria.

Think Dana got a prompting phone call? It's possible.

- Phone records.

- 20-year-old phone records.

Bell Atlantic, Bell of Pennsylvania, AT&T;, Verizon Four companies ago.

Should I get an emergency subpoena? - Naked aggression would be faster.

- I'll call Vera.

Detective? I'm Frank Lawson.

You called me.

Oh - The fire marshal? - Right.

I think the guy under the house wants you.

You remember what you found on this scene in '83? We discovered pretty quickly.

It was an explosive device.

Looked for an accelerant.

- Was there one? - No.

It was just gunpowder.

So any old hobbyist could have made that bomb.

It wasn't real sophisticated.

Rush! I got something.

You're kidding.

I am not.

I'll just stick around in case you need me.

/ Thanks.

Can you see it? I see something.

Charred cardboard.

Remnants of the box the bomb was in.

- Will they have powder residue? - It could.

- Could have fingerprints.

- Nice.

It's a gold mine under there.

I'm going to be analyzing all night.

Rush Rob Deamer's here.

Wonder how he heard about this.

Firemen's grapevine.

I thought Rob and Lawson were friends.

That's a thing of the past.

How you doing? I wish you would have told me this was going on.

I didn't know if you'd want to be here.

She was my wife.

I should be here.

Just trying to keep Miller locked up, Rob.

Well what? Why would you What are you looking for? Remnants of the explosion.

- 20 years later? - I'm an optimist.

I see you contacted Frank Lawson.

Yeah, Is.




is there some kind of problem between you two? It has nothing to do with this.

I just I think he had a thing for my wife.

Yeah, I perfomed the miracle of loaves and fishes getting these telephone records.

How'd you do it, Vera? I had to pistol whip a lady.

She probably deserved it.

So? It's all for naught.

There's no record of any the numbers associated to Albert Miller calling the Deamer house.

Even if Albert did call Dana that morning, why would she go get a package he'd left for her? He was threatening her.

This is exciting, Rush.

Your pieces of cardboard? No prints.

- No partials.

- I'm waiting for the exciting part.

Watch as I put the pieces together.

They have teeny bits of color in the uncharred areas.

And when you fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Look, look, look, look, look.


It was laundry detergent.


Isn't it kind of brilliant? It is, actually.

Because look at the kitchen.

- On that shelf.

- Same detergent.

That was her brand.

Maybe no one made a case against Albert because he didn't do it.

- I just cleared the pervert? - Not necessarily.

But how would some random flasher know what kind of detergent she used? It'd have to be someone who had been in that house.

Someone closer to home.

Someone she trusted.

I'm not going to be able to stop this, Gwen.

- You said.

- I'm sorry.

I thought you found evidence at the house.

But it didn't support Albert as the killer.

So you got our hopes up for nothing.

This doesn't mean I'm dropping your mom's case, Gwen.

I laid off this guy because you said you could help us.

I pray for your family.

I wish you peace.


- Pray for yourself.

- Gwen.

What? He killed my mom and now he's walking out the door.


There may not be justice for mom.

You just have to accept that.

There must be something you can do.

- There's a lot I can do.

- We've heard that before.

I can't make guarantees but I'm still on this job.

Well, why should I trust you, huh? - I don't even know you.

- No, you don't.

Because if you did, you'd know I was just getting started.

Rush, come here.

I've gone through these logs three times.

There is no record of an incoming call that morning.


you see this number? Yeah.

/ Nine calls to the Deamer house the month before Dana dies.

And guess who the number traces back to.

Frank Lawson.

The fire marshal.

And explosives expert.

He worked with Rob Deamer.

Maybe he was calling him.

Hmm? But I went through the duty roster.

In '83? They got them going back to '68.

Lawson was only calling when Rob Deamer was at work.

He knew he wouldn't be home.

That's not so bad, Vera.

Well, I am good for something.


Why did you transfer out here? Change of pace.

And a 40 minute commute? I like this house.

Did you stop liking the other one? I ask because, uh, there seemed to be some tension between you and Rob the other day.

We drifted apart, after Dana.

Were you close with her? We got along.

Got along like, "Hey, how you doing?" or got along like, uh, nine secret phone calls in a month.

That marriage was falling apart.

You were Rob's friend.

How's his wife end up crying on your shoulder? Rob wasn't a great husband and his mom was pretty hard on Dana.

She'd tell me things.

I was someone she could talk to.

A friend.

Were you in love with her, Frank? Rob's mother was here all morning.

Sitting there with her journal.

Watching, writing She went to the bathroom.

I took a look.

I couldn't help it.

And? "Expired apple juice in refrigerator" It was punishment for last night.

I'm in trouble because I went out without wearing my wedding ring.

Why'd you do that? I just take it off sometimes, to garden or whatever.

and just forget to put it back on.

But it sets Rob off.

Maybe there's surveillance camera in it.

Can you tell? Could there be a tiny microphone? I was navy intelligence.

Let me see.

We can't.

I know.

The day she died, all he could think about was that ring.

Rob? I think they were still working on her you know, she wasn't quite dead.

And his daughter's terrified but he's running around looking for the ring.

"Where's the ring? where's the ring?" Like he had to have it.

Are you pointing to him as planting the bomb? No.

Absolutely not.

The guy she was going to testify against did it.

That's the old story.

Rob and I were both at work.

He was upstairs, I was downstairs.

Were there phones upstairs? No, only where I was.

So Rob didn't call Dana that day? - I would remember that.

- Never left the building? I would remember.

But you could have called Dana.

Or left building.

I could have.

I didn't.

You were an explosives expert and half in love with her.

If I loved her, why would I kill her? It's happened before in human history.

Lawson's interview goes either way.

I mean, she's unhappy, wants to leave Rob.

He knows it, he blows her up.

Or Lawson was in love with her, thinks she's going to leave her husband and she laughs in his face.

And he knows about bombs.

He used to hang out in the kitchen.

He'd know her detergent brand.

He wanted into her pants.

He probably did her laundry.

Got to keep looking at both of them, guys.

Lil, I gotta go.


You don't have to solve this case tonight, you know.

This job is languishing.

I need to pump some life into it.

Those are bank records.

I'm going back to the basics, following the money.

Love or money are always your best bets.

And we already checked love.

I can't stay, Lil.

You already said that.

Yeah, you did.

You're right.


- Looks like you're in for a fun night.

- Yup.

Got something.

March 10, 1979 $200.

April 10, $200 Automatic deduction.

Payable to the court.

By the order of the court shall be deducted remitted monthly Robert Deamer to to Adrian Martin.

/ Mm-hmm.

Spousal support.

Did we know about Adrian Martin? Lorraine talks about Dana being his first wife.

She never mentioned it.

A second one.

It was a disaster.

Rob was so temperamental, when you're young and dumb that's romantic.

When you're older and married? You get tired of it.

He's watching, judging everything.

Were you afraid of him? Sometimes.

He was possessive.

Like how? He'd always hold my hand in public, but never in private.

Like the whole point of it was to show others I was his.

How did it finally end? My dad talked some sense into me.

Got me to pack up and go.

But Rob wouldn't let me leave the premises, till I gave him my ring.

That was big with him.

Getting the ring.

I actually had high hopes for him.

Why do women always have high hopes for guys who want to kill them? Las.

There's another one.

- Another what? - Wife.

It was only two years.

I mean, he'd be off my radar totally if I wasn't traumatized by him.

Was he possessive, Pauline? Possessive, controlling.

It was a fiasco.

Did he make a big deal about your wedding ring? How do you know that? One night, I had gone out to dinner with an old boyfriend from high school who was visiting in, and I came home.

and he said "Take off your wedding ring.

" I said, "Why?" He said, "Just take it off, and you'll find out.

" So I took it off.

He went down to the basement.

He had this workshop there.

And he crushed the ring in a vice, and then he put it on my pillow.

Oh / I figured that was my cue to leave.

Good call.

What kind of workshop did he have? Uh, he made amateur rockets.

It was his hobby.

Lilly? Your pervert pal's on the line.

Uh, Albert Miller.


Apparently, Gwen tracked him down.

Excuse me.

I just paid $1,200.

- for this piece of crap car.

- Albert, Albert.

- I can't pay to have these windows fixed.

- Albert.

- You don't want to send this girl to jail.

- I don't.

She grew up without a mother.

She's troubled.

Look, I don't think you did it.

I didn't.

Look, you're flawed but you're not heartless.

You don't want Gwen arrested.

That's why you called me when you didn't have to.

Being in the system ain't fun.

But that's where she's gonna end up, if she's so damn compulsive.

I know.


I know I won't press charges.

Just get that loony girl out of my life.


This isn't a real constructive way to handle things, Gwen.

He killed my mother.

- I don't care about constructive.

- I don't think he did kill your mother.

Of course he did.

The bomb that killed your mother was in a box of Gleen.

So? The person who killed her would've known what kind of detergent she used.

That wouldn't be Albert.

Someone placed a phone call to your mom that morning.

Did you know that? For some reason, there's no record of that phone call.

And I don't know how to explain that.

I wanted your help getting him.

- Punishing him.

- Albert wasn't that guy.

There's evidence that points another way.

What way? Towards your father.

That's crazy.

Put it together in your head, Gwen.

You dad's hobby was making rockets.

Your mom and dad fought.

He had two other wives.

One other wife.

There were two.

One before and one after your mom.

I don't know why that matters.

It reveals a pattern of your dad's behavior that wasn't evident in 1983.

Yeah, I don't understand.

He had controlling relationships with both those women.

How do you know? And he was fixated on getting their wedding rings when it was all over.

Just like he was with your mother.

My dad was devastated about losing my mom.

He was hunting for her wedding ring, while she lay dying.

Maria was holding your hand, not him.


Come on.

You're going to go too far one of these days.

- I need to speak to Lorraine.

- No, we're leaving.

- It's important.

- Forget it.

Are you in charge of who she talks to? Lorraine, stay in the car.

Listen, I have tried to be polite to you.

but maybe, you don't get polite.

I get deception from you, Rob.

And agression.

Well, our family doesn't need you.

Do you understand? Gwen's going to get though this, me and Lorraine are going to get married.

And we're all going to try to get a little piece of happiness.

- Is that new, Lorraine? - Just this morning.

We're leaving now, and we don't want to see you again.

Any chance of a search warrant? For a 22 year old hobby? - Judge Fisk really likes you.

- Not that much.


Hey, Gwen.


What you doing? I was looking around my dad's workshop.

Oh, yeah Thinking about my mom.

Have you ever seen a pool of blood? Not just blood but a whole pool of it? Yeah.


you can't forget it.

If I'm going to do this, I'm going to have to kill myself after.

Do what, Gwen? Turn in my father.

Do you have evidence against him? I know how you make a call without leaving a record of it.

How about England? Do you know how they talk in England, Gwendolyn? No.

Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Ooh, I want Paris.

I'll look up the code.

Can you say, "Oui, madame?" Wee His dad was a telephone repairman.

How could he do that? I've seen it a hundred times and I still don't know.

Do you know where he is now? The Poconos with Lorraine.

They're eloping.

You don't have enough to arrest him.

He doesn't have to know that.

You ready, Gwen.

I hope you haven't taken the vows yet.

What's going on? We haven't met.

Detective Vera.

We found Dana's killer.

- And? - I'm sorry, Lorraine.

I know you thought you'd found your happiness with Rob.

But he's not the one.

Why not? Rob doesn't have luck with marriage.

Why don't you go sit with Gwen? She'll tell you the details.

Not you.

You stay.

What'd you do to my daughter? Found her mom's killer, like she asked me to.

Brainwashed her is more like it.

Oh, I don't know how to control people like that.

- What are they talking about me? - Hey.

If I were a betting man, I'd say you, Rob.

You and your rocket bombs.

Gwen doesn't believe that.

Gwen told us how you made the untraceable call.


Okay, excuse me.

I need to go deprogram my daughter.

Pisses you off, doesn't it? Not knowing what they're saying what they're doing.

- Don't pretend that you know me.

- Oh, I do know you.

I know you had two other wives you pushed around, Pauline, Adrian.

- What about them? - They were the lucky ones.

They got out in time.

They probably didn't talk back like Dana did.

Probably weren't so,uh, headstrong.

You know about that, don't you? I do.

I got all these opinions, ideas that might not be the same as yours.

Now, I'm just the kind of girl that pisses you off, Rob.

Just the kind of girl you'd like to blow to bits.

Are you the kind of girl that would flirt with your husband's friends? I might.

/ Mouth off to his mother, insult her to her face.

Sounds about right.

Be so damn stubborn that every single conversation turns into World war III.

And on top of that, I'd be teaching my daughter to be just as big of a pain in the ass as I am.

- And you put up with this? - Tough lady.

Well, maybe you'd deserve a lesson, too.

And it was so handy having a guy like Albert Miller to set up.

Hello? I'm sorry.


We fight too much.


Listen, I got you something.

You did? Just something I noticed you needed.

It's out on the back porch.

That's sweet of you.

Go take a look.

I'll wait.

Right now.


I'll wait.

# Bryan Adams�� "Straight from the heart" #
# You said it's easy but who's to say #
# That we'd be able to keep it this way #
# But it's easier #
# Coming straight from the heart #
# Give it to me straight from the heart #
# Tell me we could make another start #
# You know I'll never go #
# As long as I know #
# It's coming straight from the heart #
# I'll see you on the street some other time #
# And all our words will just fall out of line #
# While we're dreaming #
# Straight from the heart #
# Give it to me straight from the heart #
# Tell me we could make one more start #
# You know I'll never go #
# As long as I know #
# It's coming straight from the heart #
# Straight from the heart #
# Tell me we could make one more start #
# You know I'll never go #
# As long as I know #
# It's coming straight from the heart #
# Give it to me #
# Straight from the heart #
# You know I'll never go #
# As long as I know #
# It's coming straight from the heart #