01x04 - The Kentucky Contract


They're waking them up.


It is starting again.

A rogue group in Pyongyang has raised funds to purchase Stiletto Six launch codes from a Russian man named Yuri Leniov.

I need you to acquire the launch codes before they do.

One of the victims from that convenience store shooting, she was a former employee for ExPo Oil.

Haynes killed her.

Does the name Treadstone mean anything to you?

They sent a target package.

Why did they send you the target?

We don't ask why!



Any chance you've seen this woman?

You botched your job in the Arctic.

You're coming with me right now.

I'm not going anywhere with you.

Cleanup protocol it is, then.


You really don't remember anything, do you?


Well, maybe you should've just asked your wife, right, Sa [GUNSHOT]




Check for a pulse.

He's dead.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no Hey, hey, hey.

Baby, hey, hey, it's okay.

It's all right.


- It's okay.

- No, it's not okay.

I killed a f*cking man in our living room.

You saved my life.

Listen, we just need to get our story straight.

Wait, wait, wait, our story?

This guy tried to kill me, Sam.


We should call the police.

No, no, no, we can't call anyone, okay?

- What?

- Just not yet.

- What are you talking about?

- I mean We just need to figure some things out first, like what did he want?



He said he was here for me.

- You knew him?

- No, no, somehow he said he he knew both of us.

He called you by your name.

He said that you knew what this was all about How did you how did he know your name, Sam?

I've never seen him before, okay?

He found our house.

He found you.

I mean, how hard is it to find out my name?

Wait, you said he was here for you.

What do you mean?

Why did he come here?

Doug, what?

- Baby, what?

- I think I f*cked up.

What do you mean?

Something happened my last night in the Arctic, I - I had too much to drink, okay?

- Yeah.

And I got in this really bad bar fight with a bunch of Russians who were hired to replace us on the rig.


So you were pissed off, drinking, lost your job.

- I mean, that's okay.

- No, but that's not it, Sam.

Something happened after the fight.

What happened?

I was talking to this woman at the bar, and next thing I know, I black out I woke up and there was blood on my hands.

And I don't think it was mine.

Sam, I think I killed someone.

Sam, I think this guy in our house knew about it.

Why do you think you killed someone, then?

There was blood.

Was there a body?

No, no.

So no body?


Well, I don't think you killed anyone, okay?

No, you didn't kill someone, okay?

You didn't.

Okay, we just we just need to think about this and handle this the right way, or we could get f*cked.

Okay, but whatever's happening with me, whatever I did, I want to protect you.

I'm the one who killed someone in our house.


The only way that we're getting through this is by protecting each other.

We can't trust the police.

We can't trust anyone.


I don't want to lose us.

I cannot lose us.

All right.

All right.

All right.

I'm not asking you to help me.

I just need you to know the truth about what I'm about to do right now.

I'm gonna have to get rid of the body, Sam.


Do we take my car, or yours?













You mentioned that you were gonna look into Senator Eamon Wray.

Yes, I did, and he does, indeed, have lobbyist ties to ExPo.

But unfortunately, there's nothing that directly connects to Haynes or this would-be whistleblower, so Did you approach him?



Okay, so get this.

48 hours after Kwon was killed, there was a Russian trade agreement that was sponsored by Wray, and it was approved by the Kremlin.

Now this thing had been sitting in limbo for 18 months, and then, what, boom, out of nowhere it passes.

Wow, Wray's up for re-election in the fall, so his timing is excellent, but It's still not enough to say that General Kwon's death and this trade agreement were connected.

Who has Senator Wray been talking to?

What does he want?

So have you heard from Edwards?

No, not yet.

I just think we need to tread I get it he could break if we push him too hard.

- Exactly.

- We have to talk to him now.

Police are moving him to a different facility tonight.

Look, I'm worried about Haynes, but I'm also worried about myself.

What do you mean?

I've worked with you guys before, and I know what this institution is capable of.

If I help you with Haynes, what's to stop you people from coming after me?

I'll make sure they don't.

You really helped me, Doc.

You flipped a switch or something.

I felt like I was drowning before.

Choking on broken bits of dreams and memories.

Didn't feel like they belonged to anyone.

But now?

Now, it's like I've gathered up these pieces of me, and I have them in my hands.

Do you remember anything about Treadstone?

I remember a little girl.

I was a father.

She was six when I left.

She'd be a teenager now.

She'll never forgive me for the things that I've done.

You'll always be her father.

Nothing changes that.

Yeah, but they changed me.

What do you mean?

It's what the program does.

They take whatever life you had before, and they erase it, replace it with some cover.

I mean, a week ago, I was teaching high school kids pre-calculus.

Wait, they were able to make you forget about who you were?


Till today.


Would you like to remember more?

Let's go back to the moment you were reactivated, Stephen.

There was a woman.

What was her name?

- I can't remember.

- Take your time.

Lilah Jane.

The woman's name was Lilah?

How's my beautiful girl?

Let's go take a walk in Hollis Park before sundown.

Just you and me.

I'd like to talk about the woman who activated you, Stephen.

I need to know who sent you into that convenience store.

I'll race you to the swings.

Did the woman tell you to do it?

Let's focus, Stephen.

How did you find me?

It's dark.

It all went dark.

Where are you now, Haynes?

Please, don't give me another target.

He's talking to his handler.

We need a name.

The woman who woke you up, what's her name?

Please, let me sleep!

Don't send me back into the hunt!

- We're losing him.

- We need a name!

Don't wake me up again!

Back up, Doc!

I just need to reel him back in.

Take some breaths for me.


- That's better.

That's it.




Doug, his pockets are empty.

There's no wallet, no ID, nothing.

We don't know anything about this guy.

Maybe the less we know, the better.

What are you doing?

We need to eliminate the standard ID points.

Hands, feet, and teeth.

It won't prevent an ID forever, but it'll delay whoever finds him long enough for us to get out of town.

Where did you learn I've been an ER nurse for 10 years.

It's how they ID John Does.


- Jesus Christ.

Hey, the woman in the Arctic, tell me about her.

Uh there's nothing to tell, really.

I don't even remember her name.

Don't even remember what she looks like.

She was just a woman.

What did you talk about?

Sick cat back home, being laid off by ExPo.

I don't know just small talk.

Was anything weird?

Like what?

Like something out of the ordinary like that didn't seem to fit.

- I don't know, Sam.

- Well, just think.

I said I don't know.

Why are you pushing me - so hard on this?

- 'Cause I'm trying to help you make sense of what happened out there, okay?

All right, she poured me a glass of wine back at her office.

She started singing some nursery rhyme.

Wait, a nursery rhyme?

She was drunk, I guess.

Oh, sh1t.


It's over, isn't it?

What's over?

The life we had.

No, listen to me, Doug.

We're gonna get through this, okay?

Nothing that happened tonight changes that.

You shot a man in our house, Sam.


And I'd do it all over again because the only thing that matters to me is you.


You could pull that trigger 100 more times, and you'd never do better than the first shot that you took.

Sam, that was a perfect bullseye.

Where'd you learn to shoot like that, Sam?

Just lucky, I guess.

Get his feet.










You FBI guys were in there.

What happened?

We're going in now.

He snapped.

You need to warn your people.

This man is highly trained.

Yeah, no sh1t.

Call just came in.

Man in an orange jumpsuit running west on 349.

He's headed for the woods.

He's moving west.

Let's go!

All units, all units, this is dispatch.

We have an emergency where we have a backup request.

All units to concur.

Somewhere near West Carole street down by Whitco River.

I was gonna make them wait before chowing down, but it was about to become "Lord of the Flies" in here.

I am so, so sorry I missed dinner.


Mom's saving the world one federal trade commission policy at a time.

What's a trade commission policy?

A principle of economic action.

And how does that save the world?


You know, one day, we're all gonna sit down and have a nice, long conversation about how your mom really is making the world a better place.

A more boring place, maybe.

Love you, too.


Tom, I'm sorry, I gotta go.

I'm sorry.

What's going on?

Things went south with Haynes.

What do you mean?

Wells is dead, there are cops down, and Haynes is on the run.

Wells put him under hypnosis and he started remembering things.

His family, his training.

Anything about who woke him up?


Haynes mentioned a daughter, Lilah Jane.

I found a Lilah Jane Conway in Manokin, Maryland.

She's the right age, and lives 10 miles from the jail.

I think he's headed there.

If the cops are chasing Haynes, a lot of people could get hurt.

Yeah, they're going the wrong way.

The manhunt's headed west, but his daughter's residence is due north.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

You are hunting him on your own?


Matt, the FBI should be handling this.

If you want this contained, let me do it.

I've gotta loop in Levine.

He is the only guy who's gonna make sure that neither of us is questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee - when this thing is done.

- Do what you have to do.

I need to get moving right now.

Just be careful.


I'll get some bleach and towels and try to clean the blood.



What is this place?


What is that?

Um Give me that.

Where did you get that?


When I woke up in the snow, this was in my hand.

It's like someone just placed it right there.

I'm so sorry.

It was really supposed to be over.

What was supposed to be over?



What the f*ck is going on?

I need to tell you something, and I just need you to listen.

I was a first-year nurse working at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in D. C. D-D. C. ?

- When were you in D. C. ?

- I was working with vets.

One day, a man came around, said I'd been selected for a transfer to a classified facility in Virginia.

This place wasn't about veterans' recovery.

It was a new kind of training program.

Who were you training?



You were an asset.

A what?

You were trained there.

I-I-I don't remember being trained.

You wouldn't.

They made sure you'd never remember any of it.

How is that even possible?

Months and months of conditioning.

They called it installation, but that was just this fancy name they They, they, they, they.

Who is they?

The CIA.

This is a joke, right?

You were an asset for the CIA.

What does that mean, Sam?

- Doug - Tell me, Sam.

Doug, please.

What the f*ck is an asset?

A low-vis direct action element.

Someone who knows how to do a lot of things, including how to kill.

Someone who takes orders, doesn't question them, and always completes his mission.

I-I don't remember any of it.

By the time an asset showed up on the other side of the mirror, he'd already been wiped clean.

No memories, no personality, no moral foundation.

We'd we'd generate a cover identity from the ground up.

This is bullshit, Sam.

You're telling me everything that I know, it's all part of some cover identity?

I-I don't believe you.

That's the training.

When were you gonna tell me, Sam?

I wasn't.

I just been I've been really trying to protect you, and I've been trying to protect us.

Us is a f*cking lie, Sam.


Are you sure he was part of the program?

Wells put him under hypnosis, and he started talking about his training.

He mention any specific names?

Not to my knowledge, nope.

We need to contain this.

Edwards will find him.

I don't think that you understand the gravity of this predicament, Ellen.

There is an asset who should not even exist who is leaving a trail of bodies on U. S. soil.

That blood is on Langley's hands, and that blood is on our hands.

I think I understand this predicament pretty f*cking well.

We need to keep this thing compartmentalized.

You know, Dan, I was a part of the containment effort during Blackbriar.

I am fully aware of what the blowback could do to this agency.

And I think I know why you picked me to run this thing.

I mean, what, it was only 48 hours ago that I was tracking sub rosa money transfers coming in from Iran for the DDI, and then, what, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you just hired me for this Kwon operation?

Well, you were a star in the North Korean Affairs leadership section for years, you have intimate knowledge of their hierarchy You know, Dan, Dan, you knew Kwon had a connection to Treadstone before he even said it out loud.

Why the hell didn't you tell me that?

Did you also know about Stiletto Six?

I'm sorry, I have to say this out loud.

I think you brought me on board just to take the heat off of you.

The fact that you had no prior connection to Treadstone was a factor.

Because you were clean.

Because you're beyond suspicion.

But we're in this thing together.





You got a friendly coming up on your six right now, Trooper.

Yeah, I got some fresh tracks over here.


Put the AR down.



You kill a cop for that uniform?

He was breathing fine when I left.


Wells wasn't.

He flipped a switch.

All I saw was red.

I'm starting to feel like I got it under control now, though.

You murder people.

You really think you're gonna walk away from this?

Look, I know this only ends one way.

But I want to say hello to my girl before I say good-bye.

Help me expose whoever's waking you guys up.


Copy that.

- Gonna head to the ridge line Why would I do that for you?

I can make sure you get to your daughter.

It won't be for long, but I can get you in front of her.


What's it gonna be?



This photo.

Look at it.

The address, it's a mission.

She's your target.

That's why he showed up here.

The red circle, it's a post-hypnotic trigger, so when it's used along with a visual cue like a photo, it activates your programming.

What does that mean?

Your subconscious sees it as a problem that has to be solved, and the only way to do that is by completing your mission.

This one is a kill mission.

You're telling me I'm gonna execute this woman tonight, and I don't even have a choice in the matter?


I think we've killed enough people for one night, don't you?

Doug, you're not hearing me, okay?

The address, the photo, the floor plans that's how it works.

That's all an asset needs for an assassination.

Why does the CIA even want her dead?

I don't know.

I have no idea.

They've already sent two people to wake you up, so if you don't complete this mission, they'll be back.

Another guy?

A team.

Oh, Jesus.

Look, I know these people, Doug.

We won't last a week.

Oh, Jesus.

What even makes you think I'm capable of doing something like this?


Because I I helped create you.

I helped create you.

So those dreams you've been having, they're not dreams, they're memories.

That voice singing to you It was me.



This is where the meet-up is supposed to be.

Maybe I can find out why this is happening.

How many assets are out there?

It's hard to say.

I only worked at the program for three years.

You were number 17.

Why me?

Of all the assets that came through there why'd you fall in love with me?

They erase every of your life, but there was something in your eyes, something I could feel this innocence.

I knew that was the real you, and that's the part of you I fell in love with.

The look in my eyes?

Is it still there?


All this training you say I've gotten, it's gonna kick in when I need it, right?

Yeah, it has to.

How do you know?

Because the most important thing is you coming back to me.

Gotta go.

You should go home now.

You the guy?

I'm the guy.

Let's go.

Dealer's choice.

I'm good.

f*ck's wrong with you?

- Whose guy is this?

- I don't know.

Boss wants him in the crew, so he's in the crew.

I don't care how high-speed the boss thinks you are.

None of us gonna save you when that low-caliber load-out of yours puts you waist-deep in the sh1t.

- What's our ROE?

- Our what?

Rules of engagement.

What are the parameters?

What are the comms protocols?

How are we making entry?

We're walking in there, and putting meat on the floor, man.

That's all the parameters you need to know, sport.