01x05 - The King of Omashu





Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony.

Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them.

But when the world needed him most, he vanished.

A hundred years passed, and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar an airbender named Aang.

And although his airbending skills are great.

He has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone.

But I believe Aang can save the world.

Book One: Water Chapter Five: The King of Omashu The Earth Kingdom city of Omashu! I used to always come here to visit my friend, Bumi.


We don't have cities like this in the South Pole.

They have buildings here that don't melt! Well, let's go slow pokes! The real fun is inside the city! Wait, Aang! It could be dangerous if people find out you're the Avatar.

You need a disguise.

So, what am I supposed to do? Grow a mustache? Ohh, so itchy! How do you live in this stuff? Great! Now you look just like my grandfather.

Technically, Aang is 112 years old.

Now let's get to skippin', young whippersnappers! The big city awaits.

You guys are gonna love Omashu.

The people here are the friendliest in the world.

Rotten cabbages! What kind of slum do you think this is? Noo! My cabbages! Just keep smiling State your business! My business is my business, young man, and none of yours! I've got half a mind to bend you over my knee and paddle your backside! Settle down, old timer.

Just tell me who you are.

Name's Bonzu Pipinpadaloxicopolis, the Third, and these are my grandkids.

Hi, June Pipinpadaloxicopolis.

Nice to meet you.

You seem like a responsible young lady.

See that your grandfather stays out of trouble.

Enjoy Omashu! We will.

Wait a minute! You're a strong young boy.

Show some respect for the elderly and carry your grandfather's bag.

Good idea! This is the Omashu delivery system.

Miles and miles of tubes and chutes.

Earthbending brings the packages up and gravity brings them down.

Great, so they get their mail on time.

They do get their mail on time, but my friend Bumi found a better use for these chutes Look around you, what do you see? Umm the mail system? Instead of seeing what they want you to see, you gotta open your brain to the possibilities.

A package sending system? The world's greatest super slide! Bumi, you're a mad genius! One ride, then we're off to the North Pole, Airbender's honor.

This sounded like fun at first, but now that I'm here, I'm starting to have second thoughts! I'm on it! Men, you'll be going off to combat soon.

It's important that you be prepared for anything.

Aang, do something! Use your airbending! Yeh! Good idea! That'll make us go even faster! Sorry! My cabbages! You're gonna pay for this! Two cabbages please.

Your majesty, these juveniles were arrested for vandalism, traveling under false pretenses and malicious destruction of cabbages.

Off with their heads! One for each head of cabbage! Silence! Only the King can pass down judgment.

What is your judgment, Sire? Throw them a feast! Huh? The people in my city have gotten fat from too many feasts, so I hope you like your chicken with no skin.

Thanks, but I don't eat meat.

How about you? I bet you like meat.

Is it just me, or is this guy's crown a little crooked? So, tell me young bald one.

Where are you from? I'm from Kangaroo Island.

Oh, Kangaroo Island, eh? I hear that place is really hoppin! What? It was pretty funny.

Well, all these good jokes are making me tired.

Guess it's time to the hay.

There's an airbender in our presence and not just any airbender, the Avatar! Now what do you have to say for yourself, Mr.

Pipinpadaloxicopolis? Okay! You caught me.

I'm the Avatar, doing my Avatar thing, keeping the world safe.

Everything checks out, no firebenders here.

So, good work everybody.

Love each other, respect all life and don't run with your spears.

We'll see you next time! You can't keep us here.

Let us leave.

Lettuce leaf? We're in serious trouble.

This guy is nuts.

Tomorrow the Avatar will face three deadly challenges.

But for now, the guards will show you to your chamber.

My liege, do you mean the good chamber, or the bad chamber? The newly refurbished chamber.

Wait, which one are we talking about? The one that used to be the bad chamber, until the recent refurbishing that is.

Of course, we've been calling it the new chamber, but we really should number them.

Uh, take them to the refurbished chamber that was once bad! This is a prison cell? But it's so nice.

He did say it was newly refurbished.

Nice or not, we're prisoners.

I wonder what these challenges are gonna be.

We're not sticking around to find out.

There's gotta be some way outta here.

The air vents! If you think we're gonna fit through there then you're crazier then that king.

We can't, but Momo can.

Momo, I need you to find Appa and bust us outta here! Go on, boy, get Appa! Eh, how was Appa supposed to save us anyway? Appa is a ten ton flying bison, I think he could figure something out.

Well, no point in arguing about it now.

Get some rest, Aang.

Looks like you'll need it for tomorrow.

Sokka! Katara! Where are my friends? The King will free them if you complete your challenges.

And if I fail? He didn't say.

Your staff please? First, Avatar, what do you think of my new outfit? I want your honest opinion.

I'm waiting.

I guess it's fine.

Excellent! You passed the first test.

Really? Well, not one of the deadly tests.

The real challenges are much more challenging.

I don't have time for your crazy games! Gimme my friends back! We're leaving! Ohh, I thought you might refuse so I will give your friends some special souvenirs.

Those delightful rings are made of pure genemite, also known as creeping crystal.

It's crystal that grows remarkably fast.

By nightfall your friends will be completely covered in it.

Terrible fate, really.

I can stop it, but only if you cooperate.

Ah! It's already creeping! I'll do as you want.

It seems I've lost my lunch box key and I'm hungry.

Ooo, there it is.

Would you mind fetching it for me? Ooo, climbing the ladder.

No one's thought of that before.

That's right.

Keep diving head in, I'm sure it'll work eventually.

There, enjoy your lunch! I want my friends back, now! Uh, not yet.

I need help with another matter.

It seems I've lost my pet Flopsy.

Okay, found him! Bring him to me! Daddy wants a kiss from Flopsy! Come here, Flopsy! Flopsy, wait! Flopsy! Flopsy! Wait a minute? Flopsy? Flopsy! Awww, that's a good boy! Yes, who has a soft belly? Guys, are you okay? Other than the crystal slowly encasing my entire body, doing great.

Awww, yes.

Come on.

I'm ready for the next challenge.

Your final test is a duel and as a special treat you may choose your opponent.

Point and choose.

So, you're saying whoever I point to, that's the person I get to fight? Choose wisely.

I choose you! Wrong choice! You thought I was a frail old man, but I'm the most powerful earthbender you'll ever see.

Can I fight the guy with the axe instead? There are no take-back-sees' in my kingdom.

You might need this! Typical airbender tactic, avoid and evade.

I'd hoped the Avatar would be less predictable.

Don't you have any surprises for me? Sooner or later, you'll have to strike back.

Oh, you'll have to be a little more creative than that! Did someone leave the windows open? It feels a little drafty in here! Are you hoping I'll catch a cold? How are you going to get me from way over there? Hehe! Well done, Avatar.

You fight with much fire in your heart.

Huh? You've passed all my tests.

Now, you must answer one question.

That's not fair! You said you would release my friends if I finished your tests.

Oh, but what's the point of tests if you don't learn anything? Oh come on! Answer this one question and I will set your friends free.

What is my name? From the looks of your friends, I'd say you only have a few minutes.

How am I supposed to know his name? Think about the challenges, maybe it's some kind of riddle.

I got it! Yeh? He's an earthbender, right? Rocky! You know, because of all the rocks? We're gonna keep trying, but that is a good backup.

Okay, so back to the challenges.

I got a key from the waterfall.

I saved his pet and I had a duel.

And what did you learn? Well, everything was different than I expected.

And? Well, they weren't straightforward.

To solve each test, I had to think differently than I usually would.

I know his name! I solved the question the same way I solved the challenges.

As you said a long time ago, I had to open my brain to the possibilities.

Bumi, you're a mad genius! Oh, Aang.

It's good to see you.

You haven't changed a bit.


Uh, over here! Little help? Genemite is made of rock candy.

Delicious! So this crazy king is your old friend, Bumi? Who you calling old? Okay.

I'm old.

Why did you do all this instead of just telling Aang who you were? First of all, it's pretty fun messing with people, hehe, but I do have a reason.

Aang, you have a difficult task ahead.

The world has changed in the hundred years you've been gone.

It's the duty of the Avatar to restore balance to the world by defeating Fire Lord Ozai.

You have much to learn.

You must master the four elements and confront the Fire Lord, and when you do, I hope you will think like a mad genius! And it looks like you're in good hands.

You'll need your friends to help defeat the Fire Nation.

And you'll need Momo too.

Thank you for your wisdom.

But before we leave, I have a challenge for you! My cabbages!